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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 5, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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lk the board of truteys will vote on whether to raise deductibles and premiums for 2017. >> the proposed plan would increase costs for all state employees. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us. the vote could impact hundreds of thousands of people
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700,000 to be exact. the state provides coverage r lawmakers, teachers, and state employees. the plan would raise premiums, raising premiums or put premiums where it was not before and deductibles would increase. there was an outcry to eliminate the popular 80--20 plan. the board of trustees announced it would postpone the consideration for those more as it dick changes but state workers are still worried about the increase in premiums. today's decision is only going to impact 2017. that meeting and a vote is scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. >> mikaya thurmond, live in raleigh it's been weeks and problems with blue cross blue shield customer accounts are still not resolved.
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turning to the state for help. in about a month's time, the state department of insurance has received 850 complaint calls. we previously reported problems with overbilling and verifying coverage of blue cross. thousands of people affected here. insurance commissioner wayne goodwin says he wants to get to the bottom of this. >> we'll be following the law and holding folks accountable pursuant to the law and see where the facts take us. >> commissioner goodwin urges blue cross customers with issues to continue to contact his office. new overnight, a crash in raleigh sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. it happened around midnight. a van drove through a red light on capitol boulevard. the van crashed into a red car turning on to highlands boulevard. one person was thrown from the car. injuries are serious but not life threatening. police say that alcohol may have been a factor. charges are pending. >> testimony resumes today in the travion smith trial.
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murder of melissa huggins jones talked about what happened the night of 2013. sarah redden is also charged with first degree murder. redden says she was with travion smith and her boyfriend while they were breaking into cars. then she says they left her. when they reappeared, they made her run away with it. anthony had a bloody knife and smith had blood on his shirt. later, smith act the confused. >> he was like, i have a son. i have a son. he was nervous about not seeing his son >> reporter: redden testified she was not given a deal in return for her testimony. earlier outside of the presence of jurors, she said that anthony admitted to stabbing the victim because she was screaming. the judge did not allow the jury to her that. >> today is national wear red daily.
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is raising awens ofhe toll that heart disease takes on women. they are asking people to wear red and nate to heart disease research. >> we are wearing -- a little red on the tie. you and elizabeth are decked out in red. >> and a lot of us behind the scenes are wearing red. >> there is blue on the radar that is excited about it would have been fun to have just a few minutes of some snow showers across the area. and we saw it happening back in the greensboro and, boy, by the time that praiption is out here, there is the back edge of the cloud. looking west in wake county. you can tart to see some clearing way off into the distance. that will be the figure he is feature the day. return of the sunshine after several very wet days. it will be blustery and chilly
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of that sun. a couple of lingering showers. amount of rain are even snow flurries coming of this now is very minor. it would be surprising to see some here. skies clear up. temperatures did not fall below freezing overnight. nothing is going to be frozen on the roads. 37 in wake forest. 37 in holly springs. town by town, 34 in rock hill and goldsboro. and 31 in roxboro. breeze breezy. should stay dry for us tonight and tomorrow. sunday, we'll talk about who has the best chance of seeing the showers. brian is here to talk about what's happening on the road. starting to dry out. >> it is. looking for snow flakes, never found them went all over looking for them. rats. >> yeah. rats, rats. >> even the wet roads that we saw earlier in raleigh dried
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this is capitol boulevard heading westbound. you can see that it's perfectly try out there, maybe a little damp in spots but certainly not going to affect your commute. track is pretty light this morning as it is typically on friday. take a look at the map in great details. greens mean at major routes are pretty clear. 40 eastbound looks good as you leave the chapel hill area heading on to uth durham. eastbound will take 30 minutes. earlier delays along the fortified work zone cleared out nicely. smooth right all the way. north of the belt line on wake forest road, look out for a crash around navajo drive. knightdale area, reporting a
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eastbound 40 all clear. southbound to the durham freeway, fast 7 minutes. 40 westbound from wade to 540 taking about six minutes thank you, brian. the hype around super bowl cannot get any bigger. it is the 50th one after all. >> that's right. ticket sales have an impact on the final score? we'll check in with kathryn brown live from san francisco next.
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prc apel we love that music. anticipation building for the big game.
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somebody. >> please don't tackle me. >> fans are packing in san francisco. so far, panthers fans are outpacing their counterparts. >> kathryn brown is live from san francisco with the numbers and excitement. hi, kathryn. >> bill, while i'm out here, i will will see if i can negotiate a spot on the team next year. see what i can do. we were talking to game analysts. they said that 10% of the tickets are sold in north carolina, compared to 9% sold in denver. analysts say they are very surprised by that because, of course, denver is closer. they are expecting fans to come out for there. >> when searching for a-list athletes, current and former,
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the super sized ballroom in san francisco's moscone center is packed wall to wall. and more than enough star power. >> it's madness. >> joe montana making a pizza earlier with poppa john. >> this is a reunion. >> we caught up with panthers color commentator and super bowl champ eugene robinson making the rounds and speaking of the play he dreams of calling. no surprise it centers around cam newton. >> i would love for him to have some spectacular play and react like every other fan, oh, my goodness, i can't believe it even happened. what, what? >> among pro football royalty like joe montana, terrell owens, dan marino and rob gronkowski, proud carolynian, bobby bell. >> i played in first one and fourth. sunday will mark his 50th super bowl.
