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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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no pass-- no ride. top of the morning, ladies and gents. y relax. the mcquaid brothers will guide you safely to your destination. who the hell are they? we'll be cruising this morning so kick back and enjoy the ride. that algebra midterm was a couple days ago, wasn't it? yeah, i think i drilled it. you can't let up, drew. i'm not letting up. remember that kid out there somewhere? yeah.
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ou've got to bear down, son. i've got a few minutes. can i give you a lift? it's only a couple blocks. see you later, okay? okay. it was inspirational. i'm only sorry i didn't think about it first. give me a break. your mother would swallow the medicine chest. promises, promises. what would you do with it? ent must be looking for it. nvertible and spend what's left on a trip to hawaii. i'm in. hohoabout you? i wouldn't steal a car
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if mike averages 33 newspapers every six minutes working together how long willllt take them to deliver 248 newspapers? lane? why don't you ask someone who will do it for a living? ( students laugh ) because i'm asking you, lane. thirty-one minutes. correct.
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ies into algebraic equations. yeah, i do that all the time. good, then you can try one for us now. pass. not unless you come up with an equation. ( laughter ) if mike can rip off an average of one car stereo per eight minutes and hes got to deliver ten stereos to his fence then how long will the job take? ( low voice: ) don't that depend if mike has to checkckut the cars? are all the cars in the same lot? what's the story ononhat? ( bell rings )
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hey, nice hat. nice shirt. ( clears throat ) excuse me, mr. wickenton. i believe there's a mistake. you took off full crcrit on these problems. nts? the wording of those problems was kind of misleading. it was clear to the rest of the class. how about an oral exam for extra credit? the grade e ands, drew. relax, an 87 isn't the end of the world. must have been a mess. just the opposite.
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cleanup squad must have put in some serious overtime. oh, yeah. listen, judy. yeah? i think you're real different you know? from the other girls, i i an. i just wanted to tell you that. i'm glad you did. i think you're really sweet. we all do, rick. want to get in gear? , okay? listen, ricky-- it's real cute hitting on judy but save yourself a lot of embarrassment. hey, ricky, what kind of wine goes with pepperoni-- red or white?
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wally, it's time to play. wally... hanson: i thought these guys from south central were supposed to be tough. the mcquaids? don't forget your bus pass this afternoon. show time, wally. oh! what have we got? no, no... ( cloth ripping ) oh! "full wedgie removal." i perfected that move myself in summer camp, july '75. what else you got, wally? oh, pay day. pay day. thank you very much.
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we're friendly! hey, yo, sawyer. come over here. we want to talk to you. what do you say we just forget about today? you guys want to be friends? you know your way around. this place has potential for the right guys. you want to do business in this school just make sure it isn't mine. guy. ( knocking ) yeah? mahoney from westside division called, captain. some kid was just busted for shoplifting at the mall. yeah, so?
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t these shades? maybybyou lost your old watch also? and lifted a rolex to replace it? no, i don't think so, captain. the watch is mine. you got a receipt? i bought it on the street. okay, it's not my watch. it's my father's.
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at, lane-- a bmw, right? yeah. handle pretty well? yeah. how is it compared to, say... the porsche 944 turbo that was stolen? look-- captain fuller, we both know i'll pay a fine and gogoight on living the kind of lifestyle that you only see in pictures. and wait for my father's attorney to arrive? jeez, you know, i wish you were my kid, lane. yeah? yeah. you wouldn't smile for a week. if i was your kid, i'd be living in a house the size of my game room.
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to lane's father. anything stolen shshed up on these reports? that's the weird part. as far as we can tell none of this stuff made it to the street. maybe this guy's a nonprofit thief. or he doesn't know how to get rid of it. we need a way to force some merchandise out into the open. wally, are we having fun? do you understand what i'm telling you? i've got all day, wally, all day. harder. all right. all right? i give. you give? i give! all right. come on, man, that's 50 bucks!
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you've been a good boy today, wally-- a really good boy. today we skip the wedgie. beat it. hey, what's wally good for? hey, he's s action, mcquaid. it's not like the little wussy worked for this money. hey, drew, you're in judy's spanish class next, right? give it to her yourself, man. what's the big deal? it's not going to happen. can't you see that? why would she want you? what's y yr problem? look, she's just being nice. that's how juju is. that's all it is.
