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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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while hillary clinton employs high profile helped. a major new blow to obama care is one major health care provider says it will pull out of most of the states where it sold insurance under the affordable care act. >> and weed county school leaders scrabbling for cash and the money they need to operate this school year and where they can find it. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. >> morning, everybody. presidential candidates are focusing on battleground states today. >> tracie pott new numbers of where the race stands. hillary clinton is back in battleground ground pennsylvania today signing up new voters. she's got an 11-point lead their donald trump is gaining among white uneducated voters. >> most of the people i talked to are fed up with her lying. >> and cranston she mocked trump's national plan.
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he wants to keep his plan quote secret and then it turns out -- the secret is he turns out -- it turns out he has no plans. >> biden said that terrorists are repeating the claim that obama started isis. >> if my son were in iraq they say this to all those who were there the threat to their life has gone up a couple clicks. >>reporter: trump wants to use -- wants to use extreme vetting. >> don't like our country. >> if we do not control the numbers we cannot perform adequate screening. >>reporter: tim kaine is back in north carolina and trump is in wisconsin and clinton in pennsylvania. all states could go either way. tracie potts, nbc news,
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cover and bring you live reports later. yesterday kaine discussed the plan to get americans back to work. the governor is asking for the voter id law to be overturned but he says changing the election laws disclose will only create columns and confusion. a few weeks ago a federal appeals court overturned election laws saying they were put into place to discriminate against minority voters. >> house majority leader mike hager is going to resigned today and raleigh. haggard served three terms he is resigning to spend more time with his family and pursue other opportunities. republicans in his district will meet tomorrow to select his replacement for the november election. wake's -- wake school board members will have another belt-
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paid more but the school system will have to find a way to fill the gap of nearly $17.5 million. some proposals include changing thermostats, reducing school supplies and even cutting back on school cleaning. school board members will decide names for new elementary and high schools. will stop offering individual affordable care act exchange acts -- policies. it said individual plans will be allowed from 15 in the year to reduce losses. aetna has been one of the biggest players since the launch of the exanges two years ago. >> mike peterson's attorneys are fighting to keep the client from facing another trial. edison was convicted of murdering his wife and 2001. the 72-year-old was released from prison in 2011 after a
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the house arrest was lifted two years ago. he was back in court yesterday for motions hearing. his lawyers claimed the evidence was not properly conserved -- preserve. his attorneys ha fid other motions complaint -- claiming police bias and raising the possibility of it -- of an intruder in the house. we are heading today rio. here is a live look at the olympic cauldron burning greatly in real. yesterday gymnasts simone one bronze on the balance beam a teammate took home silver and on the track alex won silver after surname miller of the bahamas in the 400-meter, she was first right? >> and felix is now the most
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and field history. re is a look at the medal count. the u.s. leads with total and that includes 26 gold, 23 silver and 20 bronze. china follows and 46 and great britain at 41 and russia 35. today is the final day of the gymnastics competition as a ladies hope to meddle in the floor routine. there's also another exciting day of track and field events. also carry walsh, jennings and it country brazil in the women's beach volleyball sunrise. there you have it. >> that should be a lot of fun. the floor routine is always amazing. >> it is incredible. it's really is truly amazing. >> i want to just jump on it and see how much spring there is. >> there's a little bit but their strength is incredible.
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all of the olympic events and there are only a few days left our tower cam is showing a mix of sun and clouds. more sunshine than cloud cover and that's going to allow our temperatures to warm up quickly again much like they did yesterday. it just jump to 77 in durham and 74 at wake forest. 79 in rocky mount and 80 degrees already in fayetteville. fayetteville hit 99 yesterday and we will be close to that today. our high temperatures should be below what they were yesterday. at lunchtime. >> 89 around the triangle and 94 for the high compared to 96 at the airport. not a big change but it will keep us out of the heat advisory for today. we have bigger changes as we get into the weekend with cooler temperatures and a better chance for showers and storms. taking a look at some of the drive times out there, what do folks want to avoid?
