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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  March 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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good night. good evening and thank you for joining us. i am gerald owens. >> and i am debra morgan. we have team coverage of the ncaa tournament. >> on the florida gulf coast, linda will have a live report from the pnt arena. first, breaking news involving international to new york city. and american eagle plane was hit by lightning. 4233 was heading to laguardia. it was diverted to jfk airport when a bolt of lightning hit the plane around 6 o'clock it's operated by republic airlines covering 55 passengers and four crew. passengers were
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a devastating crash and grendel killed a man and injured two relatives. the hospital emergency room lobby was the scene of the crash. can joins us in the newsroom. >> we stop by their home. the family and many close friends were too shaken up to talk with us on camera. any of them were kind enough -- based on what we learned, there were about 21 people in that waiting room at the time as you might imagine, anyone and -- anyone in the waiting room did not see this coming. >> reporter: the emergency room is open and patience are being seen. authorities say the 59-year-old , william stallman, suffered some type of medical emergency and crashed into the lobby around 1:30 am. the eagle rammed into the area of the
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two of his relatives were with him. and according to family members, his 66-year-old sally twine. he suffered minor injuries and were treated and released. he died from his injuries. family members tell us bachelor was back at the hospital after he was seriously injured and another accident last weekend and said he had already spent several days in the hospital and was experiencing some discomfort. he was waiting to be seen when the crash happened. >> at last check, he survived and was treated. neighbors tell us mr. bachelor
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hesitated to help anyone. in july, the fbi says a stabbing rampage on a california university campus was inspired by isis. federal investigators say the 18-year-old had become self radicalized and planned his attack for a week. investigators say he had a back pack, a handwritten plan and a picture of an isis plaque when he burst into a classroom on november 4. they say he stabbed for students are was eventually shot by campus police. the governor shut down the coal ash management commission. the group was set up by lawmakers to oversee the cleanup across the state. for now, that work will shift to the division of environmental quality. and agency overseen by the governor. governor challenged the creation in court. he said it intruded on his executive authority. court essentially agreed. tonight, final preparations are being made for the largest animal adoption an aspca history. and adoption event kicks off tomorrow. the animals were rescued seven was to go from an unlicensed shelter. the event will be held in a
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sanford from 10 to 6 tomorrow through sunday. adoption fees will be raised -- waived. starting today, you can only visit hospital and surgery patients if you are immediate family or a caregiver and have no fever, cough for flulike symptoms children under 18 must get approval. the restrictions are temporary and are expected to be lifted as flu season comes to an end. the flu is not as deadly as it was last year. new numbers show one more death this past week and north carolina ringing the total to 10. that is much lower than this time last year when the state had close to 200 deaths. >> and 49-year-old man surrendered to police and -- in connection to a shooting. he is accused of shooting a father and son in fayette will during an argument monday. the father died from his injuries.
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he was released this evening on $25,000 bond. new details are emerging about a murder case in fact only 15 years. today, we learned an arrest has been made took we're outside the police department. adam will walk us through the investigation. >> reporter: years and years after this crime, someone gives police a tip. in this case, police say it's what led them to an arrest. >> it's been there for a while. how long, we don't know. >> reporter: he was on the scene back in 2003. john monroe, a forrester, was working along the road when he saw something in the woods. >> i saw shoe and noticed it was a little unusual. ani lked about 20 feet further and saw something white and i was suspecting it could be as gold. >> reporter: a few feet away,
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>> i found a leather belt. brown. and then i saw something white next to that. >> reporter: at the time, police could not identify where the remains had come from. a tip in dna testing allowed them to identify the victim in reported missing two years before the remains were found. now, this man, marcos candela delacruz is in a wake county jail start with lopez murder back in 2001. >> reporter: it appears police did not have to look very hard to find crews. he was already in prison on an unrelated manslaughter charge. the johnson county sheriff's office has arrested two people in connection to a double homicide. that the jones and jessica hyatt were found dead in a mobile home. family members say a toddler was found in the home unharmed.
