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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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right now on wral news on fox 50. a string of accidents makes a mess of traffic on a major wake county interstate. >> the area tonight. our meteorologist is still tracking rain on the duel doppler 5,000. he will tell us how long it will stick around. >> new details of what caused the death of a boy on a water slide in kansas. hello, thank you for joining us. emergency crews responded to at least three serious accidents in the same area of i- 54. kenneth sweat joins us live of
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with the latest. >> now, they were here on the road. >> reporter: we have a vantage point. several accidents, at least three here. looking at the latest fatal accident. another accident just yards away. just a few yards away down the westbound lane. you can see it from our vantage that the latest accident is a fatal accident. take a look. the westbound lane of 540. this is at 8:30. this video is from 30 minutes ago and you can see from the live report that not much has changed. highway patrol is on the scene right now investigating video from our traffic camera shows that one of those cars appeared to have caught fire. it appears, also, to involve a
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many fatalities there are as a result of this accident. but we have been in touch with highway patrol to bring you more information on this accident as it becomes available. then, just a few yards away, again, a wreck on interstate 550. highway patrol responded to an accident. they are working that accident as l. they have been out here for several hours. right now we are not getting word on fatalities for particular accident. and, again, along 540 another accident involving a fed-ex car or truck and two other cars. we know from that accident there are no fatalities. but we have been in touch with highway patrol throughout the night. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. they are working this accident and i was told that a trooper would be in touch with me once they are done gathering
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rerouteing people off of 540 on to leesville road until this westbound lane of traffic is clear. that will be a mess for quite a bit longer. >> live in raleigh, thank you for the update. >> rain like that and it happens. heavy downpour and, you know, it is dangerous conditions. serious thunderstorms roll through the area during the evening rush hour. >> take a look at the video of the storm as it moves into raleigh. more than an inch of rain fell in just minutes causing streets arou quickly. got to be careful when something like that happens. >> a fewer sent us a picture. the area that was flooded today. this was the scene in atlantic avenue. you can see the high water caught drivers off guard. >> we are not done with this wet weather just yet. our meteorologist is tracking where the showers are now and just how long they will stick around, mike? >> we do have showers out there right now. locally the phraoding threat is done. let's take a look at the radar
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the flow coming in from the caribbean. helping our dew points rise. that is why it felt muggy this afternoon. there are cluster of thunderstorms. just outside of the viewing area there is flooding potential. closer to home, spotty showers moving by. no lightning strikes. you can see around lee county and everything moving from south to north over wake county. small spotty showers and then off to the west we see the same. i believe going to see on and off throughout the night and perhaps through the morning commute. again, moisture in the atmosphere today. that is not what i want to show. going back to the radar view and show how much rain fall we saw across the area and i wanted to point out the rainfall totals and southern wake couldn'ty had 3 inches for the doppler radar off to the west and where they had a flash flood warning as well. four inches of rainfall. seeing the charge green. an inch to 2 inches, quite a
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as well. the system that is upon us is a frontal boundary. that is with us tomorrow it. likely seeing more showers and thunderstorms throughout the area. we will talk more about this and when the temperatures rise a bit, linda? >> four inches of rain, wow. thank you our app will alert you if severe weather is coming where you are. go to and search alert center. a 10-yr- at a kansas city water park, suffered a net injury. the new information was released. he died after suffering a neck injury at the end of the ride. had he was found in a pool. two other women in the boat suffered minor injuries. it is said to have a 17 story drop. they plan to reopen on wednesday. the slide will remain indefinitely. three children are in the hospital tonight. the authorities say they fell from a ferris wheel at a county
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what happened and early images from the scene, ada am? >> we know, the ferris wheel is the tallest ride on the midway. that is the kind of ride these children fell from. some photos posted on line you can see one of the paerpbl compart wants instead of hanging straight down it appears to be turned to the side in some of those pictures. our a filliat in tennessee reports 3 children fell about 40-50 feet from the ferris wheel at the local fair there. it happened after 6:00 this evening. because of how badly they hurt two of those kids involved had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital. at the moment the officials have not shared ages and conditions of the children. people on-line have been going for information, some questions if if the fair will remain open for the night after this accident. we now know a lot of the rides there at the fair have been closed for the evening. family attractions is the midway operator of the county fair in tennessee.
