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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i am happy but i am terrified. i mean -- new tonight on wral news on fox 50. freed after 28 years in prison for a crime he says he did not commit. the end for a search of a wanted man who is accused of shooting a woman walking down the street. a republican lawmaker who limited partnered draw the district maps reacts to the court decision saying they are unconstitutional. we begin with the hunt for a person who killed a man at a hotel. good evening thank you for joining us. i'm gerald owens i'm lynda
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us. adam joins us with more on that investigation, adam? >> reporter: you will see what it looked like in a moment. it this hotel, there was no access to that for some period of time. they searched an area for shooting suspects. there was the yellow taxicab surrounded by rings of yellow crime scene tape. for several hours the police searched in and the call came just before 1:00. a shooting outside of the hotel. a man saw two men fleeing. around the corning we found more police. they used dogs to search a wooded area. earlier in the day christopher reeve said he saw officers here. >> we heard commotion. we looked outside and
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suvs and cars pulling up. >> reporter: other guests say it appeared multiple people were detained by the authorities. the police have not confirmed if this is connected to the shooting. as the officers cleared the scene outside of the hotel the taxi was towed away. the sign on the door says durham's best cab. we reached out to that company, a worker there would only say employees are stunned and concerned for their safety. >> reporter: a worker at that cab company says other drivers who work at that cab company are so concerned for their safety tonight some decided they were not going to go on the road. they were not going to be on the job this evening. at this hour the police have not given us any confirmation of the names or identities of those involved in the shooting and have not given us much information on suspects in this case as well. adam owens, back to you. >> all right, thank you. a man who spent the bulk of his life in prison for a murder
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family tonight. wral was in a courtroom earlier had week for a case of johnny small. a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to justify his conviction for a 1998 murder. they set the bond and said small could be released without putting up the money. we spoke to him at his family's home. >> terrifying. i mean i am happy but i am terrified. 28 years i have been incarcerated for a crime i not commit. and i hope justice comes through. my heart goes out to the family. it does, it truly does but i know i was not the one. >> reporter: small will be under electric house arrest and live with a cousin while charges are pending. deputies are investigating a shooting in johnston county. the shooting happened at 7:30 this morning. the detectives say a man was shot and taken to wake med in
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shooting was a result of a family dispute. they say they have one person in custody but they have not released that person's name or the name of the victim. a man is in custody tonight accused of shooting a woman walking down the street. the police arrested 30-year-old christopher lee. he is held without bond. lee is accused of shooting 32- year-old angela taylor on tuesday night near the intersection of andy and ike street. she was taken to the medical center where she died. the police have not released a each other. for the first time the family of a 20-year-old is speaking out. he was shot and killed in north raleigh over the weekend. today his family joined their lawyer in front of their home to share their grief and desire for justice. butler-thomased her son was a good man. did not dress like a thug, did not own a gun and had a high school degree and a job. he and his friends were leaving a party and walking down the street. that is when the police say
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about the commotion of and fired a shotgun, killing him. >> these boys were invited to a party. did not feel comfortable and they were on their way home. i just want justice for my son. that is it. for all of the parents. all of the kids. >> the family's attorney believes this was the vigilante. he compares to to the trayvon martin case, especially comparing the 911 calls where both men were saying they were protecting their neighborhood. now, legislative districts overturned the maps. they tuesday is too disruptive toes to out the maps now.
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court's decision. >> in 2011 the republicans worked hard to follow the law and enact fair and legal redistricting maps. we have been validated by the justice department. validated by numerous courts and today a court found a reason to invalidate our plans. obviously i am disappointed. i take a little bit of comfort in the fact that the recognize it is too late to do it. >> reporter: they stay in place until the lawmakers can redraw it next year. congressional and wake county maps weres toed. new filing period is open for the school board canidates that meade to file for the erbg election all over again. the election is going to take place after a new map. 7 districts and two super districts. a&b. a district court ruled it was
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map. the a&b districts do not exist. candidates have until inside wednesday to file. the race for the white house brings kaine to north carolina. he will focus on clinton's jobs plans at both stops. after the top epidemiologist quit dozens supported her today. the group accused the leaders for trying to discredit two doctors. one quit after they publicly accused one of lying. he raised concerns about well water safety near duke energy coal ash ponds. we have a disagreement among scientists and where we
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scientists believe the public should get all of the information, not limited. providing all of the information necessary to make sure we have safe drinking water. >> the group wants the state health director to resign. >> a young boy from western north carolina is fighting for his life. all because of a mosquito. >> he contracted a virus. we talked to the 11-year-old's mother recovery. >> he is an outdoor kid. >> he turned 11 years old and days later he got a headache. by june 26th he was talking gibberrous and he was take taken to the hospital.
