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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now donald trump coins a new term suggesting a new test for people wanting to come to the clinton employs from high- profile help on the campaign trail and a new blow to obama care is one major health provider says it will pull out of most of the state itself insurance under the affordable care act. wake county still scrambling -- scrambling for cash. thanks for joining us. >> and if you're keeping score markdown 94 and see if that is
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. >> i cannot handle it anymore, elizabeth. the hot weather is too much. >> especially because it is cumulative. the effects of heat are cumulative. the more days you are exposed to extreme heat the more likely you are to succumb to heat related illnesses. our sky cam is looking nice. a few clouds developed may help to hold our temperatures down for a little while but not forever. like bill said we are looking for 94 for the high this afternoon. 72 in durham, 74 in holly springs, 75 it carried, 75 in rocky mount and wilson, 72 in roxborough and 77 in fayetteville. mid to upper 70s and 89 at lunchtime. that's two or 3 degrees cooler than yesterday and it keeps us
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just barely. still hot and sticky. will still feel like 100-104. so far so good. there is the american tobacco campus. the freeway looks fine to an 85 and i 40 and so directions looking fine to northern durham and as you leave chapel hill and eastbound it's a smoother ride to 55 all the way to rtp. the rest of the triangle still nice and quiet as we check the live commute map. no crashes to report. the beltline looks good, 440 westbound delete me for my 40 off we went to the weed avenue interchange and if you get off of i 40 through westborough clear. no delays and it looks good on
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typical delays around the bypass interchange itself but as soon as you get beyond that heading out towards business 70, jones sausage road and 440 traffic is clear. 13 minutes to make the overall ride. pretty normal travel time even in the low end of normal. coming in from northern weed county no trouble on inbound capital and getting a little busy right now from 41 southbound and about a 10 minute trip. on arrives delay free at 13 minutes. both major presidential candidates are focusing on battlegrounds.
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back in battleground pennsylvania today signing up new voters. she spent 11-point lead their but donald trump is gaining under -- with white undereducated voters. >> most people i talked to a pretty fed up with her lying. >> she mocked trump's national security plan. >> sometimes he won't tell anyone what he will do because he wants to keep his plans secret and then it turns out the secret is he has no plan. >> biden says terrorists are repeating trump's claim that president obama founded isis >> if my son were still in iraq and i say to all those who were there. there threat to their life is gone up a couple clicks. >> trump is pushing extreme bedding. >> we need to clean out people with hostile attitudes towards our company -- towards our country. if we do not control the numbers
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screening. >> trump valley -- trump rallies in wisconsin. >> this will be a close race. >> and clinton in pennsylvania, all states can go either way. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. gilbert days will cover the campaign stop and bring you live reports later today. yesterday came visited asheville with his wife and discussed hillary clinton's plan to get americans back to work. governor pat mccrory is asking the supreme court to issue a statement that states voter id law. they're asking for the lord to stay in place for november's election. he said changing the election law this close to the election will only create albums in confusion a few weeks ago a federal appeals court overturned a new election laws saying they were put into place to discriminate against minority voters. >> state house majority leader mike hager official plans to resign from the legislature
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terms in the house and he is deciding to spend more time with his family and pursue other opportunities. republicans in hager's district will meet tomorrow to select his replacement for the november election. week school board members will have another belt tightening discussion when they meet this afternoon. the district is facing a budget shortfall. although teachers will be paid more the school system will have to find a way to fill a gap of nearly $17.5 million. some proposals include changing supplies and cutting back in school cleaning. school board members will decide things for new elementary and high school. >> aetna will stop offering individual affordable care act exchange plans in north carolina in 2017. it will offer individuals those plans in just four stes next year in an effort to reduce losses. aetna has been one of the largest obamacare players since the launch of the exchanges two
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attorney's fighting there -- fighting to keep their client from another trial. the 72-year-old was released in 2011 after a judge determined that one of the state's key witness is live. peterson's house arrest was lifted two years ago. it is back in court again yesterday for motions hearing. his lawyers claim the evidence was not properly preserved and could have been contaminated as a result. his attorneys have also filed other motions in the claiming please buy some amazing the possibility that was the truth -- an intruder in the house. 7:07, the number of military -- following the deadly police
