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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 9, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on fox 50, donald trump is trying to create a bounce back after a slump in the poll voters will cast their votes but it's not set in stone. what the election board is telling a judge. >> tens of thousands of delta passengers lined up this morning hoping to get where they need to go, a day after a computer outage caused major delays and cancellations. good morning. it's 7:00. thank you for joining us. i'm monica laliberte in for renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie, and we
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a chance of rain today. >> a little bit? a little bit. if you are finding yourself under the thunderstorms from yesterday coming home from work, you were pulling your hair out. it was a mess in the evening commute with all the accidents. you can see the radar loop from 7:00 p.m. all that is over but what is lingering is moisture and creating fog in places. visibility is down to a .25 of a mile, and you can't check out the bu though. our temperatures in the mid-70s in the triangle, and 74 in holly springs and cary. town by town, 69 in south hill. and the planner this morning, mid-70s, fog or low cloud cover, but that begins to burn off at lunchtime, and 82 degrees and we'll see an increase in clouds this afternoon and evening, and a high of 89 and a good chance of storms about the time of the
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and the pattern begins to shift for the end of the week. i'll show you that in a few minutes. looking at low cloud cover around the bring angle area, brian. that's right. in fayetteville, we have fog but in the triangle, just low ceilings around the treetop level. it's 7:02, and here in the stance, it's hard to make out the trees in the beltline at wade avenue but on the ground itself, drivers are not but as elizabeth showed us in fayetteville, it's a different situation. it just fends where you are. you can see the mustard color which is the greatest chance of seeing fog, and it including much of the triangle from wake county and sandhills and southern pines and fayetteville and back towards clinton and the i-95 corridor through rocky
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you head out. a few accidents are popping up. a look at some of the those on the western side of the triangle. hillsboro, a crash at 70 on miller road. south side at durham at massey chapel, no delays at 751 and a crash in durham, but no backups on the sensors. on the east side, a report of a crash on lizard lick road at riley hill road. the major ut shape. we are seeing slow downs around garner. the fortify work zone, looking good at 440, 11 minutes at 40 westbound. the ride at the airport is delay free at 5 minutes. monica? >> thank you, brian. breaking news out of california where police are
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our time in citrus heights just outside of sacramento. policesay officers were responding to a call about a suspect with a gun. they advised people who live in the area to take shelt in a local library. a man was killed but they have not released further information. cumberland county authorities are saying that a call came in as a stabbing incident with an unconscious person. whether someone was gravely hurt in the incident. we're still working on the story. delta airlines is trying to make it up to tens of thousands of passengers whose flights were delayed or scrubbed because of a computer outage. it will hand out travel passes to thousands after the outage impacts 3300 flights including dozens at rdu international. some people waited online for hours to get on the flight and
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counter earlier, passengers were lined up again. but we are told that things have calmed down a bit. they are working to accommodate those whose flights were canceled. donald trump makes two campaign stops in north carolina. first in wilmington and then in fayetteville as he faces more rect republicans. as tracie potts reports, one of those respects has an op-ed piece. >> reporter: in a washington post op-ed, republican senator collins writes donald trump lacks the temperament and judgment for president showing
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decency. >> this is a movement that's been swimming upstream against an avalanche of negative media. >> reporter: trump heads to north carolina today. a monmouth university poll puts him 13 points behind hillary clinton but he is getting new support. >> i'm going to vote for donald trump and mike pence. >> reporter: and more criticism from clinton. >> wall a former chief economists. >> reporter: he is bringing his tax cut plan in line with washington republicans. >> i am going to cut regulation. massively. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. voting maps for this fall's
