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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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sylvia: keep your fingers crossed. [sighs] what am i i nna do about these fish? did more die? this lion's head's on his way out. diane called this afternoon about the 4 of us having dinner one night. that's her being clever. if he'd have wanted it, that'd have been him calling.
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what happened, andy? there's enough people in the middle. theo: mommy? be right there, sweeeeeart. [pounding on bar] you need a new keg. that is a new keg. he just tapped it an hour ago.
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's what i live for. how's it going, , bby? what do you want? there's some developments you ought to know about. customer: fine. i'll drink this xxxx-flat beer with sediment in it. you want-- no, no, let me drink this... the grand jury's gonna call you on the salvo homicide, b bby. you got the subpoena? you should also know that in the e st few weeks we've taken 2 witness statements that don't square with your account of what happened. es the scene. i have to tell you, bobby, there are people in my office who think wanting out of the operation the way you did would've given you motive to take salvo out. if it was me and i wasn't involved in that h hicide, i wouldn't want to commit a provable perjury about what happened afterward. can't imagage what would be worth taking that weight on. is that it?
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like it's been all along. d.a.'s also gonna call your partner. customer, grumbling: i pay my money, and i'm talking to... [clangs fork down] i gotta get back to work. do you happen to know where detective sipowicz was that night? customer: are you gonna tap a new keg? what's your name? larry speaks. the last 3 you had are off that same keg i just tapped, larry. are you saying i made up sediment? no, we're-- hey! pal! shut it off hey, easy! or take it somewheres else. we're trying to have a a nversation-- shut your mouth! i got a gun in my car! i was in operation desert storm! simomo: calm down, larry. calm down. this xxxxxxx loudmouth, he's on his way out. i said what i needed to. it's to the short strokes now. the question's whether you're smart enough to turn the weight loose.
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maybe i'll try a bottled beer. yeah, do that. andy: "there were 3 bears that lived in a forest." [telephone rings] a big guy... hello. it's bobby, andy. i'm sorry to be calling you so late. i, uh, hope i didn't wawa the baby up. no, no, no. we're... ears here. bobby: yeah? yeah. so what's going on? some stuff came up. we gotta talk. i was thinking about coming around the station house. [sylvia whispering to theo] good. sure. i'll see you tomorrow then, huh? i put on a small amount o oweight. yeah, well, i'll pick you out. mm-hmm. good night.
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[clearing throat] yeah, we're getting together in the morningng
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yeah. i guess that means andy, too, right?p i think--i think he's catching. i'll call when we leave the crime scene, as soon as we're starting back. good. bobby, i know how you feel about andy. at some point, for yourself.k out diane, if andy's jammed up, it's over looking out for me. which no one asked him to do. especially if he took the guy out. i'll call when we're startingngack. see ya..
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witness: guy come on aggressive, dragging girl up the stairs, boom! down comes a shot. one boom? boom-boom. no, couple of shots we heard, and backckown the stairs. martinez: back comes the pimp through the lobby? back with girl in wrestling hold. yussef out from reception, chase him to street. and where are you now, mr. patell? out with yussef, chasing pimp. on the street, blows his face all over me. the pimp shoots yussef. shooooyussef my friend to death. martinez: and you shoot back to defend yourself. yussef gave me gun chasing pimp because he's afraid to shoot. i shoot after he was shot. you hit the hooker-- the one in the purple. you hit her by mistake. i tried to protect yussef. any idea what started this, mr. papall? why the pimp when up there looking for that other hooker? no, i don't know why. my best friend in new york city.
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hotel and shot me. we'd be referring more to your pal the pimp who murderer somebody of that hotel,floor and then he blew this guy's buddy's head off. and i want to hear about it-- cut it out. ow! you want both these homicides to land on you? gerald gone crazy. he done lost his girls and his sense. he say fontella robbed him, and she don't even work for him no more. fontella? that'd be who gerald was looking to whack in that hotel room? keep yelling that fontella robbed him and he know where she's at. and then he yanked me up and down them hotel steps, and then he dragged me outside. next thing, i'm shot. get me to the damn hospital! gerald's last name and usual places, chelsea, and you're on your way to bellevue. i don't know his last name. gerald, sometimes frankie. he like to be anywhere nowowtrying . he crazy on rock. that's what this all about. now take me to the hospital! all right, let's get her out of here. doa in that hotel never knew what t t him.
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that pimp had the whole wrong occupants. the doa's in from cleveland withthis wife. the wife should find the travel agent that booked them into that roachtrap and put one in his head. i want to get back to the house. [siren] what's going on? you know, a little bit of everything. uh-huh. [footsteps] hey, how you doing? fine, detectiv ite. 's gooooto see you. anticrime didn't have that 61, lieutenant. oh, bum steer. sorry. yeah. i don't know. hey, bobby. greg. how are you? whoa, what's doin', jameses what do you think?