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down the number of prisoners being held at what kind of detention center now holds just 61 terror suspects down from 242 what president obama took office. fourteens from afghanistan and yemen were transferred to the united arab emirates. this is the single largest transfer of the obama administration. police and troops are searching for 10-12 gang members abducted in mexico and part of fire -- portrait fire top. it happened at a celebration
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it was an isolated incident and both kidnappers were members of criminal organizations in the taurus' were not targeted. japan's coast guard released footage of chinese vessels near disputed islands in the east china sea. chines waters near the disputed islands. the coast guard says its own vessels observed as many as 13 chinese ships. the japanese minister told the chinese ambassador the ships must leave sing their presence has escalated tensions between the countries. a chinese pilot made a stop in seattle.jang poe wants to be the first person to take off from china and small -- like a small single engine plane around the world. he flew north over siberia, across the north pacific and down across alaska before
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20 countries during his trip. turkey continuing and nationwide crackdown. >> coming up, we will tell you how many people are being held. the charges one-man is facing in connection with the
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i'm sure it's going to be
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best day of summer is like in rio. >> if you start the day thinking that, hopefully it will be for you to. >> even if it doesn't end up being that way it's a good way to start the day. >> keeping a sunny disposition. >> we try. the weather is going to be awfully hot. let's take a look at our fayetteville sky cam. that looks beautiful. where the had cloud cover developed in a few places but it's mostly sunny and i have felt this morning and you can see the the the brick buildings downtown. 76 is a current temperature. winds southwest at six miles an hour and 2.73. typical of this morning. yesterday we were under heat advisory. most of the viewing area is not under heat advisory and just north hampton county and of course roanoke would be included and as you head eastward on up towards norfork and toward the outer banks. the reason the rest of the viewing area is not in the heat advisory is not that it will be so much cooler it's going to be that much cooler.
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a cut off. and that cutoff is right here. if it's going to feel like 105 or hotter you are under heat advisory. but if it's going to be 100 to 104 you are not. that's where we will be today. you will not notice a big difference but it's on the cusp of dangerously hot and especially since we've had a couple days of intense heat you just need to lay low and then we see change by thursday. 72 in roxborough and henderson sanford and 77 in fayetteville and 75 goldsboro. so here is the pesky weather pattern that's been with us. the value to high pressure system which is almost what we would call a global or more of a long-term pattern hangs out in the atlantic over bermuda for much of the year. sometimes during the summer at and send and it does a couple of things. the first thing it does is bringing sinking air. thunderstorms develop due to
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sinking it's like putting a lid on it. so it's hard for the thunderstorms to develop. high pressure system holds the moisture system back to the west it is acting as a blocking high pressure system for all of this moisture back to our west. that has caused a lot of problems for folks along the mississippi valley. inches of rain and 30 inches of rain and historic flooding. our high pressure system begins to move out and our weather pattern will change and so will the weather pattern over the mississippi valley. we are getting into the moisture flow and it is not likely to part here. we will get back into a better chance of scattered storms. we are not going to see -- high heat index but we don't make it to 105. is about the extent of what we will see for today. futurecast very few senders --
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dry for us for today and tomorrow and that begins to change. our chance of rain only about 15% and thursday night and friday morning and we will see if a half inch or an inch of rain and we may see more of that on friday morning. behind the front the temperatures will drop a bit. our normal 88 on friday and that's our forecast-the record is 1. and we will continue to see that saturday and sunday. ryan do in a look at the roads? is that a backup on the ramp? >> yes. we do have an accident at the top of the ramp from 40 westbound right here 718 as you leave carrie and raleigh's are heading to aviation parkway, something to keep in mind. you might want to scoot onto airport boulevard. you can start to see things
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the accident is at the top of the ramp. we are starting to see a delay building through there. as we look through the let -- rest of the triangle, major routes are in good shape. one item of note is we are starting to pick up delays in the works on 40 westbound between 440 and lake wheeler road. as you head beyond that toward gorman street no big trouble but right now we watch the delays building in an accident on 42 not too far out towards willow springs and an accident near the mall near raleigh at crabtree valley mall at edwardsville road not too far from the edwards mill/glenwood intersection. delays building on the outside of glenwood avenue heading away from the beltline. rhonda i'm still looking good and including on 40 eastbound heading away from chapel hill
