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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i am amazed -- thanks to the continuing spell of warm weather, loving couples have returned to that cozy row of park benches hidden away between egan and st. claire. bringing as a result of their unseasonable passion the return of the st. claire snatcher, six purses have recently been grabbed. detective belker, officer russo are therefore assigned undercover. item nine, ongogog surveillance -- detective natkin and fuller on the edgewood investigation, and detectives la rue and washington have been double shifting since 21:00 hours last evening, on the reported arsonist joseph scornavaco. uniform personnel, would you please check the duty board
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and i think that just about handles it. excuse me, sarge, i got an -- officer flaherty, some creep yesterday stole my tape e ck out of my car over on herman. report it, officer, let's go, now. you know, one ofofhe ones you pull right out? well, why didn't you pull it out? is that the point? i'm a cop, right, are we gonna get behind this? file a 642, man. i filed, i filed, i'm saying, we're gonna give 'em hell on this. okay, patrick, they get the message, let's go, okay, come on. ah, mr. scornavaco, i presume? one busted arsonist, sarge. i would like a lawyer immediately. i got whiplash. come on. unit's bucking worse than eveve sarge. stalled on us twice on the way in. gotta have something better. ah, lee, get us a unit over there. here we go, nd-12, detective. hey, thanks, sarge. whatever happened to team spirit? i mean, that tape cassette wasn't cheap. lee, where's raymond?
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new member of the pds department. she just spent two months in rotation out in farmingdale. welcome to the hill, miss fein. we'll try to keep you busy. thanks, lieutenant, i'm looking forward to it. oh, my -- gotta be a new pd, neal. washington: hey, hey, come on, lover -- let's get this guy down to holding. please, god, let her take this case. [ shouting incohohently ] e on! pcp? maybe -- sergeant hunter assigns cases, the interrogation room -- [ shouting ] is this, um, is it usually so... yeah, wellll it can get pretty rough, but you'll get used to it.
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they usually end up quite calm. armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner r peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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thank you, sergeant. sarge, on that undercover retainererusso -- look, i got nothing against her personally, i know that you prefer to work solo, detective, but i need a couple undercover. okay, you remember i mentioned to you i had a couple of personal things? all right, duly noted, work it out with officer r rso. hey, nick, are you still looking for a vehicle? i'm going down this afternoon to look at one. just hold the phone, my friend. you know my brother-in-law rob's lot? who'd like a favor? beware of brothers-in-law with deals. funny -- '83 dodge diplomat, one owner. if you take it without the bodywork, it's $250 over his cost. what bodywork? a couple dimples, nothing. hey, if he hammersrshem out, the price goes up to $800, $900. hey, call him up yourself, huh, i'm not selling it. excuse me. no, no problem. uh, detective la rue? yes, ma'am, and you're?
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a pleasure, shshon. i'll be representing joseph scornavaco. heavy duty case, that, very complicated. look, i don't normally offer, but since you're new, if you want a pre-interrogation session to go over pertinent details, i'll make myself available. uh, ththk you, detective, but for the moment all i'll need are your summons and your aa-16s. yeah, yeah. seven priors, no resisting. i didn't break in to that store. that's period. but you were caught hiding in a dumpster behind the gun shop. i was waiting for my girlfriend to come down there, all right? the police found burglars' tools in the dumpster, and half a gram of cocaine in your back pocket. i know these may seem like petty charges to you, mr. diaz, but you'rereacing a parole violation that could send you back to prison for six years. if you want me to hehe you, you've got to trust me with some facts.
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good. let's start with the night of your arrest -- i got some facts they want to know about. who? the police, man, i've got some heavy facts. such as? such as, you know, ththe are certain politicians with storefronts up here where one of them made some bad enemies, man, real l d. what do you mean? blam, they're going to blow his place straight to hell tonight. could you tell me a little more? i tell you more, i got nothing to deal. this is privileged, mr. diaz, they won't find out anything that hurts you, but i need enough to be credible. i am not spending a six pack in the hole, man! do you understand attorneyy client privilege, mr. diaz? it's miguelez, san juan libre, against the garfield guy. okay? i boosted the dynamite for miguelez a couple of weeks ago.
