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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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charges for the horrific murder of his grandfather. the accusations that could have him tried as an adult. >> and donald trump in north carolina trying to hit the reset button on his campaign as another gop leader takes away support. you may know her high- profile case where her father was kidnapped gay gang leader but colleen janssen is in news for another reason. i'm lynda loveland. >> and i'm gerald owens. amanda lamb has more. amanda? >> reporter: gerald, this is an usual case. at, is the conduct of the prosecutor, the assistant district attorney at the time, colleen janssen. thsurior court of wake
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see if there was misconduct. judgedonaldstevens asked the state bar to investigate the situation and report back to the court within 120 days. the appeals court ruling alleges that janssen intentionally withheld information of a key witness's drug dealing to make him more credible to the jury. >> this contact directly affecting the superior court of wake county. therefore, i think it's im the call. >> reporter: both men involved in the robbery case at issue were released after their convictions were overturned. janssen stepped down earlier this year after 10 years on the job because of the situation. her attorneys said in court that they welcomed the inquiry because it allows her to tell
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were cooperating fully. gerald? >> amanda, thank you. new information on a deadly crash on i-540 in raleigh. a woman didn't stop and pushed another vehicle into a van stopped in the road from an earlier crash. dolores wakefield died and the other driver was seriously hurt and will be charged. a 59-year-old boy charged with an unthinkable crime. grandfather with a hatchet. wral's gilbert baez joins us live from the newsroom at the fayetteville observer with the latest. gilbert in. >>ter: lynda, i went and knocked on the door and joseph naulty, the father of the 15- year-old and son of the 63-year- old came to the door with a blank look on his face. he didn't want to talk on camera but we can only imagine
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this took place in the home on elgin drive. deputies were called to the house and found 63-year-old joseph naulty dead of a hatchet wound. he was struck with the blade by his 15-year-old grandson. the victim's son heard his father call out and sound his father mortally wounded. a neighbor across the street only knew the grandfather and grandson for a couple of months is you said they good people. >> to speak of the family, as much as anyone can know someone in that short amount of time, it's shocking. when you see someone has a good setting and a relationship with their grandson, for something like this to happen is difficult is take in. >> reporter: the name of the 15-year-old was not released but he was taken to the
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juvenile court appearance this thursday. i was in touch with the district attorney and he plans to ask the judge to try this 15- year-old as an adult. the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult on thursday. >> gilbert baez, thank you. a robeson county man will serve 5 years in jail for stealing thousands of prescription pill professor his job, nearly 16,000 doses of oxycodone from the pharmacy where he was employed st policesay that steven lowry intended to sell the pills. his arrest was the result ofa multiagency investigation including the dea and multiple sheriff departments. 1 day after delta canceled thousands of flights, 150 more canceled and others delayed. a power outage yesterday grounded hundreds of thousands of passengers around the world. georgia power confirmed it was a switch gear problem.