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they can do. she kept searching for answers. >> he had what i called an episode. he went manic. screaming, crying and that is not like him. >> reporter: it was first a hospital and then mission for spinal taps, mri's and ct scans where he learned his diagnose. >> to the best they can figure out is that the mosquito bit him and gave him the lacrosse virus. >> reporter: he suffered a stroke and was put in a coma to stop brain swelling. >> i don't know what we are we are losing him. i think he is done. and it was the hardest thing that i ever been through. >> reporter: jj was then take tone children's hospital in charlotte where he has been since friday on his road to recovery. >> there you go. >> i would see just, you know, -- you saw the picture. the bag of ivs the pressure monitor in his head, you know, everything and i am like a mow skeeto. that is all this was.
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>> reporter: wise has started getting the word out not about zika but la crosse because it is in the mountains. >> out of the 80 to one00 cases according to one of the doctors that jj saw, 15-20 of them come -- 100 cases according to one of the doctors that jj saw, 15- 20 of them come to this hospital. i was blown away. >> reporter: support on this page and go fund me account is what they are holding on to. >> he is just not the jj we used to have but we are hoping to get him back. we will get him back to that little boy. >> reporter: relearning how to walk, talk -- >> i love you. >> reporter: just to be jj again all because of a mosquito. >> what a roller coaster for that family. >> jj hopes to be out of the hospital in two weeks he will have years of therapy. a terror attack stopped before it could happen in
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learned about his plan. plus, an inmate arrested while behind bars. what he is accused of doing to an officer. a movie shot in mechanic income heads to theaters next month. why it took so long to get it there, mike? we had a hot afternoon. 92 the high out at rdu. spotty showers t is dry out there now. take a look at the peek camera. the weather is pretty good. we will check out what the
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the police shot and killed a man they thought was in the final stages of a terror attack in canada. described as sympathizer. he was killed outside of his sister's home. his plot targeted an urban area during rush hour. we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if a 15- year-old, accused of killing his grandfather with a hatchet, will be tried as an adult. lady minute night they -- late monday night they found the man in a home. teen is charged with first- degree murder.
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kill a correction's officer at the county jail. wallace punched the officer in the face while he was moving wallace to another part of the jail. wallace shoved the officer and threatened the officer. a study sent suing the university -- a student is suing the university of duke. the school failed to punish the man properly or share other alleged assaults. fire ripped through a home this morning. crews responded to a home on wiltree drive at 7:30. video shows fire shooting through the roof. part of the home's roof collapsed. officials have noted what sparked the fire or if anyone was injured. >> a new section of the loop opened today. it is a 6.5 mile stretch. it connects ramsey street to the freeway.
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time to look at the olympic medal count. the u.s. remains in the lead with 36 medals, 14 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze, china is second and japan and then rushia. debra morgan is in rio and will join us terror for a live report on our news following nbc's olympic coverage on wral. >> they are doing great but china closing the gap a little bit. >> they ar field coming up. >> yes. we have a lot more to go. >> yes, a whole lot. >> yes. and a lot more heat to go, too. >> there is that. >> we had miniheat with 92. over the weekend bigger heat focused on middle 90s for saturday, sunday, perhaps monday. now, take a look at the meet year shower forecast. now, the perseids are on going but at peak daybreak. mostly cheer night. the moon is still up. we will not have apissue from the bright moon. make sure you are in a dark
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we have been talking up the meteor shore over the past few days because some of the nasa models predict there could be an outburst. if you are if in a dark location it could be a spectacular display. now, again we sometimes talk up meteor showers and this one hopefully will pay off if you spent time outside overnight and towards daybreak tomorrow. if you have a good viewing we would like to know about it. dog days of summer. that is the lead headline. highs in the 90s, heat intkebgs values, heat a mainstay. the ridge that is built in is not go anything where -- index values, heat is a mainstay. the ridge that is built in is not going anywhere. we had a few we were tracking hoping they would stay away from gerald owens car. he washed his car here. i don't think it rained here. all calm outside. 80 degrees outside of the airport.
