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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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merry christmas, children. all: merry christmas! to the neck what do we got? and over a dozen knife wounds. what's the count? 7 incidents, 3 shootings. you ain't no santa. how would you like a nice crushed vertebra for christmas? i'm still yoyo father, and don't you ever forget it! you never were! it was an accident, man. give yourself a break. [ siren wails ] oh, lord, it's christmas eve, and i'm gonna get t ot dead in a moose suit! item 10, as regards operation santa -- wherein detectives hackley, sabatino, and belker will be working 112th street at the avenue "b" overpass, rappaport's department stoto, the jefferson avenue mall,
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item 11 -- i remind you yet again of the seasonal increase in suicide, aggravated assault, and your ever-popupur homicide. pursuant to these grim realities, i give you item 12. now, let's exhibit sound judgment out there today and hold to a a nimum the nuisance-type busts. neither this precinct nor the courts it serves looks kindly on a last-minute frenzy of mickey mouse arrests and attending paperwork. and the day before christmas is no time to p p your collar count. item 13 -- the christmas gift drive for the patients of alalangels children's hospital under the personal supervision of lieutenant howard hunter! last-minute gifts for these young unfortunates are being wrapped near the front desk even as we speak, and delivery of same is scheduled at 4:30 p.m.
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belklk, and goldblume will convene at 4:15 sharp in the parking lot for transport to children's hospitit. carpooling is recommended. appropriate wardrobe for santa's helpers has been provided free of charge by kowalski's costume and party-supply rentals. so, uh... leave us keep these good people in mind when we come upon their delivery trucks occasionally parked in life's myriad no-loading zones. [ laughter ] item last -- lieutenant calletano has asked me to remind you of a aittle holiday celebration here in roll call commencing at 6:00 p.m. so as you move off to your various christmas eve celebrations, take the moment for some good fellowship, good groceries, and nonalcoholic holiday cheer. i stress "nonalcoholic" for the specific reference to last year's pair of revelers
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partakakg of each other's good will semi-naked in the middle cell of the garden level holding facility. [ whistling and hooting ] all right, that's it, let's roll. and let's be careful out there. hey, hey, hey, hey! merry christmas. merry christmas, sarge! merry christmas, sarge! [ indistinct conversations ] i like it when them little chipmunks sing in them high voices -- they sing them christmas songs. hey, come on. don't say that! come on, man, huh? j.d., neal. robbery, assault at the hotel richmond, 3500 block of east utica. why can't washington heights take it? because it is still our precinct. big deal. come on, man! he's your basic "bah, humbug." get in here. shot up an all-night laundry. miracle nobody got hurt. had to use tear gas.
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take it easy! ahh! [ shouting ] hey, you never heard of peace on earth, good will to men, you little creep?! [ whwhtling "deck the halls" ] merry christmas! merry christmas. who's your friend? ho ho. . i got you a little something for the hospital. thank you, henry. that's cute. howard? yeah. is this really the kind of toy we want to be giving to these children? henry, unlike some knee-jerk, liberal chicken littles who believe that toy guns are harmful to a child's psyche, i am convinced that they provide a harmrmss ventilation
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ff, ballantine. judas h. christmas. dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drivivand 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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let me get this poor woman out of here. all right, take this thing down, make some kind of report. i'll deal with the suits out here. if you want a motorcycle e eort or something, go ahead and ask for it. what do o got here, renko? first victim was ambulanced with a gunshot and about a dozen knife wounds. we got a second victim. or 3 male blacks witnesses describe the perpetrators fleeing the premises perps come in an assortment of heights, weights, et cetera. get them over to the station and run them through the mug list. why didn't i think of that? hey, you got a problem with me, renko? yes, i do. anybody who brings an attitude like you the day before christmas is gonna have a problem. whoa, whoa, guys. you wanna a lve my problem?! let's canvas the neighborhood. let the guy do his thing. come on. further felicitataons to the season to you, too, good buddy.
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ho ho ho! merry christmas! ho ho ho! merry christmas, lady. ho ho. [ "o, christmas tree" plays ] merry christmas! ? o, christmas tree, o, christmas tree... ? what? you ain't no santa. the hell i'm not. you're too ugly to be a santa. come on, kid, take a powder. rotate on it, slim! would you like a nice crushed d rtebra for christmas, kid? you know what i think? i think you're a aop. hey, hey. i'm right, ain't i? just keep it down, will you? what's the scam here, jack? [ coins rattling ] look, kid, here's a couple of bucuc. do you wanna go to a movie or something, get lost? come on, beat it! check you later, mr. policeman.