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in the right a delay free 10 minutes. brought to you. thank you. turkish police launched simultaneous raids in response to last month failed coup. they targeted 44 companies with suspected ties to a muslim cleric. turkey accuses this man of being behind the july 15th failed to and acclaim this man denies. more than 35,000 people have been detained for questioning what tens of thousands of others have en the debt -- of the death toll is raising in louisiana. record floods still has thousands in shelters and some streams are still rising more than 20,000 people had to be rescued from their homes and cars and more rain is in the forecast. volunteers with the eastern north carolina red cross are headed to the state to help the thousands of people hurting their. crews are taking down a communications and technology support vehicle to provide a
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internet access and a recharging station. last night was relatively calm in milwaukee where a deadly police shooting of a black man sparked violent unrest. ed flynn says there were six arrests last night but unlike sunday there have been no reports of damage or violence. the summer curfew has been moved up one hour to 10:00. the shooting saturday of a black man by a black police officer is under investigation by the state. there is a funeral today for the elderly woman who was shot police officer during a demonstration. 73-year-old mary knowlton was participating in a seminar last week where some -- civilians learn more about how police officers do their jobs and that's when an officer shot and killed her. the gun was not supposed to be loaded. officer lee cole has been placed on administrative leave and the incident under
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there's a hearing in the double murder case against him. hernandez is accused of killing two men after one of them accidentally spilled a drink on him at a nightclub in 2012. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for killing semipro football player only lloyd in 2015. the man accused of killing in a mom and his associate will appear in court today. oscar morel faces second-degree murder charges. he was arrested on sunday night after people had a bicycles with his suv. police say that incident happened vincent -- minutes after the shooting. morel approached both men and shot them from behind and they were laid to rest yesterday. some mourners believe both men who were muslim were attacked because of their religion. authorities have found the body of the sixth -- victim in an apartment building explosion. cruiser been searching through debris for days. police believe the victims are among the seven men, women and children thought to have been in the building when it exploded last wednesday.
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responsible. a man is behind bars accused of starting a wild fire that destroyed dozens of homes in northern california. the man faces 17 counts of arson in connection with the clayton far as well as seven others over the past year. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. the clayton fire burned more than 4000 acres and destroyed more than 175 structures and it is only 5% contained. no word yet on the motive. cleaning up after tornadoes. twisters were caught on video. there were damage to buildings and downed trees and luckily no injuries. his house has been hit by cars over and over and over again. >> you have to feel for a raleigh who says the city needs to do something to provide safety and it may cause some action soon. an update on her story about missing h away money and how many local homeowners
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about a missing h zero a money and how many local homeowners
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7:26 a.m. weed county school leaders try to figure out how to deal with the $17 million shortfall in the budget. they will meet this afternoon to discuss where to find the money. some want to cut school supplies, changing thermostats and cutting back on cleaning. lawyers for the state are asking the u.s. supreme court to a sort requirements recently ruled illegal.
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photo id mandate and other provisions discriminated against minority voters. the governor is asking for the law to stay in place for the november election. another hot one today and hear we go. here is elizabeth. we have front arriving on thursday that will bring us on much better chance of showers and storms. today and tomorrow are hot and sticky with the late over -- with a look over the nc fair. by october you should have cooler temperatures. it will arrive before then certainly. 75 in rocky mount and goldsboro town by town it 77 in fayetteville and 72 in roxborough. with the high of 94 this afternoon and tomorrow. the heat index making it feel like 100 to 104 and that keeps us out of the heat advisory criteria. cooler on thursday and into the weekend better chance of storms goes up. 7:27 a.m. and we see delays on 40 westbound all because of an
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from 40 westbound on the aviation parkway. if you're heading to the airport from raleigh's scoot on down to airport boulevard interchange and take that in and you can see that is backing up. we will see delays on 40 westbound likely as you head away from the harrison avenue area toward aviation parkway and sensor starting to pick that up her back to. a deadly wrong way crash heads back to court.
