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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 5, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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[???] narrator: faster than a speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive. able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. k! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! yes, it's superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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in the adventures of superman! that's the last piece of film i got from her. let's see, today's the 15th. a week ago friday. ten days.
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amined. that sister of mine's crazy enough. i had to send olsen to haiti with her. two irresponsible nuts. a fine pair. mmm, haitian officials can't find a trace of them? nothing. i've spent $200 on phone calls. i don't like it, kent. i don't like it one bit. did you see the face on that voodoo doctor or whatever he was? he knew he was being photographed. chief, suppose i fly down there and just take a look around? it's a good idea. i have got two tickets on the midnight pan am clipper. oh, chief, you don't have to make the trip. in fact, i'll do much better alone. i think i can make my own decisions alone. that's just what i'm afraid of. what? oh, nothing, chief. nothing. i had the boys make a blow-up of this voodoo doctor, just in case. i hope your sister and jim aren't in his hands. so do i. well, you better go home and get packed. our plane leaves in 55 minutes.
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[french accent]: this is haiti, messieurs. our police methods are somewhat different than those in the united states, because our problems are not the same. however, my government has instructed me to give you every assistance within my power. this i gladly do. good. what do you suggest, mr. bergeret? what can i suggest? the gendarmerie have searched the entire island for your sister and the young man olsen. it is unfortunate. [drumming] that drum, is that a voodoo drum? no, monsieur. voodoo is no longer practiced in haiti, except perhaps in secret. sounds like a voodoo drum to me. that drum is only talking, sending a message to someone back in the bush. do you understand what it's saying? no, monsieur. unfortunately, that course was not included
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two white men talk to antoine bergeret in hotel. this was taken from the last piece of film my sister sent back to the states. mmm, these would appear to be a voodoo doctor. but on the other hand, sometimes photographers-- how you say? arrange such things. not my sister. when she takes a picture of a voodoo doctor, you can be sure it's the mccoy, the real thing. if this is the real thing, then your sister's peril is also very real. but only the ignorant and the superstitious of voodoo, and the ignorant and the superstitious are always dangerous. if you don't need me, i think i'll take a little walk. i'm curious about that drum. if you will allow me to suggest, monsieur kent, the haitian bush is not the best place for a stranger, especially at night. well-- of course not. stay where you are. when we go into the bush, we'll take a competent guide with us. i shall be happy to supply a detachment of gendarme to accompany you, monsieur. no, let's leave the police out of this. just get me a good guide who speaks english. i have a hunch if we find this bird, we'll find my sister and olsen.
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an american and an englishman. one of them-- [knock at door] come in! i mean, entrez. i hope i'm not intruding. certainly not. as a matter of fact, i was about to mention your name. oh? these gentlemen were just inquiring as to someone who could guide them into the back country. mr. white and mr. kent, permit me to introduce mr. william johnson, one of the men i spoke of. how do you do? it's a pleasure, mr. white. how do you do? how do you do, mr. kent? won't you sit down? thank you. i heard some drum talk back in the hills a short time ago. it said that two white strangers were having a conference with monsieur bergeret here at the hotel, so i figured it had something to do with the missing photographer and her assistant. the drums spoke of miss white? no, that was merely an assumption on my part. which turned out to be correct. and now, if you gentlemen will excuse me, i have some reports to get out. and if you need any official assistance from the haitian government, please do not hesitate to call on me. thank you. i appreciate it. i'll see you out.
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hmm? oh, i'm sorry, i wasn't listening to the drum. did you happen to meet miss white while she was here in cap-ha tien? yes, i had the pleasure of meeting her and her assistant, um... nelson, i believe. olsen. jim olsen. yes. we met at a party at monsieur bergeret's home. incidentally... who's this ugly brute? that's what we came down here to find out. bergeret tells me you've spent over 12 years down here in haiti. yes, i'm sort of an amateur explorer and do a little writing. would you be interested if you're looking for him, mr. white, he's a bokor, a voodoo doctor. i've managed to stay healthy down here by keeping out of voodoo. you don't believe in voodoo? i believe in sharp knives and poisons. if your sister and young olsen have been unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of voodoo cultists, my advice to you is to forget about them and go back to the states. we can do without that kind of advice, mr. johnson. then at least have the good sense to keep out of the jungle. let the haitian gendarmes handle it.
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of all the conceited-- shh! good evening, gentlemen. sorry if i seem to be eavesdropping. seem to be?! matter of fact, i wasn't. just didn't want to tangle up with johnson. we have a tendency to grate on each other's nerves. who are you and what do you want? i'm dr. leland masters. you're miss white's brother, i take it? i am. strong family resemblance. cranial structure very similar. anthropologist. i notice these things. bout him. he's the englishman who's familiar with the bush country. ought to be. spent the last 8 years tramping though it, measuring skulls. ethnology. tiresome work. don't know why i ever took it up. dr. masters, did you hear anything of particular interest to you while you were standing at that window? i heard johnson give you some good advice about staying out of the bush. heard him give you some better advice about not getting mixed up in voodoo. then i take it you wouldn't be interested in guiding us into the bush country?
