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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now on fox 50, he was killed called a warning shot in raleigh.
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>> lean ais here and we welcome you. >> elizabeth and i are already wearing purple. >> so we're happy to have lena as the newest member of or morning team here. let's take a look at our fayetteville skycam. >> some sunshine starting to show up on the pretty buildings in downtown fayetteville. >> holly springs in 72. 74 in goldsboro. this morning, expect mid 107 107 -- mid-70s as you are heading out the door. very few thunderstorms to cool things down so heat will be our big story over the next several days. we'll talk about what the heat index will make it feel like today and into the weekend when it will feel even hotter.
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want to know more about. >> it looked like a vehicle flipped over there and landed on the median or the jersey barrier if you will on the ramp from duke street to 85 southbound. this is the southbound side of 85 heading away from duke. you can see a lot of emergency crews on the scene there with a lot of lanes closed. looks like the left lane of the ramp onto 85 south and the right lane of 85 so closed right now. we'll keep our eyes on this and let you know what is going on out there and the before the alternate routes coming up in just a few minutes. let's look at the live commute map starting off in raleigh. we have a crash with injuries in the clearing stages. you can see the red starting to show up there on 85 south.
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area. no problems on 540 westbound. still delay-free from capital out to i-40 this morning. if you are coming in on capital boulevard, all clear to 540 and leaving westbound on 98 toward highway 50. typical backups starting to form on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass. the trip on 40 west from 42 to 440 is taking about 15 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. we have an update on our breaking news from this morning out of washington, d. roughly 30 people including three firefighters have been injured and seven people are unaccountedded for after a large fire and a collapse at an apartment complex. the missing included women, men and children. the injuries are not thought to be life-threatening although some are serious and involve burns. the fire in silver spring, maryland happened around midnight with an explosion that
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firefighters are calling this a mass casualty event. here in raleigh, the family of 20-year-old kouren thomas will speak to the media. >> thomas was shot and killed outside a raleigh home over the weekend. leyla santiago is in the newsroom with more on the case getting national attention. >> it really >> reporter: thomas' family has announced that an attorney will represent them. chad copley called 911 before 1:00 a.m. sunday to complain about armed, quote hoodlums in his neighborhood. he code the dispatcher, i'm locked and loaded and i'm going to secure the neighborhood. seven minutes later, someone called 911 to report a
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a shotgun from inside his garage striking thomas who wasout side. copley said he only fired a warning shot but wasn't sure if it hit anyone. police said they are still investigating to determine exactly what happened here. copley's attorney is asking people not to rush to judgement over the murder charge. copley remains in the wake county jail this morning without bond. the family of kouren thomas will speak to the media in just a few hours this morning. we'll have a live report on wral news at noon. >> thank you. a deadly shooting in fayetteville may have been a random act of violence. police have released an image they hope will help someone identify the person they're looking for. the shooting happened tuesday night about 6:30. 32-year-old angela taylor was walking along andy street when she was shot. she died at cape fear valley medical center. detectives are looking for the
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cruiser-style motorcycle wearing a bright yellow shirt and seen leaving the area headed towards bragg boulevard moments after the shooting. a man charged with murder for a shooting in the parking lot of a fayetteville business will be in court today. jamarkus hurley turned himself into pol mclamb last month. he later died at the hospital. two other passengers in the car were not hurt. a number of groups currented about coal ash today say they will demand transparentsy and accountability from the mccrory administration. we learned the state's epidemiologist has resigned. dr.megan davies says, quote, you cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the
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a controversy from a few weeks ago when a state toxicologist raised concerns about well water safety near duke energy coal ash ponds. state leaders denounced the findings saying dr. ken rudo lied. dr.zach moore has been named the asking state epidemiologist. a public hearing today over the proposal to bring minor league baseball here to fayetteville. the city council will discuss negotiations with the astros. leaders don't want to spend more than $3 million on a new stadium. the candidates are talking about the economy and jobs this week. >> coming up, the new e-mail scandal facing hillary clinton and donald trump tries to link president obama and clinton to
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transparency trance parents. hillary clinton make a major economic speech today. tracie potts has more. >> friends don't let friends
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going after republican votes as she prepares for today's economic speech near detroit. >> i am determined that we are going to build more and we are going to be able to create more businesses and more jobs. >> reporter: donald trump calls her record unimpressive. i don't she promised the world and it went like this. it went down. our jobs got sucked away from us. >> reporter: now, e-mails obtained by a conservative group suggest that the clinton foundation department for favors that her campaign says never happened. >> that is the old pay to play system, the american people are sick and tired of it. >> reporter: look would is right behind clinton at this florida rally, the father of the orlando shooter. >> clinton disavowed his support. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis.
