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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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huge developments on the campaign trail, a surprise endorsement for donald trump as the candidates get ready for the big primary in south carolina tomorrow. >> sexual assaults that have been more than one decade of ago. thank you for joining us. the department has cleared several of these crimes recently.
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suspects have lately considered them closed. but officers have not forgotten. it was in 2003, downtown fayetteville, a 35-year-old accepted a ride from a passerby period >> he assaulted her and raped her. >> police investigated back then but the case turned cold . >> no leads, no clues. >> reporter: joshua mills was recently arrested for the crime, charged with rape and assault. his team knew that - - they helped to bring the investigations back to life. and arrests have been made in 11 cold case sexual assaults. robert brown was among the arrested, charged arrested, charged with
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battery against a 16-year-old in a 2004 case. and victims are often - - often surprised at the new developments. >> a lot of people say i i thought the police did not care. and the suspects are usually surprised to see us. but i want to say look over your shoulder because we are coming for you. >> 330 rape kits were discovered and tossed out to make more room in an evidence room but they vowed to continue to work the cases. and the cases that you just heard about are among them. >> we should expect more arrests soon in cases dating all the way back to 1980. >> we know the names of victims
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kansas. they were killed in excel industries plant yesterday. and members of the community helps them consult each other as they come to grip - - grips with what happens. the shooting happened 1.5 hours after said record was served with a protection order. three people were killed before the chief of police shot him to death. a a woman is facing charges after she gave ford a gun. according to a a complaint, sarah hopkins gave him a rifle and a 40 caliber rifle. - - 40 calendar - - 40 caliber handgun. donald trump stopped his
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in a high-profile endorsement period candidates are down to the right - - wire in south carolina. we have today's big developments. >> i endorse donald trump. >> chris christie endorse donald trump saying he is the only one who can defeat the democrats. >> he played it cool later. >> i think the endorsement was troubling news. >> we are dealing with a con artist. >> marco rubio has been attacking trump but the
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>> it never changes. >> republicans have their sights set but democratics have - - given - - democrats have to make it through south carolina first. clinton is expected to win but she is campaigning until the end. >> we are fighting to break down barriers. >> bernie sanders also held a rally. >> this campaign is about taking a a hard look at national priorities. >> they went to the polls on saturday. >> trump said it is too early to stay - - say whether or not he would consider chris christie for a running mate. on arrowhead drive, officials say a 56-year-old woman was injured during an altercation outside of a mobile home.
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piece together what happens. >> everybody has been running scared and we don't know what is going on. three vehicles pulled up. we don't know if one of them took off. we don't even know what has happened, we are happened, we are still trying to piece it together. >> she was taken away with non- life-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. >> a double shooting in raleigh, a witness said she saw a man armed with a gun running after another man. she saw the man on the ground wrestling the other man. and police announced that they meet to arrests in the case. as for the victims, they were taken away.
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this area, this farm belongs to sure be slaughtered. the tornado killed four of his 250 cows and destroyed much of the equipment. he bought the farm in 1992 and lost 24 years of work in a matter of minutes. >> we do not know what the future holds. nobody got hurt or killed. i am okay. >> a dairy farm and a a tobacco farm were also damaged. the affordable care act is a - - of financial drag for blue cross and they showed the plans lost $282 million. blue cross is evaluating whether or not to continue to offer these plans next year. despite the losses, they still turned a half-million dollar profit and top
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races. this is championship weekend for the tournament in charlotte. 10 people were sent into the hall of f ame. can smith reports on this honor decades in the making. >> reporter: say it and everyone knows what you are talking about. he is now a member of the hall of fame. he steps into the arena and is a showstopper. everyone wants a picture with him . some any way that they can get it. he is comfortably on the move
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it. you can take a picture with me. >> fans started calling him that a year ago. he stepped up his game and popularity soared . >> he looks so young. >> he is a bad man. >> it is not see i-aa without him. >> parading his one of a five - - one-of-a-kind suits, he says he makes eight quick changes before the final whistleblowers on the court. he says he loves it and was humbled by the honor. >> i didn't know what to say. it was really surreal. >> he has been at this over 40
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anytime soon. fans protested his dismissal and he was - - invited back. >> you cannot have the tournament without him. >> other notables include a former shaw university stand out . >> i want i want to see his closet. >> how many suitcases he must travel with. >> he's got to have people with him. >> not a wrinkle insight. a deputy who helped with an animal investigation - - animal abuse investigation adopted one of the dogs involved, she just had
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>> d a patient's story about a virus a virus and how it impacted her pregnancy. >> right - - temperatures are dipping period it is 5 degrees colder in fayetteville, 20s tomorrow
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weather on the red - - on the a deputy a deputy is expected to recover from a shooting. she was shot twice below her body armor when she tried to take travis smith into custody. smith was found dead inside of a north charleston heart - - home. a fayetteville a fayetteville man is facing sexual assault charges. he is accused of assaulting the same woman twice this last month . he is charged with rape and kidnapping and is being held on a quarter million dollars bond. he also has warrants for second- degree rape and sexual offense. the state - - a geologist conducted research and was a a final witness called to testify. heather hannah talks about a pebble that in his boots period
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charged with killing his girlfriend. he was a list - - release because of a lack of evidence. investigators say new testing linked him to the crime and he was arrested again. i concluded the rocks in his shoes were consistent with the material recovered from the scene. some >> the scene is in pants county where the body was found. she also heard from a a police detective who investigated the case. the defendant - - defensive will not put on any evidence. law enforcement works together to arrest a man who is accused of breaking into a church a church twice in the last 10 days. he went in from a back window and stole from the church.
