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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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captain. morning. where's parker? interrogation "a." thanks for waiting. saw on the intake he was day shift till last week. so i figured i'd give you a call. how is the man he shot? probable paralysis below the waist. captain. i guess... i hope. item six -- in the vicinity of the old club san juan this morning, some of you may know patrolman ted parker shot and wounded one rafael gonzalez, an armed robbery suspect. the actual perp was apprehended an hour later. hope parker's got some marketable skills. i heard the guy was reaching for a gun. everybody, no speculation until, uh, until the investigation is completed, all right?
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item seven -- at today's award ceremony downtown, officer jack metcalf, who was killed in the line of duty, will receive this city's medal of valor posthumously. his widow will be accepting. item eight -- the "sutton street slasher" struck again. two more prostitutes last night -- one dead, one critical at mercy. the current thinking is that this is a new pimp who is trying to colonize the trade above 92nd street. so officer russo will be working undercover. you'll be doing backup. item last -- we're looking for the killer of carl mann, the late, unlamented leader of the blood, the gang that was responsible for the massacre of the innocent burnett family. he was shot last night in front of the gang headquarters. wanted for questioning -- alfred williams. was a gang member turned police informant who's known to some of you. black, 18, average height --
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on the way out. and, people, williams is probably armed, so, uh...take care. dismissed. i always liked parker. hope they don't hang this on him. what's new? they use you up, they throw you away. what's bugging you? you think you could break down one time and buy your own breakfast? tina? russo? so we gonna catch a movie tonight? patrick, i'm just not feeling very social right now. let me figure this. sleeping together is okay, heavy, like eating popcorn together in the balcony. can we talk about this later? hey, man, check this out -- size-50 slacks. that's hip... if you're a hippopotamus. you ripped off these pants. ain't my problem they don't fit. aw, man, cut me some slack, jack.
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first name. euripides. last name. pants. euripides pants? [you rip-a these pants?] [ growls ] come with me! okay, okay. i was this close, neal -- this close. if her brother hadn't shown up from minneapolis... [ yelling ] pinch me, neal. pinch me hard. uh, over here! oh, detective! help us! one more lousy joke, i'm gonna rip-a your head off. tell j.d. what happened. [ squeals ] dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street.
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man: so you and your partner answered the call. dispatch says the suspect's wearing a blue ski jacket, white high-tops, armed with a revolver. about three blocks from the scene, his guy, gonzalez, walking fast, like he's in a hurry. dark ski jacket, white shoes. high-tops? they were white. that's all i saw. go on. we pull over, we draw our guns. stay behind the car doors -- you know, standard. i yell, "police -- freeze." in english? the first time. the guy backs against the wall and starts rapping in spanish. so i yell, "alto. manos arriba." but now he's turning away, reaching inside his jacket.
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be he was walking fast because it was two below? he fit the description. speak spanish, officer parker? i completed the academy "street spanish" course. and i can use the commands on the department's translation card. you don't understand the language? mi casa, su casa -- couple other things. you've had no follow-up instruction? we haven't had spanish classes since ray calletano left. want to know what gonzalez said, officer? got this from a witness across the street. "i am legal. i will show you. i have a green card." i'll get his partner at his home. then we've got some more potential witnesses. not to push, but this one's rough on the community. can't imagine why. mi casa, su casa is real impressive. my impression's been that parker's a b-plus cop. call you when i have something, captain. this all happened so fast. there was this humongous explosion -- lucky for us it happened a couple blocks from the station, and that i happened to be here.
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my own private number. okay. um, debbie st. pierre. bienvenidas, debbie. how's that cut? woman: detective? detective? you said that patrolmen are searching the area. can't we go? we've got a regional tournament to get to. ma'am, you caught a round of ammunition through the rear window of your van. an incident of this nature requires we ask a few questions. no one saw anything. the mind can play tricks in extreme situations. i need each individual account in detail. washington: yo, j.d. go into interrogation, honey. i'll be right there. this is the driver. he didn't see anything, either. i'm shot at. i park in front of your station. i get a ticket. it's what i deserve for taking a shortcut through the hill. hey, looky here, babe. we can't keep these people here. neal, there's a sniper out there, maybe with a dangerous thing for young girls.
