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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we have a crew at the airport with just in information from delta. plus, police are investigating a deadly shooting by homeowner in raleigh charged with murder. reaction as the candidates prepared to lay out their economic plans. this for joining us, everyone. it is 8:00 and i am monica laliberte. >> and i am bill leslie. breaking news. delta airlines experiences system issues. >> what a mess. huge headaches right now at airports across the world and right here at rdu international where wral's mikaya thurmond joins us with more. i understand you scott an update from delta. >> reporter: i can tell you delta has announced within the last few minutes the are beginning to issue waivers for those passengers impacted by this flight delay. i want to give you a live look at rdu.
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for passengers are getting out of their cars only to realize a systemwide outage has granted all delta flights. this is the shorter of the two lines. the longer is just behind these screen doors here. inside that line around the interior terminal 2. take a look at this video. it is from a few hours ago. the number of passengers are frustrated. starting at 2:30 am for the system outage. some sort of glitch that has caused worldwide outages or delta and a number of passengers are frustrated. >> frustrated. i am not really understanding what the problem is and why we have other airlines have things flowing. i am wondering what kind of database they have. it is very frustrating.
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that frustration. we do know all delta flights are grounded. please check before you get here. we continue to see passengers out of their car and say they have no idea what was going on. large groups are impacted including the unc women's basketball team stranded in ireland trying to get back to rdu because they were taking else like -- a delta flight. >> mikaya thurmond dilemma this morning. thank you very much. we are following a developing story calling a raleigh man accused of murder after a dispute in his neighborhood. 911 call suggests he used a shotgun to shoot and kill 20- year-old corrine thomas. all of this happened on single leaf lane. police arrested chad copley. he
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he fired a shotgun from inside of his garage that killed thomas who was outside of his home. coming up we will hear portions of the 911 calls that led up to the shooting. there is a search for a second man involved in an armed robbery in garner. police say jesse mclaurin and another man tried to rob two men . mclaurin is charged with robbery firearm by a felon. police are still looking for the second man. the presidential candidates plan to deliver speeches on the economy this week took they both plan to lay out their ideas in detroit. meanwhile, as tracy potts tells us, one member of thbush family is now saying donald t
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going public to support donald trump. >> you get up and you help the man. >> reporter: trump goes to the heart of american any fracturing to lay out his economic plans. >> our country is losing its companies. our country is losing its jobs. our trade deficits are massive all over the world. >> reporter: on government regulation and trade. avoiding deals like the tpp. hillary clinton's running mate says he will vote against it. >> we cannot have a deal that cannot be enforced. >> reporter: the candidate's numbers do not add up.'s pac no candidate's numbers add up.
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about jobs, the economy, and foreign-policy. >> reporter: clinton's speech will focus on the big jobs package she has promised. and an economy that works for middle-class families. a poll pretzer eight points ahead of trump but they are even on who voters trust with the economy. tracie potts, nbc news, p is using a plumber apprentice contestant to court black voters. he said omarosa manigault to campaign for him at historically african-american church in child yesterday.t pea the first season of the apprenticed -- the apprentice. gay marriage is the focus of a federal court hearing in asheville. the judge will hear a motion about a lawsuit involving north carolina magistrates who refuse to officiate in same-sex marriages. three couples claim tax dollars are being spent on what they
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allowing the magistrates to opt out. attorneys for the state see the coupleshave no standing to e the law. case for a local attorney who bites for those who say they were wrongly convicted. she is hoping to free johnny small when he was 15 years old small was convicted of killing a store owner during a robbery i gton. that was 1989. the witness has since recanted his testimony saying he lied about smalls's involvement. >> it is time to check your forecast. diyo yeer >> yes. it looks like we might have anothe take a look at the radar picture. we are still dealing with showers this morning. just a little bit of lining left. we have these patchy rain showers out there from nor line
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we will run into just a band of heavy rain all north of tarboro and we head back down south of the triangle not seeing a whole lot right now but we have another little cell. may be dealing with a little more rain shortly. durham is 74 and 74 in cary. it is also 74 in and erwin and clinton. lunchtime there may be a few breaks in the clouds. mid-80s this afternoon and edit that 4:00 or even before you may have showers developing. the biggest threat from these will be from heavy rain continuing overnight tonight. our chance of rain after today goes down. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. prime is checking the roads this morning.