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focus on people and community for 60 years, we
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excellent -- excellent to. today there fighting to make sure evidence isn't heard. >> kenya is accused of killing people in the crash. we're joined live outside of the county courthouse with mikaya thurmond. >> this motion hearing is critical. if convicted on all 13 charges chandler kania could face up to 60 itself happened last year. troopers estimate kenya was traveling 70 miles per hour in the wrong direction down interstate 85 when he crashed head-on into this car. three people died including a six-year-old girl. today defense defense attorneys will argue that jurors should t hear from witnesses about how fast he was going calling that kind of testimony unreliable. they also claim king's blood was improperly drawn for a
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his cell phone was illegally seized by investigators investigators. -- cam video of the crash scene as well's autopsy pictures will likely be used to prove the state's case the defense will ask to limit the use of those photos and videos think some might be inflammatory. today's motion hearing is set to start at 9:30 a.m. and we will have updates and let you know what happens at wral news at noon. lena and bill? >> thank you. a man in jail without bond jason godfrey is charged with murder in the death of cody wilder. the shooting happened just after 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon at mcpherson road in sanford. godfrey told deputies he and wilder were in a fight with apricot a gun. he told investigators the two struggled over the weapon and that's when wilder was shot. wilder died of his gunshot wound to the chest. still no word on what caused the panic over the weekend at
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police say they thought they heard gunshots saturday afternoon. people rather said that. police have not found evidence shots were fired inside of the mall. we spoke to many people who were inside and they describe the exodus as chaotic. many employees return to work for the first time and are still processing what happened. the entire crowd was running from something or someone and not knowing exactly what it was we were running from . we were just running from something and it sparks a fear in you follow suit. >> a lot of people running never heard saw anything. they just saw people running. that is part of the mentality of a herd response. >> psychologists say people acted totally normal given what they heard saturday and especially with the number of mass shootings that have been reported nationally. their advice is have a plan to
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in a public space. a welcome change coming from a raleigh man who had to deal with the six -- six car crash in nine years. six cars have sped off new hope road and into his home on on drive. the most recent accident was friday night. two were fatal and all the result of speeding, alcohol or combination of both. after the fifth crash last october the city added reflective to the existing guardrail and put up speed activated led signs but the homeowner there wants the guardrail extended and says it is a matter of common sense and his family safety. >> i am not an engineer but it is pretty simple. people that always speed and the location of the house and the trajectory, anybody who would get off the road will always crash here. that is a fact now. it's not a matter of if it will happen it's like when is it
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>> the city and and state are working together in considering a plan that would allow guardrails to be extended and and likely require traffic to be closed off at the intersection of new hope and fawn glen. state leaders and law enforcement operators across north carolina will meet today in raleigh they will examine and discuss best practices in law-enforcement training. the meeting will provide an opportunity to look at the ways that law enforcement agencies can and do address standards and training. they will talk about th meeting starts at 10:00 at the quorum center on west jones. new details emerging about a local h await management company and thousands of dollars in missing money -- ho a -- now garner police say 29 homeowners associations have come forward to file reports. they are in the preliminary stages of the investigation but say they are looking at meeting
7:35 am
few weeks. as for summer money unaccounted for we are told it is too early to tell but they are expected to be more than $500,000. all of the hoas say at some point they were maintained by kornerstone community management and garner. kornerstone provides services to about two dozen hoas in the triangle. >> it is hard to have pleasant thoughts hoping for the best when there's that many people involved it was a mixup in communications. unfortunately it looks like a legal matter and it will take some time. we've reached out to diana ellis kelly the woman listed as the president of kornerstone. her business is listed as closed and the doors locked. not a good sign. there are -- there is a lot of school shopping to be done today and they will have to sweat while they are doing it. >> so true.