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l get you 20, sport. a clown beneath your window. a mechanical clown. it's a burger stand -- clown burger. and he's singing this damn clown burger song all day. what would you have us do, sir? arrest a mechanical clown? if the owner has a permit -- i'm a musician. i work at night. i need my sleep. why don't you use cotton in your ears? lieutenant buntz? straight back, just keep walking. kate, how you doing? back in the bag, back on the beat. frank, want to catch me up on the gonzalez shooting before the reporters arrive? i'll handle the press. any particular reason? i've been on the case for an hour. it's just simpler. and something else, frank. alfred williams -- i want to be there when he's found. no objections. yes, i understand, but you have got to swear out -- that's right. have a nice day.
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you brighten up my day, you know? got a lot of police work. it's good to see you. buntz. no, he's not here. all right, i'll tell him you called. and they got you back on patrol. that's good. so, uh, what brings you back down here today? oh, visiting. uh-huh. i just wonder -- you got time to catch a burger? you got a half hour? no? too bad. what i wanted to know was, if, uh... you had this afternoon, say, around 3:00 -- a professional problem? no, i-i just have this thing that i have to do -- i'm all jammed up. this afternoon i got this thing i got to go to. all right. it's nothing serious, huh? no! not at all. you'll catch me later, huh? listen, i would, babe... except [ sighs ]... you know what i got to do this afternoon? i have got to go downtown to the awards and promotion ceremonies to see you get your freakin' medal! hey, do you know what this broad did, huh?
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ravery, first class?! hey, what's the matter? don't you people read the circulars, huh? are you aware of the phrase "in the highest tradition of the department"? that is what i am gonna do. i'm going to watch you get your medal this afternoon. and what are you gonna do, huh? hey, my pal, ladies and gentlemen -- kate mcbride, a hell of a cop. hey, learn something. [ laughs ] all right! [ all cheering ] [ tires screech ] watch it! creeps! the world's full of 'em. doofuses and creeps -- take your pick. okay, okay. if you don't want to talk -- daryl ann. ever since she started selling cookies at mineldi's market, she's been a changed woman. all she can think about is her business. wait a minute. aren't you the guy who encouraged her to try to market her own cookies, and now she's out making money on her own. wrong, wrong, wrong, dr. freud! she's not on her own. there's a man involved.
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a guy named ellis -- big, slick financial type. he wants to help finance her cookie business. and we get to the bad parts. only reason that i have been going to night school, taking courses in business, is so that i could be the financial advisor behind her rise to success. then why don't you let this ellis guy, who wants to help you, make him a partner? partners? daryl ann and i are supposed to be partners. dispatcher: attention, all units. 131 and decker -- assault with club in progress. oh, man, go on. ? ...i'll make your day... ? this one for hank. [ siren wails ] i told you i'd call the police! hold it! police! don't you hit that clown again! you hear me? i mean it. you try living with that noise underneath your window! oh, ronnie, what that crazy man do to you? this will cost you money to fix! you don't know what it's like
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ave a permit to play this music? yeah! want to see it? you damaged this man's property. he could press charges. you go ahead, man. you throw me in the joint. at least i don't have to listen to no singing clown! you want to press charges? nah! but i want the clown paid for. hey, hey, hey! you have no choice. now get on. you turn down this sound. you understand? have some consideration for your neighbors. s go! move! margaret, can we get a refill here? we're running a little late, all right? the girls don't start working that street before 10:00. sarge, we of the younger generation are gonna teach you how to relax. give me a break. you want to see my imitation of bacon frying in a pan? i have learned to ignore him. ah-ah! youngsters like you should save your pennies.
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be right back. [ gasps ] ooh, look. about the movie tonight? i think you're right. you do? mm-hmm. i can understand how you wouldn't want to go public with our great romance. you just can't quit, can you? on the other hand, if i just happened to show up at the van buren theater, say, about 8:00, and you just happened to be there, too -- completely by coincidence -- what's wrong with a couple professionals seeing a movie together, huh? tell me...what's wrong? change. ma'am?
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okay, cindy? [ sarcastically ] i'll definitely do that. you've been investigating for over an hour. mrs. hardtack, the law's got to take its course. detective, maneuvers are over as of now. i'm only halfway through my witness list. man-to-man, john. say goodbye to vestal virgins. regulations do not permit the exploiting of an investigation for personal gain. captain's orders. you believe this miscarriage of justice, neal? can i speak to you a minute in private, detective? excuse us, detective washington. yeah, what is it? my friends told me about you, and, well, i'm a lot more mature than they are. and, well, i don't usually do this... you're interested? it's my private number. promise me you'll call? yeah, i promise. i can't comment on that until our investigation's completed.