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murder. gerald wilson is charged with accessory after the fact. a new study looking at traffic stops. like men are more likely to be pulled over by don please in january 2010 to october 2015. the study shows e odds of a blackmail being pulled over by this team was 44% higher during the day when you could easily see inside a car that at night when you cannot. this group took six years of data from more than 150,000 traffic stops. the police chief says measures are in place and believes the numbers will go down. republican lawmakers are still trying to discern -- decide whether to return for a session. to outlaw the nondiscrimination ordinance before it takes effect on the first. supporters came to raleigh to alone. it allows transgender people to use the restroom in the gender
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disposes -- some say this could lead to sexual assault or indecent exposure. supporters say there is no indication that have led to many such crimes. drivers are about to get much needed relief to the city plans to extend the road all the way to centennial parkway. this project would connect the main campus to the centennial campus. it would also ease congestion on the roads. >> i think it would help the traffic. especially, around four or 5 o'clock in the evening. you have to learn how to be patient with it you don't want to have an accident. >> the city has talked about this for decades. the diocese of raleigh and nc state will split the $3 million cost with the city. work will start next spring. the work is expected to open in 2017.
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fairies may travel to cuba and back. the obama administration has released cuba from the securities risk. this announcement comes after the president visits the nation. while he is there, he will watch the tampa bay rays play against houston. the first major league baseball team to play in havana since 1999. >> wral lela is going back to cuba. her coverage starts sunday. the madness of march is here. the arena was packed with basketball fans.>> linda, they are pretty happy with the outcome tonight >> reporter: they are thrilled! and just as happy about the location. we talked to fans about this home game coming up next. a florida woman could lose her pet alligator. he is trained and domesticated. find out why the state could take it away.
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weather had on a north texas zoo . >> she look like she was trying to kiss the alligator. around here, we had a cold front. the effect was cooler today. 77. no record highs.
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but when do we experienced the struck you could say march gladness is here in the triangle.>> unc fans are feeling the basketball arena over at pnc arena. carolina gave them a little bit of trouble in the second -- 1st half and they came back strong in the second half. >> you never know until you talk to the tar heel faithful what you have found. >> reporter: it is a lucky day for carolina fans. just a short drive down the road and they get to see their tar heels in the first round of the ncaa chart -- tournament.>> i love it. i love being in raleigh. my hometown. >> when you are a busy mom and have lots of responsibilities, you get the opportunity to do a
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awesome. >> reporter: lucky him location and maybe lucky and scratch offs. >> i'm feeling lucky because we're playing 16 c so why not.>> reporter: maybe there is something special of -- we even found this than helping a carolina fan pick out t-shirts. it's not about the green but the making of the green. >> for us, it is an economic engine. not just for us but the community. we have a lot of visitors from out of town. these are very special events. >> david olson said they would not have any money -->> reporter: david olson said they would not have any money but last year, they made $4 million in revenue. so far so good. to finance your. what an amazing day.
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arena. thanks, linda. >> keeping you up-to-date with the latest scores and analysis. go to . a lot of people dressed in team colors today. >> new york city celebrated the day with one of its oldest traditions. a red eared a few million people lined the streets. saint patty's day would not be complete without a well-known tradition. the chicago river being dyed green. it's -- it took only 45 minutes. those boats just mix it all up. i wonder how long it sticks around?>> this could be a raleigh tradition. it was dyed green for saint patty's day. who knows? we might keep this going. >> every holiday should have a color. >> absolutely.
