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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 5, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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for a popular wake county principal who died unexpectedly. >> we'll get a break from the heat this weekend but what about the chances of rain? it is 8:00 on this friday morning. i'm kathryn brown in for renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. good morning. it was a deadly accident that killed a man and sent a woman to the hospital. >> police say the vehicle may have been involved in a string of crimes. mikaya thurman joins us eat side wake med where passenger is being treated. >> reporter: details about this interstill coming in. we do know the woman being treated here at wake med was critically injured. troopers say they was in the vehicle which they suspect was involved in a series of other crimes. troopers have identified the driver of that car as 23-year- old robert tutor, jr. during the crash, authorities say he was ejected from the car and found dead in a creek. around 11:00 p.m., troopers
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domestic situation on 42 and cornwallis road. while on that scene, authorities say they were dispatched to government road for a single car crash. once on the scene, police found a white sedan. troopers say it appeared that the driver lost control in a curve. they also say it matched the description and tag number of a car involved in those first crimes. tutor, the driver, has a history with law enforcement including charges of dwi as well as drugs. of course, this investig developments as we have them. >> thank you. we have a lot more information this morning about some breaking news from last night. it was a high-speed chase that ended in a crash that sent three people to the hospital. the crash scene here was garner, u.s. 70 near mile marker 306. police say the pursuit began after they tried to pull over a car for speeding. authorities say the man driving the car refused to stop and eventually lost control,
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were hurt. police say the car had been reported stolen in raleigh last week and they say the driver will now face several charges. the city of goldsboro is holding a news conference this morning to address violence in the community. most recently, an airman station at seymour johnson air force base was shot and killed late last month. mayor chuck allen, police chief mike west, rain county sheriff larry pierce and base leaders will be discussing the recent surge in homicide and being taken to reduce the violence. it is set for 10:00 this morningment we'll have a live report on wral news at noon. the man accused in a deadly hit and run in fayetteville that police say was intentional is now facing involuntary manslaughter charges. 39 i don't recall stoney riley made his first court appearance. investigators believe he fatally struck justin atkins after asking the man for drugs. he is being held on $200,000 bond. investigators say the charges
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lawyers for the former unc student accused in a deadly drunk driving crash are fighting to make sure jurors don't hear some of the state's key evidence. chandler kania is accused of killing three people in the crash on interstate 85 in orange county a year ago. in newly filed motions, the defense claims kania's blood was improperly drawn for a blood alcohol report. they contend his cell phone was illegally seized by investigators. the defense also wants to limit the jurors are allowed to see saying some might be inflammatory. kania is scheduled to go on trial in october f convicted of all 13 charges, he could face up to 60 years in prison. a guilty plea in a ries of fires that killed two people at crime beach. mother shawl doran set fires at a condominium at carolina beach in 2014. three women inside were killed. he received two life sentences.
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he is still awaiting trial if a hit and run in wake county two years ago that left two people killed. apopular local high school principal will be laid to rest today. dr.james headrick, jr. died earlier while out jogging. he came to the wake county system back in 2005 after teaching, coaching and serving as assistant principal and principal at schools in virginia. he was 62 years old. a funeral service being held today at first united methodist a solemn procession this morning to honor a seymour johnson airman killed over the weekend actually motorcade of motorcycles traveled to rd. you from goldsboro to escort the body of airman ryan morgan who was shot to death early sunday. the 32-year-old morgan, a native of alabama was found shot after he left a bar on north center street in downtown goldsboro. police are still looking for the killer. this is the eighth murder of
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city. a hispanic advocacy group will host a workshop today on how to help register eligible latino resident to vote. the group says less than 30% of latinos are currently registered to vote here in north carolina. a sticky start to friday. >> absolutely. i thought you might have more to say about it, bill. sometimes he goes on and on. it is sticky miserable. i'm teasing you, bill. let's take a look at our radar picture. it is more muggy this morning than it was yesterday. we had rain that rolled through overnight last night. that just make it feel steamy outside. we still have a little shower back to our west. it is likely to gradually drift in over our viewing area but at the moment, it is just to our west. we take a look at what is happening outside and our skycam in fayetteville. it look a little bright are than some others. there are a few thin spots in the cloudsment you get closer
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pretty well socked in with gray skies. we'll see a little sun developing down south a little more quickly in the triang until morning. 73 in cary and welcome back forest. 75 in durham. so it is warm this morning. 74 in rocky monday and 75 degrees in fayetteville. in your planner, this morning, at lunchtime, 81 degrees. 85 at 4:00. thunderstorms this afternoon. don't forget to start off with mike maze this afternoon at 4:00 on wral. brian, a look at what is happening on the roads. i know it is busy in maces. >> it is. we have an accident over on the eastern side of wake county still causing some problems this morning.
