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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>>amed a vib convative enut tt nandde, r,tlayi plfus. >>vere weatrlu ri flog. he rste sn d.c etrons re >tn a hro cops l >>r's d on a gwenesd. rltoy"tats right now. gomo eryba thsrtytraryot g nihtonump and v bgonely iton. trmpat fld ningby fte t crushe in hi tao ruspended ismeis campan.
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on t rht side,h ywe wi t onght s. while nan that i ret20and o cam d t fa enthidce oowelam tuly. ovichk ste ele now truok nrth caoli i ceo oveduz. kafoow i ir esutsnils, wilightly bcy over uzh nex i's o no thou ing w pendarf suetoo th. ruae pre inisu with cr less han 2000 voteste th w ce fry
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d sandrspe vinth cal haud h ld e linois calbuctereind aim toini wc edde rhl100onivoed towards en electi h wa >> weng er securidecraticy nati and winig novemr. [ apawhenar andidp roudg u lionmi anng llmsfrom erin s [
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ro hek u s,iras h overa d a l 46 das rerom uda mosfm fno asi pikup d fom kasi ued notcnt juye >> better beve b america,bo pooling ther, nous aart.itia.s v ho ilare y orso on eo me ou p o f frntt and i want truagainnt ii nothe lowoa t hhest ce d.alus
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toeur eoude dumdngcl mout needed fohe nono nomina moeaid i'll n hehamei hinood v very nut 'mory a g e'r no agryeoplet tto n roer run.eya s b lth r y ee er k o they ur mybrverytl tey ntndenen tanprtecdstroly oto happen andou wat waso tyw o vetans cao i sa we' goio forwrdnd w ore i'reoi to country. win in'reot p
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eemch tlk aut th . litaly sllahormake of whatni e e ning. >>er talk w h o, ns ohio,os press onward. does he have a real shot at a brokered convention or is that wishful thinking? >> no, i would say a brokered convention is more likely than not. i' kasis in ton t nesr there's still lot of unknwns. donald is romping forward but he may well not have that 1237 delegates. >> how likelykh ?
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cinseral to beer tmet nodej f o to aok onvhoavr sere?h?ruz>> t shoupost is i tstoon n. b he h lessf go than the others b there are a awful l of folks inhe pay who dn't want him to be a nominee. >> and well, trump is eing closer. but it was a big night for hillary clinton. >> no doubt. >> boy, she swept those primaries. is she now really lookingat a fo n g use n t a ut ay bestmenm n a tstpoibo w cena him noo prettda cseo lok.
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olli vel re st a maoy ofc vot wantms enern tthat suy yo o gto t u. ld hepect thertobeui so high. srpulns wettg p in ohbro n e- p tmp >> o riin p if y wa know whyhe done,ot rht the >> do y has a ferulse wh eo 't? >> soeo sthvoters, ly olderers, m conve votrs the ltion e btl somow gong for so e' iniggerokth
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sie. a w gng to s tes andidae the m sentveen i p elons? >> they utsont i een ha anytg yo can tne bdircre's crichi, big st fhaly. nd ho mnyotesben ase, frnk shi inors nn>>s ged oe stshoesy?>>anre t.nk >>wecby t >>yoit's goe b w tsticflodinhes rentlra hd wyvi s,0 pee deacuar neiv oowed it s
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westorm chascured trn ierillinois. ro initeki storm. aal ofni ro t state. lhat funn no f rie. l et wrap f this ata aweo nd ly ar hsaoe bobrnoe d. ci w ba. ores ayevereer over h, lign ca ara aidnihtndnow a rnrm rn to a sow tofu're uplth aa, nowa tothe whiith gr si toake its
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thi anowo maybe one estthes iiofix g ies now. a mapolis, n snowor y thtie. nd awindstm insou si ous 560 lhor. uanthat wil thaind inds grapds all tr indiapolis,o i high wnhregreat es sn b nghrgh w rk ste ensylainthe da otweas weo hroukes h
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h day in the midadd midatlantic and new engened all. appreciate the warmth today. and so, as far as the tornados went, thankfully we didn't have a lot of damage. they were pretty ominous though. appreciate that. we have a dire warning from prince william to the world. and a hero cop saves the day. you're watching "early today." uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talkiabout your emery roadde servi and ho ava 24/ d th carrheate wh arehanc n you send tow plee? e lo? u' not tobeliev butum.. 's itree. i wi i w jing, t it'sitallyck inee. horing) ains noall lly is a towruck or nht ico's gencadsideservice is there for you.
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cli ind tive watoettork ancl.the'lk at esesns fa fire. 'set openat:0 s a rin precion n whaven'chi methg iheeo heit wllbe almot mposbl do tca tnumibe setd. terdration igne at aing slow ade nd s fro e t ste sm si and citury. id char >>ma acse hea dnd ra ih d ing fed
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>ndanwcret ce diroras o p hi a aignt need. >> bsi ofut ar tuay, oy th dow fh nllshndts qrl nf e is expected but hints on a date are likely. and according to wall street's journal, the fcc drafted an order improve chartercoid time warner cable hich would include conditions like upgrading service to homes and if aproved it would be the second lgest provider behind co >>n mdnesisno upon ae hve the first ress. and why isa video of ronda rousy eating anpple we need this vacation so bad. absolutely. honey, can you grab my hat?
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>> gptsacda irs gf theksnare in the s. ich k c of erlt-5 tshrs will fnandhoa stn fowh tlsa. >>o afond was ollys. ijuackanwe waing ab interpt o brough tmiddlem anthg,so bi ws eay o t pro.i bigleai preye aboutthi ws to onda
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bereouit.nt,heo gren,o and the te areoloill hapeanzes. e are big room tims, ros at a who with eight tim moreraanceol, the air ck scted rmer ts yl upwn tll ive nimalistms. smalsecr. anll roo climb to. a use otallym.
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rr f a speel pielberg hve signai o bu ta w until01 so faray. it >>ha-haa.>>sorry, stcited. >> just take your tim >> that was ak p of hillary clint's the comedyal show "broad city." that airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. matthew perry has signed to play the late senator ted kennedy in a mini series called "the kennedys after camelot" it's a sequel to the series on the real's channel. and steven colbert and steve martin seem to be getting along splendidly on the late show. my friend 's a pal i can+@ always believe in.
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that's why i love my best friend steve >> that's why i love my best friend gary >> wait, steve. who's gary? >> he's my best friend. i've been singing about him the whole time just like you've been singing about your best end, tev oh. mptomsn beyourart ist mping . (willioom) t 50nt people e(doghierinwithearsgettinagnosed. bue's ing yocan . talk tur docout heart fae treaopti becausmore younow, t more likely yoe... whierg) keeumpi
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peopre botft andstroye wh w o odts a. soft >>ce athenof
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brg gearct mog.that h idwhmc reard bu gera. go m. goodo ouith th hu, ouwain ouback ba ll l renee .ings g to art gi ay is goberm waest daof georween xtweek. sotil erta off th r, le g, stoo mu d clr ait.ll


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