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the vortex ride here in 2013, you may remember. five people were seriously injured on that for that year. it was determined a safety mechanism on the ride was bipassed. as for tonight in tennessee the investigation into what went wrong there is just getting started. >> adam in the news room, thank you. a raleigh man accused of murder after a neighborhood disturbance appear immediate court today. thomsace was shot to death inside northeast raleigh home. the police arrested chad murder. he fired a shotgun frommed in his garage and killed a man who was outside of his house. we know what caused a fire. firefighters were called just after 9:00 this morning. the explosion was caused by a gas leak. one person got out of the home and is at the burn center. the home was destroyed.
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days for early voting but only one location, it applies to the local board of election officer in downtown raleigh. the county board discussed allowing the early voting plan in response to a federal court ruling that struck down north carolina's voter id law. now, that law carried a number of provisions including the voting time. 17 days to 10 for more information now, delta had problems today. passengers dealt with delays in a unique way. [singing] >> reporter: those ladies were trying to get home to minnesota when we caught up to them. they were standing in line for two hours and had to get through security. some travelers say they waited
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airport officials say all 64 delta flights that operated at rdu were impacted. we are still 13 weeks away from election day but a professor says he knows who is go to win. he developed a model that accurately predicted every election since 1996. this year he predicts a narrow win for hillary clinton. earning 50.4% of the popular votend divide in the house of representatives. his model will be published and used in election predictions at university of virginia politics. donald trump revealed details of a plan. it came through a speech in a club. he wants to simplify the tax code from 7 brackets to 3. you would pay 12%, 25% or 33% of
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income tax reductions especially for middle american. >> it will lead to millions of new and really good paying jobs. the rich will pay their fair share but no one will be paid so much that it destroys jobs. >> he is proposing a moratorium on all federal regulations. trump will make 2 stops tomorrow to pitch the plan. he will be count on wral for coverage of the events in both cities. hillary clinton attacked trump's plan today at a rally. >> his tax plans will give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy. just like him and the guys who wrote the speech, right? >> clinton is on a 2-day campaign swing through florida.
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kissimmee tonight. she mans to talk to officials about the zi -- she plans to talk to officials about the zika virus. the latist in a case against a north carolina man with accused ties to isis. candy sends more than a dozen people to the hospital including a 6-year-old. what the investigators believe
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a charlotte man charged with conspiring support for isis will be in court tomorrow. according to the affidavit he tried to recruit people to train together and attack the united states on behalf of isis. he communicated with an agent through social media and urged them to be mortars. >> helping solve two separate shootings. you may remember the case of a 72-year-old, she was shot in a drive by shooting last february. her leg had to be amputated due to her injuries, they have yet to find the person responsible. the investigators are
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they were found dead at a home on andrew avenue. so far no arrests in this case. the durham county sheriff's office is asking the governor for funds to help solve these crimes. if approved a reward of $5,000 will be offered for information nothing both cases. the police need your help to find a missing 14-year-old. he was last seen on street. he is 5 '5 tall. he is black. anyone with information should call the police. a man who spent the bulk of his life in prison for a murder he says he did not commit told his story to a judge for a first time. 43-year-old johnny small is in prison since he was 15. small has maintained his innocence all along. this case is back in court
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trial says he lied. >> the family has always felt he was innocent. we never doubted that at all. honestly i am happy. i never thought i would see this day that he was back in court. >> the man that recanted his it is david bowinger. >> he admitted the involvement of the death penalty. >> no ruling today. refusing to marry same sex couples. two couples claimed tax dollars are spoepbt what they call a discrimtory law -- being spent and no one is doing their job. no one was proved they are hurting anyone with the law.
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strike down the same sex marriage probition. it is another big night in rio. the united states leads the medal count for 19. 5 gold, 7 silvers and 7 pwroupbs. china has 13. japan and russia have 10 followed by italy with 9. we will have a live report in the news following nbc's coverage of the olympic games. coverage we will be on wral on morning, news, nights, some are them are moving. during the summer games the 4:00 news and noon news will air on fox 50. we will it continue to remind you. 4:00 and noon. >> yes. so much great coverage of the olympics. days like that when it is raining and storming you can sit inside and -- >> binge watch. >> yes, so much.