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do something with this. and so... and so too, gentlemen, eyewitness at this address, victim of mercy, you can stop by and take his statement. oh, i love cleaning up after night shift. i'm out about t hour. no, i can't totally vouch for him, but it sounds real. tell me momo. i've already told you enough to bring in the da. how does a low rent thief like diaz get involved in bombings? what does your client want? the narcotics dropped, the burglary down to an a misdemeanor, six months max, no parole violation. sweet deal considering his prints are inside the gunshop door. i'd say you get the better half of the exchange. tell me one thing, is the planned attack political? or animal, vegetable, or mineral? come on, f fnk, call erwin, time's short. raymond,d,ee if you can raise ada bernstein for me. guess this is the end of the heat wave.
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maybe nothing's happening bebeuse we don't look involved enough. this guy steals people's purses when they're kissing, so -- i think we look pretty convincing. mick, it's only an assignment. do you really think it's necessary? look, you're the one who told me about undercover. you wanna be here till spring? no. all right, i shutting my eyes and pretending you're e bin. me too. okay, i'll meet you at the coffee shop. i'm very sorry, it was the only appointment i could get. $8 -- that was all that was in my walalt. mr. hopkins, you say a large black man assaulted you? 6', more maybe.
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danny lopez, beat you upp renko: so why don't you tell us the truth, sir? i told her, no police. we're going to have to check this out whether you help us or not, mr. hopkins. d. was it danny lopez? his little sister elena is only 11. their grandmother was all they had -- when she died d st month, i promised... don't bring danny in, he's a good boy. so why did he assault you? something happened -- i was with, i came, i... like i always do, i checked on the little girl, while he was at work, and danny... i can't. all right, all right, mr. hopkins. just tell memehat happened.
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with his sister. you know how i mean? his beautiful little sister. i know, i saw them, he beat me, that was why, because of her. blue book value on this baby is, you don't even want to know the blue book. actually, i'd like to see it. now the way this works as i explained to j.d. here, let's say i get an overload of late model sedans, i get an '83 dodge, i pass it right on through. that's a pretty sweet deal. hey, you guys always treated me real good. it's a bit toasty in here, ha ha ha, a little crazy glue. the steering is funny. well, you ever drive before, detective? oh, i drive it. ah, it's a little shimmy.
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$40 to fix it. if it gotta take care of it -- yeah, i know, the price goes up $800, $900. just stay right there, you won't get hurt. what's the, what's the problem? it's a robbery. oh, a little excitement. i guess s 's time to snap on the old seatbelt. uh, whoa, hey, detective, don't you think maybe we could call this one i i on what, you got a radio in here? s wait a minute here, okay -- i'll tell you, this car just came on the lot today, there's no insurance on this car.
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next train southbound, seven minutes. raymond, would you deliver mr. diaz back to holding, plelee? yes, sir. let's go, miguelez. you dropped some change on me, dude? no way, man. you're over, ricic, you're done, you got it? scum! will somebody get my attorney, please? would somebody get that lying bitch? ? ?
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i didn't sell out anyone, counselor. as of this moment, i don't know how we got to miguelez. you don't know? 40 minutes after our conversation, you've got him in custody. i call thaha a hell of a coincidence. i'll find out what happened, but i'll guarantee you what didn't happen is i didn't go t tbuntz and tell him to pick up somebody based on an unconfirmed report from your client. besides, you never mentioned miguelez. i didn't have to -- you or daniels' red squad or somebody figured it out. without any help from me. you're right, it sounds like the red squad. buntz is precinct liaison. look, just give my client his deal, what you wanted. pardon me, but i don't see a basis for negotiation. yoyodon't? mr. diaz had information on a major league bust which i passed on to you. you know i can't sell that to bernstein, not on a career criminal, not on a parole violator. and whwh am i supposed to tell my client -- sorry? sergeant, i'd like to see mr. diaz in interrogation, plplse. howard, where's norman?
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oon as he gets back. and i tell you, i tell you the car is uninsured, but you went playing cops and robbers with another man's shadow. and then to top it offff you don't even catch the guy. oh, i love it, this is perfect, really perfect. i smashed up a private citizen's car chasing a perp. anyone hurt? no. now you don't know that, you dodot know how my neck feels. i'll call city services, they'll send a medic. oh, great, another day of bureaucracy. i was doing you a favor, pal. i still need those a-16s, detective. me, sharon. you know, if you'd like, i could summarize the information for you orally. j.d., we've got to talk. i'll be right back. tective? do you think i could get those a-16s what do you want? come on, the guy wrecked the car, our deal's off, john. hey, that's not my problem, i i ill get paid, don't i? you still want a finder's fee? hey would you dial down the moral outrage, rob?
