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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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[chattering] e impersonation... last night with that dog breeder. you said you were savino? told him we were very grateful for his cooperation, wouldn't need to speak with him again. this henry finally admits to me that he owes shys.s. thinks they were involved killing the girl? just three payments late. there's a beating in it for him before they whack a stranger. yeah. what do we got? robbery-assault.
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alk? yeah. he's gonna be treated and released. you didn't pass gas in front of the prince, i hope. no, i controlled myself. - prince forsmann? - yes. have you made an arrest? no, sir. not yet. i'm detective simone. this is detective sipowicz. she's in a coma. she might die. and they expect me just to sit here. of course. well, we'll try not to keep you away from her too long, sir. because they just walked in. how many of them were there? two. one was bigger and taller. he pulled my wife from the bedroom. he beat her because she was fighting him. they beat me when i tried to help. after that i was unconscious. i did everything i could. did it seem like they were looking for something particular or just ransacking the place? i saw the paintings were missing.
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oh, maybe seven figures. i don't know for sure. we're gonna need you to write down your insurance carrier so we can make a list. well, give me something. any, uh, workmen in the apartment lately? only the maid. she hasn't been in for two days. she's been out sick. you think she might be involved? no. she's been with my wife for 11 years. i need to go to my wife now. she's suffered enough. all right. we're gonna be handling the case from here on in. i don't want them tormenting her here. lstein. my wife is american. let me collect myself. then i need to be with her. sure. stay here. see how this guy acts with his wife. sure.
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- excuse me a minute. james. - yeah. got a minute? sure. see you up there. all right. i'm trying to keep the sarge out of this. what's goin' on?
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gh the screaming, they're both married to jesse ortiz. our jesse ortiz? they both got rings, the whole shot. the mrs. ortiz in the 124 room is rosario. i think she's got senioritit she's working at the salon. she hears this other woman talking about her new husband. a detective. how she don't like him doing night tours. and they're both referring to jesse? yeah. i've got her in the radio room. the more recent mrs. ortiz. do you got on paper? - nothing. that's why i'm ducking the sarge. they both wanna file for assault. i figured the situation needs a delegate. ppreciate you keep them on ice till i t tk to him. all right. great to be a delegate, huh? yeah. make a memo book entry so if it goes to work, you're covered. all right, thanks. [russell] doorman at forsmann's building says two moving guys... show up this morning, say they're on a pickup from the museum. twenty minutes later, they walk five paintings out the front door. - doorman said he called up to announce 'em? - he says he did.
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wants to be kept on top of the prince's condition. guy's looking to toe-tag his wife. yeah. he wants a "do not resuscitate" on her chart... so she don't have to be tormented no more. is that so she can't give evidence? anyone in the building give anything on the prince? no one's too forthcoming. very big on privacy. okay. work on the van plate, and check on those fences. was holstein in the olympics? - i don't know. - yeah, hey, martinez, what's going on? let's talk in here, jesse. i get this message from shannon. nobody's hurt, but i should come in. let's talk inside. shannon's got two women downstairs, both of them say they're married to you, jesse.
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] hell's anna doing down there? she gets her hair done by her work. i wanted to get your story before i talk to 'em. i'm in the dark. uh-- look, i got a girl on the side, anna. she doesn't say she's your goom, jesse. she says she's married to you. oh, martinez, come on. i tell her what she wants to hear. you know what that's about. these women wanna file assault charges on each other. complaints go to paperwork. the 61's are gonna have your name on it. if you tell me the truth, maybe i can straighten things out. all right. i'm married to rosario. mm-hmm. i told anna that there's a possibility of a divorce. and if that went down, then we'd be getting married. and that's the truth? that's what i told her. yeah. yes. so, uh--
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like a down payment on the marriage. all right, jesse. let me, uh-- let me go talk to the women in your life. fine. you get the word 'cause i don't know what the hell's going on here. you married? no. it's a beautiful thing, but it's a minefield. don't go downstairs for no sodas, all right? got ya. hi. yeah. i was wondering-- le union business, lieu. yeah. okay. call detective simone, 15th squad. thanks. the van's registered to a donald carter in nassau. i left word for him to contact bobby. they're talking to fences. what's up? you got next to a jimmy liery when you were with vice? you know terry norton, got whacked? yeah, west side guy. we wanted to flip liery to get to norton. when norton got whacked, they pulled me out. cargo theft at kennedy.
