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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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captain... howard, i'm sorry. they're recommending demotion. that was a clean shoot, frank. i know that. i walked into a store that was being robbed. the perpetrator turned his weapon on me. judas...what in heaven's name was i supposed to do? your load wasn't department authorized. the weapon wasn't department issue. he was 14 with no priors. the entry wound was in his side. [ sighs ] sergeant hunter. howard, can i try out an idea on you? gentlemen... and ladies. good morning.
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roll-call sergeant, is now on the voluntary retirement list for reasons of health... and i, henceforth, am sergeant hunter. oh, lord, you've got to fight this, lieutenant. grateful as i am for the sentiment expressed in andrew's exhortation, i won't allow myself to be ensnared in the web of bureaucratic reviews or a board of appeals. as i have done for the last 14 years, of being a law-enforcement officer as it is given me to perform the task. item one... because if we're asking officers to use discretion in the street, i want veterans making the calls. look, if you have any pull with councilman wisniewski i suggest you use it because this is gonna get bad fast. right. hi. hi. strike settled?
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said the bar association contacted him, asked if he wanted to do some p.d. work. he's a negligence attorney. sidney lefcourt sr. [ knks ] we're meeting with the city council negotiators at 8:00. any progress on those senior citizen assaults? have i told you i favor settlement? they've got to give the jobs back. items related to the current despicable job action carried on by the city's public defenders. usual motor patrol pairings will instead take foot patrol in their assigned sectors." "foot"? oh, my aching bunions. listen up, listen up. until the strike is resolved, motor patrol units will be manned by transferees from division. to you newcomers, welcome. your assignments are posted on the board upstairs. that's just to the left of the landing... keep saying it, neal. keep telling me it isn't fate.
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it's division, babe. [ chuckles ] ...all right, item last. to all officers... division's issued this directive -- "because of the ongoing public defenders' strike, "at 6:00 this morning, "detainees arrested in the past 48 hours, "for relatively minor offenses "and not yet charged or arraigned, have been released." all right, listen up. there's more. "consonant with this policy, "because of the difficulty of securing representation "until settlement of the strike "officers will exercise prudence in making discretionary arrests." [ all grumbling ] a pop is either right or it's wrong. all: yeah! i -- i couldn't agree with you more. and yet, it remains for us to do our jobs with whatever difficulty or however unfairly burdened or charged or unacknowledged
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let us perform it to the best of our abilities and with pride. i'm looking forward to serving with you. dismissed. i got to walk all day. all day i got to walk. hey, slow down, lover. she didn't exactly dig your act yesterday. you got to learn to hear below the words. ah, what do you say... we submit this to the "second chance for happiness" book club? break your arm. she's weakening. dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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sergeant, how 'bout i work the squad room oh, i am grateful for the thought, sergeant bates, but i believe you're best assigned supervising the division transferees in the motor patrol. you're right. "russo." who's russo? here. tina. patrick flaherty. unit six. and six is my lucky number.
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how you doing? tina, how are you? tina russo. what do you say you get some company today, huh? patrick flaherty from the heights? used to ride with andy schuller? that's right. remember it. i don't want you talking to me, kid. you got it. let's go. yo, howard... i heard you're the man this morning. you look good in blue. i mean that. jesus, we are in the middle of crisis situation here. the cavalry has arrived, howie. i cut a deal with the city to supply lawyers for your indigents in custody. meet my boy. heaven help the indigents. i wouldn't count on it, howie. it hasn't happened yet. interrogation is that way. jeez. where's the bathroom? it's on the way, sy. it's on the way. can you make it? we're almost there.