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i am drunk... i amamisorderly... and i am prepared to be arrested! sir, you're not drunk enough and you're not disorderly enough to be arrested. now...have a canan cane and get on out of here. you ain't hearing me, white boy! i said i wanna be arrested... and serve time at the michigan avenue complex! come on -- leo, what seems to be the trouble? this guy wants to be arrested so he can have christmas dinner at the michigan avenue complex. sir, why donon you just mosey over to jefferson avenue men's shelter? they serve up a mighty fine christsts dinner. [ laughs ] see, you don't know nothing! they serve ham over there! i cannot eat ham! it disconveniences my stomach! they serve turkey at the michigan avenue complex! well, you're gonna have to commit a substantial misdemeanor before we can incarcerate you.
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hey, mama, check this out! i'm buck naked! [ laughing ] can't somebody arrest this pervert?! insufficient evidence, mrs. furillo. okay, buck, you win your turkey. come on. two of the people from the market were taken to st. john's, beaten unconscious with baseball bats -- one of them a 65-year-old lady. same 4 guys attacked. do you know nothing ever changes around here, frank? what? i was just accosted by a naked pervert. son does that the day before christmas? i have a ton of work. have you packed frank jr.'s suitcase yet? well, um, frank, i'm having second thoughts. we're leaving on a 7:00 flight. it's too late for second thoughts. what if he gets hurt? it's 3 days on the bunny slope, not the swiss alps. besides, it was your idea for us to take him with us so you could go to bermuda with judge what's-his-name. frank -- oh, excuse me, mrs. furillo. frank, bates and coffey brought in 2 more robbery/assault victims --
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ust got word of another one in the heights. let's coordinate with jack armetta up there. no sense duplicating efforts. do we have these people going through the mug books? sure, and i've got rich valasquez working on composites. keep me posted. merry christmas, mrs. furillo. oh, thank you, ray. same to you and rosa. gracias. now, frank, i have all frank jr.'s presents right here, but you have to promise me that you'll get a nice little christmas tree to put them under. he's had a christmas tree every year of his -- and, frank, whatever you do, please, please, don't forget to hang his stocking. it's the first thing he looks for when he gets up on christmas morning. and i've already filled it with little presents and -- and candy and things, you know. [ voice breaking ] but the five and dime was out of those little caramel swirls that he's used to and... fay, it's -- it's all right. [ sniffles ] well, it hurts, frank. well, it --
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and -- and with you gone, too, it -- i hate palm trees at this time of year. i'll call you at your hotel the moment he starts opening presents so you can be in on it every minute of the time. okay? [ sighs ] you remember our first christmas together -- i mean, as a family? we were in the linwood avenue apartment. frank . was about 4 months old. [ laughter ] i must have spent half the night trying to put that tricycle of his together, for one second and it broke into about 48 pieces! [ laughing ] [ sighs ] i think that was our best christmas ever. listen, frank, um... when you get back, do you think we could have christmas dinner together -- i mean, the 3 of us? i know it'll be a couple days late, but... it'd be like old times. yes. i'd like that a lot. [ sighs ]
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a gentleman over by the front desk to see you. uh, what brings you to town? [ chuckling ] what kind of question is that? i'm here to spend christmas with my one-and-only son! what else? damn, you look good, boy! you look like aces! you look better than aces. you look downright flush! what else brings you to town? listen at you, boy, sounding like one of these police interrogators. now that you mention it, i do have a little end-of-the-fiscal-year business to conduct with some local associates, but primarily we are talking about a family visit here, son! merry christmas to you, boy!
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why do you wanna write me a check for $500? bobby, because it's christmas! and i've always said a man can never be too long on a little pocket change come the holidays. of course, only $350 of that's for you, the other $150 being sorely needed by your old man, if you got the spare cash. on account of that being an out-of-state check, i figured you'd have a lot easier time running it through your bank than i would with mine. damn, boy, if you ain't getting handsomer every year! and they got nerve enough to tell me ays did favor your mama in that regard. look, i gotta go. but now... come punch-out time, i want you to call me at the kenmore hotel and let your old man treat you to some christmas dinner! i don't know. i mean, i got -- don't give me no ifs, ands, buts, or whatsoevers! you call me, boy! call me! and, bobby...
