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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[music playing] -show me yours. -come on kattrain, quit loloing and get back to work. -go to hell, man. -argh! ah! my leg! ah! -get back to work. -ah! oh, my leg! thanks, man. thanks for the diversion. -argh! why you. break!
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[moans] -hey, what are you doing? -get out. -no! -get out of the car. [screamingng freeze, kattrain. -help me. [screaming] narrator: he was a cop, and good at his job. but he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad. cops that tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands, an outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter, a renegade.
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-oh, oh. nice to meet you too. -kattrtrn! -chicago? that's over 2,000 miles away. we don't have a case in chicago. whatatre you going to do there? -it's just, it's something i got to handle on my own, bobby. -ah, secret mission in the windy city, need to know basis. you could tell me more, then i'd know too much, and then you're forced to kill me. -it's just something i got to t te care of on my own
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of days. give m mregards to chey. -ok, you just be safe, my friend. -always. sergeant raines: i don't care if the sox win the division or the pennant. hell, i don't even care if they win the world series. they're still not my t tm and they're not your team. -comiskey is only five miles south of here, sarge. ititin't like it's in indiana. -it's on the south side. how many times in your life have you ever been to a ball game on the south side? if it was the cubbies-- -oh, the cubbies, the cubbies, the cubbies.
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-yeah! -ernie banks. ooh, let's play too. how long do i got to hear about these guys? they retired. they don't play anymore, doug. and in two weeks, you're going retete and you ain't gonna play anymore. -don't remind me. -you know what else? in 30 years i'll retire, and the cubs still won't have won a pennant, much less a world series. -kid, you got no loyalty or respect. i keep telling you that. hey, pull over there, will you? -we're suppose to be trackingngattrain. -we are tracking kattrain. -what we're going to find him in a liquor store? this is yoyo plan? i told you kattrain will find me. now will you pull over? say, i n nd to borrow a couple of bucks. -are we talking a pint or a quart here, sarge? -quart.
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-how's it going, bro? -all right, man. a quarter? hey, where the hell you been? sun times is $0.0.. -sorry! -cool! g for some company what street would you suggest he visit? -well, normally if it was somebody i knew and thought i could trust, i'd tell him to go right around the corner. but today i'd tell him to save his effort, because he'd be wasting his time. -why's that? -cruise the newspaper, man. bad bob kattrain is on the loose. this dude offed six working girls and a cop before they nailed his butt. -he was from this neighborhood, wasn't he? -yeah, man. he lived on division. one of the odd girls he got was kendra marsuple.
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-i'm staying at this hotel. if you hear or see anything, anything at all, that has to do with bad bob kattrain, you leave word for me inside, will you? and there's more where this came from. pass the word on the street. -who are you, man? because you definitely ain't no cop. -i'm the man hunting kattrain. that's all you need to know. -well, find him, man, and find him quick. -stevevehow ya doing? let me have a couple of hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, uh, relish, and, uh, some onions. you want something to eaea -yeah, give me the same thing and a triple bypass, will ya? -bridges, a couple of hot dogs ain't going to kill you. look at old sarge here, huh? same uniform since the day i got my badge. -yeah, and been to t t cleaners, what, twice since then? -it says here that, uh, kattrain used to hold up in a place on clark street? -yeah, coach house, fourth floor, last room on the right. -this teddy egan guy, he was s ur partner, huh? -yeah!
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i put two rounds in him, he left one in me. -do you think he's coming back for more? -i know he is. he told me that, right there e the courtroom. he looked me right in the eye and said, we've got unfinished business. -uh, huh. -but you know what? it's a good thing he's coming back to town, because it gives me one last thing to do before i retire. -hey, keep it down, huh, sarge? it c cld sound a little premeditated. -bridges, some things in life are just meant to be. i know what you mean. -good, give, uh, richard simmons here a diet soda. give me a six pack to go.