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problem spots but on the southwestern side of wake county on holly springs road at sunset lake road we are running into some problems. e in flash mode at the tehts ection of holly springs and sunset lake road. the traffic on the police radio has a tricky situation out there. as you head toward the intersection, remember to treated as a four-way stop. that has been that way since early this morning. we still haven't been able to fix it. downtown durham is looking good. on the freeway toward briggs avenue we are picking up delays on the northbound side because of a minor accident. no lanes are blocked right now. let's take a look at the latest drive times. from i-40 up to mangum street it is taking 10 minutes.
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it is best to be patient through the break tapping you will encounter between ellis and briggs this morning. beyond that, no trouble on the northbound side of the fairway. really all over the triangle it is been quiet. the only slow down is a little bit of break tapping on the south side of raleigh especially between rock quarry road no delays all the way out it is looking good right around aviation parkway. back to you. reprinted take the world stage of the olympics today. plus, another group of russian athletes are now banned from playing at rio. hurricane earl causes devastation in mexico. the community clean up after mudslides in the new storm sentenced to slammed the
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree
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that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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this is day three of the 2016 summer olympics in rio. on the schedule gold medal events in diving also the u.s. men's gymnastic team will compete. >> swimming events include the
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meter breaststroke. >> here's a quick check of the count so far. right now the u.s. is in the lead with 12 in china follows with italy and japan tied. they are followed by australia. former duke all-american fencer ibtijah muhammad will make her olympic debut today. she will compete in the women's individual saber competition. muhammad is a world-class fencer in the first american to a quick programming note because the olympic will be on the wral, some of our newscasts are moving during the summer games wral's news at noon and 4 pm will air on fox 50. russia is banned from the paralympics. the head of the committee said the decision puts a burden in the doping culture of russia has polluted sports.
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contrast to an earlier decision to allow individual sports to decide. russia's team finished first in the 2014 winter games. the fight against the zika virus continues in florida. >> the latest on prevention efforts and the possible w tool that help the spread of the disease. in the wake county ections of the disease. in the wake county ections report to a federal judge. z22r7z zy6z
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need to sing along to this thing, but i don't want to mess it up. >> go ahead. give it a whirl. >> i need another song. >> [ laughter ] just keeping it real. >> that is one thing about monica. she is real. >> but bill does a great job. he sings all of the time. >> i just don't stray from my [ laughter ] i try not to stray too much from the weather. typically we have afternoon and evening thunderstorms. but we still have some of this lingering from last night. we're going to take a little tour and show you what is happening where. we will see in first two roxboro . we have a small cell starting to have some lightning. you can see southwest of
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it will be up to your north and west. just to the southwest corner of person county moving toward roxboro. over toward virginia we are seeing some patchy showers and over toward hobgood this is our we're also seeing some showers terms. the northern part of the county is seeing some rain as well. nothing really happening around the triangle or south. that are just being persistent. we take a look at what is going on assuming in with the radar picture starting at 4:18 you can see some widespread showers at that point but all of that has continued to push northward and it is weakening. i think we will begin to see more showers develop around lunchtime down south. llift up northward as we head through the afternoon.
