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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years, this is wral news. right now we are following breaking news where a tanker truck crash is leaking tar. and calling for justice after a deadly weekend shooting. the similarities being drawn between this case and and other high-profile shooting. and a family prepares to say a final goodbye to a young boy killed at eight to a young boy killed at 81 apart.>> -- killed at a water park. >> a lot of coffee in me right now.
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>> absolutely, i know a lot of folks need that to get up early in the morning, especially on a morning like this, when you walk out the door and it does not feel refreshing. we are seeing sunshine and a few high, thin clouds. we will see sunny skies with low chances of showers. it is 76 in durham, 74 in holly springs and wake forest, 74 at 8 am 72 degrees. very similar to what we saw yesterday. it is going to be very muggy feeling like 100 or 102. temperatures creep up over the weekend, but it doesn't look like we will go under a heated by three. we will talk about what that criteria is coming up. brian has more on this
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tanker. it's starting to, live pictures from the scene of i-40 . the tanker overturned just before 6:00 this morning and you can see out of the top of the tanker it apparently is hot tar leaking out. we have hazardous situation and we have to get that chart cleared and out of the way before they can reopen the ramp from i 40 westbound to us 1. this is going to be a mess for commute. hard to say when they are going to be able to get that cleaned up. let's take you to the traffic camera, that is us 1 southbound four 440 westbound. they have blocked the collector lane heading beyond the ramp. you can get to i-40 from 440 w., but getting from 40 on to us 1 southbound is the trouble this morning.
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from the lakeland road area is to take norman street and from there had not worn out to the us 1 interchange. the backup is starting to form now heading between the norman street interchange out towards us 1. the other option for you if you can stomach those delays is to head out towards cary towne boulevard. that crash, just a big mess that will have to be cleaned up. it's looking like it will be a little while. taking a look around the rest of the triangle it is pretty quiet overall. an earlier crash causing a little bit of a slowdown, but elsewhere no big problems to report. breaking news this morning, two people seriously hurt after a shooting in fayetteville. it happened just before 1:00 in a parking lot at the advance
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police say several people were involved in some sort of fight. police say someone shot two men ages 26 and 29. the owner of a puppet shares a lot with the store says to people got into a fight inside and that dispute moved into the parking lot. police o'reilly say a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was stabbed overnight. it happened in a area of the days would on glenwood avenue. police said the woman had so far no arrests, but please do not believe it was random. there will be a vigil tonight for a 20-year-old as a family is calling for justice. simone butler thomas says her son was a good man who did not own a gun and had a high school degree and a job. on sunday morning he and his friends were leaving a party and walking down single leap lane. police said jack coakley called 911 and then fired a shotgun throughout the window of his
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party, didn't feel comfortable and were on their way home. i just want justice for my son, that's it. for all the parents, all the kids. >> the family's attorney believes this was the act of a vigilante. he compares it to the george zimmerman trey belmar in case, especially as it pertains to the 911 the vigil is set for 7:30 pm tonight at the millbrook exchange part. a court appearance today for a man accused of shooting and killing a woman walking down the street in fayetteville. police arrested christopher lee and he is being held without bond. he is accused of shooting angela taylor tuesday night near the intersection of andy and ike street, she later died.
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if the two knew each other. deputies are investigating a shooting in johnston county about 7:30 pm last night. deputies say a man was shot and taken to the medical center in serious condition. deputies also tell us the shooting was the result of a family dispute. they say they have one person in custody, but have not released that person's name nor the name of the victim. a funeral today for the 10- year-old boy killed on a ride. >> there are new concerns about dangers and other amusement rides in the us. >>reporter: even though the water park in kansas city has reopened, the slide where caleb schwab died on sunday remains close. a person familiar with the investigation said the boy was decapitated in the accident.