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fine. hello, ray. the gonzalez incident? you heard. that's why i'm here. field representative? latin-american coalition? going on two months now. i've been meaning to call, catch up. how can i help? i'd like to have my files regarding spanish education in the department. what's this about? there have been too many incidents of the kind involving gonzalez. the coalition is filing a suit against the department. our position is that this morning's shooting for a spanish-speaking police. facts aren't clear. gonzalez -- parker spoke spanish -- the shooting would not have happened. you know it's not possible for every officer to speak spanish. not every officer! just those covering hispanic areas. we used to talk about this, frank. you helped me write those letters to chief daniels. you know what's in the files! funding situation hasn't changed. i get money for one optional program, and we use it for neighborhood outreach.
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i no longer wear a badge. i can't give you those files without permission. then we'll get them by subpoena. and we'll show all the letters from daniels, making promises that were never kept. is that what this is about -- getting back at the chief? is that what you think? i don't know. maybe it is. but the law is behind me this time. i don't have to be afraid of him. for years i tried to change things and got nowhere. now something will finally be done. [ door slams ] hey, ray, que pasa, amigo? uh, lieutenant, you have a "notify officer" on alfred williams? yes. i just heard he's at his sister's. here's the address. i'll need backup -- two men. [ siren wails in distance ] nothing happening.
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catch a movie and taking a nice, hot bath. sounds nice. yeah, except she's undercover -- not public speaking. aah, slow. you pulling any dates? nah, it's chill. where you from, honey? detroit. long bus ride. we be wife-in-laws, you know? same stable, i mean. ponchartrain. i don't know ponchartrain. i work for myself. i like to keep what i earn. ponchartrain owns the franchise here, honey. she say she wants to work for herself. no such thing on this street. you choose... or you lose. i'm getting the picture. ponchartrain buy you a rabbit coat, honey. you pretty...and white. but you fling him attitude,
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just a little friendly advice, mamasita. hey! i can make you happy! so last night around 9:30 i'm trying get some sleep. phone rings. it's him -- ellis. he wants to talk to daryl ann right then and there. what did he want? she said he wanted to talk about some investors, but i hear the two of them talking hush-hush. probably because she knew you were sitting there ready to blow your stack. just the idea of the two of them together drives me nuts. renko, listen to me. you're making too much out of this. daryl ann loves you. you go to her this afternoon, and you talk it out. and then you go to your night-school class and start getting your mind on a positive track before you jump it altogether. hey, mick. lee? can i talk to you? [ sighs ] all right, just for a second, 'cause i got to be somewhere.
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you look terrible. i've been off the program. oh, lee! but i just got back on. i got something for you. i can't. i'm due in court. stolen credit cards -- it's righteous information, mick. i helped you out before. this chick's dealing them. try me in a couple of days. mick, i need a break. okay. when i get the chance, and if it checks out, i'll get you some money. you know where i hang, right? there? it's good, mick. [ door closes ] [ baby cries ] police! open up! miss williams, police. we're coming in. what you want with us?! we're looking for your brother alfred. hell with alfred. he ain't here.
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ling ] alfred! waaaahhh! i'll do him, goldblume! we have a man out there. there's no chance. you...damn! you did this to me, goldblume! carl mann knew i wore a wire for you. i had to waste him! he put the word out on me. i was dead! it was self-defense. we can make something out of that, alfred. alfred, listen to me. listen to you? again? [ scoffs ] i'll testify. i promise. but if you hurt the boy... woman: alfred, don't hurt my baby! it's your own nephew. you're not gonna hurt your own nephew. shut up! [ laughs ] you trying to play me again, goldblume. we're going out front! woman: [ crying ] no! no! you all? back away! alfred. now!!
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you stop there, goldblume. i'll do what i got to do. it isn't over, alfred. i can help. let me help! man, all you do is help. you're gonna help me get out of the blood. help me do my art. now alfred's gonna help himself. you hear?! you hear?! man: what's going on here?
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chief. time to circle the wagons, frank. our old friend raymondo's getting up a war party to attack the department. that's a little extreme.