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edgemont road. we did have both lanes open a little while ago but they have blocked the right lane with an ems crew on the scene. trying to work to get this all cheered up but we are back down to just one westbound lane and that is slowing things down. about 30 to 35 minutes to make that trip from deb long out to 64 business this morning. your best alternate route will be 97 as you leave zebulon, head on down 97 to business 64. you can see it is starting to people crowd onto business 64 to make the trip you out to the 264. can you continue on down delay- free around the knightdale bypass all the way towards raleigh. we do have an accident on 40 westbound in the fortify work zone around south santa anas are street. that is slowing thing down a little bit. you want to give yourself extra time there. we have a little bit of flooding at a construction site on ellis road not too far from pettigrew. we are picking up heavy delays
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road. allow some extra time. new polls have donald trump's campaign concerned this morning. >> trump's reaction after those polls show him losing ground against hillary clinton. >> and some traumatic video out of italy as a plane overshoots
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in the race for the white
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polls out in the last 24 hours and he don't look good for trump. tracie potts has reaction. >> who wants a president would stands for you're fired or one who stands for you're hired. >> reporter: has hlary clinton hammer as way at how nald trump does business, he has cheated contractors. i take that personally. >> reporter: several new poll put her in the heed, up nine points in our nbc "wall street 15 according to mcclatchy plus significant leads in michigan and florida. trump down double digits in new hampshire and been pen. tonight, he is in wisconsin y trump is in trouble in wisconsin. i don't think he helped himself in his own party where his support has been soft by pick a fight with the most popular republican politician. right now, there is a lack of enthusiasm for him. >> reporter: trump is not backing paul ryan but his running mate is.
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>> this republican has announced he won't vote for trump. >> it seems at times he is hell bent on losing awe very winnable election. >> today, trump is back with where it all started, iowa. today, former president bill clinton will be in the triangle atending two fundraisers. the former president last visited the triang until march. you may recall he was in market a scare for passengers on a plane from charlotte to d.c. we'll tell you why this plane had to turn around. >> plus, violent storms sweep through new orleans. what i team from the national through new orleans. what i team from the national weather life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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i can't wait to see that finished. >> it is so cool when you are driving down western and we're coming in in the morning, well, when i come in during the actual morning, not the middle of the night, you can see the sun glipting off the dome there and it is just so pretty. >> >> grinting off the dome there. >> it is huge. >>-- glinting off the dome there. >> it is really nice. >> going to be a major attraction for the city of raleigh. >> overcast today though. >> it is. it is gray out there right now. let's check the radar again. we start off about 4:15 this morning where we still had a shower up near the virginia line that made things a little
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that is off the radar at the moment and the radar -- there it goes. a little sleepy here on friday morning. back to our west, we've had more showers developing but those are mainly moving northward. really, anybody anywhere could have just a few isolated showers this morning. we transition to the afternoon and anybody could have a scattered thunderstorm pop up. not of course will see the of showers and thunderstorms for this afternoon. it is gray out there this morning as kathryn was saying. you can see a little blue sky there. we are locking westward across wake county from the eastern side of the county right now. can you see a little bit of low cloud cover and that mid layer deck of clouds. 75degrees is our current temperature. our dew point is at 73.