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raleigh, all because of an earlier crash on i-40 westbound on the aviation parkway. that got things backed up this morning and we are seeing heavy delays and 40 west between 440 and weed 26 minutes to make the ride and you don't want to use it for 40 westbound. it's about an hour trip from 40 there on the southeast side of raleigh and the west side of raleigh so best to stay put through south and west raleigh and 40 westbound between 440 and waited. this is due to earlier congestion, no accidents contributing to this. you can see the red showing up there on both sides of raleigh trying to get out of town. the good news is because the traffic is backed up in south and west raleigh the ride heading away from wade avenue is a late free. an earlier crash north of glenwood and an accident being
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church road. on the north east side they are getting a minor crash cleaned up which is north of 540. ending learner we have an accident reported at van dorn springs road. a little bit on of a slowdown. the number of terror suspects being held at the military base and one, mobile twinkling. the pentagon announces the largest prisoner transfer yet and we will tell you where they
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback.
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that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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president obama is paring down the number of prisoners being held at guantanamo bay. the detention center holds just 61 terror suspects down from 242 when president obama took office. 15 detainees from afghanistan and yemen were transferred to the united arab emirates. it is the single largest transfer police and troops are searching for 10-12 suspected gang members abducted by gunmen at -- important wiretap. it happened during a celebration. promoters scrambled to reassure visitors that this was an isolated incident -- incident. authorities say both the kidnappers and those in -- that
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the coast guard says its own vessels observed as many as 13 chinese ships over five days. the japanese minister told the chinese ambassador that the ships must leave the area sing their presence has escalated tensions between the countries. a chinese pilot attempting to make history made a stop in seattle. the rainbow wants to become the first person to take off from china and fly a small single engine plane around the world. he left beijing on sunday after two years of preparation. he flew north of siberia across the north pacific and down across alaska before landing in washington state. plants to see a lot of the world to make stops. coming up. we will tell you
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in the latest round of attacks. the charges one-man faces
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i think the crew loves the song. lakeside? fantastic voyage? >> i'm a little young but i never know the names of songs but as soon as they come mom this is the cookout song. i've heard this before.
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>> raymond was loving it back there. >> rehman is always grooving back there. >> right. >> the pretty picture of wilmington and take a fantastic voyage, if you're on the the beach it's not so bad with the cool sea breeze but inland you walk across the sand to the other side of the dunes and it feels like it feels around here. over the weekend we will get a little bit of a break from the heat. if you have plans to be out it will be quite as oppressively hot. let's look at what is we had to wilson for little while and say the 7:00 our period of time where we had a bit more cloud cover and those clouds have dissipated. it is almost 80 degrees at the airport in the southwest wind and nine miles an hour. dew point is 74 is up a little bit from last hour. i would like to see that go
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heat advisory for today except for northampton county including roanoke rapids. everyone there under the heat advisory and that's where it will feel like 105 to 108. everyone else it will feel like 100 to 104. big difference there. not so much but there has to be a criteria and a cut off and the cutoff is 105 for a couple of hours. we just won't quite make it there today which is good but it is still not a huge change. 74 in henderson and 79 in rocky we had south 79 in southern pines. 80 in fayetteville and 79 in irwin. we still have the high pressure system in control. it is putting a lid on or thunderstorms. not allowing very many to develop so we have a slim chance of that today and tomorrow. it has been blocking this huge pool of moisture coming up out of the gulf of mexico and that's where we had so much trouble especially louisiana. in some places 20 inches of rain and other places 30 inches
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devastating flooding coming from there. all of this will change in the next 48 hours. our high pressure system begins to shift out during the day tomorrow and by thursday this plume of moisture which is associated with the cold front will all start to shift in closer to our area and that brings us a better chance for thunderstorms and it also starts to drop our temperatures a bit. for today it's going to be hot. this is futurecast's look at the heat index. notice we go from 99 102-103 and our viewing area we don't get much above that and that's why the weather severs does not put asunder the heat advisory. we are looking at 105 and higher . we don't have much of a chance of thunderstorms to cool things down. still hot day in the heat impact tends to be cumulative so if you've been exposed to high heat for several days in a row, the more days you are exposed to it the better chance you