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his case against us is pretty strong. press conferences? exclusive interviews? certainly didn't show that much initiative when he was in uniform. strictly siesta time then. but get a touch of the limelight... some days, frank, i am appalled at the moral sinkhole we all work in. what can i do? i want this suit stopped. it's an embarrassment. if you're asking me to use my friendship with ray -- spare the sermon, will you, frank? just set up a meeting. why do you need me? okay. oh! i brought a copy of all the files that he's after. interesting reading. i guarantee you, frank, if this suit proceeds, it won't be my posterior alone that's flapping in the breeze. oh, hello, joyce. chief. i hate it when that man smiles. good instincts. problem? daniels covered himself
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down to the precinct captains. meaning you. know any good lawyers? frank, does ray realize how this can hurt you? he couldn't have known about the memo. then tell him. if ray thinks it's his duty to file suit, i'm not gonna stop him. you're feeling guilty that you didn't save his precinct for him. so now you're letting him do this to you. at least let him know. if he's strong enough to decide on his own, he's strong enough to face all the consequences. counselor, enough. you wanted a lawyer's advice. you got a wife's. daryl, i am sorry to have you come all the way down here, but i had something to talk to you about, and it just cannot wait. that's okay. i have something to tell you. and the last thing i want to do is keep you away from your work. i can hardly believe that, the way you've been carrying on. daryl, i've been terrible, and i know it. i mean, here you are, trying to make a place in this world for yourself. and for us. and all i can do is rant and rave about this guy ellis,
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and you should find somebody with the experience to help you. and i know that now. oh, you pretty thing. how could i distrust you? oh. [ laughs ] okay, that's all i want to say. [ laughing ] oh! i'm so glad! i'm so happy you understand. oh, i do. 'cause it makes it easier for me to tell you. tell me what? mr. ellis wants me to go on a business trip with him. [ laughs ] what did you say? yeah! overnight. he's got these friends with department stores, and he thinks we can persuade them to sell our cookies. where you gonna stay -- some motel? some motel with a vibrating bed or something like that? you know you're my one and only. i know i was. now it's ellis and overnight business trips. and to hell with me.
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andy, no, i'll tell him i won't go. no, you tell him anything you want. hear me? i'm tired of this. you do whatever you want to do. [ sighs ] you're pathetic. oh, yeah? you know what you are. all: one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. man: chief daniels offers his apologies. he had to be called away on urgent police business. and i received a telephone call this morning if i would stand in for him and present these awards. and naturally i said yes, it would be a great honor. so the world came around. they're giving you the medal, huh? i don't want to say the system works, 'cause it don't work,
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i'm real proud of you. thanks, norm. your dad would have been real proud. what did you do, adopt me? yeah. ain't you been paying attention? [ chuckles ] jack metcalf's widow -- two kids to raise. what a life. isn't it? [ sighs ] whatever the thing is, kid. ...on the second of last month, responding to a call, "officer needs assistance." officer jack metcalf, of the jefferson heights precinct, a veteran of 15 years with that precinct, came upon his fellow officer shot, unarmed and in mortal peril. officer metcalf came to his aid, stepped in and drew the fire of three armed assailants, and he himself... perished in that fight. he leaves behind him a loving wife, claire,
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what can begin to compensate them for their loss? where can relief for their sorrow come from? nowhere in the world. and we mourn with them. in the highest tradition of the department, officer jack metcalf is awarded the...medal of valor. this is for you, mrs. metcalf. we all take courage from your husband's example. you all right?
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that daryl ann is heading for the bright lights with ellis. renko, you sure? she is flying upstate overnight to a motel with this rich jerk. do i have to take pictures? not daryl ann! dispatcher: noise complaint at 322 decker. identify and respond. 2202 in response. this clown killer strikes again, right? [ playing upbeat jazz ] they ruining my business! nobody's listening to the clown -- there's no accounting for public tastes. stop it! what's the matter, johnson?
4:39 pm
mr. crumley, you can't play music on the street without a city permit. i got a right to practice. not if it messes up my business. calm down and talk about it, all right? soon as you guys left, he turned that clown up to max. these are ears -- very sensitive audio equipment. i listen to "train," "bird," lester young. do you know what it does to these ears to listen to that clown all day? these people are over here to listen to mr. crumley. y-yeah, you're right. meanwhile the clown is starving, and i'm losing money. just hear me out. you wouldn't mind that clown if it played music that you like. where you going with this? mr. johnson... why don't you let mr. crumley write you a new song? maybe the kind that's gonna draw customers, like the crowd he's got here now? i write you something hip, man. you'll love it.
4:40 pm
[ sighs ] you got a deal. ha ha ha ha ha! man, you love it. [ whistles ] russo: oh, no, open the window. come on, open up. you don't want her. come on back here. hey, baby. hey, baby. you, baby. yeah, you are looking so pretty. hold it now. look here. why don't you listen to ponchartrain for just a minute? i know what you want, and i've been thinking about it. t made up my mind yet. see, it's insurance, baby. simple as that. i am your life insurance. i'm doing all right up till now. oh, yeah, up till now. but up till now is history. i was never good in history. she's got to watch this dude. she's okay. she can handle it. see, ponchartrain ain't asking. he's telling. let's go. not yet. see, a lot of girls -- they get hurt on this block, real bad. i never did nothing to you. right. but now you're gonna do for me.
