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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pby icisat all. there's a life commitment. this morning. major routes in pine shape. 540 westbound all clear on the north side of raleigh, delay free there. single a bit of a slowdown of course on this time of day on 40 westbound around clayton water bypass but not so bad. 14 minutes from 42 to the beltline split and for the time being at least through the fortify work zone no delays interchange. the trip through us-1 in cary looking good, and leading fuquay, delay free. major routes into rtp, no problem in south durham eastbound, 54 to the durham freeway stands out as fast six minutes. southbound also clear from durham to i-40, seven minutes. the trip from west raleigh out to the park looks good at six minutes. there is a road closure in western wake county you need to
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i will give you the details new overnight, governor pat mccrory was involved in a minor car crash after the super bowl.
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vehicle that was hit in santa clara. the governor road, we were very fortunate and while i'm still proud of the carolina panthers this puts the game in proper perspective. i want to thank california highway patrol for their quick action. the governor said he did have some pain after the accident but was able to continue on to his destination in another vehicle. we're getting reaction from panthers fans in north carolina and california. wral's kathryn brown is live with what they had to say. >> reporter: good morning, renee. disappointments, certainly. this was not the outcome the panthers fans, especially the ones that came out to santa clara were hoping for. as we were leaving the game we were standing there at the case as people were streaming out. they were smiling, clapping, cheering, even dabbing. there were chants of "keep pounding."
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believe the -- this year was the beginning of greatness for the panthers franchise. >> cam is still early in his career. you see where he went from last year to this year. and we're still dabbing. can't take that from us. >> they just not show up. defense, offense, they just want lucky. the broncos one. congratulations to pay 10. >> this was get the butterflies out of cam and bolting. this was an awesome team and we're going to take it. >> we will keep pounding. and pounding. >> reporter: nobody is taking that dab away from the fans at least, and many say they really hope that this season and the way that the panthers play and the road to the super bowl helps solidify them as a real player in the nfl. as far as fans go for the silver lining, the souvenirs might not say super bowl champs but i can tell you they were a
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lines were a lot shorter. so, there you go. >> still good to have the panthers attire for their season next year. >> maybe they can wear it next year when they go back to the super bowl. >> that's right. kathryn brown live in santa clara. 7:07. it was a tough loss for a usually high-energy panthers team. >> we'll hear from head coach ron rivera, cam newton and others about what they think went wrong. the next test for presidential candidates is tomorrow. how they are fighting for support in the granite state. the search for survivors in
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devastating earthquake. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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lo lady gaga. >> the panthers probably want some revenge this morning. did you like the nancy nowak -- anthem? >> macro, yes. i think that's the only part of the game i called last night. >> you went to bed early. >> i tried to fight it out until the third quarter. how about you?
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then we went home and went to bed. somewhere in the third quarter i went to bed. i did check with before i went to sleep, i checked the score out, and it was looking worse and worse. oh, well. like everybody says, if you look at this team, they've got so much promise. >> they have all the pieces. next year. >> great players. they will do it again next year. let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. yesterday the big weather story was a low-pressure system offshore spreading precipitation inland. a good bit of sweet for some of our eastern counties, not a lot of accumulation but some spots, 0.1 inches of sweet. most of that ended up trying out yesterday. it ended up melting and we have beautiful sunshine over us. we continue the drying. there was still concerned with
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below freezing in many places that there would be slick spots on the road. so far, we have not heard of much of that but we will check in with brian in just a minute or two. a calm winds, 28 degrees. 23 is our dewpoint. die down nicely. 28 henderson, 27 roxboro, 29 chapel hill, 32 roanoke rapids, 34 tarboro, 33 rocky mount and wilson. 28 in southern pines, 30 fayetteville, 31 clinton and 31 in erwin. so, now that we have gotten the sunrise, we've seen freezing. skies are clear, beautiful heading out. this is number two of the week, a little bit of snow starting to show up in the mountains. this will bring us late afternoon and evening showers, no snow with this. temperatures will warm up ahead of it, nice southwesterly flow, highs in the 50s. we have an arctic blast that is poised to roll on in here by wednesday. coming up in 30 minutes, we
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temperatures to how it's going to feel. this is going to be a week of temperatures well below normal for the most part today. this morning, skies are clear. we caught up little bit of lunchtime and here comes the band of rain. most likely late afternoon into the evening. it's here until midnight or so and moves out but the amount will be very, very light. then again tuesday we have a band that may swing through after lunchtime. very, very light amounts. on tuesday we have a chance of the sprinkle or flurry. 53 degrees, our high temperature this afternoon. our chance of rain goes up late today, really about sunset is when our chance goes up a bit. and on tuesday, temperatures will be colder at 45. after that, 42 saturday, all the other days this week will feature highs in the 30s or even 20s. sunday we may really have to drop that afternoon high. looking at cold temperatures. right now looks like thursday will be cold at 36 degrees. 32 the morning low.
