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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 8, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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panthers after a tough loss in the super bowl 50 to the denver broncos. reaction from fans, coaches and players, and detailed analysis. plus the first in the away, candidates of both parties are scrambling for last- minute support. new hampshire with the latest coming up. this 8:00 our. i'm renee chou. >> i'm tara lynn in for bill leslie. i have to give a disclaimer, i'm not wearing broncos colors. i was supposed to be reporting this morning, this is the backup dress i was wearing. >> you are pinchhitting for bill today, he was feeling under the weather so had to go home. we do have some delays. edgecombe county three hours, johnson county schools delayed by two hours. wayne county schools delayed by two hours this morning, find the full list of closings and
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your screen. new overnight raleigh police are investigating a complex. it happened shortly before 1:30 on an apartment complex on no word on the victim. police are investigating. we're working to learn more. the denver broncos are super bowl champions. peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl. denver linebacker von miller is the super bowl 50 mvp. he forced two fumbles and got 2 1/2 sacks to help the broncos beat the carolina panthers, 24- 10, last night. peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. new overnight, governor mccrory was involved in a minor car crash after the super bowl. he was in a california highway vehicle that was hit in santa clara. the governor wrote, we were very fortunate and while i'm
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panthers this puts the game in proper perspective. i want to thank california highway patrol and ems for their quick action. the governor's office said he did have some pain after but was able to continue on to his destination in another vehicle. disappointment for plan to travel to california to watch the panthers play. wral's kathryn brown is live in santa clara with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, renee. disappointment is the key word here. this was certainly not the outcome that panthers fans wanted, whether they were in carolina or came all the way out here to santa clara. i have to tell you after the game ended, the fans were screaming out, a lot of them were very optimistic. they were smiling, cheering, chanting, "keep pounding." a lot of them even doing the dab.
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that this is only the beginning of the greatness. >> you can see where heen from last year to this year. this is just a learning experience. and we're still dabbing. can't take that from us. >> they just did not show up. defense, offense, they just want lucky. the broncos one. congratulations to peyton. >> this was get the butterflies out of cam. this was an awesome team and we're going to take it. >> we will keep pounding. we are going to keep dabbing and pounding. >> reporter: they have plenty to be proud of and fans say they hope this season really solidified the panthers position as a major nfl player. as for the silver lining, there was that. we found a souvenir. check it out. they don't say super bowl
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cheaper and the lines were a lot shorter. >> from head to toe with all of your panthers gear. looking good there, kathryn brown live from santa clara. >> great reports all week from you. >> it has been a lot of fun. i am betting that you brought something home for the kiddos, and hopefully her husband has been able to hold down the fort with the twins and toddler. >> brian and there were talk about the crazy schedule she would have had. she had to have been up until 11:00 or later covering the game last night, and 3:00 and california time, back on tv with us. she's doing great and looks awfully away. let's take a look at what's going on around here. it's brisk this morning, that'll wake you up 20 step outside. looking good across wake county. we had some sleet and rain in our western areas, watching out
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any lingering precipitation or wet condition on the roads. have not had any reports of that. our next system already bringing snow to the mountains, a cold front that role to play today, bringing rain here. temperatures ahead of that front actually warm up into the 50s. just rain for us with this upcoming one but tuesday, we will talk about that. amounts will be like that there will be a few flurries. 28 wake county, 29 holly springs, 32 rocky mount, 34 goldsboro, 32 or one, 28 roxboro. almost everybody at or below freezing this morning. by lunchtime, mid 40s, climbing to the low to mid 50s this time of year, normal this time of year. we will begin to cloud up toward lunchtime and have a day and evening showers. brian is here checking out the roads, you had some issues that going on? >> no weather problems in the triangles but we do have some 8:06. starting off on the durham
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everything is over the meeting but this accident that was blocking the centerline really got things backed up on the northbound side from i-40 up toward ellis road. consider using 55 w.& delays is up. on the west side of raleigh around cary, have an accident blocking the right lane of 40 eastbound, just beyond reedy parkway. the traffic is able to get by around the shoulder, apparently there is some debris left on problems. allow some extra time on the eastbound side of i-40. is also busy with congestion from wade avenue out toward aviation. good news in durham out at 54 and i-40, and earlier accident has cleared but it's going to take a while for the delay to ease up. because of the accident that the interchange, we are seeing heavy westbound delays on i-40 approaching 54. also you'll notice 54 westbound leaving durham toward chapel hill is pretty busy. on the eastbound side, we have sun glare delays, that whole stretch of 40 is in pretty bad shape.