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ah! ah! ahh! [ punching ] come on! you okay? i could use some help over here! flaherty?! are you okay, sarge? yeah. heard about alfred williams, lieutenant. i got the statements right. let me know when i.a.d. calls. hello, debbie. hi. guess who, debbie? woman: hi. if you're under 18, hang up -- now. i'll bet when you came home, you didn't expect to find two naked women in your bathtub. for you, raymond. hello. we've been watching you at work for a few days now,
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knock on door ] ray, come in, come in! how are you? fine, chief. captain. me sentimental, but seeing the three of us here together again brings back old times. they weren't all good times. i won't mince words. we need you back on the force. how does "special consultant on hispanic affairs" sound to you? before coming here, i asked myself, "what will the chief offer to keep me from performing my duties in this matter?" "my old job or a consultancy." if this is your idea of a joke -- you can't buy me off! an innocent man is lying in a hospital, possibly paralyzed for life. i want my files. so i was wrong about you, huh, ray? you're not one of us after all. but don't try convincing yourself that you're doing this for your people.
4:43 pm
every policy that would impact on the hispanic community would come through you. all right, frank, give him whatever files he wants. but when you look them over, make sure you notice where the finger is pointing. [ door opens ] it's not at me. [ door closes ] i'm sorry. what does he mean? he sent out a memo six months ago. inct captains are now responsible for continuing language instruction -- or rather, nonexistent spanish instruction. you knew this before, and you didn't say anything? i didn't think it was relevant. you have to do what you think is right. yes, what i think is right. you're a good friend to me, frank. but i must decide what my duty in this situation is.
4:44 pm
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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so i got this undercover thing. i need a girl -- someone to pass in the high life, who doesn't sound like she's chewing gum even when she is. and that's me? and that's you. now, today, tomorrow, everybody at the post congratulating you. you put in a request, they're odds-on to grant it. undercover? norm? hey, solly! it's good to see you. solly riposo, kate mcbride. kate, congratulations. thank you. you got a minute? i got a minute, yeah.
4:47 pm
aneuver. work him around till i get a good shot down. down clinton street, you understand? the guy's drawing on me. by that time, i'm on my way to the ground. joey's down. i don't know how bad he's hurt. my gun hand's sweating. well, i dive to the ground, get one shot off at him just before he turns the corner. man: if ever there's anything that i or anyone in my command can do. thank you. you've been very kind. at any time at all. mrs. metcalf. officer mcbride, congratulations. thank you. it's, uh, it's nice to receive some recognition. yes, ma'am. oh, well. i'm very sorry about your husband. thank you. that was a lovely speech the inspector gave. yes, it was. mrs. metcalf, my father was a member of the force. he died in the line of duty when i was -- excuse me, mrs. metcalf?
4:48 pm
me, please? hello. hello, ma'am. you can call me kate. that's my name. what's your name? john metcalf jr. glad to meet you, john. how long have you been in the police force? not long -- about four years. did you know my father? i wish i had. mrs. metcalf: johnny? listen to me, john. i want to tell you something, because i went through what you're going through right now. i went through it when i was your age. johnny? and i want you to know that in addition to your mother and your family -- mrs. metcalf: johnny? that there's someone that knows what you suffer.
4:49 pm
goodbye. thank you. so, about a drink a little later? i know they popped you from the roster for the day. you free? yep. so be it. i'll meet you at the hill street station after the shift, huh? okay. officer mcbride? congratulations. hell of a fine job. you're a credit to the force. thank you, sir. belker: captain? i need a couple hundred for a credit-card buy. good tip? well, the guy's come through before. draw it from discretionary. i'll put it through. good bust, you three. i hear the assailant has three out-of-state priors. thanks, captain.
4:50 pm
yeah, it's fine. just a couple butterfly bandages. good work. thanks. a word, you two. you screwed up! sarge, i -- what is the drill on a bust like this, huh? subdue the perp, frisk him and then cuff him. you left me at risk. how? i knocked him on his butt! did you frisk him? i was gonna frisk him. you didn't frisk him! like a couple of rookies out there -- both of you you on the wire, playing around. you shouldn't be allowed to work together. now wait a minute -- i'm not deaf! i heard what you said. "i know where i'd like to be. catch a movie. nice, hot bath at home." and i'm not blind. i told you.