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cloudy. clearing up the sky to see the meteor shower. the dew point, 74. forecasting 75 for the low. 80 here at wral and durham and buck horn. now, in the expanded view there are few locations around the state that are not reporting. elizabeth city, roxboro out of commission for awhile. now, 77 if south hill right now. 80 in rockiy mount. we have the tiny showers occur this afternoon with the and that is going to happen again tomorrow. the ridge that is upon us, yes t is strong. keeping widespread rain away. but it is not strong enough to really get the development completely of the showers and the storms f. that was the case we would have boiling heat. now, tame heat, 92 today. expecting 92 tomorrow. we have been watching this all week. an area of low pressure. soggy days, boy, southern missouri, louisiana flash flood
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moving to the east over the next few days and the moisture caught up if in it. trying to approach us. a ridge, and it will never make its way here. let's take a look at future cast. looking at clouds, looking at temperatures and rain as we go through tomorrow. and by daybreak we are expecting low temperatures in the 70s. in the morning, patchy fogg like this morning. it is thick. then, tomorrow afternoon, a possibility of spotty showers anding by. 92 here in the triangle. 94 in fayetteville. depends if you have a cover. we will go lower 90s across the area. this time tomorrow night we should be back in the 80s. overnight, clear skies, lower to middle 70s. 75 in fayietville. now, 74 at southern pines. fitness. lunchtime, upper 80s like today.
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fayetteville. focus 92 here in the triangle. lower 90s for the day on saturday. now, middle 90s. now, don't see the peak. no raindrops or lightning through tuesday. can not rule out an isolated shower. wednesday, thursday, it breaks down and an atmosphere that will develop showers easily than we will in the next five days. the heat say mainstay in the next 7 days. after thursday we get friday and saturday next weekend could get back down into the 80s. >> all >> all right, thank you, mike. put away that cash when paying for parking downtown. still to come, raleigh is testing an app that lets you swipe and walk away. preseason in baltimore.
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: governor mccrory there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break.
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raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. the panthers open the preseason tonight in baltimore. the team's first action since the super bowl loss. now, it is eventful. we can not show you the highlights quite yet. newton plays one series. very sharp. leads the over poepbs a field goal. he has called for a penalty for going on the field after he was done playing.
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interception return. you will want to see that. interesting play. i will have that coming up on wral after the olympics. former panther mike minter, he is hoping his team can improve on the 5-6 record where they won 3 league games last year. they finish 7th in the pioneer league in 2015. but they were picked to finish 5th in this year's preseason poll. >> it these guys have been doing over the last three years of building that respect. now it is time to from 5th to 1st. that is where it is at. that is our goal, our passion, that is what we are trying to get done. >> lebron james staying in cleveland. he has a new contract. james and the calves agreed to a 3-year deal worth $1 million. now, making $31 million to make it the highest paid player in
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million that gives him the highest single season paycheck in history upon topping michael jordan. of course, mj did make the 33 million back in 1997. so, how much is that worth? lebron is ex pected to sign his new contract next week. coach k. would like to have lebron down in rio. team usa coming off of the toughest game off of the olympics, a 10-point win over australia. they continue play tomorrow against serbia. they will wrap up with 1 last game on sunday befo of the bracket is set. the coach was asked if he likes games like this, like last night's game better giving him a chance to do more coaching, he chuckled. >> no, not the for me. i am old. i would rather win by a lot. i mean, you know, satisfying? obviously the win tonight is more satisfying than the exhibitions of the first two
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team that we played and i know how difficult the game was to adapt to. >> we need these kind of games. that is the reason why we continue to try to pile on the score and continue to, you know, keep points on the board when we are playing against teams where we are going up big. these games, like this, we need those baskets we can get them. >> alex rodriguez will play his final game as a yankees tomorrow night as tampa bay visits yankees you can see the game on fox 50. first pitch set for 7:30. right here on fox 50 tomorrow if you want to see a-rod one more time. i can not believe he is retiring. >> i know it is like brett favre. >> yes. the last game as a yankees we will see it tomorrow might. >> thanks, mandy e. a foul ball, excited fan, a plate of nachos, what can go wrong? -- mandy. a foul ball, an excited fan, a plate of nachos, what
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for a man charged in the colorado planned parenthood shooting to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands
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a 19-year-old murder has finally been solved. dave lock here jr pled guilty to the murder in the death of a student. wheeler was 24 when she disappear immediate 1997.