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ryan timberlake hit a white van while trying to merge into another lane. the band landed on van landed on the other side of the highway. this is the scene near the exit. five people were taken to the hospital. some marines are planning a march to honor seven men killed in a black hawk helicopter crash. the helicopter went down nearly a a year ago off the florida coast. they were not authorized to fly in the bad weather conditions. tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the crash. kicks off on march 11th. a deputy is a deputy is reunited with the dog she rescued during an animal cruelty investigation. she adopted marty, one of marty, one
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july. bethany found the animals in those conditions and connected immediately with marty. >> he and i i just connected. i couldn't get him out of my soul. i was given the opportunity to bring him home and i couldn't say no. >> a beautiful dog. >> the husky club nursed him back to health. his original owner was charged with animal cruelty but many of the charges have been dropped. >> i love those reunions, a happy ending to the story. >> this way he can have a great home. >> sunshine and warming is coming up. a little warm stretch will last through next week.
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a little bump in the road, a deeper road, a deeper freeze, 20s tomorrow morning, high clouds later on tomorrow night. join meyer - - mike at 6:00 and he will let you know how cold it is. the high will be in the 60s. we stay warm through wednesday and thursday. friday could actually be a cold rain. and the full moon is rising higher and higher, downtown raleigh is looking pretty good and it is cold. a variable wind and it could certainly feel far colder. humidity of 45%, lots of 40s showing up. 35 in d urham.
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32 in roxboro. we hope everything is well in nash county tonight. here is the satellite and radar picture. to the north, a lot of snow across parts of ohio and new york state. he weaker cool front moves through the northeast anticipated. high pressure, a cool flow of air south and into florida. and as we go into the weekend it will change positions. 34 in 34 in cincinnati. cool air is going off to the south and tomorrow morning for high is shifting to the east. warm air to the west, warmer air tomorrow, lower to middle 50s and today was upper 40s to lower 50s. high-pressure to the south, south, flow in a clockwise direction, a deep flow of cold
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temperatures in the upper 60s. the weather will be fine all across the state. tomorrow it is still a a little nippy. 53 53 degrees in wilmington. and 63 degrees in wilmington. not all that bad, bad, snow in the mountains, son comes back, and the powder is looking pretty good at sugar mountain, you can see snow in the high elevations, sunday is warmer. a quick warm-up for the weekend even for folks off to the northwest. partly cloudy skies 24 in roxborough, and more 26 here in the triangle. the morning is a cooler is a cooler start, more sunshine, 34 degrees in the morning. mostly sunny at lunchtime, during the afternoon, 50
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tomorrow, a touch warmer. 51 degrees in roxborough, check out your seven day forecast. 65 degrees 65 degrees on sunday with full sunshine. and monday we will have partly cloudy skies, 70s on tuesday and also on friday. >> it is going to be nice. >> i kept waiting. >> there it is. [ laughing ] thank you mike. millennial's have lost their taste for cereal. some people are just too lazy to eat it. >> carolina basketball, and a
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in the hurricanes are a bit shorthanded against one of the best of the east. andre and jr without - - out with injuries. cam ward does not get the clean and clear paths.