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18, the record coldest high temperature. we are somewhere in the middle but nowhere close to normal. almost 20 degrees below normal. we take it out to the weekend and it's going to be cold. should be fairly dry if you have plans to be out for the weekend, you'll have to bundle up. 26 saturday, well into the teens sunday. sunday is valentine's day, we will have dry conditions that be prepared for the cold if you will be out for dinner sunday night. 6:00 p.m., 33, and at 11:00, 29. sunday night will be very cold at 18 and that cold air lingers into monday. right now looks fairly dry for the weekend, little question mark late friday right now no consensus on that. we will be watching for that. later on, that is a beautiful shot there at fuquay-varina. new camera so we get a nice
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this is brought and stuart. highway 55 is broad street. you can see traffic looking nice as is that nice sunrise over fuquay this morning. let's head over to i-40 up the clayton bypass where traffic is moving along out of the western side of johnson county. typically we see the backups there. this morning not seeing heavy slowdowns. pretty smooth ride overall for a monday morning through that section on 40 westbound. 14 minutes. beyond that heading through the south side of raleigh out to rtp. there is a report of an accident on the south side and weighed and daniel street. minor action in stages. otherwise nice and quiet. look out for slick spots east of the triangle, otherwise no huge problems this morning with icy conditions, just keep that in mind. over in mooresville, they will close mooresville parkway for the next six months starting today between bristol creek drive and crabtree crossing parkway. there's a railroad crossing
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they will build a bridge to carry the road over mooresville parkway. no more traffic backups when the dream comes true and a lot safer for drivers. it's going to be big mess for drivers as well for the next between 54 and davis drive, detour. kerry -- cary parkway. it is not completely closed to this point, we don't know exactly when today they will completely institute the closure but it is something you want to keep in mind. and, weighed -- wade and daniel street, we do have an accident, back to you. denver's defense smothered the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. 24-10, the final store. >> jeff gravley shows us how the panthers lost the big game after a great season. >> reporter: it is certainly was a disappointing end to the season for the carolina
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bowl 50 to the denver broncos, but the way in which they played. this was not the normal carolina panthers that we saw all season long. cam newton was sacked seven times, a lot of credit goes to denver's defense. bottom line, you can't turn it over as many times as the panthers did. you cannot have as many dropped passes and fumbles. they just never seemed to get a grasp of the evening. maybe it was a little too big for them. only seven players had ever played in a super bowl before for the carolina panthers and their inexperience showed a bit. denver did not exactly like it up offensively, less than 200 yards. but, peyton manning does just enough to defeat the carolina panthers in probably what is his final game as an nfl football player. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us. that's what it comes down to. i mean, we had opportunities, we dropped balls, we turned the
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gave up sacks. through the passes. that's it, they scored more points than us. >> it was things that we did. it was nothing that denver did. denver went out there and played ball. they capitalized on opportunities. we did not. >> defense played lights out. they gave us opportunity time after time again. you get in those situations, you've got to score. >> we are not going to point fingers. you could sit back and kick yourself later and as cold the what if's. at the end of the day we lost as a team. >> as a franchise, the carolina panthers are 0-2. who knows when the next opportunity will be? although the pieces are in place for a deep run for the carolina panthers. from super bowl 50, jeff gravley, wral sports, santa clara, california. >> the carolina panthers
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the board after the game. head coach ron rivera says he is just disappointed. he says the game was about to capitalized in key moments. >> we had opportunities and did not take advantage. they took advantage of their opportunities, make plays on the defensive side and put players in position to score points. that's what it came down to. we talked about getting to the mountain peak. obviously we are at the top of the mountain, just not the peak. >> culture of their pointed out there panthers had mishaps in the red zone. he said they can grow and learn from the loss in order to get back to the super bowl. and this was the scene in denver as fans celebrated their teams when. the third super bowl victory for the denver broncos. the city of denver will hold a parade in their honor tomorrow.