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looking for your sister and the boy, i'll take you. tomorrow morning? seven-thirty? we'll be ready. would you care to go out that way? no, i'll go through the garden, the way i came in. just a moment, doctor. how did you know we were here? i heard a rada drum talking. i savvy that drum talk. [drumming continues] e. i know. johnson left it. well, at least we've got a guide. i wonder. what do you mean? ever notice how clean and fresh it is down here, chief? no soot, no grime. what? i said no soot, no grime. of course not, this is a tropical island, not pittsburgh. well, i think i'll go to bed, chief. at 8:00? what's the matter with you, kent? a little while ago, you wanted to take a walk. now you want to go to bed. i'm sorry, but-- you've got to stay here and go over those maps with me and help plan tomorrow's trip into the bush.
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good night, chief. good night. [drums thumping] mademoiselle white, you would like me to remove
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you still think they are made of paper? they are not made of paper. they are made of heavy iron... heavy, heavy iron... are they not? yes. i will remove them if you will tell me what you were doing in the secret corridor of the citadel. tell me! [slowly] i was taking pictures. voodoo priest: pictures of what? what secrets have you learned? miss white: i don't know. voodoo priest: tell me! go back, then, to your cell, and think, and think until you do remember. miss white? yes?
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no. they're made of iron. they're only paper, i'll break them for you. no! only legbu can break these chains. if anyone else breaks them, i will die. you won't die. no, no! please, no! all right, i won't touch them. tell me, do you know where jim olsen is? you remember jim olsen, don't you? they got you too, huh, jim? superman! you all right? sure. but, golly, how did you ever find me? never mind about that now. what's happened to miss white? she drank some tea at bergeret's house. tea? yeah. i didn't drink any. i don't know whether mr. johnson or dr. masters drank any. they were there at bergeret's place? yeah. i know miss white drank some because i saw her. go on. well, there must've been something in it. what makes you think so? because of what happened after.
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of the bushes and grabbed us. talk fast, someone's coming. that voodoo man, legbu, brought us into an underground room, and he put paper chains on us and told us they were iron. well, miss white believed him, so i figured she must be drugged. so i pretended like i believed them too, until i could get a chance to beat it and get help. start digging. stop digging. of what hidden things did the woman take pictures? [slowly]: i don't know. you know! i don't know. when you find the secret passage to christophe's treasure, i will remove this iron chain. yes. turn.
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it's all right. he's gone. golly, why didn't you grab him? that's the guy that got miss white hypnotized or something. no one can be hypnotized against his will, jim. no, you were right the first time. he's controlling her mind. she's drugged. what'll we do? just keep up your act until i get back. that legbu's crazy! boy, i'd like to get away from here. you will, don't worry, just as soon as i find out who's behind all this.
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great caesar's ghost, are you gonna wear that outfit into the jungle? i thought it might be better if i waited and talked to mr. bergeret. i telephoned him earlier. he said he'd come over. you don't want to go into the jungle? i think i can do more good here, chief. where it's nice and safe. i have a theory i want to work out. sometimes i wonder--
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[door closes] [birds twittering] the trail forks here. that one goes to the village of tiburon. and that one? that goes up to the citadel. we'd better take the trail to tiburon. a lot of bush talk about strange things going on up there. probably voodoo. then we'll go to the citadel. all right. [knock at door] oh, come in! i'm sorry to be late, monsieur kent, but i was unavoidably detained. that's quite all right.
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e is such a government laboratory in port-au-prince. do you wish something analyzed? yes, i do. in regard to the disappearance of mademoiselle white? that's right. then permit me to be of assistance. i will take you to port-au-prince immediately in the government plane. well, i'm in quite a hurry-- then we will leave at once, and i will personally introduce you to the government chemist, dr. simone girarde. thank you. what's the matter? this trail is closed. what do you mean, closed? that is a voodoo lakou wanga. so what? to cross over one of them is supposed to mean death. ha! of all the ridiculous things! that's what i think of voodoo! [drums thumping distantly] don't move. what the-- get your hands up. [man shouts in french] [french accent]: i'll be happy to conduct an analysis as quickly as possible, monsieur kent, but these things take time.
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if you wish. i have some business to attend to at the courthouse, monsieur kent. i shall rejoin you here later. thank you. that's the fella we're looking for! looks like he found us. why did you come through the bush, showing my photograph to natives and asking where i could be found? what have you done with my sister? that is an interesting question. there'll be a lot more interesting questions when the gendarmes get here. if they do get here, monsieur, they will not find any witnesses to testify against me. [speaks french] you are a student of haitian history, monsieur le docteur. i will spare you so that later you may answer some questions for me.
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you will go in there for the present, monsieur le docteur. my advice to you, mr. white, is to cooperate.
