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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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victim's family plans to speak and call for justice. >> muse, awe push today for transparency over coal cash in our -- coal ash in our state. >> the weekend is almost here. we are looking at another hot, humid stretch of weather. elizabeth will tell us how long it could last. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm leyla santiago in for renee chou. yet another welcome to you. we are with us. lena and leyla, you might get us confused. they sound the same. we want to get to he can brag news right now out of the fuquay-varina area. firefighters are battling flames at a home on will tree drive. you are taking a live look and you can see not only the smoke but if you look beyond that tree, you see the flames.
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firefighters are there. cruises have arrived. they are taking a defensive approach to fighting this right now given the magnitude of these flames that you are seeing in these live pictures. >> the flames are just shooting there. part of the home's roof has collapsed as well. as far as we know, there are no injuries. we'll continue to bring you updates in our next hour of wral news on fox 50. an update our breaking news this morning out of washington, d.c. it was a fire officials say roughly 30 people including three firefighters have been injured and seven people are unaccounted for after a large fire and a collapse at an apartment complex. >> the missing include men, women, children. the injuries are not thought to be life-threatening at this point although some are serious an they do involve burns which is to be expected at a fire like this. can you see the flames. this appears to be cell phone
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into our newsroom. the fire is in silver spring, maryland happening around midnight with an explosion that sent debris flying. look at the debris from an aerial view t took firefighters about 90 minutes to get those flames under control. firefighters calling this, by the way, a mass casualty event. that certainly puts it into perspective for you. we'll continue to provoid updates over the next two hours here on fox 50. and al year-old kouren thomas talking to the media this morning. >> tom was was shot an killed outside a raleigh home over weekend. bill leslie has more on the case getting national attention. >> reporter: thomas' family has already announced that an attorney known for taking on high profile cases will represent them. he was killed outside a house on single leaf lane. the home owner, chad copley,
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murder. he called 911 shortly after 1:00 a.m. to complain about armed, quote, hoodlums vandalizing his neighborhood. he said i'm locked and loaded. i'm going to secure the neighborhood. i'm on neighborhood watch and i'll have my neighbors with me. someone called 911 to report a shooting. investigators said copley fired a shotgun from inside his garage striking thomas who was outside. copley said he only fired a warning shot but he juan sure if anyone had wasn't sure if anyone will be hit. police are still investigating to determine what happened. copley's attorney is asking people not to rush to judgment over the murder charge. copley remains in the wake county jail without bond. the family of kouren thomas will speak to the media this morning at 10:00ment we'll have i live update on wral's news at noon. back to you. >> thank you, bill. a deadly shooting in fayetteville may have been a random act of violence.
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they hope will help someone identify the person they are hocking for. the shooting happened tuesday night around 6:30. 32-year-old angela taylor was walking along andy street when she was shot. she died yesterday at cape fear valley medical center. detectives are looking for this person in the picture on the cruiser-style motorcycle wearing a bright yellow shirt and scene leaving the area heading to bragg boulevard moment as of the shooting. right now, police don't know if concerned about coal ash say today they'll demand transparency and accountability from the mccrory administration. the 11:00 a.m. news conference comes a day after we learned the state epidemiologist has resigned n her resignation letter, dr. megan davies says, i cannot work for a department and administration that deliberately misleads the public. her tending down is linked to a
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raised concerns about well water safety near duke energy coal ash ponds. state leaders denounced the finings saying dr. ken rudo lied. dr.zach moore is now the acting state epidemiologist. atlantis public hearing today over the proposal to bring minor league baseball to fayetteville. the city council will discuss negotiations with the houston astros. leaders don't want to spend more than $35 million on a new stadium. tonight's hearing is from 7:00 to street. with these summer days, we all spent a left time often times at the baseball -- folk go to the durham bulls i hope you get a chance to go out there. >> i can't wait to go. probably not a good day to go. >> you want to be on the shady side. >> you want to be shady. >> pick your tickets wisely. by the time the games kick off, unless it is a day game, sup
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okay out there. -- sun starts to go down and it is okay out there. if you stay inside all summer because it is hot, you are missing out. wilson skycam showing more sunshine than cloud cover this morning. we have some some low clouds in a few spots. right now, it is 77 here at the tv studios and in durham. 72 in wake forest. 75 in erwin. 78 in goldsboro. we afternoon under partly cloudy skies. we have a 10 to 20% chance of scatter storms today. that is very few so we'll just have to deal with the heat without much help from rain coleing us down. brian is here with a look at what is happening on the roads. that is a lot of accidents. >> a lot of these have cleared up in the past few minutes and a lot of them are in residential areas. the major routes are in pretty good shape this morning.