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are kicking things off this week. bittersweet of course for the panthers last night after that loss, but for many of the fans, some special experiences and also bittersweet for one in particular. >> wral's kathryn brown has one man's story about the promise he kept for his friend. >> reporter: eric sullivan and alex stuber met at nc state and became the best of friends. eric, a diehard panthers fan, stuber, a dedicated bronco. >> we promised each other if the panthers or broncos everyone to the super bowl we would be up again. >> shortly after graduation, stuber was killed in a car crash. as super bowl 50 approached, the broncos facing the panthers, sullivan knew what he had to do. >> on here fulfilling the promise.
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>> reporter: with the ashes tucked carefully inside of his pocket, sullivan came here alone. just him and his best friend. >> it's been very emotional. i'm by myself, kind of tearing up thinking about how awesome with him. those ashes. when it did not look like the game was going in the panthers favor, sullivan even try to bargain with his buddy. >> actually for a while in the second half i was asking him for some help. he did not give it, nor did i expect him to give me any help. >> reporter: when the orange fireworks went off, sullivan, detecting panthers gear, couldn't help but smile. >> this just fes gh alex wanted me to be here, and it would not have been here if it wasn't for the fact that it was the two of us. >> that was kathryn brown with that touching story. still no word on the official cause of the death of the man who attempted to compete in the annual krispy kreme challenge. 58-year-old jeff woods was less than a mile into the race saturday when he complained about chest pain.
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where he died. friends say he did not run regularly but wanted to take part in it because it seemed like fun and the proceeds go to the north carolina children's hospital. on the police identified the body of a young woman found on the side of the world. investigators say 22-year-old kayla higgins was the victim of a hit and run. a driver found her near the intersection of 70 business and yeargan road. they believe someone hit her overnight yesterday. authorities are looking for a minivan that likely has damage a cumberland county man accused of killing his wife has a bond hearing today. jesus mora is in jail charged of his wife, mary. deputies found mary's home in a sunday. determined how she was killed. he was getting in a neighbor's driveway when they got there, custody.
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for a driver who struck and killed a teenager in lumberton. the ,17, austin stevey-ray collins, was walking on wire saturday night. troopers say austin stevey-ray collins was heading east with the flow of traffic on a vehicle hit him and kept going. the vehicle is described as a light-colored suv or been with extensive front end damage. three teenagers accused of dropping rocks on vehicles in i- 95 and cumberland county will be in court today to face additional charges. junior and alex alvarado incidents. two more victims say the trio dropped bricks on the semi trucks. one of them even left a hole in the roof. official charges include assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. their bond was raised to $350,000 each. it is bus driver appreciation week. wake county public schools celebrate more than 800 workers who transport more than 75,000 students each day. they have a number of plans to show their love for drivers this week including breakfast, goody bags, cards, hot nuts.