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first time greg saw it, he said, "hail, caesar." i gave him the roman centurion shot. hi, bobby. jill, how you doing? andy. how's it going? so we're out on a multiple. some whacked-out pimp. n the wind? crackhead. we got his places narrowed to drug corners in the metropolitan area.a. boss, can i, uh, borrow andy? yeah, sure. good to see you, bobby. good to see you. how's it going? they're calling both of us to the grand jury, andy. what's the topic?
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i talk to the driver, and then he pulls away. this would be me. i gotta ask you, andy-- cocod they have more? more what? could they have statements you pulled the trigger they're holding back to see where i go? they could have statements i'm ann-margret. if you're asking did i shoot the guy, i already told you no. i was worried for you. i followed you to take your back. somebody shoots salvo, if you want, i'll be the witness, you say take off. because i was thinking maybe you did it. i told you i didn't. i just told you so again. you mind not breaking all xxxxxx-off at me? i followed you to back you. i know that you were backing me. i'm sorry it got things complicated. well, that's the way it worked out. do what you gotta do. put me there. let them try to prove i pulled the trigger. andy, this is not about mee trying to get from under this. if i was looking to do that,
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if it's not you, the hitter's gotta bee eitw or whoever it was that salvo owned in the rat squad. say, before the d.a. serves us, i go to i.a.b., i put you there at the scene. but i rule you out as a suspect. whoever whacked salvo finds out that you're off the list, that could work. worst the job can come at you for was leaving the crime scene. we handle it that you left not to compromise an undercover. if he was salvo's hook, found out salvo was up, he's got reason to shut salvo's mouth. try it. i'm not gonna put you there, andy, unless i know it wasn't you. ask me did i do it one more time, i'm gonna shoot you. ok. this is gonna work out, andy. the approach definitely has to take them unawares.
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it's, like, 4 blocks from the hotel. god fofoid these people retain their names consecutive months. i want to tell you the grand jury is gonna call you and bobby about the salvo killing. how'd you come to that? you can count it's reliable information. i'm trying to find out more specifics about what they got, but i wanted to tell you what i know so far. ok. appreciate it. will you let bobby know? i didn't get a chance while he was here. detective. i got a pretty good shot finding more out tonight.
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simone. you wired? the xxxx-and-bull story you put out about your wire ght salvo's hit, you got stones asking me if i'm up. my machine malfunctioned that night, so i took it off. yeah. place the night of joe salvo's homicide. you mean you want to change your story. after joe salvo was shot, a car approached. turned out to be my partner andy sipowicz.
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and cover my back. detective sipowicz and me both decided... that he should leave the area. never mind the killer on the streets. we heard sirens. we knew that there would be radio cars showing up to pursue the shooter. we both felt the right move here was to protect my cover, conceal that i had backup, and thatat was working to flush whoever salvo's corrupt contact was inside the job. he got whacked before i could find that out. sergeant martens in y yr bureau, he was suspended. you don't think it could've been him? the left hand never knows, right, bobby? and why do you come to us now? i'm hearing they're ready to move on whoever it was that took salvo out. that works out of homicide squad. how are you hearing anything about that? i can't give that to you. you know i can't.
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i'll get back in touch with you. i'll get in touch within 24 hours. you should keep this to yourself, you and sipowicz, huh? you don't wanna tell nobody till i get back in touch. i'm feeling better already. yeah, good. good, bobby.
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walks off the street to where the doa's sitting at the coffee shop counter. takes the doa's cup of coffee and throws it in his face. the guy's screaming. his face is all burned-- running, trying to get out. everyone else is in on the floor. perp throws how many shots inside? uh, statements say 3.. so far, we've found 2 casings. he chased the doa outside, puts one in his leg. then when the doa's down, puts one in his ear, starts shouting, now try to take his women. after the guy's dead. goes over here and puts one in the garbage can. garbage can after his women, too? yeah, that must be it. good luck with this guy, andy. yeah. it's the same description we got at the other shooting, andy. plus the witnesses say they saw this guy yelling at the corpse about stealing his women. it's the pimp from that hotel. fly in the ointment. this doa's not a competitor pimp. he's a neighborhood locksmith.
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a competitor pimp, from his whacked-out point of view? what you're saying, andy, that this could be a spree-killing lunatic like that andrew cunanan. see that, james? i call this pimp a possible spree killer, he looks at me like i'm dirt. he probably don't want you crowding that cunanan guy what's that about? i--you know, i mean, this is fun.
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so, does he, uh... take the kids to school, your husband, slept at his place? mm-hmm. he takes them the next morning. yeah. i see. do you have to go in early? a little. about, uh, quarter to 8:00. 'cause you're serving those subpoenas? don't ask me too much chapter and verse on that. i'm a little uncomfortable even telling you what i did. i had other reasons asking your plans, leo. when i had to go in. don't get xxxxxx off. i'm not. i'm allowed one dumb statement a night. i'm not xxxxxx off. there was some kind of hiccup at i.a.b.


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