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anne state fans celebrating. we have a lot of blue sky coming up today. to be placed -- to be replaced by great. we have a t of cloud cover coming in tonight. we may start off a little gray in the morning. tomorrow will be a core afternoon with temperatures in the 60s and set of the 70s like we had today -- instead of the 70s like we had today. several days of chill which we will probably conclude by this day next week. by thursday of next week, should be back into the upper 70s. the raleigh sky cam, we had a high of 64. you will see the cloud cover coming in. 62 and partly cloudy at the
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the winds are calm. he felt more comfortable. 59 in lake forest right now. in the broadview, 57. 63 in fayetteville. so yes, we had a lot of blue sky but look at all of this. this is cloud cover. is up to about 20, 25,000 feet. that will be with us for the better part of the night and it will probably have an impact on our temperatures. not quite as cool as what we had this morning. down to the south, we have a from the came in last night. it was a focusing mechanism for severe weather today. from texas to louisiana and mississippi. coming up, we will highlight all of the severe weather today. including a couple of tornado reports. tomorrow, it's mississippi back to texas that has a severe weather threat. we don't have any starting to
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62 in memphis. organon in kansas city. 62 and dallas-fort worth. overnight, we expect the cloud cover to come in. futurecast, it may be mostly cloudy overnight here mostly sunny skies for the afternoon commute. saturday and sunday, and addition of some rain that may start as early as saturday afternoon. tomorrow night, mostly cloudy. farther south, upper 40s and lower 50s. your fitness forecast in the morning, mostly cloudy. it will be drive. light winds at 51. mostly sunny. at lunchtime, is a little bit more of a chill. 63 with light winds. and tomorrow afternoon,
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mostly sunny. things change for saturday. we expect upper 50s to about 60 rain. sunday morning, we have the highest probability of rain and it starts to break off in the afternoon. even though we have 20% chance of rain, i think it's going to be more of a drizzle. we will keep you overcast the entire day with high temperatures in the 40s. the weather service has already said they will issue a false freeze advisory for monday morning and perhaps, tuesday morning, as well. 53 in the afternoon on monday. tuesday, 60 and 70s on wednesday and near 80 by thursday. a quick trip -- a quick shot of chill but we can handle it. >> you are right, we can handle it. >> just cover up the sensitive plants.
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we first learned about self tying shoes back in 1989. we finally have the real thing. when these cool shoes will be available for purchase. north carolina here's the alarm at halftime. and duke gets uninspired second-
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his career north carolina gets popped in the mouth in the first half but they do leave -- lead by one. 21-14. it goes from inbound to point out to north carolina makes all kind of hustle plays with an impressive 25-6 in the second half. they will lose to 20 before the final margin of 83-67.>> that's head to the arena. >> reporter: it did look like at one point that we might see the first 16 seed defeating one seed in this tournament that after that halftime in which roy williams was very emotional with his team, carolina cut down the gulf coast shooting 16%, 30% and they survived to advance.
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the score. he always has half the time i don't even look at the score. i'm just concerned without replaying. once we start playing better, the score will take care of itself. he encouraged us to stop worrying about the score. and just try to play as good as we are capable of playing.>> we shot 60%. we have big time goals. and still have those same dreams. >> they had plants -- play ups. that was amazing. and some of them more like while -- while -- wow. >> reporter: time will tell like the next game. if the first half is what we should consider to be the norm or the way carolina played in the second. >> carolina moves on and so does duke.
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93-85. mandy mitchell has a story. >> reporter: dux grayson allen was asked to gauge the level of intensity of marshall when duke went into the locker room trailing by three at halftime. >> you can't really put him on a scale. you've got azm out there. see his emotion and the expression on his face and that is how he is in the locker room. he was fired up.>> reporter: is first play in the second half, a black. he followed that up by 23 points. >> marshall, spectacular in the second half. he is playing so hard that he had to sub out a few times. he was going so hard. >> playing hard in the second half but you never want to let
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>> reporter: blue devils did everything better in the second half. >> in the second half, we felt like we play just as hard work >> i think we are ready to attack the game. the guys are very confident out there and it shows when you play defense. >> reporter: the bulldogs pulling the big upset over yale today. they did the yelp by 19. wral sports, providence, rhode island . one of the teams chasing the playoffs. giuseppe and nash get this one off on a positive note that the to the nothing lead would not last into the second period. crosby with two goals between e hurricanes format-2. that is a costly, costly, costly loss .