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hey, man, how's it going? fine. you? well, that's kind of why i, uh... i wanted to ask you... can i... cacai ask you something? you want to take that chance? i want to make you a business proposition. and keep these guys from south central off me. go away. forty bucks. okay, look, 75 bucks-- that's my allowance for the week. mymyad owns a stereo store. i could get you stuff for free if you want. come on, man. they don't leave me alone.
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you got a problem with your hearing? what was that all about?
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er: you'll feel better after a a ce shower. let go of me. hey, sawyer-- leave the kid alone. shut up, wilder or you're going in next. come on, wally, you're going to like this. momo.
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you must want to see what the inside of your neck looks like. drop him. this doesn't concern you, mcquaid. yeah, it does. wally's our new friend. from now on, we're shaking him dodo. like hell you are. tommy. you two are beginning to get on my nerves. come on, you guys-- open the door!
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mcquaids! sawyer, come over here. bring your bat. this is the guy i was telling you about. i might use this on you guys. want to get hurt or make money? what are you talking about? he's a little slow but he's cool. harry converts merchandise into hard currency. yeah? brand name electronics, lap-top computers even musical instruments can bring 40 cents on the dollar if you're interested.. what? like a tuba? if you get ininrmation i've got a buyer lined up for the porsche stolen the other night. what terms? oh, say, a ten percent finder's fee. so, harry gets
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so that's $12,000. and ten percent of $12,000 is... hanson: is... is $1,200. very good. i give you an "a." thank you. ( horn honking ) you want a lift? nah, it's okay. i like the walk. suit yourself. ciao. see you later. when exactly were you planning on shohong me this, drew? you went through my stuff? as long as you're living under my roof
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you must think the univivsities just give money away to anybody who asks. no, i don't think that. you think they're looking for "b"-average students who use the word "gonna" in their vococularies? i'm not a "b" student. this test is an embarrassment. i want you hitting those books. i'll be back in an hour,r,o? i just want to go out with my friends. ather. besides, they're not your friends. yes, they are. real f fends wouldn't drag you down. i don't want to hear another word. drew: no... dad, please... ( slapping ) stop, dad! ( slapping )
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a little snack, a little menage a trois? he's sleepwalking again. lane, get out of my car. judy, i'm touched. whoa, judy!
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did he think i'd see some jewelry and get hot for him? that's the way it usually works. choke e it, penhall. no, i'm serious. eleventh grade, gwenny boland-- a red-haired, flat-chested wench with a mouth like garbage. a rare find these days. only she didn't know i was alive so i bought her this amazing gold bracelet. spent everything i made caddyinin that summer. must have been about 300 bucks. high school girl? ioki, i was in love. when she saw it, so was she. just how long did this relationship grounded in trust and friendship last? three weeks. it's still the best three weeks of my life. my point is ricky's hormones are out of whack. he ain't thinking straight. the bracelet's the real thing.
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e didi he rip it off? hasn't shown up yet so, for now, it's still a gift. can we send uniforms into ricky's house? not without a search warrant. that bracelet obviously wasn't meant as a friendship gift. i hate to lead ricky on. so don't. go see him. ion and, while you're there check out the place for stolen property. that's inadmissible. it has to be out in the open. i knew that. let's not rule out ricky could have made this buy from lane, sawyer or some other player. maybe we need to put together a little sting operation. you know, hold out a carrot, see who bites. think i got just the guy who can help us.
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no? why, i thought it was funny. did you think it was funny? i guess you got no sense of humor, huh, wally? what are you doing? you going to be a gym coach whwh you get older? together: hello! you whistled? go away. i told you, wally is ours. what is with you guys? i thought we were in business together here. we are.
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you sign wally oveveto us. what if that's not all right with me? what if i want to keep wally for myself? he rough you up? ( catcalls ) it's payday, wally. hey, no problem. we don't want money. we want... lunch. what are you doing? my dad will go nuts.
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come on, i'm not even allowed in here. here we go. he's got a delivery today at 5:00-- a whole truckload of c.d. players. come on, guys. you're not ripping off my dad's store? wally, relax. the truth is we're undercover police officers. yeah, right. ( phone ringing ) yeah? what are you doing? you sick? i'm sleeping. drew, it's lunch time. put on a tie... you missed your history midterm, idiot!
