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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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breaking news on interstate 40 were a tanker truck crashed and is leaking tar. brian will have alternates. a family grieving and calling for justice after a deadly weekend shooting. the similarities one family is strong between this case and another. and it family prepared to say a final to buy to a young boy killed in a horrific accident at a water park. >> we want to get right to those traffic situations because we have more than one developing at this hour. it has been a mess out of 40 westbound is let's take you to live pictures out of the us 1 interchange. this is all because of an overturned tanker. the tanker apparently was carrying hot tar. thankfully, no serious injuries reported. you can see the big mess left behind. just in the past 15 minutes or so they have righted the tanker. it is still going to be a while before the scene is completely cleared and the ramp has reopened. even though the truck is there
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see there is a big mess with all the tar. let's talk alternates, it looks like this is going to be with us for some time. on the south side you will notice that redline and it an accident. there is an accident reported on 40 westbound right around ormond street blocking the left lane. that is contributing to pretty big slowdowns heading when you have towards us 1 things are looking pretty good, but that ramp onto us 1 southbound is flawed. consider getting off at gorman street and taking trion road down to walnut and from there you can pick up us 1 southbound. another option would be to take 40 westbound at the carytown boulevard interchange and head back up to 40 eastbound pickup us 1 southbound. a couple other big problems we are following, and earlier crash around while mistreating carry has a clear, but we are
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least 32 minutes to make that trip up to i 40. consider using trion road tawana street and from there you can get on the other side of those delays. up in durham, we have a crash on the southbound side blocking two lanes. traffic is getting by in the one right lane of the ramp, but we are seeing very heavy delays as you come in from 85 this morning. roxboro. allow plenty of extra time or consider using mainstreet as an alternate route. it is a busy morning, elizabeth. >> yes. you have your hands full. i sure am glad i am not out there driving through it.>> it is really quiet, the last two mornings we have had low cloud coverage and a little patchy fog. it hasn't been a big deal, but we don't have any of that to speak of this morning. 78 in duhram, 74 weight force, a typically warm and muggy
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our temperatures are almost 80 degrees at the airport this morning. 75 in goldsboro in a south hill. by lunchtime temperatures will be in the upper 80s to near 90. a ghf 92 this afternoon but it will feel hotter than that with the heat index going like 100 to 103. very few showers and thunderstorms: thought. there is one part of the viewing area that has a better chance and i will explain coming up. hurt after a shooting in fayetteville. it happened just before 1:00 this morning in a parking lot of advanced auto parts. police say several people were involved in some sort of a fight. police say someone shot to man who were then rushed to the hospital. the owner of the puppet share at the parking lot says to people got into a fight inside in that dispute moved out into
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the hospital with serious injuries after she was stabbed overnight. it happened on the days inn on glenwood avenu police say the woman have multiple stab wounds. so far, no arrest but police did not believe this was a random attack. >> there will be a vigil tonight for a 20-year-old as his family is calling for justice. simone thomas says her son was a good man who did not own a gun had a high school degree and a job. on sunday morning friends were leaving a party and walking down single leaf lane. police say check hopefully caught 901 to complain about commotion and fired a shotgun through the window of his garage killing thomas.>> these boys were invited to a party, they didn't feel comfortable and they were on their way home. i just want justice for my son. that's it. for all of the parents, all of the kids,
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this was the act of a vigilante. he compares it to the george zimmerman/trade lamar in case, especially as it pertains to those 911 calls. the vigil is set for 7:30 pm tonight at the millbrook exchange part on spring forest road near the basketball courts. a court appearance today for a man accused of shooting and killing a woman walking on the street in fayetteville. police arrested christopher lee and he is being held right now without bond. he is accused of shooting angela taylor to the intersection of andy and ike street. she later died at the hospital. police have not motive for the shooting or have not said if the two knew each other. deputies are investigating a shooting in johnston county. night on raymond way. detectives say a mammal shot it