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facial injuries. the park says it inspects all rides every morning. there are also two other high-profile accidents these -- this month. three-year-old boy in the hospital still after being heard does not being heard on a wooden roller coaster. the dispatcher says the boy fell off the right, but the park is not provided details on what happened. officials said the boy was conscious when he was airlifted to a hospital. meanwhile, dismantled the rise at a tennessee. with three girls fell from a? week. the three girls were in hn 24 gondola when they fell about 40 feet to the ground. the six are all remains in critical condition this morning. lawmakers and kansas are questioning if these recent accidents suggest there should be tougher standards for park rides. caitlin spirits -- caitlin's parents have not spoken
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it has been a very exciting week in rio. coming up, the medal totals. plus, donald trump continues to double doubt in his claims that president obama found it isis, this is questions around the clinton
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and other historic night for michael phelps earning his 22nd gold medal in the finals.>> another swimmer made history, simone emanuel became the first african-american woman ever to win an individual swimming gold medal at the game. simone biles won gold in the women's individual >> let's take a look, the us remains in the lead with 38 metals including 16 gold, a dozen silver and 10 bronze. up next, china, then japan and russia. >> later today, katie ledecky has another shot at winning more gold when she competes in the women's 800 m freestyle, women's skeet shooting and trampoline are also featured events. fiji has erupted in celebration after winning its first olympic gold medal. bg beating britain and rugby 47
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nation practically came to a halt to watch the game on tv. fiji airlines set it only will be serving fiji beer in celebration. coming up, which districts a judge says were based on racial gerrymandering. a north carolina man who spent most of his life in
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all dancing. >> still getting royalties from that. tgif, that's a good one. >> it is. wake up. >> sometimes you open the door and it is warm and muggy, as you would expect. let's check what's going on, are we going to see any rain over the weekend? the answer is no. that is good is that in many ways. we are winding up the summer, even though it is going to be very hot over the weekend it is not going to be hot for that much longer. hot and dry over the weekend, get out and enjoy unable.
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because traditional calendars show schools will start and we are going to start settling down. 76 is our current temperature, our dewpoint is 74. it will stay that way. here is a look at what is coming our way for the next five days or so. our temperatures will stay above normal, once we get to the middle of next week our normal jobs down to 88 there is a reason for that. our days are shorter and temperatures will gradually start to cool down a little bit. this is either the last or one of the last heat waves we will see. 72 and henderson and south hill, samper, 77 in laurinburg, 75 in clinton. the heat is not only going to be above normal, but it will
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104, which keeps us just out of heat advisory criteria. to see a heat advisory it would need to feel like 105 for several hours during the afternoon. we have our bermuda high pattern. it is the kind where it is hot and muggy and we do not have a lot of thunderstorms to cool things down. it has actually been a wet summer for us. that bermuda high come again the last minute and it is pump and humid. in the lower levels where we are and in the middle to upper levels we have sinking levels. it allows things to get really high. 1:00, rocky mount and bumps up to 105. we do not stay there for long. it will be somewhere between 100 and 105. now, 92 is our high temperature expected for this afternoon. a lot of things happening over
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tomorrow, and sunday. there is a dixie chicks concert at one of crete. the good news is not a lot of rain. expect 88 degrees by 7:00. it will still be warm and muggy, but you won't be running for cover most likely at any point because of thunderstorms. the heat index will feel a lot like today, getting into afternoon it will feel like 100 to briefly 105 for a time period. it is not one to be until the middle of next week before we start to see things cool down a little bit, even then it will not be drastic. ryan has been following this overturned tanker accident for the last hour or so. >> a little more than an hour. this is a big mess, 7:18 am, we will take you to some live pictures from the scene. you can see on the left side of your screen that is where that
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the top. no serious injuries reported, that it is blocking the ramp. it likely will for the rest of your morning commute. let's take you to the traffic camera and you can see where they have those rams block this morning. we need to talk best alternate routes. we are starting to see some pretty heavy delays out towards that close us interchange. you'd need to take gorman try on road and then head out to the us 1 southbound exit. another option would be to head down 40 westbound and then make a u-turn. you will notice a lot of people are headed down towards water street this morning. you can just take 40 eastbound, just double back. you will notice there is a pretty significant red line on the northbound side of us 1 because of a separate accident blocking what appears to be the