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day. 72 in roanoke pids. 75 in smithfield. 75 in fayetteville. checking the say -- satellite and radar picture, this moves to the south. expect it to be a very muggy day today. this front lifts carolina, stall and fizzles out while a disturbance from the west moves on in to help continue our chance for scattered thunderstorms. we've haded intoing in parts of north carolina almost every day this week an we continue with that same pattern. some of the storms are going to produce some heavy rain. hare to predict exactly where they might cause flooding. don't forget, can you tune in to wral starting at 4:00 this
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they develop and we'll let you know if they are causing any problems anywhere. after lunchtime saturday, a few isolated storms south and east of the triangle. most folk should stay fair hi dry on saturday. we have about a 30% chance of showers an storms saturday. -- most folks should stay fairly dry on saturday. 91 on saturday compared 89 which is normal. we con with the nice tempatures. our afternoon highs will be in the mid- to upper 80s from sunday all way through most of next week. we do have a chance of scattered thunderstorms. pretty typical for this time of year. compared to last week, what a
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there is no evidence the man behind a knife attack in london was radicalized. 60-year-old darlene horton was killed. identify others were injured including another american. police believe the attack was triggered by mental health issues. the 19-year-old is in custody. the north carolina director of public safety says on top of threats is a never ending job. >> north carolina is very high on the list as far as active isis recruitment, material support and manning so there is no down time, not here. >> he says a team of local officers and analysts work to chase down potential terror leads. a number of plots have been foiled, he says, some of those made public, others have not been made public. authorities say it is so important, if you see something to say something.
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payment to iran saying it is evidence that nuclear accord with that country has allowed the progress on other matters. the president vigorously denied that the money was ransomed to secure the release of four americans jailed in teheran. the money was delivered to the iranian government in january. that was the same time the nuclear dope was the hostages were released. a dhl aircraft crashed through a fence at an italian airport. italy's civil aviation authority says the two person crew was not hurt and no injuries on the ground. the airport was closed for about two and a half hours. some nights were rerouted. this airport is italy's third busiest airport. an american airlines flight had to return to the charlotte airport because of a cracked windshield.
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reported the problem. an airline spokeswoman says the crack was caused by pressure on takeoff. the plane did not hit anything. when the plane landed, medical personnel met the pilots as a precaution. no one was hurt. an ohio muslim couple claimed they were removed from a return delta airline flight from europe after an airline employee singled them out because of their appearance. the airline says it is investigating. delta says it will issue a full refund for the air fare for th nern kentucky international airport. the couple who are u.s. citizens flew home the following day. new information just into our newsroom on a disturbing story we've been following down in georgia. police have arrested the father of twin 15-month-old girl who died after being left in a hot car. this happened in kaicial ton in the northwest part of the state. police arrived at the scene last night to find the father and neighbors trying to cool the girls off in a shallow pool. they were also applying ice packs. girl were taken to the hospital
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father with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless conduct. the twin's mother in the hospital after being involved in a car accident. lawyers for the man charged in the charleston shooting say he doesn't want to press charges right now over an assault. dylann roof was assaulted by an inmate outside his south carolina jail cell. the sheriff's deputy says the inmate did not have a weapon. roof was not seriously hurt. the charleston county sheriff says he door lock on the inmate's cell failed and the detentioofficers were complant. >> this certainly serves as a wake-up call for all of us concerned and it is obvious that all up and down the chain, we have to ensure that our folks do not fall prey to the routine. >> roof faces murder charges for killing nine black parishioners at mother emmanuel
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appearances on dozens of films and tv shows including the west wing has died. but david huddleston is likely most famous role was that of a blustery millionaire in the big lebowski. he died of advanced heart and kidney disease. severe weather rolled through new orleans sending at least two people to the hospital. the storms packedded a lot lightning, rain and wind. one woman recording on her cell phone captured a funnel cloud forming. the national weather service later tweeted that a survey found damage from an 80-mile per hour ef-0 tornado over a half mile track actually lot of damage caused by the storm. parts of home and buildings were rip ad part. at least two abandoned houses collapsed. two minor injuries reported in that area. the court that delivered a huge blow to the state's voter id law is not budging. >> how state leaders are