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north of downtown 74 is our current temperature at rdu in the dew point is at the visity has no real problems, but we had a little fog in the sandhills. southern pines is a three- quarter mile visibility. those are coming up a little bit. it is a little gray and we are doing with most of those showers northeast of it is 74 in rocky mount and 76 in goldsboro. are temperatures will be fairly slow to warm up and we are seeing clouds in many temperatures -- places this morning. the stationary front will continue to bring us some scattered thunderstorms. here is 11:00 and already those storms are starting to fall out. probably be here as early as mid-afternoon moving closer to
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the evening. checking the satellite view in the tropics, nothing major. but we see a cluster of storms here. the hurricane center has its eye on that. they be in several days a 20% chance of developing. just wanted to let you know it is something they are watching. this morning what we have been seeing mid-70s at lunchtime with a break in the clouds around lunchtime. have a 60% chance today 40% chance of afternoon and evening storms for tomorrow. to the weekend our temperatures start to climb with 91 saturday and 88 on sunday. a chance of showers and thunderstorms practically every day this week. on friday it is down to a 20% chance. but very summerlike forecast. venezuela continues to struggle with massive food
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falling oil prices and some say government failure. as wral's leyla santiago explains. >> reporter: in this food truck to make a lots of this food. >> it is a tradi summit that reminds her of her culture. something that reminds her of venezuela. venezuelan food truck, she considers herself likely to eat this staple of the country where she was born because in venezuela right now, this can be hard to come by. >> reporter: it is a difficult situation, she tells me. a troubled economy has resulted in shortages of food and medicine. many have crossed into neighboring colombia in search of supplies. she says people come to her
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over reports. she tells them it is all true because her 80-year-old father is struggling. the pack of flour she pays four dollars in the u.s. is hard to find their. -- there. she fears as she celebrates her culture every day in her food truck, the world doesn't seem to know in venezuela are struggling just to get food. in raleigh, leyla santiago, wral news. >> and leyla adds she would like to send food packages to her family, but the government does not allow it. an american professor was abducted in afghanistan. five gunman wearing military uniforms carried out the kidnapping in kabul.
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the american university where they work. mountain communities in two mexican states are digging out of deadly mudslides as a result of heavy rains brought by hurricane earl. 39 people are dead. on the other side the concern is that tropical storm half a year -- javier. zika virus. crews spent the weekend spraying insecticide by air and land. a travel advisory warning pregnant women not to visit remains in effect this morning. federal authorities approved testing of genetically modified mosquitoes designed to stop the spread of zika by reducing the mosquito populations. a gas station in cary is
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coming up. has, a 10-year-old boy's selfless gift to others on his
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good morning. gay marriage is the focus of a federal court hearing in asheville. a judge will hear emotion to dismiss a lawsuit involving north carolina magistrates who refused to officiate in same- sex marriages. three couples call the law discriminatory. alt.of flights are grounded today because of a worldwide system outage. systems are down everywhere and
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we will have a live report from rdu international coming up on fox 50 . tempe check your forecast. we had some overnight rain across the region and the take a look at the radar picture. still some showers around persons county as well as mecklenburg county, virginia. continues to redevelop back to the waste. roxboro is in for another round of those showers shortly. expect with mainly with 70s and 76 and erwin. temperatures will not climb too much this afternoon. we have clouds with us for much of the day and another chance of showers and storms this afternoon. tuesday and wednesday upper 80s. don't forget the traffic signals at the intersection of holly springs road and sunset lake road out right now
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you need to exercise caution in that area. to downtown durham we go looking pretty good on the freeway. as you approach brooks avenue, you will run into a backup. back to you. a deadline today for the wake county board of elections. next on fox 50 what they must
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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>> good morning, everyone. we continue to follow the breaking news involving delta flights worldwide that remained grounded. the problem is a complete computer system shutdown. >> it is causing headaches all over the world. rdu is not unlike exception. wral's mikaya thurmond is out at rdu to bring us up-to-date on how folks are feeling. i guess it is a blue mood out there. >> reporter: it is very tense inside of the airport. i am standing just outside of rdu right now. i want to give you a live look at the ticketing counter. this is actually an option to going inside. many of these people have figured out you can go ahead and check in outside rather than going inside where the line is wrapped around the interior of the building.