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the biggest problem right now in raleigh is an accident on louisburg road at mitchell mill road. you can see some pretty heavy delays showing up on sensors on in -- inbound 401. a little bit of a northbound delay there. and there are not too many good alternate routes in that area so just need be to patient you leave rolesville. you will run into the backups. we are told they begin in advance of forestville road and continue down towards mitchell mill. coming in from wake forest looked pretty good on inbound capital boulevard. just a little bit of a slowdown between falls of neuse and the airport. a lot of these accidents have cheered up in the past few
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little bit of a fortify-related delay on 40 westbound out to the u.s. 1 interchange. it look like a disbe ad vehicle as well on 40 westbound around the u.s. 1 interchange. it slows down again from chapel hill road out toward harrison avenue interchange on 40 westbound but as soon as you get beyond that, it looks good heading out to the park. >> thank you so much. this week, the candidates are talking about the economy which also means they're talking jobs. >> coming up, the new scandal facing hillary clinton and donald trump trying to link president obama and hillary clinton to isis. the new deal being offered
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you've heard of the popular harris teeter super doubles promotion, right? >> i get excited every time i see the promos in the store. now, the supermarket chain is upping the an attempt by tripling manufacturers coupons but only in certain areas y i cannot wait to learn more about this. joining us this morning to tell us all of the exciting new dealings our wral smart shopper fay prosser. what are the rules to this new deal? >> so it is a phenomenal
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you're allowed to do before can you go in and score the big savings. so this promotion lasts through tuesday. this is the 16th. and they will allow to you triple coupons that are 99 cents are less. so, a 50-cent coupon triples to $1.50. a 75-cent coupon ends up being worth $2.25 at the register. they will let you triple up to 0 coupe op awe day and you can see a very long list of all of blog at click on smart shopper. >> so this is day two. this promotion started yesterday. show me the goods here. what are we talking? i know you have ahe gone in for your groceries. >> i went yesterday more than ar and by the time i got there because i had a little issue where my car didn't start yesterday morning. >> oh, bummer. >> i know, not i agood way to start triple. i did make it in finally f you take a look at the screen, we'll be able to see, this is
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school starting, of a got teens so we got a little bit of snacky food in there as well as greek yogurt, regular yogurt, deodorant, flavored waters,. >> yous butter. i was forced to buy that snickers because it was free. >> someone's got to do it. >> i sacrificed for the greater good. it didn't make it through outthe day >> let's look at what i paid. >> five dollars. i would have paid over $54 at the register. so saved 90% on stuff we're going to use. the kids were very happy about that shop. >> i was yoking about $5. and everything in that the group there i actually need so that is perfect. >> i should have brought you some. >> you should have. >> is this just awe new promotion that harris teeter is doing? >> this promotion used to be offered all of the times. they would do it regularly and
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years and now it is back. my guess, this is not an official harris teeter statement, but my guess is the triangle is a hot market right now for groceries and waver got publix making their mark, wegman's coming in. i think this is their way of dry had traffic and getting the harris teeter brand back on people's minds. >> you mentioned a few of the the other chains. what are the other big deals beyond harris teeter? >> sure. we have some great buys. number one on the list, eggs. can you core them a does krrly c's is coming in for 50 cents for an 1 countment chicken leg quarter, 59 cents awe pound at krogerment cant lapd, only $1.29 for a whole can lope at aldi. -- 59 cents a pound at kroger. cantaloupe, only $1.29 for a whole cantaloupe at aldi.