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deputy seles the shooting was the result of a family dispute. they say to have one person in custody, but have not released that person's name or the name of the victim. there is a funeral today for the tenure of boy killed on the world's tallest waterslide. >> there are new concerns about dangers and other amusement rides in the us. bill leslie is in our newsroom. >> although the waterpark has reopened, the slide where caleb schwab died remain close. a person familiar with the ongoing investigations that the boy was decapitated in the accident. two women who were on the raft with him suffer minor facial injuries. the park says it is fax all rise every morning. there have been two other high profile amusement ride accidents this month. a three-year-old boy in the hospital after he was hurt on an old roller coaster in
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the park is not provided details on what happened. officials say the boy was conscious when he was airlifted to the hospital. meanwhile, crews have dismantled the rise at a tennessee pair were three girls tell from a ride earlier this week. the three were in a ferris wheel gondola when they fell 40 feet to the ground. the six row remains in critical condition this morning. some lawmakers in kansas are questioning whether these recent accidents suggest there park rides. caleb's parents have not spoken publicly since their son's death. back to you. it has been a really exciting week in rio. coming up, the medal totals
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poll and on the gym mats. plus, donald trump continues to double down on his claims president obama founded isis. this as there are questions surrounding the clinton
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you know, i know we are on
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about it. >> i am just that i cannot say up to watch it. everyone is doing so amazing. >> don't worry, we are going to catch you up. another historic night for michael phelps, earning his 22nd gold medal in the final of the men's individual medley. >> another summer from usa also made history, simone manual became the first african- american woman to win an individual swimming gold medal at the games. she tie with canada and simone biles won gold in the women's individual all the second look at the all- around medal count, usa is leading with 38 metals including 16 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze. china is next followed by japan and russia. >> the fun doesn't stop, coming up later, katie ledecky has another shot at winning more gold when she competes in the
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she competes. and the women skeet shooting is also today. >> fiji beat britain in a rugby 43-7. the prime minister says the nation practically came to a halt to watch the game on tv. dg airways says it will be serving only fiji beer and celebration. that makes sense. >> i think they are going to be partying all weekend long. another blow for north carolina's voting maps. >> coming up, which districts were drawn based on racial
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people are snapping their fingers and moving those hips, but unites. >> in traffic right now have some good songs to listen to this morning. at least they don't have bad weather to compete with. >> it is a mess out there. there are a handful of accidents. it is good that the weather will not be a big headache, the big problem is the heat. we have had low cloud coverage developed down toward fayetteville. it is nothing that will have an
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just in case you were wondering here at a 15 a.m. where those files are coming from -- here at 8:15 am, fayetteville is one of those areas that have a slightly better chance of thunderstorms. we will get to the y in just a few minutes. it is already 79 degrees in raleigh. the dewpoint is a 76. you can open the door right now and it will hit you like a ton of bricks. 76 in south hill, 78 in clinton and do points are up there. 79 in greenville, 78 in irwin and clayton, 75 in southfield. the higher the numbers the more moisture in the atmosphere. you step outside and it feels especially muggy. we are going to feel that all
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coast. we have high pressure sitting off coast. this is a fairly stationary pattern that develops and tends to affect us mainly in the summer. it sits out here in the atlantic all gear, but every once in a while in the summer and moves back into the southeast. it is having a baby -- it is having a pretty big impact on our weather for the next five days or so. that flow around this highest popping moisture and down here at the surface. this is tropical air come again. certainly you can fill it. because there is a high pressure system sitting over us we are having sinking air in parts of the atmosphere. that sinking air is going to keep those thunderstorms towering up and becoming heavy rain producers or severe weather producers. we are just not going to have a lot of thunderstorms.