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what do you mean, you're not gonna call him? it's christmas eve, and he's your old man! i told you, renko, he's nothing. he never acted like my father. he's not family. he's nothing. just how old were you when he left? about 6, i guess -- 4 kids, a wife... and he never so much as sent us a postcard till 6 months later. every year it's the same damn thing -- whenever he needs a little traveling money or whenever the cards or the horses bring him back to town. i never had the nerve to tell him what i thought of him. damn, why didn't he just leave me alone! that's a gift! that's $500! it's bogus, renko.
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just eat! [ indistinct conversations ] i'll kick myself till the day i die for not making things right with my daddy before he passed on. well, i don't have anything to work out, renko, so let's just drop it, all right? take my advice, bobby hill. you get straight with that man. you've got to get straight. he's the only daddy you got. [ chuckles ] look, look, we go down to winewski's poultry and we buy a nice fresh turkey, okay? with a fresh bird, neal. it's a real gesture. do you remember that stew i used to date that got pregnant on me -- roxanne, huh? was she steamed up at me, huh? okay, so it's thanksgiving, right? i show up at her apartment with a fresh turkey, another guy's there. she kicks his butt out, we cook the bird -- what a night. damn it, j.d., i didn't make this woman pregnant. i killed her husband. it was an accident, man. give yourself a break.
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she doesn't even hold you responsible for. [ sighs ] yeah, maybe you're right. sure i am. come on, huh? come on. we'll go down, we'll pick up a bird, and we'll go down there. a gift of food breaks down a lot of emotional barriers. uh...creamed sewage on rye. good choice, belker. [ growls ] hey, what's the latest on those crazies, henry? the guy's going for some kind of record. howard. henry. drugs, no doubt. speed...animal... tranquilizers...juice. doll, can i have a menu? so... tell me, henry... what do jews do at christmas, anyway? i don't know, howard -- go to miami? [ chuckles softly ] thank you.
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a ritual gift -- a sweet wine or perhaps a fruitcake or... i'm -- i'm trying to convince them that i'm the appropriate suitor for their daughter's hand. howard! intending? to take a jewess for my wife. right. what's wrong with that? nothing. nothing at all. do the parents know you're... of the christian faith? well, i intend to fly my colors, if that's what you mean. thank you. my good woman... do you have the temerity to call this paste "gravy"? nazi slime! well, a typical female's inability to accept corrective input, henry. it's the day before christmas, my husband has deserted me for a 19-year-old tootsie, my kids never call me, i'm having hot flashes, and i made that gravy!
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oh. well, i'm, uh... a bit premature in my judgment, madam. it's first-rate. my compliments to the chef. [ crying ] i can't take it! i wish i was dead. it's gonna be okay. nice going, crud brain! sorry, guys, no reggie hill here. um... how about reggie hilbert? nah. hilbert reginald. unh-unh. regis reginald. nah. regis hillstone. bum, too? yeah! w-well, sort of. well, if you find him, i wanna piece of him. the guy walks out of his bill not more than an hour ago. even beat me out of the velour towels. what do you got on him? bunco? yeah, bunco, i bet. look, mr. um... harv. harv, this is probably our fault. you see, he probably thought we were hot on his tail so he cut out on it. will $25 cover it? including the towels?
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hey, have a good one yourself. you like that, man? i don't believe this. first he does a number on me, then he says he'll be at the hotel, then he leaves me with the bill and goes out the back door! you've got to admire the criminal mastermind, bobby. so, are we gonna go get him? no! are you gonna let it drop just like this? are you gonna let it drop?! ...last seen headed northbound. 2202 responding. over. come on, renko. [ siren wails ] merry christmas! ho ho -- [ "angels we have heard on high" plays ] come on, lady, you wanna move?!
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[ whistling "jingle bells" ] [ growling ] move!! what's with you?! i got free speech! you little hairbag... you are coming with me! i can hold as long as you can. i'll bet. who do we have responding, henry? hill, renko, simmons, obranovich, plus all east side park on the perimeter. i think they changed cars. we got a report they are driving a late-model black oldsmobile, no plate. what's the count? 7 incidents, 3 shootings. the lady in the 133rd street robbery just died. as soon as we get ballistics, distribute citywide and keep an open line to mercy. how are we coming on the photos, phil? well, some of the victims are in troubled straits, but they're trying. i sent mueller over to mercy with more mug books. sarge...