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head to my blog. >> thank you so much. for more short shopping tips from fay, can you go to our web site. the concerned about the zika virus are pretty up there. they are high. >> what state officials have to say about their preparations for a potential zika outbreak and why they say the risk is low. >> changes for candidates in low. >> changes for candidates in severa z22xez zvpz if you home is in the lane there's only one place to go. come to cabela's all week for great deals and more. save big on all your favorite trusted brands. get 20% off all walker's hearing protection and $400 off cabela's signature 64 safe. plus join us this weekend for free safety education, training, demos and seminars. because responsible ownership starts at cabela's. stop in and save all week long at cabela's and remember to own responsibly.
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?left a good job in the city
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night and day ?? >> we are on a roll this morning. >> tina turner, lena horne. >> this is bryson city. we've had a couple kayakers and canoeists in the olympics. casey has another event coming up today that we are excite to watch. of his just there last weekend. >> another place to visit the. yes, absolutely. >> you need to make a list because there are a lot of places in north carolina. >> a long list. i guarantee you it is cooler but not less humid. still pretty humid in the mountains but at least you get a little break from the temperature. it looks beautiful around here. there is our south hill skycam.
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there. but in other spots, we are see something clouds this morning. not overcast but part hi cloudy skies. 77degrees. our wind southwest at five miles per hour. our dew point is 74. and our temperatures right now south hill at 75 as well as roanoke rapids at 77. 76 in fayetteville. with all of the humidity that is with us right now, you would think that we add a li thunderstorms popping up all over the place. but here is what is happening that is going to prevent that. we have what we call the bermuda high which is almost a permanent fix tour out here in the atlantic especially during the summer. every once in a while, it noses back into north carolina. we have not seep very much of it this summer but it is making an appearance. what that means is that, even though it is very sticky here around where we are, in the mid an upper levels of the
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air. that is not conducive to thunderstorms. we need the air to be rising for that. so we won't have a lot of thunderstorms over us. this is sort of the fringe of that high pressure system and it has winds that rotate clockwise and it is coming around this way. we'll have a good bit of thunderstorm activity for south carolina, for the mountains of north carolina out there. and on up into pennsylvania. where we are sitting, we are just not going to have a lot thunderstorms developing today. starting at 1:00, the heat index is already 101 inner win, goldsboro and rocky mount. rs in in erwin, goldsboro and rocky mount. the heat will be something you will have to factor in. 94 for us on friday and then 96
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thunderstorms is you should have great vowing of the perseid meteor shower. it always comes around this time of year. it is always mid-august. we'll see twice as many meteors as usual. as long as you wait until it gets dark, you can look in any part of the sky and see that meteor shower. the biggest thing you have to remember is have you -- you have to get out of the city lights. the heat index will be high. feeling like 105 of time. just cope that in mind. we'll be looking at the heat lingering easily into early next week. lena? hillary clinton make a major economic speech in detroit today. as tracie potts reports, that comes amid new questions about ties between the state department and her foundation
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father attending one of her rallies. >> friend don't let friended vote for trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton going after republican votes as she prepares for today's economic speech near detroit. >> i am determined that we are going to build more and we are going to be able to create more businesses and more jobs. >> reporter: donald trump calls her record unimpressive. >> she promised the world and it went like this. it went down. us. >> reporter: now, e-mails obtained by a conservative group suggest the clinton foundation asked the state department for favors that her campaign says neve happened. >> that is the only pay to play system the american people are sick and tired of. >> reporter: and look who is right behind clinton at this florida rade, the father of the
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clinton disavowed his support. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis and ill say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: poll show trump's appear sport is waning. his attacks are not. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. some candidates in wake county need it file for november's election all over again that. new filing period starts today at noon. the elecon commissioner and school board are this fall. they were supposed to take place under a new map drown by state lawmaker with seven districts and two soup are districts, a and b. the federal appeals court ruled the map was unconstitutional. under a ruling tuesday, the county must use the nine- district map drawn in 2011.