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>> i try. [ laughter ] >> now watching it. >> yes. we sound like an ad. i watch too much tv. wait a second, i work on tv. >> looking at the radar. slow movers, dumped a lot of rainfall. now, we showed you the storms at the beginning of the newscast. heavy rainfall. they still have the flash flood warning it in effect. additional 1-2 inches. moore county and lee county we are seeing showers, no lightning strikes. all television moving from the south to the north. a few spotty showers around wake county and off towards the east. they are all moving to the north as well. we have a stationary frontal boundary going from the outer banks through the triangle and south and west towards charlotte. that was developing our showers and storms. spotty showers, possible, watching if for patchy fog.
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afternoon. should develop scattered showers. by wednesday it should. that means fewer showers and the temperatures will warm up and this weekend we will look at highs, 92, 93. wral garden camera earlier today. coming down. boy, since there is so much moisture in the downpours we experienced the rain could be blinding at times. could cause accidents on i-540 this afternoon. now, 76 at rdu. hour. the numbers close to home. everybody is warm, everyone is humid. in the middle 70s at most locations, 80 at fayetteville. and one thing that is not going to change, i don't think, the entire week will be the humidity levels. the mugginess sticking with us the entire week. very, very uncomfortable. the spread of showers and thunderstorms around north carolina and you can see the activity all throughout the
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atmosphere. that is an area of low pressure. now, frontal boundary upon us. this will move north and west over the next couple of days. the upper level low will shift to the west in response of high pressure that is off the atlantic or south atlantic building to the north and west. so, this high builds in it will shift off to the west. dumping heavy rain along the coast. coming up in the next half- hour, the weather desk top look at the rainfall totals in the coming days. overnight others mainly cloudy, most he cloudy, spotty showers not ruled out. 5:00 a.m. activity along the boundary. 8:00 tomorrow morning, humidity. you want to join us at 4:30 a.m. on wral andy she will let you and -- and she will show you what is out there. the week goes on we will see fewer showers and storms. >> 72 in raleigh. 72 in southern pines. fitness in the morning,eck
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especially to the north at the sro video line. partly cloudy at lunchtime. shower can not be ruled out. tomorrow afternoon, the temperatures like today, middle 80s to 90s in fayetteville. rocky mount, 86 in south hill. here is your seven-day forecast. upper 80s the next couple of days. low 90s, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, we could be looking at 92 and 93. all in all over the next 7 days the heat will not be that excessive. showers and thunderstorms by the time we are at thursday and >> all right, thank you. we have seen him on stage and in numerous places here in the triangle. now, ira david wood iii embarked on a new journey with his son. the new feature film in the works. next in sports, duke hits the practice field for the first time this season. rob, not happy with his team today. he tells you today, we can connect more....
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and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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k: ok, $8 on powerball gets wait, lucky for life is free with powerball? $1,000 a day for life? that's my game. cause i'm gonna be around for awhile. i don't even get sick.
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u.s. basketball team is 2-0 in rio. the americans beat venezuela 113-69 tonight. an easy win after a rather sluggish start. the game was tied after a
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anthony scored. the coach talks about what is if stphaobgs it is not like we were not ready to play we just fouled so it is disruptive. then we -- they are playing good defense and you don't hit shots it becomes a different game. that is good for us overall. >> we will have highlights for you coming up tonight on wral after the olympics. the new football team getting ready for the season opener that is on september the blue devils have a new feeling during the new season. trying to build on a bowl win. we have the story. with construction wrapping up, duke's team looks to build on last season's success. for the first time in more than five decades duke is coming off of a bowl-game win. >> definitely rewarding. especially after close ones in previous years.
