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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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c1 if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. right now on fox 50, donald trump tries statements he made while rallying in north carolina and new details about the upcoming debate. >> and new developments in a deportation case involving a local teenager. what prosecutors hope a judge will decide in the case of a deadly hatchet attack in cumberland county. thank you for joining us. good morning on this wednesday morning. i'm monica laliberte in in
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be hot or if it will rain on us. well, for some people it will. we have a 30 to 40% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, not great odd bus someone will see the rain later. you can see sunshine and cloud cover as we take a look at beautiful downtown fayetteville. 73 in holly springs and responsible in wake forest. town by fayetteville and 71 in rocky mount and 70 in south hill. the planner this morning, a mix of sun and clouds, fog in a few spots and low clouds in others and sunshine in other places, too. 91 the high this afternoon and a few scattered thunderstorms. temperatures are on their way up especially for the weekend. we'll talk about how hot it will be and feel in a few minutes, and brian is taking a
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the knightdale bypass, 540 creeping into eastern wake county and some on the cameras on 40 westbound at the rock quarry road area. even in southeast raleigh, fog and low cloud cover. hard to tell what's going on in the distance but at the very least, a low ceiling and fog on the ground. a look at the road weather index and for the most part, this is north and east of the trii thinkle especially i-95 from roanoake and wilson and johnston county and franklin, warren, vance, vandal counties, and foxborough. for the most part, the triangle is not seeing fog but low cloud cover in spots. and a look at southern pines for a little bit of fog. a look at the live commute map,
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heel. accidents in raleigh and garner and we are tracking problems in southeast raleigh with a report of a stalled vehicle 40 westbound at rock quarry road, tributing to slowdowns through garner. 42 to the beltline, 20 minutes. as soon as it clears, we're in good shape back to you. donald trump is back on the defense again. his campaign is saying this is ridiculous. >> some are saying he implied violence towards donald trump.
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>> if hillary appoints justices to the supreme court, zeile -- we'll have a lot of problems, folks. >> reporter: that's how donald trump toned it down after this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. but the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> what he meant by that was you have the power to vote against her. >> reporter: that's democrats say. >> violence. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren tweeted it's a death threat. former congresswoman, gibby giffords, a victim of gun violence, said it can spur violence. >> i would very much urge the
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session and get a bill passed. >> reporter: clinton said she would debate trump but would ask two of the three days that conflict with nfl games. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. there is no indication that the commission will change any of the debate stage. they are looking for a third party in case one of those candidates hits the 15% new overnight, house speaker paul ryan defeated a long shot republican challenge praised by donald trump and defeated another ryan -- rather, a businessman paul nehlen. and ryan will now face another ryan i am trying to say ryan stolen in the november election.
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to recover from monday morning's outage. this is what the counter looks like at rdu international this morning, pretty much back to normal. delta said some systems are still slow, mainly those that check in and board passengers. the airline said that a piece of power equipment failed and the equipment did not switch to backup. delta canceled 1000 flights on moay fayetteville police are looking for the western who shot a woman walking down andy street about 6:30 last night. she was taken to the medical center and is in critical condition. detectives are looking for a motorcyclist wearing a brightly colored shirt seen leaving the area after the shooting. a durham teen taken into custody by i.c.e.
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a judge has granted the 10 a $10,000 bond. family and friends have been working money for his release. an update on a cumberland county murder we told you about yesterday. a judge could decide tomorrow if a 15-year-old could be charged as an adult on charges he killed his grand -- grandfather with a hatchet. 63-year-old joseph found dead after his 15-year- old grandson was charged. >> last time i saw him he was taking out his trash. and i was tutting my grass yesterday and his grandson was cutting the grass and joe was on the porch. everything was normal. >> the 15-year-old's name was not released. now to a story making national headlines.
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people not to rush to adjustment. in 911 calls made from chad copely's home, a man tells dispatchers that there is a group of hoodlums outside his home and he was locked and loaded and secure his neighborhood. 21-year-old kouren thomas died. his family didn't want to but they are talking with justin bamberg, well known for taking on civil rights cases. still waiting for funeral arrangements for bill dooley. dooley coached the tar heels for 11 science and is the only unc coach to ever lead the program to multiple conference championships. he is credited for raising the
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>> and one of our photographers played for him. >> that's right. i forgot about that. we are now in day 5 of the olympics, and it will be a big one for team usa. >> we'll look at the day's events and what it's like to live in olympic village. the mobile app connecting athletes in a whole new way. >> and a flash flood watch in effect for phoenix.