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ttle delinquent? he was obstructing an ongoing police operation. who are you calling a delinquent? you jar head! you jar head in a red suit! [ chuckles ] here's the grandmother's address, sarge. hmm. say, pepe, will you escort young herman to the "b" level incarcitorium while i see if i can locate the legal guardian? lieutenant, i got a photo i.d... on a kid that i think is still in county. joe and i picked this kid up about 2 weeks ago on a burg. he pulled 60 days so he's still in county, right? the week before christmas? they all walk. larue! washington! get going! you, too, bates. where? the kid's address is in the heights. good. get backups from over there. flynn, keep going with the books here. henry, let's run this rivera through corrections, gang intervention, v.c.i. -- i got it, ray. webster, ballantine, salshood. police! get out of here.
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here, it's for you. it's a warrant. all right, where is he? who? luis. i don't know no luis. hey, you leave that stuff alone! the bedroom's clean. so, you don't know luis, huh? whose is this gonna be then, huh? you're under arrest, sugar. th-this is my cousin tina's place! hey, it looks like a little blow, too, babe! hey, you're faking me, pigs. lousy pigs! this is my cousin tina's place, i told you!
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the lady died! you sayin' i killed some old woman? it's called being an accessory. it's called harboring a fugitive. you're 18 now, sugar -- gloves come off. you got to set my bail, man! you're not getting bail!
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hey, carmelita, you ever been lost in the system? we put you on a bus with the wrong paperwork, takes you three, four days just to get to michigan avenue. los nombres -- los nombres de los personas! what do i know what he does?! you know! i don't know. a guy named miguel from county. more names, carmen -- mas nombres! miguel alonzo! that's all. release her. come on. come on! henry, have maris and william follow her, and run the names through corrections. you see, he's my daughter cynthia's, and she lives in roanoke. she went to florida for a few days with her boyfriend for the holidays, so they sent up herman -- herman! get back here. get -- get back here! they sent herman up to me and his papa,
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ma'am, i can appreciate the difficulty, but -- but nothin'! either he goes to the belt room and gets a whippin', or i don't take him home! ooh... the belt room. yes, and i took my eldest there when he was cuttin' up, and he's a motorman now. and i brought charles here -- well, he got a whippin' every other week -- but he's a minister, and that was 22 years ago. well, you see, the belt room is occupied at the moment. we have a particular incorrigible who's being administered, uh, 70 strokes. i figure a young fella your age, 40, 45 should suffice. you better hope you get a pillow for christmas, young fella. what's the trouble here, sergeant? well, i'm gonna take this young incorrigible down to the belt room and see if i can effect a little change in attitude. oh, well, w-wait a minute. you had the last one, didn't you? that's right, i did, sir. well, i...think i'll have a crack at this one.
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sit down. you gonna whip me? nah, we don't do that here. well, i know what goes on in these places! what i actually wanted to talk to you about was how long you think you're gonna be here. what do you want to know that for? till a few days after christmas, you think? something like that. you in school? yeah, i go. ur grandma out there. i have a sneaking suspicion maybe you're mad at some people... some people you think maybe don't love you. like who? your mother, maybe? why'd she have to go to florida with that dude? maybe she's tired... needs a vacation -- i don't know. um... i have a little boy, too. he's not gonna be spending christmas with his mother, either.
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t hate him. she loves him. it's just that sometimes when a mother and father aren't living together... it's hard for them to, uh, explain things right to kids, you know? like, uh, to say they love you when they're not with you all the time. that's all i wanted to tell you. come on! no, really, that's all. that other dude -- he's gonna whip me? we don't do that here. you want to shake hands instead? if i do, do i gotta be good? no... you just have to remember how many people love you. [ bell rings ] merry christmas. what are you doing here?
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anything, but it's the holidays, and i thought -- i brought you a gift. this is how you pay off your guilt, huh? you killed my husband! i know i did, ma'am... but it was an accident! yeah, that's what you say. police investigation -- big deal! you all stick together! ma'am, if i could bring him back, i'd do anything. why don't you do yourself a favor and just get out of here? because if you're asking me to forgive you, forget about it because i'll never forgive you! i wish it were that simple. i wish you could say something -- then maybe i could sleep at night. truth is, i know i did the right thing, but that doesn't change the fact that your husband's dead, and i killed him. i don't know what i'm doing here. i guess i just wanted to make some sort of contact with you, to tell you i feel for your loss. do you know what i'm doing tonight? i'm going to stay open until midnight
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and then i'm going home alone... and drink and cry on the couch until i pass out, because it's christmas, and i don't have my husband! i'm sorry, ma'am. i really am. you are so sorry, huh? i'll give you something to be sorry about, because i am going to sue you and your entire department's butt off
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i've got to return them to kowalski's just the way they gave them to me. let's go! we're getting a little late. neal, it's stupid. you took a shot -- so what? leave me alone, john. you want me to go get the turkey back? it wasn't a turkey -- it was a damn goose! whatever -- i'll march right in and grab the sucker. what you got is your classic holiday-depression syndrome. [ "deck the halls plays" ] it's strictly seasonal. you could populate toledo with the number of dudes that have blown themselves away over eggnog and mistletoe. yeah, that's just what i need right now -- some third-rate psychological commentary on the holiday blues. man, you don't have clue one to what's eating me, so why don't you just button it up for a couple of weeks? hey! hey! hey! you just hold on a second! come on, guys -- go suck on a wreath, coffey! i've been eating negative flack off you all day, and it's starting to wear thin. damn it, hurley, will you turn that off? it's my fault that the store owner got blown away, huh?