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exhaustion or other heat related injuries. you still have to be careful. only 15% chance for today and tomorrow it goes up to 20%. after that it goes up higher. we are looking at a 40% chance for thursday and friday and some of that will be overnight thursday night and into friday morning. an average of half an inch to an inch of rain. that will be good to see and in some isolated pockets we could see fairly heavy rain causes localized flooding and we are not likely to see that widespread. looking at 88 saturday and sunday. good to see the temperatures dropping a bit for the weekend and we have a chance of an isolated thunderstorms. our morning lows do not change much. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. new overnight. turkish police launched simultaneous raids in connection with last month's field coop. turkey state run news agency say tes targeted 44
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accuses the man of being behind the july 15th two. since last month more than 35,000 people have been detained for questioning while tens of thousands of others have been dismissed from government jobs. the death toll has risen to nine record floods from rainfall late last week still has thousands and shelters and some streams are still rising. more than 20,000 people had to be rescued and more the forecast. volunteers from our state eastern north carolina red cross are headed to louisiana to help the thousands of people still hurting their. crews are taking down a communications and technology support vehicle to provide a satellite system for wireless internet access and a recharging station. last night was calm in milwaukee where deadly police shooting of a black man sparked violent unrest over the weekend. police chief ed flynn says they
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unlike sunday there are no reports of damage or violence. the curfew has been moved up to 10:00. the shooting of a black man by a black police officer is under investigation by the state there is a funeral today for the elderly woman who was shot and killed accidentally during a demonstration. mary knowlton was participating in a seminar last week were civilians learn more about how police officers do their jobs. that's when an officer shot and comes station. authorities say the gun was not supposed to be loaded and off so we cole has been placed on administrative leave while this incident is under investigation. back to court for aaron hernandez. there's a hearing in the double murder case against him. hernandez is accused of killing two men after one of them accidentally spilled a drink on him. hernandez already is serving a life sentence for killing semipro football layer
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>> the man accused of killing anna mom and his associate will appear in court. oscar moral faces second-degree murder charges in this case. he was arrested on sunday night after police say he hit of bicycles with his suv. that incident happened minutes after the shooting. investigators say around approach both men and shot them from behind. they were laid to rest yesterday mourners believe both men were attacked because of their religion. authorities ha f sixth body that was a victim in an apartment building explosion in silver spring. crews have been searching for days. police believe the victims are among the seven men women and children thought to have been in the building when it exploded last wednesday. officials. >> a gas leak is behind bars. a man is behind bars --
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behind the explosion. a man is expected to be arraigned tomorrow for the clayton fire. it destroyed more than 175 structures. containment is only at 5% and no word yet on a motive. indiana residents are cleaning up after number of tornadoes. some twisters are caught on video and there were reports to damages to buildings but luckily no injuries. >> this man's hit over and over again by cars. >> what one raleigh man says the city can do to protect him and his house. missing each away money and how many local homeowners associations have now come forward.
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-- 8:26 a.m. weed county school leaders are trying to find out how to meet the shortfall in the budget. some of the suggestion so far include cutting school supplies, changing thermostats and cutting back on school cleaning. lawyers for the state are asking u.s. supreme court to restore election requirements recently ruled illegal.
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provisions discriminated against minority voters. the governor is asking for the lot to stay in place for the november election the heat will stay in place today, elizabeth. it will. today and tomorrow. our heat index instead of being 105 is 100 to 105 which keeps us out of the heat advisory. we have hazy sunshine looking over towards the arena and the state fairgrounds. check out our temperatures and it's warming up quickly. nearly places. 78 in goldsboro and 75 in roxborough. mid-90s today and tomorrow. 94 today today -- today and tomorrow. not a big drop and very few thunderstorms to cool things down. that changes thursday. a 27 out, elizabeth. between dilly -- durham and hillsboro we have an accident and 85 southbound at the university road bridge.
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truck there. not hearing about any serious injuries and all of the heavy confined to the right shoulder. with the flashing lights you need to stay in the left elaine as you head away from durham. also want to allow extra time leaving raleigh heading out to the park. 40 westbound taking 25 minutes and almost of -- almost an hour. back to you. a deadly wrong way driving
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focused on people and community for 60 years.