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that's the suggestion from the board of elections. the board responded to the judge's request for proposals for school board elections saying otherwise, there would have to be a new filing period. voters will get extra time to cast their ballot this is fall. wake county voters will have seven extra days, but only at one location. the additional time in downtown raleigh. they discussed adopting the new early voting plan in response to a federal court ruling that struck down north carolina's voter id law that carried a number of other provisions including one that cut early voting time from 17 days to only 10 days. for more information on early voting dates, visit our
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hearing involving former prosecutor coulen dansing on charges that she withheld evidence from an armed robbery case. a hearing continues today in the case of a man who says he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. 43-year-old johnny small has been in prison since the age of 15, convicted of killing the owner v?3u6wb8a tropical fish s in wilmington in 1988. small has innocence all these years. the case is back in court because the key witness in the original trial said he lied. >> the family always felt he was innocent. honestly, i am ecstatic. i never thought i would see the day he was back in court. >> the man who recanted his
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who took the stand and admit that does he lied because investigators threatened him with the death penalty. the judge weekend hold the conviction or vacate the conviction and set small free. he couldrd also order a new trial. hopefully, this will be a better day for 540 drivers. three separate crashes yesterday, one of them deadly, caused all kinds of problems. this was in the westbound lanes that shut down the road video shows that one of the cars in the fatal crash caught fire. it caused multiple vehicles, and we are working to learn more about who died. earlier in the day, there was a crash with an 18 wheeler truck. no serious injury there is. -- injuries there. and we have a third accident involving a fedex truck. it does not appear that injuries were serious there.
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count lead as we begin day 4 in rio. >> coming up, the athletes with a local connection to bringing home medals. >> and massive wildfires are continuing to rage out west. the warning for folks near l.a. as an intense fire threatens homes and neighborhoods. and a ride company linked to a serious accident at the state fair is involved in another accident. what we're learning about the
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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7:13. hey, a lot going on on day 4 of the summer olympic games. the women's team gymnastics he women's team gymnastfavored to win. ledecky and franklin will compete in the 200-meter freestyle. on the men's si phelps is expected v?to compet in the 200-meter butterfly? and phelps is expected v?to compet will take on colombia. cathleen baker finished second ]i?in the 100-meter jfc? stroke. dl? the winston-salem native is just .3 of a second behind the
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7 bronze for 19. china has 13 medals. japan and russia each ?&have 10 followed by italy with 9 sk?an reminder that wral's renee chou is in rio for the games, and we'll check in with her live every morning. and, hey, a quick programming note for you. because of the olympics, we'll be on in the morning, at noon, and night, but some of our during the summer ga news at noon and 4:00 p.m. ?50. twitter helped comedian leslie jones +t
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to get down there. nbc's executive 3
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?? from the mountains... edmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ?
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? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children.
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all right. look okat the clouds. that looks like something out of alice in wonderland. >> kind of makes you want to fly. >> get a;m?the clouds. >> yeah. doesn't take long. it was a very low deck of clouds. when you step n like you're suffocating, muggy and gray and fog. but at the airport, a lot of people are not getting off the ground because of the whole y. delta meze. my goodness. i know a lot of you will be talking about that. and we saw ywca +?dsystem roll through the sandhills ?73and across the triangle area and to virginia. it's all over now but we are@'c? seeing lingering moisture. this is what it looks like
