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tv   WRAL News Noon  FOX  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:44pm EDT

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i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm monica laliberte. gilbert baez has more. gilbert? >> reporter: bill and monica, this is an unimaginable crime. a lot of new housing out here, and the imon this house here on elgin road. deputies were called to the house before midnight after receiving a home. when deputies arrived they found 63 joseph naulty dead. his son heard his father yell out and when he went in the room to check on him, he saw his father mortally wounded. the neighbor across the street has only known them for a couple of months but he said they seemed to be good people.
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as someone could know someone in that short amount of time, it's shocking. when you see a good relationship with their grandson, this is difficult to take in. >> reporter: the name of the 15-year-old was not released and was taken to the juvenile detention center and very a juvenile court appearance on thursday. it's during the hearing that the district attorney billy west will ask the 15-year-old as a juvenile or as an adult but it will ultimately be up to the judge. >> just a horrible, horrible scene. gilbert baez live from cumberland county. as if yesterday's monsoon was not enough, more rain is moving in and could be a repeat. >> elizabeth gardener, could we see flash flooding today? >> reporter: we will have a very similar situation to what
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not be as many thunderstorms. the ones that do pop up, we have a good chance of heavy rain in a short period of time and producing flash flooding. we'll take a tour around the radar. everything is fairly quiet. we are looking north of the triangle from rocky mount to roanoake rapids, raleigh, everything is looking fi too well. and we will take it down south, and you can see that's where we're see lighting developing. otherwise, in southern pines to fayetteville, looking good. here it comes closer to garland and simpson county. that's where they are starting to develop. watch the development down south.
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the same weather pattern, starting south and moving into the triangle. you can see what made a mess of everything yesterday. right now, a mix of sun and clouds, at least cumulus clouds that will build and grow and thunderstorms will begin to cause problems. coming up in a few minutes, we'll check the radar again. bill? thank you, elizabeth, and a federal court judge said that wake county going back to the ballot this fall after a long-running battle in who represents local voters. wake county must use district maps from 2011. we have more clarity in the next half hour. donald trump campaigns in north carolina on the heels of poor polling members. hillary clinton holds a 10-
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state graduate, actively campaigning with eric trump. the first really begins at 2:00 this afternoon in unc wilmington and then a 6:00 p.m. rally in fayetteville. you can see more on >> cullen browder, thank you. a former wake county assistant district attorney was in court today but wasn't prosecuting a case. she has been accused of possible attorney misconduct robbery case. amanda lamb joins us from the wake county courthouse with what happened today. amanda? >> reporter: bill, first of all, you probably know colleen janssen's name because her fathered was kidnapped in 2014 by gang leaders in retaliation for another case. the ring leader in that case was convicted in federal court.
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saying that janssen erred in the robbery case. theysay the action of investigators downplays the drug-dealing history of her main witness in the case, the victim, to make him more credible at trial. today, the superior court judge donald stevens scfed the state -- to investigate her conduct in the >> they have made requests of us for certain considerable information that we have turned over. we will continue to cooperate with the state law and effort to conchoose this matter quickly. >> reporter: now, the north carolina court of appeals turned over the convictions and the two men were released as it was decided not to retry them.
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this summer after 10 years as assistant district attorney and the state bar will return its findings, its report to this court this, judge in 120 days. bill? >> amanda lamb, thank you. another rough day for delta airlines even though the computer system back online. delta canceled 250 more flights as it tries to a comlate tens of thousands of passengers yesterday. about 1000 flights were canceled and delayed after a power outage. time to check the financial markets. and stocks keep marching higher. the indices in the range of record closing highs. the dow is up almost 50 points and the nasdaq up 24. standard & poors up almost 6 points. for complete business news,
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tsa agents routinely recover contraband at the airports but an alert screener found a weapon that raised eyebrows. where it was found coming up. and a simulation at helping kids be prepared for a possible emergency. plus. you are going to do great. >> we are behind you every step of the way. we love you. >> the president and mrs. obama send a special message to the
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it's kind of hard to imagine this but tsa agents discovered 68 firearms in carry- on bags last week but one stuck out. this 50al was built entirely from parts made with a 3 dinsional printer. it was found in a passenger's carry-on bag at the reno tahoe
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it in carry-on luggage but they left it behind. the apparently was not cited. television and film producer tyler perry has offered to pay for the funerals of twin toddrs w diedn a hot car after seeing the story in the news in atlanta. the girls' mother said she left them with officey that their father was extremely intoxicationed and combative when they arrived on the scene. a female worker at a zoo outside of montreal in canada is recovering after being mauled by a lion with injuries to her back and lower body. her injuries are considered serious but not life- threatening. zoo workers used a high pressure water hose to geto the woman.