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news on fox 50. lawyers for chandler kenya are fighting to make sure jurors do not hear some of the states key evidence. >> kenya who was underage is accused of killing three people and a drunk driving crash. mikaya thurmond joins us live outside the courthouse. >>reporter: today's motion hearing is critical because there is a lot at stake. if convicted chandler kenya could face up to 60 years on all of the 13 charges. the crash happened last year and they estimated kenya was traveling about 70 miles an hour the wrong direction when he crashed head on into this card. three people died including a six-year-old girl. today defense attorneys will argue that jurors should not hear from witnesses about how fast chandler kania was going calling that testimony unreliable. they also link chandler kania
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drawn and his cell phone illegally seized. -- kamar video of the crash team as well as autopsy pitchers likely be used to prove the state's case. today the defense will ask to limit limit the use of photos and videos sink some might be inflammatory. today's motion hearing will start in an hour and we will have an update on wral news at noon. looking forward to that update. after deadly shooting. jason godfrey is charged with the murder of cody wilder. it happened just after 2:00. godfrey told deputies he and wilder were in a fight when godfrey got a gun. he told investigators the two struggled over the weapon and that's when wilder was shot. wilder died of a gunshot wound to the test -- chest. a welcome change may be coming for raleigh man that had to
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since 2076 cars and fed off -- sped off the road into his house. the most recent friday night. two crashes have been fatal. all the result of speeding, alcohol or combination of both. after the fifth crash in october the city added reflective markers and inserts to the existing guardrail and put up speed activated led signs. but the homeowner carlos bernardi wants it extended it says it is a sense to his family safety. >> i am not an engineer but it's pretty simple. people always speed and location of the house and the trajectory, anybody who would get off the road will always crash year. that is a factor now. it's not a matter of if it will happen, it is when it's going to happen. >> the city and state say they are now working together on a
8:33 am
it would likely require traffic to be closed off at the intersection of new hope and fawn glen. state leaders and law enforcement officers from across north carolina plan to meet in raleigh today. they will discuss best track -- practices. the meeting will provide an opportunity to look at the ways law enforcement agencies address training and talk about the challenges they face in the process. the meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. in the quorum center on jones street. new details about a local hoa company. the company mysteriously closed after handful of complaints. now garner police say 29 homeowners associations have come over -- and forward to file reports. they are in the preliminary stages of the investigation but are looking to meet with the hoa is within the next two
8:34 am
the next two weeks. all of the hoa say they were maintained in garner. kornerstone provides services to about two dozen associations in the triangle. >> it is hard to have pleasant thoughts and hoping for the best when there is that many people involved in it. it would be nice if it was just a mixup in communications. unfortunately it looks like it's going to be a legal manner fix. we have reached out to diane ellis kelly, the woman listed as the president and the business is listed as closed and the doors locked. raleigh city officials want you to learn more about three project areas the new downtown plan identifies three areas where the city owns a significant amount of property. tonight you can find out how the city plans to leverage these assets.
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center media room on mlk boulevard from 6:00 to 8:00. the summer sislo continues. >> it sure does. >> a lot of people going to eat a good meal today. >> sometimes this time of year you can eat your lunch outside but not so far this week. maybe toward the end of the week. at least our temperatures will ease up a bit.our sky cam showing a mix of sun and clouds and you can se over terminal to looking nice. it looks like our temperatures are warming up quickly. 80 degrees at hope mills. 70 night -- 79 at rocky mount as well as -- as well as gardner and lunchtime downtown durham 89 degrees and a high this afternoon of 94. a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday and isolated thunderstorms possible but we will not see much of that today or tomorrow. we continue to see the heat. our heat index will make it feel
8:36 am
heat advisories but we're not today. you won't notice a huge difference. it should later in the week and into the weekend and we will check that in the interactive 70 forecast in just a few minutes. bill? thank you, elizabeth. a trip to the lake can be rewarding. >> there dangers for big families. how we can cut our risks.
8:38 am
hot and humid with little relief but plenty of ways to cool off. >> our area has a variety of splash pads and pools and lakes but those trips can come with some dangers.