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he's got one of those bags. but his noodle is class a. [ speaking spanish ] you ever think of using perfume, sy? for reasons we'll get to, i wanted to give you your assignments this morning. henry, you -- you're seeing chief daniels on the black tar task-force. trying to get a budget allocation over two figures. norman, when they opened the cells this morning, because of the p.d.s' job action, three class-a felons got released among the non-a perps. m up. uniformed backups as appropriate. for all of you -- s.i.d. turned up evidence overnight linking the levinson murder with the earlier rob-assaults of the elderly over on michigan avenue. neal, j.d., interview possible witnesses in the station house. maybe they can help each other with their recollections. mick, authorization finally came through. you can start your undercover at the paleo bakery. counterman's your contact. howard hunter's been demoted to sergeant. department's got nothing but guts, huh, captain?
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it's gonna be a tough adjustment for him across the board. maybe the toughest part's gonna be working with officers who used to be his equals in rank and who are now his superiors. no one will rub his nose in it. well, i know each of you will do everything he can to help him make this transition. good shift. if i was hunter, i'd tell 'em all to kiss my... stan jablonski's on two, captain. thanks, howard. stan, how are you? they got me all drugged up, captain. can't feel a thing. can you beat it? i came in for tests, and they're putting me under the knife. so, uh, how's it going? uh...okay. is there anything i can do for you, stan? yeah. have somebody sneak me in a kielbasa. the food here is the worst.
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so long, stan. good luck. yeah, so long, captain. [ hangs up ] mick... why aren't i on the old people's investigation? it's shoe leather. i want it. mick... it took us a month to get permission from that bakery for your stakeout. i'm not being punished for yelling at your wife am i? that's out of line. but am i right? i think you were overinvolved. i don't want you making mistakes. while larue and washington are bringing in possible witnesses from last night's homicides, i suggest we run down m.o.s on fences for stolen checks. i'd start with stores closest to the post office. keep neal and j.d. posted. thank you. when i proposed a 30% cutback in p.d. staff, i was out to make a point. less money for mollycoddling criminals and more money for jails. we didn't come here to listen to a speech, wisniewski. and i didn't come here to make one, either. it's our understanding that the city council
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you are out of line, young man! would you allow the councilman to speak? th all he, but he never says anything. that's enough, danny. all right, look... nobody is trying to be unreasonable here. we understand that you p have legitimate job concerns, and if our first proposal was too harsh there's no reason that has to be written in stone. oh! translation from english -- iggy's plan has backfired. public opinion is with the p.d.s. shorts getting a little tight, iggy? ling with these people! they've got a hooligan in charge! goodbye, civilization! that was helpful. [ door closes ] yo, jerry. jerry! put that away. all done, honey. guy's been all done for 20 years.
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is that right? she's head of some committee. i don't know. you met the captain yet, guys? not really. you're gonna like him. so, tina, i hear that you already know detective larue. [ laughs ] we met. patrick... you and detective buntz go back to the heights together? i don't know detective buntz. let's get clear on this discretion making arrests. we see an a-type felony, that's it, no questions. anything else -- i mean anything else -- we bang the pots and pans together, make a lot of noise, then we find some reason not to make the collar. how long do you think we can keep that up, sarge? as long as the p.d. strike lasts. yeah, but how long can we keep it up before the perps figure the play? knowing we ain't making any arrests, they start thievin' whatever isn't tied down. i guess we're gonna have to find that out. russo. hmm? spot quiz. if it's murder, what do we do?
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a pop. what about kicking? that would depend where the kick was aimed. was it a drunk just doing a lazy kick at a pal, which in case i would personally use discretion, or on the other hand, what if it was in the genital area? [ moans ] has he been like this a long time? i just met the officer. furthermore, it is not our job to be pounding the pavement at this advanced stage of our seniority. renko, that's a part of it. police! hey, come here. oh, lord, what is this? this guy, he's got my bananas, sticking them in his ear. he's a nut! if you can't get through, get me somebody who can. or at least get me a transmitter that works. hey, mister, why are you doing this? i'll turn it around on you -- what would you do if you had been held prisoner on the gravity shelf for almost 18 months, tortured night and day by the laser squad? the man's got a point.
