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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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di bit . tty. let's look at the weather headlines. temperatures are going to be dropping. it will be very uneventful. elizabeth will be here at 4:30 and she will be looking at the radar. this is - - this is hit and miss. sunshine will quickly resume by lunchtime. there will ben average below normal. downturn valley, looking down there and focusing on our do you, 63 at 8:00. the wind from the northeast at 10 miles per hour. 49 in holly springs.
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50s in fayetteville, and heavy rain is coming off of that. heavy rain to the east and that is what we expected this evening. looking to the north into the west, we see that this petition expand. the front has moved on by. there is a lot of cool air off to the west filtering over the next several days. we can see disturbances in the upper atmosphere and you can see a little bit of movement here for this system. this is a strong upper-level disturbance with more precipitation to the northwest. as the precipitation form sky we will see that winter mixed first rotating into the area around 8:00 tomorrow morning. we will be on the lookout for that. we show this at the top of the newscast, rain in the east and
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by 3:00, a rain and snow mixed that continues until 8:00 in the morning. we will see more sunshine in tomorrow will not be a bad looking day. it will be cool with temperatures in the 40s. in our forecast as we go through the overnights, temperatures continue to fall. 36 in raleigh got 34 in roxborough, the precipitation should change into a winter mixed with spotty snow showers and it it will be departing. lunchtime it will be partly to mostly sunny. 43 degrees 43 degrees at lunchtime in the afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, 50s showing up in the southern counties. 47 in the triangle and 48 in fayetteville. warmer on saturday at 50.
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some sprinkles. rain will mix with snow and it should not be of much significance. hold is coming over the next several days.we are watching for precipitation overnights. we will let you know what is morning. >> super bowl ads have become just as popular as the game itself. what are they worth the tons of money companies drop for exposure? we will look at the big budget and what is coming for the game. >> we are in the three-day weather before super bowl 50 and we can count it down. when we come back, we will hear
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coming up next, will find a move ron grew up near here and played high school baseball and football at a high school near here. he played as a linebacker near
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and they want to do run the family train into an area he was so familiar with. many mitchell profiles the leader period >> he admitted to making changes with his coaching style period he has changed the way that he approaches the game plan and he changes the way that he approaches the team. >> he has learned how to be a head coach. it comes with having experience and going out and coaching games and finding out how to have a different situation. >> he credits some of his success to a simple decision he made years ago. moving his desk downstairs. >> i have more access to the players. when i come in, i don't go upstairs right away. i prep everything i need for the day and then i just roam -
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room and the cafeteria to be truly accessible. >> that accessibility allows him to be more in tune with what is going on with his players. >> it is a great feel for what the feelings are and what the attitudes are. he is very keen into those observations. >> his coaching style has really fit him over the last few years. >> the new approach has them one win away from a championship. how about a little bit of a throwback thursday? ron barrera - - ron barrera in his high school picture got look at that
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all had it period . and a relief for the panthers and the broncos got they do not have to answer any more pregame questions from us. and today there will be over and availability for the panthers and for the players. they have been great to work with and look who showed up at the press conference? the players were glad to see this huge football fan. of course we got to ask a question to cam newton. >> i'm working in the media. talk to me. >> first i want to say jama. jam for me. there you go. first question, is the kid in you outweighing the man in you in this late game you are about to play? >> that is a good question. [ laughing ] you know, i just think half of me tries to be as professional as possible but
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take it all in. >> how about that? snoop dogg singing a question to cam newton and you cannot top that and you would only get it here at thesupport period >> big times there . so that was impressed. thank you. the latest service from
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