8:39 am
>> there are always risks when the kids go swimming but and pools hopefully there are lifeguards. the water is clear so swimmers are visible but before you jump into lakes reduce the risk of drowning. [ music ] when you or your children go for a dip in the lake, doctor tom water says never go out alone. >> the key thing is when swimming in a home quarry or lake is make sure you are well supervised, never swim alone. never -- no one thinks it will happen to them. make sure you are with friends. >> doctor water says unfortunately the summer months have emergency department seeing an increase in drowning incidents. according to the cdc intervention, the u.s. averaged about 10 deaths per day accidental drownings over the past decade. more than half of nonfatal drumming injuries
8:40 am
departments require further hospitalization. nonfatal drumming injuries can result in severe brain damage and long-term disabilities such as memory problems, learning disabilities or permanent loss of basic functioning. and any body of water dish in any body of water look for warnings. >> adhere to the warnings. if there is a rip current warning think -- don't think you are stronger water quality warnings you need to pay attention to those. you can get sick if you go in the water. parents need to be vigilant when the kids are in lakes like that, right? >> absolutely. even at swimming pools parents need to keep an eye on their own kids. lakes do not have lifeguards so swim only in designated areas and don't let your kids go beyond the marked swimming areas. for young kids had them to where -- have them wait --
8:41 am
>> we've heard a lot about harmful bacteria. >> a lot of resources. u.s. e.p.a. has resources available to check whether the bacteria levels are monitored at your local beach and information through your local health department. i actually had a conversation with the butt of mine -- a buddy of mine down in rio who talking -- talking about 70% of african-american kids don't swim so one is to get our kids to learn how to swim. >> hopefully someone like simone manuel will -- will inspire more people to swim. to find more information go to and search help team under the health and life tab and get information at u.s.a. thank you much, doctor mask.
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coming up. we talk with two stars from tonight's show newsies. pick three numbers now.
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>> [ music ] i i guess they don't sing that in nebraska where you came from. >> no. they might sing it but they are not experiencing it. >> no. not like that. [ laughter ]
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get her down some of the places along our coast. >> i can't wait to go. >> there's a big surfing beach and the outer banks is totally different. it's a little wilder up there. >> a lot of beaches in north carolina. >> my choice. >> yes. you know we only have a couple of more weekends before back to school. summer is coming to a close. get out there. the way the weather has been you want a cool spot and let's take a look. looking at mostly sunshine and just a few clouds out there looking west across wake county and 79 is the temperature. when southwest and i miles per hour. dew points at 74 so pretty sticky out there. our temperatures here -- in the 80s and some spots. 80s in erwin and i will, 79 and rocky mount and 79 and southern
8:46 am
look at that. the dew point is 79 in erwin, 78 in goldsboro. when the dew point make it into the upper 70s it feels especially sticky. if i dew points drop-down it feels fairly moderate in this time of year if we can ever drop it into the 50s which is kind of rare, it really feels like fall is right around the corner. it won't feel like that today certainly let's talk about the heat advisory. it i what is not happening but today that is important. what is happening is the heat advisory is up here in northeastern california. it includes northampton company -- county including roanoke. that's where it will feel like 15 to 108. that is the criteria for a heat advisory. you need to. >> it to get up to 105 at least for a few hours. so the rest of the area here is going to feel like 100 to 104. it does not quite meet the
8:47 am
blazing hot. even though we are not under heat advisory we need to realize it's going to be an extremely hot day today and tomorrow. the bermuda high pressure system has been keeping things dry for us. not only does a put a lid on the sun -- thunderstorms but it is blocking the moisture back to our west. this is flooding rain that is affecting a lot of folks down in louisiana and all along the mississippi valley. that high pressure system starts to shift off to the east and by thursday the front is where the moisture flow is running right along will move into the area. we won't see the parking here and bring us heavy rain, not the kind of flooding rain they have been seeing out there in louisiana. as a matter of fact there flooding rain is similar to a tropical system which we may be looking at in the next few days. the national hurricane center is putting this wave across the coast of africa about a 70% chance of development look at
8:48 am
models associated with this little wave. they take them out to the middle of atlantic and nowhere close to land. the storm will be named fiona. we are getting into the peak of hurricane season. our chance of rain for today is 20% and we are looking at of course 94 again tomorrow and there chance of rain only about 20% rain for the next couple of days. we're looking at the potential for the ring to pick up in intensity though. i have an inch to an inch of rain through thursday night and into the early part of the day friday. it will be nice to see a better chance for rain and that helps to cool off our temperatures. back to you. thanks, elizabeth.