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charges dropped because of a witness. he is serving time for another murder he is serving. the suspect in the planned parenthood shooting is incompetent to stand trial. it ended with the death of three people, nine people injured. he is under going treatment at the state mental hospital. the judge based his ruling on the updates he is getting from doctors. theme park where a boy fell prosecute a roller coaster says the rides are inspected daily. the boy was on the roller coaster at the soak zone park. it dates back to 1938 and does not require seat belts. he was alert when he was take tone the hospital. the park spokesman said it passed an inspection on saturday. crews began to dismantle a ride at a fair where three girls fell from a roeud.
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was in a ferris wheel when they fell about 40 note to the ground earlier this week. the 6-year-old remains in critical condition. at least two people are dead and dozens injured after an explosion and massive gas- fed fire destroyed an apartment building in immediate immediate. >> tonight, as many as 7 people are still unaccounted for. what the investigators are saying about this devastating fire. >> good lord. >> that looks like through it. >> reporter: airiels here show how devastating the explosion was on wednesday night. and from the emergency officials how deadly. two bodies were pulled from the rubble thursday morning. >> we have not identified these victims at this time. and our efforts will continue in that area. >> reporter: there could be more. several others who live in the complex in silver spring, maryland, are still missing or unaccounted for. >> we are not certain if they were in the building or if they
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combination of that. >> reporter: hampering search and rescue efforts are burnt out buildings that investigators say are too dangerous to enter. >> it is a collapse hazard. it is a dangerous condition. so, we are in the process of making the building safe. >> reporter: in addition to those killed, 34 others injured as the investigators look into exactly what happened and why. >> we are not prepared to discuss, that the time, causes of this incident. >> reporter: nearly 100 residents of the complex, some of dropped children and jumped out of windows have had to seek shelter elsewhere. back to you. >> three firefighters were hurt. injuries include smoke inhalation and broken bones. hot, dry weather along with strong winds making things difficult for firefighters in france. nearly 2500 firemen are deployed if several regions across the country. the city and two nearby
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mobilelized to keep people safe. when a pie lot could not get his landing gear down he sent his family a text telling them he loved them. the pilot tried an emergency landing at the orlando executive airport in florida. plane landed on its belly and slid into the grass. firefighters and rescue crews were standing by. the pilot was not hurt. delta operations are back to normal. the announcement came at noon after 25 flights canceled this morning, mostly due to experienced delay -- flights and experienced delays after a power outage. a federal court ruling could pull a plug on a town's high speed internet access. they installed lines. they provide high speed
10:34 pm
last year the fcc overrode the law and wilson expanded. but on wednesday a federal appeals court put the law back in place. town leaders and green light officials call the opinion disheartening. >> broadband is critical infrastructure and important for everyone who can make contribution to deploying this infrastructure in our state. >> we are looking forward it to it being a -- something that help us to develop the town economically. >> green light officials s have to disconnect customers. their lawyers are reviewing the opinion to tk-rp the next step. google fiber is target -- the opinion to determine the next step. google fiber is targeting the area. they want to try a wireless system in several areas including raleigh. they want a less costly, paster way to provide speed internet.