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ou better check the scoreboard before you start getting too righteous with me, because i have covered your sorry butt for more times than i can count -- through times when you weren't even fit for a bench in the detox ward! and now the one time that i need a little understanding, you -- damn it, man! i asked you to turn the damn thing off!! hey, what are you doing?! whoa! hey, tomorrow -- i'll get you one twice as big. uhhhh! [ door opens ] [ bells jingling ] how long's it been since the shooting? three months this friday. have you talked to anybody about it? nah. furillo? to bob in psych?
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i didn't think there was any need to, henry. i mean... i thought with a little time, i could, uh, get a handle on it, you know? have you? it's pullin' back up on me, henry. i'm choking on it. this job's full of guys like you, neal -- want the world to think they got it all under control... -- no problem, no sweat. strong and silent -- ain't that just part of the profile? like hell it is. you know what happens to guys like that, neal? guys like you who want to keep it all inside themselves? sometimes it takes a while -- years, maybe -- but sooner or later, they lose everything that ever meant anything to them -- their friends, families, the job. maybe they just end up alone in the middle of the night, staring down the barrel of their service .38.
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i want to deal with it... ...but i-i just don't know how, man. all right. there is a counselor, name of brennan, out of midtown. he's helped a lot of guys through this sort of thing. go see him, will you? you got a lot of friends in this department, neal. try to lean on us now and then, will you? st. valentine's day massacre, yom kippur war, christmas eve rampage on the hill -- what's it all about, bobby -- the holiday motif?
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[ laughs ] well, i checked out of the hotel. i wanted to see when you was gettin' off. you didn't check out! you beat 'em for 25 bucks -- i paid it! oh, come on, bobby -- i'd have sent 'em a check. i do it all the time, boy! now, come on, bobby, have dinner with me tonight. forget about it. there's nothing here, reggie. now, wait a minute -- don't you dare call me reggie! good, bad, or indifferent, i'm still your father! you're not! you never were! i'm sick and tired of you blowin' into my life, tearing up a bunch of old wounds and then getting back on the bus, leaving all over again! i just want you to leave me alone! all right. i'll be -- i'll be going. listen, bobby, i -- i could use a little -- little getting-away cash
4:44 pm
[ bills rustle ] [ slam ] bobby, i want you to understand something, son -- i didn't come here just to hurt you, boy. and i didn't come here just for the money. bobby, you gotta understand, son, i'm just a -- i'm just a traveling man. then do it -- travel! right now! bobby, i...
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4:46 pm
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? ...jingle all the way ? ? oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh... ? merry christmas, children. all: merry christmas! music stops ] [ microphone squeals ] it was the night before christmas, and all through the hospital, not a creature was stirring, not even a marsupial. the tree was all trimmed, and outside it was snowing, but the children were troubled because santa's not showing. but wait! here is his wife and two of his fairies. i'll ask them where santa is, and why does he tarry? i ought to know. he left the north pole over two days ago!
4:48 pm
d the ignition. hey! i'm his personal elf. i'm worried sick. he's never this late -- it's not like st. nick. [ bells jingling ] but hark! what's that racket? could it be? sounds like a sled! then it's got to be -- ho ho ho! santa! santa! santa! santa! [ to "jingle bells" ] ? ooh-ooh-ooh! ? ? ooh-ooh-ooh! ? ? ooh-ooh-ooh! ooh-ooh! ? merry christmas, children. ? ooh-ooh-ooh! ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! ? ? ooh-ooh-ooh! ooh-ooh-ooh! ? but here i am now with presents for you! [ cheers and applause ] merry christmas! [ laughter ] hey, did you see the size of those kids' eyes when you yanked back that curtain?