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those people coming in on aware of the system outage that started around 2:30 am that is completely grounded all delta flight. they are now starting to issue waivers for any passenger impacted. but of course not just here it is everywhere around the world. this is a video right outside of atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport. as you can see, issues for everyone involved. the outage actually started from the delta hub that is based in atlanta. they are working furiously to get this issue fixed. they are now issuing waivers. but if you haven't headed to the airport and you do have a flight later today, be sure to check online. this will be an issue throughout the morning and
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>> mikaya thurmond reporting from rdu international. we have a developing story for a man is charged with murder and has his first court appearance today. police say the suspected shooter is a white man was inside his garage when he shot and killed a 20-year-old black man outside of his home. mikaya thurmond failed this report. >> reporter: it all started around 2:30 am sunny morning. 911 to report a bunch of hoodlums in the neighborhood. >> i neighborhood watch. there is some hoodlums out here walking up and down the street. it is 1:00 in the morning. they have firearms. if i was you, i would send police. >> reporter: the third call reported the situation had escalated. >> we have a lot of people
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and shouting profanities. they were showing a firearm. so i fired a warning shot. somebody got hit. >> somebody was shot? >> well, i don't know if they are shot or not, but i fired a warning shot. >> okay. >> they do have firearms i'm trying to protect myself and my family. >> reporter: now someone is dead. that 50 turn out to be 20-year- old kouren thomas who later died at the hospital. police arrested 39-year-old chad copley charging him with murder. authorities say he fired a shotgun from inside of his garage and killed thomas who was outside of his home. >> that was mikaya thurmond reporting. right now copley is being held
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finding a man who robbed a convenience store with a gun. it happened around 9:30 am yesterday morning. the suspect you can see escaped with some money. witnesses said he was armed with a small handgun and was wearing a black ski mask and a dark pants. anyone with information should call police. a driver faces charges in a hit and run crash. fayetteville police charged jerome thompson with reckless driving. he crashed into another car at the intersection of room and cliff dell roads yesterday afternoon. the driver and all passengers were treated at a hospital and released. there is a deadline this afternoon for the week county board of elections to respond to a federal court order. a federal judge wants to know how the county will hold elections this fall. the state board of
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fill vacancy on the wake county board. they appointed edwin woodhouse. the state republican party executive director. >> the grass will grow even taller with more rain. >> we will have to get a machete before long. >> i tried to cut my yard before it gets that tall. take a look at what is happening in roxboro. we have a cell that is getting a little stronger. we will go ahead and zoom in as you are heading on highway 158 you will run into some rain. if you are headed toward yancy bill we have some heavy rain this morning. right now we been watching some rain in southfield virginia. it is light up into mecklenburg county.
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are not dealing with any rain at the moment. 75 in holly springs. 70 in knightdale and 75 in smithfield. we have mainly cloudy skies now but close to lunchtime we may see some sunshine with the noon time temperature at 81 degrees. we should see some storms develop knee -- namely south of the triangle. by 4:00 expect scattered showers in downtown durham. the chance of storms goes down with temperatures up toward the no of the week. i will show you all of the details in the seven-day forecast. there is a new commander in charge of the army national guard. it was held in morrisville yesterday as lieutenant colonel joseph bishop took command of the aviation brigade. this brigade supports state and federal emergency responses, search and rescue teams, and law enforcement agencies.
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natural disasters both within north carolina and across the united states. volunteers with a local church worksheet pack hundreds of backpacks. they are filled with school supplies. the goal is to fill 3000 in all. it is part of a week of service by the summit church. they will help students and teachers. we are still seeing gas prices come down, but the trend could stop soon. the average pricof has fallen six cents up to $2.16 a gallon. the declines are getting smaller and price drops could suit no altogether because crude oil prices have stabilized. the average price of gas is $.55 a gallon lower right now than it was this time last year. a warning for all of us about new credit card gas station skimmers. officers in dallas, texas found
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stations. they all use bluetooth technology to steal credit card and bank information from unsuspecting customers. the technology is so advanced thieves can get your information from anywhere. >> they are always try to stay one step ahead. former olympic gold medalist stop in the triangle over the weekend. >> how they are encouraging the next generation of players. plus, how a birth they wish could help otrs
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it is 8:40. dozens of kids got a taste of olympic greatness in the trial. >> superstars including gold
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player at chapel hill spend time with our up-and-coming athletes. >> wral's candace sweat has more. >> reporter: -- they are still young but they know what is possible with focus and hard work. also these girls know of mia hamm and if they don't their parents watching closely from the sidelines certainly do. by one of the best of all time is one they couldn't pass up. >> i am super excited. i was a fan of mia hamm going up. >> reporter: hamm join blue cross blue shield as
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they're all gone. i know i bought them. well, staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period.