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next life musical. tricia hear what is playing the role of jesus his mother. coming up. also, she has had her pet alligator for years so why is that a problem now?
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back on the you're watching wral news
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french lawmakers want to make sure they never have another attack like the one in paris last year. they returned to the concert hall today along with first responders to reenact the attack . dozens died in november when gunmen opened fire inside the venue. some criticize the approach calling it needlessly painful. also, staging a fake bombing to re-create. but michigan's water crisis was the focus today. lawmakers took turns grilling the governor and epa administrator. some even called for their resignations. snyder placed the blame on all levels of government and says he is committed to finding long- term solutions. the water was contaminated with lead. it was a cost-cutting move. in washington, you can see the metro is back up. subway system opened at 5 o'clock this morning after a 24-
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wiring. logical -- multiple electrical fires were the cause. the tourist attraction, sea world, will no longer breed the wells. they plan to slowly phase out by 2018. the animals will be on display at natural orca encounters. 11 years of scrutiny after the death of a trainer. the documentary, black fish, was also critical. she loves her pet at a florida woman is at risk of losing her 6 foot alligator which she considers more like a child. melissa reno -- lisa marino explains why.>> reporter: he is no longer your average gator. >> he sits on the couch and knows how to work the remote work he is just a house gator.
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who considers this 125 pound, 15-year-old reptile, her child. he has his own sleeping quarters and wading pool when he wants to take a dip. >> see this, he's got my hair. that's because he doesn't want me to take them off my shoulder. he wants to be babied.>> reporter: she said she got a license years ago but gator was only 2 feet long. now, he is 6 feet long. the codes require 2 1/2 acres of property. something she does not have. and inspector realized the problem when he did a routine visit. >> he said how tall is he? and i said, i don't know and so we measured him and that is where it started.
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even sensitive to direct sunlight. >> if he leaves me, i'm afraid he will pass away. you can see how wiki us. >> i have to admit, for an alligator, he is cute. >> really? i go the other direction. oh! i was fishing one day with a little girl and i will sunfish and outcomes the gator as i was pulling the sunfish out and i dropped the poll and went running. so i am not a fan of hiking and gator like that.>> you start with our young. you know? >> i don't know. i will for her sake that when he gets older, he doesn't all of a sudden decide to bite. the wildlife commission would not comment that he did confirm they are looking into a number of issues.>> good luck to rambo. bumble bee foods tonight.
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in water and vegetable oil. -- junk like -- chunky tuna in water and oil. our partners are holding a ready upon -- radio marathon today. >> there is still time to donate. at st. jude's, no child is ever the hospital relies on donations and that is where 103.9 comes into play. the annual marathon runs until 11 o'clock tonight. call 1-800 - 4 11-98 103.9 comes into play. the annual marathon runs until 11 o'clock tonight. call 1-800 - 4 11-9898. well-deserved accolades today for the owner and operator of cafi carolina. and long commitment to excellence award. recognizing him for the dedication of hiring special needs.
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scenes look at the movie "the passion." the two-hour television special tells the story of christ's last hours on earth with contemporary music sung by the cast. patricia yearwood will be playing mary. we spoke with adam owens about the role last week when she was in town with her husband, golf -- garth brooks.>> it really does bring it to modern times and is -- and preserves what is sacred about it. to be a part of that is an honor. and it's definitely -- i like to do different things. i like to flex my muscle in a different way and i was intrigued by every aspect of it here>> it airs sunday night at 8 o'clock right here on fox 50 .>> i am sure this will be just
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the azalea festival. coming up, the face of this year's event and her connection to the city took what is happening out and about.
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perform this weekend.