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know what drives it wide and gets credit with a goal to look one, defensive pressure leads to a turnover goal. with a 3-1 lead, nothing gets past him. 39 saves and the brewers win 4- 1. >> we are still in this. tonight would have been huge. we played pittsburgh. it was a must win. those were the teams we were chasing. we were in this position for about nine games. they were all very crucial. >> they are back posting the blues. and it is still a six horse a six horse race for the title. they visit - - visit charlottesville for the one-game read on virginia, duke, and
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it's a mashup of the top scoring team trying to force a tempo. >> they build a wall and it is tough to get the ball into areas to shoot high percentage. they had a good position defensively period they are good at forcing the team. they consider the matter closed and will not have further comments. mike called in to apologize and hamilton says he considers the matter over. he was called for a foul on february eighth. the women will play for the
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and they will face virginia union for each division. remember when the second division without rocking him? they claimed the top spots. and kyle's car flunked post race. the prerace begins at 12:30. and how about some foot speed at the combine? keith marshall runs the fastest. and thorton's best time, he's got some making up to do. that was close to the chris johnson record.
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does. >> good luck to him. a long time a long time fan has finally attended a game. and he was able to score a ticket period >> and a woman was pregnant and contracted the
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>> an at the world's most notorious drug lord is willing to make a deal if he is brought to the united states to face charges. he would want to serve a reasonable sentence at a medium security prison. he has complained of the conditions at the prison he is currently held, the same prison he broke out of in july period a teenager who raped and killed his teacher could get out of prison. he was sentenced to life in prison - - in prison. prosecutors requested a minimum of 40 a minimum of 40 years. he was 14 at the time of the murder. he will - - be eligible for parole at 40 years old.
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a teenager and hit another student yesterday morning. the driver left the scene and other drivers were in the area when the incident happened. they hope someone can provide enough information to identify the driver. health workers are trying to find out what made dozens of students sick. the school district is working with the county health department to determine the cause. tests are pending to see if it is the possible nora virus outbreak. the seek a virus has been confirmed in the united states and we are learning more details about the infections. at least one baby was born with microcephaly. >> reporter: she just found out she was pregnant when she traveled to honduras around christmas and weeks later she had fever. she tested positive for the
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weeks. >> the virus was found in the placenta but there is no way to know what caused her miscarriage. they confirmed nine pregnant women with the virus in the united states and all were in acted while traveling to areas where the virus was circulating. two of the women had healthy babies, two of them had miscarriages and two of them terminated pregnancies. one child was born with microcephaly, which leaves babies with abnormally small heads. the virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. >> of the six women infected in the first trimester, two of them had spontaneous miscarriages and two of them were three of them had infants who were severely affected by microcephaly. >> doctors are continuing to monitor the pregnancies which appear to be without complication. earlier this week health
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investigating a dozen reports of sexually transmitted cases. they recommend men who recently traveled to affected areas use condoms or abstain from sex. >> the cdc is investigating 10 cases of pregnant women with the virus. he's been working as a security guard for 12 years and is one of their biggest fans. he often hears the cheers while working graveyard and has always wanted to be inside and watching the game. but the tickets are too expensive. that is, until a couple of students started a a go fund me page. >> it was a dream come true.
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friend. the students raised more than they needed for the tickets and will resent marty with the remaining funding. serial is something you can eat anytime of the day but coming up, this one time favorite is not popular as it used to be.
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turned out th [ music ] >> i i think bruno mars had those gold outfits at the super bowl. the voice of blue moon has died. he passed away on wednesday. he spent 30 years touring and not only sang but played the saxophone. funeral arrangements are in the works. a comedian wants to help us to be just like him, he is writing a comic memoir self- help guide, how to use my story
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you can be. the book will be released in november. and he is bringing his comedy here on april 8th. some of the liberace's prized possessions are on display. it includes his iconic outfits and pictures. and it is thriller villa where jackson lived over the last six years of his life. what is trending tonight? >> another reason dog is man best - - man's best friend, this dog is talented and can even do laundry. this dog will fill the washing machine and close the door. > > a beautiful dog.
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>> he just wants to please. >> can have a tweet - - a treat? >> it props open the door and gets behind it and closes it. >> that is impressive. >> a little detergent there. >> that is so cute. >> hi5, thank you mo [ laughing ] >> can't wait for the crows to come out. >> this dog is amazing. >> a great dog. >> he will take - - take them over. >> my dogs would not do anything. >> a look at the fashions on the red carpet.