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you will go in quietly, monsieur. kate! kate, it's me, perry! kate, don't you recognize me? get in there. so you knew it was only paper. [speaks french] this is a most interesting room that you have entered. it is known as the wine press. do you see that small stone gutter and that little hole in the floor? that is so the wine can run through
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[man speaks french] i am now going to remove the hypnotic spell from miss white and then i'm going to ask her a question. on her answer depend your lives. jim: but she doesn't know the answer! it will be most unfortunate for all of you if she does not. miss white... turn toward me. i only know that when i gave him the result of the analysis, he seemed very excited and left at once, asking me to tell you that he had to return to cap-ha tien immediately. but if he was in such a hurry, why did he not wait for me? i had agreed to return him by airplane. what substance was on the handkerchief? burnt sienna, cocoa butter, bolomania. can you tell me, monsieur bergeret, what possible significance that could have? i'm not sure, but excusez-moi, monsieur le docteur.
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but i tell you i had no reason for taking pictures in the lower c corrido except for photographic interest. i didn't see any secret doors! i'm not convinced that you're telling the truth. so... miss whihite what are you going to do? i'm going to use this room for the same purpose that henri i chstophe used it. no. no! no! no! no! oh, , ! no, no!
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perman! where's drdrmasters? locked behind that stone wall. what? who are you? that's superman. i always thought you were only a legend. legbu! he's getting away! he's not the only one mixed up in this. you're quite wrong. i know nothing of this. someone does. now watch. mr. white: it's johnson! i didn't think you were this big a fool. all this voodoo rigmarole is a blind to cover up his attempt to steal the christophe treasure. i'll find it yet, don't you worry.
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y? i saw you snooping around the citadel with a camera. to be a photographer, and you can't take photographs without a camera. perry, don't lose your temper. lose my temper? i almost lost my life over this...this imbecile. digging for treasure! you'll get plenty of digging in prison. well, don't be afraid of this tea, jim. i made it personally. no, thank you. i think i'll still stick to water. the prodigal son returns. hi, mr. kent. hiya, jim. hello, miss white. glad to see you safe and sound. und, mr. kent, i assure you. where have you been? port-au-prinin. port-au-prince, eh? we came close to being crushed to death. we'd have all been killed if it hadn't been for superman. really? golly, you've never seen anything like it! the walls were closing in and we would've all been crushed. but, monsieur kent, how did you get back here so quickly? i...
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[???] narrator: faster than a speeding bullet... more powerful than a locomotive... able to leap tall buildings at a single bound... man: look! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! yes, it's superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. susurman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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in the adventures of superman! [???] see, i told you there was a cabin here. the road's down that way about a half mile. that's where we parked the car. this fellow sells live bait. [doorknob rattles] huh. guess he's closed up. it's 4:30. do you realize we've been fishing since 8:30 this morning, and whatatave we got? not a thing. i should have known better than to bring you along. don't blame me. i did evererhing you told me. and a lot of things i didn't tell you. a fishing rod's not a baseball bat. you've got to handle it gently.
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o be quietet how can i be quiet with mosquitoes eating me up alive? ahahmosquitoes. when i was your age, a few mosquitoes didn't bother me. [sighing] let's see now. we're parked on route 34, about six miles from glenbrook. are weweoing home? no, we're not going home. i came here to catch fish, and i'm going to catch fish ifift's the last thing i do! besides, it will be dark in an hour, and i don't like to drive at night. now, there's a place called beaver falls near here, they have e good bass pond on the property. you mean we're not gonna do any more fishing today? totolate. well, that's good. oh! doggone mosquitoes! mosquitoes, mosquitoes. is that all you can talk about? i'd quit talking about them if they'd quit biting me. look! don't bother me. nothing. nothing. ah, why do they print the names of these places so small?
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put these away. oh. mosquito? pay attention to what you're doing. i got it. here! don't shsh it to me. where is it? well, it's on route 19. about three miles below shelby. does 34 go into 19? yes, at parsons corner. see what i mean? come on, pick up your stuff. let's get going. you raise the devil with me when i complain about the mosquitoes. when they start biting you it's a different thing. boy. you call this fun? it'll l a sad day when i go fishing again. nothing but mosquitoes and wading through brush and wading up to your knees.
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[???] [snickering]
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[car approaching] car's coming. get back to youruroom, elsa. you better get too.. golly, we can't stay here, mr. white. this used to be a fine hotel. in the year one, maybe. evening. mr. white: good evening. ahem, is the manager around? i'm him. macy taylor. oh. i'm perry white. this is jim olsen.
6:36 am
here about seven years ago. i think you were a desk clerk then. own the place now. george taylor got drowned a few years back. he was my uncle. drowned, eh? well, thatat too bad. yep. fell in the river. never did find his body. you looking to put up for the night, you'll find it comfortable at the shelby arms about five miles up the highway. we thought we'd stay here. you wouldn't be comfortable. i got no help, no electricity. as a matter of fact, i was getting ready to close up the place. oh, we're not fussy. i want to fish the stream on your property tomorrow, get some of those big bass. shed out. fished out? but we saw-- good fishing upstream, though, at the shelby arms. let's go up there, mr. white. no. i'm too tired to drive anymore tonight. we'll stay here. you wouldn't be comfortable, i tell you. can't serve you no food, neither. we had a big dinner in town. yeah, but what about breakfast? we'll get some fish for breakfast.