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wanna party? huh! ha, ha.. hey, come on. hey, joe. hey, look, come on. hey, hey. it's your loss, loser. -psst! i wanna party. -ha, ha. hey, baby. i'm toilla joy, who might you be? -well, i'm the man with the cash. -ha, ha i'm liking you already. so tell toi, what's your pleasure. -conversation. ? -you do. and you're talking to me about a local cop i'm looking for. -no way. -oh, yeah, come on. i -- i bet you know lots of cops. -hey, i don't know any cops. [screaming] -i bet you do. i bet you they all come around here looking for handouts. am i right? -you're right. you're right.
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-hey, there. wanna party? -i'm not buying. i'm looking for someone. -well, look somewhererelse, because i ain't no info booth. -hey, you're going to want to help me on this. i'm looking for bad bob kattrain. -some girl on division street saw him this morning. scared the living hell out of her. -where is this girl? she work a regular corner? -taff building. -hey, listen you've been a lot of of help. here, take the afternoon off.
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-i'm confused with this part of the master plan, sarge. i mean, uh, is there any particular reason we're parked here? -bridges, we're parked here because crime happens everywhere. -oh! -as a matter of record, i was parked right here, in this very spot, back in 1971 when a stabbing went down right in front of me. -ah, that's from the deja vu chapter of the crime stoppers textbook. -and we're parked here because just about two blocks away kattrain made contact this am with one and sometimes the morning. -you know, i should be writing this stuff down. i mean, an education like this doesn't happen to a guy every day. dispatcher (on radio): all units, disturbance reported at clark and division. caller reports possible sighting apb kattrain, robert. -and we're parked here because i'm a damn genius. 1l16 responding, three away.
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[siren] dispatcher (on radio): attention 1l16, for the sighting, kattrain, robert. blaylock apartments north of division on clark. [sirens] ind the car. -call for back up. -don't do anything you're going to regret, doug. -just make the call, kid. -kattrain, come on, bob. do it. i'm right here, just like last time. -don't shoot himim -what?
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now. -i can't frigging believe this. -yeah, you see? no resistance. -cuff f m. -you're under arrest, pal. you've got the right to remain silent, which i highly recommend. anything you say-- -what in the hell do you think you're doing? -saving your life, sarge. -you didn't save my life, you just put it in jeopardy. -i was doing you a favor. -don't do me any favors, son.
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book him, i'll catch up with you later. -shift command is going to want to talk to you. -to hell with the shift commander. tell him you made the collar. -i ain't going to do that. -bridges, will you get the hell out of here? hey, kattrain, i still owe you one. with your mother. -you have no right to come here. -well, i'm not dead. i'm here, and i came a long way. -great. two cop-killererin one day. -i didn't do anything. -you're innocent, that's why you turned yourself in. -it's a long story. -so long you couldn't bother to call, write? -i didn't think you would believe me. and now i know i'm right. -yeah, you were right. -wait. -touch me again, and i'll kick your sorry little butt. -so that's it, huh? you would rather kick my butt than hear me out. -now you want to come clean?
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-there was a funeral, you know. -saint vincent cemetery, on top of the third hill. i was there. -yeah, right. -dad, i was framed. i came back for the funeral, but the man who did this to me, a cop named dutch dixon had the whole place covered. probably had your-- your phone tapped. he had your house staked out. -that's a prprty good story, son. of course, you've had two years to work out the details. -when i heard kattrain was let out of prisoso i knew he'd come back after you. and i came running. -i wonder too. because thanks to you, kattrain is still alive. and he can put a couple more bullets in me. you should have let me ventilate him when i had that chance. -that's murder. you're a police officer.
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-yup, what will it be? -how about a handshake for an old friend. -reno? ah, you're a sight for sore irish eyes. -hey, barney. [sigh] ah! my god, it's been years. -yup! -oh, so did your barber die or what? -oh, come on.