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with this. the d8roads are damp and you wi probably run your jo>windshield wipers intermitte'3g?this morning. our dew point is t?g?74, so it' heavy -and tropical feeling. the visibility, .50 of a mile in rocky mount and a wq.25 of a mile in roxbor and clinton and fayetteville. and.75 of ona mile in almost everyone is seeing $?clo? cloud deck ?and fog. the temperature, 69 in south hill i mid-70s2??this morning. and here's a look at the weather pattern with a stationary front that is drifting northward and won't lift h??into virginia but just weaken ??over the next 24 hour
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flow. already seeing showers around wilmington and south s7?carolin and these will lift up into the triangle area by the evening commute time )/band into virgin you can see that here on futurecast. so about 11:00, mk[they will be to develop gj when you have those roll through yesterday &ag?it caused lot of issues. there were accidents and the traffic xv?was slow and visibil poor in places where was ?heavy, and that's lifting northwar a slightly lesser chance today, probably not as widespread but any of the storms that pop up at lunchtime, another round ;v. scattered storms and high pressure zy[builds in from the east. that will put a cap or a lid on the thunderstorms. for today, a 40% chance of yq compared to yesterday at
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let's take a look at our live commute, delays on 40 westbound at garner, 20 minutes between 42 and the beltline split. beyond the backups, a smooth ride through south and west raleigh through rtp. not any delays in the fortify work zone. we still have a few crashes on the map. an earlier crash is in hillsboro from 70 at miller road and no delays on on the south side of the durham at massey chapel road and another near central durham but the sensors are not indicate anything backup. wake county on the east side, a crash on lizard lick at riley hill road, and 64 as you head through the knightdale area, looking pretty good. back to you. thank you, brian. people who live in 5000
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in california are told they may want to evacuate. the pilot fire is know spaing nearly 10 square miles. it's so large intense smoke is rolling all the way across the desert to vegas. three children are recovering after they fell from a ride at a county fair. they fell 40 feet as they were riegd the ferris wheel. the oldest victim was 16. this is the same company that north carolina state fair in 2013. five people were seriously hurt when a safety mechanism on the ride was bypassed. today marks 2 years of michael brown's death who was shot by officer darren wilson in ferguson, missouri. his death sparked months of protests. there will be events commemorating the anniversary today.
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protecting his family. >> what happened in court after he was accused of shooting a man on his property.
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it's 7:26. i'm bill here are the top stories. traffic troubles. that's story number one. here's brian shrader. indeed, bill. slow traffic in garner. can't find anything causing them on 40 westbound. it might be congestion. 25 minutes from 42 to the beltline slip. and through the fortify work zone in south raleigh, things are moving smoothly.
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540, and you should allow extra time from garner on 40 westbound. a lot of us seeing fog. in if i yeatville, pretty thick fog. yeah. and we'll start off with the fayetteville skycam. earlier, you couldn't see any buildings, and now you can see a few of them.
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c1 and good tuesday morning, everyone. it's 7:30. donald trump will be back in north carolina. he'll make two appearances. the first one, he is scheduled to stop in wilmington. >> he will hold a rally in fayetteville. crown arena, the venue there. mikaya thurmond is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill and monica. i want to tell you that extra security measures already under trump will be. we saw within the last 20 minutes or so k-9s are showing up to sniff for bombs or any other things that can cause issues later today. and we know this is trump's first visit to fayetteville since a march rally where a protester was punched. the protester said he will likely make a return appearance but the man accused of hitting
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invitation. there has been quite a few changes. this really was held at a much- smaller venue. he'll be at the crown arena which will sit only 4500 people, and the sheriffs fice said they are prepared any violence that might occur. to attend the rally, register doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the events at 6:00. you can watch live on, and that includes this rally as well as the one happening in wilmington at 2:00 p.m. >> mikaya thurmond in fayetteville, thank you very much. and election day is still 13 weeks away, but a professor at east carolina university said he knows who will win.