6:37 am
now, you sign the register, jim. i want to get something from the car. got a pen? there's something i ought to tell you first. we ain't had no guests in this hotel since uncle george got drowned. that's on account of his ghost is haunting this place. mobile radio operator. come in, please. this is perry white. call number mx39162. get me clark kent or lois lane at the metropolis daily planet. metropolis 6-0500. one moment, please. you say you saw your uncle's ghost? seen it a couple of times.
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i, uh... i think i'd better wait for mr. white before i register. [telephone ringing] kent speaking. why, hello, chief! i was just leaving the office when-- kent, listen to me. jim and i are at the bayou hotel in south lordsville. there's something screwy goininon here. what is it, chief? do you need some help? no, no. now, listen. what you can d d up on a man named george taylor. they say he drowned several years ago, but i seem to recall he disappeared.. see what you can find out about him. george taylor, you say? yes. now, there's no phone in the hotel here. i'm calling you from my car. it's 8:00 now. call me back in an hour. i'll be in the car waiting. what's your call number, chief? mx39162. mx39162. right. sorry i took so long. all set? let's go to the shelby arms, chief. no, we're staying here.
6:39 am
why do you want to stay in this crummy dump, chief? that's the trouble with you. what? you haven't got a nose for news. you don't smell stories. you... you mean you think there's a story in this old fleabag? macy taylor lied to us. d him say that stream was fished out, saw big bass jumping when we crossed that little bridge. and that nonsense about a ghost he told you, that was to scare you, scare you away. why? i don't know why, but i'm going to find out. i seem to remember that uncle of his, well, was a-- was s bit eccentric. didn't trust banks. used to keep all his money hidden somewhere. what is it, jim? what's the matter? l-look! what? a face. like a ghost. the face in the-- in the picture downstairs.
6:40 am
what are you talking about? there's nothing out there. i tell you, i sasaa face! you're tired, that lunatic's upset you. go to bed. is it all right if i leave the connecting doors open? sure.
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golly, you scared me. why are you prowling around? i heard a woman laughing. you're crazy. no, i tell you, i did. i heard her twice. stop this nonsense and get back to bed. i'm waking you up at 6 in the morning. now, go on! okay. good night. good night! [???] chief! chief! keep away from me!
6:43 am
mr. white. what is it, son? what happened? did you see it? see what? it went in your room. what did? the ghost. now, son, you know there are no ghosts. they don't exist. yeah, sure. i mean, i never thought there were-- well, there aren't. now,w,ou've been dreaming. i wasn't. honest, i wasn't! i saw him. he was right there. he went through the connecting doors s to your room. he didn't come into my room, and these walls are solid.d. great caesar's ghost. golly! here, hold this. stand back. gee whiz. give me that lamp. come on. what is it? look. jeepers! chief, you can't go down there.
6:44 am
oh, g-g-golly. there's nobody down here. not now. but this is where your ghost vanished. there must be another exit from this cellar. let's go back upstairs, chief. arggh! let's get out of here, chief.
6:45 am
[thud] [thud] ugh! [woman screams] what's she screaming for? i don't know. we better see. take care of them later. [screaeang] what are you screaming about? i heard you down there! my ears are still good. you're fixing to kill that old man and the boy. what's it your business, you meddling fool? i don't want no more on my conscience. i got enough now with what he did. oh, leave her be. she can't get out of thahachair. those two saw the skeleton. we got to get rid of them. murderers! that's what t u are! murderers! shut up, you old witch! get rid of their car. send it over the cliff, back of the old quarry. what you gonna do?
6:46 am
murderers! that's what you are! you're murderers! murderers! [shrieks] murderers! murderers! mr. white! mr. white! someone's screaming upstairs. huh? we gotta get out of here. we just gotta! what h hpened? they tried to kill us, that's what. come on, please, chief. [starts engine] where did i put those cartridges? but, operator, he's got to answer. he's waiting for this call. i'm sorry, sir,
6:47 am
i'm sorry, sir, but mx39162 still doesn't answer. all right. thank you. [starts engine]
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get back, i said. shut that door. macy's fixing to kill you. what goes on here? who are e u? macy and the colonel are after the money. they won't never find it, though. i'm m e only one knows where it is. what money is this? the money macy's uncle george hid. there's enough to make us all rich. you u lp me, you can keep half. she's crazy, chief. let's get out of here. happened to macy's uncle? do yoyoknow? macy killed him, trying to make him tell where he hid the money. he c cined him to the wall down in the cellar and let him die. that's his skeketon you saw. i thought so. macy scared all the guests away after his uncle died. made out like old george taylor's ghost was haunting the hotel. but it was only him, fixed up. but he couldn't never scare me and the colonel, on account of we know'd what he'd done.
