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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> it is all thanks to a little known holiday thatness recognized in washington, d.c. friday, april 15th is emancipation day in the nation's capital. for that reason, the irs commissioner said that tax pays are all over country will have until monday, april 18th to file their returns. filing season opens next tuesday, january 19th. a federal court has ruled on how police can use tasers. if a person is not an immediate safety risk, police are not allowed to shock them way stun gun or tayseer. the fourth circuit keurtd of appeals ruled that the pain from a tase are is so bad, it violates the constitutional rights. this decision evolved from a lawsuit in pinehurst concerning the death of a mentally ill man at the hands of police. people in jakarta, indonesia standing up to terrorists. several hundred people gather near the starbucks cafe that was targeted in yesterday's deadly attack in a vigil intended to show solidarity.
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others placed nows are near the spot where a bomb exploded. five attackers and two civilians died in that attack. today, police arrested three people they think helped plan the violence. officials say they found evidence the attack was funded by islamic state. if your team misses the nfl playoffs buzz of a bad kick you are responsible for, it can be very difficult to face the public. >> hear the touching words these students had for minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh.
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50 welcome back. last night in south carolina, seven of the republican candidates for president took to the debate stage.
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of gop hopefuls on the debate stage. >> as don champion reports, the previously civil relationship between donald trump an ted cruz is starting to show cracks. >> reporter: one of donald trump's strongest political moments came when he defended his hometown. his clash with ted cruz was one of most talked about moments of last night's debate. >> everyone understand that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage wovment when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifuy,ore humanely than new york. >> you had this heartfelt response from trump. you don't get a lot of heartfelt response trump. >> i'm glad we are afocussing on the important topic of the evening. >> reporter: cruz is running neck and neck with trump in iowa. pundits say he scored major points for going toe to toe with the billionaire candidate specifically on the birther issue.
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when you go after cruz in a personal way, and you damage someone who they still think would make a fine nominee, then trump is really on thin ice. >> reporter: the debate also produced fireworks between marco rubio and chris christie. >> unfortunately, governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> two years ago, he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed. that was before he was running against me. >> the guys on that stage for a reason. everyone wrote him off seven months ago as a guy under siege and now he is like got a little bit of a pulse in new hampshire. it will be very hard for one to take votes from the other. >> reporter: other candidates like jeb bush and ben carson struggle to gain the spotlight. >> as far as i'm concerned, it is in the hands of good lord. >> reporter: the republican contenders have one more debate before the iowa caucus. don champion, cbs news. while three of lower
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a happy hour debate, rand paul boycotted that event. the three democratic presidential contenders will square off in their next debate sunday night and that will be in charleston being south carolina. the state board of elections will consider the protest as a benson town commission candidate at their meeting this morning. commissioner john bonner defeated dean mclamb by seven votes for the district 2 seat on november 3rd. mclamb challenged the results after discovering dozens of voters had received the wrong ballot. the johnson county board of elects asked state officials for permission to hold a new election something both bonner and mclamb support. nearly two years after a massive coal ash spill in the dan river, duke energy gave the media a look at its clean-up efforts. coal ash is the waste material from coal fired power plants. the utility is required to remove more than 30 coal ash dump as cross the state. it comes after 39,000 tons of the potentially toxic ash spilled in the dan river in eden which is north of greensboro.
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coal ash at that site are to be hauled away on trains and taken in virginia. duke energy right now. this is the most important thing that many of us have worked on for several years now and we have an army of engineers and technical staff that have developed the closure plans for these sites. >> so far, about 66,000 tons of coal ash were removed from the dan river site. it is one of four high priority locations that duke energy must clean up by 2019. there is a visitation tonight if a mir and daughter who were victims of a double murder sue said near apex. investigators a lemuel shot and killed melissa mitchell mcclain and her 17-year-old daughter last saturday. miller than killed himself. the visitation is at apex funeral home. the funeral is tomorrow morning at olive chapel baptist church in apex. the official holiday is monday but today is the actual
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jr. there are a number of events across the triangle today including a wreath laying at the martin luther king, jr. memorial gardens in raleigh. that is at 9:00 o monday, we will join the nation in pay be tribute to dr. king with the 36th annual martin luther king triangle interfaith prayer breakfast. it will be at the sheraton imperial hotel in research triangle park. wral's parent company is a proud sponsor. can you watch the first hour of the breakfast on and then starting at 8:00, we'll carry it live on wral tv f you want to watch cbs this morning, can you see it on wral2. >> it is chilly out there. so chilly thatbury appear wore his long johns. >> didn't need it. it was a miscalculation. >> you will need two layers
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let's take look at our satellite-radar picture. a little precipitation getting closer to the sand hills. not quite there yet but we'll give it another hour to two hours, you may start to see some rain. while some of that is showing up as snow had the mountains, we won't see that here. our temperatures will be too warm for that. even though it is # # in benson an roxboro, 31 in rocky mount. -- it is 32 in benson and roxboro, 31 in rocky mount, the temperatures will warm up. the showows begin to carlos depavia up into the area. rain will an cross the entire region. there may be a few thunderstorms. tomorrow looks beautiful. partly cloudy and 52. we'll talk more about the potential for precipitation on sunday. i will tell that you amounts look light. renee? >> thank you. a study says a certain variety of foods can reduce
