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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i wonder what the artist was trying to tell us. i have a feeling we're about to find out. beautiful piece of latin art, don't you think? exquisite. actually, we were more interested in something in the private waverly collection. of course, perhaps there's something inside
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conquesta fencing school... thrush experiment. super man plan to kill many people. greg martin. i'm sorry, miguel.
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miguel? well, was he able to say anything? something about a fencing school, and super man.
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we're ready, dr. stoller. okay. thank you. number seven. number seven, i have a slight concern. yes, doctor. your coordination seems less perfect lately. do you wish to report any physical defects? nothing, doctor, i'm in perfect health. vel. well. perhaps i am mistaken. number three. doctor. i'm interested in the progress of your controlled reactions. i think you'll find them excellent, sir.
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now a reaction, number three. excellent. very heart-warming. and very convincing. now, let us move to more important matters. today marks the end of our long experiment. each of your possesses the most perfect body and mind that is possible for a human to achieve. now thrush has asked for a demonstration. a test to see how my perfect young men perform under actual field conditions.
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you, number three, will be our example. i'm honored, doctor. the international fencing championships are being held in austria, a most convenient cover for our purposes. you will go there as a participant. do well, number three. reflect credit upon our group. that will always be my first consideration, doctor. commendable. a pity one of your colleagues cannot demonstrate similar perfection. are you citing a defect wihein the group, doctor? number seven seems to have suffered optic injury which he's hesitant to admit. his failing vision forces him to act with the emotion of fear. he has lied to cover his imperfection. you made self-preservation a strong reflex, doctor. a lie was necessary to protect myself. lies are weapons to be used against your enems not against me.
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my eyes are better now. a few more weeks and i will be able to see perfectly. notice the reflex of fear, gentlemen. the dilation of the nostrils, the moist, pallid condition of the skin. it is a repulsive trait at best. there's no room in the group for a defective behavior pattern. i knew i could depend on you, judgment number three. give me another week. that's all i need. please! open channel r, double a priority. solo here. napoleon, where are you? seventeen kilometers from acapulco.
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acapulco lead was incorrect. please pull over and stand by for a code yellow message. repeat, please pull over and await code yellow message. code yellow, code yellow. computer verification has prescribed in manual 12x1, the conquesta fencing school royed by fire six days ago. all personnel connected with it have been checked out and cleared. repeat, the conquesta fencing school in acapulco no longer exists. all former personnel have been cleared. charming. e have uncovered a school by that name in guadalajara. repeat, there is a school by that name in guadalajara.
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a quick course in fencing? yes, it's just one of those wild ideas you get at the spur of the moment, you know? something to tell the folks back home about. of course. of course, please observe. our students are devoted to the mastery of their skills. lunge, parry, lunge, and parry. it is repeated over and over again until there is perfect symmetry and beauty in every move. some of your advanced students i presume. oh, beginners. if you wish to see an expert in action come with me i show you. ms. lamb, we have guests. would you be kind enough to play the film? of course, doctor. this is where we develop our posture and form. yes, i can see. you will notice that we have the very latest equipment.
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ready, doctor. notice the young man on the right? see the delicacy of his trust? the swiftness of his parry and retreat. thrust, parry, thrust, parry, touche! excellent, oh, superb. well, gentlemen... he's not bad. oh, my prized pupil, greg martin. perhaps you have heard of him. sorry. no matter, in a few more days it will be quite another story. young martin is right now on his way to the international fencing championships in austria. he will win great honor for himself and his fencing master. well, how about those lessons that you were interested in? actually, i'd like to give it a little more thought. yeah, it's a little too difficult. well, any time you should decide... we'll keep in touch.
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i think we can expect our tourist americans to be on the first available flight to austria. -u.n.c.l.e.? -well, undouedly they were the two who were chasing number three last night. what if they go to austria? won't that interfere with number three's mission? number three is to prove himself under the most realistic and difficult conditions possible. of course. and extend our felicitations. tell him we have sent him two u.n.c.l.e. agents
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rr kuryakin here.