6:53 am
and the colonel was trying to kill him. [laughs] it's only when someone comes, like you folks, they make out like they don't hate one another. please, chief, let's go! wait, where is this money? you-- you won't steal it and leave me here? of course not. i trust you. come on. the money's down there. we were down there, and we didn't see any money. it's under the big rock. you can move it with the crowbar. the crowbar is under the ramp. go ahead! why didndn you get the money before? i'd never get up once i got down there, not in this wheelchair. come on.n. we're partners now. remember, you promised.
6:54 am
[whooshing] is this the bayou hotel? yes. oh, you looking for a man and a boy? i certainly am. they're not here. they're at t t cottage. where's the cottage? i'll show you. she's crazy, chief. you're just wasting your...time. hundred-dollar bills! did you find the money? yes! [laughing] no! no! don't! [screaming]
6:55 am
i didn't hear nothing. just how far is this cottage? you might as well know now. there is no cottage. the man and the boy is dead! you're lying. and you're gonna be dead too! where are they? tell me! at the hotel. but they're dead. [???] where are they? tell me where they are or i'll break every bone in your body! behind the rock.
6:56 am
thank heavens. [cackling] nobody got the money! nobody! [cackling] well, that does it. come on, jim. the sheriff's giving us a ride to the railroad station. how about letting meme fly you back to metropolis? golly, could you? oh, no. not me. not t u, either, jim. we've had enough excitement for one night. sure thing, jim. any time at all.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
man: another glorious, sun-drenched day in gotham city -- a fitting day for nuptials... exhibits... or grand theft. "look out, cops. "i hereby crown myself. signed false face." yes, he's back again -- that infamous criminal master of trickery and disguise. [ scandanavian accent ] i am the princess mergenberg. what is this i hear? my crown will be stolen? we'll keep it safe for you, your highness. then what is this? shouldn't that be "all that glitters is gold"? oh, that's the trademark of false face -- a false quote. but the crown is herr and safe.
7:01 am
it's false facac in disguised person. stop, thief! an inflatable cape! she must be an accomplice! after them, men! [ honk honk ] [ siren wailing ] the police are hot on our trail.
7:02 am
ha ha ha ha... so false face is back and up to his old tricks, eh? ha. didiuised as the princess mergenberg, he and his accomplice the beautiful blaze tried for ththcrown. and failed. a false top! plastic! crown -- phony. utterly worthless. false face has struck deviously and ruthlessly. can't we stop this master of devilish disguises? commissioner, there's only one man livin' who can unmask false face. chief o'hara, you have said it for all of us. our only hope is that towering power for right and justice --
7:03 am
[ beeping ] i'll call him, sir. pine. elm. hickory. cognize all these trees! come, come, dick -- pine, elm, hickory, chestnut, maple -- part of our heritage is the lore of living things -- the storybook of nature. that's true, bruce. i'll learn to read that book of nature yet. beggininyour pardon, sir, it's the batphone. jiminy, what are we waiting for?! oh, dick, i found one of your spspimens. thanks a million, aunt harriet, but we were just going to, uh, uh -- uh, ramble in the woods, aunt harriet.
7:04 am
yes, commissioner. prepare yourself for a shock. it's false face. he's struck again. we're on our way. to the batpoles. [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batatn ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ?
7:05 am
7:06 am
and i'm afraid it won't stop with the mergenberg crown worth the million though it is. this is only the first droplet in a virtual wave of crime. false face always plans big... crooked, but king size. all too true, boy wonder. messenger here for batman. i am. "i intend to give money to a defenseless little girl. signed f.f." i'd wager that's some sort of a code. it is. false face always says the opposite of what he means. then "i intend to give money" means he intends to take money.
7:07 am
confusing, eh, sonny? not really. the victim is neither little nor a girl nor defenseless. opposite of girl's a boy! and the opposite of defenseless? say, wearing armor? that's it. of course. the ladd armored car company. holy bouncing boilerplated fits! lad as in boy, armored for defense -- a big truck full of money! that's it! you've got it! i have more than that. unless i miss my gaze, you're -- blaze -- false face's trusted assistant -- at your service. you've got quite a grip there, caped crusader. a sound mind and a sound body -- a necessity in the relentless war against crime. and speaking of crime, why'd false face send you here?
7:08 am
and if you do, to catch him... and me. it's too late. blaze -- she's as elusive as a flickering flame. i'll bet that's how she earned her nickname. y criminal career. to the ladd armored car company -- let's go. are we all assembled? counterfeit crew ready and on duty, false-face. good. first...i succeeded in lifting the mergenberg crown... you've done it again, ff.