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i don't believe this. bust him! i'm sorry, sir, but due to circumstances we did not create, we can't do it right now. i understand what you mean. i was lost out there, fuseless, in that barren waste, my shield smashed into fragments. where is this gravity shelf, sir? oh, forget about it. don't ever go there. you wouldn't last a minute. sir, excuse me. how much would two bucks buy? three bunches. sir, i have a suggestion. why don't we take a walk around the corner they're tastier if you put them in your mouth. oh. yeah? yeah.
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thanks very much. what can i get you? uh, i want to cash a check. guy i knew up in harrisonville said maybe you could help me out. florence zinowitz. is that you? florence zinowitz? do you want to do business or not? house gets 60%. ere. that's the going rate for this kind of paper. i got risks too. take it or leave it. [ sighs ] okay. [ keys tapping ] $20,, $60, $80, $100, $120, $130, $135. $136. that's it. not quite, toe jam.
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see?! [ siren wails ] how come you stopped your car?! are you blind?! hell, no, i'm not blind! if your brake lights worked... my brake lights work fine! yo, hang on, buddy! ...i'm gonna do to you... hey! that's it! we're gonna settle this right here! what happened? i'll tell you! i stopped and this turkey rammed me in my backside! you no-good hustler! don't you go lying to me! that's enough! go! oth of you! insurance? yes. with an automobile like this, you don't need insurance. oh, that's perfect, man! you don't have no insurance? he don't have no insurance! arrest him! he don't have no insurance! you're going to jail! no one is going to jail today. i want you to exchange names and numbers, and that's it! and they call this justice?! that's right.
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?! i got his number. i got it. i can't figure it out. the guy with insurance takes off. unbelievable. about 60% of everything up here... well, then, i believe i should be on my way. hold it! i want that caddy to have insurance or i want it up on blocks. you got that? yes, sergeant, ma'am. couldn't see your brake light well, check it out! what you gonna do about that?! flaherty: is it discretion, sergeant? tina. no. under arrest. pushed it just to far, didn't you? what kind of pressing business was it? sudden opening to have his teeth cleaned? he say when he wanted to reschedule? look, tell chief daniels i'm a big boy. if he doesn't want to allocate funds for black tar
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until he decides to tell me that. [ sarcastically ] great. we'll reschedule. i'll be looking forward to your call. yo, i could use some more bodies over here. take pearlstein from the heights and send me lana fitzsimmons from the polk asap. this is classic! provoke a man beyond toleration and then persecute him for protecting his own interests! bates: vehicular assault. 217. roger. how you doing, howard? holding down the fort, captain. eli arnold, victim! eli arnold, victim. first felon, captain. attaboy, norm. i checked with county. sergeant jablonski's still in the operating room. thank you. tuesday. tuesday. you just said monday, mr. gidwitz. was it monday? monday or tuesday, irma? it was the day... we got a... progress?
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did can't remember what it was. let's try them in a group. hey, lieutenant. yeah, norm? you busy? can't you tell? you know carlos gomez, right? muscleman in echeverria's outfit. we put him away two days ago. murder one. well, he's one of the guys they let out last night. you're kidding. mnh-mnh. you know where he hangs? let's go. so, you got two priors pending. both for receiving and selling stolen property. plus, we foundhecks from ts how does accessory to murder sound to you? hey, come on! relax, bro. detective belker's been watching too many reruns of "deputy dawg." they ain't got a case, right, sy? well, i'll have to bone up on the specific case law. what, everything anybody says he's got to bone up on it. aaagh! what's the matter? is it the back, sy? no, that's okay. i'm all right. i'm fine, i'm fine. what was the question? is he hanging tough or what? the man's a bull!