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development. what we have is a lot of heat and humidity and that means our heat index is going to be high. it is going to climb this afternoon to 105. we will see that again on both saturday and sunday. 92 is the high temperature for today. our chances for showers and thunderstorms only about 20% or so. we may have isolated showers that cannot produce a whole lot of rain pop up. tiny showers popped up yesterday . the further south and east you are the better chance of seeing those because we will have a friend that develops in some of those who move into sampson county, cumberland county in wayne county. those areas have a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. for saturday and sunday the heat index climbing up to 100 and 105. it doesn't quite put us into heat advisory criteria, but we
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be careful out there over the weekend. a lot of outdoor events and outdoor music. it is still going to be warm, but you shouldn't have to deal with any rain. just figure out the best way to handle heat. by the middle of next week it begins to ease up. brian, we have been talking about this trouble on the road with this morning. of course that tanker is righted, but it caused a lot of problems. we still have the real block from i 40 westbound onto us one southbound. live pictures from the scene. as elizabeth mentioned. they have righted the tanker, to continue cleaning up. the tanker was carrying hot car -- hot tar. thankfully no serious injuries but very significant traffic impacts this morning. let's take you to our map and show you how to get around that. your best option will be 40 westbound.
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boulevard and then doing a u- turn at the exit and coming down 40s and picking up us 1 southbound on the other side. we had an earlier accident blocking some lanes, still seeing heavy traffic, big delays are starting to ease up a little bit. 13 minutes and 55 up to i 40. in durham no improvement, this is at the bridge over roxborough. you can see traffic getting by in the one lane on the right side. we are looking at 26 minutes from 85 to roxborough. back to you. donald trump's team sits down with the republican party today. one staffer republic -- reportedly calling it a come to jesus meeting. plus, the latest on rather a state department official cross the line while working for the
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-- >>reporter:.el chapo backing down claiming the president is responsible for isis et al. the truth. actually, a lot of people like that i sell it.>>reporter: as he campaigns in pennsylvania today his status meeting with the republican party despite reports, the team calls today's meeting routine. what is not, more than 70 party insiders going public in urging the gop to give up on trump redirect their money to struggling lawmakers up for reelection. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >>reporter: hillary clinton release eight years worth of that flashy as is coming soon. her campaign is responding to a report that one of her top aides at the state department did double duty for the clinton foundation. >> the american people are tired of the pay to play politics in
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>>reporter: in a statement the clinton campaign says cheryl mills volunteer for the foundation on her own terms. the race for the white house and bring another campaign visit to our state next week. tim kaine will be in asheville on monday and fayetteville on tuesday. k will focus on hillary clinton's jobs plan at both stops. only a few more days until the filing county school board seats. the election is in november. it was going to be under a new map drawn by state lawmakers with seven districts, to super districts, a federal appeals court ruled the map was unconstitutional and under a new ruling the county must use the nine district maps drawn into thousand 11. the ambassador district no longer exist. candidates have until wednesday to file. another court ruling in another set of folding maps ruled unconstitutional. a federal appeals panel determined 28 state in houston
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drawn based on gerrymandering. because we are so close to the election judges decided it would be too disruptive to toss out the maps now. they will stay in place until lawmakers can redraw them next year. congressional and wake county maps are tossed earlier this year because of gerrymandering. no official word on the number of people missing following an explosion and fire in maryland. this yesterday morning. at least two people are confirmed dead. nearly 3 dozen people are injured. authorities into their search operations at the site because they do not expect to find anyone else alive in the structure is not safe for rescue workers. the investigation continues into the exact time of the blast. investigators in the torah looking into this buyer you see here in a power plant. dark smoke can be seen for miles and was spotted across the board in canada. all the workers made it out
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of injuries. a murder investigation continues in duhram, the question that still remains. stay with us.
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for complete protection all day and night
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we began with breaking news on the roadway this morning.>> we have an accident we have been following what the entire morning commute at the i 40 us 40 interchange. the truck that you see was carrying a tanker full of hot tar when it overturned just after 6:00. they have righted the truck and
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we still have a big mess to clean up. we are going to get an update coming up in just a minute. let's take you to the map and get you around that mess this morning. as you had westbound on i 40 you might consider taking gorman street to trion road, from their head on up to us 1 southbound. another option would be to take 40 westbound to carry tom boulevard. at the top of the ramp you can turn around and pick up us 1 southbound. it looks like they are getting ready to tell the truck, but it waived before the message clear. in earlier crash has been cleared around wanda street. also, look out for a crash is cleared up from the southbound duhram freeway. elizabeth? >> no real problems weatherwise. you can see plenty o sunshine over the solar farm there. look at all that the sky. we have a little low cloud coverage around fayetteville,
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uily. it is already 79 in raleigh, 78 including, 77 in southfield. each day this weekend it is going to feel like 100 degrees to 105 and we will have very few thunderstorms. breaking records along the coast, up next, the areas seeing more sea
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in man shot and killed at a hotel in duhram and so far no word on if police have any suspects. it happened around 1:00. bill leslie is in the newsroom. >>reporter: not a lot of information from the police so far. they haven't yet released the name of the victim, here is what we do know. police say the man was dead when they found him outside the hotel. in hotel guest told us that he saw two men fleeing. they searched inside and around a yellow taxicab at the scene. around the corner near a red roof van police use dogs to search a nearby wooded area. earlier in the day and officers swarmed the hotel. other guests that it appear multiple people -- police am not confirm if the scene was connected to the shooting.