10:26 pm
a winning season. bold big, coastal division title and now that once elusive bowl win. so, to keep climbing the devils now have to look to the top. >> play in the locker room there is no sense of achievement. i feel like this is good to get the first win. hungry for a lot more success. >> ultimately the goal is for the championship and the birth. i feel like we are not complacent yet. our goal is to get to today. >> david says the quarterback will be kept on what amounts to a pitch count like a baseball pitcher to make sure he is not overworked in fall practice as he works his way back from a torn achilles. wral sports, durham. rob says the game plan will not be too complicated with the match up against the ravens, he is going to give the young guys the most of the reps of the
10:27 pm
today at training camp. he gathered the third team players in a hud toll yell at them for a few minutes for not grasping the -- hud -- huddle to yell at them for a few minutes for not grasping the playbook. >> not being smart. missed a couple line ups, that really bothered me. mostly the young guys, that is more troublesome, they are going to get the bulk of the work. i want to make sure stood, it is not good enough. not going to know where to lineup and get the crap kicked out of you. >> oh, nobody wants that. >> he does not often get angry at his players but today he needed time to pull them aside. >> yes. temperatures are theiring a little bit. >> yes. >> living in a college dorm. >> yes. it is that time. >> thank you, mandy. still to come, home renovations is a multibillion business and it is costly if you make a mistake.
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wrong. plus, nearly 20 people sickened at a young 's birthday party. the substance that the police say was found in candy that may be to blame. what the police are sa
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raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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year-old new york city woman while she was jogging in new jersey. an account manager for google was visiting her mother. she went jogging alone and did not come home. last night a police dog found her body half mile from her mom's house. they are not say figure they think the crime was random. they are asking people in the area to report suspicious gummy candy made people sick including a 6-year-old. they were celebrating a 15-year- old girl's birthday. the candy could be very pote it nt anyone who has gummy rings from the party should throw them away, they have marijuana in it. now, spirit airlines flight from los angeles to fort lauderdale, pilots diverted the plane because of the incident.
10:32 pm
they moved him to the back of the plane where he attacked a crewmember. another one helped crewmen detain the paerpbl. he was impaired. a single engine cessna landed at lunchtime on the median. the plane had mechanical difficulties. the pilot said he is thankful nobody was hurt. contractors working in the wake forest publix grocery storer reducing traffic to 1 lane. this is near roger' drivers -frpt lane closure will allow them to create a new turnlane into the shopping center for the future grocery store. work should be finished by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. signs and flaggers for if place to direct traffic through the area. there is a renovation boom happening right now. homeowners areeck pected to spend a record $155 billion on work this year. >> are expected to spend a record of $155 billion on work this year.
10:33 pm
can make before you knock the walls down. >> reporter: if it is one room or a whole house makeover. a lot of people renovating. >> these are the stairs to the new second floor. >> sally started planning a year before the work started. consumer reports says planning is important to staying on budget. another key, sticking to that plan. general contractors common mistake by homeowners, add aggravation and pops, just ask sally. she opted to redo her kitchen midway through her renovation. >> i think adding the kitchen add another 15-20% to the budget. >> yikes! >> reporter: and before her kitchen was finished she faced the second most common budget buster. uncovering damage. >> when i found out about the gas leak i was about to cry.
10:34 pm
avoid unwanted surprises. it is useful knowing problems beforehand to adjust your budget. >> don't forget it is a mistake not to bargain. 30% of contractors surveyed by consumer reports say they are very willing to tpheg oerbiate. and no matter what you think the renovation will cost. be sure to build in -- negotiate. and no matter what you think the renovation will cost, be sure to build in padding. not just just with money. it could take long near we had had to move into the house before it is finished. it is a stressful process. we are happy with it. >> reporter: back to you. >> you should know how long it will take for construction time say on average bathrooms take 2 weeks, kitchens take 3. ft.
10:35 pm
day. this year marks the 76 an versary of the jump by the u.s. army parachute. the celebration -- anniversary of the jump by the u.s. army parachute. it has a performance by the all- american corp. launching a new project with his son, green eye pro ducks has casting for a new feature film, called "the believer" it will star wood and his son. the film is about a gifted rock band. the first time father and son appeared together on screen. two celebrities with two different lifestyles are joining forces. >> coming up, the new show pairing snoop dogg and martha stewart. >> is it a rap album? >> i don't know. chasing a dream leads to an enormous outcome for nas a. we
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your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ?? what does snoop dogg and martha stewart have in common? they will host a cooking show this value. the show will be martha and. >>'s dinner party.