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to keep them safe from power sources. >> i don't understand why they don't have a backup system that would solve the problem. >> no doubt that a fortune 500 company would have backup systems to kick in. if they don't t should be somebody's head at the airport. >> the airline is offering refunds on capsled -- or significantly delayed flights. crews located the black box from a freighter that sank during a hurricane. it was nearly 3 miles below the ocean. 33 people dayed when the el faro sank. investigators hope to piece together the final moments
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i-40 near i-95 to the johnson county line is under construction with a resurfacing project. right now, the pavement is extra slick. when it's finished, the road very more friction with the pavement and reduces problems from hydroplaning. but crews have not finished the work yet. they are looking at pulling up warning messages for drivers to be extra new poll numbers are showing that hillary clinton has her largest lead over donald trump so far in the polls and donald trump is losing more support from need his party. >> reporter: the newest never trump senator, senator from maine susan collins writing there will be no new donald
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who will slash and burn anyone. 50 security experts, all republican, made a statement as trump makes one of his own. politically motivated, he calls the letter, written by the ones the american people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess. trump on defense and too, floating a debunked conspiracy theory on twitter. trump's rung mate is working to show that candidates can grow. >> can you or anyone else get mr. trump to stap saying crazy and offensive things for the next three months? [laughter] >> well, i'll tell you this campaign is head down, going after it hard. >> reporter: trump is going
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stream lined tax plan proposing a moratorium on regulations and renegotiate trade deals, take aim at his democratic rival. >> one common feature of every hillary clinton idea is that it punishes you for working and doing business in the united states. >> and donald trump is headed to our area for a raleigh this afternoon and he will be in fayetteville. at 4:30, we are live from the crown co are open. durham voters have more incentive to get to the poll this is november. the board of commissioners agreed to place a $150 million bond referendum in the polls. a federal judge refused to reduce the prison sentence for former illinois governor rod blagojevich. blagojevich has served 4 years
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term because five of the original corruption charges were thrown out on appeal. bill dooley died this morning in wilmington. he was 82. he coached the tar heels for 11 seasons and the only coach to lead the program to multiple championships and coached at virginia tech and wake forest and is credited with raising the level of play in the acc. a federal appeals denied new jersey's effort to legalize sports betting. new jersey passed a law in 2014 allowing betting at casinos and racetracks, but the four major pro sports leagues and ncaa sued claiming it would damage the integrity of the games and lead to game fixing. only nevada allows bettingor individual games. fayetteville doesn't want
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figured this year. it would be the home to a single a affiliate team for the houston astros. they are considering 10 acres of land behind the prince charles hotel. losing weight is a challenge no matter your age or goal, but still ahead, there are ways to do it without dieting. our health team's dr. allen mask explains the lifestyle changes you need to make. and donald fayetteville. and north carolina swimmer kathleen baker is in ripe on. hey, lynda, gray skies are looming south and east. and in about 20 minutes, we
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there is a mine field of obstacles for those looking to lose weight. >> two obstacles, counting calories and cutting out your favorite food. but there is another way. instead of dieting, dr. mask said that the secret is to adopt a hghtsy lifestyle of smart choices and more physical activity. >> experts with web md offer tips including getting a set it for 20 minutes and reinvent yourself as a slow eater. and spend more time in between bites with conversation at the table. >> and give your stomach time to tell you it's full. dish out 20% less food and eat until you feel 80% full. and dr. mask has other good ways to lose weight without dieting.
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university of michigan study, an extra hour of sleep every night can help you to lose 14 pounds in a year based on the 2500 calories a day intake. an hour of sleep is an hour without smacking that could cut calories by 6%. research shows sleeping less than 7 hours makes you feel more hungry, and serve your meals on smaller plates. fill half vegetables rather than just one. and cook them without adding fat with lemon juice and herbs rather than dressings. add a broth-based soup to a meal. it slows your eating and curbs your appetite. add fresh or frozen veggies and avoid creamy soups. and convert carbs to whole grains like brown rice, barley,
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bread. it helps to fill you up and improve your cholesterol and don't drink your calories. cut out sugary sodas and tea. if you replace one sugar's drink with zero calorie seltzer water, you can avoid 10 teaspoons of sugar. wral health team. >> and dr. mask said that snacking is a big source of weight gain. try stocking up on gum with mint. just reach for the gum. and eating home cooked meals was a top habit of successful dieters and losers of weight. you still have to make healthy choices with more vegetables and whole grains and make this a rule. don't drink your calories including cream in your coffee, sugar, sodas, and sweet tea, and that alone will help you to drop the pounds. >> and the frou-frou coffee.