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the attack. three children are in at a tennessee hospital after they fell from a ferris wheel at a county fair. they fell 40 et last night and the oldest victim is 16. no word on the conditions of the other kids or their agents. this is the same company that brought the vort right to the fair here when five people were seriously injured when a safety mission on the ride was limits as authorities try and figure out how a state lawmaker's 10-year-old son died of a neck injury while riding it. caleb schwab fell off the water slide at schlitter bahn water park. he was found dead at the end of the ride by investigators.
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hollywood studios in florida. during a performance, the dopey character fell from a railing on to a goofy cast member. both employees were treated on scene. the show originated at disneyland in california in 1992. former governor rod blagojevich will be in today. five original disruption charges were thrown out last year including an attempt to sell an appoint to have president obama's senate seat. he will appear via closed circuit from colorado. melt advocate patrick kennedy wants people to stop calling donald trump crazy
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with issues. he said he wants to stop trump from becoming president but not by using demeaning language. there is a lot going on on day 4 in the summer olympics rio. women's team gymnastics finals, the women's team is the strong favorite there. and in the pool, katie ledecky and misty franklin will compete and on the men's side, michael phelps will compete, and the women's soccer team will take on colombia. have you noticed those dark purplish red circles on bodies of some of the swimmers like
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relief method called cupping where you take warm, round, moist suction cups and help to simulate blood flow. it's not a new technique. it dates back thousands of years to egyptian, greek, and chinese culture. >> it looks painful to me. if you could compete in the olympics, which sport would you choose? president and first lady obama shared their first spor message to team usa. >> if you could compete in any olympic event, what would you choose? >> it would be gymnastics. i'm not built for gymnastics, clearly. >> a little tall. >> but they are phenomenal. if i could flip, i would do it in a heartbeat. >> you mentioned the old gymnastic which is i find spectacular because anything involving your head pointing
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do. [laughter] but it's too tense. i--i--i'm like oh, don't fall. >> what's your message to team usa? >> bring home the gold. the red, white, and blue. the president and first lady told team usa they are proud of them and bringing home the gold, and a lot of ladies here at the station are saying how about that dress? you're with me. and bo with 5 gold medals, 7 silver, 7 bronze, a total of 19. china has 13 medals and japan and russia, each have 10 and italy with 9. and we have a programming note. because of the olympics, some of the newscasts are moving. so during the summer games, the news at noon and 4:00 p.m.
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like yesterday, it will produce heavy rain the time of our evening commute. just be careful and plan extra time. here is the wider view. a few showers developing down towards the south carolina line. we had a thick deck of low clouds breaking up with the cumulus clouds that will tower and develop into thunderstorms, and you can see, of course, it looks pretty out there. it is warm, 86 with a dew point at 72. we are not getting break from the humidity. 88 in fayetteville and 86 in goldsboro and 78 in south hill. we have consistent he had cooler performs. but the dew points way up. and look at at happens when
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we have the high dew points making us feel hot this afternoon. a strong low of moisture from the south will continue to bring us thunderstorms. we take it out to 4:00 and 5:00, and there they are, heavy rain but we'll probably not have as much coverage as yesterday. still, a lot of folks will run into thunderstorms and cause problems for the evening commute. as we get into the latter part of the week, the chances go down a bit. we'll talk more about that coming up. this afternoon, looking at a 40% chance of thunderstorms. tomorrow, a 30% chance so the chance will go down over the next couple days. and as our chance of rain goes down, the chance of rain goes up, looking at the low 90s, thursday to monday and we'll talk more about the end of the week and our chance of rain for the weekend. >> thank you, elizabeth.