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the idiot wrecked the car! the idiot gaveveou the keys to a gold mine. you collect from the city, you get the car out of the junkyard and you sell it again. don't tell m mhow to do business, john. oh, you're telling me that's not your intentions? you're telling me i don't deserve 20% of all settlements? eat dogmeat, j.d.! i told you, i ain't talking to you, i want a new lawyer! i share your anger, mr. diaz. but a new lawyer won't change your sisiation. you went and told your old man everything! yeah, you don't think i know the score? that has nothing to do with this. i ask for a lawyer, they give me mrs. captain. if captain furillo is to blame, we'll go after him in court. that's a lie, you sold my ticket. i'm going to jail, and jorge's people gonna stick me! you're history. as badly as you do, let me help. i'll get somebody else to help me
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my brother's not here. are you elena lopez? we're police officers, may we come in and talk to you? danny said not to let anybody in. that's real good advice, that's the same advice i give my little girl. how old is she? she's just two years old. can we come in for a minutut it's real important. it's a mess in here. i just got back from school. this is just you and your brother? look at this picture here, now -- who is this, this is your mom and then this is you and this is danny, right? a few years ago. elena, do you know a mr. hopkins? yes. well, he got hurt real bad and we have to find out what happened to him. i don't know what happened. look, i know it's hard, honey, but it wowod help if you could just sort of tell us in your own way.
4:23 pm
just kind of tell it her way. elena, a neighbor of yours saw danny beat up mr. hopkins.. danny didn't do anything wrong. he takes good care of me. now we will nono.. we will not let you get hurt again. danny said not to say anything. i promised, and i won't. where is danny? i don't know. washington: we need to talk to him. i i n't know where he is. according to your arrest report, scornavaco didn't offer any resistance this morning. under the circumstances,s, i was wondering if you would arraignment. up to the da, i'm afraid. sorry to intererpt. sharon, i need you to take over one of my cases. oh, i'll be right with you. i thought we might have some time to talk. i was hoping you'd help me learn learn to get the feel of this place. are you free tonight? yeah, i think so. how about dinner? oh, um, if you'd rather not --
4:24 pm
oh, great -- talk to you later. you findininyour way around okay, counselor? uh-huh. i'm telling you, neal, there's a chemistry between me and that chick. well, just cool down, lover, 'cause she just asked me out on a date. what do you mean, i wasn't on city business? your all statement makes it clear -- you were off duty, test driving a car for private purchase. right, when the incident went down. detective, i work for the city, all right. i go by the city's regs. i never, ever heard of t ts before. happens to be new as of january 1, as the result of abuse by your own fellow officers. if you're ofofduty, and there's no resulting apprehension, there's no reimbursement. oh, so if i'd d rested an innocent citizen, i could have covered my butt.
4:25 pm
r owner has zero insurance, that leaves me on the hook.k. look, here's what you do -- explain the situation to him, settle for 50 cents on the dollar. he'll be happy to take it, believe me. that's still $2,000. hey, the dough you cops make compared to us civil servantnt be a little grateful, detective. what happened, you get another date? oh... you okay, mick? great, first they send me mrs. captain, i want a man lawyer. let's just stick to the business at hand, all right, mr. d dz? then you tell me how they got miguelez without her diming on me. please sit down, mr. diaz. you tell me! mr. diaz, i will not continue to speak to you if you use that tone of voice with me. i want to know what's going on. and i am warning youou don't come any closer. you're gonna tell me what's happening here, i got it all set. halt! what is that?
4:26 pm
onna shoho -- this is it, this is the ticket. man: counselor, are you all right? [ screams ] you stay still, lady -- you be quiet now, still and quiet. put down the gun. no way, man. i've been messed over enough, now i say what goes on here. out of here! what do you want? out of here! let her go, we can work this out. talking ain't got me this far before. you fold your hands and pray there's no one out in the hall. 'cause if i get it from behind, i shoot. if i go, she goes. mr. diaz, mr. diaz, i'm lieutenant goldblume, if you'll talk to me -- now everybody wants to talk nice. r with a radio -- car keys! here, it's at the curb out front. good, i'll be tuned in to that radio. you follow me, i hear you.