4:51 pm
i'm sorry, henry. sorry? sorry you had to shoot alfred williams. i know you wanted to save him. we wanted carl mann, and alfred was our only way at him. henry... no, i mean it. [ sighs ] i don't blame us for alfred's death. for once, i don't blame us. okay. it's beyond that, what i'm feeling. i know the reasons alfred williams died, why i had to kill him. but they're beginning not to work for me. as a cop, i don't trust myself very much anymore. and i see you've stopped trusting me, the way you kept me off the gonzalez shooting. it isn't that i don't trust you. it's i-i-i just don't know where your attention is. what are you, the department self-appointed reformer? a writer? a police officer? i don't know where you are. i'm here...i'm here. no, you're not. whatever you're going through personally, i'm with you as your friend.
4:52 pm
ou don't. we used to say it was my strength. remember, frank? that i saw more of the picture than other cops? maybe it's not a strength anymore. it's time for you to decide that for yourself. it's just time. [ door opens, closes ] yes, officer shipman. so there will be no further investigation. i'm sure parker's relieved. thanks for letting me know. ray. we dropped the suit, and i'm glad, frank. glad because you don't have to be hurt. i hope that's not the reason. no, it wasn't. the offer that daniels made -- he must have been crazy with fear. i saw that it could be of use to our cause -- a civilian consultant on hispanic policy. that's unprecedented. you're taking the position. no, a young attorney in our organization -- jose rebor.
4:53 pm
we also got daniels to agree to spanish classes in every precinct. he fought us, but we won. will the instructors be from the academy? a private company -- calletano language incorporated. i'm learning, frank. wouldn't you say? [ door closes ] hey, lucy. nt to go for a beer with me and buntz? uh, well...i just don't feel like it. thanks a lot. you gonna tell me what's wrong right out? or are you gonna make me do this song and dance about how i'm your friend and so on and so forth? what's the first thing they tell a woman cop never to do? sleep with your partner. right. so leave it to me to find something even worse, right? wanting to sleep with your partner.
4:54 pm
d it. i never suspected anything. i...not even when he gave me those lame excuses every time i wanted to go out with him. i mean, i bought it. i thought, "yeah, sure. we got a shot." brilliant, huh? really. it's human. yeah. hurts. well, it's gonna hurt. it's got to hurt, but that's no reason to put yourself down. you all right? you -- you got a medal today. you got a medal today! congratulations! let's see it. come on! wait a minute. here. here. oh. it's nice. woman: all right, that's it for tonight. class dismissed. uh, miss maxwell?
4:55 pm
says here you and me are supposed to be partners. we got $10,000 to invest. any ideas? no, but i know you've got some, the way you talk in class. classic autos and windmills. teacher doesn't like the windmill idea. i like your ideas. that's why i asked to be partnered with you. this isn't some coincidence? some hand-of-fate kind of deal? i said i liked your ideas. what do you say we go get a cup of coffee,
4:56 pm
500 apiece. belker: [ laughing ] that's pretty steep. hey, they got a 5-grand limit. that's steep and wide. yeah, but i'm taking a big risk. they've been retooled. you can't trace them. worry free. oh, really? 150. how's 150? cheap -- too cheap. if you could hook me up right away,
4:57 pm
could connect me with maybe 30, 40 cards. maybe. how come i never seen you in the empire club? been out of town -- upstate. what did you take a fall for? huh...all i got with me is a couple c-notes. okay. look, mick, i can get you as many as you want, if it's really like you say. well, how about two now and, uh... i'll get right back to you? it's a deal. well, i can work thursday nights for sure and then sunday afternoons. sunday afternoons? well, i'll be. a southern boy isn't watching games on tv? i'd rather play than watch. uh, tennessee. why, yes, as a matter of fact. i could tell. people around here -- they don't know a thing about accents. they call me "cowboy." can you believe that? your wife gonna mind? what?
4:58 pm
why should she? some do. well, she's working with a man, and i don't mind. so that's what it is i felt about you right away. what? that you're lonely. you see, i'm lonely, so i can tell. good night. [ engine turns over ] should i get in? yes.
4:59 pm
[ coughs ] -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
how's it going? we expect you'll be contacted this morning by sergeant martens's superior at i.a.b. lieutenant shannon. we want you to agree to an interview. if lieutenant shannon asks, you acknowledge you know joey salvo, but you refuse to cooperate further. you wanna see if he takes that to salvo?


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