8:24 am
wednesday to file. the races for a number of districts are not affected. a cumberland county teen is accused of killing a man with a hatchet. >> the request for the judge hatchet. >> the request for the judge cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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i'm he lena tillett with your top stories. we have breaking news in fuquay- varina route now where many firefighters are battling flames at a home. there was a heavy fire showing what crews arrived and they had to take a defensive approach to fighting it. part of the home's roof even collapsed. as far as we know, there are no injuries. >> of course, we're dealing with a very muggy morning this morning but otherwise, no real problems to your morning commute.
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driving range. i don't see anybody out there. surely not too hot for the golfers just yet. our temperatures are in the mid- to upper 70s. 76 in fayetteville. 77 in rocky mount and here in raleigh. expect 93 this afternoon. 94 on friday. 96 on saturday an sunday. very few thunderstorms for the next several afternoons but it will be hot. heat index today up around 100 10 #. before a disabled vehicle on 40 eastbound right around gorman street. mostly over here on the shoulder but we can say that that right lane is partially blocked. you need to stay in the center and left lanes on 40 eastbound this morning. not really causing any big problemsment we are just getting word that the crash at louisburg road at mitchell mill road still is out there, still looking at a 20 minute ride coming in from rolesville towards 540. just need to allow a little extra time. looks like it is starting to
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you are in pretty good shape heading out towards i-40. this is backing up around the wade avenue interchange. that means outbound wade avenue incident traffic is very slow this morning. the rules on short-term rentals in raleigh up in the air. next on fox 50, what officials are now thinking about doing
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breaking news. in awe washington, d.c. suburb this morning, there are a number of injuries following an explosion and fire at an apartment complex. >> this apartment complex in silver spring, maryland. wral's bill leslie gathering information about what we have learned this morning. >> reporter: fire officials have declared this a mass casualty incident. the missing people include men, women and children. responders are scrambling righ for. this is new have i -- video of the scene that came into our newsroom. thirty occupants of the building did go to the hospital, some of them with severe injuries. now, three firefighters suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. some people suffered burns. a natural gas line apparently fed the flames which tore through the large apartment complex in silver spring,
8:31 am
nation's capital just before midnight. there is significant structural damage and part of a building has collapsed. firefighters made numerous rescues in heavy fire conditions. ems spokesman said the debris indicates an explosion. this is the latest we have right now. responders were able to get most of the fire out by 1:30 this morning but there were still a lot of hot spots and crews will certainly be on the scene for some time. nation's capital. back to you. >> thank you. it is a scene we've watched unfold throughout the morning. in other news, a judge will consider whether a 15-year-old murder suspect should be tried as an adult today i don't deputies say he killed his grandfather way hatchet at a home in cumberland county. -- with a hatchet. mikaya thurman has more. >> reporter: right now, the teen is being held here at the cumberland county juvenile detention center because the teen is still viewed as a
8:32 am
law. they have not released his name. however, that could change. late monday night, deputies were called to this house off of elgin drive after receiving a 911 call. when they arrived, they found 63-year-old joseph naulty dead. investigators say he had been struck way hatchet by his 15- year-old grandson. authorities say naulty's son heard his father yell out and then discovered his body. investigators charged the 15- year-old with first degree murder. today, the district attorney will ask if a formal orde we will have coverage of that hearing in our late are newscast. mikaya thurman, wral news, fayetteville. -- in our later newscasts. dependies in arrested a suspect in a 1977 murderer in florida. 75-year-old alan bregman was arrested at his home. he is charged with killing his former lover debbie clark in 1977. police in miami say new technology connected dna evidence at the scene to
8:33 am
there because bregman owned the apartment clark rented. a riverside high school student taken into custody by immigration officials in january is expected to be released next week. wildin guillen accost haze been held in a detention facility in georgia for months. supporter using a go fund me page have raised more than $10,000 need to have him bond out. we talked to one of his teacrs enroll in school an he only has one semester to finish. i'm sure wildin will have a big transition back to just normal life. i mean he has been gone for almost seven months. >> immigration enforcement officers tell wral the bond decision was made by the immigration court system, not ice. but they will comply with the