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get dressed up. >> a low a low-cut dress. >> who wears it better? >> oh my gosh. [ laughing ] i love this. >> a great looking outfit for a dog period >> i like that one. oh my goodness. [ laughing ] i i think halle berry actually wore that one. >> not all dogs can pull this off. >> can she rocked the pumps? >> i doubt that. >> i i will post these on facebook. check out the whole dog washing cycle. serial may be one of the easiest meals you can ever make
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clean up may be to much work for one group of people. a new survey about who is too lazy to eat cereal. >> hopefully they aren't too
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a bigger storm first tuesday new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery it's crazy out here. monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's tuesday! tuesday! very first tuesday, tuesday t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday that's me and yous-day! us-day! it's big news tuesday!
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the very first tuesday!
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on sugary drinks. the numbers are impressive. 31% of americans- - there could be flaws in the data. it is impossible to calculate how much each person actually drank. serial has been a favorite for decades. but is it losing millennial's? >> americans by- - >> my fianci and i had cereal for dinner. >> reporter: she describes herself as a millennial lifestyle expert.
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bowl of cereal for breakfast - - breakfast because they found clean up inconvenient. some percentage confirmed they often avoided cereal. >> all of these reasons were validated by my twitter feed. >> reporter: it said it m illennial's see serial as one helpful. >> we are always on the go, always moving. >> reporter: serial lack portability and the dishes left behind are just too much.
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if you don't finish it, you just throw the cereal in the trash period . it is not hard. >> lucky charms, magically delicious. >> the clovers period >> okay period i use to each - - eat all of the crunch berries first. >> we talked about snow earlier this week and it started to slow down. take a look at the video shot earlier in every county stretching southwest to murphy. video shows scenes in avery county. things should be easier to get
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and there is a tubing camera is a tubing camera you can watch. people are lined up to go down the mountain. if you're going up this weekend, it weekend, it will be fine weather. take a look a look at the satellite picture. in the east east it is quiet. one storm system is moving in and bringing much-needed rain. more rain is needed in southern and central california. a powerful storm system is moving north into the east. we don't have severe weather in our forecast for wednesday. and we should bring some rain ring to the area. let's look at the potential. there is the rain that is set up as liquid
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and this would be the liquid equivalent, 4 inches of liquid moisture the further inland we will put the numbers on the map. about three quarters of an inch in middle tennessee. this is a five-day product coming to an end next wednesday. right now it is not looking like a great petition. and we saw the trough of low pressure bringing air into the weekend, sunday we see warmer temperatures across the area continuing monday, tuesday, wednesday monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. we will take a
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forecast. sunday is warm at 65 degrees. monday we have partly cloudy skies. i love that tone. lower 70s on tuesday, rain on tuesday the cold or colder rain for this time next week, two days next week you will need your umbrellas. a teacher educating the next generation in and out of the
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yo we can to - - conclude our living the legacy series, honoring those who are living the legacies. a man is dedicating his life to educating his students in and out of the classroom. >> lester thomas is shaping the next generation. >> education is a significant part of my life period >> after decades in school, he discovered a school, he discovered a disconnect between students and their understanding of black history
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to give back period >> he created a nonprofit to a nonprofit to allow community members to learn more. >> we try to get the next generation ready to embrace kwanzaa, to understand history and legacy. >> the feature music, dancing, and playing. hundreds of students have participated over the last 20 years. >> i love being able to say i was i was exposed to something that could fortify my confidence in myself and in my culture. >> his program has helped his students and educated the community and it is because of his dedication that we honor him with our final living the
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>> to watch the story again and watched our living the legacy n ominees, go to our website. >> opening day tickets are now for sale. doesn't that look beautiful? this season april 9th. and the fan festival is next weekend. festivities are friday through saturday. >> it's a great one to roll around in and go barefoot. released these photos today taken by new horizon. those are canyons, some canyons, some more than 40 miles across. and unusual police case
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a pony dressed as a unicorn. several drivers stopped to look at it and it made daring escapes from the party and did not get far the first time but the second time it made a run from the road - - for the road and evaded police for hours. >> it looks very cute though. >> biscuits and gravy thank you for joining us. have a good weekend, we won't
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[ laughing ] what went wrong? was the nanny involved, or not? i'm billy bush with jennifer garner's first powerful words on her split with ben. >> no, i don't think it's healthy. >> putting a girl my size on the cover. i mean it's glamorizing them and your should be -- >> is the former si cover model out of line or making a good point? cheryl tiegs gets at least one thing wrong about ashley graham. host chris rock sends a cryptic message about sunday's oscars and a rare visit to the sacred ground tread by only a fortunate few -- the winners walk. >> we just took a few weeks and anne paused, and she said -- jennifer garner's explosive new interview.


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