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model that has accurately predicted every election for years and this year, it predicts hillary clinton will win and the model will be published in a political science journal and used at the university of virginia's center for politics. investigators are renewing efforts to help solve two separate shootings. dorothy holloway was shot in february. to her injuries. deputies have yet to find the suspect, and deputies also issuing information on a shooting that killed a father and son in june. duane greer senior and duane greer junior were found dead at a home. so far, no arrests. if approved, a reward of $5,000
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cases. an explosion at a home in fayetteville after a leak in the laundry room at 9:00 yesterday morning. one person is in the burn center at unc. the home, by the way, is
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congressman butterfield has presented a grant to south carolina university from the u.s. department of agriculture. and the money will be used to expand opportunities in rural areas including video conferencing equipment for libraries and community centers. and now, checking the
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you said it would. oh, yeah, water everywhere, and accidents, and if you were out at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, you probably experienced the same thing. the thunderstorms had the potential for the heavy rain, and it's still lingering with a deck of low cloud cover. the tower on the cam is the mix 101.5 mix radio tower cam. it's a all clear up above and we're underneath it, and we are well socked in. 74 in rocky mount and 75 in wake forest. it will be on the gray side today, midday and it won't burn off until mid to late morning but 10:00 a.m., 78 and a high of 89 and, of course, late-day storms. so keep that in mind if you are
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brian has a look at the road this is morning. you think any of the fog is contributing to the slowdowns? probably not. we typically don't see problems that unusual. fog is a self-correcting problem. most people do slow down naturally. i don't think that's the cause of the slowdowns around the triangle. looks like it's just congestion 40 westbound through garner. 20 minutes from 42 to 440, a solid backup from interchange. on the south side of raleigh in the fortify work zone, we are not seeing delays in the work zone. heading from wayne to 540 out to the airport, no delays this morning. here's a look at the road weather index. in the triangle area according to the cameras no fog on the ground, but as elizabeth showed us, the trend seems to indicate
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unfortunately, we don't have cameras in goldsboro, so i can't tell you the continues there. but i-95, you could run into fog. liking a look at the live map, backups 40 westbound through garner and an alternate route, 50 northbound is backed up from 42 up towards business 70 in garner. a few accidents on the map, none of which are problems. in durham, the freeway is clear in both directions between 85 and i-40. monica? >> thank you, brian. this is funny. actor ira david wood is launching a new project with his son. raleigh company's green eyes production has announced a new production for the film starring i remarks david wood
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together. actress jennifer grey turned down the role in "dirty dancing." 's remake. abigail breslin is taking on the role of baby in the new film. grey said the appropriate. coming up, what our medical report card tells us about our
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state of men's health in 2016. the latest survey by the american academy of families says that men think they are taking better care of themselves than they were nearly 10 years ago but more men are diagnosed with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. joined joining us is the president of the american academy of family physicians. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporte have you with us today? this is an important issue for a lot of guys, including myself. the survey looked at how men are doing this year compared to 2007. how are they doing and how is the gap between what they think they are doing and what they really are doing? >> bill, this is an important survey, and thank you for having me here. what we found is that 49% of men rated their health as
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unfortunately in the south, the numbers are not as good at 43% and in the south, we see a higher incidence of chronic disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, but the good news is it's getting caught earlier, and we have found an increase of men exercising. they are taking time to workout and they are spending less time they are spending the same at amount of time in front of their television but they report a usual source of medical care, a primary care physician such as a family physician. >> reporter: what is it about men in the south? why are we struggling more? >> chronic disease tends to be higher in the south, and what i encourage the men in the south, when they hear this story, make
7:43 am
have a family physician. one of the most important things you can do is invest in your own health care. men do a good job take care of their families, their cars, and making sure their careersor track but sometimes, they don't pay attention attention to their own health. this is an investment in yourself and your future. you don't have to feel sick to see a doctor. that's a barrier in the survey. the men had a sense they needed to feel sick before they to go. nothing is further from the truth. have an evaluation with a physician and evaluate your risk factors. if you do have something going o -- on, we'll watch it early. >> reporter: quickly, how old do you need to be before you have annual, physical checkups?
7:44 am
physician and that starts at age 18. just because you're 25 and feel great doesn't mean you shouldn't have a family physician. you want someone who knows your name so if something does change or you need to talk, you can get in there. >> reporter: dr. wanda filer, president of the american academy of family physicians, thank you very much. it's been 28 years and there is still one simpsons haven't done.
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z22pfz zy6z
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a were referring to the size of the called rine at the -- caulderon at the olympicsl this picture. it loopot the table. >> it does. >> when we d our ice sculpture, it was the same thing. it was over 6 feet changes it. but it's beautiful, and i love the sculpture behind it. >> me, too. >> exciting. just in the first few days and we have much more to come. too late watching that. >> oh, yeah. >> addicting. >> it is. it is. i thought i am just going to turn it on for a minute.