8:34 am
honduras. a publix grocery store would be located off morganton road in southern pines just outside the corporate limits of pinehurst. the developer wants to build a four-hasn't road to revied access to the shopping center. neighbors say that would cause major safety and traffic issues. the president of the pinehurst civic group says people are questioning the need for the project. >> really? we need another grocery store here in we have no idea how much food we must consume here. >> it is ultimately up to southern pines whether the project goes forward. the mayor told us it is essential for the town to work with neighbors towns to preserve the character of the area an ensure that any new development is compatible. raleigh city leaders are considering a new ban on short- term home rentals in the city. the city's economic development an innovation committee is bringing forward a proposal to prevent full house rentals and
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airbnb. the stow council has been considering new rules for more than a year. let's go ahead and check in with elizabeth. this is yet another hot, humid day in august in raleigh. >> yes. it is what we expect in august but it is almost over. i mean we'll give it just a few more weeks, three week, four weeks. we're probably done with this intense heat. -- three weeks, four weeks. we h cloud cover that has developed there. that tower on the left side of your screen is our mix 101.5 radio tower. lots of sunshine out there this morning. that is allowing our temperatures to start to creep up awe the -- a little bit. by 9:00, temperatures will likely start to creep on up into the 80s. lookth aabout 80 or low 80s at 10:00 a.m. heading out to the pool, should be a god day.
8:36 am
fore some kids. other kids are already starting to go back in the next week or so. 93 our high temperature this afternoon. hardly any chance of thunderstorms especially from the triangle area north answered so the lifeguards won't be pulling you out of the pool for lightning t will be nice to find a place to beat the heat. you will need that over the weekend too. i'll explain what the heat index is looking like coming up. >> thank you. the helping hand mission needs your help to support low income children. volunteers handed out donated school supplies, food and offered haircuts at their raleigh location on rock quarry road. the group is working to collect school supplies for students getting ready for the new school year. while they've received many generous donations, they are still in need of gently used clothing. visit helping hand to find out how to donate. several members of durham police department being recognized for going above and beyond to help a homeless woman an her three young children. i just love this story. according to the demeanor's
8:37 am
monday when quad 5b officer hawk up met a woman. she was set to start a new job the next day. instead of letting the woman spend the night in the car with her kids, officer hawk ins paid for a motel room and bought themed for and basic necessities. other members of the force also pitched in to help the family. they are now trying to find resources to help them find a permanent place to stay. what a good example and we could all -- you know what it is like what you're so nervous over starting brand-new job. and to imagine anything else beyond that, that is horrible. >> very kind. every one should be able to get a good wi-fi until their own home but sometimes that is not the case. >> up next, monica laliberte
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how is the wi-fi connection in your home? not what you are expected? are ahe not alone. >> 5 on your side's monday alaliberte is here to show us a new product that could help. >> a good wi-fi signal is a big challenge in many homes these days especially in your home has multiple rooms and more than one floor. the new product that might help according to consumer reports is reviews are good. the iffy signal bufferrerring video, lost web site, wi-fi is a challenge. does this sound familiar? sure does to me yoof the signal is fine at the foot of the bed but we don't get a signal at the headboard. >> reporter: jim wilcox writes about deck knowledge for consumer reports. you would think he would have
8:41 am
consumer reports tested the new ero home wi-fi system at his house. it replaced his old router. >> this is a new way of getting good wi-fi all over your home. it creates a mesh network. >> reporter: it is made up of multiple units that talk to each other wirelessly. consumer reports says signal tests were very impressive even at the farthest test spot. set-up is easy. you plug the first unit into your modem and rest is done with an app on your phone. you may need an that is the ugh part. one unit costs $200 or three for $500. a wi-fi extender can be less expensive but it is not as effective. the ero until is faster because it has two radios, one to send and another to receive.