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from raleigh eastward we are starting to see a pocket of sunshine. it is 70 in in raleigh and the rocky ridge mount as well as wilson. 76 in erwin . we have a stationary front sitting right across north carolina that'll stick with us for today and tomorrow. we have a better chance of rain today and tomorrow with both days you will want to wear your umbrella. don't forget at 4:00 we are seeing some thunderstorms. you can check out our newscast
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i will be tracking any thunderstorms developing and of course mike maze at 4:00. our rain chances also will be listed during the olympics. a 60% chance today with a 30% chance wednesday through friday. it could happen any day this week and any storms that develop may produce some heavy rain. if you have a question about that, find us on tv. u n go to at any time and also do weather app. event tomorrow with the chance of rain going down in temperatures up looking at low 90s for thursday, friday, and saturday. one good thing about that is we have an extra special perseid meteor shower this year. hopefully it will be clear enough that you can see it. we have 100 meteors per hour which is almost double what we
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of our most spectacular meteor showers of the year. it will be between midnight and sunrise on friday morning. so maybe as we come in you can stop in the parking lot for a few minutes and looked up. it is best to find a dark place, and it can be hard to around here. it will be a nice show. >> just don't open your sunroof and drive like that. >> [ laughter ] t jaw-dropping images from nasa this morning. it is raining plasma on the surface of the sun. nasa has a solar flare that can cause a material to cascade down in big loops called quarrel rain. that rain is made of plasma, which forms a super hot mix that rapidly cools as it falls. the bright pixels in this video are not caused by the solar
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particles go to the camera on iris in massive satellite used to observe the sun. we all like getting gifts a 10-year-old boy is giving away the gifts he gets because governor robinson is collecting shoes. three years his already given 600 pairs of shoes to kids whose organization gunner's runners. >> it makes me feel better r getting new schools -- new shoes picks but we are so proud of him. it was his idea. >> and robinson's collection issues until next monday. the latest movie to based on comics is already breakg records "suicide sqd" brought in $135 miio n at the weekend box office shattering the record for office.
8:52 am
"bad moms" e-media is protecting to pull him $14 million for the weekend but we will not have the final numbers until later today. >> you what is right up to the cliffs. i have been waiting. [ laughter ] >> i just woke up this morning. i said howmuch money did "bad moms" make? now have to wait. but that is what life is about. being patient. do you remember the statue in new york? the end of 81 this weekend. yesterday would've been lucy's 105th birthday. that looks like her. you remember about a year ago they unveiled the statute that a lot of people panned to be
8:53 am
>> that was terrible. [ laughter ] >> the mayor of the town excited about all of this. they might move the statue into a gazebo with lights shining on its face to symbolize her hollywood glamour. >> that is a great job. >> it is a new artist? >> a lady named carolina palmer. one of $.60 to try to make a correct lucy statue. >> it looks good. >> you think you have brought neighbors quick take a look at what happened in misery. massive amounts of sand been removed at a yard inside a house. residents were upset their neighbors lawn had been covered with 80 tons of sand for more than three years. just something they wanted to do, apparently.
8:54 am
$200 citation. home owner fixed the problem but kept the sand. now the yard is clear of sand. >> maybe they just wanted to
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good morning.
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all -- flights were grounded overnight and remain that way for several hours. no word yet on what caused the power outage and no word yet on exactly how long this partial shutdown will continue. we do understand that waivers have been issued to customers. 's check on your forecast with elizabeth. we have the chance for rain. >> we will head over to durham you can see the gray skies. those clouds are thinning and into lunchtime we will probably end up with some sunshine. our temperatures are many in the low to mid-70s with 70 in south hills but 79 in fayetteville. we are seeing a bit more sunshine filtering through the clouds. with a good chance of showers and storms for lunchtime all of the way through the afternoon. 89 on tuesday and wednesday and
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we have an accident blocking the center lane of 440 westbound for you get to capital boulevard. we are not really seen a big delay but something to keep in mind. a new app is answering the age-old question of what is for dinner? some people are getting a taste of their neighbors cooking for a small be. you will introduce you to the creator and tell you got the inspiration. >> that is it for a news for now. our next update in 25 minutes
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