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i don't know if i still fit the skirt. well, if you don't want to do it, diane, i'll say you're in the middle e something here. i can still work out of the office, right? mm-hmm. i'm not detailed over? no. yeah, that's okay. you think i'd let 'em take you away from here? thanks, boss. you know, statistics show 85% of these art guys are xxxxs. yeah, huh? yeah. 85% minimum. excuse me. can i help you? i'm detective simone, and this is detective sipowicz. here in what connection? [no audible dialogue]
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they don't need any coffee, steven. what's in the truck? excusesee? le truck. what's in it? they're photographs from a recent installation. i'm, uh, victor charles. i own this gallery. are you with the police? yeah. those paintings were stolen. - well, we don't deal in stolen property. - as of when? well, we show that you were arrereed for criminal receiving five years ago, mr. charles. that was a completely inadvertent incident. bryce-- that's very commendable. do you also show that i wasn't convicted? othe people these paintings belong to here, they were both assaulted, okay? and ononof them, she looks like she's gonna die. - are you talking about carolyn whitehall? - how'd you come to that? i'm familiar with the contents of serious collections, detective. - she's going to die? - the people that stole these paintings beat hererp bad. and, uh, was the prince hurt as well? - he was roughed up some. - look, the point is here, mr. charles, that if anyone approaches you about these paintings, you're gonna be in touch.
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excuse me. good luck. how you doing, mrs. ortiz? i want t ttalk to my husband. i was hoping we'd talk first about the beauty parlor. he cheated on me again. that's whahahappened. and while i'm working, he's giving her money so she can get her hair done. - you and jesse been marriededow long? - eight years.
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i'm just trying to get things straight. hey, listen. we are married. all right? i don't know what he's got with her. but it's nothing legal. i can tell you that. so, that's regarding you matrimonial situation. on the, uh, salon incident, uh-- you're gonna do whatatou think is right. i just want you aware that if a complaint is pursued, it could be highly damaging to jesse's career. i don't want to file a report. me and jesse can take care of this at home. but he's gonna pay. - of course, that's between you and him. - believe me, he's paying. you, uh, be willing not to pursue that? how's he gonna pay suspended? hmm? okay. just give me a couple minutes. i'm detective martinez. i'm assigned to resolve your dispute.
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what are these gonna be? wedding photos of me and jesse. - really? - look. that's father vega doing the ceremony. jesse and me cutting the cake. - that's some big cake. - four tiers. best wedding i ever been to. so, anna, when'd you get married? six months ago. two weeks after the divorce came official. when you say it came official, is that what jesse told you? i got the papers in my panty drawer. right, who's the manicurist over there? here's the other one talking like herernd jesse are still married, which i walked on eggshells for that woman three and half years while she was his legal spouse. anna, if i sent you home with officer shannon, would yoyobe able to get those divorce papers and the wedding license? that ought to help some people back to reality. uh-h-h. you know, jerry springer did a whole theme show...
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we just faxed you some photocopies of stolen paintings... along with the squadad ph. appreciate your returning the call from the gallery there... when you return from your long lunch. thanks very much. hi, my name's donald carter. i was contacted concerning my van? who contacted you, sir? i'm detective simone, mr. carter. - you called about my van? - yeah, uh, why don't we go and have a cup of coffee? andy, this is mr. carter. how's it going? was it involved in something? by a guy named larry duncan. have a seat. he's a hod carrier. he worked for me, like, five years ago. calls s last month, and i hire him back, jerk that i am. he must've stolen it from the site last night. - so, this guy was away? - just got out of rikers. you're sure he took it? i leave the van at theheite. i seen him watch me stash the key in the visor, like the jerk i am. he's been stealing stuff the last week.
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he do something real bad? your van was involved in a robbery where some people got hurt. the title's in my y me, but i was home with my pregnant wife. she'll confirm it. were the people hurt bad? - where can we find duncan? - alls i got's a beeper number. uh, i went out once last night... wife's pregnant. all she does is eat tang tang noodles. i'm at a loss. hey, jesse, give me a break. that's not your signature? it looks close.