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>> coming up, we'll tell you about the three vegetables you might want to add to your plate. >> the the weekend is about to begin and the world appear toughest rodeo is just one option for fun. our out and about editor will be live to talk about ticket
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this weekend. oh, it's he friday. can't wait. there are so many exciting things to do all over the triangle this weekend. >> thousand choose. i mean before a rodeo, comedy, musical. something for everyone. >> what a town. >> wral out and about editor kathy hanrahan is here to walk us through the fun options. >> ment the rodeo saturday, pnc arena. great family friendly event. they are going to have
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i know you've interviewed him. >> i have indeed. it was a wonderful experience and whiplash is the star of the show but the dog that whiplash rides -- that is not whiplash. whiplash rides the dog an that is the secret. >> the unsung hero of the rodeo. >> yes. >> whiplash and that dog. >> so barrel racing, a lot of stuff going on. adult tickets, $18. children can get in for half price. go a little early. you can meet the cowboys an everything. >> fun. >> fun stuff. >> chinese lantern festival. >> last weekend. >> and it was extended. >> it is doing so well. they want you had to have extra time to see it. it closes sunday night so you have a chance. they've reduced ticket prices. you can go out there and have some fun. >> pretty cool. >> very neat. >> very different. >> repticon.
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i know you love your reptiles gym a conferring my fears. >> north carolina state fairgrounds saturday, sunday, if you love reptiles inform you want a reptile, brian, if you want get a snake. >> i'm good. >> they will have demonstration, merchandise and can you buy animals. it will be very exciting. >> a that will be great. louis black is coming i don't he just yells. he is angry, he is happy. he is a lot of things but he is very, very funny. durham performing arts center tonight, 8:00. you have seen him on comedy central, the daily show. >> you never know what he is going to say but you will be laughing. ragtime the musical. >> also happening raleigh memorial auditorium. it runs through sunday. it's tony award winning production. >> it is a classic. can you go out there and stay in from the weather, go inside, see a show. >> if you want to pay me $40 to go, i'll be happy to do that.
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>> the brian schrader show. >> i'll take up a collection. >> that is a good idea. >> thank you so much. and for more information on all of the events we talked about, just go to search out and about. shoveling snow no easy task especially if you are 101 years old. >> now, this man's god deed is going viral. thousands of views online. coming up, the lessons he
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>> find out why this turkey was saw earth and wind there. >> some sign of fire.
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>> less successful than earth, wind and fire. >> we're trying. >> finally, we have some cloud cover out there. i was so worried this morning. we had sunshine early on and i think people were probably running out the door thinking rain, it's in the going to rain. oh, yes, it is. by the time you are headed out for lunch or just a little after, maybe even earlier than that down into the sand hills, so be prepared. not going to be yen rating quite as much energy at solar farm 5 today. the clouds ve started to thicken up. 39 is our current temperature. our dow point continues to climb as the moisture streams in as this front gets closer, our low pressure system. it is 32 in south hill an roanoke rapids. still 30 in tarboro. 34 in chapel hills. we travel southward, 29 in sanford. you may say wait a minute, this
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temperatures are down at and below freezing. we'll first see the rain back here into moore county. we are seeing that getting closer notice, it is in the mid-30s. i promise you, as this system approaches, our temperatures will warm up. this is all going to be a rain event for us. we've been talking about what may happen on sunday. the amounts of precipitation look very light. so our two big weather issues for the next seven days will be the rain this afternoon and then the cold for next week. not a big snow event. look at this. our normal low temperature is 31 degrees for most of next week. we'll start monday morning at 24. 18 on tuesday morning f we hit 18, not only the coldest morning so far this winter, 21 on wednesday. 28 on thursday. that will be a big story for us for next week. again today's big story is the rain. this will be the most precipitation that we see all weekend. sunday appear issue, this doesn't look that impressive. we are starting to see just the
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moore county. most of us will see rain by affect but it may be by lunchtime or a little before in the sand hills. here is a look at futurecast. you can see the rain moving in around lunch time. a good chance of thunderstorms along the coast and could see one or two mere and then it moves out. system. there has been a lot of talk about snow for sundayment here is futurecast's latest look at offshore. i still think we have the potential for some light precipitation. let's take a look at that for sunday. we'll see a high of 47. it will be plenty warm tivment within tough to get anything frozen out of a temperature in the 40s. but some light precipitation may stream in from this low. a few sprinkles or even the western part of the viewing area could so a few snow flurries. let mow emphasize right now the ams look very light. it won't be an event that causes problems for anybody. i think we'll have more trouble
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looking at anything frozen but just the cold temperatures especially it being martin luther king, jr. day. folk will be out at events, specifically the march in downtown raleigh at 11:00 will be in the 20s. tuesday more than, wednesday more than, very cold temperatures. that will be an issue for us next week. rain this afternoon. a few sprinkles or flurries on sunday but not much it was. i don't not a big storm. >> thank goodness for that. the united nations adopted a set of goals to fight poverty and protect the global environment back in september. >> a group here in the triangle discussed those issues. greg fishel led the forum at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. he is parties from the u.n., the white house and the museum were there to talk about forging a sustainable future. in particular, the ad vans in science and education to help motivate people to seek their open solutions.