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get easier. forget the cash. today at 4:00, we'll show you the next step in convenience and who will get the upgrade first. >> then at 5:00, men and women who fought for our country spend years fighting for their benefits when they get home. we investigate the disability
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peeks of blue sky out
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end for many kids who will be riding the bus, and we know parents are worried about their safety. but a simulation is helping school, parents, and children with bus safety. >> reporter: in this scenario, the bus tips on to a car and tampa fire rescue is urging kids to buckle up. for those buses without seat belts? >> the most important thing children can do is don't stand up and walk around. >> reporter: after a crash, rescue crews race to the scene. until then, kids should follow the bus driver's instructions or look to older, calmer kids. >> the most important thing is remain calm and consider others. >> reporter: as the bus balances on top of the car, firefighters use a stabilizer before rescuing the kids.
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center aisle but when it's on the side, you don't want to step through the glass, so i am making sure i'm on the metal part or the up are part of the bus. and look before you exit. jumping out of the top half can get you hurt. some crashes can cause fuel leaks and fires. in those cases? >> any way you can get out is your best option. >> reporter: and get out right away if the bus is sinking in water, similar to what happene a large pond last year. >> remember. some kids may not be able to swim. >> reporter: kids have to remember that being brave doesn't mean there won't be tears. >> and just a side note to all of this. if your child's school bus is involved in an emergency situation, your first response is to get there as fast as possible but rescue workers say don't get in the way if you go
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until a designated school administrator tell its it -- tells you to. they need to get a head count. in today's good things, a 91-year-old is spending his time in hospice helping the homeless. he has skin cancer and a mass on his kidney but instead of focusing on his own health, his own misery and worries, he is helping by kn the homeless and has been doing so for 15 years. >> why do i do it? it makes me feel good, you know. i know i have to be here but i don't do it very fast. the best thing is helping someone. >> morrie doesn't know how many hats he has made. he stopped counting after 8,000. >> wow. 8,000? >> yeah. >> that's a lot of hats.
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winter. >> no kidding. it will come in handy for people. just ahead, we'll learn more on the new ruling from the wake redistricting phase and the list of republicans abandoning donald trump is growing. and michael jordan makes a huge don't tiges ensure african- american athletes maintain their place in history. but first, lottery numbers. we're back after this. we have some great news. with at&t, the bundle price you sign up for is guaranteed to stay the same for two years. call at&t now and bundle directv, home phone and high speed internet for just $89.99 a month for two years. guaranteed. with directv, take your entertainment to a whole new level. watch shows you forgot to dvr from the last 72 hours
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a major ruling from a federal judge will change who voters cast their ballots for.
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campaign. a new survey monkey poll puts hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by double-digits as trump faces fresh opposition from within his own party. >> donald trump i assemble a real authoritarian. >> reporter: a scathing review of donald trump from a former cia staffer. >> i don't think th about anyone but himself. >> reporter: the latest republican to voice frustration against trump and hours later, a gop senator said in an op-ed that she won't be voting for trump. susan collins wrote she is deeply concerned about, quote, mr. trump's lack of self restraint. and gop leaders are signing a letter opposing trump saying he would be the most reckless
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a federal court judge said wake county voters will be going back to the future when they test the ballots this fall. the judge handed down a ruling this morning in a long-running battle over who represents local voters. we have more on this, and, mark, by the time this case got started anyway and how complicate complicated is it? >> reporter: you know, after every census, you draw a line, and we did just that and grew districts. during the time, the
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redrew wake county's districts saying they wanted more representation and some people speculated to give their party more of an advantage with the doughnut-looking things people may have seen on the map. the court of appeals threw that out but didn't tell the court what to do next. this is the judge saying i have done my best. >> does this mean we will have to redraw the school district and refile or what? >> reporter: at a time. for the school board district because there was a retooling of the schedule as well as the retooling of the maps, all nine will have to refile shortly here in august. and all 9 of them very to run this fall. they have 2-year terms, and the judge has said hey, sort out future elections in 2017.