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about feeding first responders today but showing appreciation. several attended a hot dog lunch for those who protect and serve us. stocks stay in the green but in a relatively quiet session wtd dow up 4 points and the s&p 500 closed pretty much flat. the radar is in the green. it is, but in as many places as yesterday. fewer showers and storms but we'll be in the mid-90s at the end of the work week and weekend. it could get toasty around here. the radar view, it's active around the triangle area. we are watching the line from down east in the past several hours. you can see an outflow boundary preceding it moving through wake county and that could help to contribute to the development of more showers moving to the northwest at 20 miles per hour.
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cary and the line itself is getting into southern wake county. in fact, i was watching the tower cam before we came on with weather, and we see the clouds come over and then it's gone. let's get a closer view of what's going on across lee and harpet county. an drew, clobbered with heavy rainfall and lightning strikes right now and the rain is over the radar site right now moving into the garne to move by. this will continue to head to the north, lizard lick, knightdale, and bailey and sims getting showers and the line will advance north and west and makes its way to durham and chapel hill and pilot and bond and lewis burg and youngsville and franklinton, too. but a lot of us will not see
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and patchy fog. and high pressure will rule for the rest of the week. the heat will be on the rise and the end of the work week, the perseid meteor shower is taking place. nasa said it could be better than usual per their computer model. let's talk about that, thursday night into friday morning and we're talking about after midnight and toward dawn friday, and nasa predicts an outburst. jupiter's gravitational field pushed debris to the earth this time around so that means maybe 200 meteors an hour. go to a dark location and look directly up and away from the lights and you should see them. we shouldn't have cloud cover at this point but you can see it advancing in from the south and east. 90 at the airport and that's
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close to home, 80s and 90s here at wral and durham and 88 in holly springs and fayetteville, they stopped recording the last hour. 89 in goldsboro and 86 in south hill. we still have the stationary frontal boundary cross the area, advancing north and west slowly and there is the broad area of low pressure we showed you yesterday but the bridge from the atlantic will suppress your showers and thunderstorms and all this will shift to the greater detail the next half hour. night, quiet but we could see fog develop. that's quickly burning off tomorrow afternoon and widely scattered isolated showers and thunderstorms and not all that widespread and hot with highs in the low to mid-90s in
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were fogging up in myhouse. 91 in raleigh and 93 in fayetteville. check out the hot 7-day forecast. if you like the heat, yeah, it's starting to ramp up, and backing off early next week. maybe last hoorah >> no 100s? >> nope. >> all right. thank you.
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it's time for a look at what's trending. olympic revenge for lily l y -- lilly king. i remember watching the semi times, and the russian swimmer, she won her semifinal heat with the finger wave like she's
4:25 pm
swimmer, lilly king was warming her doing warm -- watching her later in the monitor and gave that finger wave back saying you have tested twice positive for doping, and doggone it, the u.s. swimmer won, and talk about awkward situations, up on the podium, two americans and there is the former dope positive tester. >> less than enthusiastic hug. >> how awkward? >> but it's poetic justice. >> it is. >> karma. >> tell bite you. >> sure will. >> you know, all these athletes are scrutinized and pictures are taken all the time, and you have to wonder what michael phelps was thinking. this is circulating all over the internet.
4:26 pm
>> i was on twitter last night and someone took the picture and put it next to hayden christianson with the cloak over his head and the grimacing face. and there are so many memes coming out about this, #phelpspace. what was he thinking? don't mess with my metal count or i will destroy you? >> eying down his opponent or -- >> his own. >> he ha >> psyching people out. >> and best way to prove it is in the pool. >> absolutely. and saturday night live is saying goodbye to three cast members. >> i'll be darned. >> that's right. they were on the show for six years. >> wow.