8:42 am
system and now gets wireless all over his house even at the head of his bed. and know this. if your router is more than a few years old, it could impact your signal. consumer reports recently tested 14 router and came one several to recommend and we have that list on so many people dealing with bad naturals with their wi-fi. this is worth troying. >> but the age of your router could -- i about that. >> right. >> we do want to let everybody know we have a story coming up tonight at 6:00. missing money. this is something we have talked about for years. helping people find missing money. we were contacted by someone who was going to get charged for her missing moy. she had to pay a fee to get her unclaimed cash. unclaimed cash so many people have it and it is money being held by the state. so many people have it, they don't realize it. could be everything from bank
8:43 am
we had several people in the newsroom. >> i remember when you shouted out a few people's names. saying look, you are on this list. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, a reminder about some of these companies that are out there trying to get you to pay them to get your missing money that you can get for free. we'll show you tonight how to do it. >> thank you. the north carolina museum of art is getting a makeover. cog up, we'll show what you is
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i will say this morning my drive in today was the first
8:46 am
windshield wipers so a little less fog today. >> it looks nice out there. but that means it will be hotter. the fewer clouds we see, the hotter it will be. that is where we're headed all the way through the weekend. we take a look at what is going on out there. our tall tower cam looking pretty. can you see some cumulus clouds trying to pop up there right now. we are not likely to have those producing any thunderstorms. they will only grow to a certain height and that will be about it. hopefully, that will give us a little bit of shade through the it won't be a whole lot. we take a look at our temperature. we get into the 8:00 hour this time of year, we tend to see the temperatures chiming pretty quickly. southwest wind at five miles per hour. our dew point is at 74. we take a look at temperatures across the region. 74 in henderson. 78 in south hill. 74 in sanford. 75 in southern pines. so on a die line today where it is very humid, we would have
8:47 am
surface ever werth and we would have rising air and thunderstorms would take place. but that is not was going to happen today. here is why. we have what we call the bermuda high which is a permanent fix tour -- fixture out in the atlantic. every once this a while it noses in across north carolina or across the southeast and it sort of puts a lid on the thunderstorms developing. while it is very huge you had here on the ground and we're feeling it, the mid an upper levels of the atmosphere seeing sinking air and thos they troy to tower up will hit that lid or that ceiling and with the sinking air, they won't be able to develop into thunderstorms. the periphery of that high pressure system is where we have not as much sinking air. this is where the thunderstorms are going to be developing. so it will be down into south carolina near the south carolina line, up into the mountains of north carolina and then up into pennsylvania. right around the triangle area, we'll just be fairly out of luck. now, there will probably be a sea breeze front that develops just inland from the coast but
8:48 am
our viewing area, it will all fall apart. that is the only spot chose by. we may have some storms again. we'll see them down into south carolina and into the mountains. that continues on friday, saturday, sundayment we have about a 20% chance of rain today and tomorrow and only a 10 or 15% chance over weekend. high of 93 today. that will be one of the cooler days of the next seven. that is not the entire story. the heat index will make it feel like 100 afternoon. expect that again on friday. on saturday, though, it may feel more like 105, maybe 106 in some places. that is the threshold where we go under a heat advisory. so it is certainly possible that by tomorrow the weather service will be looking at this and we may go under the heat advisory for saturday and sunday. 96 is a god bit above normal. normal is 89. the record is 100.
