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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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here is a look at our raleig skyc. this is r fountain mountain which started to build a little bit yesterday and now it startetocrumble. our temperature made it into e upr 30s yesty. it may be atit coletely falls apart as our highclim upinto webefontmi httofinmescdeys thrnths are clngbe ere losth. iin ots moistu will ent s ewern. owt
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ad anmeti clthice teia 1/e g arhopiwess so buths so we'll tees2 y . 30n he 32in gos me thn th 3. mobornfo n stnus. want check ofrahe. we havobduam deonheso th
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wahop e maini goodtee roe. beca those backups, a lot of onlooker delays the northbound de of the f with those backupsning around t. w. alexanderdrive expending toowntown. you might consider using 55 stbound as a good altte route. with thenshine this morning, we are seeing sunshine delays eabounutadarleodn ieaccide de ov on apthe u. 1inolnewsto ut th whfindka urndatthe nolins heri thve
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mcy moin reto trerous io bes, rpsouyokeyoednde atg an thenthgornorisst0 beryit writivtaa onse reu.> fr the nticheg a wi ws of . chsyd.c. a test of what toome. -- as don ampion reports. >> reptein the d.c. metro area got a bittertaste of what is to come when an in.
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of sw ground trafc to a lt wedsday night. amg those stuck in the mess, president obama who endured anurmi andr ol-u s >>on ro rtete orase itioto, orpung wi ofow e d toask fo r aow er anneancoulbe e stamnew hto thecothheto pejor in ge
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thst coenthh ne ger fllt amutonolose airlinheth y thtocaflht ci f u kn, haen is ektriang bn t fr e r onoue s suteee leg g flig ur isst iniad s ofwi. n u see someore shs arpractically empty. this was the sn eensboro. re, cayou send usr pert picres on media.
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e isgomartis stwr app. usyourn er u arth dental itunes stan ggle er c' arwipor.ofbudi theca ainantr y universityhae hoalca anony ngsetil ce> e isinlint ches >>whar thimornt rele->>chan ens
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pliltrcainononis an 18-year-old charged in a shooting near st. augustine university will be in court today. police say omari williams shot 21-year-old demarian henderson. he is expected to be okay. the shooting trig aired campus- wide lockdown that was lifted several hours later. williams is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.
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caused a fire that forced a nursing home in carthage to be evacuated. it happened just after 9:00 last night at tara plantation along south mcneil street. some firefighters helped the residents out of the nursing home while others worked to put out fire which started in the laundry room. the sprinkler system work the perfectly keeping the fire contained to just the laundry room. michigan lawmakers approved $28 million in emergency funds for deal with the water crisis in flint. this as we're learning when officials knew about the lead contaminated water. michigan governor rick snyder released e-mails he was aware of complaints about the water quality as far back as last february. it wasn't until recently that residents began receiving cases of bottled water. president obama called it inexcusable that people in the community were not notified immediately. teach enters detroit are vowing to can't protests today over recent pay cuts an what
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nearly all of the city's public schools were closed yesterday. and educators stageed a massive sickout. the detroit district had south a temporary injunction to prevent another strike. today, the obama administration could announce a plan to introduce new visa requirements for some european travelers. the rimples would be for people who are dual nationals of iran, iraq, suzanne or syria or who have vies ices any of those countries in the laugh five years. -- visited any of those countries if the last five years. the plan is designed to make it harder for europeans who have fought for the islamic state to enter the united states. some durham business owners are worried for their safety. police say that robbers are targeting a certain group of businesses. we'll tell you what the businesses have in common. we'll also tell you what is
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ball game it is a cold wind blowing in blowing rock this morning. >> isn't that beautiful. i hope we get to see some scenes. >> the power will be out and we won't have the web cam to look at. >> brian is disinfecting everything. >> i'm disinfecting this area. we have the wral virus getting spread around here and there you go. renee, she came in -- you want some, bill? >> that's okay. >> rep a came in this morning like a trooper to anchor this newscast. >> and she sound like this.