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i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: polls show trump's support is waning. his attacks are not. >> . today, trump speaks to home builders in miami. some candidates in wake county need to file for november's election all over again. the new filing period starts today at noon. the election is for wake county commissioner and school board are this fall. they were supposed to take place under new maps drawn up by state lawmakers with seven districts and two super
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apieces court ruled the map was unconstitutional. the county must use the nine- district map drawn up in 2011. candidates have until noon next wednesday to file and the county commissioner's races for a number of districts are not affected. the voting rights group is calling for county elects boards to add more hours of early voting this fall and they want the state to help pay for it. bob hall with democracy nc says turnout this fall is expected ares. more than half will use early voting. he says it is critical that counties have plenty of early voting sites and hours available. he says governor mccrory should release $2.5 million in emergency funds to help coup yises cover the cost. team usa continues to strike gold in rio. coming up, we recap yesterday's action an take a look at the olympic schedule for day six of the summer games. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of suburban
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. elley king. lena, we're so happy you're here. >> such a perfect morning song. >> lena is our newest member of the morning teen. we are happy to have you here
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the next years. >> exactly. >> weatherwise, it is what you would expect out there. it is warm and sticky. instead of having the thunderstorms that would cool us down this afternoon. heat will be a big problem for us over the weekend. our apex skycam showing pleasant conditions out there. you can see the sunshine there on the buildings. looking at partly cloud question skies. only a couple of spots showing reduced visibility. it is 75 degrees official hi at the airport and our dew point is at 72. we check out the visibilities and even just in the last couple of minutes, i looked at this right before we came on the air and rocky mount was down to about a mile or two miles, on up to four miles. pretty quiet morning for us this morning. here is is a look at current temperatures. 72 in southern pines and rocky mount as well as south hill. 73 in erwin and fayetteville.
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the choser the two are, the less sticky and muggy it feels. our air mass almost saturated this morning so when you step outside, you can really feel the mugginess in the air. you would think as muggy as it is, that all we need to do is heat things up a little bit this afternoon and we would have some thunderstorms. in general, that is the way it works around here. here is what is happening instead. we have a high pressure system, the bermuda high, that likes to hang out near the island of bermuda. every once in a while, here what is it does. we have plenty of flow of moisture coming in off the atlantic. the high pressure system is bringing sinking air and that puts a cap or a lid on any thunderstorms developing. so our chance of that today is very slim. once you get out from underneath the influence of the high pressure system, we have what we call the ring of fire because that is where finally we can get a little bit of what's going on and we do have the thunderstorms that will develop.