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alexander and 147 on the northbound side, slow all the way up. use 54 westbound as the alternate route. i do want to tell you about disclosure in mooresville, mooresville parkway will be closed between bristol creek and crabtree crossing parkway and will be closed for the next six months as part of a railroad crossing safety project. they're going to replace the parkway with a bridge. use cary parkway and high house as the alternate. 8:07. it was a tough loss for a usually high-energy panthers team. >> we'll hear from head coach ron rivera, cam newton and others about what they think went wrong. the next test for presidential candidates is tomorrow. how they are fighting for support in the granite state.
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u so it is eight, 29, thank you so much for joining us. last night super bowl game was bittersweet for most panther fans but especially one. >> wral's kathryn brown is live at levi sitting with that man's story in the promise he kept last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this story is about two best with allegiances to opposing teams. they made a vow that one day they would come to the last night they fulfilled that
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either of them ever expected. eric sullivan and alex stuber met at nc state and quickly became the best of friends. eric, a diehard panthers fan, stuber, a dedicated bronco. >> we promised each other if the panthers or super bowl -- dunk was ever went to a super bowl we would be at that game. graduation, stuber was killed in a car crash. as super bowl 50 approached, panthers facing the broncos, sullivan knew what he had to do. >> i'm here fulfilling a promise with ashes in my pocket. >> reporter: with the ashes tucked carefully inside of his pocket, sullivan came here alone. just him and his best friend. >> it's been very emotional. i'm by myself, kind of tearing up thinking about how awesome it would have been to do this with him. >> reporter: he kept a hand on those ashes. when it did not look like the game was going in the panthers favor, sullivan even tried to bargain with his buddy. >> actually for a while in the second half i was asking him
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expect him to give me any help. >> reporter: when the orange fireworks went off, sullivan, decked in panthers gear, couldn't help but smile. >> this just feels right. alex wanted me to be here, and i would not have been here if it wasn't for the fact that it was the two of us. >> reporter: you know, if any panthers fan a smiling this morning, it is certainly eric sullivan and with good reason. kind of puts it all in perspective. >> it certainly does, kathryn brown live in santa clara, thank you. still no word on the official cause of the death of the man who attempted to compete in the annual krispy kreme challenge. 58-year-old jeff woods was less than a mile into the race saturday when he complained about chest pain. he was rushed to rex hospital where he died. friends say woods did not run regularly but wanted to take part in it because it seemed like fun and the proceeds go to
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hospital. a cumberland county man accused of killing his wife has a bond hearing today. jesus mora is in jail charged with the second degree murder of mary louise mora. home on steeplechase drive right now they haven't determined how she was killed. he was getting in a neighbor's authorities took him into state troopers are looking for a driver who struck and killed a teenager in lumberton. troopers say 17-year-old austin stevey-ray collins, was walking on wire grass road when he was hit saturday night. troopers say collins was heading east with the flow of traffic on a vehicle hit him and kept going. the vehicle is described as a light-colored suv or van with extensive front end damage. three teens accused of dropping rocks on vehicles in i- 95 and cumberland county will be in court today to face additional charges. bobby stone, javier prieto junior and alex alvaradoare already charged with other
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trucks. one of them even left a hole in the roof. assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. their bond was raised to $350,000 each. it is school bus driver appreciation week. wake county public schools celebrate more than 800 workers who transport more than 75,000 students each day. they have a number of plans to show their love for drivers this week including breakfast, goody bags, cards, hot chocolate, valentines candy and notes. we could certainly use some of that hot chocolate this morning. >> yes, a chilly morning. but enjoy it while it lasts because it could be worse this week. >> it's all relative. we see the normal high temperature today and rest of the week it is below normal and in some cases way below normal. we have a couple of arctic outbreak that will affect us this week. i will show you both of those coming up in 10 minutes. looking down nash street in wilson we had some sleet
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on delay because of some of the sleet and potential for some lingering wet roads and temperatures dropped down to freezing last night. not a lot of problems but watch out for bridges, at least for the next hour. in the eastern part of the viewing area. 30 in apex, 32 benson, 33 clinton, 28 roxboro and wake forest. almost everybody dropped to or just below freezing overnight last night. it's bright now, but by 4:00 it will be most ou, few showers it will roll through but the temperatures in the 50s, of course, it will all be rain and nothing frozen. of course after that it's all about the deep freeze. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. brian has several incidents starting to add up to a pretty tough commute. >> we are following breaking news in south durham were durham police are investigating a deadly accident at 8:35. julia sims just sent in this picture where they have closed 54 in both directions between garrett road and parkwood road.