7:09 am
has succeeded in starting off step two of my over all plan. boys, we are about to double-dizzzzbatman and robin until the dexterous duo is duped, decoyed, and diabolically destroyed! i have planned the greatest creation of my covert, criminal c ceer. false-face will have stabbed his disguised image on all gotham city! today, gotham city, tomorrow, the world. three cheers for that man! hooray! hooray! hooray! an it. but back to business. batman and robin must go! batman and robin! why, it isn't often that a simple businessman is honored by a visit from the champion of justice and his youthful associate. how can i help you? we have reason to believe that one of your armored trucks may be in danger. good heavens. i've just received word that one of my large armored trucks is late,
7:10 am
in that set of wheels. mr. ladd, may i use your telephone? oh, yes, of coursese commissioner gordon, please. this is batman speaking. commissioner, there's no time to explain. dispatch as many spare men as possible to the gotham city national bank immediately. mr. ladd, we'll keep you informed and let you know just as soon as your missing money truck is found. bless you, batman. every law-abiding citizen goes with you today in spirit! and if it were possible, in body. batman and robin. come to make a deposit? no, we've come to prevent a withdrawal... by false face. what? false face? notorious criminal, master of disguise? we'd better load the money in the truck
7:11 am
what? that's false face himself in disguised person. what makes you so sure? it's obvious. only a criminal would disguise himself as a licensed, bonded guard yet callously park in front of a fire hydrant. it's always the little things. this time it'll cost you a big penalty, false face. culation and deposit you in jail! well, boy wonder, your interest is overdue. [ laughing ]
7:12 am
[ tires screech ] thank you, batman... for breaking into my trap! [ whistling ] batman, it's blaze in the batmobile! oh! oh, you're so strong! i urge you to abandon this life of crime, blaze, before it's too late!
7:13 am
another deft escape by that master of disguise and deceit. but where can false face be? [ sirens wailing ] it's false face... disguised as myself! right you are, o'hara. welcome to dreamland. [ whistles ] [ car engine starts ] [ siren wails ] all right, take off!
7:14 am
od work.
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
false face used to print his message, it's rather special. holy armor plate! this is about the strongest stuff i've ever seen! as i sususcted. 86... 87... 87.6. i can't figure it out, batman. i think a little session with the batanalyst might clarify things, robin. uh, i seem to be short of cash. alfred, have you a dollar bill? certainly, sir. there.
7:19 am
by focusing ultraviolet light and applying the principles of controlled fluorescent defraction, we can readily discern -- why false face printed his messagee on the same kind of paper they use to make money! but what use could he make of that sort of paper, sir? to make money -- counterfeit money. will the man stop at nothing? this paper is made by a top-secret government process. indeed, only a few people outside the official bank note printing company that cannot be counterfeited. aha. you found something? the solution, sir? the size, the material -- it all fits. this is official bank note paper. false face must have penetrated the official bank note printing company! and if he has plans for counterfeiting, i'll bet he'll go back there for more special paper. but we will be there before he is. to the batmobile. alfred, please inform mrs. cooper that we may be a trifle late for supper this evening.
7:20 am
[ tires screech ] there's nobody here. not so far, but if someone should arrive, i think we should be out of sight. excuse me. do you have a light?
7:21 am
what department are you in, miss? removal. you see, my curious friend, we need this paper. [ whistles ] quickly, move this into the trick truck. it's batman! and robin! we've been found out! we've been found out! no, you don't, blaze. i knew... sooner or later you would... overcome my bag of... tricks. e. let the plant guards clean up these beauties. let me down!
7:22 am
you must excuse chief o'hara, batman. he has an agonizing toothache and finds it very difficult to speak. i hope it gets better, chief o'hara. [ moaning ] she's awake! well, miss, it seems we've apprehended you. you? scarcely. batman captured me. only the nemesis of crime could've tripped up blazaz so deftly. blaze, we've deduced false face's intent to counterfeit money. so, you're in on the counterfeiting g per. very clever, caped crusader. but i know that's onon part of his overall plan we must have details on the complete plot -- how? where? when? i don't know. you, his first lieutenant?! that's pretty dim, blaze. false face trust no one, and no one trusts false face. like his name, like his innumerable disguises,
7:23 am
we're at a dead end. i'll tell you one thing, batman. if there is one force that false face fears, it's you... and the boy wonder, of course. many times i've heard him mutter,r, "if it were not for the caped crusaders, i would be kingpin of the criminal class." the swine. that false face is rotten to his concealed core. please, commissioner. even false face has a conscience... somewhere, and can be rehabilitated... somehow. that's true, batman. for the moment i was carried away. batman, you -- you are truly good.... and if i can, i'll help you find false face. all right, we'll take a chance on trusting you, blaze. sorry, i -- i was carried away. well, let's all be away... after false face. right.
7:24 am
e, while i make certainin a force of picked police standby? capital. good thinking, ohara. it's nothing. i'd better be on me way, too, commisioner. i wouldn't want to lose batman. right. can it be...? are batman and robin rushing into dire peril? does batman know chief o'hara is false face? can he trust the treacherous blaze? clever. who'd suspect a shutdown subway station? and it's centrally located for falslsface's nefarious plans. i'm sorry we took so long to get here, batman, but i was unsure of the way. [ train engine rumbling ] where to now? time is of the essencece oh, good heavens. no wonder i'm starved.