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today and tomorrow and then our heat eases up a bit toward the end of the week and we talk more about that in 10 minutes. a pretty morning over fayetteville. a lot of sunshine and you can see the pretty pink -- brick buildings downtown and faith that -- fayetteville hit 99 and it will probably be close to that today. 90 sixer 97. temperatures low to mid 70s and most places. and 76 and apex and a great day to hit the pool. we don't have much of a chance for scattered storms. sometimes we have stormy afternoons the lifeguards pull you out as soon as the thunderstorms arrived. as hot as it is the pool is going to be a great place to be. there is only a little bit of time left for the traditional calendar students go back to school. on the roads with brian and
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>> a little improvement on 40 at aviation parkway. we did have an accident at the top of the ramp from 40 westbound and it did back things up onto 40 westbound we're still dealing with residual delays. as we look at the life camera you can see the traffic is making its way up the ramp. let's talk about the delays we are going to work through. they begin all the way back toward trinity road bridge. slow through the wade avenue interchange towards harrison until you get to aviation. once you get beyond that it is about 10 minutes. and because traffic is backing up on 40 westbound we're also seeing heavy delays on outbound wade avenue heading a rate -- heading away from blue ridge road. west raleigh plan on those backups. they are building the latest sensor update and it will be a little while before things get back to normal. as we look elsewhere, inside
7:38 am
you should not say the crash is a disabled vehicle and is likely causing delays. word of an accident on 440 westbound right around the i-40 interchange on the southeast side and contributing to those delays we seeing as you head away from 440. as usual once you get out toward warm and street looks like traffic is flowing freely. let's look outside of eastern wake county and 264 the bypass 64 business itself for the 264 interchange taking about 13 minutes. back to you. the rows have been in place
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits
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is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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melting glaciers in peru may increase the risk of flooding in cities below. the tropical glaciers of south america are retreating due to rising temperatures. experts attending an international and mountain ecosystems concluded that the world needs to plan for melting glaciers and provide resources to cities at risk. china launched the first hack proof satellite. china wants to build a worldwide network that can send messages that can't be wiretapped or hacked. quantum communications uses subatomic particles to communicate between two points if a hacker tries to intercept
7:42 am
its form and alerts the sender. a record-breaking week for the number of firearms found in carry-on bags at the ta says from august 5th to the 11th they discovered 78 guns. 68 were loaded and 21 had a round in the chamber. the previous high water mark for firearms was 74 in may. the tsa maintains in many cases travelers simply forgot they had weapons. it's not just firearms. agents found a knife and a replica grenades were found. 7:42 a.m. and there could be relief cunning -- coming to clumsy iphone users and the hint users are getting for a new patent. once we rider and actor hoping to keep ticket prices down for
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pink flames. i heard that in my car's wife the -- and my wife's car the other day. >> [ laughter ] >> it's going to feel like fire today. >> and again and again tomorrow and then, we will keep ratcheting it down. that's all we can expect.
7:46 am
>> so we had outside and we see plenty of sunshine heating things up and we take a look at our south hills sky cam. we had a little bit of cloud cover there may be in the last hour or so and a lot of that has started to dissipate. mostly sunny for us today and nothing much is standing in the way of all that sunshine. we will be slightly cooler than yesterday and it is not something that you will really notice. 76 our currentem southwest went at six miles per hour and a two-point way up at 73. 72 in roxborough, 74 in south hills and 75 in rocky mount and goldsboro and 76 and seven pines and 77 fayetteville. the dew points are way up there. we need our temperature to come down a bit and the dew point to drop some and it will feel better. today temperatures lower. dew points similar. we will bring it down one category. still really hot and sticky but we are not in the heat advisory
7:47 am
and that does include roto. you head north and east of there and everyone is in the heat advisory where it will feel like 15-108. most of the viewing area will feel like 1104. not a big change but some sort of cut off for the heat advisory. we don't quite make it today but keep in mind it will feel pretty similar to yesterday. high pressure sitting out here in the atlantic doing a couple of things. around the extent of this high pressure system we're seeing sinking air and sinking air limits our thunderstorm ability to grow and produce showers and thunderstorms. it is also blocking this plume of moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico which has caused major problems for folks in louisiana. 20 inches in some places, 30 and others and this is the kind of rain you would see with the tropical system. a lot of tropical systems do not produce this much rain. the problem is we've had the moisture flow for days and days and it keeps on raining. all of that will begin to end
7:48 am
shift eastward tomorrow we start to see this plume of moisture moving in over our area. it is associated with the cold front and that will change things for us. another thing we are watching over the next few days is this wave coming off of africa. this is the coast here and we have another tropical wave. if it becomes a tropical storm it will be a fiona. the computer models are not looking like this is going to back over but most of them bringing it out into the atlantic where it would not cause any major problem. the hurricane center is giving it a 70% chance to develop that sometime in the next 45 days. only 15% chance of showers and storms here and 20% chance for tomorrow. thursday is the day that the front arrives and we start to see more moisture pushing into north carolina. by the end of thursday half an inch to an inch of rain may