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celebrity friends. kerry will make a guest appearance on "empire." now, the episode will be on wednesday october 5th to catch the season 3 premiere of empire right here on fox the simpsons is making history once again with the first 1-hour episode. tell air it in january. the guest star keegan michael key. voicing characters in the episode. on the 28th season. can you believe that some it is the longest running scripted series in tv history. 28 years. >> that is unbelievable. what does that is a about news i know. really? >> it is funny. yes, clever, homer, yes.
10:40 pm
what do you have trending. and cats and dogs and that kind of thing. this is something new. it is a monkey. >> yes. how cute. >> yes. how often do you see something like that. >> that is cute. >> yes. like the monkey digs it. and it goes over and plays with him a little bit and. [ laughter ] >> i had no idea they really like water. but -- >> yes. trying to swim. >> yes. i think so. >> >> it is cute. >> he is the luckiest kid. >> i know. didn't you want a monkey when you were a kid? >> i had a guy around the corner with a monkey. now, a quarter of a million views, everyone is watching it this. very cute. and the next one. the sweet little boy, playing on a t-ball team and his dad is playing, the coach at 1st base. so the little kid gets a hit and runs to 1st base and --
10:41 pm
to 2nd. >> hay. >> i like you. >> i like you, too. >> i love you. [ laughter ] >> go. go all of the way home. [ laughter ] >> kid is like at least a double maybe a triple if he runs the whole way but he stops at 1st base and sees his dad and he is overcome with emotion, i got to tell you, i like you, and i love you. >> that is awesome. >> you just want to give him a hug. yes, a good kid. >> yes. ad book page and if you think something should number what's trending send me a message. a dream space ship and when it will undergo the first round of testing. talking about the rain around here. big thunderstorms, downpours a lot of that going on with the states close by. georgia, alabama, florida talking about it.
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the days s
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a dream chaser. rodriguez tells us it is about
10:45 pm
grown spacecraft. sierra, nevada corporation has the dream chaser. a space ship heading to california for the first series of tests. >> we are going to take it up to high altitude. going to drop it. it is going to fly itself. it is an atonomus vehicle. computers controls everything that it does. >> reporter: shuttles were enormous with large because they were building the space station. they were costly and had design flaws something they learned from. >> it was a specific goal of the team with this design from the beginning is to address, take all of the lessons learned from the shuttle, take the good that worked and apply it to our vehicle and upgrade it using the state of the art technology. >> reporter: nasa contract for the dream chaser means it will supply the space station with both cargo and people. >> we call it our space utility vehicle.
10:46 pm
orbit if we need to. it can take what is known as 5,000 kilograms of cargo. >> reporter: and it is reusable as nasa builds up the work space in space. >> pretty impressive. that was mi a-rod rod reporting. it is scheduled to go in space at the end of 2019. everything we make, the we have smaller and smaller. cell phones, spacecraft, you name it. >> impressive looking. >> yes. look forward to that. so, rain moved out of our area. >> there is still rain left over but it is not flooding rain. we saw flooding earlier today. some storms tomorrow can dump the rainfall. it is full of moisture. would not take much and the ground saturated. same thing happening in florida. same thing in pasco county.
10:47 pm
s?ef -- several inches of rain. more rain is on the way. evacuation orders are in mace. you are in florida you see flooding and sometimes it will take days before that ponding of water would go down and you had tadpoles go figure there. fun for a little kit. satellite and the rainfall potential. zooming in closer here into the triangle area where the showers are growing across the county if you are watching from hillsboro all of it is heading up your direction, gram, and such. again, all moving due north. there is more activity across the south and west. we go into the sand hills, stanly county. getting up into rowan county. now, lexington, all of the heavy rain moving to the north.