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on my other two priors. plus, i got this federal rap for dealing with government checks. if i roll on this, she's who puts it together. what's her name? davenport. she's on strike. he can do this for you. n.g. i got a name for you. but she's got to do the deal. you listen to me... that name you got belongs to a guy who's killing people, and if you don't give us that name before he kills somebody else, onna be 20 years before you ever fence another check! so get me my lawyer. you got a lawyer! martinez: pretty close to intimidating your client, sy. don't worry. i ain't intimidated. some people take any latitude you give them for weakness. those people, you don't give any latitude to. can we resume, folks? uh, councilman? what? before the shouting started this morning,
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in the counc's pition. let me tell you something, miss. nobody is gonna go out on a limb as long as your friend mr. santana is sitting out there with his trusty little saw. but you were going to offer a new proposal. look, no one likes -- what terms? first of all, you might have been able to get your jobs back. and without being punished for going out. but not if it's just gonna be a foot in the door so that he can ask for 50 things more, and just to embarrass me. rump negotiating session out here? what's going on, joyce? restoring the jobs and no reprisals for the strike. it is just a possibility. we are discussing it. i thin we can do better. i think we should take it back to the membership, danny. [ sighs ] joyce, why do you think they're backing down? thwehould take it back. , offes official? you won't lie and deny you made it? you know, you are a lousy little punk! ignatz!
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miss davenport... excuse me. um... i got a situation at the precinct. don't you people learn? she's on strike. you wouldn't have to be a lawyer. please. it'll have to be fast. thank you. i'll be seeing you. man: see a human detonate himself, ladies and gentlemen! in exchange for your generous contributions, professor explosion will blow himself to smithereens before your very eyes! where you been? the guy's been at it for over an hour. 's comin' into my ore.en? we know, lady. you take the crowd, i'm gonna take the talker. you can tell your grandchildren about it! any donations! any amount, right here! hey, come on. let the guy rock and roll, huh? don't push on me. it'll be an inferno! nitroglycerine! sir, you're blocking the sidewalk.
4:28 pm
burst eardrum in 1954 -- the great tallahassee blow! you're blocking the sidewalk! you have to leave! as soon as he raises the money, professor explosion will surround himself with 20 pounds of dynamite -- 20 pounds! hey! my wallet! hey, you got my wallet, sucker! he's got a knife! [ crowd shouting ] take it, man. you didn't have to be like that. you're under arrest. you have the right to remain silent. i got a paramedic! listen, this is not the right day for you, ding-dong, so you got to get out of here! i want you to know i never saw that unfortuna man in my life! i'm not a mere stall for a pickpocket!
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short and sweet, mr. flowers. i, along with the other public defenders, am on strike. whatever happened to "neither rain nor snow nor" -- that's the postal service. the point is -- no, the point is these people want a name of a guy i possibly cashed a check for. seems maybe he croaked a couple of old folks. now, i figure we are crazy not to fold my federal beef into the same package. i am not giving you legal advice, but mr. domarecki here can fold in with the federal prosecutor just as well as i can. i brought the pertinent files. i'll have to bone up on those. bone up on those -- right. [ snorts ] how did i know he was gonna say that? do you want to know what i say? what? no way. miss davenport, couldn't you call this federal guy? i've done everything that i can, detective.
4:32 pm
ime. detective, i came here instead of going directly to report a new offer to the membership. i recommended to mr. flowers that he accept new counsel. now i'm asking you to do one more thing. if i phone the federal prosecutor, i am acting as flowers' attorney, and i will not do that. please excuse me. come on! get in there! how else? oh, judas. raymond, would you ice another one, please? nt, we are so undermanned that i'm going to have to turn you right around and send back out again. 8th and piedmont -- man is, uh... going to explode himself? oh... i can't believe it. neal, j.d., mick's perp continues his refusal to cooperate. i want to use a search warrant on his store. maybe there's a diary, a list -- something with a name pinned to it that might give us whoever he was buying the stolen checks from. you got it, captain.