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delayed. >> plus, we'll tell you why a group of carowinds workers are now out of a job and could be
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good morning. we begin with traffic tie-ups in wake county. brian? >> a couple of accidents causing problems this morning. good news over in raleigh. there was an earlier crash on 40 westbound right around u.s. 1 that create some pretty big delays. we are still working through the dedays as you see right here. the accident is itself is gone but it will be a little while before we get things back to normal. a good alternate is 440 westbound from i-40 in
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wade i-40 merge. save a little time there taki just 18 manhuntment. still have the crash on 64 westbound near business 64 leaving zebulon heading towards knightdale and wendell. consider using 97 as your alternate route this morning out of zebulon. >> some breaking news out of johnston county now where a man is dead and a woman critically injured after a crash on government road. investigators are looking into whether the car driven by 23- year-old robert tutor, jr. had been involved in an earlier run. former president bill clinton is campaigning in the triangle today. he will attend fundraisers in both raleigh and durham. hillary clinton's campaign says he will not be making any public appearances. the former president last visited the triang until march you may recall when he was at raleigh's market hall. >> a little gray out there this morning in some maces. we'll start out with a look at the radar. couple of showers still back to our west around greensboro so
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still late are this morning, there could be a few patchy showers. mid-70s for raleigh, erwin, fayetteville this morning. we only warm to 85 this afternoon. we do have a good chance of scattered storms. >> a group of carowinds worker is now out of a job. coming up, why they could be
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a federal appeals court won't delay enforcement. its ruling striking down the voter id law. >> the court denied the stay one day after the state asked that last week's ruling be postponed. attorneys for the state requested that delay as they prepare to ask the u.s. supreme court to consider the case. state naacp president dr. william barber issued this statement. the rapid turnaround shows the seriousness with which judiciary takes its responsibilities in this case. governor mccrory and those who supporteth attackon black and spanic voters must face reality. they lost, end of quote. the naacp says the law discriminates against minorities appear may not have the proper id to vote. the executive director of the state gop is also reactioning to the court's ruling. >> the ruling here is outrageous because what they
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discriminatory intent but they could find no discriminatory result. voting by all groups is up, minority groups is up. registration is higher among minority groups. it is really outrageous to accuse people of having discrimination in their heart when the result was for the discriminatory. >> the state has other options to seek a delay. two should be responsible for monitoring water quality at the u.s. national whitewater center? that is the question mecklenburg county officials are trying to decide the answer the center's whitewater rafting course has been closed for more than a month after an ohio teenager contracted a bain e at -- a brain eating amoeba and died. the county manager says the county should monitor it. commissioners may hand the responsibility over to the state because of the cost. the policy to allows transgender students to use rest rooms that match their gender identity is on hold in charlotte mecklenburg schools. the backtracking comes a day after a supreme court decision
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virginia teenager. the stay will remain in effect until the supreme court decides whether to hear the school board appeal. the ncaa is responding to a demand to do something about sexually violent athletes. the board of governor asking school leaders in all three athletic divisions to consider legislation to deal with athletes accused of sexual violence. that is after receiving a petition signed by more than 157,000 people demanding those athletes be a doctor's group is suing unc chapel hill for using live animals in medical testing. they are using live pigs to show students how to cut open a pent. they say t pig are then killed according to the group, nearly 90% of emergency medicine training programs avoid using live animals. more than two dozen form are employees at carowinds are being deported. 27 employees were here legally with visas allowing them to