8:49 am
far from it. look at that 71. that was the coolest high temperature for the date on sunday. tuesday and wednesday, still fairly hot and the heat index will still be high. i think by the end of next week, we'll tart to bring our temperatures back down closer to normal. so a little heat wave on our hands for the next few days. just plan around. >> it plenty of water w v we know -- we know at this point. state attractions. visitation increased by 7.7%. the top five places where attend's is up are the north carolina museum of art, north carolina state parks, the southeastern center for contemporary art, the north carolina zoo and the battleship north carolina. visitors to the north carolina museum of art will soon find new outdoor attractions. several works of art will be installed in the museum's newly expanded 164-acre park. the museum is hole a
8:50 am
6th for the public could come check out all of these new attractions. they include a bronze tree, benches shaped like cartoon speech bubbles and five enormous illuminated rabbits by australian artist aamanda parer. the national a into the icon into i bit after an eye so. there is something black on the dome of the jefferson memorial. they want it gone. they have to identify it first though. some diet pepsi cans are showing off some new artwork featuring a local festival. the 40th annual lazy days festival commemorative cans now available. you can find the limited edition cans in local grocery
8:51 am
distributed throughout the state. lazy days is in cary august 27th and 28th. he never considered himself lucky before but an indian auto dealership worker may have to change his opinion about himself. he reese incidentally survived last week's dramatic crash landing of an emirates aircraft at the dubai international airport. then this week, he won a million dollars in an airport duty-free sweep stabs. he plans to continue working at the body shop unti ready to retire. good for him. he plans to use his money to support his family and start a charity. >> unbelievable. >> worst week, best week. >> and with the charity, maybe he'll share that with everybody else. >> he will share it with somebody certainly. >> welcome to lena tillett. >> yay! >> thank you. >> you all are like a family
8:52 am
sit around looking at each other angrily at the table y that is because brian will burn the turny. >> that's right. just like a family. great to have you with us. this is pretty inspreadible video from new haven, connecticut. a weak tornado out there, somebody was drive ago long and drove right into the path it was. elizabeth tell people not to do this. look at what happens. yikes! >> well car. >> an ef-0 tornado. that is why. still, don't do it. >> things not to do. >> but pretty incredible video right this. this is funny from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. look what happened last night at the padres-pirates game. a fan trying to catch a foul ball and his nachos went all over his face. >> on his face?
8:53 am
shirt. the t-shirt cannon was working. he needed one after that. >> oh! >> he had all the toppings on that one too. >> i think those must be chili nachos. >> would you rather have beer spilled on you or somebody's chily. nachos. at >> i love star trek. i love butter and this iowa, they are putting them together. >> wait a minute j just look. this is at the iowa state fair. the butter sculpture this year has scenes from star trek from the original series. there is captain kirk with smock and mccoy i don't i love that the artist is gear up with a lab coat. serious stuff. >> in iowa, this is serious.
8:54 am
she has been the butter sculptor since 2006. scw what happens at the end? >> i don't know. bring the toast. >> what happens at the end. >> certainly enough to go aroundment. >> thank you so much. we'll get another check on
8:55 am
8:56 am
time is now 8:56. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm he leyla santiago. >> we continue to follow
8:57 am
where firefighters responded for a home around 7:30 this morning. thereof heavy fire showing when crews arrived and they had to take a defensive approach to fighting it. part of the home's love has collapsed. as far as we know, there are no injuries. >> let's check in with elizabeth for the weather. >> an awfully hot afternoon. from here, we'll creep on up through the weekend. >> our durham skycam looking nice out there. lots of sunshine. you can see the lucky strike tower there in the does dance. our temperature at is 77. 77 in rocky mount and wilson. 79 in erwin and clinton. your forecast for today, 93. we have a tiny chance of any thunderstorms. nothing come ago long to cool things down. the heat index will feel like 100 to 102 this afternoon. couple of accidents on the western side of the triangle in
8:58 am
look out for a crash in orange county very heavy traffic leaving hillsborough this morning. look out if an accident on 40 eastbound right around the durham freeway inner change. use 54. get ready for a special effort to support the fight against women's cancer. the durham bulls take on the charlotte knights at the dbap this weekend but the game is for more than cross-state bragging rightsment today at noon, how can you help raise money for the cancer fund. it is an effort that is certainly worthy that is our news for now.
8:59 am
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