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the opens continue today with a number of exciting events. swimming superstar katie ledecky will be competing back in the 4 by 200-meter freestyle. and michael phelps who won gold last night in the butterfly and 200 relay will try and advance in the men's in the past three olympics, and there will be coverage of early round beach volleyball as kerry walsh jen accident and april ross battle the swiss in the sand. the u.s. is leading with 26 medals, 9 gold and 8 civil and 9 bronze.
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olympians who don't bring home gold from rio may bring home something else, dates. the tinder app said it increased 129% over the weekend. olympics organizers wa to be safe with the 10,000 athletes living in the secluded compound. what is called a horrible accident, a shooting in a police academy deem -- demonstration that took the life of a 73-year-old woman.
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a little bryan adams this morning. >> talking about the 6- stripping guitar he bought at the 5 and time. but you are in love with a girl and try and impress her. >> sounds like the voice of experience. >> exactly. i had a $17 sears silver tongue guitar about. killed me. >> is that right? >> oh, yeah. >> but i bet you wish you had it now. >> oh, yeah.
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kind of weather but we have to get through august and probably the first week or so of september and then things will look different. we look at 3:15, quiet conditions with a few thunderstorms that rolled through late afternoon yesterday and they moved through the triangle before we got through the commute. but we do have a lot of that moisture left in the atmosphere. there, one of the foggiest cameras we have. we have a mix of sun and clouds. but in fog hill, the fog is taking more time to burn off. 75 is the current temperature at the airport and the dew point, 73, and we take a look at the visibility, a .25 of a mile in rocky mount. and this is surprising to see south hill at 5 mile visibility. it looks more like a .25 of a
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improvement except southern pines with .75 of a mile. 73 in goldsboro and 71 in rocky mount and south hill. the satellite and radar showing a steady flow of moisture off atlantic in a south southeasterly flow. a lot of moisture, muggy and fog and low clouds and plenty of moisture. we just need something to kickoff the thunderstorms. monday a stationary front right over the triangle area. and that weakened a pit yesterday and today, we have high pressure here in the atlantic edging backwards into north carolina. a high pressure system, the sinking air puts a cap or a lid on thunderstorms developing. we have some but they won't be terribly widespread. a lot of those along the south carolina line and back up into
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8:00 a.m., variably cloudy skies through lunchtime and some isolated to scattered storms will develop and roll through and a few from raleigh northward or eastward and a better chance south and west of the trii thinkle. tomorrow, partly cloudy and a good chance of widely scattered showers and storms. as we get closer to the weekend, the chance will continue to diminish with a 30% chance of today and tomorrow and then saturday and sunday, 15 to 20% chances. that may sound great if you have outdoor plans for the weekend but look at the temperatures, mid-90s on saturday and sunday. the normal high, 89. so the temperatures, warmer than normal and the heat index way up there at 100, 102, 103, not quite a heat advisory but close to it.