7:25 am
oh, batmtm, would you get me a candy bar, please? candy? actually, fresh fruit is much more healthful. oh, but there's none here, and there is a candy machine. he's such a gentlemen. you both are. true cavaliers. aww. [ coughs, gags ] false face.
7:26 am
7:27 am
that's quick-setting plastic cement. oh, yes, you're strong, batman, but a bull elephant couldn't break these bonds. false face, is this killing necessary?
7:28 am
ugugh here inside of five minutes, batman. inside of six, no more batman. fiend! false face, you'll regret this... eventually. oh, i regret it already.y. false face, let's reconsider. never! no, you don't. come! batman, forgive me! of course, blaze. any young girl might follow the wrong impulse. i forgive you. take a last look inside of minutes, the dynamic duo will be merely disintegrated debris.
7:29 am
7:30 am
man: so far we have seen -- a jeweled crown. an inflating cape. a crown proved false. a cry for aid... ...and a ready answer. while false face plotted... ...a robbery? no, an ambush... ...which backfired! false face in chief's clothing captured the chief. deduction by the duo.
7:31 am
later r bbed by the caped crusader. interrogation and repentance. an embrace. holy entanglement! a gasser! as escaping pair. the dynamic duo on the wrong track... ...facing a fearsome fate. wait! the wildest is yet to come! [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ?
7:32 am
n ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na ? ? batman ? [ train engine rumbling ] in the batcave deep under wayne manor,
7:33 am
man #2: and now the cultural hour brings you a special message. to the friends of batman -- many are called, but two are chosen. be receptive. now we return to the fragile intricacies of mozart. hold on, old chum. i've got an idea. batman -- calling batman and robin. alfred: this is the batcave calling batman. calling batman. it's alfred. i've turned on the bat-radio. alfred, batman here. oh, very good, sir. i was concerned. alfred, pull the short-circuit lever on the bat-transmitter. short-circuit lever, but -- but sir, that will destroy your wrist bat-radio.
7:34 am
i cannot disregard my own standards and order you to destroy the bat-transmitter... but i am urging you to comply! if you put it that way, sir. [ explosion ] [ electricity crackles ] wasn't that batman and robin? ah, yes -- fighting crime wherever it may be. good for them. escaped-- se me, ff. the tricky twosome tore free thanks to you. batman's a redoubtably fine crime-fighter. fine, huh?
7:35 am
t? false face, i was merely according batman the respect due an outstanding adversary. i haven't-- not so much protesting, please, and i'd believe you leave you sooner. i say, do the deep-six with her! not so fast, i make the moves in this mob. yes, sir. i'll decide about you in the morning, blaze. meanwhile... i warn you... one thing i will not allow is anyonon being false to me. [ tires screech ] you say the radio message said, "many are called, but t o are chosen"? clearly a reference to yourself and master robin. i therefore activated the e t-alarm and called you on the bat-transmitter.
7:36 am
send a warning? why? he wouldn't, but who would? the question is, robin, not only why but who. very neatly done, alfred. thank you. who sent that message? who?! o'hara, where have you been?! on a garbage scow, commissioner -- it's all right -- in a sack. i was wrapped up and abandoned. that's criminal! that it is, sir. that's why i'm concerned about batman and robin. the caped crusaders? yes, for i was put into this condition by...false face. today, all gotham city is pulsating with one question -- what criminal outrage will false face perpetrate next? meananile, police chief o'hara, shaken by his ordeal as the prisoner of the masked master of criminal concealment, has sworn revenge. chief o'hara will broadcast an appeal to the citizenry of f tham city later tonight. of course! what is it, batman?
7:37 am
back to its broadcasting source. holy transistors! let's go. [ jet engine turns over, tires screech ] who ordered that announcement? a complete stranger -- anonymous. frankly, batman, i assumed that it was simply another announcement. if someone wishes a message broadcast like "many are called, two are chosen," i'll assume it's religious and that's all. i don't think we should treat religion lightly, mr. gore. oh, of course not. meant i treated it as part of the day's work. then it's another dead end. thanan to false face. is that who was involved --
7:38 am
i am sorry that -- i say, there was one little thing that you might call peculiar. what is it? the young lady who paid for the announcement. d green hair. she was not only staggeringly beautiful, green hair -- holy wigs! blaze! does that mean anything to you? indeed it does. good obserertion, gore. darn good observation. then perhaps you can tell me what she meant by her parting remark. as she handed me the check in payment, check -- bank -- false. what bank was that check drawn on? gotham national. of course. that's the bank that false face is p pnning to break. you mean the check is no good? not as a check, mr. gore, but as a message, yes. send the check to commissioner gordon.