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and the backup into the mountains and on up into pennsylvania. right around our area, we couldn't rule out a stray thunderstorm but our chances are pretty slim. we may see a sea breeze front developing in from the beaches. that may roll up into wayne county, samson county. for the most part, it will be a pretty quiet day for us. we'll care question the pattern through the weekend. that moons that heat is really our big thunderstorms. -- that means that heat is really our big story and not afternoon thunderstorms. our heat index will make it feel like 100 to 102 this afternoon. just be prepared for that. tonight and into early tomorrow, we have a treat in the skies. if you can find a dark place away from the city lights, the perseid meteor shower will put on a show. it is typically one of the bigger meteor showers we have during the year. it will be practically double
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saturday and sunday, heat our big story again. in the mid-90s feeling like close to 105 saturday appear zipped afternoon. brian still following this accident. look like part of of the roads are moving more smoothly. it is. this is on 85 southbound at duke street. 85 southbound through traffic is slow as you head through the interchange inform you can get onto 85 southbound from the you're in pretty good shape. if you can take that exit from gregson street and duke street down to 85 southbound, you should be in god shape. that will be the easiest way to get around. you might have to turn around on ruby street to get onto that ram top get on the other side of those delays. otherwise, an option might be taking club boulevard out
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here a closer look at that interchange. once you get off there, heading on out to duke and gregson streets, you have to turn around to get on the ramp to get on 85 southbound. god news elsewhere around the triangle. we have a few minor accidents but none causing any big problemsment back to you. fur-- none causing any big problems. back to you. . it is day six of the 2016 summer games in rio. this comes after a day of advancement and some close calls for team usa. >> coach k and the u.s. basketball team faced its first real test of the game against australia but they won in part because of the team's all-time leading scorer, carmelo anthony. and swimmer katie ledecky
7:22 am
lay yesterday. she won her third gold of the game. >> coming up today, ledecky and michael phelps have chances for more gold as they swim in qualifiers in the 800-meter free style and the 100-meter butterfully. the u.s. women's polo team is looking for a repeat of the gold taking on team china in group play. and golf returns to the olympics for the first time since 1904. let's look at the medal count. u.s. leading the way with followed by china at 23. japan with 18 and russia with 15 along with great britain down at 12. coming up later, right-hand a chou live from rio. delta's ceo is promising to make things right following that massive computer outage that delayed and canceled flights world wye. he spoke candidly about the situation saying the company has never experience the this
7:23 am
history. he says it could take week to identifying out why the backup systems didn't work. he plans to rebuild trust with frustrated customers who lost hours of personal and professional time. today, we'll get an update on the fight against the zika virus. the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases will address the public in washington, d.c. there are now 22 of these cases in florida. in north carolina, health officials say the risk of zika is very low. the mosquito that carry the virus hasn't been found in state. the punta gorda police department in florida is addressing the media today about a fatal shooting at a police academy. police have identified the officer involved in the shooting as officer lee cuw. we l. h he accidentally shot and killed mary knowlton during a real playing scenario. he has been placed on administrative leave. a cumberland county teen is accused of killing a man way
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will be made in court today and a durham high school student could soon be able to return to
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i'm lena tillett with your top stories. first, brian has an update on an accident. >> can you see this right along the wall that separates 58 southbound through traffic from the ramp from gregson and duke streets. if you can get on that ramp, you will be on the other side of these delays. let's zoom in the area and show
7:27 am
will be in pretty good shape heading towards 85 southbound. a few meupor crashes on the east side of raleigh but overall, miamior rupees are in pretty good shape. -- a few minor crashes on the east side of raleigh but overall, major routes are in pretty good shape. so you the family of 20-year- old kouren thomas shot an over the weekend will speak to the media this morning. people running for wake county school board will need to file for the races again starting at noon today. under a court ruling, the county must use the nine- district map drawn in 2011 rather than the new map that
7:28 am
member of our morning team here. everything looks nice on our raleigh skycam. can you see over there on centennial campus, everything is looking good. our timms in the mid-70s. we'll see a high today in the low 90s.
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breaking news n a washington, d.c. suburb this morning, there are a number of surries following an explosion and fire at an apartment complex i don't the building is over in silver spring, maryland just outside the nation's capital. leyla santiago has been gathering information about what has happened. >> reporter: let's go over the fact that they are calling this a mass casualty incident. they are missg children, men at this hour. we've also learned from a news conference just a short while ago that 30 people in the building at the time went to the hospital. some of them have severe injuries. three firefighters are said to have nonlife-threatening injuries. some people were burned. a natural gas line fed the flames according to firefighters which tore through the large apartment complex as you mentioned in silver spring, maryland just before midnight.