4:27 pm
brad pitt and president obama, and saturday night live, cleaning house. it happens every 5, 10 years. >> getting a new crop? some better than the best. they go in cycles. >> what's your favorite crew? >> way, way, way back, dan aykroyd, john belushi. >> and will ferrell. remember when he was the >> oh, yeah. [laughter] >> let us know if there is a topic that you think should be in what's trending. tweet us or send us a message on facebook. still to come, crown arena is filling up ahead of donald trump's oppose. >> and the death toll is growing ahead of a hospital
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?? gop nominee donald trump is making his way through north carolina. earlier this afternoon, he stopped at unc wilmington and now he is on his way to fayetteville. >> that's where our a dodge o wens joins us live, and adam,
4:31 pm
>> reporter: i'll step out of the way. you can see the crowd here. we could hear more policy talk as he makes plans for the economy and energy policy but there is a lot of talk about what he said in wilmington, north carolina earlier. he told the crowd hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment if elected and there would be nothing we can do about it. some are taking this as a threat towards his campaign rival, hla course, the last time that trump visited fayetteville was in march with controversy away from the podium, a supporter landed an elbow to the help of a supporter, and that person has landed in legal trouble over the incident, and it's important to remember that many trump supporters are standing with him and behind him, a candidate who would speak his mind. that's exactly the person they are looking for with another
4:32 pm
6:00. that's when this event is scheduled to start. we will be here. back to you. 72 adam owens live in fayetteville, thank you. the family of a man gunned down by a homeowner is hiring a man known for taking on high- profile chases. chad copely is charged with killing the man. julia sims has more. julia? >> reporter: thomas tells me they have a difficult time dealing with the loss. two raleigh police detectives were at the thomas home this morning. the family didn't want to talk on camera but they are talking with justin bamberg, an attorney who represents alton sterling's children. sterling's death drew national attention after he was shot and killed by baton rouge police
4:33 pm
of walter scott, shot and killed by police. the 911 call had homeowner chad copely saying, quote, there was a bunch of hoodlums outside and he was going to secure the neighborhood and he fired a warning shot and someone was hit. now, copely is currently in the wake county jail. i just received an e-mail statement from his attorney and it reads in part, we have seen too for anyone or any organization to jump to conclusions. we urge restraint and that folks not rush to judgment. lynda? gerald? >> julia, thank you. the american university of afghanistan will re-open after two employees were abducted at
4:34 pm
australian professor. they are still triking to find the two men and secure their release. in pakistan, many areas were closed and lawyers staged rallies in support of their colleges after eye suicide -- a suicide bomber set off a blast in the pakistan hospital. >> reporter: province borders afghanistan and iran, and quetta has seen extremists and religious militants and separatists, and the city itself has a big divide with conflicting claims for this terrible tragedy where 72 people are confirmed killed. most of them, lawyers mourning the death of a colleague
4:35 pm
these lawyers were the ones who were primarily targeted. two journalists were killed in the confirmed suicide bombing. soft targets are the new thing in pakistan and there was a decrease in harder targets, naval air bases, et cetera, not hit as much as softer targets are hit. authorities are wondering effective the overall insurgency regime has been. nbc news, islamabad. lake michie will close for the season saturday september 10 and then crews will work on the recreation area and boathouse including resurfacing the floating docks and building a new front deck for the boathouse and a wheelchair
4:36 pm
launch. it should be completed by next year's both season. three of durham's parking decks will be part of a repair project. seven elevators will be repaired with $7,000. nc state university is helping researchers take their ideas from the lab to the marketplace. 7 projects will get funding through the chancellor's innovation found developing antibiotics to better crops. it has led to the creation of 10 start-up companies and 14 commercialization agreements. aarp north carolina honors three state leaders for their work to improve the lives of older adults. a ceremony was held today in raleigh. senator richard burr received
4:37 pm
improve senior services. former nfl quarterback tim tebow may be giving baseball a try. he hasn't played since high school but plans to hold a workout later this month. creative artists agency said it may sound like a publicity stunt but nothing could be further from the truth. scouts, executives, players, fans, that i will be impressed by his talent, they say. men and women who fought for our country spend years fighting for their benefit when is they come just ahead at 5:00, wral investigates the disability process in the va. three children hurt on a fair ride in tennessee in addition to a deadly ride in kansas question safety regulations at amusement parks, fairs and water parks across the country. mike? gerald, it doesn't look all that great out there, rather dismal. we'll show where you the storms
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a child remains in intensive care after falling
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wheel in tennessee. two other children also fell. >> this one day after a 10-year- old boy was killed on a water slide in kansas. chris pollone has more on the questions raised. >> reporter: in tennessee, inspectors are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> last night at approximately 6:15 p.m. three people were injured as a result of falling from the ferris wheel at the greene county fair. the 6-year-old girl sucherred a traumatic brain injury and the 10-year-old hurt her arm and a 16-year-old spent the night in critical condition. >> fortunately through the night, she has done well, and she will be downgraded to a stable condition. >> reporter: a third-party inspection will determine what caused it to tip over. >> we will rely on them to tell us what happened and how the mechanisms works and what errors there were if any.
