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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  March 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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struck a city subway station. brussels airport is shutdown. witnesses described chaotic scenes. 136 people were wounded in the three explosions. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality, or race or faith in fighting against terrorism. >> in all three explosions rocked the belgium capitol today. two at the airport. a third at the city's metro station. after 14 years on the job hunter county sheriff larry rollens is calling it quits. >> he said he was greatful for the experience. in an exclusive interview the former sheriff talked with wral's gilbert bay for reasons of stepping away. >> reporter: sheriff rollens said he's been planning this move for a year.
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started his career in wake county. spent time in bosnia doing work there. he is ending his career here. he has a family and farm here and is looking forward spending time with both. larry has been sheriff since 2002. he said he is proud of his department anddecided to step down for a simple reason. >> it has been a year in the making. i have some personal issues going on in my life that take priority over the job at this time. things that come along in life and you play the cards your dealt. >> reporter: rollens didn't want go into details. told me part of it has to do with a developing issue within his family. there has been speculation his
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shooting from an officer of the an unarmed man. >> we make decisions in 20 seconds, very quickly. it is up to the judges and the lawyers to determine over the next months or years if that was a correct decision. >> reporter: he hoped to have been in office when the district attorney made a decision on that case. his personal life has taken priority and he had to resign sooner than he would have liked. county commissioners voted in wayne coats as the new sheriff. he'll fill out the recollection of the term. coats will be sworn in this afternoon at 2:00. we'll be there to cover that. rollens hoped to have been in office for that decision in the case involving the shooting but that's not the case. he said it is important for coats to be appointed sheriff so there could be continuity for the officers still left behind.
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a boil water advisory is in effect now in the town of benson. customers who use public water are being asked to boil their water three minutes before drinking it or using it. that means brushing your teeth, making ice or cooking with it. the town will notify customers when the advisory is lifted. there are more hearings today that will help lead to the closing of duke energy coal ashe ponds. it will give you a way to provide feedback. deq says this will help set a timeline to clean up the coal ashe to protect the environment and rate payers. bike lanes and safety fencing could be among the improvements alongside part of nc state centennial campus. city of raleigh is holding improvements from trail drive
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campus drive area. projects includes extending sidewalks, adding curbs and gutters and installing bike lanes as well as fencing on both sides of the road. there is a public meeting on this tonight 6:00 to 7:00. you have another chance today to offer your input on a new monument on the state capitol grounds in raliegh to honor african-americans. the building of the monument will break a 25 year moratorium on the statue. many people feel a monument honoring african-americans is long overdue. a sad ending to a custody hearing for a girl that has dragged out over years. coming up, we'll hear who will
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>> we have breaking news. isis, as you probably heard is claiming responsibility for bombings in brussels today that killed 31 people and injured 136 others. >> we have word now this is a picture, it looks like a picture from a security camera of three men believed to be
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this is coming from brussels investigators who are working on piecing this together. you can see those three men believed to be responsible for the coordinated bombings. >> we are getting information that one american servicemen and his family were among the injured. and three mormon missionaries from utah were seriously wounded in the attack. >> the airport, we just learned, will be closed through gets underway. it is set to reopen thursday. fluid. the prime minister called this a black moment for their country. >> those look like luggage carts. looks like that is inside the
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>> you can see how crowded it is. >> it happened about 8:00 local time. they are five hours ahead of us. again, that's the busiest part of the day. >> an hour later at a very crowded rush hour subway station believed to be all coordinated together. isis claimed responsibility for this. >> we'll provide any new information as we get it into the news room. a foster family in california is heart broken after a 6-year-old girl they had been caring for was removed from their home. >> the girl lived with the family four years. under the indian child welfare act she is being sent to live with her extended family in utah. >> reporter: it is a day 6-year- old lexie paige who bounced in and out of foster homes since
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>> reporter: clutched in the arms of her foster dad, rusty paige a dramatic scene unfolded outside their home as they screamed in the background. agents on a court order removed lexie, who was part native american from the only family she's known for the past four years. >> she is the happiest child you'll ever meet today. tomorrow, no. she won student of the month last month at school because of how caring she is for people and people don't return that favor to her. >> reporter: case involved a tribal custody battle that hinged on the native american welfare act from the 1970's. she is 1.5% choctaw. her extended family in utah has been fighting for custody.
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talks about how important it is to maintain consistency and permanance for children. yet they violated that today. it is gut wrenching. >> reporter: paige's filed a stay with the california supreme court. >> keep her here! >> reporter: not even prayers by heart broken community members who kept vigil could change lexie's fate. >> lexie will live with the utah couple who are not native americans but are related by marriage to her father. police in north texas made a gruesome discovery while conducting a welfare check. four members of a family were found dead in a home. police have not released how the couple and children ages ten and seven years old died. officers are not looking for suspects at this time. a former texas trooper is
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arraignment on a perjury charge related to his arrest of sandra bland. he is charged with misdemeanor for saying in an affidavit that he pulled bland over during a traffic stop to further conduct a safer traffic investigation. he was fired after his indictment in january. bland later died behind bars. most people spend months physically preparing themselves for marathons and half marathons. the days leading up to the race could be just as important. >> after the break, registered dietitian shows us how to make
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