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it was like a different person. >> every time she opened her mouth, you went oh, renee. hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. >> somebody will have i lot to say tomorrow. >> i don't think she is going to be in tomorrow. >> i don't think so either, not the way she sounded this morning. >> i plan to be here, talking, talking, talking about what is going o over in roxboro, there is a dusting on the courthouse lawn. a lot of the schools up near the virginia line were on delay this morning because of some of the snow that fell late yesterday. of course, it is a beautiful morning out there. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds and we'll see temperatures climbing up into the low 40s this afternoon which should be the warmest day that we'll see this week. temperatures will be colder tomorrow. 29 is our current temperature at the airport. we have a northeast wind at five miles per hour. our dew point is 4. that is up a little bit from yesterday. our temperatures are higher but so is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. i thought it felt pretty chilly
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25 in roxboro and south hill. 32 in goldsboro and south clinton. that just tells the whole story of what is going to happen over the next 48 hours. this is where we'll see more rain out of the system. this is where we have the best chance some of significantly accumulating snow. you know here in north carolina, we just sit right in the middle. you head into virginia and they are talking about feet of snow and down to the south carolina, they are just talking about rain. today, we are talking about none of that. it looks nice today. here is our system. developing theme down here to our south and west. it will bring us clouds later on today and the precipitation will begin most likely before daylight tomorrow. here is our chance of greater than 1/4 inch of ice on friday. now, 1/4 inch is that threshold at which we start is see power
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we ve a 40 to 50% chance. it is this part of the viewing area that has the best chance of the ice storm. what about the chance of snow and sleet in it may snow in spots? it may mix with sleet in places. total accumulation for snow and sleet greater than an inch, we have a really good chance of that by the time we get to the latter part of the day on friday in raleigh and northward and westward. still 07% for rocky mount and fayetteville. we take it on out and show you what happens at 2 inches. i'll get to the graphic. it is coming. we take that on out through today and into the day tomorrow and you can see we have a good chance of greater than 2-inch raleigh northward especially for roxboro and south hill but a much lesser chance from goldsboro down towards fayetteville. what about even north snow than that? what about 4 inches or more. we are talking about a storm
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system producing a lot of snow in some places. only a 10 to 20% chance around the triangle. up around the virginia line, a 50 to 60% chance of more than 4 inches of snow. happen. 2 to 4- inches of snow, lesser amounts here, more here. along and east of i-95, a winter weather advisory in effect for about an inch of today looks pretty good. partly cloudy, 43. the precipitation begins late tonight and continues friday, friday night and saturday. it will change over to rain but then may change back over to some snow on saturday. the amounts of rain are pretty significant. we are looking at 1 to 2 inches possibly in terms of just pure rain and that could cause some flooding problems especially in the eastern part of the state for sunday and monday. >> thank you very much. if you are planning to head to the state zoo today in
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asheville, keep in mind they will be opening one hour later than usual because of the inclement weather. the zoo will hope this morning at 10:00. we've been telling you about the mounting tensions over the past weekend bay pressed csx rail caring "hub planned for johnston county. now, commission vers taken a stance. at last night's meeting, they told the crowd they do not support what they call strong arm tactics. csx wants to build a rail terminal that they call the carolina connector in johnston county. terminal would connect directly to the main csx railroad network. dozens of residents rose up in protest saying it would force them out of their homes and businesses. commissions are told the residents they were on their side. csx release a statement that reads in part, our company wants to listen and we believe that by working with the county commissioners and concerned citizens, we can reach a mutually beneficial accommodation. asian business owners have become targets of a string of increasingly violent crimes. the most recent victim in
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identified but he did share his story, a harrowing experience. it is one of 14 crimes police are investigating that started in october. at first, thieves were breaking into the business owner's homes when they weren't there but lately the police say they have changed their tactic as and are breaking in when they are inside. they got knee from the garage to swop stairs to find the money where i keep. but i say i don't have any money. they hit me on the nose, on the forehead and on the head and my chest. >> police believe these robberies and burglaries arelinged to others in wake and orange counties. mrs. created a safe spot to swap items you purchased online. great idea from the apex police department. they have an area where can you go exchange items that you've bought over the internet. it is called an internet he can