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summer. police found the workers in a parking lot of a hotel where they were living, 10 of them admitting to underaged drinking. police did not arrest them but notified park authorities who fired th. without jobs, their visas are no good. we should learn today when the holy name of jesus cathedral will officially become the new spiritual home for catholics throughout eastern north carolina. the cathedral is expected to open in the fall of 2017. this is a live look cathedral now. the bishop will announce the exact date on facebook live this morning at 11:30. this is move-in day at shaw university for the freshmen class. more than 6-new stunts are expected to move on the campus which is a record. shaw had been dealing with financial issues following changes to federal student aid loan and grant programs in 2011. a salary reduction program for employees went into effect
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initiatives and corporate and private donations helped to restore the university wages. we have been contacted about helping colt revere who we introduced to you last week. coal is being treated for leukemia but his dream has been to be a police officer. officers are sending him uniform patches an inviting him to visit. yesterday, he was at the vance county sheriff's office. he cants to be a k-9 officer and he had so much fun, he slept all the wa >> i bet he did. >> i love how everyone is pitching in too. a simple thing but it could make him so happy. >> yes, absolutely. a little bit gray out there this morning but something that does make people happy over in wilson is paula simpson's whirligigs. you can see them turning there
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they have a new whirligig park there. there are a few showers there that will edge in our direction but nothing heading our way immediately. our temperatures are in the mid- 70s right now. it is 75 in goldsboro, durham, clayton, cary, erwin and 74 in chapel hill. if you are about to head out the door for your morning run, you will notice today it feels muggy again. just typical for this time of year. a couple of showers back to our west. at any point, we may ha afternoon a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. we'll talk about how that may affect your weekend plans too in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it may be another hot sum enter the triangle. >> we'll take a look at some of the weekend's best bets with our out and about team. >> plus, how can you make eating pizza even easier for college students? hard to imagine but it is
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where has the summer gone in hard to believe august is already here. soon, the kids will be going back to school. some of them already in school if they are year round. >> if you are still sticking around this weekend, there is plenty to do. joining us this morning to help us navigate the and about editor cathery hanrahan. >> hey, guys. >> the summer is not over. i'm hanging on as long as i possibly can. >> : with some beer, bourbon and barbecue. >> exactly p it is a great way to spend your saturday. you can bow to koka booth amphitheatre. a lot of fun happening. en was having a lot of fun. there will be designated driver tickets available as well as general admission and vip
8:39 am
party for its 11th anniversary. >> we're so happy for them. they are starting out with their celebration tonight at the penthouse and tomorrow night -- tomorrow, they will be doing stuff at uponysaurus. and congratulation to them. >> how about frankie valle and the four seasons in town. >> once again, koka booth amphitheatre o sunday, they will be playing a show. tickets are still available i don't lots of north carolina art itss. big celebration. >> we have the carolina music awards happening. so if you love local music, some of best artists in the carolina will be honored on saturday night. can you buy tickets to go to the ceremony. >> i a raleigh brewery will be celebrating an anniversary this weekend. >> crank arm will be celebrating their birthday. i want to say it is their third birthday. they are celebrating on saturday with food truck, live
8:40 am
freeway. love first friday. >> yes, lots of gallery walks, lots of live music. tons of stuff happening in downtown raleigh. so if you have time to go there, check out the deals, check out the restaurants, just enjoy the night. >> what about movies in the garden over at the raleigh little theater. >> dream girls if you want to go see dreamgirls. sunday night, a free screening in the garden. there will be food trucks out there as well brewing will be serving up some beer. >> i never saw that but i have aheard great thin abouts dreamgirls. >> it is beautiful to watch that outside. people will be singing. it is a lot of fun. >> for more information on these events, search out and about on you can also download the out and about app and take it with you on the go. thank you. one of best things about summer in addition to what kathy mentioned in temperatures of our weekend entertainment is
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>> yum. this morning, brian and lisa are tossing a great local dish that makes the most out of that fresh tomato taste i don't the new strategy apple is taking to help keep its device is secure from hackers.
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take a look at these bbq trophies: most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ? whoomp there it is ? uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app.