7:31 am
hem in cumberland county. wral's mikaya thurman is live in fayetteville. good morning. >> reporter: right now, that
7:32 am
cumberland county juvenile detention center. right now, because he is still considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law, they have not released his name. however, that could change. late monday night, deputies were called to this house off of elgin drive after receiving a 911 call. they found 63-year-old joseph naulty dead. investigators say he had been struck with a hatchet by his 15- year-old grandson. authorities say naulty's son appear then discovered his body. today, the district attorney will issue a formal order to request that this teen be try as an adult. we will have coverage of that hearing in our late are newscasts. >> thank you. deputies in western north carolina arrested a suspect in a 19977 murderer in florida. 75-year-old alan bregman was arrested at his home in the
7:33 am
former lover, debbie clark, in 1977. police in miami say new technology connected dna evidence at the scene to bregman. his lawyer says the dna was there because bregman owned the apartment clark rented. the riverside high school student taken into custody by immigration officials in january is expected to be released next month. supporters using a go fund me page have raised more than $10,000 kneed for him to bond of his teacher and ask her what will happen when he returns. >> we are expecting him to re- enroll in school. and he only has one semester to finish. i'm sure will dip will have a big transition back to just normal life. -- wildin will have a big transition back to just normal
7:34 am
months. >> the bond decision was made by the judge, not ice. they will comply with the judge's order. residents of pinehurst are fighting efforts to bring a publix store to the area. this grocery store would be located off morganton in southern pines just outside the corporate limits of pipe hurst. the developer wants to build a four-lane road to provide access to the shopping center. neighbors say that would cause major safety and traffic issues. the president of the pinehurst civic group says questioning the need for the project. >> like really, we need another grocery store here? we have no idea how much food we must consume here. >> it is ultimately up to southern pines to decide whether this project goes forward. the mayor told us it is essential for the up to to work with neighboring communities to preserve the character of the sand hill area and ensure that any new development is compatible.
7:35 am
term home rentals in the city. the city's economic development committee is bringing forward a bill to ban rentals for the short term. i would like a short-term rental in maybe maine today or alaska. >> colorado. >> i think we're tired of this humidity. it is not good for our elizabeth. >> no kidding. i came in this morning and it was standing out to here. if i walk outside between this newscast and noon, back to the flat iron. let's take a look at how it looks. our durham skycam is looking good out there. temperatures are in the low to mid-70s as you are walking out the door. 75 in durham. 74 in erwin. 75 in clayton. 73 in goldsboro.
7:36 am
afternoon so i do recommend if you need to do something outside, exercise, ride your bike, when you are walking the dog, it is more pleasant now than it will be later this afternoon when our temperatures will be in the low 90s and the heat index will be up into the triple digits. so this more than, part hi cloudy, muggy, mid-70s. the heat will be an issue for us over the weekend with a heat vied. we'll talk about why that may be. southbound as you head through the duke street/gregson street interchange. the ramp is pretty clear. you can see on this live camera that most of the slow traffic is confined to the through side of 85. that right lane is blocked right now. it look like maybe the right an center lanes are blocked. traffic is getting by and just one or two lanes there. the ramp is all clear at this point. that is probably your best bet
7:37 am
morning. if you can't do that, you can consider using club boulevard out to guess road and pick up 85 on the other side of all those backups. we are not seeing very extensive delays at this point but we'll run into some slowdowns as you head new the area until they can get that cleared up. they have tow trucks on the scene. another accident causing some problems this morning on the northeast side of raleigh. a report of a crash on louisburg road near mitchell mill road. you can see some heavy inbound traffic this morning and now we are starting northbound traffic on louisburg road heading away from raleigh up toward rolesville. you need to allow some extra time coming in this morning. we'll let you know how that is shaping up. as you head into the park, not seeing any unusual delays. 540 westbound is in good shape from capital out to i-40. as far as we can tell, not causing any huge delays at this point. leaving west raleigh on 40 westbound from wade avenue to
7:38 am
looks like a bit after delay on 40 westbound right through the 40 interchange. >> thank you. the helping hand mission needs your help to support low income children. volunteers handed out donated school supplies, food and also offered haircuts at their raleigh location on rock quarry road. the group is working to select school supplies to students getting ready for the new school yearment while they've received many generous donation, they need of gently used clothing. visit helping hand to find out how to donate. several members of the durham police department are being recognized for truly going above and beyond to help a homeless woman and her three young children. according to the department's facebook page, it all started on monday when the officer met a woman. she was set to start a new job the next day. instead of letting the woman spend the night in her car with their kids, officer hawkins paid for a me tell room and
7:39 am
necessities. other members of the force pitched in to help the family and now, they're trying to find resources to help them find a permanent place to stay. >> the kindness of strangers. wonderful story there. it promises to be the most spectacular show in years. >> coming up, we talk with nasa's solar system's ambassador tony rice about why this perseid meteor shower
7:40 am
7:41 am
i know i'm excited about this. the annual perseid meteor shower is expected to peak with double the normal number of meteors up to 24u7 per hour.