4:33 pm
he arresting officer. i'll need you in court. [ groans ] [ tapping ] hey. let me guess -- gene krupa? sorry. i just keep thinking about daniels giving me the runaround on that black tar task force. i sent my proposal 3 1/2 months ago on this thing. i stopped counting at the eighth broken appointment. hard to figure that stuff being such high priority, lieutenant. it's cheaper than regular smack. nkies don't have to rob as much to stay high. plus more of 'em o.d. right, norm? policeman's helper. if we had a task force, we could nail dealers like echeverria. instead we're tailing his flunky to get a guy we already had in custody! yeah. well, que ser? ser?. check it out. the guy in the doorway is gomez. [ chuckles ] if that greaseball leaves the chick in the red dress sittin' in the car, i'm gonna go up and slash his tires.
4:34 pm
there she -- ooh. come on, baby. shake it, mama. they say the place upstairs is where echeverria stashes, but his attorney had him renova thelding, so there's no legal address. heait, wait, wait. wait. what do you say, lieutenant? want to start our own task force? what do you mean? that's supposed to be echeverria's stash pad, right? that's the information. all right. so first we pop zorro there, then we head upstairs for fun and games. no warrant. u want the good cop's medallion or do you want to put some crabs in echeverria's jockey shorts, huh? let's go. let's go. [ caribbean accent ] hey, man! hey, man! forget it! hey, man, can you help me? i just got here from jamaica today, man. i brought my family fortune with me! see here! lame hustle, bad rug.
4:35 pm
in your ear, man! mr. gomez, police. you're busted. hey! you can't do that! we can't, huh? you know, part of the task force's job is education, right, lieutenant? see you upstairs. [ chuckles ] police! you got three to open up! one... man: yo, just a minute! man #2: hold your horses! two... [ toilet flushing ] u got one more, echeverria! relax, all right? we're going. three! [ door opens ] where's the warrant? detective, present the man with his warrant. i thought you had the warrant, detective. oh, no. [ chuckles ] we must've made a mistake, then, huh? and all that dope flushed down the tubes, too.
4:36 pm
if you think you've accomplished anything. well, now, we just thought you might like to say adios to gomez here. he's going away for a while. maybe you'll see him soon. you have a nice day, now, you hear? come on. let's go. [ laughs ] [ sirens wailing ] man: you are about to see a man stare into the jaws of molecular rearrangement! te down. fruitcake with dynamite, sergeant. all right, professor, unhook yourself from that dynamite. give us a chance to get organized over here, please. it will amaze you! it will delight you! uh, professor, you really don't want to blow yourself up, now, do you? it's a living! professor, put down the dynamite. oh, i can't! i can't disappoint my public! they expect detonation!
4:37 pm
you're endangering the lives of innocent people. no! never! the professor knows all there is to know about force vectors, thermodynamic venting. i was blowing myself up when you were in dpers! we're not going to let you do it. i don't think this man is exactly from this here planet. too risky to try a sniper, sarge? not with that detonator in his hand. sarge, if this guy's doing it for the money, maybe we could pay him more to call it off. yeah? who's going to make the delivery? hell, i will. this guy is harmless. come on. come on. fork some money over. i don't think this is the firmest investment i ever made. one minute, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] one minute, ladies and gentlemen! one minute! one minute! [ crowd shouting ] officer coming through. hey, flaherty... you be careful out there. the guy's a real wacko. this guy is an entrepreneur. duck. yo, professor...
4:38 pm
professor, we got some money here for you if you'll just put this thing off till tomorrow. yo, professor? how much? oh, i don't know. we got about $100. drop it in. you got to cut this out now. are you doubting my word? i'll come out. drop it in. i promise. okay, now. let's go, professor. hey, what do you want? we gave you -- 10...9... get out of there! get out of there, flaherty! professor... ...8... oh, come on, professor! ...7... flaherty, come on! come on! come on! ...6... 5... are you a psychiatrist or something? ...3... 2... 1. [ indistinct voice on radio ]
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nice plan. nice plan. professor? yo!