10:48 pm
rain like that overnight. but potential for showers. deepest area of moisture are. receiving bright colors and the orange and the darkness here. that is where the air is drier. you see a bit of a counterclockwise rotation. all shifting to the west. we have high pressure off shore that will move to the south and east. that will really surpress widespread shower and th for wednesday, thursday, friday. i think by that point the storm will be ice lated at best. the low shifting to the west, the rainfall totals could be high as you go farther west through parts of alabama, mississippi, louisiana. here is some of the rainfall totals from the weather prediction center. they are predicting -- their precipitation forecast, i should say. quite a bit of rain across mississippi and the panhandle with that. upper level low.
10:49 pm
the west. where you see the green shaded area. now, that ridge of high pressure starting to build in. let's take a look at future cast over the next 64 hours. again, the general rotation throughout the south and east. for us, we have a deep low- level moisture feed bringing in the rich moist air. with the frontal boundary in the area tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms to form in the afternoon. there could be a few more out there during the day on wednesday as you see it popping up. watch what happens on thursday. starting off with patchy clouds and fog in the morning. the majority of the stor to the west. high pressure ridging in upon us and may suppress more of the development locally and not so much in the mountains. check out the seven-day forecast. we have 89 today. anticipating the same tomorrow. likewise on wednesday. the deep ridge upon us. greater heat, thursday, friday, side, lower 90s, middle 90s in fayetteville. likewise sunday and monday. 92 and 93 respectfully.
10:50 pm
high humidity later met week it will be rather uncomfortable to be outside. >> it is. higher temperatures to the mix you are talking about heat index values in the low 100s. >> yes. not done with it yet. >> mow. >> a few more weeks in september. >> all right. >> yes. one of the most an teuspateed events, men's basketball. the gold medal game in 1972 still one of the most controversial events sports history. >> coming up we take a look
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
this summer's olympics recalling another olympics 44 years ago. >> tonight, tar hill traveler is in avery sitting down with a member of the team. [bell ringing] [music] >> the peace at the olympics was shattered at 5:00. >> reporter: munich, 1972. >> it is under siege. >> reporter: member of the american basketball team. >> we were two buildings away. we are looking straight across to them with the mask over
10:54 pm
taken over the israeli apartment building. >> they are holding people hostage. the latest report is one person has been killed. >> i am going this is not a safe place to be. >> reporter: he leaves the olympic village, returns later that day and walks towards the door across the courtyard. >> i started noticing a lot of german soldiers and they are snapping commands at me. when i get to the door of the garage a soldier walks up to me and says sir, you are in trouble. we are in the process of bringing out the hostages right now and you are in the middle facing that wall and not move. >> reporter: but he does move. turns to look when the terrorists and their hostages suddenly come out. the german soldier reacts. >> he sticks the gun to the back of my head and now i am terrified. >> reporter: the hostages are shoveled passed. >> crying, whimpering, sobbing. you know, just this -- all of this emotion held by them. and it gets to me every now and then.
10:55 pm
[crying] and -- and it is just, you know, knowing that these nine men were walking to their deaths. >> 9 were killed at the airport tonight. they are gone. >> you want to remember your olympics for the great athletics and the relationships that you build and their olympic experience was their last experience of their lives stphofplt live are all gone. >> team ausnever lost a basketball game at the olympics until -- team united statessa never lost a basketball game at the olympics until that game in 1972. rays ticket is hot ticket after alex rodriguez announced his retirement. >> retail spiked above 500%. one tracking site says the average price to a ticket for friday's game is $466. rodriguez was once considered
10:56 pm
scandals, suspended in 2014 for using performance-enhancing drugs. >> one of the careers with star next to it. president played with curry, leaving a putt short on the green. my goodness. he plans to play a few more rounds of gulf during his two- week family vineyard. >> the secret service kicked the ball in the hole. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> make everyone turn around. >> yes. >> don't look. >> yes. that would be nice. >> yes. >> certainly. >> thank you for watching, for weather and traffic every 10 minutes watch our morning news on wral starting at 4:30. >> and here on fox 50 beginning at 7:00.
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so were you nervous? >> i just thought what happens if i -- only we have gi sel. we have it all including a special husband, tom. >> thank you. thank you. >> so a billion people and it's all about you. >> now he's going for gold. peata is already winning in so many ways. >> ladies beating down your door. >> you'll get a bro-zilian wax. >> who better to get me through


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