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the sign on the door says duhram's best. we reached out to that company, a worker would only say that employees are stunned and concern for their own safety. lots of different pieces to this puzzle and we will keep asking questions as to all those -- as to how they fit together. now let's get straight to brian for breaking news on the roadways this morning. >> something we have been following all morning 40, and overturn tanker causing big problems walking the ramp onto us 1. we will take you to the map and show you how things are looking. we are going to go live to the scene. it looks like they have made some progress out there?>>reporter: just within the last few seconds, i am going to step out of your way to show you this tanker is now
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this is on 40 westbound. the ramp is actually close. you will see the tanker is now bright side of which is a difference of what we saw initially. it is also slowly moving down the ramp. a happen stopping and starting for the last few minutes. this looks like they are about to take off and get this cleared up so they can reopen. as that happens, i know you will bring them an update the meantime are there any alternate rules? >> absolutely. we will head out to the southwest side of raleigh and show you the best ways to get around. of the earlier backups have started to ease up. out at gorman street, take that to trion road and out to one of streak that is your best option. again, with delays easing up on 40 westbound in my be a
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carry tom boulevard interchange. at the ramp, turn around and pick up us 1 southbound on the other side. again, they are getting ready to move the tanker. we will update you and that you know how that process is going. still can see some delays getting bad rap reopen. another big problem in cary, an accident on us one northbound right around wanda street. it blocks lanes for long enough that we saw pretty heavy delays. still seeing residual delays on us 1 north out beginning right around the cary parkway about 14 minutes. it is gradually getting better but will be a while before it returns to normal. we had an earlier crash on the freeway right before you get to the roxborough street bridge that was blocking both lanes. it created some huge backups. we are still looking at a 25 minute drive all the southbound duhram freeway continuing downtown.
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before those delays work themselves out. actually, elizabeth, i want to hear about the weather. it is just going to be high. take a look at our sky cam, you can see a few puffy cumulus clouds. yesterday some of the big enough to produce some tiny little showers. lots of outdoor event this evening as well as weekend. our chance for rain is slim, only about a 20% chance for today, tomorrow, and sunday. of course it is warm this morning as you are headed out the door, 77 wilson, 79 in holly springs, it is going to be a great weekend for the pool and the leg because it is to be so hot and we will have so few thunderstorms support you out of the water. 93 degrees a 5:00 and that he indexed easing into the low
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begins to ease up in just a bit. a man who spent the bulk of his life in prison for a murder he says he did not commit is out and with his family this morning. we were in wilmington as he returned home for the first time in 28 years. >>reporter: laughing with family, catching up books. for johnny small it is the little things that he the most. >> i am just ready to take a hot bath. >> he was imprisoned since 1988 serving time for a murder he says he didn't commit. >> my heart goes out to his family. it truly does. but i know i wasn't the one. >>reporter: earlier this week a judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to justify his conviction.