7:49 am
the day on friday. some storms may produce heavy rain with localized flooding but it will not be anything like what they've seen down in louisiana. through the weekend scattered thunderstorms and highs in the upper 80s so it will be nice to be out of the extreme heat but it will be normal for this time of year. prior, all of a sudden you have a bunch of accidents. >> we have a few crashes that popped up in the last couple of minutes. most of these are minor. let's take a look at the life commute map and show you what's happening. th picking up there's word of a crash at botany bay drive. you can see a slowdown as well and as you approach the 540 interchange, partly coming out of roseville this morning, we want to allow extra time. word of an accident on creekmore north glenwood avenue near crabtree valley mall and in garner we have an accident reported this morning on spring
7:50 am
to the east look out for an earlier crash on hilltop road. not saying any delays. heavy traffic on the westbound side and 55 as you head from holly springs toward apex towards the u.s. one interchange that will slow you down from main street on the north side of holly springs all the way out to the us-1 interchange in apex. once you get through downtown apex it's a smooth ride seeing things starting to clear up a little on 40 westbound around aviation parkway but we have residual delays from the earlier incident partially blocking the ramp from 40 westbound onto aviation. slow traffic out aviation parkway. the ride including work delays up to 22 minutes and traffic on outbound wade.back to you. google launches its new video chatting app called duo
7:51 am
time, microsoft skype and here is where it is different. the duo app gives the user a glimpse at who is making the call before they answer. the new app is being released as a free service for font -- phones running on google's android operating system. a patent recently granted to apple hints at the ch or water resistant gadgets. it highlights technology to edit photos taken underwater. in the patent apple envisions the technology being used in its iphones and ipads. apple has been behind this trend of waterproof gadgets while samsung has offered water resistance proms for years. the perform an art center is kicking off their next season in a huge way of marking
7:52 am
thanks to shows like the lion king tonight the 3 millionth guest will be welcomed. it has hosted 800 broadway performances, 223 concerts and 67 celebrity comedians. 600 up and sell out shows including the lion king, wicked in the book of mormon. deepak has ra five most attended theaters in the u.s. they will count guest as they enter and guest number million will be given a $1000 gift certificate for upcoming shows. >> as an extra extra bonus the special guest will meet with cast members and that will open tonight and we will talk with toews stars in the show coming up in the 8:00 hour. the creator of hamilton is hoping -- helping to crack down on ticket bots.
7:53 am
used. they are teaming up to stop that from happening. this would also include other live events like concerts. according to ticketmaster about 60% of online tickets for popular shows are snatched up by these bots as soon as they are available. the new bill would slap a heavy fine on those who use the software. up to $16,000 per ticket. apparently wearing black. man of steel henry cavill posted a close-up image of a black superman uniform. he is expected to return and next year's justice league movie and they will unite batman, wonder woman, aquaman,
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the time is 7:56. here are your top stories. a former student accused in the deadly truck dr crash. chandler king is accused of killing three people in orange county a year ago. his defense is funny to make sure jurors don't hear the states key evidence. lee county man in jail after deadly shooting. jason godfrey is charged with murder. the shooting happened just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon and he told deputies he and
7:57 am
the two struggled over a gun and that's when wilder was shot. elizabeth? >> another hot day today. look at our durham sky cam. sunshine mixed with the clouds. no real chance of thunderstorms. 50% to 20% is off today and tomorrow. but the weather pattern changes significantly by thursday and friday for a better chance of showers and storms. 77 in fayetteville and erwin our cool spot 73 in roxborough and 75 in goldsboro and and expect mid-90s today and tomorrow.just a couple degrees cooler but it keeps us out of the heat advisory for today. 7:57 a.m. as we check the life commute map, elizabeth and earlier accident from 40 to aviation parkway. it is long cleaned up but we dealing with residual delays. the backups begin around the 440 interchange and continue
7:58 am
that ride. 440 westbound not looking good. that is a 45 minute ride from i- 40 merger of the southeast side of raleigh toward wade avenue into the i-40 merge on the west side of town. allow some extra time on the beltline. back to you. beltline. back to you. next on welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc.
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focus on people and community for 60 years we promise of relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now on fox 50 donald
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while hillary clinton employs high profile helped. a major new blow to obama care is one major health care provider says it will pull out of most of the states where it sold insurance under the affordable care act. >> and weed county school leaders scrabbling for cash and the money they need to operate this school year and where they can find it. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. >> morning, everybody. presidential candidates are focusing on battleground states today. >> tracie pott new numbers of where the race stands. hillary clinton is back in battleground ground pennsylvania today signing up new voters. she's got an 11-point lead their donald trump is gaining among white uneducated voters. >> most of the people i talked to are fed up with her lying. >> and cranston she mocked trump's national plan.


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