4:49 pm
thank you. man, am i pumped up! we gotta do these charity gigs more often! i know what you mean. i got another benefit i gotta do in just a couple hours. yeah, what's her name? loretta -- sicilian babe. she is gonna go hot with desire over these elf threads. hey, bobby, what do you got goin' tonight? well, a bunch of us guys are goin' over to the kubiaks. trokili's gonna throw a christmas bash. we have to get these antlers kind of worn down. you gonna come, mick? no, i can't. i got a date. we all have dates! bring her along. a big dinner lined up, and then a party with relatives. you know, it's holiday stuff. woman: all units in the vicinity of north and elmwood, pursuit in progress of black oldsmobile 4-door... hey, listen up. suspects presumed armed and dangerous. sounds like our boys. up ahead, neal. [ siren wailing ]
4:50 pm
[ siren wailing ] you know what? this crumb's gonna be packin' a lot of metal! good! they're gonna need it! whoa! oh, lordy, it's christmas eve, and i'm gonna get shot dead in a moose suit! [ horn blaring ] [ siren wailing ] grab that thing! grab that thing! grab that thing! all right. [ tires screech ]
4:51 pm
[ growling ] hold it right there! ohh! ahh! [ lucy whimpers ] joe! ahhhh! ugh! get up! get up! [ siren wailing ] freeze! freeze! police! freeze! come on! shut up and move! come on! that's him! those are the ones! that's him! you filthy animal! [ shouting ] get everyone into interrogation now! let's follow procedures here, shall we, gentlemen?
4:52 pm
s possible, henry. i'm not about to blow this i.d. on some logistical screw-up. yes, sir. ray, call the p.d.'s office and get their representation. j.d., neal, get a jump on the paperwork. captain, you promise me they're gonna pay for what they did! we're doing everything we can, mrs. grady. any word on lucy? coffey rode with her in the ambulance to mercy. she's in intensive care. keep me posted. thanks. uh, neal, about this afternoon -- forget it. i don't want to, man. i can be a real meathead sometimes, but your friendship, uh... it means more to me than anything.
4:53 pm
what's this, man? it's a christmas present, you melon. what's it look like? uh, how about we exchange them tonight...after dinner? this, uh, some kind of half-assed dinner invitation? i'll call jill and ask her to set a couple extra plates. you're on. hey, i'll bring the goose.
4:54 pm
yeah. yes, of course. right. you're a lifesaver, counselor. hot-waxed and flat-filed -- you're going to be the fastest italian on snow since gustavo thoeni. who's that? forget it. you all set?
4:55 pm
to pick up frank jr., and if we miss this flight, we'll be stranded at that airport till easter. excuse me, frances. wow, ms. davenport, don't we look ravishingly alpine. thank you, phil. oh, lucy bates is out of intensive care. it was only a mild concussion. they're gonna keep her overnight for observation. that's great. let's send her some flowers from everyone. i'll pay for them. all right. phil, send the bill to me. yes, ms. davenport. now, what about this unfinished business? we ran a lineup of the first two victims. so far, we're batting a clean 1,000. good work, henry. we're out of here, counselor. frank, chief daniels on line 5. i think it sounds urgent. uh... tell him i've gone skiing, ray. my kind of man.
4:56 pm
? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? for the lord god omnipotent reigneth ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? for the lord god omnipotent reigneth ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ?
4:57 pm
? hallelujah ? i am the ghost of christmas present. look upon me. you have never seen the like of me before. i'm not sure i see the like of you now. but i hear you -- i hear you. [ laughing ] so i've heard. [ telephone rings ] you're the one who's too tight with a penny to buy himself a pair of spectacles. hello? no, i'm sorry, i think you have the wrong number. well, merry christmas to you, too. goodbye. who is it? who's there? is that you, joe?
4:58 pm
joseph... hey, i know it's a little crooked, not to mention being a dwarf, but it's practically the last one left in town. i grabbed it out of maggiota's two minutes before they closed. it's really beautiful. it really is. so, how about some eggnog? come on, luce, what are you crying for? don't ask such stupid questions. what's with the extra blankets? i slipped the orderly a ten spot so he'd let me spend the night. did you think i was gonna let you spend christmas eve by yourself? i'll just pull up a couple of chairs.
4:59 pm
come here. come here. give me a hug. merry christmas, luce. merry christmas, joe. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
morning, detectives. and a very good morning to you. what's the story? bar's robbed, one of the stickup men shot this guy. from the look of it, he must have been trying to get out. caught it in the back of the head. "jerome lester." 40 bucks in his wallet.


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