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the bus. seems long, long ago. >> i'm glad that they have made day. it is an important but thankless job for those folks. >> it is. they get up awfully early in all kinds of conditions. oh, and this week is going to be one of those. let's take a look at what's going on. it looks beautiful this morning. of course we had sleet in our eastern counties estimate. that cleared out and for the most part we have tried out. we're going to talk to brian about the potential for slick spots. temperatures dropped two and below freezing across most of the region but we tried a pretty nicely yesterday. our tall tower camera looking nice across wake county, nothing the blue skies. 29 in hillsboro and henderson. 30 lillington and knightdale, 30 in smithfield. at the bus stop, temperatures sitting right at freezing, maybe a degree or two below. nice and sunny.
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head out, you'll be fine. this afternoon you may run into showers. it may be that most of the kids are home before rain begins. we're talking late afternoon into the evening. certainly we're not expecting frozen precipitation with a high of 53 and we stay warm while the precipitation moves through. we will see colder air overnight tonight, maybe a flurry tuesday but the amount of moisture left at that point is pretty minimal. brian is here taking a look at potential for slick spots. have you heard anything? i know earlier it seemed pretty quiet. >> right, we had julia sims in drive iphone morning. did not see any big problems. saw some areas that could be patchy ice, be more concerned about bridges this morning. there could be some slick spots, anything that did not disappear, dry out overnight. the roasted a pretty good job of drying up the can't rule out a few slick spots along and east of i-95. here at 7:36, there's a look at
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40 heading down for chapel hill. we have durham police on the scene of an accident blocking the right lane. left lane getting by the we're starting to see pretty big backups on 54 heading away from durham toward chapel hill. we're also getting rid of an accident on 54 near 751 or hope valley road. we're working on getting details and hope to have more information before too long. here's a look at the northbound trip on the durham freeway, 15 minutes from 40 here's a look at the northbound trip on the durham freeway, 15 minutes from 42 mangum street, that is really starting to build as traffic moves. most delays are on ellis road. he to allow extra time working to using an alternate route. 55 w. on might work better, seven minutes to to make the trip from i-40 up to the durham freeway. here's the commute map, overall not so bad. we have an accident on blue ridge road and trinity road,
7:28 am
weight and daniels, and then one on new bern avenue near the longview shopping center. one of those are serious accidents causing the problems. the bigger issue is in mooresville where they were close mooresville parkway between crabtree crossing and bristol creek. at some point a plan to close that. it will be close for six months as their place that crossing with the railroad bridge to make it safer and help traffic flow easier when a train comes through. you are going to see heavy traffic on 54, davis drive, as drivers get used to the new traffic pattern. there is a detour taking you to cary parkway and high has road. allow plenty of extra time to there and consider using an alternate route if you know of one better than you get back to you. everyone talking about the super bowl last night and still this morning. >> up next, a google trend expert will let us know which commercials, moments and people most talked about online. plus, we're six months away from the summer olympic games. we take a look at efforts to turn rio into an olympic destination.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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i was so glad when bruno mars did this song at the super bowl. i mean, he had two. this is his son. >> does he have another son? >> oh, come on! that was the complaint. he was the halftime show, he has not been around long enough and it's, like, what? he's phenomenal. >> i love this song but i've never heard another some of his. >> i'll catch you up during the commercial breaks. >> i, on the other hand, am a big coldplay fan. i thought it was weird. okay, commentary time.
7:35 am
>> i love coldplay. of course, they did not turn chris martin's microphone up until later sort rooms all first part of it. i'm going to talk about this for a minute and then we will talk about weather. coldplay is a very different style than beyonce or bruno mars. it was so weird to go from coldplay to that. we went from rock to pop and i did not think it went together. you've got to do the beyonce, bruno mars kind of pop style, or you've got to do rock style. maybe one or the other. >> i think they wanted to appeal to all fans and genres. >> renee was most interested in beyonce's hair. >> no matter which direction she was walking, the hair was beautiful. does she have a personal fan? >> somebody else probably does.