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lane of northbound us one. dolch -- donald trump and his team sits down with the republican party about his campaign. we have more on that plus the latest on rather a state departmentff clinton foundation.>> barack obama is the founder -- >> donald shot not backing down, claiming the president is responsible for isis. as he campaigns in pennsylvania, his staff is meeting with the republican party in florida despite reports the party is frustrated with their nominee, his team
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insiders going public and urging the gop to give up on donald trump and redirect their money to struggling lawmakers up for reelection. >> because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades have done and release tax returns. >> hillary clinton released a year's worth. her campaign is responding to a report that one of her top aides at the state department did double duty for the clinton foundation. >> tired of the pay to play politics in washington. >> in a statement the clinton campaign says in a volunteer for the foundation on her own terms. the race for the white house will bring another campaign visit to our state next week, tim kaine being nashville on monday and fayetteville on tuesday. he will focus on hillary clinton's jobs plans.
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school board seats. it was going to be under a new map drawn up by state lawmakers. however, a federal appeals court ruled them out was unconstitutional. under a ruling tuesday the eighth and the districts were no longer exists. candidates have until next wednesday to file. another set of voting maps unconstitutional. a federal appeals battle based on racial gerrymandering when they were drawn up. because we are so close to the november election, judges decided it would be too disruptive to toss out the maps. they will stay in place until lawmakers can redraw them next year. congressional and wake county maps were crossed -- tossed out
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number of people still missing following and explosion at an apartment fire. nearly 3 dozen people were injured. authorities ended their search operations at the site because they could not expect to find anyone else alive. the structure is not safe arrest arrest -- safe for in detroit investigators are looking into a fire at a power plant. dark smoke could be seen for miles. all the workers made it out safely and there were no reports of injuries. we are learning a wave of coordinated explosions in thailand are not linked to terrorism. they targeted three of the most popular tourist resorts within two days. at least four people died and dozens have been hurt. no immediate word on a motive. police say they believe the last two explosions were
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a murder investigation continues and durum, the questions that remain following
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cooper: when i go home to nash county, it's the same streets i rode my bike on as a kid. so is the field where i played football and the school where my mom was a teacher. and she was a good one. what we've lost is harder to see. i'm roy cooper, and this election is not just about one bad law. it's about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left.
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>> we have been following a tanker truck overturned on i 20 at the us 1 interchange blocking the ramp onto us 1 southbound. we have hot tar apparently leaking from the top of the truck. a big traffic mess. let's show you the best ways to get around that this morning.
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gorman street and from their head out to one of street. another alternate will be doubling back up to 40 eastbound and pickups us for southbound. an accident blocking a few center lanes at one history. there is a candlelight digital tonight for chorion thomas. the vigil was at the vigil was at 7:30 pm morning he was shot to death when he and his friends were walking down the street after a party. two people are seriously hurt after a shooting and fayetteville. the owner of a nearby club says to people got into a fight inside in the dispute went outside into the parking lot. looking at cloud coverage out there, take a look at our fayetteville sky camera.
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has started to develop. maybe that will keep our temperatures down for a little bit. it is going to warm up as we get into the afternoon. temperatures are warm, 75 an hour and in goldsboro, we will see a high this afternoon of
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coming up on 7:30 am, and man shot and killed at a hotel in durham and no word on any suspects. >> it happened around 1:00. >>reporter: not a lot of information from police so far. we still do not even know the name of the victim, but here's what we do know. police say the man was dead when they found him outside the hotel. a guest told us he s investigators seemed to focus their efforts on that yellow taxicab. the sign on the door says duhram's best. workers would only say employees are concerned for their safety. around the corner police used dogs to search a nearby wooded area. hotel guests tell us it appears several people were detained.