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fore the medicare deadline. call now. you better pray they ain't sending no messages about us. where do you want me to go? don't matter, the highway, anywhere. you get me out of here, i won't hurt you. all right, work to the ticket. oh, you gogoan idea? i would ask if you had a gun, but i don't ask liars no questions. you trying something, you trying something? no, it's the car. i'll do it, i'll do it. pump it, pump it. i did, i thininit's flooded. get out, get out. possible 211 in progress, 91st and ogden,
4:30 pm
[ bell rings ] may i help you? car keys, give 'em to me. i don't have a car. like hell, give me the keys. take my money, i don't care. car keys! i swear to you, i don't have a -- the pockets, get the e ys. oh, i'll try not to move him. shut up! check his pants. it's true, there are no keys. get bernstein, getetuntz, inform henry, i'm moving. patrols b, c, and d to hostage scene, all others retain sectors. what the hell's going on over there? neither anti-crime personnel responding. i mean with the hostage, davenport, mrs. furillo. no communication with interior premises as of yet. 2203, is flaherty present?
4:31 pm
a wreck up there match the 642 on your stolen tape deck. no kidding, way to go, cops. thanks, you hear that? i heard it. can we tone down our concern about our tape deck right now? well, excuse me for being slightly relieved. look, i'm very concerned about mrs. furillo. ifif was the captain, i'd bust through that window and blast that guy, and that's the honest truth. stupid honont truth. hey, would you lighten up, huh? all right, i w w't be relieved that they found that impound lot's in our sector. sir... is lettingngs know everybody's okay inside, if we know everybody's healthy, i makes it easier. pay phone inside, no luck yet.
4:32 pm
do you want me to try it? well, what do you think, frank? i think i ought to do it. i think you're right. we're gegeing a floor plan, till then, we stay passively presented north and wewe. we will be ting the utmost care, captain. do. mr. diaz, at least signal me. is t t phone ringing? [ phone rings ] what is he, dead? i didn't mean to... i'm trying to save his life. i can'n'stop the bleeding. i didn't want to kill anybody. i wanted my ticket, you messed me over, it's your fault, you lied. i told you, i didn't lie. look, are there any paper towels on the shelf? i don't know what to do. then help me. i don't want him to die. they caught me, i wasn't even in the place.
4:33 pm
and tell them that, start talking, because this man is badly hurt. it stopped ringing, it stopped. i don't want him to die. then check... do anything.
4:34 pm
4:35 pm
pairing webster with schromsky. brewster at 100 yards. maybe you should call them up and give them some help.p. i shall do just that. any word? none. miss fein, might i ask what you were doing with a gun in interrogation?
4:36 pm
i wasn't thinkinin you didn't know that weapons are forbidden inside this precinct? i got a carry permit when i joined the pd's office. if anything happens to her... i'd exchange myself if it would do any good. that's a noble thought, miss fein, but you have several clients waiting for representation. i can't work with this going on. of course you can, you must. you think i wouldn't rather be at that site myself? ob is here, i'm needed here. raymond -- get miss fein the file on the rapist that henley brought in. go on now. maccaraw, building engngeer. i was checking your broken air duct in interrogation a,
4:37 pm
this is it, you see? "pf," i scratched it there. i'll see if i can voucher it. we might need it as evidence, though. temporary dealer's license. louie, this is the car that the officer from hill street wrecked this morning? yeah, did one heck of a job, huh? what's that, what did he say? the radio's in the car that belker's on the hook for. this is la rue's brother-in-law's car. 2202, what's the deal on this hohoage situation? keep this channel clear for official communications. no, i'm just curious. over there, isn't that the kid from the pictures? renko:o:kay, just forget this, forget it. danny lopez -- yeye. you hear of arthur hopkins? you're taking me in for beating up that piece of garbage? you got a hehe of an attitude, boy? hey, i did what i did. well, how's your sister feel about that? you leave my sister out of this.
4:38 pm
i don't care what you do to me, you just leave my sister out of this. if i were you, i'd shsh up. chief wanted me to express his personal concern, frank. thank you. how is she? we don't know, he won't pick up the phone. [ phone rings ] look, let me negotiate with him. we've got to get this man out of here. o you. i can do it. you've got to, this man is dying, don't you see? no matter what you think of me, no matter what happens to me, if you get out of here, you'd be slapped with a murder charge. a few hours ago the most you were faced with was six months. you are not on my side. i understand you never meant for any of this to happen. i want all of us to get out of here alive. you want you to o t out of here alive, maybe him. the minute i step out the door, they blow me away.