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trying to get you to acknowledge the situation. you've been telling half-truths all day. either come clean now, or i iash my hands of it. you could lose your shield and everything else. i'm on the promotion list for a second grade. you did a forgery here. grade promotion is out the window... and your freedom in general, unless you stand up. i'm married to rosario. i said that. mm-hmm. we are not divorced, and anna and i are not married. i made 'em up. there's no seal, but anna didn't know the difference. you got a judge's name in here. who's that? that's the first judge i ever won a case with. figured it'd'dring me luck. what about the wedding? it was just a big party. the priest was a friend who's trying to be an actor. so you tricked anna? if you want to put it in those words. are you prepared to make some sort of gesture towards her...
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i was gonna divorce anna in a few months anyway. jesse, what are you prepared to do for anna to smooth the waters? she can keep the ring. i'll take her on a trip. you're not gonna take her on a tripip well, what's your concept, james? what're you going for? i'm thinking some financial gesture with a sincere apology. i can do that. i'm paying two upkeeps s it is. exchange for both of them withdrawing their complaints. okay? beautiful. yeah. again, detective sipowicz. if you would please call when you receive this message. all right. got it. thanks. these gallery humps, they open at 11:00, they eat five-hour lunches. how they do any business? larry duncan's got two collars for grand larceny. detectives, there's a mike roberts on the phone. the forsmann case.
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roberts.s.eah. what do you got? hi. how's it going? that van owner do you any good? yeah. he gave us a guy to look at. gogo. o.c.c.b. wants me back on a guy i got next to. yeah, huh? yeah. when i worked vice. he was, uh, hooked up with terry norton. now they're looking at him for cargo hijacks. norton's the guy who got shot over in sunnyside, right? mm-hmm. - yeah. they were just filling me in. - [sipowicz] all right, bye. [exhales] very mysterious, roberts. very big deal. something very tasty for us. - yeah, huh? - yeah. probably yesterday's lunch.
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my previous colleagugu. how's it going, roberts? real good, andy. how's it going, simone? good, mike. hey, come on. let's have a big lunch, huh? - just coffee for me. - [woman] yes. i don't know if you got my note, andy, how sorry i was about your boy. no. we'd have wrote you back. oh, god, you didn't get it? anyway, how's the baby, huh? - fine. - mikey, we're kinda pressed for time here. sorry, simone. i'm trying to catch up with this guy. andy and i got a little history, you know? you said you had something on these royal people? yeah, three weeks ago, she called me up. i did some work for one of her friends. gave me the strongest possible recommendation. the princess, she called you up? thinks her husband's squiring e eracurricular nooky,
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the prince is a busy boy, huh? i think the one's worth a conversation is the blonde with the eight-foot legs. she's a hostess down at the tribeca grill. two collars for shoplifting. hehe you go. see the guy there? that's her mope brother, larry duncan. we'll look him up. the princess saw these pictures? oh, yeah. the photos and the record. she did handstands. so, i guess we got to like this prince, huh? got a pedigree on this girl? yeah. all right, thanks, roberts. hey, we scratch each other's backs, right? hey, you know, i'm really sick you didn't get that letter of condolence. - hey, did you know his kid? - - ah. wasn't he a hell of a sweet kid? yeah, absolutely. you know, connie's making noises about getting back together again. she's discovered some good new qualities about my chararaer.
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yeah. don't mention it. thank fancy for all the phone calls... to see how i was doing too, huh? you think the post office screwed up on that condolence note...
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how's it going? this is a bad guy. - [sipowicz] what's he doing? - big show every 1 1minutes, they go check on her-- "what're you doing?" this and that, pulling his hair.
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prince, how are you doing, sir? i can't stand seeing her suffer. this is her worst nightmare. she told me so, many times. come on over here. you're not so tormented looking at her. going to end a vegetable, this way? is she, uh, any more responsive? they have no idea. this is technology run amok. prince, anyone you could d with now? some support for you? i have no family in this country. carolyn was my family. god forbid your wife passes, is there someone on the horizon? - what do you mean? - well, maybe someone to take her place in your heart? - you insult both of us. - sometimes we do seem insensitive. you are the sole heiei to your wife's estate? the men who did this are on the street, and you're asking stupid questions? - do you know an amelia duncan, prince? - no. prince, amelia duncan-- your number one bang on the side. you think i tried to murder my wife?


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