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lots of people asking a lot of questions, ourselves included. there really are a lot of different parts to this puzzle. as we get more information to try to fit it together we will be bringing you updates. a man who spent the bulk of his life in prison for murder is out and with his family this morning. we were in wilmington as johnny smalls return home for the first time in 28 years. >>reporter: laughing with family and snapping photographs and catching up on comic books. for johnny small it is the little things you miss the most. >> i am just ready to take a hot bath. >>reporter: he was imprisoned since 1988 serving time for murder he says he did not commit. >> my heart goes out to the
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know i wasn't the one. >>reporter: earlier this week a judge agreed, ruling there wasn't enough evidence to justify his conviction. thursday night he was free to go home on house arrest. >> i never imagined this happening, 9100 years. i am happy, but i am terrified. 28 years i have been incarcerated for a crime i didn't commit. >>reporter: the judge vacated the convictions, the charges of first-degree murder and robbery are pending. he remains hopeful. >> i hope justice comes through like with the way things are now, i am pretty sure it will. >> his attorney says he will live with a cousin while these charges are pending. the second and final major push will depart for kuwait today. there is a deployment ceremony this afternoon. afterwards, families with their own goodbyes.
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more than 60 nations. their mission is to build partnerships and a rock to the feature and eight. moving day continues for students across the triangle. new students will get settled in this morning. unc chapel hill's first year students start moving and friday the 19th, meredith moves in saturday the 20, duke students began tuesday the 23rd. rapids theater close without a sale with the final offer $3.4 million. the seller can accept the offer or negotiate a different deal with the final bidder. the city of roanoke rapids borrow more than $20 million to build the theater in 2006. it still owns about 70 million. cape hatteras is a great place to go if you are a sea turtle. this year reported nesting broke records. as of august 10 officials
7:34 am
last year set a record of 289. loggerhead sea turtles are the most common, making up 300. remember, be aware of nesting activity or hatching turtles and notify officials if you see any nesting activity because it is really important and really cool. >> i wonder if you would be freaked out walking around the beach singles turtles or is it exciting?>> elizabeth >> i have. there, they take people out to check on the nest and usually it is at night. you are there specifically to look for them, which is neat. you typically don't necessarily get surprised by them. it is really fun to watch the little turtles go scurrying to the water. we are seeing lots of sunshine, it is going to be a
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weekend. finding a cool spot is what you want to plan for. 73 in batson, 76 in apex and hope mills. by lunchtime in downtown, 88 degrees. we will likely have cumulus clouds starting to tower during the afternoon, the most we are going to get would be a few isolated patches showers. it is not going to be very well for us. the like low 100s. we are going to talk about why coming up. bryant of course has the latest information about this overturned tanker. are they working to clean that? this all happened about 6 am this morning on the ramp from 40 westbound onto us 1 southbound. we take you to live pictures from the same courtesy of our
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we have this one covered for you as we follow this breaking news. it is going to be a big mess as they get this cleared up. you can see crews have a truck there trying to get that tanker upright and get this cleared up. let's talk delays, lack of some 40 westbound begin around the warden street area and continue up towards the us 1 interchange. another option for yoth westbound out to cary towne boulevard and double back onto 40 eastbound. from there pick up us 1. good news, no one was seriously injured in the crash, it is just a big mess that is being cleaned up as we speak. we will let you know how it is progressing. look at this big mess on us 1
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have a few center lanes, maybe the right lane blocked as well before you get to the eye for interchange. right now the latest sensor reading indicating a 38 minute ride up tie 40 and rdu international. your best alternate rule will likely be try on road. the nations largest department store is getting a bit smaller. the huge announcement from macy's. a popular snack was to bring their food to your refrigerator. a big announcement from
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today, we can connect more.... play more...
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energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life.