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good golly, when a glorious view. >> can you imagine waking up to that every day? >> it is breathtaking. >> we are celebrating all things rio. we kick off our olympic coverage. we hov it. >> the opening ceremonies are this evening. the weather looks great for that. temperatures are going to be in the mid-70s, skies clear. so-- have on winter there. >> and that is pretty good for >> they are in the tropics there. so their summer versus winter doesn't change too much. we are in the 70s too. it feels very tropical here. we started off with a few stray showers. we are seeing this little batch of rain still to our west. it is mostly moving from the
8:45 am
really hasn't made that push into our viewing area yet. but if you are headed down i- 40, i-85, you will run into thisle shower. there is more rain to the west as you head into the western piedmont and the mountains where they have been dealing with flooding there in the last day or so. around me, we are dealing with cloud cover in most places as you head south and east of the triangle. we are seeing a built more sunshinement but here in eastern wake county where we have solar farm 5, a litt gray this morning. we'll not general rate quite as much energy this morning as we might with clear skies. 75 is our current temperature. our dow point is 73. so it is warm, muggy this morning. 72 in south hill an roanoke rapidment we head south at 73 at sanford. 75 at southern pines. -- and roanoke rapids. our satellite and radar picture showing these showers just to
8:46 am
area northward. we have a front that has been down to south carolina lifting northward. it will wash out over us. it is helping to push a little more humidity back into our area. later on this affect, we have a disturbance that will cross the mountains and roll right in and also help to bump up our chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. 40% chance of rain today. any of that rain that develops could be heavy at time. we've haded intoing in parts of north carolina, not necessarily right here in our viewing area. nearly sunday night, we did have a road washed out in durham. we had flooding tuesday night. saturday through tuesday, about a 30% chance of rain. so while today may bring us our best chance of rain for the next week or so, our chance just bumps down a little bit as we get into the weekend. 91degrees for our high tomorrow. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the next seven with 89
8:47 am
that 91 a little above normal. 99 is our record and that make you think of what we had last week with all that intense heat. our high 88 degrees on zipped. you might want on checout thed for truck rodeo in downtown raleigh. 4:00, 88 degrees. at 9:00, 78. even though this is a chance of scatter storms every day for the next seven days, it does not mean that everybody will see the rain. you know the nature of thunderstorms. they are scattered. you might see a the road, you may see it the next day. so it is not likely that you will have a washout any particular day but those scattered thunderstorms will be with us. and it is good to have those because when you keep the rain going for our gardens and our yards and our tomatos. >> exactly. because if you have a vegetable garden, it is probably burting with tomatoes right now. >> brian and lisa are finding
8:48 am
we dwip with a delicious fresh salad. >> corn and tomatoes. >> we grow a variety of tomatoes here, we have grape and roma and cherry and good old field tomatoes for a tomato sandwich. and even our heirloom tomatoes. >> it is here today. what are we doing? >> we'll make a tomato and corn relish that can be a side dish or you can put it on top of fish, chicken or pork. >> it is three ears of fresh corn cut right off add some grape tomatoes that you've cut in half, diced purple onion, freshly diced jalapeno pepper and fresh cilantro i don't if you don't like cilantro, i think this would work with fresh basil. >> finish it with freshly squeezed lime juice. salt and pepper to taste with olive oil and lime juice. >> i love this because the
8:49 am
corn. >> good fresh tomato salad. >> it would be great topping for chicken or fish, as lisa said. next week, brian and lisa have an italian twist on tomatoes. >> amazon is unveiling its first branded cargo plane that will become part of a fleet of 40 jet liners. the fly over seattle's lake washington this afternoon ahead of the navy's blue angels. amazon has had issues with other air freight services. apple says it will start
8:50 am
who report security flaws in the company's software. google, facebook and others have long offered such rewards. the goal is to fix the problem and to discourage hackers from exploiting the flaw or selling the information to others. and facebook is trying to get rid of clickbait in your news feed. you know, those aflowing headline that ask readers to guess what happened next but then don't provide any useful information tempting people to click the li well, facebook tried this in 2014, tried to get rid of it but it didn't work so well. they are now use a system that identifies phrases commonly used in clickbait headline. they will consider items clickbait if a headline exaggerates information or is misheeding. if you are a man of music
8:51 am
are a fan of music from game of thrones, there will be a concert of all the music in california. the fantasy thriller will be coming to an end after season eight. pizza from an atm machinement it is available for hungry folk at xavier university. it is located right outside the dining hall. the atm will sell about pizza pies through outthe day. slice will be available starting august 10th. this is the first pizza dispensing atm in north america. but probably not the last. she wanted to go airborne for her birthday and a canadian woman did it. she tied balloons to herself and floated into the sky. she was tethered the whole time so she wasn't in danger of just flowing off somewhere this.