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unlike adults who feel like everything must object a megascale to make a difference, young minds of young students are willing to take something essentially simple and realize that it has possible global implications. >> if you would like to read more about the forum and the guest eakerss, go to wral pt come. >> i was born march 8, 1914. that makes me a little over 101. >> richard mann has learned a thing or two about the work ethic. >> i was the only boy and it was an automatic thing for me to mother or less do a -- a i called it a man's job. >> reporter: after his father died when he was four, he took care of work around the house to help his single mom including shoveling snow.
8:43 am
feet of snow i mean for two or three weeks at a time. >> reporter: the job never got him much attention until now nearly a century later. >> this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up and get out and get something. >> reporter: the video showing richard shoveling his neighbor's snow has gone viral. richard's daughter showed him the video yesterday. >> the number i saw is 138,000 people have seen it. >> that is quite a number. >> this is a number, yeah. >> i wish i could collect a dollar -- >> for each one. >> reporter: richard says he was just doing his neighbor a favor, not expecting anything in return as he was taught growing up. >> i've always been active, always doing something. >> reporter: over the years, richard lost one wife to cancer, the other to alzheimer's. he has not lost his humor. his secret tie long healthy life. >> clean living and wine, women
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>> it is that hur,hiwork ethic and kindness that makes his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren proud. >> that is why i think people appreciated seeing the video of him because this were so many things going on that are not -- people are not being kind to each other and kindness is the key to having a successful and good life. >> i've had quite a life. >> what an awesome sense of humor he has. the man says he still plays golf whenever he gets the chance. and he like bacon an eggs for breakfast every day. >> i think he is on to something. he looks great. a new study suggests maybe eating more spinach, kale and broccoli may get you there and even lower your risk of glaucoma. it could reduce the risk by 30%. doctors report that people with chronic optic never damage benefit from the nitrates in
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people using e vision relates to help taper off of smoking real cigarettes apparently are much less likely to quit. that is according to doctors at the university of california san franciscoment they found the odds of quitting 28% lower for smokers who vape. some great videos to look at this morning. >> a tech company sets a world record with drones and a turkey catch as a flight. >> jeremy roghts has a look at those stories and more. >> reporter: tech giant intel just set a guiness world record and they did it with real gusto. they broke the record for the most unmanned aerial vehicles flown sim tinsley. 100 small drones lit up the night sky in a performance set to beethoven's fifth culminating with the company's logo. i am in the a finance of push notifications. the phone keeps beeping at me and i'm like do you mind snim a trying to watch downton abbey here.
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posted a a soccer star, can't complain anymore. the footballer runs the popular instagram act 433 with more than 8 million followers an post a video of his what his phone's note if i indications look like whenever he posted something. yike! i hope siri wasn't programmed to feel pain. here a new one a passenger recently brought a turkey along on a flight as an emotional support animalment a fellow passenger tweeted photos showing bird sitting in the cabin. apparently any animal can be a service animal as long as it is okayed by a licensed mental health professionalment take a look at this. i'm jerry moth. >> news you can use. >> you learn something new every day. >> every day. we are keep an eye on the morning commute. >> the other bryan will give us
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coming up. urs. it d da rduiex we tuay. e si fis 6 he fu> hoaytoe tukini
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nd toda wrth la mog at rtin , jr. memorigardens. >>e e expecting in this oo since that begs at 9:0 e weather is fi fothat this ening, nosogreat. will bet ifyou have dinn plans or pland to t thg. you llednto yo umbrel. littleit of ght precipitio sday. cod be a urcould be a sprile t not enough to cause usny problems. our tall tower camera showing the cloahead of thissyt brus ay atofhe l n srachloclersohern anralehorier ase s inl uid re
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