8:36 am
>> i never imagined this happening, not in 100 years. i am happy, but i am terrified. 28 years i have been incarcerated or a class i didn't commit. >>reporter: while the judge vacated the conviction the charges of first-degree murder and robbery are pending. still, he remains hopeful. >> i hope justice comes through like it should. i mean, with the way things are now, i am pretty sure it will. >> his attorneys say he will live with a cousin all charges are pending. final major push of soldiers will depart for kuwait today. there is a ceremony this afternoon and afterwards families will say their last goodbyes. all told, 450 soldiers are leading a coalition of more than 60 nations. their mission? to build partnerships in iraq
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continues for students at universities across the triangle. new students will be settled in this morning. unc chapel hill's first-year students are moving in friday the 19th and meredith moves then saturday the 20th. duke's new students began tuesday the 23rd. the options for the roanoke theater close without a sale with the final offer .4 mill less than the undisclosed minimum price set by the seller. the seller can accept the offer or negotiate a new deal. the city borrow more than $20 million to build the theater in 2006. it still owns about $70 million on the property. cape hatteras is getting some fa les this corded sea turtle nesting broke records. as of august 10 officials reported 310 sea turtle nests and more new nesting is expected. last year they set a record of
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most comment making up 300 of the nests. remember, you want to be aware of the kind of activity and notify park officials if you see any nesting activity. now to a north carolina man who has been the high bars for years. what he is looking forward to now that he has been released following a murder conviction he says never should have following a murder conviction he says never should have happened. to thrive in an ever-changing environment, but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at
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it is going to be another busy and exciting weekend in the triangle, especially if you are new to the area.>> this weekend's list includes music, comedy, and food.
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morning to you. >> i love what we talk about food. food and music make me happy. >> we are on the same page. >> this weekend there is group in the garden. >> yes, we're going to be dancing. we have stephenson's amphitheater, lots of local bands will be playing starts at 1 pm and runs until 10 pm. there are going to be food trucks and all kinds of cool stuff. i think it is $20 in advance. advanced sales in tonight at midnight. >> so much more when it comes to music. dixie chicks have quite the following.
8:42 am
that makes me feel old. i remember when they first came out. >> yes, i remember high school. they are playing in walnut creek tonight. tickets are still available for that.>> they look great. >> yes, they didn't age. >> and there is a comedy tour coming as well? >> yes. megan from will and grace and nick from parks and recreation teamed up and they are doing the summer of 69 four. they do comedy, they sing. that is happening tonight. >> less shift to a different kind of groups. how about def leppard tonight? >> actually that is tomorrow night at coastal credit union music park in walnut creek. i know you guys have to be big fans? >> let me make sure i have this
8:43 am
music park in walnut creek? >> yes. they are pretty busy but this is the season where you can see country music one night and rock music and other night. that is what i love about the summer winding down.>> juliette lewis will be in duhram as well. >> i have to check this three times to make sure. she sings, she is pretty crazy, she will be in duhram tonight. she is really wild onstage. >> i had no idea she was rocking these days. >> she used today brad pitt as well. >> really? >> you learn something new every day. >> and then saturday, three things we love all the one
8:44 am
wine, cheese, chocolate festival happening. tickets start at $25. lots of fun stuff, always a good time. >> movies in the garden also happening. the list keeps going. >> yes. stephenson amphitheater. tomorrow is groove in the garden. on sunday greece is the word. it is free to go out there. bring some money. there will be food trucks and some beer. so you can kind of clothes out that summer music series. >> i might do that one. little bit. >> yes. a busy weekend. >> the more information on these events go to you can also download the out and about at and take it with you on the go. lena already has the app downloaded. >> i have already used it. i put in i want to see live music last weekend and he gave me a long list of fabulous shows. we have another tasty treat. brian and lisa are thinking of
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this song dedicated to simone emanuel this morning who made history yesterday. the best was seeing her face after she won. >> if you haven't seen the video you have to find it somewhere. i'm sure it will be replayed again later today.