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drew, proud of you. want to meet us for lunch? got reservations at la rouge. sounds good.d. give me 15 minutes, okay? okay. cky: like it? of course i like it. it's beautiful, but... it must have cost a fortune. i have a job. you really shouldn't spend so much money. why? i wanted you to have it. ricky! i'm sorry. i thought you wanted to... i don't know what i thought.
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but just not in that way. i'm sorry. it's all right. no big deal. i hope we can still be friends. god, i hate it when a girl says that. everyone tipped off about the e d.s? did everything but announce it over the p.a. let's see who swallows theheait. together: move in, coach.
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so, who do we have here?
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so, why did you do it, ricky?
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haven't you ever done anything stupid in your life? i never stole before, i swear. give me a lie detector if you want. what about your friend, jerome sawyer? he come into any money lately? maybe a new car? no. hey, i don't know anything about that porsche. i was at home when the thing was ripped off. i swear. i asked you about sawyer. i mean, yeah. he talks like he would, no problem but he wouldn't. look, i did it for the money-- trying to impress some girl. i will never do something like this again, i swear it. just please let me go. please.
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to the letter of the law but we are responsible.. i don't think so. he was an honest kid until we manipulated his life. nobody forced him to rip off an electronics store. oh? i gave him the motive and the "mcquaids" shoved the opportunity down his throat. the bottom line is: the decision was still ricky's. no, the bottom line is: who made a mistake. i'm not saying this is always a smooth ride the concept of the jump street program. what's going to happen to him? hehel be charged. can't we call the assistant d.a.? ricky's got no priors. maybe we can get them to drop the charges. captain, we set that kid up for a fall he never would have taken and we were wrong.
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( knocking ) yeah? someone called to meet with ioki. sawyer? drew wilder. what's this place? a guy i know lives here. doesn't drive.
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you've beeeea busy camper. i never thought about selling the stuff until now. why did you steal it? money for college. i don't think i'm getting what do you think i can get for it? well, uh... just off the top of my head.d. i'd say three to five years.
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what am i supposed to say to them, drew? i don't know. you don't know? why did you do it? can you tell me that? i don't know. i just did it. for what? for fun? for money? the clothes i buy you aren't good enough. you had to wear a question mark on your jeans. look, i just... i didn't make sacrifices for you to worry abououbeing liked. i'm sorry. you're sorry. you wait till we get home. drew: beat me again? i never asked you to sacrifice nothing. the proper word is "anything."
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i know. i'm too selfish, too lazy, too spoiled. i have no respect no consideration, no ambition. my grades stink, my friends stink i stink, okay? i'm a lousy son-- the worst. watch how you talk to me. oh, i forgot: i talk back. forget it, man. nothing i do satisfies you. because i expect you to use your full potential. i bring home a 98 and you ask what happened to the other two points! nobody's got that much potential! mr. wilder-- bail's been posted. your son's free to go now. we'll finish this discussion at home.
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er, you might give some thought to what your son was telling you. sounds like he's under a lot of pressure. don't tell me how to raise my kid. yeah, he's doing such a great job on his own. come on. you're over the line, mr. wilder. g my son is a crime, captain you're over the line. like mr. wilder won't be satisfied grounding drew. it's not like we're out of our jurisdiction. no, we just visiting a friend. if mr. wilder's beating his son we'll chuck him out the window. there we might run into a few problems. hey, drew, you okay?
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where's your father? in the house. i told him not to hit me. i told him a bunch of times.
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you'll be in a body c ct by then. then i might as well dropkick your face right now and get the whole thing over with. or we could call a truce. a trucuc you mean, you'd stop coming after me and i get the mcquaids to lay off you? yeah, a truce. i figure you have enough trouble being the biggest dweeb in school. i don't think so. i like the situation the way it is. but i'll let you know, okay? hey, guys.
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you guys want to see a movie? sometime? we got bad news. we're moving. penhall: old man got transferred. transferred? you can't leave. i'm sorry, but that just won't be possible. we can't protect you for the rest of your life. learn to take care of yourself. come on, be a man. we salute you. sawyer! [captioning sponsored by fx networks
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