7:42 am
it should be during the pre- dawn hours tomorrow morning after the moon sets. joining us this morning to talk more about why this year's shower will be so spectacular, is nasa's solar system ambassador, tony rice. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> why will we see twice as many meteors. >> any meteor shower is coming from the little bits of dust and particle that come from behind a comet. this is the comet swift tuttle system about every 133 years. researchs are have been studying stand have picked out a couple of different streams that have been left behind and they are merging together. the influence of gravity from planets like jupiter are enough to pull and tug on them in just the right place so we'll be passing through a thick part of the stream. >> why do we see it this time every year? >> it is like as we are going
7:43 am
that same exit number in the same place every time. that is the place that the comet is passing through. >> can we expect to see this for hundreds of years or something more short term in. >> this will be going for hundreds of years. the streams we're looking at go back to just after the year 1,000. >> i've tried to see the leonid meteor shower out at falls lake before. even there, it was really tough becae place. of the city lights. >> that really helps. we'll be meeting at jordan lake at ebenezer church recreation area and that is remarkably dark. you are looking out over the south where there is not a whole lot of city lights there. we could see a fair amount of meteors there. >> and when we think planetarium, we think telescopes and that sort of thing. you don't need a telescope for this. >> no, absolutely not.
7:44 am
sky and just give yourself some time. time for your eyes to adjust. >> you will also be talking about the north carolina museum of natural sciences tonightment more -- this is about the juno mission to jupiter. that will be at 7:00 tonight at the museum. we always enjoy having you here. >> thank you for having me. >> hopefully, we'll be up for that, right? >> that's right. we have no excuses. we just need a nice dark place to watch. the north carolina museum of art is getting a makeover. >> we'll show you what is being added to the ground around this
7:45 am
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?summertime and the living easy ?? and the cotton is high ?? ? and lena tillett is in our newsroom ?? >> i think i was in a trance. that makes you want to go there and listen to that. oh, my gosh. >> you know who is singing that? lena horne. >> i get it all now. thank you. it is beautiful. >> a little welcome surprise. >> i appreciate it. >> so happy to have you. lena will be a permanent member
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>> up and early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. >> we've been begging for that song. i think a couple week ago when it was so hot, how about summertime and the living is easy. so finally. let's check out was going on out there. yes, it is hot, hot, hot. even this morning, man, you just open the door and you are alike really? it is really almost over. here we are in the middle of august and certainly by the time we get to the middle of september which is only four week away, we will not be dealing wi conditions. it is very rare that we take it all the way into the end of september with consistent highs in the 90s. so we should start to see a little bit of improvement with the way it feels outside. we had a little sun earlier. starting to see just enough cloud cover to make things look a little more gloomy there at the moment. we check out our temperatures. 75degrees. our winds are calm. our dew point is at 72 right
7:49 am
75. 71 in henderson. we head southward, 72 in smithfield. 73 down in laurinburg. it is muggy enough, you being all we need is some sunshine and we heat things up and the thunderstorms will pop up and we'll get relief from the heat. this is sort of an interesting weather pattern going on right here. it is something that happens fairly regularly in the summer. it is the bermuda high which hangs out in the atlantic and every once had a while sort of grudges back in across the southeast. this is the exnt here. this is the outer edge of the influence of the high pressure system. on the ground, it is very muggy. in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, the high pressure system is provoiding sinking air. that will put a lid or a cap on any thunderstorms developing for today. right around the sort of outer fringes of the high pressure system is what we call the ring of fire. this is where we'll have the thunderstorms today. that will be all across south carolina, the mountains of north carolina. we get from raleigh eastward and we just won't have much of
7:50 am
the sinking air just above us. here is futurecast. we start off there at 1:00 and look at the heat index. it will feel like 100 to 103 in some place this is afternoon. that does not put us into heat advisory criteria but it is going to be hot. just keep that in mind. our chance of rain today, slim. only about a 10% chance. the best chance will be east of the triangle area. we were talking about the meteor shower overnight tonight. should be good since we don't have a lot of chan we should have mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. can you still probably catch some over the weekend but it may not be as frequent as what we'll see overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. on saturday, the heat index climbs up to 105 for a while. it is certainly a possibility that the weather service will put us under a heat advisory for the weekend. so yes, it will be dry. we won't have a lot of thunderstorms but you have to