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students started moving into the residents hall today. first year students and new transfers got the morning shift. returning students got the heat of the day. the durham mayor addressed families at a reception this evening. 1100 students started classes on monday for the class of 2020. other universities are scattered. nc state and universities allow new students to move in tomorrow morning. chapel hill students are moving saturday the 20th and duke's new students start tuesday the 23rd. a comedy film, shot in north carolina in the summer of 2014 will finally make its way to the theaters this fall. coming up next, why the release of "masterminds" was delayed
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in an announcement today the next adventure is a health and wellness company and huffington says it will require her full time. no word as who will replace her
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magazine. mtv is honoring rihanna with a music video award. michael jackson video vanguard award. previous winner is madonna, "gun's n. roses" and justin timberlake. a movie shot in north carolina finally has a release date. "mastermind" was slated to come out last october. new date is sept 30th. they had to postpone the release because of issues. "masterminds" has owen wilson and christian williams. based on the life story of a $17 million robbery in charlotte in 1997. it was shot in the asheville area in 2014. >> it looks hilarious. >> it does. >> goofy and hilarious. >> yes. it took me awhile. he is funny in anything he does. >> i am telling you. >> what a dead pan. okay, kid's birthday parties and pinatas, they go together. my kids had them and they love
10:40 pm
this little boy, his favorite super hero, spider-man, his parents thinking this is great he will love it. oh, no, i know what is going to happen. >> i thought somebody was going to get whacked. >> oh i did not expect that. >> end of that. he did not want to hit him. he wanted to give him a hug. >> he was near tears. >> i don't want to hurt him. >> then his brother en up to a baseball bat. >> he goes back to the party someone takes him down and distributes the candy that is what you think. [ laughter ] >> that is so cute. all righty. we love our pets and we love to eat, we all like to talk about our foods and dinners and all of that. this rabbit, apparently, this looks familiar. did not care for what it had for dinner. watch. i don't know why they do this.
10:41 pm
did your rabbit do that? >> yes. even with the water bowl. everything you give. you have to put them through the mesh wire and then you fasten it on the other side because they do it to everying. >> i wonder if it is easier to eat off of the ground than roach over the bowl? >> it is a big mess. it goes flying. the water when it came loose -- oh. that was interesting. >> any way all of the links on my facebook page. if you think something should number on let's trending send me a message. to make paying for parking easier. why parking meters could be a thing of the past. now, storms to the southwest, west, what will happen when all of that tries to get here and really can not move into the area. could cause flooding issues. we will talk about how much
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back in 2010 the city of raleigh replaced old fashioned parking meters with new pay stations that take credit cards. >> they account for half of parking transactions. the city has a plan to pay for parking easier. >> reporter: we found angela
10:45 pm
hazel. >> i have to put out my credit card and go through the process, remember my number, remember where my car is parked. >> reporter: when you park here you don't node to find coins or credit cards. you can pay with an app. find the zone and enter it and enter the space number that is mark mark -- marked on the space. and there you go. >> reporter: it is launching a plan using the charlotte-based passport app. he told me it is about pore than convenience. they are not perfect. especially in the rain. >> anything gets wet, malfunction. >> reporter: stuck coins and readers that will not work.
10:46 pm
and pay for parking without fideling with credit cards. the test is successful the city could add more parking to an app based service. now, hoping it will save time. >> i can do that vs jumping out of the car, going to the machine, then i can just pay for it right then and there. >> >> it begins it in october along hillsboro street. many raleigh city council members want a 1-stop app for all cities. advancing the equipment in outer space. the big thing today, is this discover. defensivers they say found their remains of three ships that can -- divers say they have found the remains of three ships that can be from around
10:47 pm
turtle nests broke records. officials recorded 310 as of august 10th. they set a record last year of 289. logger head are the most common. making up 3of the nests. be aware of the activity or hatchlings and notice officials if you see nesting activity to go over well and rope it off and protect the animals. >> nice to see it is on the rise. good thing. >> so be free, be free. >> evading the showers with the highway pressure on us. now, to the west that are not hit by high pressure, dealing with big rains, take a lock at the video from wisconsin area. this is on the border between minnesota and wisconsin. two counties there under water or parts of it.
10:48 pm
animals having a hard time finding dry land. they received 8 inches or more. some roads covered by as much as 5 feet of water. mash flood watch remains in effect until friday morning. there is going to be even far more rain on the way. we will show you why, coming up. let's check out weather desk top. we will begin with the jet stream. the way the pattern is in the upper atmosphere will be conducive for heavy rainfall and flooding. talking at length with our high pressure. air. the storm system try to approach they can not bust into the ridge. so, they are shunted around the ridge. all of the heavy rain watching on the gulf coast, the system is sitting and spinning. getting heavy rainfall there. as the trough starts to approach bringing a cold front, that front can not make its way through the ridge. it will stall. all of the moisture links up to the front and it will be pouring across the ohio valley in the plains in the coming days.