8:48 am
>> this weekend will be on fire as well. >> it will be. lots of ladies on fire at the olympics. it has been so much fun to watch. what do we have another week almost and more, maybe. very excited about that. more and more in events to watch. it is a little cloudy in fayetteville this morning. that is really the only spot that i have been able to find the camera showing in a car coverage. 79 at the airport. temperatures warming up quickly at the airport because we do have sunshine in our dewpoint is way up as 76. here we are at 8:48 am and really warming up quickly. our dewpoint our way up there to 79 in irwin, 78 claim. the higher this number is the more moisture there is in the
8:49 am
here is our current weather pattern. we will start off here and you can see we have tiny showers coming onshore. we have a storm flow coming out of the south southeast. this tropical air mass is hitting the land. the differential will be the temperature of the air as it is over the water and over the land. that is something that will fire up these little tiny showers. later this afternoon it will be the sea breeze front. more it gets a lot hotter. the difference in temperature gets more extreme and we have thunderstorms that pop up. some of them will drift into our southern counties including sampson, over towards wayne county and back over to wars, lynn county. most of us will stage arrive.
8:50 am
92 degrees is our high temperature today. that chance of rain only about 20%. a couple tiny storms popped up yesterday and we may see that again. south and east of the triangle we will have a slightly better chance. 94 degrees on saturday and 96 on sunday. dairy hot getting into the weekend. it is going to feel like 100 to 105. we have a low chance of thunderstorms. i didn't bother to put it on the graphic. finally, wednesday and thursday, we will start to see a better chance of storms. the bermuda high does start to ease up a little bit. temperatures fall and we will have a better chance for some thunderstorms thursday or friday of next week. brian, it looks like you still have a cluster of accidents? >> the big one has cleared up.
8:51 am
reilly and carry now has clear. the lanes have open the ramp has open and traffic is returning to normal. let's zoom in, this happen so recently that it has an updated quite yet. traffic is flowing freely this morning as you had away from gorman street out towards the us 1 interchange. notice the red line, backups beginning just beyond the cary parkway interchange all due to the street area. we are looking at eight minutes from 55 up to i 40. it is almost back to normal. we shouldn't see these delays lingering too much longer. we are seeing some pretty heavy traffic on the northwest side of reilly in the belt line. right around six right around 6 forks road. is a little sluggish. one should get onto wade avenue it looks like we have crash not too far from the evansville
8:52 am
we will update you on the situation in duhram. we had a crash earlier blocking two lanes. it is clear, but it looks like something else is creating some problems. still seeing heavy delays coming in from 85. we are continuing a month of great tomato recipes. brian and lisa are thinking of italian in this week's local dish. >> we are going to make crispy tomatoes that you dip in marinara. trust me. wait until the end. >> salt-and-pepper freshly sliced tomatoes and mix together flour, salt, and pepper in a play. the two eggs with a little water and in another bowl mix together bread crumbs with limits s, italian seasoning, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. >> you came out with this? >> yes.
8:53 am
>> i guess i must impress now. >> i'm sorry. >> [ laughter ] >> dredge the slices in flour and then into the bread crumb mixture. now we head over to the stove and try them for a couple of minutes on each side until they are golden brown. when they are trained we put them on a baking sheet.>> we are not done yet. there is a problem on over there. >> so put probably two slices on each tomato and then bake them for a few minutes for 400 degrees until the cheese melts. which visit them with and added basil leaf and serve them with marinara sauce. >> oh, my goodness. this is so good. >> i know. >> that is delicious. >> one of the best ways to eat tomatoes. >> like you said, prep it out a little bit in the beginning and it is not a good deal.>> to get a copy of that recipe on next week brian and lisa are
8:54 am
we will get another check on whether an traffic next.
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in earlier over
8:57 am
ramp for 40 westbound twain reilly and kerry has cleared up now. the ramp has reopened and traffic is returning to normal. just be extra careful as you make the trip because some people may still have a delay around the ramp itself. you may also have an earlier delay around one of street. we are seeing some pretty heavy delays as you had away from downtown. clouds may produce a few tiny clouds later today. south and east of the triangle there is a better chance of a few more, that we are only talking about a 20% chance of
8:58 am
it is 81 alan rocky mount, 80 and irving and clinton, we are on our way to a hot afternoon, 92 today, 94 saturday, 96 on sunday. the heat index easily in the low 100s. most people take having clean clothes for granted, but some children do not even go to school because they fear they will be teased because their clothes are not clean. today we will explain how one company is making a positive impact on school attendance rates. that is our news for now, our next update is in 25 minutes.
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