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tv   WRAL News Sunday  NBC  November 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> hola nc connecting you with the spanish community evernd your carolina for dealers. go further. hola nc [
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make sure to stay tuned we will be back with more from the awards. hola nc [ speaking
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welcome back to onc. we are excited to show you more about the event and the winners
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>> [ speaking spanish ]
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great accomplishment for me. i can see my mom over there taking a video. she's very excited. it's a declaration of how much effort and the work i have put in three high school.>> are you senior?>> yes. >> what you want to do when you go to college? >> right now i am undecided. i'm thinking either business or engineering. but either one, i still want to be able to utilize my intellectual skills like math and science to apply and change the world.>> that will be your passion in life?>> yes. for right now, as latinas and minorities and undocumented students, a lot of people do not have a lot of support i actually want to be able to be an example to students to show that i can go to college even
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generation student. make the impossible. sme there are no barriers when you want to degrade in life. thank you. it's a pleasure. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]
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>> [ speaking spanish ]
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[ speaking spanish ] >> tell us about your ward? >> it's called the latino diamante accomplishment award. it stood knowledge young men or women in the community as well as their contribution.>> you're in high school?>> yes.
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you want to do when you go to college? smith i want to go to chapel hill and i want to major in international business.>> with your passion? >> my passion is helping people learn more about the latino community. my mom was born in peru so i've done a lot of different activities like tutoring, the exceptional children at my school about basic spanish wine as well as different things that you find in the latino community.>> what does this aw >> it's important to recognize people in the community because they will continue to make contributions as well as encourage others to make contributions. it helps people to recognize the sense of the community.>> congratulations.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]>> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]>> [ speaking spanish ]
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[ speaking spanish ] >> do have a message for the youth?>> [ speaking spanish ]
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hola nc [ speaking spanish ]
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all a north carolina. [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]>> [
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[ speaking spanish ]>> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]
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[ speaking spanish ] we're here with max and lisa two of the runners here at the 5k. had in the enjoy the run? >> it was great. it was beautiful to see everyone in the costumes. everyone is having a great day.>> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ]
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>> [ speaking spanish ]
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this latino leader segment is brought to you by your carolina ford dealer.>> i'm from puerto rico. i work here at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. i came to north carolina about 20 years ago with my family who moved from florida to get a better job with my dad. i've been here ever since. rolly is my home. it's where i live and i worked. i went to school at nc state where i studied lots of animals and the natural world around us. i'm finishing my masters degree right now and applied to college at nc state where i studied small. ever since high school i've been working here at the museum. i started as a volunteer in high school and ever since then i've gotten small jobs and small opportunities until i finally achieved a full-time
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in 2012. my job here at the museum is the head of accessibility and inclusion. i work to remove barriers from people that might have them when interacting with arm use them or anything we have to offer. a lot of times that means translating things into spanish so everyone can understand what we are offering. i also worked with people with disabilities or who might not have the money to interact with our might -- museum otherwise. i were to make the museum everyone's museum. i love my job because me teach science in the natural world to everybody. and make sure every one can feel like they can engage in science and the natural world around them. i love to be able to see when people who might not visit our museum have come here for the first time and really engage and feel like this is there museum so being bilingual has really helped me. my first job here at the museum was offered to me because i spoke spanish and because i understood science and could do both. i could teach people about science in my native language of spanish.
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cultures really engages both sides of who i am. i'm able to interact with the latino community here north carolina but also share whatever i really love about nature and the natural world. it really opened a lot of doors for me. i grew up speaking spanish. spanish is my first language and the language we speak at home. thanks to my parents ar grew up being puerto rican as much as my friends back in puerto rico. i am able to embrace both cultures. i spend a lot of time in america and i learned all of my school work here in america that i am puerto rican through and through. that has helped me. i'm able to relate to my colleagues here and my classmates hear the u.s. that i go back to puerto rico and i feel at home. it helps me to learn and grow as a person. i'm able to communicate more effectively having both of
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latino community more in the sciences. growing up i did not have any role models who were latino scientists in the natural world. i know they're there and i want to be able to offer that to the community and offer that to young people who are growing up latino in north carolina or in the u.s. but who also really love science. we can do it. we're doing it it's just a matter of dean able to see the role models as up. i think my advice to all young people and all people in general is that if you have a dream or something that you are really passionate about, go for it. no matter what. you can do it. you might have to work harder or take a detour but you can do it. i think working hard towards that, the end goal in dream and the passion is what makes your life worthwhile.>> [ speaking
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it's time to go "on the record" with wral news. good evening. finally, we are just days away from the election. early voting in north carolina and across the country has been heavy. and indicator of the intense interest in this election year. as of thursday more than 2.2 million people have taken the time to vote early in north carolina. many have voted in the ce the latest wral news survey usa poll released on tuesday shows incumbent richard burr opening up a six point lead over his democratic challenger deborah ross. libertarian sean hawe has 2%. the remainder undecided. tonight we're going to focus on this race and hear from all the candidates. and we begin with the incumbent richard burr. who has served two terms in the senate and already said if re-


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