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
and what about a humane pay scale? cost-of-living adjustments, decent medical coverage -- are any of these things unreasonable, huh? no. no. no. no. well, then let's get them. the city is on its knees. let's take our best shot. vote to keep the strike alive. hear, hear.
4:42 pm
we went on strike because the city made it impossible for us to give our clients adequate representation. under this proposal, the jobs would be restored. you like handling a caseload of 300 -- let her talk! in answer to ms. greene, no, i don't. but to prolong this strike to get additional concessions discredits our integrity. and while we fight on, people who are homeless, unjustly accused of crimes, helpless people, will continue to suffer. we got what we asked for, and i am voting to end this strike and go back to work. hear, hear. and i urge you to do the same. [ indistinct conversations ] all right, people. time to vote. [ indistinct conversations ] joyce! what? congratulations.
4:43 pm
you brought the sheep back into the fold. if you're saying prevailing sentiment was for settlement, i think you're right. but i don't think it was my doing. you really don't get it, do you, joyce? every so often, there's a window open. somehow the fat cats slip up, and the working stiffs get a chance. danny, maybe it's shortsighted of me, but i don't see this as part of some historical dialectic. all i know is my work is important to me, well, if you thought that 100% you wouldn't have swung on wachtel yesterday. i guess i don't buy anything 100%. i'm going to court in case we settle. you want me to drop you someplace? no. i'm gonna wait inside. i'll see if i can jimmy the ballots. i'll see you. give us a name here. you're pushing your luck. you can blame me?
4:44 pm
the trick is knowing how to apply it, mr. flowers. hey, fellas... one moment, please, your honor. look, i want those other charges dropped -- those two other check things. we're dropping our part of it. see, the federal charges are not in their control. butt out. look, she was dealing with the federal prosecutor. they were putting together a package. we have been unable to secure federal agreement as of yet, but giving the police the name they're after will only help your federal situation. i understand you guys are in a hurry -- an addict is attacking and killing old people. no name till i get the whole deal. look at this. everything's falling apart here. federal prosecutors agreed to waive in exchange for your cooperation with the city police. there! now, wasn't that easy? name, hairball. excuse me. you and i have got some outstanding business, ms. davenport. your honor, i'm not representing this client in business before the court.
4:45 pm
[ clears throat ] your honor... i apologize for my unprofessional conduct at my last appearance before the bench. you hit me with a hell of a right. mr. flowers is my client in several other proceedings, your honor. we've just worked out an agreement that would be beneficial to all parties. regardless of my status -- you see, i thought you were playing games in my courtroom, ms. davenport. i know you felt that way. i know i got provocative. that was why. i'm sorry i responded that way. i've had the record revised to grant recess when you requested it yesterday. subsequent events are, um...hmm -- off the record. i appreciate that, your honor. that should square you with the bar. you guys back to work? i hope so, your honor.
4:46 pm
you got a few bucks. but i get the feeling you're just visiting. i have to live here. i assure you, your honor, that i'm no visitor. this is my house, too. good. all right. step back. bernstein... people waive prosecution, your honor. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. dismissed. bangs gavel ] go ahead. come on! joey summers...
4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
here's one... here's two -- two for the price of one. today only. j.d., this ain't workin', babe. let's call it. patience, neal. patience. don't say nothing about opening up this place for business. hey, hey. check it out. [ humming ] hey, manny around, man? mnh-mnh. out sick. when will he be back? why? hey, you need something?
4:51 pm
i'll wait for manny. hey, yo, man! hey, you cheated me out my share, man! hey, hey... unh-unh! unh-unh! that ain't right! that ain't right! i take all the risks, and then you gonna take me, jack? pal, you want to keep it down? i want what's comin' to me! cool your jets, huh? now, here. here's your lousy 50 bucks, huh? take a hike. chump. [ bell rings ] 60-40 split, man, and don't try to do me. abraham levinson. hmm. hey, that's the guy who got killed last night, isn't it? don't move, my man. police. what he means... [ cocks gun ] spread 'em. come on. stand up straight, will you, desi, huh? you know, i got real excited when i heard they cut you loose. i love mistakes like that. it means we get a second chance to rearrange your chops.