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over the weekend. brian is taking a look at the roads out there. take a look at that. fog out there? yeah, seeing that in northern and eastern parts of wake county. 7:20 as we check the wral traffic and seeing retused visibility in areas outside of the triangle. and there is a look at the index, most north and east of the tr the sandhills. so allow extra time. a couple of crashes in raleigh, one on south saunders street at carolina pines. and also we have a crash reported on capitol at thornton, very heavy traffic as we come in from wake pourest towards the ramp road. allow extra time. slow downs through garner, 23
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trouble in the fortify work zone. 6 minutes on 40 westbound. want to give you an update about the special event at the nc state farm, lake wheeler road south of tryon. we are seeing traffic building already so give yourself extra time and consider using 401 as an >>thank you, brian. parts of tucson , arizona are dealing with flooding. 8 swift water rescues have been conducted. there is a flash flood watch that will remain in effect until 11:00 tonight for all of
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depression javier. the kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy died will re- open but the water slide that the boy was on will remain closed. caleb schwab suffered a patal neck injury. two unrelated adult women who were in the same raft as the boy had minor facial injuries. the investigation continues. an investigation is underway into a horrific accident at a police florida. 35 civilians participated in a shoot or don't shoot role play scenario in punta gorda. a woman was struck by at least one bullet and died. the officer's gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks but had live rounds. state investigators are looking into what happened. the officer is on administrative leave. police in ferguson,
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drove into a bunch of demonstrators did not do it purposely in protests over the death of michael brown who was killed by a police officer. policesay they have not found anyone who was hit. a justice department out today blasts baltimore's police department wrapping up a year- long period after the death of freddie gray who was fatally injured in a police van that baltimore officers repeatedly discriminate against blacks, repeatedly use excessive force and are not held account able. and the new ways at charlotte's whitewater center are making conditions safe after an investigation into a deadly brain-eating amoeba. coming up, the search is on for people who forced teenagers to strip to their underwear
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it's 7:26 on this wednesday morning. i'm monica laliberte. supporters are trying to raise 10,000 for a teen to be released from detention in georgia. the hon did your ran immigrant was -- honduran immigrant who was arrested in january. and delta's systems have not recovered from monday's
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for the most part, it was back to normal. some of the computers were very slow yesterday. time to check the forecast. we are looking ever so slightly better in my opinion, elizabeth. we'll be near 90 degrees and very slow thunderstorms, just a few but not widespread. we have a deck of low clouds that continues to fluctuate it to being fairly thick in places. you can see the tall tower cam and temperatures in the low to mid-70s. 73 in fayetteville and a high this afternoon of 91 with a slight chance of thunderstorms and temperatures getting close to the weekend, mid-90s. the clouds are mightily low, elizabeth. i-40 at south saunders street
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visibility especially north of raleigh between rocky mount and roanoake rapids. allow yourself extra time. a number of crashes, mostly minor. a crash on capitol at thornton. back to you. we have more news coming up
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good morning again, everyone. it's 7:30. in the news, governor mccrory plans to ask chief justice john roberts to reinstate the controversial photo id law. >> it was struck down last month as discriminatory. mikaya thurmond explains what is next for the case and what it could mean for voters this to be clear, this would not void the previous ruling but only temporarily suspend it until after the fall elections. this comes a day after the status hearing with the state and plaintiff lawyers. the judge said there was no re because the 4th circuit court
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the voter id law won't be in effect during the november election but this could change if the u.s. supreme court steps in, and that's what governor mccrory hopes will help. bill and monica, a formal order in the case is expected later this week. >> mikaya thurmond live in raleigh, thank you. a wake county judge ordered an investigation into a county prosecutor after a hearing against colleen janssen coming on the heels of an appeals court ruling that claimed janssen conspired with investigators to hide the drug tealing activity of a key
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credible at trial. as a result of the decision, both men in the robbery case had their convictions overturned and released. janssen has resigned. the u.s. whitewater center in charlotte re-opened six weeks after an 18-year-old died from a brain-eating amoeba. the channels at the center were positive. health officials described the plan to monitor water at the center installing a new chlorination system. we are working to get an update on a situation in a cary neighborhood where residents have to boil water. the town issued an advisory for 79 homes at kirkfield drive.
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residents are you remembered to continue boiling their water until further notice. a higher demand for measles vaccine. a patient in wake county got the virus while traveling overseas. last week, wake county health workers confirmed the case of measles and a list of places visited that list is on durham police are looking for people who robbed three teens at gunpoint and force them to strip to their underwear. a police report said that the robbers got away with clothes, two smart phones, and a necklace. the teens to ran to a neighbor's home and begged for help. >> i opened the door, an
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standing there in their underwear and socks. >> the neighbor got towels for the teens to wrap around themselves. a raleigh man is accused of exposing himself in public. police arrested robert longstreet yesterday. he is scheduled to appear in court next month. groundbreaking for wake tech. they got a new campus at rtp. it near lenovo. they will focus on advanced high-technolgy programs including business analytics, computer programming, and business administration. the wake tech rtp campus will be the 6th location. it has grown so rapidly over the last 15, 20 years and is expected to open in the spring.