4:42 pm
or if the ride operated by family attractions were last inspected. there are no federal regulations or reporting requirements for amusement or water parks. >> it can vary from state to state or locality to locality. >> reporter: this just a day after caleb schwab died in a neck injury at a water park. an investigation into that death is ongoing. chris pollone, new york. shoulder straps snapped or popped off during a ride another group of water slidegoers said. tourists on mexico's baja peninsula brace for tropical depression javier. workers started getting ready for strong winds as the surf
4:43 pm
restaurants and packed away deck chairs. and tourists checked for flight cancellations as strong rain and winds came in. >> this wasn't expected. we were not planning on a hurricane for vacation but we know the precautions and go to town and get bolted bolts -- bottled water and if we have to stay in the room, we'll stay in the indoors. >> people in low-lying area s had to leave. >> great to see people being proactive and getting out of town before it hits and not trying to ride it out if it's a bad one. >> and it's that time of year. and quiet where we are, not much going on there. but we'll take you overseas. the winds in scotland were strong enough to blow a massive
4:44 pm
it came unmoored. the coast guard said it was detached during the tug from the stormy weather and heavy surf blew it ashore. that is a huge rig. and it's carrying 280-ton was diesel. can you imagine the disaster? trying to secure that and get it back to where it goes? oh, what a mess. hopefully, they will get that taken care of. for us, isolated storms moving in from lee county, chatham county and the oulow stretching from lee to franklin county, wilson county and probably back to where the showers reside right along the line and ving through raleigh. it should be raining here at the wral studios. but it's not looking as impressive as in johnston county. it has broken up a bit. so showers through apex and
4:45 pm
employees here showed me pictures of trees down in garner. hopefully i will have those for you but if not, i'll put them on facebook. we have more showers in the sand hills moving to the northwest and once we lose the heating of the day the majority of the activity will die dowfnlt -- down. let's check out the big picture for the new u.s. not the new u.s. but the u.s. we have a new ridge of in from the atlantic. we talked about this at length yesterday but it's showing up with an upper low pressure area that is producing rain across the gulf coast states and florida and the gulf of mexico. at one point, the national hurricane center was watching this to see if it was developing into something two cal -- tropical but it will be moving west across alabama mississippi, and louisiana. there could be totals of 5, 6,
4:46 pm
days. we will have a deep flow of tropical moisture over the next several days and it's extremely muggy out there, and that will remain the case in the next week, and the ridge, as it sinks, suppresss the thunderstorm activity and as the week goes on, we'll see fewer and fewer storms. we will have high lot of high heat and index values so a l the week and weekend. around here overnight, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and all the gray is the potential for fog in the morning or low stratus clouds that will quickly burn off and fewer showers and storms tomorrow and widely scattered and isolated. the heat in the day will trigger the showers and thunderstorms. for us, thursday morning clouds and fog to start the day and in
4:47 pm
shower orwidely scattered showers or storm and the upper level low is moving west from us and we have the high pressure ridge into the work week. the forecast this evening, watch out for a few showers and storms, 82 at 4:00 and 74 overnight and we start tomorrow with clouds and fog. fayetteville, 93 and 94 and a lesser chan for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. here is the 7-dafo tomorrow, 91 the high and 74 the low and again, it's a small chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and i think a lesser chance during the day on thursday. let's check out those probabilities and lower for thursday and the heat ramps up, mid-90s on friday and deeper in the mid-90s saturday and sunday, and high heat index values and a lot of misery, hate to see that, but it will slide down next monday and