8:52 am
promote canada's 150th birthday. it is in the until next year but this marked the 150-day countdown. >> top that i don't ill ahe try. >> the pokemon go thing, the ray has not quite crested yet. probably another two or three weeks, don't you think? in new orleans, these are virtual pokemon that you catch on your phone but they have a real life physical pikachu statue that has been put up fountain in the garden district in new orleans. so can you go touch the pikachu. >> how long do you think until somebody actually catches it? >> it is a hole statue made of fiberglass owe probably current weigh that much. isn't that great?
8:53 am
monument. >> they have come from all over the world. >> they have really come from all over the world? >> yes. well, wouldn't you? >> you're in new orleans, it is 11:0in the morning, what are you going to do. >> i would go get a beignet. >> and finally this morning, this blows my mind. in japan, they ready to open a robot hotel. >> i know. >> is this not creepy or what. a multilingual dinosaur and a female will there be to help you check in. the robots will help you carry your luggage up to your rooms. >> it will be stafferred by two robots with six human behind the scenes. >> what is the point? >> i like the dinosaur though.
8:54 am
you want to sleep there? are you're going to close your eyes on that? >> inbrian pete our story about the balloons. >> robotic dinosaur hotels. >> it is a big world out there. what can i say? >> a great big goofy world. >> we'll have another check of weather and traffic in a
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good morning. i'm kathryn brown yelm a bill
8:57 am
a solemn procession to hon our a seymour johnson airman killed over the weekend. they are escorting the body of ryan morgan who was shot to death sunday. the 32-year-old native of alabama was found shot after he left a bar on north center street in downtown goldsboro. police are still looking for his killer. morgan's murder the eighth in the up with a county city this year. >> a bit of a gray morning out there but it is a hot one, elizabeth. >> temperature a little bit warmer than they were yesterday. mid-70s. it is muggy. we had rain overnight last night. it i muggy. we have a lingering shower up near the virginia line and some rain to our west. expect there to be a shower really at any point this morning. there could be a few isolated showers. our new skycam looking gray. we do have gray skies in many places morning. a little brighter around goldboro and fayetteville. 72 in south hill and 74 in rocky mount and wilson. a high of 85. showers an storms this
8:58 am
hotter saturday at 91. back to 88 on sunday. brian? some good news as you leave eastern wake county that. earlier crash on 64 westbound just before you get to the 64 business inner change now moved over to the side of the road. all lanes open and all those big delays out of zebulon have cheered up nicely. that is very good news. >> still getting an accident cleared up from 40 westbound around south saunders street. but this morning, traffic is moving along fairly well. >> that is our news i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time. looks like you're all hooked up. game's about to start. let's do it. we're watching here? oh yeah. ohh. how about you and i go watch my favorite show? make your move to time warner cable.
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tv, 100 meg internet and phone.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show, folks. we thank y'all coming. all right now. how's everybody? thank you much now. i appreciate you. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," ever i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. from dixon, tennessee, it's the bone family. and from right here in hotlanta, georgia, it's the nichols family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid.


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