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change location. it is a little lot next the police department that is under 24 hour surveillance. they create it so people could feel safe when making those exchanges. great idea. >> i agree. wal-mart is banking a lot on its employees and paychecks. >> how much the company is investing in the work force and the bins that will come along
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>> good morning. wyff a look at your stop local stories. governor mcclory is holing a news conference today to talk about how the state is preparing for the winter weather. we will carry that live on wral tv and on two people indicted if the
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death of a chapel hill toddler have court appearances today. they are charged with murdering one-year-old malia williams. the child was shot outside an apartment on christmas day. police say the shots were fired there a moving car and hit williams in the head. two buildings on unc chapel hill mpus are without power. dye hall and the library are without power. the weather with elizabeth gardner. word. >> oh, thank you. today will be a nice quiet day, probably the nicest warmest day all week. our durham skycam. can you see a mix of sun and clouds there in the background. that is what we will see all day today. the clouds will thicken up later on. we do have the approaching winter system that we are expecting to develop and move in. we have a winter storm warning pink. 2 to 4 inof fsz snow and sleet
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more of ice and 1/4 inch of ice will cause some power outages. -- inches of snow. our temperatures this morning are cold but not as cold as the last several days. 27 in roxboro. 26 in south hill. we'll see a high this afternoon of 43 degrees under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. a win the storm will be upon us by tomorrow morning with a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. we will have the chain over to rain friday afternoon and friday night month most folks but the torrential change overto snow on saturday. right now, those amounts look pretty light. we have some huge delays right now on the southbound side of the durham freeway. you can see that accident blocking the left lane just before you get to alston avenue. this is between fayetteville road and alston avenue. that will cause big problems as you come in from i-85 on the
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southbound side of the freeway heading in towards downtown. consider using main street as a goodality in the street. you might consider heading on down to i-40 if you are coming inroth eaand using 55 to get up to downtown durham. northbound side of the freeway also pretty slow with onlooker delays this morning. we are looking okay on major routes. there is a report of an accident on the shoulder of 44 eastbound right around the i-40 split.
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50rbgs engeveryby. fat njuthsnd free s s toso s sothob. soolsdesion sernoo thur ur cotyrr county schools. plenty more coming tomorrow. re almost certaiof that. we are controlling these delays at ttom of your jean. >> elizabeth s been sorting through the computer model r and we have some idea of
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what could hpen, a lot coul. cerin attt seravet k tto relook lelo fo hfota tae toe talitt bi i co a t ofow es wh arsome to a e l er cttoir daye sunswere st y. l delooi oue co veun hat pes t
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ng azthaticksn ee le in thpotentl 3 chun viing 95d 1/ 1. ngwlftg at we tatmp. t man the 20 ca28 ike. ifale. n,dolo 39. withsung
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difre . dienstett tiesell >> sr th re kild n assu a hrt kiy t queions still toaned. 's terrlynn brings us up to date in lillington. >> reporter: those sten were jus13 and 16 years d. investigators are now trng fi the driver that is onsible killing them. r rehome1:th 16d leie t d d desrn et trseitspal. pa li
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mparrveiseify mto >> h hitor urt ce d anpiermoore wig liam li fifr a mthbullets women yams in e head. a third rson is charth attempted murder. still working arn e the ect o led authorit a high-spee chase throthree es. deteivesnitially tried to stop that car on lawson reet in downtown rhamafteshe
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reur biit is 2016. anevolving tenology changing so much about our lives includg the way bank. >> ma brd ba ding.
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vith brlk>>rtbalike ananal arnepraroncoa rveybses e reers whvi fith casy th whe ggessey velyoresd sccustomer, vife re sastdier pae s k -fe ms
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otnk's, they a ed aght nk icg heom m vealti. tyoredit ioer finaial ll reports surv. nis om w o fer alviceswa bito m t ston al mfe t bae everybon board. >> it toa it to alize husband uld take a picture a chand depo . >> thachged my life. cayou depot it from the kitchen table.
