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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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people to decide their own tu, 'l speak out on behalf of universal human rights including freedom of speech and assembly and religion. >> both leaders discuss a wide rage of topics including travel restrictions and the trade embargo in place for more than 50 years. wral's leyla santiago returned to the island nation to document the historic moments. >> leyla joins us live on day two. >> reporter: not only did they discuss their human rights and difference of opinion they also talked about american politics. castro was asked if he would vote for clinton or trump and he said i cannot vote in u.s. elections then shifted to trade and business. obama just wrapped up a meeting with not only cuban business leaders, but also american business leaders, including one with direct ties to north
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this is business. it's at the center of conversation among cuban and american business leaders meeting with president obama. part of the conversation, simmons and barrenthol. >> him and i worked on the development. >> the two are now taking on a new business in cuba. in june of 2014, they submitted a proposal to the cuban government to manufacture tractors for construction and farming with the people of cuba. the government's rely. >> we started your proposal and in our opinion, everything that you're asking for, is already acceptable and covered under the premises of the new regulation. this was three weeks ago by the way. >> reporter: making them the first u.s. company on the island since the revolution. >> having been the first company authorized to do business in cuba is a good thing from a business perspective. >> but for him and many, this is
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>> we had one young manned that, we had built a product for the forgotten people. >> if not us, who, and if not now, when? >> reporter: and tomorrow, president obama is expected to meet with human right activists, and after that, he will have a speech directly speaking to the cuban people, after that, a game of ball. president obama will be there as the cuban national baseball team plays against the tampa bay rays. back to you. >> and we'll be watching that, as well. leyla reporting live in havana. now, leyla continues or live reports from cuba tomorrow at 4:00. she'll be talking with congressman david price who is also on the strip, and tonight on the late news, she'll round out the president's first full day in cuba. you can follow her journey in cuba on, where we have updated articles and videos throughout her trip. we have just learned governor mccrory will not call a special session.
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overturning a controversial ordinance in the city of charlotte. lawmakers could still call themselves back into question, but it's unclear whether they will do that. chief laura leslie joins us in the newsroom with these developments, laura. >> state house leaders are ready to come back as soon as wednesday, but so far state senate leaders haven't agreed. opponents of the charlotte ordince delivered thousands of them. the most controversial part makes it legal for transgender to use the restrooms matching their identity. the local law is much broader and that has religious conservatives worried and bans businesses from discriminating against gays and lesbians. the nc family policy council says that infringes on the rights of business owners to refuse to serve gays and lesbians due to regulations and lawmakers need to act quickly to strike it down. >> similar ordinances have been used to force small business
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and bed and breakfast owners either to conform to a government dictated viewpoint, in violation of those sincerely held religious beliefs or to face legal charges, fines, and other penalties that have ultimately caused some to go out of business. >> a so-called religious freedom bill have sparked controversy and other states including north carolina and georgia. north carolina house leaders circulate a draft bill that would ban counties or any you discrimination instructor than federal state law. governor pat mccrory's office told them in a letter that is too broad and should wait for april 25th. a woman charged in connection with a crash that sent four in the hospital, briefly identified in the hospital. donnie marie williams is facing several charges including reckless driving.
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onovie? de v ]ge 20 megs is only $20 a month. [ normal voice ] or drama? [ melodramatic voice to ms $20 a month. [ normal voice ] only from centurylink. speed may not be available in your area. call now. it is on to philadelphia for north carolina, their 27th appearance in the sweet 16. what a crazy and wild tournament it's been with so many upsets in the tournament, but that really mirrors what happened in the regular season, north carolina was one of the five top ranked teams to lose before february.
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that though, if you're on the losing end of an upset now, time has expired. >> this year has been crazy, and you can get beat at any given moment. you see michigan state got taken down and nobody really expected this. >> i got the upset, lot. you hear about it and you can't help it, especially when you have the potential to play one of those teams. >> you don't want to be on that app if your team sun set. duke will leave tonight for their next dest naugz, anaheim. they didn't learn who they were going to play until oregon held off st. joe's 69-64, the bright neon ducks are the top seed in the west, the second sweet 16 trip, the second meeting ever between the ducks and duke. the ncaa turn to affiliate generates all kind of story lines, and can also be a story line for matchups in the
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jared fialko came across a new favorite in wolfpack basketball. >> reporter: ten years circumnavigating the globe, julius hodge, finally had his fill of pro basketball. >> it was a tough transition with me telling my body and my mind, getting on the same page saying, hey, you don't have any more game left, it's time to retire and hang it up. >> the next step, a natural one for the former acc player of the year. >> you couldn't tell from the way i played at nc state, i always thought i was a coach out there in the court. >> reporter: last may, hodge was named director of player development at the state university of new york buffalo. in addition to x's, and o's, he held something close to his chest at nc state. academics, making sure everyone goes to class, gets good grades, and despite making four trips to the dance, this march madness brought an entirely new feeling of delirium.
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clock, between the championship, it was probably the best feeling i've had on the basketball court. >> reporter: the ideal start to an ideal second career, in a less than ideal climate for the raleigh legend. >> i'm laughing at all of my north carolina people on that one. they call it an ice storm and in buffalo every other day it snows. but i love buffalo. >> wink wink, nudge nudge. >> jared fialko, wral sports, providence, road a land. >> good to see coach hodge. this is the kind of tweet you like to see in the morning, at the hurricanes practice, mike snapped this at justice falk, and has been out with a lower body injury. the hurricanes have lost four straight. out of the wild spot, they host
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sand in the hour glass up. thank you, sir. >> and breaking news, stay
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