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nged a bit. -you, uh, you wanna talk in the back? you know, this is cop joint. -i thought it wowod be safe this time of day. -what happened to you, son? -that's funny, that's what i thought my dad would say. -you've seen him then? -yesterday, when he busted bob kattrain again. --[sigh] you should have heard doug and the boys in here last night. all the old legends about the first time your dad pinched bad bob back in '86, huh? had him cornered in the union stockyards. should have slaughtered him then. yeah! [laughing] -that's when he made you his partner, after egan died. -yeah. boy did he? god rest his soul. -how's the drinking? -ah, he ain't drinking. -barney, i can smell it on his breath. -hey, he's better half in the bag, than most of these scrawny kids wearing badges today. hell, i don't blame him for taking early retirement. -you're changing the subject.
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-not so good.. not since your mom passed. -he blames m mfor that, you know? -what happened to you? he took it pretty hard. your family's been in blue for three generations. -hey, for the record, barney, i'm innocent. and i can prove it, as soon as i get mymyands on a certain witness. -never believed a word of that, son. i told your dad d much. he wouldn't listen, stubborn fool. -i gotta make things right with him, barney. -reno, i'd be real careful. your father can get a bit, uh, unpredictable. -what are you saying? -morning boys, coffee coming up. back way. -yeah.
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you know, they got this new thing outside. this big, red ball of fire that hangs in the sky, it's called the sun. -yeah, i remember, vaguely. -how would you like to remember it a whole lot better? and seseit from real close up, from like maybe, florida? -that's a nice dream. -i'll tell you why they call me the sandman. like you who help me. officer bradley: anyway, then, out of nowhere this long-haired guy shows up, right? just at the instant the sarge is getting ready to plant kattrain. -andndhis guy stops him? -yeah, he stops him. then they get into an argument. turns out this guy is his son. -get out of here. -my right hand to god. -and he's got long hair? -this guys got shoulder length hair. i'm talking a long black duster, he's got two days growth. he looked like a refugee from " "ns and roses."
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. -oh, yeah, sure, i'll run him. the sarge's kid's an outlaw. a better chance of ditka coming back with the bears. -this is detective walters in chicago. i'd like to speak totoieutenant dixon. -damn! -ha, you haven't changed the lock in 20 years. -haven't needed to before now. in case you missed the point, you're not welcome here. -i caught that.
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-i heard you were thirsty a lot lately. -why don't you get the hell out of here? -not until i've had my say. -ok! whatever it takes to make you leave. -i was undercover, and about ready to bust a dirty cop in bay city. and he got on to me and hired a thug to blow me away, but he missed me and shot val. it got messy so this cop, dixon, shot ned that one on me too. so i ran, i had to, dad. the frame was too tight. -conveniently we have only your word for this? -that used to be enough. -used to be. -there's a witness to all this. a man named hound adams. he's a con on the run. i've trying to catch him for the last three months now.
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-no more. -hey. now listen. now go on. -go ahead. put it all on me, and you'll never have to look at yourself in the mirror. pat gorman: hey, kattrain, i've been thinking a lot about taking a trip to florida. -yeah? -yeah. and if you think i'm going to throw away 18 spotless years for a few bucks from a lowlife scum bag like you, you better keep thinking. -well, i'll tell you what. you made a real stupid decision. you got a daughter, hm?
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-you shut your mouth. now, i'm the only one down here from now until 6:00 am, so you don't want to be messing with me. you call for help, nobody will hear you. -i know, bobby. i can't believe it either. my own father actually shut me out. bobby: had he been drinking? --[sigh] yeah, he'd been drinking. i always thought blood was thicker than alcohol. hold on a second. -authorities report that robert kattrain, the so-called hooker killer, has escaped from the chicago city jail tonight where he was awaiting arraignment on new charges stemming from his escape from the state prison at joliet. -i can't believe this, what else could possibly go wrong? bellhop: good evening, sir. will you be checking in? -just the ononbag. bellhop: very good, sir. and where are you coming from, sir?
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will you be staying in chicago long?
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