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we are seeing very heavy julia says it's gridlocked try to get to 50 from nc-54. maybe fayetteville road to renaissance parkway, that's one option to get around that blocked the road this one. durham police tell us that a single male driver was killed when the car went into a creek. we are working to get more details about that crash. i want to zoom in to show you the extent of those delays. there is park ridge and garrett. this is where 54 is close. you'll notice heavy delays on 54 westbound and also some on the eastbound side where people are getting turned around. avoid that area if you can. again, renaissance parkway might be the best option for you this morning. i also want to mention some delays lingering on 40 westbound, right lane blocked on 40 eastbound before harrison avenue. now those delays begin all the way back toward page road and
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eastbound side of i-40. the patient coming in from durham. it is a: 36. dinner and flowers are good valentine's day gift. >> of course, wral's smart shopper tells us who has deals on the case and how to track down a meal discount.
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tomaorhie. elizabeth, i know that you have your coldplay. back in the day when i went to the gym, i will listen to them beat. run? >> i generally don't listen when i run to anything. but if i did, i would. >> i've got to have something to keep me going. that's why i don't work out anymore. >> [ laughter ] >> i'm with you there. well you know, the chilly air will be motivating for you and to kind of hurry. too long. that will only get worse as we get through the week. there's a look at the told her camera, it looks beautiful. these guys right now but we're looking westward. as we get through the morning we will see clouds rolling in from the west. we had a cold front crossing
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it gngo bring us clouds and rain. of course yesterday our issue was asleep in the eastern part of the viewing area. we are not likely to have that did. -- today because our temperatures this afternoon will warm up nicely. retrained to the current temperature. the winds are calm, to become right now it's at 24. we have tried out fairly nicely still. i can't promise that you won't run into a bridge somewhere in the eastern part of the viewing area. do be careful out there, we have not had any reports of specific slick spots but the conditions may be right for that in places. 32 rocky mount and irwin, 34 in goldsboro right now, 28 rocky mount, 27 southern pines. our skies are clear, going to be a pretty day today. we have a front sending some snow showers into the mountains, that's going to send us a few showers later on today. we have another front that comes through wednesday, that's going to help open the door to arctic blast number one. then we will have yet another one following for the weekend
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night into sunday. so, we have at least for an extended period of time some of the coldest air that we've seen so far this season. we've had some blast that lasted a couple of days, but week of temperatures below normal. not today the starting tomorrow and well into next week. here's a look at the upper wind and temperature. watch. the 40s. the purple to send us into the 30s for highs wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday, we might bump back up into the 40s, and then we are back down again into the 30s for sunday, probably monday as well. you know, some of the computer models have us with highs in the 20s sunday. so, we're talking about a major arctic outbreak. it looks like as we get into next week we start to moderate temperatures potentially by the middle of next week. back to normal. what is normal? these are normal lows. our normal lows are actually a little above freezing for us this time of year. wednesday, though, 25. thursday, 22.
8:39 am
for valentine's day. and, some of these instead of coming up a little bit cool, they drop off a little bit as we get through the weekend, as we see some more of the runs in the computer models. doesn't it? remember last week when we had a number of days in the 70s? that is winter in north carolina for you. later today our chance goes up a bit, 50% chance from 6:00 to 8:00, most likely on out until 10:00 or 11:00. tuesday, high 45. startup freezing, light amounts of precipitation but for this afternoon and tomorrow. tomorrow we have a quick disturbance that will roll through, might bring us a struggle or flurry, but we are not looking for much there. 30s for highs wednesday and on thursday. then we start at 22 degrees on thursday. 54 is the normal. 36 is our forecast. again, you can see these temperatures will be well below normal. that continues on friday into saturday. sunday we get that additional
8:40 am
teams in the morning with highs in the 30s in the afternoon. dirty three at 6:00 p.m. if you're going to be taking your valentine out for dinner, he will have to bundle up. that cold air will probably linger into early next week. just an excuse to cuddle. [ laughter ] >> that is one where they to look at it. we're following breaking news in southern durham where police are on the scene of a deadly crash. >> wral's julia sims is live on highway 54 between garrick -- garrett road and park ridge road. what can you tell us? >> reporter: durham police investigators are still out here. i'm going to step out of the way, you can see they are quite a distance from us, but we are on highway 54, as you said. it is shut down between garrick road and park ridge road. they are investigating a single car fatal accident. they think this happened