4:39 pm
they lied to me so far. theyeyied and they shoot. then do it this way -- keep me, let me negotiate to take the man out, we go back i io the storeroom, shut the door. we've got to do something, ricardo, he's not going to last much longer without help. yeah. mr. diaz? mr. diaz, this is lieutenant henry goldblume, please stay on the line, we're gonna work this thing out. captain on. you mess with me now, and mrs. captain dies, you understand? we understand, mr. diaz. put miss davenport on the line. joyce? i'm all right, frank. but the store owner is badly hurt, we've got to get him out of here. we'll get you all out. mr. diaz doesn't feel this is ththtime for an overall deal -- deal myself to dead, right, great idea. but he will help to save the man's life. tell him i got conditions, two conditions.
4:40 pm
no more charges because i popped the dude. no, not if he dies, there's no way they'll go along. he's not gonna die. that's what i'm saying, that's why we're doing this. condition one, no charges against him on the shooting, assuming the man lives. and i take you back there. and two, he and i go back into the storeroom. you come in, mrs. captain is dead. joyce, i want you out of there. i think we have a better chance of negotiating with mr. diaz for my release and give him a reason to trust you and me. i don't trust you. it's life and death. tell diaz we meet his conditions, prprided the man lives and you're eventually brought out unharmed.
4:41 pm
come on in. right, okay,y, here we go.
4:42 pm
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4:45 pm
mr. diaz, do you hear this? the store owner's going to survive, he's going to make it. looks like you turned out to be an express ticket, mrs. captain. will you trust me now? yeah, as long as i iot this. so, now what do we do? continue negotiating. you'll probably have to do some time, i think i can keep it under a year. forget it, we're going for total amnesty. that's not realistic, you have to give them something, that's how a negotiatatn works. i'm the client, you're the lawyer, okay? you ask them. he wants total amnmnty? joyce, say yes or no -- if we give it to him, will he just think it's a trap? i don't know, good chance. what did they say, no? give me that. this is me, who is this? captain furillo. i don't want her talking to you, you two already messed me up. well, frank, let's do it, he's got your wife in there, the owner's alive, the rest of it, i don't give a damn about.
4:46 pm
if we offer him total amnesty, i don't think he's gonna believe it, then we're lost, with no place to go. with due respect, captain, then what the hell else do we do, huh? the process, the negotiatiti, small steps, she's saying, small steps. [ phone rings ] i got nothing more to say to thth. they gotta let me out of this. or what? you kill me and they shoot you? or you kill me and then kill yourself? i don't trust them. it worked with the back room, they didn't come in. they a aays find a way to jam you up, man! one thing or another. we'll have them on record this time. please, let me. we'll offer this morning's d dl and knock off three months for their bad faith. lieutenant goldblume? yes. my client re-proposes his original deal. no parole violation, class-a mis, and only three months instead of six, since my client's actions today have been the result of serious duress.
4:47 pm
let me check it with the ada. davenport: lieutenant, let's not waste time on this. listen, man, i got duress. i wantnt0 days, max. you got it? 10 days. he's asking for a a rther reduction, he sounds weird. mr. diaz, if we could work out this 10 days idea, would you come out? no, i don't want 10 days either. what am i going to do withh a lot of baloney sandwiches? give me that freedom. total amnesty. is that what you want, mr. diaz, the impossible? fellows, i hate to be the one to say it, i know they're kind of tight in there, but what about taking this guy out? dammit, warren, calm down. we need just some reason, anytytng, so when we give in, he'll believe us. he's got the captain's wife in there, for pity's sake. which reminds him not to believe us. why don't we make a false confession,
4:48 pm
where've you been? raiding a warehouse full of explosives. captain, i got miguelez because the ininrrogation room was bugged. what? karp, communications, planted a bug in an air duct. it had nothing to do with me, it wasn't even supposed to be serious. karp thought a typist was bringing her boyfriend down there for lunch break. but you knew there was a bug? karp came to m m i mean, he says he was testing it out what was i supposed to do, huh? what you're supposed to do is report bugs and discipline the personnel who placed them. what you do now is come with me. [ phone rings ] hello? mr. diaz, come here and listen. buntz: look, ricardo, this is lieutenant buntz. we got miguelez because that room you were in was bugged. see, i told you it was like that. you see, so your attorney didn't know,
4:49 pm
diaz, it's the only reason the da and i are offeringngou what you want -- no jail time, probation. all right, no crap now. mrs. captain here,e, i'm taking her in here. unfortunately, we have to give you what you want because we violated your civil rights. before we accept, captain, what's the point of probation even if you admit you violated my client's civil rights? well, look, probation merges with his parole, he just continues to see his parole officer. you understand that, mr. diaz? all right, i can live with that. nice and easy, mr. diaz. nice and easy. just lay the gun down. that's right, just lay it down and keep coming this way.