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fastest growing computer programs in the country. >> all the wonderful locations. and we should all be going back for classes and schooling; right? >> and so many different programs they offer, amazing to look at the course catalog. well, the weather is same old. let's take a look at the raleigh skycam. this is interesting. a look at this about 10 minutes or so ago. all it was was wile ago but it's thinning a bit down towards western boulevard at nc state and outside our studios. 71 in henderson, and a pretty typical day if you are heading out for the morning rush. cloudy and muggy. some clouds and fog, and brian
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this afternoon. a chance of a scattered thunderstorms and if you are planning a run, it will be hotter later today. temperatures up over the weekend. i'll show you that in the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. yeah. we are seeing low clouds and fog in parts of south and east raleigh and also in the eastern part of wake county as we check the road weather index. you can see the mustard color which is what it uses to show you where the fog is. and it's really confin areas north and east of the triangle, and parts of wake county seeing fog. so allow extra time in rocky mount, wilson, lewisburg, and i'll point out chap i will hill, looking fine. no backups on our major routes. zooming into raleigh, a crash
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slowing your commute from wake forest, a follower at twitter telling us the backups on inbound capitol boulevard leaving wake forest beginning in advance. take a look at that drive ti 33 minutes. an option will fill up y as soon as people realize how bad the delays are. ri before durant road. slow traffic on 540 westbound. just need to be leavg wake forest. a look around the beltline, looking good with a slow a cras south saunders at carolina pines. also seeing very heavy traffic
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tryon road with a field day research event at the nc state farm not too far from brantley drive. you can see lake wheeler road. consider using 401, fayetteville as an alternate. back to you. >> brian, thank you very much. the iconic red fire hydrants that dogs are attracted to like my dog, are going away. >> why they are change the color. if you love facebook but hate the ads, we have news for you. the social media site has
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7:41. fayetteville leaders will meet again to talk about baseball, building a baseball park in the city. we learned that the city doesn't want to spend more than $35 million in the stadium, 12 million less that happen was estimated earlier. the lower cost option would be a smaller version of a stadium that opened recently in south affiliate of the houston astros. they are eyeballing 10 acres of land. right now, fire station 14 is said to be too small and outdated to accommodate the
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road. the city chief said there were concerns in the beginning but he feels transparency is key. >> we wanted to show them the statistics and get them in on the ground floor on the how it looks, the design. >> it's an ongoing process but we are encouraged to move forward in a collaborative manner. >> construction is starting in mid-2017. you may notice a change in local fire hydrants. raleigh will paint all of them yellow instead of red. the color will reflect how much water they can produce. privately owned hydrants like in a shopping center will remain red. how do you feel about the facebook ads?
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seeing them. facebook has decided to block ad blockers. so at least for the desktop version. well-made relevant ads can be, quote, useful, they say, and at the same time, they say they are giving giving users easier ways to decide the types of ads they want to see. tabletsand mobile apps will not be affected. do you dread your morning commute? you are not alone. time that americans are spending stuck in traffic every
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call now.
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that would be a good morning song for us. >> i like that. >> it gets you going. justin timberlake "can't stop the feeling." feeling good. >> no wonder you are feeling good. [laughter] >> our producer just texted me i am off prob station? >> she off -- probation? >> she is always on. we need a vacation from the weather, and that's the fun of vacation; right? looking forward to it by the middle of september which is only a month away. and we are looking at fall-like conditions but this weekend, it looks hot. we ended up with fog and low cloud cover in many spots. south hill has been one of
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and now we have low cloud cover and a hint of sunshine now. with the sunshine working on things this morning, we'll see more and more sun. if you have been stuck under the clouds in your neighborhood, it shouldn't be too long before we see more sunshine and more sunshine means hotter temperatures. 75 at the airport and the dew point is 73. the visibility in south hills, 3 miles and at rocky mount and earlier, .50 of a mile to a quarter of a while. southern pines at a .25 of a mile. a low cloud cover in spots that should be improving here in the next couple hours. 7:45 or so and by the time we get to 10:00, more sun than cloud cover. 73 in southern pipes and goldsboro, and 74 in rocky mount, and spay in south hill
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several days back to the west. 102 in dallas, and 95 in wichita. here, 91. you can see by the color contours the intense heat. so far we have been lucky. the high pressure system is backing in across the area. it's kept temperatures cooler with the intense heat back to the west that high pressure system will continue to bring us dry conditions. but underneath it, we will warm up. notice the dark colors. that will start on friday when we climb into the mid-90s, and that's true through the weekend. a lot of this will ease up for folks in the plains, and getting in towards, say, the
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we'll see hot temperatures over the weekend. high pressure system sitting offshore will keep things dry. they have sinks air, not conducive to thunderstorms but in south carolina back into the mountains will be the best chance for thunderstorms. that said, there will be some folks that will see thunderstorms any day for the next seven days, and the chance of widespread storms, not and over the weekend, it will be a 10 to 15% chance. when that happens, the temperatures climb into the mid- 90s, and mid-90s, way above normal. the normal high, 89 degrees. so looking tasty for us. keep that in mind if you have afternoon plans. you have been checking the road weather index all morning and we have a little fog.
