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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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-sorry, pal, this unit is out of service. -i heard you had run in with kattrara. -is there a billboard somewhere? your the fourth person today hawking me about this guy. excuse me. -it's important. -i told the cops everything i know ten times. -did he say anytytng about a cop he was looking for. -yeah, somomold guy. he wanted to kill him. -that old guy he wants to kill is my dad. -i'm sorry. -it's ok.
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nything, anything at all? it's important. -he's just-- he's just bragging, you know? about how bad he was. and about how he paid some stooge to get off the chain gang. and how any cop on earth could get bought off for the right price. speaking of which, i gotta go. hate to get busted when i'm not even working. good luck with your dad. -thanks. -and have you got a sponsor for this one, valerie? [phone ringing] -yeah, barney's. -barney, it's reno. kid, you're still in town? -yeah, uh,h, need a favor.
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lockup last night? -listen, call me back in ten minutes, hm? -will do. -so, partner, got a little trivia question for you. -shoot. -hey, looking for me?
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-thanks. [sigh] you're pretty good out there. i should have remembered i was staking out a 20 year man. -save the flattery, lieutenant. how do know so much about me? -reno raines, he's a project of mine. and i made it my business to know all i can about him. -just good police work, huh? look, this would be hard on any parent. and it must just be hell on you, being a cop and all. -i can handle it. -well, i'm sure you can. they tell me you lost a partner in the line duty? -yeah, that's right. -well, so did i. the officer your son shot was a man named buzzy burrell.
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-lieutenant, what kind of a case do you have against m mson? -well, i wish i could say it was shaky. reno was a promising cop. ah, he and s se of this buddies went out abusing the badge. and buzzy, well, h hwas working a sting on them and getting set to drop the net. -and you recovered reno's weapon? -yeah. boy, i wish he hadn't run. ha, ha. and after the initial shock wore off, i, uh, i used to stay up at nights thinking about your boy. wondering if there wasn't, you know, some-- some other side to the story. a circumstance that would explain how such a promising prospect c cld go so wrong. -yeah.
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-have you seen him, sergeaea raines? because i got word that he's in town. have you spokekeo him? -so you're asking me to help send my son to prison? -i want him pretty bad. i guess that will show you what a frustrated man i am. -well, lieutenant, i'm afraid you're going to have to live wiwi that frustration a little while longer. of harboring a fugitive, right? -no, you don't have to warn me. -ok, sergeant raines, then i'm going to ask you again, directly. was he here? have you see him? -yeah. he was here. we had a nice little chat. -so where is he now? -well, if i knew i couldn't tell you, because i'd be harboring a fugitive. sorry your trip to chicago wasn't
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-ah! -pat gorman? -sheesh! what the hell, ya-- ah! ah! ah, hah. -how much did kattrain pay you? -talk to ia. i already did. i got witnesses. ah! -where did you meet? -i don't know what you're talking about. ah! -let me explain something to you, officer gorman. i'm not ia. i'm not even a cop. just a man with nothing to lose already facing one murder charge, so, i'm going to ask you one more time nicely, then it's going to get ugly.
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-hey there, little girl. -oh! ah, ah, ah. -ah, it's ok. it's ok. i just wanna talk. i just wanna talk. detectcte dixon: pat gorman? -[sigh] now what? i'm here on an extradite. i understand you're a man with a lot of answers.
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-uh! uh! kattrain!
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-you look like you'v'v been through the blender. -rumors of chicago's hospitality have been greatly exaggerated. --[sigh] yeah, well, i've got more good news for you. your dad was in, left a message. -you're kidding? -uh-uh. said to tell you there was a california cop named dixon in town looking for you. -huh! dad said that? -what's wrong with that? you are still his kid, you know? uess i am. i need to see him. do you know where he is? -on duty somewhere. -i'll call it in. get the lab guys down here off their butts. -i can tell you what happened.
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-i heard. you ok? -no! [clearing throat] -damn, i'm out of your brand. you, uh, wanna grab you a bobole in back? -i'll grab you a case. -dad, i want to thank you. you warned me about dixon and it meant a lot to me. -it meant i didn't want to s s one wrong number get the drop on another, period. -dad, wait. -this is not a good day to mess with me. -i want to help you get kattrain. -your totolate. he hit again last night. -that murder last night was a message. he did it to mess with your mind and you're letting him do it. it happen on your beat, under your nose.
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now he's counting on you to be alone again. he's not counting on me. so damn it, let me help you? detective e xon: i'm calling you a liar. i don't-- barney: you calling me a liar. detective dixon: i want this guy, right now. he's committed a murder in bay city, california. barney: i'm telling-- -it's dixon. -well, come back with a warrant! -in your dreams. -i was going to pay for them.
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-hey, i got to talk to you.
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where's your partner? -he's probably hiding from you. -it's important that i find him. -yeah. well, i don't think he wants to o found. hey, listen. i ran a little make on y y yesterday, it came back pretty ugly. -yeah, well, don't believe everything you read on your computer screen. -any reason why i shouldn't just run you in? make myself $10,000? -because you would have to arrest me first. ect challenge. i like that. get up against the car. is something the matter with your hearing? let me speak a little louder for you. [grunts] -oh! -i don't mean to embarrass you, bridges. i just want to know where my dad is. -hey! -think, where could he be? -i don't k kw.
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-the union stockyards. -the same as last time? come on, pal. reno: i'm sorry -hey! hey, come on. -kattrain! you want me?
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-miss me? -aah! -hold it. sunday morning, pop. easy -dad! -get out of here. it's fine. -not if you pull the trigger, it's not.
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y. looking over my shoulder. -this is no way out. that's no way to live. ain't that right, son? [gun shot] -sorry, that discussion was beginning to annoy me. i'll take that. get over there. well, i guess we know where you get your indecision, huh, reno? i can't tell you the number of times he's had a chance to drop 'em. i guess he just doesn'tthav. hell, it probably runs in the family. -it ain't for lack of courage. -ah, you big city y ps, you really amuse me. and when you're not taking bribes, or letting guys out of the can, you're doing pre-trial executions. -you think you're any better? you don't want to take him back to court. you want to take him back in a box. -give me the gun. -sure. reno: dad! -uh! -ah!
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-go on, son. get on the bike and ride. -what are you going to do? -just do what i'm telling you. if you don't, i'm going to kill him. i'll hold him for an hour, that will give you a good head start. go son. it's ok.
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-morning, doug. -hey, barney. how about a cup of coffee? -coffee? what the hell's gotten into you?
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-while fleeting sergeant douglas raines the suspect robert kattrain was killed by lieutenant donald dixon, a california police officer who was assisting on the case? -well, at least they spelled my name right. this i ia great town you guys have here. my flight got delayed two hours. -we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. -oh, that's ok, i just came by to wish sarge a happy retirement. you know what i bet it's going to be like? i bet it's going to be like, uh, the stories you read where a guy works the same job for 40 years. and then he quits, and-- [snapping finger] -- dies a week later. -sorry to disappoint you, lieutenant, but my plans have changed. -oh, yeah? -oh, yeah.h. and i've got you to thank for it. you see, i realized that as long as their are cops like you, they need cops like me to balance the scales. -oh, isn't that noble. -i think so. -and as for you, lieutenant, i would suggest
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me, sarge, but i've got a fugitive to catch. -hey, dixon, do me a favor. next time you see my kid, tell him, i love him.
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