4:50 pm
is matter.
4:51 pm
i don't know what to say to her. an apology might be appropriate. will it be all right if i take care of a few things? just 15 minutes and we'll go home. frank, i'm not going to take the da's arraignment. of course not. but i've got to bring somebody up to speed.
4:52 pm
raymond -- find karp for me, would you? yes, sir. lieutenant norm buntz? who wants to know? this is state senatorial candidate garfield. who knows how many innocent people might have been hurt had that bomb gone off at my storefrontnt yeah, uh, glad i could help. excuse me. lieutenant? karp, captain's going to can you. you see that? that's candidate garareld. tell him about that bug you put. tell him norm buntz recommends you for any kind of plumbing job, all right? all right, detective, i brought the note, 36 even monthly payments. sir, are you rob nelson of robert's motors? the one and only. you'u' under arrest --
4:53 pm
owned by you. aw, come on. this has got to be a frame up. you'll never prove criminal intent, pal. maybe not, but just think of all those court appearances, mr. nelson. and attorney fees. not to mention your own time. that's so i don't press charges personally, but see, if we find any other stolen stuff in your heap, forget about it. we go full steam, put your butt in the hoosegow. elena, we had to take danny into custody. he said he beat up mr. hopkins. now mr. jackson here at the youth authority is going to watch you for a while, okay? danny takes good care of me. put me in jail with danny. we can't do that, dear.
4:54 pm
if you could just talk about them. why does danny have to go to jail? 'cause that terrrrle man touched me? mr. hopkins touched you? he was always coming by after school. he said not to tell danny, danny would be mad. but danny saw what mr.r.opkins was doing, danny wasn't mad at me, he was mad at mr. hopkins. polygram. i believe her, stone cold. that old bastard. danny said we couldn't tell. he didn't want me to be ashamed. oh, darling, it's okay, it's all l ght. ready? uh, look, you sure you're up for this? detective, i was shaken up today, but i had a good talk with myself and i am not going to let one mistake
4:55 pm
be meeting another couple, okay? yeah, sure, fine. disgusting. what's that, detective? our new pd almost gets davenport iced, but does t tt interrupt her social schedule, no. have a nice time. that should do it. come on, more new regs? change forced on us by circumstance. henceforth, all attorneys are subject to discretionary frisks, samemes other visitors. hmm, i don't think i'm dressed for this place. you look fine. mom -- hello, dear. dad, this is detective neal washington. how do you do? i told you we'd be meeting another couple. detective. hohodo you do?
4:56 pm
sharon, is your cheek bruised? mother, i told you, i'm fine. were you part of today's excitement? uh, no, sir. i just can't believe our daughter getting mixed up in something like that. ier, please. uh, scotch rocks, double. so... are you a basketball fan, detective? yes, sir. wewe, who would you like to make the playoffs? walt frazier -- one of the greats.
4:57 pm
okay, take it easy, now. come along, dear. oh, you were such a good sport. that's my car. would you, would you like to follow me home? that my reward? what do you mean? for showing your folks how liberal ananindependent you are? for giving them a shock. that wasn't the idea. oh, no? your mother couldn't even look me in the eye. and your father could onlylyabble about sports. and i caught you enjoying the whole thing.
4:58 pm
i'd stick to basketball if i were you. you know something? people like you will always be strangers on the hill -- and strangers always end up causing trouble. i don't need a lecture. go back to farmingngle. i guess this proves it... you'd do anything for a plea bargain. i guess so. i knew you were so close.
4:59 pm
i would have died. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
can i help you? diane russell, i need to speak to you. angela, this is not diane's cup of tea. we want these male cops involved. i'm gonna try not to take that too personally, peaches. know our feelings towards you. but look at that face. angela's gonna be a dead ho unless we get a strong male presence involved. i guess strong would leave you out? - so, who hit you, angela? - god, you are such a doll.


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