8:49 am
season of entertainment marking a big milestone.-- dpac is kicking off. they are hosting 800 performances, 223 concerts and 67 celebrate comedians. for the past six years hoa is ranked among the top five most attended theaters in the u.s. the staff accountant guests as they enter tonight and guest number 3 million will be given a $1000 gift certificate for upcoming shows. so awesome. and as an extra bonus this special guest will get to meet cast members from tonight's
8:50 am
>> the exclusive engagement opens tonight and joining us this morning or two of the stars of that show, steve entered who is credits include beauty and the beast and camelot and christmas carol and phantom of the opera. with him is mr. ingalls be. i
8:51 am
inspired by the real-life newsboy strike. tell us a little bit about this musical. give us the idea of this premise. >> it was based on a real-life event. as you said it was a newsboy strike in 1899 where the newsboys basically formed the union and. against joseph pulitzer which is the character i play and we have randolph hearst. they were trying to raise the price -- price the boys would have to sell more papers and one kid rows up and said we are not going to take it anymore and virtually brought these two titans of the newspaper business down to their knees. and why do you think this musical has been so popular. i told you i was in omaha. it sold out every time and now it is on his second time at the deepak here. why is it so popular?
8:52 am
boys -- the dpac -- it's a great day with a great story and the dancing is phenomenal if you love dancing, these guys are outstanding world-class dancers . in the singing and the music of alan minkin and jeff feldman and harvey fierstein, he wrote the book. chris catelli the choreography. it's a a really special show in special music and the story is wonderful. >> where did you find the talent? are these professional actors or people you saw potential in? >> it is based out of new york. so these are all the top broadway dancers and young people who are working today and they actually have, such a specific talent that is needed for the show and they have done national searches for everyone
8:53 am
athletic and demanding physically in such a requirement in basic need and prerequisite that they want the best of the best. >> most of them are straight out of high school, very young and amazing. >> here newsies is amazing. it opens tonight and runs through sunday august 21st in you can find tickets online. thank you so much steve blanchard for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> the creator of the wildly successful broadway's -- hamilton is trying to crack down on ticket thoughts. they are teaming up with new york senator chuck sumer -- humor to push legislation to stop it from happening. it would not just apply to
8:54 am
concerts. according to ticketmaster about 60% of online tickets are popular shows are snatched up by these bots as soon as they are available. the new bill would slap have defined on those who use the software up to $16,000 per ticket. we have a lot more straight ahead
8:55 am
8:56 am
the time is a 56:00 a.m. >> your top stories in a bit but first here is brian. we have an accident or disabled vehicle, kind of hard
8:57 am
between edwardsville road and this is leading to huge delays as you leave west raleigh and outbound wade avenue. they begin on overland road and it stop and crawl all the way out toward i-40. you need to come up with alternate routes. you may consider hillsborough street as an option. also in orange county, i 85 south on the left lane is open. it's getting cleared up around university station road. elizabeth, a little less miserable. >> only slightly.lots of sunshine out there and we will end up seeing all of the sunshine heating things up. it is almost 80 degrees in raleigh and rocky mount and it is already 80 in fayetteville and 81 in erwin. a quick warm-up. temperatures climbing to the
8:58 am
it feel like 100 to 104 but that keeps us out of the heat advisory. a little cooler later in the week. back to you. a former unc student accused and the deadly truck driving cat -- crash heads back to court. chandler kania is accused of killing three people one year ago. his defense is fighting to make sure jurors don't hear some of the key evidence. today at noon, is there an association between receipt foods and acne? what about chocolate and sugar. certain impacts -- certain foods may impact takeout minutes and our next newscast is
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [steve mutters] steve: good. how you folks? thank you very much. thank you very much. i appreciate it. yep. well, welcome to "family everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of 20,000 bucks, from manitowoc, wisconsin, it's the blevins family. and from warner robins, georgia, it's the armstrong family. everybody's here


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