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and the radar picture this morning, the big story yesterday afternoon and evening is the rain. and we took off the radar picture here at 3:45 this morning and the rain was mostly up to the north and a lot of lingering moisture left behind meaning a lot of cloud cover and fog, too. it's beginning to look a little bit in roxboro. a little low cloud cover terms ofilooks look. downtown, the visibility is above a .25 of a mile of drizzle. super wet here and drizzly and misty with all the fog. maybe you are running your w indshield wipers. the visibility, south hills at 5 miles. .50 of a and less than a .25 of a southern pines and .75 of a
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so varying amounts of low cloud cover and fog depending on where you are. mid-70s this morning and it xn feels typical. you know, just drippy outside. 73 in south hill and we have intense heat in the l again, back to the west. dallas at 102, and we ?f?are continuing %?/?to see this inte heat on the east side ym?of the rockies. denver at 92. it will be hotter in denver than we'll be with temperatures in the come from the $x?west. we'll have this system coming from exactly where it came from a couple of weeks ago. we have the same l?pattern from the west shifting eastward. we have high pressure, see this circle here? high pressure. it will back in and hold the heat back to the west on the other side of the mississippi
7:50 am
near normal. see yvn?the dark reds in temperatures will ?)s?climb int the low 90s, but we don't get into the extreme heat. we'll stay down here to see the heat ease up early part of next week. and then the middle part of next week, it will be intense again. our pattern for today, t?h our pattern for esterday, a sta front here and a moist flow .l"7 giving us thunderstorms, so 9[k?40% chanc of rain today. heavy rain. the evening commute, a mess. you it kwjtune in at 4:00, and we'll have the latest. a 30% chance of thunderstorms on wednesday, and over the weekend, a 20 to 30% chance and a lot of fun things going on a lot of concerts for saturday night or friday night and .?during ?? the day.
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raleigh rose garden, and we'll f 91 for the high in the afternoon. at 2:00 89. it will c'?end at 10:00, and looking good. saturday and sunday's highs in the low 90s. >> that is so beautiful. >> it is. it's beautiful this time of year koin particular. y --so kn+pgebrian, you are rohta traffic? not &?8?many problems in h# triangle, no visibility jf problems triangle. fayetteville, the problems e? easing up. let's take commute map at 7:51, heavy delays through garner. we'll zoom in, and 40 westbound, up &&[?to 27 minutes so you may think about an alternate, business 70. and highway 50 northbound is slow. you can see the red line indicating the slow northbound
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relatively clear highway 42 in statesville. you just need to be patient as you head out this morning. a couple l?other crashes, none which are causing problems as far as ?w?xkcan tell. elizabeth mentioned fog in areas or at least low cloud her indicates the greatest likelihood of seeing that, really from raleigh t?to the east. clearing up nicely in fayetteville and looking at fog in the sandhills, sap ford and southern pines indicating that we could have problems there. back to you. >> thank you, brian. the simpsons are doubling down with an hour-long episode in know -- january, the first time it will be expanded to 1 hour. the simpsons begin their 28th
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reach his 600th xd??episode milestone l
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let's take a look at the radar picture. we had rain overnight and all of that is over with. we have a good deck of low cloud, and eventually, that will break up with another round of thunderstorms. 75 in irwin and fayetteville and a high this afternoon of 89 and heavy rain at times, and wednesday and thursday. a violent attack is under investigation in cumberland county at a home on elgin drive. so far, they are not releasing any additional details, and no
7:58 am
magistrates marrying same-sex couples. a judge must now decide.
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right now on fox 50, donald trump heads back to north carolina as he tries to bounce back from a slump in the polls.
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county voters will cast their vote is not set in w=?ostone. what the elections board is telling the judge or at least recommending to a judge. >> and tens of thousands of delta passengers lined up, hoping to get to where they need to go after an outage caused major delays. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm monica renee chou. a police-involved shooting outside of sacramento in california. a suspect was seen with a gun, and residents were told to take shelter in a local library. they later said that a man was kill -- killed but no additional information. and a call in cumberland county to a home in elgin drive


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