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we understand that the male was ejected from the car and the car went into the creek. again, 54 between garrick road and park ridge road is closed. cars are being diverted through the shopping center, but there's a lot of gridlock out here. so if you can avoid this area near 751, please do so. they think it will be shut down for at least another hour or two. >> thank you, julia. the chipotle restaurant chain is taking an unusual step two holes a conference on food safety. they are closing every restaurant around lunchtime so that all employees can be briefed on the chains updated to safety program. this follows an e. coli outbreak linked to restaurants last year in which 500 people got sick. chipotle will be closed from 11:00 until 3:00. coldplay, bruno mars and beyonce the super bowl but of
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news for raleigh. she is coming. the superstar just announced a new world tour, her 2016 "formation" world tour will kick off april 27 in miami. she will make it to carter finley stadium in raleigh may 3. resale tickets for american express cardholders go on sale tomorrow. tickets for the general public will be available february 16. so, hey, maybe there is a valentines present perhaps. you can make little homemade coupons and say this is what i'm going to get you. [ laughter ] every morning, this is our formation for sightseeing. >> this is pretty incredible video that i have, this is for some people on twitter, a ship, royal caribbean ship called anthem of the seas left new york saturday to go to the bahamas and got caught in this winter storm that spun off the coast of north carolina. this is from jacob eibrag, a
8:43 am
my goodness. let me show you the next one. a lady named maggie put a bottle on the dresser in her cabin, and, it's rocking back and forth. and then, there is a little bit of damage on the ship. this is from lenna petroni. is there a third video? i was going to shoot the damage, tables, furniture got knocked around in a large. there you go, you can imagine what it looks like. a like that. nobody injured, nothing to affect the worthiness of the vessel, but a scary ride. elizabeth, what do you have to say about this? >> we were talking about this. irresponsible for cruise ships to go sailing into the storms. meteorologists. >> you knew this was going to >> right. not just from us on wral the meteorologist all over the country, marine forecasters, all of that. you know it is there. by sail a ship into it? i was talking to a friend last
8:44 am
they went on a cruise and sailed the ship right into sandy. why do you do that? you know that it is there. >> a horrible disaster with a cargo ship. >> exactly. plenty of advance warning. >> we could name a bunch of those. i don't understand why people are not looking at the
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chou. >> i'm tara lynn. let's get a check on your traffic right now with brian >> following breaking news inside durham where police are investigating a single car accident on 54 near 751. right now 54 is blocks between park ridge road and garrett road. show you video from the scene just into the newsroom. single car accident. overnight. one person inside the car, a male driver, was killed. we are still working to get more information and will have an update for you coming up at our news on noon. meantime, voice using that stretch of 54. of for that entire area around 751 and highway 54. consider using renaissance parkway maybe from fayetteville road down to renaissance parkway back toward 751. you can get on the other side of some of those delays this morning. we also have an early accident
8:46 am
durham heading back toward raleigh and cary. a lot of extra time as he toward rtp this morning. good news, earlier delays around durham and tw alexander driver cleared up. road, getting ready for a closure. it will be closed between the crabtree crossing parkway for the next six months as a replacer railroad crossing with the railroad bridge. expected detour, cary parkway and high house road to get between 54 and davis drive will take a long time for people to get used to the new pattern. expect delays and allow plenty of extra time. back to you. interesting weather this week, today will be the warmest, says elizabeth. >> that's right. it looks beautiful out there now. let's start off with the wilson the sky cam looking down nash street. there are several counties were
8:47 am
the sleet we had yesterday and lingering moisture on the road, especially bridges. temperatures have blocked -- dropped below freezing could be careful. no specific spots, but it's 34 in goldsboro, 32 roxboro. temperatures starting to come up a little bit now with some of that sunshine. we warm up nicely 253 this afternoon but become cloudy out lunchtime with showers during the evening commute and up until around midnight or so. tuesday, cooler at 45, chance of a struggle or flurry. wednesday we start to see the arctic outbreak, highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s. that continues thursday. thursday will be a very cold day as well as friday. we get another arctic blast, forecast for the weekend looks fairly dry the quite cold. renee? the nation's first primary takes place tomorrow in new hampshire. at noon, we look at the battle for second place on the republican side, and what hillary clinton must do to close the gap with bernie sanders. also, the panthers are heading home after a
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today at 4:00 we look eye: imeo udiv
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