7:39 am
blaze ordered the radio announcement? and saved our lives. she did even more than that. she gave us a clue as to false face's next momo. how so, batman? when she handed the man a chchk in payment for the announcement, she said he could bank on it being false. sounds rather cryptic to me. the check was drawn on the gotham city national bank. if false face contemplates a counterfeiting coup, why break into a bank? for a double dose of diabolical deception. right!t! and what has false face been forging? counterfeit money. and think of the consequences if false face replaced the banks good money with counterfeit currency. ghastly -- he's gambling for billions. gosh, nobody's money would be worth anything except false face's. and nobody wouou be able to tell true from false. he must be stopped. no, he must be encouraged... enticed... and only then...entrapped.
7:40 am
falsehood? is batman capable of outfalsing false face? [ whistles ] perfect. no one suspected that you were hiding here all day. now the bank is closed and we're ready to attack, right? right, ff.
7:41 am
ses ] very good, b bnks. burns. careful, now. there's a very cunning electric eye set just eighteen inches above the floor. go! right, ff. electric-eye alarm eliminated. [ laughs ] excellent, excellent, excellent!
7:42 am
s, f.f. back! back! you did it, f.f.! we're rich beyeyd the dreams of avarice! not my dreams of avarice. quickly, now, loot sacks out. now let me at that lock. is it clean? i'll dust it, f.f. he's so fastidious. what?! is it possible?! not only possible, but true. please...not that word. we've turned your own tricky tables on you, false face, via a false vault. i'm never outtricked until the last turn, boy wonder.
7:43 am
careful! oww! i'll handle him, chief! good man! he's been gassed. by that counterfeit policeman false face. the dogged duo is in hot pursuit. and they'll catch you, false face. i hope so. i sincerely hope so! because, you little fool, i'm leading them into a truly torturous trap.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
what is false face's fiendish foolery? are the caped crusaders heading into a cul-de-sac? will this be the dead end for the dedicated dedes of batman and robin? the old bioscope studios. it's been abandoned for years. false face must have his hide-out here in the crumbling sets and faded false fronts. we'll expose his concealments to the light of day and put him behind real bars. [ jet engine roars ] good! they're hot on my trail! and very soon, they may be even hotter. as a matter of fact, perhaps too hot.
7:49 am
[ tires screech ] holy rats in a trap! false face is getting away! no, robin, he seems to be coming back thisisay. what is he up to? let's find out, robin.
7:50 am
commissioner, dispatch a patrol car immediately to the abandoned bioscope studios to pick up a couple of thugs that robin and i netted. we expect to add false face himself to the collection shortly. falslsface may still have a plot or two in his bag of fiendish tricks. it's time for a little trickery of our own, robin. [ chuckling ] they're coming right at me.
7:51 am
one it. i've done it! i've destroyed the dynamic duo! you diabolical demon! uh-huh. well, your clever caped crusaders are now kaput. [ jet engine roars ] brilliantly done, batman. but i blew up the batmobile. i saw it go. not exactly, false face. you destroyed a false batmobile -- for just this kind of situation. face it, false face, you've been outdecoyed. you fell for a phony target. now, will you come quietly? not yet, dynamic duo. wait! it's faster on foot!
7:52 am
7:53 am
stay here, robin! ll the ruckus? o'hara: there's a criminal loose! rustlers, huh? well, i'll join the posse myself. i'll head 'im off at the pass. pass intercepted, false face! [ coughing ] commissioner, are ya all right? yes, certainly, chieie but the trickster got away from me... vanished that way. i'll send reinforcements.
7:54 am
but false face must be found before he springs another sinister scheme. absolutely accurate... false face. [ gasps ] but -- but caped crusader, that's the commissioner! is it? then why is a right-handed commissioner holding his handkerchief in his left hand? saints alive! it's false face! so you finally fumbled, false face. for the moment. i lost him. luckily, commissioner, he found us. impersonatin' a police commissioner. well, the warden will be workrk' out a warm welcome for you. game and set to you, caped crusader,
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
come, come, now. let's not be late. sensitive a criminal can be the first day of parole. but which criminal? and why here? because the bruce wayne rehabilitation fund arranged for it all. and i must say, i think this one magnificent success justifies the entire risk. just think, a hardened criminal completely reformed. you may come in now. penguin?
7:58 am
blaze. good morning, mr. wayne, mr. grayson. i want to ththk you personally, mr. wayne, for because of your rehabilitation fund, i feel like a new girl. the pleasure is truly mine. what are your plans now, miss? i plan to go to new zealand and keep house for my poor, but honest, brother. i think that's simply fine. and you, mr. wayne, are one of the two men who have made this possible. two men? who was the otheheone? batman. aunt harriet: the scourge of crime? the caped crusader himself. i hope when i have paid my debt to society that i can in some way, somehow repay batman. i would think that somehow he knows of your redemption,
7:59 am
captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batatn ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batmama? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
8:00 am
(speaking foreign language) a thief catcher? why? petty thefts. jaga, the chief, decided to return to the past. ? the thief! ? what brings you to the village? crandell has escaped. ? you goin' somewhere, sonny? you don't wanna leave now. no, siree, the fun is just beginnin'. you recognize the kid, tarzan? that's your little friend, jai! ? go back, tarzan!


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