4:48 pm
we have had those before. >> we have been lucky in that regard? but no 100-degree highs. >> clean the house. come over to my house. >> i was going to say. this strange looking treatment that is the talk of the olympics. the athletes that are dotted with marks from suction cups. still ahead, dr. allen mask explains how it works and the
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
coming up at 5:00 on wral, donald trump making two campaign stops in north carolina story from wilmington and fayetteville. when veterans leave the service, they can apply for disability compensation for injuries sustained while in uniform but the application and appeals process is so complicated and cumbersome, many wait years before finally getting an answer. wral investigates takes a close look at the problem. and from rio, deborah morgan is live with the story of another north carolina's
4:52 pm
many fans are talking about the large reddish spots on athletes like michael phelps. it has roots in ancient medicine but how safe is it? dr.mask explains even weekend warriors have discovered the option. >> reporter: 41-year-old jocelyn is a runner. >> like most runners, the ip bands they get tight. >> reporter: ip bands are tissues connec to the lower leg. >> sometimes, it's like shrink wrap, too tight. >> reporter: this licensed acupuncturist combined it with cupping. >> the ip band is more comfortable. >> part of what you are doing is enhancing blood flow, pulling blood to the surface. >> reporter: dr. adam perlman
4:53 pm
perspective but chinese practitioners call it enhancing the chi or energy of the body. it's coasted with alcohol and then lit. >> a lot of people are distracted by the flame. it's just to create a vacuum. >> reporter: they are left on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the need, and greater pain may require longer application. the marks don't look bruise and the imprint fade bus not results. >> and i found to be really, really helpful needing to take medications necessary. >> reporter: especially a pain medication that could become addictive. >> it may work to help lessen a reliance on more powerful pain medication. >> reporter: a growing number of people are willing to give this ancient therapy a try. dr.mask, wral's health team. >> lynda, go ahead and put your arm out. >> right here. >> this is the -- what's the thing you hook on there?
4:54 pm
alcohol on. >> those are the old school kind. >> yeah. >> oh, look at those. >> i have a lighter. hold on. >> we'll get do that later. for do it yourselfers, cupping kits are online but the people at duke said that it's more effective when used in combination with other therapys like acupuncture. >> makes sense and i love that there is no medication involved. >> i wonder how effective. i guess until you try it and see for yourself -- >> we'll have to gi try. next ache or pain, i'm coming to you and you can apply it for me. wake tech is planning a new campus. it will be on chapel hill road. and governor mccrory will join leaders for a groundbreaking tomorrow, and the programs will include business analystics and business administration. it will be the school's 6th location and is expected to
4:55 pm
in your local fire hydrant. raleigh will paint them all yellow instead of red in line with the recommendations from the national fire protection organization. privately owned hydrants like in a shopping center will remain red. and there will be confused dogs all over raleigh. a just released survey find ace gender gap even along the a group found in 20158.4 male billionaires for each female billionaire and men held 88.6% of the world's wealth. there were 148 new billionaires in 2015. out of that group, only 8 were women. mortgage closing costs could be high or low depending on the state. found that hawaii had the highest closing costs in the country at $2600.
4:56 pm
and then delaware and south carolina to round out the top 5. the lowest in the country, pennsylvania at an average of $1800. >> i like that cupping thing. interesting. going back to that. thank you for joining us. we'll be back here tonight at 10:00. >> and don't forget to turnover wral news at 5:00.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." how you doin'? >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: hey! yeah.


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