4:52 pm
we'll be real sure to tell your buddy echeverria that you're not giving him up in here. i mean, you're not giving us, chapter and verse, every single freakin' thing he does. [ chuckles ] peppi. if i get real lucky, they'll cut you loose again. maybe we'll get to play a sudden-death overtime, huh? now, uh, don't steal any bongos, all right? [ chuckles ] not enough people remember desi for his music. you don't like it, right? i got to admit it. lieutenant, i want my perp -- the minute he sets foot on my turf, i want him scared. that makes up for all the legal mumbo jumbo they get the benefit of later on. you mean that mumbo jumbo about representation, the right to confront one's accuser -- like that? booking's an important part in the criminal's journey through the legal system. it helps us maximize the benefits of our law-enforcement dollars. maybe you're right, norm.
4:53 pm
how about a cold, frosty lager? twist my arm. you mean that? am i understanding this right? you go into the fence's hardware store on a warrant to search, and then, instead of searching, you open up for business? what belker's trying to say, neal, is, "guys, thanks for helping. thanks for popping joey summers." what if he claims entrapment, john? no way. dude came to us, mick. he was ready to do business. will you give it a rest, mick? the case makes. it can unmake. they can say the bust was proceeds of a misapplied warrant. young clarence darrow. two minutes off a picket line, and i'm hip-deep in felons. they got your signature on that dead guy's check? guess i should have signed it left-handed. that was a weak stall at that store, man. looked like you bought it, small-time. i'll look over this stuff when i get the chance. top of my head, uh, we plead what they give us. take him to holding.
4:54 pm
now will you relax? [ indistinct conversations ] howard? captain. what did you think? i had duties, and i performed them. well, you have a choice here, howard. tell me if you like the job. it was hardly my choice to be demoted, captain.
4:55 pm
renko, would you please -- my feet hurt me so bad. i'm never gonna permit myself
4:56 pm
puts us back in touch with the precinct, though it does have its downside. renko is this -- what? what do you think of him? flaherty? i mean, he showed me some intestinal fortitude facing up to that professor today with all that dynamite strapped to his body, but still... renko, she's got to ride with someone. yeah, i suppose. mmm... enough! excuse my fingers. [ laughs ] flaherty. [ laughs ] patrick, uh... maybe this is... the wrong time. i should wait. sergeant, proceed. it's about professor explosion. yeah. about your idea. my brilliant idea. yeah. which, uh, backfired. even if it hadn't, you were wrong. you should never have tried that. i figured i'd take a shot. but procedure is the bomb squad does the business. uniforms provide backup
4:57 pm
bomb squad wasn't doing nothing. the bomb squad was getting ready to do something. sorry. forgive the office lecture after hours. well, why didn't you tell me at the time? i really haven't figured that out yet. i...i guess i just got caught up in watching you. anyway. anyway. welcome to the hill. ed andrews says you gave quite a speech. i think i made an enemy out of danny santana. danny santana is his own enemy. he talked to me after we had voted to go back, said that i had cost us a chance to change how we do our jobs. there's a kind of guy who doesn't want solutions. he just wants to keep the pot boiling. i ain't one of them. hope you're not sick of this hotel.
4:58 pm
made a dinner reservation here, of all places. how do you feel about room 317? [ electronic beeping ] look. an angel. hi, sarge. i came through, huh? i guess that's good. mick. how you feeling, stan? okay, unless i'm hallucinating. doctor said you made it through the tough part. he said you're gonna be fine. no kiddin'? he's gonna be in here in a second. ask him yourself. mouth feels like it's full of cotton.
4:59 pm
ah, that's good. [ chuckles ] i'm alive. i'm alive. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
- thanks, andy. - did you drink? - don't yell at me, all right? - no. i feel like, if i could drink, then i could be with bobby.


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