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we had a few guys around the swimming pool in swimming suits. this is what it's all about. nothing like this. >> reporter: 50 super bowls. he has been at all of them. can you imagine? what changes he must have seen talk place over the last 50 years. it's a lot of fun talking to him, just being around all of these legends and more the same today on radio row, just a lot more people. movie stars will begin coming in today, doing interviews, talking about the films they'll be releasing and tonight kicks off the beginning of the red carpet party. >> can i ask you a personal question? when do you sleep, kathryn? [ laughter ] >> reporter: any time i can. >> remember, yeah, they are three hours behind us. and she's been doing live reports for us since 6:00 our
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kathryn brown, we have been enjoying our report. we love to see the fun building up. >> great work, kathryn, thank you. >> good thought. work resumed this morning to find out what caused a raleigh parking lot to split open. a crack opened on oberlin road. the building owners says it appears that recent rain caused the crack. they plan on bigging the parking lot today for a permanent solution. leaders are looking for ways to provide safe drinking water for people whose wells are contaminated. contamination in 15 private wells along old cullen road. the water has high levels chromeum. for now, the county is working to ensure a steady supply of bottled water for sidents.
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move beyond the academic and ethics scandal. they are working on adding a group on integrity policy. the group is recommending hiring an ethics manager. they are looking for policies to protect whistle blowers from retaliation. and a key point a group hopes to drive home, no voter will be turned away for not having an id. however, every voter will be asked to show one. the board of elections also adds that the photo id is not required for an absentee ballot. this comes as a federal judge is set to considering whether voter id law is unconstitutional. the naacp and other groups
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burden to minority voters. and we are continuing our segment to living the legacy, those who have lived the legacy of dr. martin luther king. the seris begins tonight on our evening news at 5:30. we'll learn about a new device that will allow the visually impaired to enjoy local museum. the north carolina museum of natural sciences will demonstrate how bltoh eye beacon can provide navigation for the visually impaired. tomorrow, there will be a program at the research center allowing for plenty of time for independent can ploargs >> that's such a great museum. >> always something to see there. >> one of our biggest cheerleaders for it and participant in it is elizabeth gardner. >> i feel so fortunate because we have those -- we call them drops. we plug in and we are live at the museum. we get to do that on the noon news.
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fascinating at the museum. it's always great to be able to share that with all of you. if you don't have time to get down there, we can share with you some of the things that they are doing. you can see at happens when is precipitations move on out. the snow did not make it in here. nothing is left at this point. the story is now the sunshine. look at that now in roxboro. cloud will clear on out quickly. you can see the flags there on the courthouse lawn. it's going to be breezy. high temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. 37 in hillsboro. 36 in nderson. 37 in smith field temperatures never dropped below freezing but they will tonight. lunchtime, 43 degrees. windy, northwest winds at 10 to 20.
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so we'll get rid of the rain but it will be chilly and we'll talk about when the real deep freeze arrives next week. bill? >> thank you very much, elizabeth. appreciate that so much. it is now 8:37. pound the pavement and pound down some donuts. >> sounds like fun. >> the challenge for runners this weekend and the children who will benefit. >> and one woman's amazing feat covering all seven con meant.
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>>wa time now is 8:55. i'm bell leslie. >> and i'm nee chou. prosecution will resume its trial. watch the trial live on starting at 9:30. today is the deadline for the he's not here alcohol for
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a 21-day license suspension begins in one week. sunshine spreading across the area now. early this among, when i came in, we were watching this band of precipitation, mix of rain and snow. we might see some showers. nothing left of that rain. so, now, we turn our attention to the chilly day. it's going to be breezy, sunny, beautiful there in downtown o bruxright now. gorgeous shot in front of the chilly. 34 in roxboro. high temperature only climbing into the mid downer 40s this afternoon. it will be nice to have some sun and dry out from the rain that we have even over the last couple of days. saturday, 50, pardonly cloudy skies. we start at 38. sunday, the low moves up the coast, could affect some folks in the eastern part of the viewing area with some showers. otherwise, cloudy and 44 for super bowl sunday.
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we have been on the road all morning long. we have not seen anything other than wet roads during the early morning commute. just off the belt line, traffic is flowing freely on pretty dry roads this morning. weather should not be a problem as you head out. lots of these accidents cleared up. all of them are minor accidents. one is fairly fresh at lynn around led mound road. otherwise, all the roads look good. all the major routes in durham are looking fine. 40 westbound, look at that, 42 to 540 look absolutely delay free. that entire trip will only tyke you about 30 minute. coming up at noon, a live report from kathryn brown in super bowl city and what is behind the fashionable footballs. and then a multi-state manhunt for a real life bonnie and clyde over. where it all came to an end.
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month, we begin ving our legacy series. and at 5:55, mikay will introduce you to a man who has helped hundreds of men and women thank you for watching us. see you for noon news. see you th centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 20 megs of centurylink internet all for only $65 a month. this deal sounds great, especially if you love sports. get prism essential tv and up to 20 megs of internet for only $65 a month. score! or, if you love great movies... [ southern accent ] hey, clementine, go on and get prism essential tv with up to 20 megs of internet for only $65 a month.
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