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intelligenceivas given us a preliminary report. they have reason to believe that thrush intends to use this greg martin to destroy a population segment within a few days. a population segment can be anything, sir. every city, town, and village in the world is a possibility. the data we have indicates that southern europe may be involved. turkey or greece, perhaps. yeah, but we're on our way to austria. well, consider the possibility that two clever and intelligent u.n.c.l.e. agents are being lead well, we'll consider it, sir. i suggest you take this young man into custody as quickly as possible and by whatever means necessary.
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touche. oh, excuse me, i just wasn't lookin' -where i was goin'. -excuse me. well, you're an american, aren't you? so am i, but i guess you can tell that, can't you? i'm christine hobson, i'm from oklahoma city. -greg martin. -well, hi. i suppose you're just staying long enough for the championships. unless youou're planning on seeing some of the sights.
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how nice. excuse me. the name is martin, grgr martin. he arrived from new york approximately rs hours ago. yes, well... yes, well, will yououlease check your guest list again? i'll hold on. welcome to our friends of america. on behalf of the management i have been asked free of charge to your ro. a gift to our friends across the sea. where can i put it down please? put it...any place would be fine. thank you. what is that? welcome to our friends of america. on behalf of the management... never mind, i'll tell him later, thank you. i turn it on for yoyoplease. no.
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thank you. welcome. goodbye. what's wrong? the picture tube has a crack in it. now, the vacuum in a reaeapicture tube would cause it to implode with a flaw like that. let me takak another look. it's not even a picture tube. it's a plate of glass hiding something. wait a second. easy, easy, easy, easy. do you have a pin? yeah, i think it's set to go off any second. here. neutralize this.
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i would like a table somewhere...right there. yes, this will be just fine. yes, i think i'd like to start with a m mtini on the rocks with an olivivin it, with a pimento. would you change that to a double cheeseburger and a chocolate malt?
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if this is a thrush hangout the boys must eat pretty well. let's hope greg martin is one of the bo. would the gentleman care for some dessert? no, thank you. may i suggeses a second consideration, sir. we have excellent strudel. i said no. possibly chocolate b barian or something even more appetizing such as this? ood. christine hobson isn't it? why, mr. martin, now where did you come from? there's no time to explain, i need your help. that man over there by the door wants to kill me. i'm just looking for someone, thank you. he what? do you have a car? well, yes, a rented one. it's right outside.
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e police or something first? there's no time. oh, goodness me. look what i've done to your suit. i am so sorry. i'll p p for that. i'm christine hobson. just have the cleaners send me the bill. no, that's all right, miss. obviously no damage done. i'm all right. thank you. a little more of that.
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our young genius has found himself a girlfriend so i noticed. did you get a good look at her. we met over a bowl of soup, vichyssoise. you were very brave back there. don't let me fool ya, i was tared to death. but t u were still willing to help me. are you really concerned about what happens to me? yes. do you always feel so protective? only when it concerns my friends. where's your concern now? for me or you? what are you doing, greg? i ask you a question, do you still have a warm feeling for me?
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then don't try. i have to. you said that man wanted to kill you, why? nothing you'd understand. i have a right to know. all right. i work for an organization and they've sent me to europe, thrown in some importananbusiness. ome kind of secret agent, aren't you? let's say what i do may affect the lives of hundreds of people. well, it all sounds a little weird to me. i mean, what kinin of confidential business would make somebody want to kill you? you're gonna have to trust me, christine. i trust you, greg.
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e as my wife? your wife? only in appearance. if there's a chancece i can get away from these two men whowfollowed me from new york they won't be looking for a married couple. well, where would we have to go? athens. are you brave enough for that, christine? they verified it, sir. martin and the girl have already left on flight 27 to athens. i'm sure we can beat thee.there. they're getting the u.n.c.l.e. jet ready now. very well. i'll contact the athens police and ask them to meet you. ci incidentally, we've moved in on the conquesta fencing school. and nobody was hoho? precisely. the plane is ready. i hope we have better luck. i hope so, mr. solo. i hope so.
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if you don't. checkpkpnt one, flight 27 has just landed. are we set? all police personnel are at their posts and ready. well, here we are in sunny, romantic greece. just think a few hours ago we didn't even know each othth. why don't you go check your baggage, christine? i gotta make a phone call. one of those agent top secret calls -i suppose. -yeah, how'd you guess? i'll see you at the front gate.


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