7:36 am
>> i love to sing coldplay up there, i just did not think the music went well together. >> i think the tribute to the past super bowls was nice. beautiful song from coldplay. >> lady gaga did an awesome job at the national anthem. and that's our commentary. [ laughter ] we are going to start off with our sky cam in roxboro where it is absolutely gorgeous this morning. a couple of clouds there. beautiful sunrise across the region. notice the flags in the courthouse lawn are completely still. but it is called. 28 degrees at the airport, temperatures of the lower up in roxboro. dewpoint 33, humidity 81%. there was the fear this morning that as our temperatures drop for particle that come county, wilson county, wayne county and johnston county that we would see some slick spots. but there really has not been that much lingering moisture on the roads. so far, we have not heard of any real problems but temperatures are below freezing everywhere now. do be careful. if anything looks wet, it is probably frozen this morning.
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kind of a nasty day for a lot of us with this sleet and rain that fell, but some sunshine this morning. front. this will help to bring us some precipitation late today, then a second or third front, i don't know, it's going to be one after the other, brings us an arctic blast by the middle of the week. and here's a look at that. certainly cold between now and tuesday. late tuesday into wednesday we get into the purple contours. that continues into thursday and that is some serious cold. highs in the 30s, those in the 20s, maybe even some lows in the teens. that begins to subside a little bit. then we get another big blast of very cold air, and the one that we see sunday into monday may even be stronger. may even be colder than what we will end up costing wednesday, thursday and friday. this week, cold. that is our big story.
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for this time of year. wednesday morning, 25. thursday morning, 22. 20 friday, 18 sunday, we may actually have to drop sunday a little bit more. it's going to be cold, cold, cold. noticed an increasing clouds. if you showers late today but it will be warm enough or just showers. and then a little bit of a shower tuesday which could be a flurry or two. saturday forecast with a looking cold. thursday 36 degrees. that'll be the high temperatures thursday. that is well below normal. 15, almost 15 degrees below normal for the high thursday. the record is 80, 18 is the coldest high temperature. saturday, we bump up to 42, one of the warmer days, then back to 37 sunday. brian, we were talking about the chance of slick conditions in the eastern part of the viewing area but we have nothing too much of that. >> certainly have not heard about major problems along and
7:39 am
schools delayed this morning, the schools are delayed in your county, that is kind of a heads up to pay careful attention especially on bridges. noticing any trouble with weather on the triangle, 7:51. might see somewhere delays and 40 eastbound before it's all said and done that right now traffic moving along fairly well on 40 eastbound. however at 54 in southwest durham, we do have an accident causing problems, blocking that right lane there. you can see they've got a truck out there with a flatbed trailer, getting that car towed off. it was a minor accident blocking the right lane. traffic is backing up as you head away from durham on chapel hill on 54. there's a report of another accident on 54 near hope valley road causing more significant delays, and we are working to get more details about that crash. on the northbound side of the durham freeway, pretty heavy traffic from i-40 mangum street. 30 minutes, consider using 55 w. and as were alternate route, taking it minutes. around the rest of the triangle, as a minor accidents, couple inside the beltline getting cleaned up.
7:40 am
apparently with injury so it may be a while before that is cleared. in durham, looks like an accident up on the durham freeway contributing to northbound delays. will take a closer look coming up in three or four minutes. back to you. >> thank you, brian. video from brazil shows sports venues for the 2016 summer olympics almost complete. the main venue, bharat olympic park, is almost done. several other venues already finish. the olympic games in rio de janeiro are six months away. of crse you're gngo tc all of the action right here on wral and applicants get closer, look for our announcements on how we will be bringing you special coverage. time for a look at what's trending. coldplay was outshined by the queen bee, beyonce's performance of "formation," along with bruno mars. her attire helps contribute to
7:41 am
her outfit included 100 carats of diamonds jewelry and 18 karat gold football studs. she could pull off that looks. during this call and response routine between bruno mars, beyonce nearly falls back on her heels and has to do a double hop to keep her balance. after the show, she announced her 2016 formation world tour which will come into robbie stadium may 30. tickets go on sale tuesday for american express cardholders. another moment people are talking that, giants
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thanonght of irounls27
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arveng c right now on fox50 a shooting at an apartment complex sends one person tothe hospital. what we are learning about the
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