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of the triangle. we have low visibility between rocky mount and roanoake rapids and seeing fog in the sandhill this is morning. and you should allow extra time when you head out. even in the triangle, a little fog here and there. but overall, not causing big problems. we have a number of crashes in the clearing stages. the biggest problem we're seeing is on the northern side of raleigh with capitol boulevard at thornton drive. you can see heavy delays as you leave wake forest. the backups down toward thornton and durant. as soon as you get beyond that, it looks good at 540, and wade forest to 540 taking about an hour. the best alternate route, you can see the red is showing up
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already. just need to be patient leaving wake pourest to 540. the south side of raleigh with the nc state event, the turf grass research field day tryon, we saw delays building already. consider 401 as an alternate. how much time do you spend stuck the average driver wasted a whole week according to the latest study, 42 hours and $960 last year just waiting in traffic. commuters in large metropolitan areas have it the worst. and dc, it was nearly double the time, an average of $1800. george bentley will help kickoff the new 18 of football
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the broncos hosting the panthers. it will be featured in coverage of the 60-minute pre-game show on nbc and the nfl network. this is the 12th time the nfl has saluted the super bowl champs with the opening game in their stadium on thursday. there is a delay in the hearing on the domestic violence allegations against johnny depp. depp's wife, amber heard, filed later got a restraining order, accusing him of hitting her and throwing a cell phone during a fight in their apartment. depp denies the allegations. the couple met on the set of the film "rum diary." and the david ortiz's
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racially insensitive. they said it does not much reassemble the retiring slugger. they will be holding another bobblehead day once they are re- produced. and a ferry in massachusetts helped to rescue a dog trying to stay a -- aloft. they tried they had to get the help of a fisherman. it's not clear how the dog ended up there, but there is a possibility he fell off another ferry. >> a good ending to the story. there is more going on in olympic village than just sports. >> the use of the tinder app reveal what is is really going
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7:56. traffic troubles abound. brian shrader on top of the scene. an accident, bill, capitol boulevard at thor north side of raleigh. a look at the huge delays. new falls all the way down to thornton and durant road. look at the drive time from wake forest to 540, 59 minutes. allow plenty of extra time as you leave wake forest. and on the south side of raleigh, we have an event, lake wheeler road south of tryon
7:57 am
morning and delays with power 01 as an alternate route. and fog, elizabeth. are we seeing trends some. it's starting to lift nicely. take a look at the fayetteville skycam. we have a hint of moisture in the atmosphere and low clouds burning off nicely. we are seeing the trend in the viewing area, and just in the la some of the low cloud cover is burning off, so the temperatures will climb faster. 91 this afternoon and 93 on thursday and 94 on friday. bill? >> thank you, elizabeth. it looks like a law requiring north carolina voters to show photo id will be not valid in the fall. today, state leaders are asked
7:58 am
intervene. the water -- whitewater
7:59 am
if she gets to pick her
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folks. right now on fox 50, donald trump tries to clarify statements made in a rally in north carolina. and new details in a deportation case. what prosecutors hope a judge will decide after a deadly hatchet attack in cumberland county. good morning. it's 8:00 on this wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm monica laliberte renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. democrats are implying that donald trump was talking about violence when talking on hillary clinton. >> if hillary a points justices of the supreme court, we'll have a lot of problems, folks. >> reporter: that's how donald


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