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like fox 50 on facebook. rank sinatra junior died as a result of cardiac arrest. he was supposed to perform at daytona beach last night but they had to cancel because he was not feeling well. the family conference he died at the hospital of a heart attack. he was 72 years old. album is coming back to fox renewed for a third season. the show tells the original story of batman featuring the comic characters. gautam is among the top entertainment and you can watch it right here on fox 50 monday night. unc wilmington graduate will be the 69th clean for the event. she will be officially crowned on april 6 in wilmington. and a and cohost for fox 4 as we can in new york city, she got her start in television in wilmington. it's always such a great event.
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for as areas today.>> it was beautiful out there. >> what is trending tonight. >> innings -- in a shuffled said the presentation is just as important as the food itself. his mom a dinner so fabulous that he could not eat.>> [ crying] it's too pretty for me to eat. >> oh, it's a :-).>> i don't know. >> she even offered to mess it up so maybe he could eat it then . >> what a creative mom. >> mommy, don't ever make something this pretty. because. >> this has 35 million views.
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>> unbelievable. >> [ laughter ] >> one of the reasons dads make great places to sleep. watch this little girl when dad tries to take his arms away from her. >> oh! >> one of the great things about being a dad. >> that is precious! [ laughter ]look how said she just feels and looks and that. >> [ laughter ]it's great to have video at our fingertips with cell phones. i will post these on my facebook page if you want to see more of them. a religious sister charged with shoplifting. what police say she took and how she was caught. it was a little cooler out there today.
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cooler air as it approaches and talk about the severe weather
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across parts of the
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where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? a delta passengers backpack caught on fire when an e- cigarette inside exploded this happened as passengers were boarding the plane in atlanta. the fire was quickly extinguished and there was no damage to the plane.
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cigarettes to be carried on board and not checked in bags. heart of a building collapsed in philadelphia during a demolition sending debris crashing down on a park school bus. a large chunk of concrete fell hillary -- hitting a tree and then the bus. no students were on board. building inspectors are looking into the accident. and nine in pennsylvania is charged with stealing food and toiletries from a store.>> we talk to employees who could not believe what they saw. >> i actually saw her remove them. >> reporter: and manager here at the outlet ports out what is believed to be a woman shoplifting from the store. this surveillance video was taken around 3:45 monday afternoon. >> another customer came to me over on il-5 and said i'm not sure what i am seeming -- seeing but i think a woman is stealing. she had already left the store by that time and i went out to pursue her.
10:46 pm
from the car. that number is owned by the confident here in danville but then came the biggest surprise. trippers said the thief is a nine. agnes who lives at the convent. >> i was shocked, to say the least. i could not believe that an than would actually do something like that.>> reporter: investigators and store employees leave she planned to steal from the store. they say she brought the red grocery back into the store to take the stuff out. the woman aborted leaving to the actual evident -- through the actual front doors. the video shows her leading through the front door. she makes a run for taking $23
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and shampoo with her. >> when they came in the door, she ran out. >> to put it bluntly, it's not good anymore. >> no one at the comet would comment. she will only have to play a fine. -- no one at the convent would comment. she will only have to pay a fine if she pleads guilty. by this time next week, we will be up into the 70s. through at least wednesday. at least we are not seeing the held stones we have seen in texas. we showed you that throughout the day in the newscast. they had a deadly tce. it was rough in the lone star state. the forward to delayed opening. they killed and exotic birds. all of the birds that died were
10:48 pm
here also, the skylights. nearby in arlington, some of the police vehicles were damaged. all of that moved to the east and it was baseball sized hail. you can see the folks lining up trying to get in but they delayed opening because of the storm. let's take a look at our desktop. we will check out the damage reports all throughout the region. it was around the dallas-fort worth area. all the green dots are reports of hail. another one in southern mississippi and all of those reports throughout southern mississippi and the panhandle of florida and southeastern alabama. there is going to be severe weather tomorrow from louisiana west back into the southwest of texas. we were not see any severe weather around here. let's check out the warnings and watches. there was a severe thunderstorm watch in louisiana and mississippi. there are still some going to