7:51 am
heat. 89 is our normal high temperature. we won't be too far from the record. we still have this accident getting cleared up from 85 southbound right around duke street interchange. it is 7:51 right now and you can see the through traffic on 85 southbound down to just a couple of lanes there as they get this accident cleared up. you can see that activity there right around the immediate yap wall there in the distance. the ramp from duke and gregson streets ton 85 southbound is all clear and if you can get to good shape as you merge into the traffic. if you cannot do that, consider using an alternate route, maybe club boulevard you out to the guess road and you can pick up 85 southbound on the other side of all those backups. we do have a number of crashes around the rest of the triangle. a lot of them have cleared up and they are pretty minor. there is one accident on the northeast side of raleigh causing pretty big delays at louisburg road and mitchell mill road. the southbound side inbound
7:52 am
it is very slow as they get the crash cleared up. a little bit of a northbound delay and mitchell mill a little congested. coming in from wake forest, 11 minutes to 540 on capital boulevard and that ride around the accident site on 401 inbound or southbound from rolesville to 540 now up to 20 minutes. so again, give yourself some extra time there. once you are on 540 westbound, look okay from cap to to i-40 taking just 20 minutes. more people are visiting state attractions n lastier, visitation increase the by nearly 1.8 million people or 7.7%. the top five place where attendance is up are the north carolina museum of art, north carolina state parks, the southeastern cent fore contemporary art and the north carolina zoo. also the battleship north carolina. visitors to the north carolina museum of art will soon find new outdoor attractions. several work of art will be
7:53 am
the museum is holding a celebration event on november 6th for the public to come check out ought of the new attractions. they include a bronze tree by an italian artist, benches shaped like cartoon speech bubbles designed by hank willis thomas and five illuminated rabbits by australian artist manned aparer. the partner service says an unusual slime the -- a national ike op into an eyesore. the park service say they want it gone. but before they fix t they have to identify exactly what it is. coupon clipper love harris teeter's super doubles promotion. they'll love this one. >> coming up, our wral smart shopperring is here to tell us
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bill leslie here. top stories, a live scene right now from fuquay-varina. breaking news where many firefighte flames at a home on will tree drive. there was heavy smoke just a few minutes ago and flames could be seen. firemen on the defensive right now. part of the home's roof has collapsed. as far as we know, there are no injuries but we'll continue to bring you updates in our next half hour on wral news on fox 50. we have a mess on i-85 in durham. >> looks like it is easing up just a little bit.
7:57 am
street/gregson street interchange. can you see we have the right lane blocked here. the good news is the ramp from duke and gregson streets onto 85 southbound is clear. so take that in order to get onto 85 south on the other side of those backups. we have another crash on louisburg road around mitchell mill road and we are seeing heavy delays from rolesville to 540 on southbound 401. the ride is taking about 23 minutes and there are not too many good alternate routes. things are muggy out we are see a good bit of sunshine. we take a look at our apex skycam to begin with. can you see sunshine there on salem street. no weather issues for your morning commute. it is just hot and sticky already. 75 in erwin. 73 now in south hill. our temperature warm on up into the low 90s this afternoon. but the heat index will make it feel more like 100 to 102 this afternoon. we have very little chance of thunderstorms today, tomorrow or all the way through the
7:58 am
temperatures will be climbing. 94 tomorrow. 96 saturday and sunday. >> thank you. we have a full hour of news straight ahead on fox 50. we'll get the latest on that fire in fuquay-varina and the
7:59 am
they're all gone. i know i bought them. well, staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period. staples. make more happen. right now on fox 50, he was killed by what the suspect called a warning shot in a
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victim's family plans to speak and call for justice. >> muse, awe push today for transparency over coal cash in our -- coal ash in our state. >> the weekend is almost here. we are looking at another hot, humid stretch of weather. elizabeth will tell us how long it could last. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm leyla santiago in for renee chou. yet another welcome to you. we are with us. lena and leyla, you might get us confused. they sound the same. we want to get to he can brag news right now out of the fuquay-varina area. firefighters are battling flames at a home on will tree drive. you are taking a live look and you can see not only the smoke but if you look beyond that tree, you see the flames.


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