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can on >> reporter: and the county commissioners are three seats up for election. >> all right. good to have you in, and thank you for sorting it out. monica, back to you. a hearing in the case of a man who said he was convicted in a murder he did not commit. johnny small has been in prison since he was 15 years old convicted of killing the owner of a tropical fish stor 1988. he has maintained his innocence. the witness at the original trial is now saying that he lied. >> the family has always felt he was innocent. we never doubted that at all. honestly, i'm ecstatic. i never thought i would see the day he was back in court.
12:31 pm
he took the stand and admitted that he lied about the crime because investigatorss threatened him with the death penalty. the judge can uphold his conviction, vacate it and set him free or order a new trial. coming up, the amazing race is coming back to raleigh. how to have an exciting time and raise money for the salvation army. >> and getting specific about
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tv: hey panthers fans, the new caroliare available now.h-offs ? ? the new carolina panthers scratch-off. a $200,000 top prize and 20 years of panthers season
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get ready, raleigh. the most amazing race is returning to the capital city. if you want to get in on the fun, you better hurry. joining us to talk about the event is the salvation army of wake county, and how are you doing? >> oh, great. happy to be here. the most amazing race is a race where we work with a lot of local establishments, and people get to learn the salvation army. >> and register by when, a week? >> a week exactly. the actual competition is august 20th but teams have
12:35 pm
compete for the grand prize of $2500. >> run us through what the competition will be like. >> if teams have ever watched the amazing race, it's modeled after that. once they receive a challenge, they complete that and clear it and get another location. you don't know where you are going until you get that, and that makes it exciting, and there is a lot of >> and i assume the salvation army benefits? >> absolutely, and all this goes to a great cause in the community center. we have summer day camp and after-school day camps and this is all to benefit local kids in the community. >> are there prizes? >> yes.
12:36 pm
prize. >> did you do this last year? >> yes. this is our 5th year anniversary year. we would love for you to come out and be part of our celebration. we are having a community center block party from 12:00 to 3:00 on august 20th. that's as the teams are crossing the finish line. we'll have family fun activities, a bounce house and you can come out and celebrate the teams and what we have going on in the community. it's a lot of fun, and we like to challenge people. are you the most amazing? [laughter] >> that's wonderful. sounds great. what a great, creative way to have fun and do something. >> just do good. yeah. >> i don't know if you can see the screen -- there we go. saturday, august 20th, noon to 3:00 p.m., wake forest, but you
12:37 pm
thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we hope people will sign up. >> i'm sure they will. monica, back to you. >> oh, sounds like so much fun. twitter helps comedian and actor leslie joaps to earn a plane ticket on rio to join the olympic coverage. the move comes as jones went viral for enthusiastically cheering on the usa over weekend. the olympics executive producer saw her and invited her to head down. she is a cast member also of saturday night live and is expected to be in rio by friday. michael jordan is pledging $5 million for the smithsonian's african-american history museum on the national mall to help explore how black athletes changed sports and american society.
12:38 pm
he donate aid jersey he wore during the 1996 nbc finals. they are hoping to open september 24 and a durham-based group helped to design that. beautiful. >> yeah. and how about a tar heels connection? >> you like that. >> yeah. do you regularly use sunscreen? >> do you follow the rules for applying it? what you need to know to make sure your sunscreen isn't giving
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with summer in full swing, many of us have been hitting the pool but how you can make sure you're using a sunscreen that protects us summertime means pool days, boating, and other outdoor activities but more outdoor time means more sun exposure, and without the right amount of sunscreen, it can damage our skin. >> and that causes liver spots, wrinkling, and skin cancer which can be very dangerous. >> reporter: dermatologists recommend 1 ounce to cover your body and a third of a teaspoon in your face.