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progress but in general, the activity will be less intense overnight. let's take a look at futurecast. we expect cloud cover to move in overnight work as we expected . look at all of this cloud cover and precipitation expected to make its way in saturday mainly cloudy skies. mainly cloudy at lunchtime and saturday night, we see rain rolling in. rain is likely part -- farther to the north. getting up into maryland and pennsylvania. during the afternoon on sunday, we will keep the cloud cover and it will be rather chilly. let's take a look at the upper level wins. -- wind. tomorrow should be cooler with highs in the 60s. saturday and sunday will be cooler. here comes that trough swinging by. it is still there but tuesday
10:50 pm
of atomic into wednesday and thursday, the yellow starts to return and we should be back into the upper 70s today are 80 degrees and likewise on friday. that's go back to the weather desktop and take a look at the weather so -- your 7-day forecast. tomorrow is cooler. we had 77 today. tomorrow is cooler with clouds. saturday, cloudy and cool in the morning at 49 with rain developing even though futurecast does not show it until saturday night. we could see rain as early as the afternoon hours continuing into saturday night. sunday rain at least for the first part of the day. the coldest air will be monday and tuesday mornings when we are talking about the possibility of frost and freeze in the weather service is saying they will issue an
10:51 pm
especially on tuesday morning. >> would could have damaged by tuesday. >> we deal with this every year. >> it does always happen. yeah. back to the future almost got it right. the self tying shoes are becoming a reality. see ho
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instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get a delicious six-inch sub, made fresh in front of you. it's the three-dollar sub of the day: one of our best 6-inch subs, a different sub every day of the week, for just three dollars. the sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the juicy oven roasted chicken, the tender turkey breast, there's an irresistible sub for every day of the week.
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front of the studio percent patrick's day. our team has put together the best pics for the weekend.>> [ music ] >> jewel brings her picking up the pieces tour to durum on saturday night. tickets start at $70. an entirely different music theater. his performance is saturday at 8 o'clock. saturday morning, the ak and 1k run taking place in downtown raleigh. proceeds go to local charities. the craft and art market on sunday. food trucks will be there and more than 50 vendors. it runs from 1 o'clock until 6 o'clock and admission is free. at the week forest renaissance
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noon until 4 o'clock. for more information on these events and many more, go to tend to and search out and about. every woman wants an original wedding dress. the owner created a dress out of recycled bubble wrap. she was so proud to put it in the middle of her store display. other dresses have been made with playing cards, recycled exams, maps and scantron's. pretty elaborate. it's amazing. people have been waiting for this for a long time. self tying shoes. nike released the video of power operated laces. your heel signals the sensor. the shoes should be avlable in time for the holidays
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nike+ app. tonight, we're getting our first look at the unicorns for the summer olympics in rio. athletes who will be playing in the game showed off their horns today. those are manikins. and the colors include white plastic green and yellow -- florescent green and yellow. among those who will wear the uniforms, real athletes from the us, brazil, china and used only a. -- [ indiscernible ]. i looked down and said okay, those are not real people.[ laughter ]i think almost 3. >> thank you for joining us. watch our morning news on wral
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>> have a good night. lights, camera, access. >> i think that's a no-no. >> caution. frankly, you're a lot tougher than megyn kelly. >> a new megyn kelly interview animosity. surprise! this time, megyn has issue with bill, not donald. >> this is kind of my come out of hiding. first interview for erin andrews since her courtroom victory. and as if suffering through the split wasn't enough, more pain for jennifer. >> people just kind of move your ribs. >> are you dating right now? >> no, not at the moment. >> robin givens, you have definitely come to the right place. >> i think we should do an "access hollywood" finds robin a really nice -- >> yes. >> are you kidding me? >> yes!


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