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in profit, macy's is prepared to close about 100 stores across the us. the department store says it will maintain a significant president -- significant presence in the top markets. most of the stores will close early next year. macy's plans to stay connected by adding to its merchandise and surrounding locations and with online size and mobile apps. global fiber is targeting as a test site. the company is installing fiber optic cables in several areas and asking for permission to test an experimental wireless system in several metro areas. google would like a less costly faster way to provide internet. a federal ruling couple of the plug on a town's high-speed
7:41 am
optic lines. wilson's data service provides high-speed internet to more than 8200 customers. the 2011 state law restricts brought band service the city limits. last year the law was overruled . wednesday, a federal appeals court with the log back in place and officials called the opinion disheartening. >> broadband is critical if the structure and it is important contributions to do so. >> we are looking forward to with being something that will help us to develop the town economically. >> greenline officials say they do not know yet whether they have to disconnect customers in pinetop. their lawyers are reviewing the opinions. areata huffington is leaving the huffington post.
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to run a new health well-being and productivity side. in a tweet she said she thought huffington post would be her last act, but she is ready for a new adventure. a new company launches in november and she says it requires full-time attention. we have another tasty treat and it looks so good. >> brian and lisa are thinking italian when they make these
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summer love, it is a sultry relationship. >> i like that. you should be a radio broadcaster.>> it is a love/hate relationship. for me, i love summer. there are some days where it is hard to be out there. >> it is a good weekend to go to the pool. >> exactly, you just get that last bit of summer fun in not the temperatures will instantly cool down, but we are at the beginning of august. we are going to see things will endow certainly. let's take a look across wake county, there are a few clouds today. yesterday we had a little bit of fog in a couple of spots, we see very little of that today. you see on the left-hand side
7:46 am
a nice and quiet morning for us. 76 at the airport are wind is calm in the two point is up a 74. the higher the number the muggy air it feels. speaking of numbers, look at this, temperatures climbing into the middle 90s for sunday and monday. our normal high temperature for this time of the year is actually 89. we are going to be well above that during the weekend. it won't be long until we see temperatures dropping down. 72 in henderson, 73 in rocky mount, 72 and samper, 75 and clinton. even though it is going to be plenty hot with the temperature, the way it feels will be even hotter. that heat index climbing up around 104. we can thank the bermuda high for that, this high-pressure system that hangs out in the atlantic for a good bit of the year.
7:47 am
sinking air in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere. we do not see that at the surface. at the surface it pumps in all this moisture. high-pressure systems have wins that rotate clockwise. warm and tropical air comes from down south. we are going to be hot and sticky, but those thunderstorms can't really fire up. in order to have very much rain or be very powerful, up into the middle levels of the atmosphere. with high pressure pushing down on them they that ability. we may end up with a sea breeze front and we will probably see that today. the sunshine heats up the lamp pretty quickly. temperatures may climb up the nearly 90 degrees by early afternoon while the ocean temperature is about 80. we have slightly cooler air bumping into the hot air on the land and we have thunderstorms. they do not typically get very big, but we may see a few drifting into the southern and southeastern portions of our
7:48 am
up, but we are not looking at any widespread thunderstorms. if you happen to run into a shower or a thunder shower most likely they are going to move a pretty quickly. we have a better chance as we get into the latter part of next week. we finally throw showers and storms back into the forecast on wednesday and thursday. for the next couple of days we have a 10 to 20% chance of storms. it is so low that we do not put it on the graphic. we will see it within chance for today and into the weekend the same story, about a 10 to 15 chance for saturday and sunday. the heat is definitely our big story for the next couple of days. it looks like we may see temperatures backing up a little bit. brian has a little bit of news with that tanker truck. they got it backup right within the last few minutes. and little bit of improvement out there on that ramp.