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it is 2016. >> okay, okay. >> allht. >> i'm going ht. rian i e in we a ded nextov ute ldarea right erghif ulstill drive it? >> neith weyo
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iv ws d crk s isouanre ' li cer it, le >> that is beautiful? >> oh, my gosh, i love that. >> it is probably what, 68, 70 degrees where i'm sitting right now appear it is beautiful to look at. >> if you put on enough warm clothes and you run around and play in it. >> look at the clouds and the snow and the coating of the trees. oh, man. that is glorious. that is winter wonderland. >> we are looking at that camera in december and it was like -- >> the ski resorts sweating it out. it was like other degrees outside. >> it looks good now. >> everything works out. >> it does. and now we are getting our turn but except we may only get a little bit of snow from the triangle area eastward and then it changes over to sleet and freezing rain and rain and a whole bunch of nasty stuff. one of of the things that is
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talking about it during our newscast, some of the airlines are allowing you to change your travel plans for the weekend without pen amounty. and look, it is a takeoff. i love it. we don't always get takeoff. yes, ray mopped, there it is. come on. you know, i can't help but tease you. it's wonderful. it will be a beautiful day today, just gorgeous. it is cold this morning at 29. we started the last couple of mornings with our temperatures in the teens. it is a little more moist though so it feels chilly with that dew point up at 24. the bulk of the day will be a pretty good day. probably the nicest day all week. temperatures will climb on up into the upper 30s to low 40s this afternoon. a little bit of cloud cover back to our west. we'll see some of that on and off. most of today stays quiet. our system to the south
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as i've been watching it over the last four or five hours, can you definitely tell that it is getting wound up and collecting some precipitation and it will move it into our area. it will all look like rain down here but all of a sudden, as it moves into the colder air sitting over us, we'll see it changing over. but most of it doesn't really arrive here until about sunrise or maybe a couple of hours before sunrise tomorrow. this is kind after busy map but bear with me. it is nice to see what the temperatures are doing along with the precipitation. the blue is snow and then the pink colors are either sleet or freezing rain. that is a wintry mix. we may start as snow t continues to be snow much longer up near the virginia line. at some point, that sleet changes over to freezing rain from raleigh south and west. these are the areas that are likely to have the heftiest accumulation of ice. it will get up to 1/4 inch or higher. it will start to break tree limbs and power lines and start to create some more widespread power outage is.
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see it either change over to rain or stay sleet longer, we'll be in much better shape. we won't have to worry as much about the power outages. south and east of raleigh, this will be mainly rain. we are talking 1 to 2 inches. this will be a pretty significant rainfall for some folks in the viewing area. a change over to rain and then saturday more than, we may change back to snow for some folks from raleigh northward. look at this big old batch of snow at 6:00 on saturday. we'll see this wraparound, what we call wrapping ash the back of the system. snow doesn't always pan out the way it can look like on models. we may be a little skeptical on models. we see how it goes. here what is to expect. 2 to 4 inches of snow and sleet. 1/4 to maybe 1/2 inch possible of ice. along and east of i-95, not nearly as much trouble. an inch of snow and sleet.
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will not likely produce a lot of power outages. 43 for toy. 33 on friday. it will become breezy on saturday f we do have ice clinging to trees saturday, we may have even more power outages with those winds. we could have some rivers rising later in the weekend and early next week. early next week right now looks pretty quiet thankly. >> thank you. there is a lot riding on the match-up between the carolina panthers and the arizona cardinals this weekend and it is not just the nfc championship and a trip to the super bowl. governor pat mccrory has wageed a bet with the governor of arizona. if the panthers lose, the first dog will have to don a cardinals jersey for all to see. >> if they win, the arizona governor's dog would have to wear a panthers jersey. confident the panthers will win.
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>> we don't even know who is going to play if the super bowl yet but las vegas already is hemming bets for the winter. england patriots. las vegas sports bookers already are taking bets on the big game. patriots are a one-point favorite against carolina or arizona. the big money will come after the tbienl two teams are -- final two teams are determined this weekend. you can catch the championship game as the panthers take on the arizona cardinals this sunday on our sister station fox 50. kickoff is at 6:40. we'll be at bank of america stadium with highlights, reaction and much more. a new study finds that beards may are moab hygienic and bacteria resistant than shaven skin. researchers swabbed the faces of more than 400 hospital staff and they found that clean
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times as likely to have mrsa on their cheeks as their bearded coworkers. clean shaven men were more than 10% more likely to have bacteria on fair that's phases could cause infection and pood foys phoning. -- on their faces that could cause infection and food poisoning. disney has pushed back the release of star wars until december of 2017. the rumors have swirled that the writer d director are are writing a new script. the star wars spin whereof movie rogue one is due out december 16th of this year.
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it has been a decade since pluto lost its statuss the ninth planet of the solar system. now, scientists believe they have found a replacement. researchers have found evidence of an object in our outer solar live planet. cal tech says it has the mass of about 10 times of that oargtd and orbits about 20 times farther from the sun than neptune. ironically, these are the same scientist whose declared pluto planet. anle 0-year-old man in canada got a $110 ticket for this driving his car covered in snow with only a portion of the cleared. this is not school. the police department there posted a picture on twitter up. the 80-year-old says he was too weak to brush it off and he was just going a short drive. the officer helped him clear the snow and let him on his way. >> call somebody to help you get it off. >> i like helping people.
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