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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 3:03am-3:33am EST

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are you fixing the path? my name is caine. caine? you're no indian. think you is chinese. half of me. the other half-- sasquatch! heard you coming half a mile away.
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i intend to borrow it for a day or two. you can tell the next sheriff you see that i told you so. and don't trouble yourself with your pants leg. may i pass? no. you go back the way you came. i prefer to go north. my name is logan mcburney. i believe a man has the right to know the name of the man... ...about to shoot him dead. here they come! get out of the way, boy! get out of the way! they'll run you down, boy! oh, man, get out! out, out! i know you are--
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ere you go! [gunshot] [gunshot] there you are. wait, my boy. [coughing] i told you they'd shoot you, and they did. now i'll have to bring you with me, caine. why do you wish to help me? i'm crazy. [coughing continues] wave your hands, boys.
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run, boy! you shouldn't have done that! now i'll have to cut you down. [gunshot] [laughing]
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[sobbing continues] are you injured? you're a monk. a priest. yes. i am kwai chang. where have you been hiding? i heard your scream but a moment ago...
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if so, why did he fail to cut off your head? who is kai tong? the outlaw. the man who ravished me. he was here but five minutes ago, riding on a white horse. -you must have seen him. -i have seen no one. i am sorry. can you walk? walk? idiot. why would i want to walk? if he comes back? of course he'll come back. to kidnap me. you are not injured? oh, stupid man. must i explain what it means... be assaulted by a mad barbarian? -or are you so innocent? -no. i have been outside for over a month.
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but you are a grown man. and you have only just learned what being ravished means? i have known the meaning, but nothing of the practice. incredible. it may seem so. my masters are practical men. is seldom discussed. and shaolin priests have very little to do... ...with being ravished. as a practical matter. kwai chang, you must come back with me to the emperor... ...and repeat your lovely explanation. the emperor?
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did you say kai tong the outlaw rode a white horse? [horse trotting] [dramatic music] that is kai tong. run, kwai chang, or he will kill you. he is smiling. of course, you idiot. he joys in killing. run! i will take him prisoner.
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she doesn't talk very much now. mr. mcburney, i do not wish to offend you. i am sorry mrs. mcburney is ill. i would like to go with you to help you... ...but this stagecoach is not yours. i'm taking your drift, caine. no more oriental wisdom is needed nor desired. you may stay under my roof as long as you like. we'll just do without the introductions to anna... ...if you know what i mean. i am called kai tong. this lovely lady is mei lee ho... ...of my village in the north...
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and soon to be advanced... the rank of imperial consort of the second degree. i had hoped you would not... ...shame yourself and me with that intelligence. you are the only source of shame in my life, kai tong. and i have no wish to be your wife, soon or ever. i have always respected the priesthood. i am kwai chang. respect for the priesthood. it would please me more... ...if you had respect for womanhood as well. kwai chang, you will leave now. first i must take kai tong to the nearest police barrack.
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-no. -please. i have my quarterstaff. and if i break it? it is yours to do with as you please. then i accept. you broke it. i said i would. you said i might. i meant in combat. my persian mameluke saber!
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shh. anna's sound asleep. you know why i saved you at that creek? ... ...and i figured to myself, i said: "caine thinks i'm gonna get myself killed," right? mr. mcburney... ...why do you need such a large wagon... carry mrs. mcburney to the burial ground? why? because she's a big woman.
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...for a common thief? mistake me? i'm a horse thief, four times over. now, mcburney, if you don't want to get it took off... ...just north of the hairline...
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you are shaolin.
3:22 am must bear the marks of honor burned on your forearms. i must see these. you will be sure, kai tong. but by then, i could also be dead. a man does not die of caution. may i see the marks of honor? the dragon and the tiger. you do me honor. it has been one of the ambitions of my life to fight a shaolin monk. i will now have that privilege. goodbye, mei lee ho. you have been privileged to witness...
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and i see kai tong running away from another man like a coward. this is not just another man, mei lee ho. this is a shaolin priest. i would sooner face 25 of the emperor's... ...elite dragon guards with only my fists... ...than to face this man with all the weapons i could carry. without them, i am utterly overmatched. i will be back, mei lee ho... ...before you and kwai chang have gone very far. coward! killer of eunuchs and footmen! i have killed none of your servants. but then, neither could i find them. you are safer with kwai chang, walking.
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he hopes to win your favor with this fight. i do not wish to be his wife. nor i his executioner. are you so sure that you could prevail over him, then? but he is sure. [laughing] no use in it, i tell you. she was running empty when she got to me. wouldn't take on any bullion till canyon springs.
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and if we don't find it in the salamander... and the chinaman here are gonna fetch us a tidy reward... ...dead or dying. lookie here, buskirk! yellow and gold and all that! hold on tight, kid. i'm not gonna let this happen. if they was to make off with old ironsides... ...anna would never forgive me. mcburney, we struck gold! he just wanted to borrow the wagon for a couple of days. now, do not get yourself shot, mr. mcburney. i would not think of it, friend. take care of that rope. i'm gonna need it.
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kai tong permitted it. probably supervised it! oh, all my jewels! ...from the dowager empress herself! mei lee. mei lee, we must go. go? go where? to the police. to report what has happened. search for your servants.
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did you not hear kai tong tell you... ...he was constable of the north? -yes. -well, he is! the police live in fear of him... ...and the imperial police wink at his crimes... ...because they think he's my lover. he tells them that. and pays them fat bribes to believe it. they come right to his lair to collect. the black dragon inn. i know that place. this is all the more reason... ...why we must confront them with the truth. anna is in here? in the box? how does she get air? light?
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you stay here. there we go. we'll roll her out on these. we roll her up the ramp and then lash her down. will that not make the wagon top-heavy? it might. we'll just have to wait and see. ...reinforced leaf springs and running gear. that's why i borrowed her in the first place. we could try it first... ...without mrs. mcburney in the box. no, no. no time for that. what if the roof caves in?
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mr. mcburney, you are going to do this this way... ...if i help you or not? i sure could use your help. be obliged. but, yes, sir. i'll do it alone if i have to. are you with me?
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hey, mcburney! let us out of here, mcburney! we've done it, caine. now all you have to do is lash her down, and off we go.


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