7:49 am
left behind. it was filled with hot tar, a lot of which leaked out when it turned over just after 6 am. no seriously injured -- no serious injuries. it is starting to clear up a little bit rot around the us interchange, but the ramp us one s. bell remains blocked. consider taking tryouts to gorman and from there to trion. another option for you this morning would be doubling back on to 40 e. and picking up us outbound from there. not sure when they will be able to get everything completely opened but that is something we will be watching. newest one -- us 1 at northbound with have residual
7:50 am
just in the past couple of minutes we have a fresh accident in downtown durham, both lanes block southbound. traffic able to get by in that one laying around the ramp. heavy delays coming into downtown. we are continuing a month of great tomato recipes. >> brian and lisa prints are thinking italian. >> we are going to make some crispy tomatoes that you into marinara. they are good, trust me. just wait until the end.>> salt- and-pepper some freshly tomatoes and mix together flour, salt, and pepper in a play. in another bowl be to ask with a little water. in another bowl live -- mix breadcrumbs with garlic powder and parmesan cheese. >> you came up with this? >> yes. it is just frying tomatoes.
7:51 am
>> dredged the tomato slices in flour and then the ad watch and then into the bread crumb mixture. now we head over to the stove and fry them for a couple of minutes on each side. when they are drained we put the money baking sheet. >> those beautiful. >> we are not done yet. there is some provolone over there. so put for a few minutes at 400 degrees. we drizzled a little basil leaf and serve them with marinara sauce for dipping. >> this is so good. >> i know. >> it is one of the best ways to eat tomatoes. >> get a copy of this recipe
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200 ft.2 entertainment complex will be built across the street. elvis presley died nearly 39 years ago august 16, 1977. prepare for your cheeks to her. a few introduce five newborn white lion cubs to the public. they were born in june and separated from their parents for their own safety. they were on displ they have quickly become favorites with the visitors. white lions are the products of a common mutation rarely seen in the wild. they are mostly found in the two because the color mutation makes it difficult for them to survive in the wild. a tanker crash has created quite a mess. we will get an update on the cleanup, delays, and alternate
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bill leslie and it is a frustrating fray carry. let's take you to live pictures around the us 1 interchange. and overturn tanker that was carrying hot tar has been righted just in the past 15 minutes or so. thankfully, no serious injuries, but a big traffic mess this morning. let's talk alternate routes to get around the best as we zoom into the area. the back of some 40 westbound continue from s. saunders st.. let's talk alternate routes to get around the best as we zoom into the area. the back of some 40 westbound continue from s. saunders st. consider getting off on gordon
7:57 am
little bit of good news, and earlier crash on us one northbound got cleared up just in the past few minutes or so, we are still seeing have residual delays. in durham we have an accident blocking lanes of the southbound freeway. you can see traffic squeezing by in that one right leg. writing into an 18 minute drive. consider using mainstreet. it is a mess out there with traffic, pretty quiet weather in contrast. you can see the sunshine in a little bit of low cloud cover is trying to form this morning. expect mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. it is 75 in goldsboro, 74 in
7:58 am
shower or storm and certainly rang one not be widespread. instead, we will be dealing with your heat index this weekend. instead, we will be dealing with your heat index this weekend. a shooting sends
7:59 am
z22srz zy6z y22sry yy6y
8:00 am
breaking news on interstate 40 were a tanker truck crashed and is leaking tar. brian will have alternates. a family grieving and calling for justice after a deadly weekend shooting. the similarities one family is strong between this case and another. and it family prepared to say a final to buy to a young boy killed in a horrific accident at a water park. >> we want to get right to those traffic situations because we have more than one developing at this hour. it has been a mess out of 40 westbound is let's take you to live pictures out of the us 1 interchange. this is all because of an overturned tanker. the tanker apparently was carrying hot tar. thankfully, no serious injuries reported. you can see the big mess left behind. just in the past 15 minutes or so they have righted the tanker. it is still going to be a while before the scene is completely cleared and the ramp has reopened. even though the truck is there


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