12:41 pm
apply especially for kids but it can be difficult to make sure you covered your entire body. >> with sprays, sometimes, they are not able to spray enough. gels and lotions are easy to use and you will apply enough. >> reporter: when shopping for a sunscreen, the spf level is an important factor. it stands for sun protection factor and determines how much light enters the skin. >> spf 30 means 1/30th of the so it allows about 3%. >> reporter: other factors is broad spectrum. it gives you protection from uva and uvb rays. also f you plan to be in the water, having waterproof sunscreen is best. on top of sunscreen, there are other ways to prevent sun damage. >> seek shade. cover yourself from direct sunlight such as being in a building. stay out of the sun between
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you know, just north of jacksonville, we had a cell producing lightning southwest of jacksonville about half an hour or so ago and now has moved northward and we will be dealing with issues that continue to crop up as we head through the afternoon. and we will just keep our eye on them. at 4:00, check in with mike maze. he'll be watching the thunderstorms developing here on fox 50 because the olympics will be on nbc on all right. up towards fayetteville, scattered showers and up north from the triangle north to roanoake rapids, nothing is developing just yet. the radar picture, it will loop again at 8:30 this morning, and just in the last 30 minutes or so, it was getting cranked up a bit. taking a look at the of things starting to happen. a look at the wilson skycam, a mix of sun and clouds. the sun behind the clouds
12:43 pm
wington with scattered thunderstorms and cloud cover back in the mountains. 69 in boone, a nice cool spot and 75 in asheville. the real heat is in texas, 102 in dallas, and the heat have said here is stretching all the way up the plains towards canada. we have high pressure that is starting to move back in will hold the heat back to the west. so we don't really get into it. you can see the purple color. that's the intense heat with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and closer to 100. 80sto near 90 with a high pressure system through the big circle, nosing back, and that's keeping the intense heat back to the west, and that begins to ease up over the weekend. when it does, it will get the temperatures in the low 90s.
12:44 pm
next week forecast. but by late week next week, the heat shifts back to the south. we'll see the temperatures cooling down the following weekend. that's a week and a half from now. the satellite and radar showing storms from the south looking northward. and we are looking at the potential for heavy rain again and fewer storms than yesterday. some of you will run into those for the plan for extra time. it's a mess. how much rain are we talk about? an orange of 1/10 to .50". and then several inches out of one storm. most of us will be dying down by thursday night after
12:45 pm
hour, and there will be a lot of those over the weekend if you are heading out to groove in the garden, the weather looks good for that. 91 for the high in the afternoon and a slight chance of thunderstorms. >> i'm excited about the meteor shower. i am just going to hang out the window. >> find yourself a dark spot. there is a men's restroom and a women's restroom and now, a dog's restroom. >> the bow wow bathroom? >> i like that.
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donald trump will be in a rally in fayetteville. we are live from crown arena as crowds grow for his arrival. entertainer kanye west is part of an elite group topping
12:49 pm
valle for the top 40 hits by a male artist, 10th overall on the list of chart toppers. elvis presley tops the list with 80 top 40 hits. lil wayne is second with 69. the simpsons are doubling down with an hour-long episode in january. it's the first time that the half hour animated series has expanded to a the simpsons began season number 28. are you kidding me? that's on september 25 and will reach the 600 milestone on october 16. >> i have never seen a complete episode. you can believe that? i know. this is kicking it up a notch. milwaukee's airport has just reserved a special place for serve animal potty.
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>> they're going to socialize. >> theak that rocked her world. >> one tweet, and the next day my whole life changed. when i came out of the as a conservative, i basically lost a lot of friends in hollywood. people told me to keep and i said, no, i won't be scared into submission. >> wendy: and the defining moment that changed her life. >> i prayed out to god and i said, you have to tell me what to do. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." >> wendy: and welcome, everyo, to "the 700 club." donald trump says his economic plan will jump-start america and bring in a new era of prosperity


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