10:49 pm
around it. a lot of it will stay to the west and they are going to -- they will see days and days of rain that will be heavy at times that could prompt flooding. let's take a look at future cast. we will go through time. here is the cold front off to the west. this is the area of low pressure. we will have high pressure upon us. it is influencing our weather, making it hot and drier. there could be isolated showers tomorrow and also saturday and sunday. but not widespread rain. not a -- not enough of a lifting mechanism for widespread showers and stor patchy fog and isolated shower in the afternoon. there is that system that is spinning to the south and west. thunderstorms moving into the mississippi valley tomorrow. during the day on saturday we can not rule out a shower or a thunderstorm. the chances are small. we are going to so a line of showers going up from the lower mississippi valley, through the ohio valley and then during the day on sunday. it is just kind of set up with a stationary front and this whole area will see training of showers and storms. rain developing, moving on,
10:50 pm
that sets up a pattern of flooding. let's take a look at the potential. watching it for the past several days and look at all of the rain that is possible. all throughout the ohio valley and the lower mississippi valleys. we are talking about really big totals. look at all of the others lining up. 5, 6 across the valley and again with the ridge sitting upon us with a brick of air all of that gets stuck off to the west. for us, if they do, small and far in between. 1/10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch. not much here. the folks could have major flooding issues in the next coming days and we will let you know about that in the coming days. for us, heat, 92 tomorrow, 94 on side. expecting 96 on sunday and monday. no big raindrops showing up friday through tuesday. maybe an isolated shower or storm. maybe better chances by the time we get toed with, thursday, friday of next week
10:51 pm
where it will keep us dry, folks off to the west are dealing with a lot of rain. >> all right, thank you, mike. a group of patients caught the olympic spirit. >> coming z22xez zvpz if you home is in the lane
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is the affordable care act making americans healthier? the medical association says yes. the group studied two stateace that expanded the coverage under the law. they were compared to one state that did not. in a survey low income families that got coverage were likely to report good health than those that didn't. the study found an increase in the use of preventive measures and a decrease in the use of emergency rooms. walt the run of the electrical parade tonight it started in 1977 as floats covered with lights -- it is really quite a spectacle. the park has noted what will replace the parade. there will be a limited run in disneyland in california. a new hotel has not opened yet but it is a hit with elvis fans. the guesthouse at grace land celebrates the king of rock 'n' rolls personal style. it is a luxury resort with 430
10:55 pm
seat theater. two restaurants and a snack bar, of course, a banquet hall and fitness center. it officially opens in october. bookings began for november, december and the first 8 months of 2017. imagine new year's eve in that hotel? party time. it may be hardtory find champagne this year for new year's eve and other events. this is the first since the 1980s. will have to dig into their reserves. a baseball fan got a lot of attention for his effort of trying to catch a ball. he tried to get the ball while holding a plate of nachos. >> oh! >> everywhere. he dropped the nachos. >> oh, he got it on his face, too. >> oh. >> oh, we got to love the slow motion. >> his shirt came first? >> he take a chip and scrape off his forehead?
10:56 pm
his was covered with cheese. >> oh, in the face. [ laughter ] >> that is rough. oh, poor thing. >> yes. >> at least it did not happen to a girl there is more to clean up on us. what a mess. [ laughter ] >> oh. [ laughter ] >> well the olympics are 18ing in rio. there are fun summer games going on here in the u.s. the arkansas children's hospital in little rock is hosting what it is calling the home made olympic games. children participated in events like the "dress li obstick obstacle course. kids enjoyed red, white and blue sundaes. they get to have fun and do their own thing there. >> love the painting. >> yes. thanks for joining us for weather and traffic at 4:30.
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lights. access. rio. >> he wants to beat me. i want to beat him. >> it's every man for themselves. >> phelps versus lock at the comes to its epic conclusion tonight. i'm natalie morales. there's another friendly rivalry going head to head. >> did i win? >> ho you did know you didn't win? >> cycling gold part of armstrong's journey. >> he said, mama, why are you crying? didn't you win the bike race? >> no wonder. >> takes more than rain and gale-force winds to get in the way of our olympic fishing reunion. i'm billy bush and my pal johnny weir just upped the ante all the way. >> will you show me the speedo


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