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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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new tonight on wral news on fox 50. why a man convicted of for a new child. north carolina say battleground state in the chase for the white house. tim kaine visited today and the new plans for republican presidential nominee trump to visit our state. and wake county school board members come up with a plan to ease a more than $17 million budget gap. a look at how they are planning do it. a man is in jail accused of abducting 3 girls in durham. hello, thank you for joining us.
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wral candace sweat joins us now from jail. candace, what do we know now? >> reporter: it is believed the three girls knew the man who faces charges, 3 charges, that is, of abduction of children. 51-year-old carlos gutierrez was charged today. he went to an apartment in durham on monday where those three girls left with him. girls ages 11, 13 and 15 were found unharmed. the police say their parents with him after they left with him. in addition to those charms he was served a warrant charging had him in the abduction of a 13-year-old in johnston county last year. we spoke to his son who tells us he has not seen or spoken to his father since may and he actually had no idea that he was in jail and no idea about these charges. he had no comment on these
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jail on bond. tonight, grant hayes is requesting a new trial. >> reporter: he blames attorneys on both of his cases. closely. he was convicted of first- degree murder. found guilty of killing laura jean ackerson and disposing his body in a creek. they were in a custody battle at the time. he claimed that he sent and received mail it was intercepted by prosecutors. those laters contained strategies for his trial and
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about him. his own defense team he said his council did not fight the case hard enough. he is as in they had done a better job a jury would have found a reasonable doubt in his case. >> adam owens, thank you. [music] candidates are eyes voters in north carolina in the battle for the white house. tim kaine came to fayetteville. he addressed the botanical gardens, talked about bringing new jobs for americans and urged voters not to trust trump. today show host sat down with kaine and his wife for an exclusive interview about the campaign. >> you have both been in politics for a long time. have been in politics a long time. you have been around politics your whole life. compare your experiences so far to being on a presidential ticket. >> we are having a lot of fun.
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wouldn't you say, honey, a whirlwind, blast, it is ramped up from what we have done before, no doubt about that. >> i am well known by voters in one state but now 49 other states have to get to know us. that part of it is different. it is fun. it is a sprint. when you get at add to the ticket you just do the last 105 days. the candidate has been working longer. >> that is the way to do it. [ laughter ] >> we are >> you can see more from this exclusive interview tomorrow morning on the today show on wral. republican presidential candidate donald trump returns to incoming in this week. he plans to hold a rally thursday night at 8:00. ken smith will be in the queen city to cover the event. look for his live reports and updates on trump will receive his first classified security briefing tomorrow. it is part of a tradition briefing the party nominees.
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where he told voters had sethe top choice for those looking for law and order. trump met with members of lawsuit while there. recovering from weekend clashes after police shot and killed an armed black man. john roberts wants on to hear from those that sued -- that stopped the id vote. now, cuts include cutting school thermostats and reductions in money for school supplies and transportation. a big concern was cutting custodial work. they maintained frequent levelings at elementary schools and backing it at middle and high schools. >> i think all people are concerned in this day and time
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issues that when you start talking about cleanliness and perhaps not having classrooms as clean as you would like them to be that raises concerns. >> it was not all cuts. teachers and support staff will see salary increases in budgets passed the meeting. a judge refused to push back a trial date for chandler kanya. he is charged with driving drunk, the wrong way down an interstate. three people died including a 6- year-old little girl. the defense attorneys e out of the trial including his cell phone records. they told the judge today the warrant for the phone was improperly filled out. the judge said he will consider the request but denied their request to move the trial date. he and his family left without saying a word. >> that family is appropriately keeping in mind the victim's and they talk about that all of
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these people died. >> he faces 13 different charges including three counts of second-degree murder. the trial was set to start october 3rd. the police are looking for answers after a woman efs found dead over the weekend. gram was found unresponsive on saturday night. he died at the hospital. the police have not said how she died but they are calling the death suspicious. if you know anything about this case call rocky mount police. a new report by the police in the city. overall rate for violence and property crimes combined dropped by 10% in the first half of 2016 compared to the same time last year. property crimes like burglary and larceny dropped by 12%. the report shows a slight decrease in vie -- violent crimes. 16 in the first half of 2017 compared to 21 in the first half of this year. it was a historic night at the d-pac. >> can not believe it.
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oh my god ... you are like a big winner. >> it is exciting. tonight, the performing art center celebrated the 3 millionth guest. tonight was her first time there. she gets this. yes. she was there to see tonight's performance of the broadway hit "newsy's" she certificates for seeing up coming shows. >> can you imagine someone needed something from their car and got out of line. [ laughter ] children fall from a ferris wheel, parents are watching. we will hear from mom and dad about that moment and how the girls are doing at the moment. >> why one of the top nation's health insurers are going to stop offering exchange plans in north carolina next year. the new owner of the top olympic swimmers on team usa.
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pool looks refreshing. nice to take a dip with the heat we had. look at the highs today. one degree cooler than yesterday. 97 in fayetteville. in the coming days the heat will back off, thunderstorms
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
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if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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a day at the theme park ended with a trip to the hospital. they received an electric shock while riding the scrambler. one boy touched a metal fence while getting off of the ride. all 6 people will be okay. the investigators could not figure out what caused the shock so they closed down all of the rides as a precaution. >> a nightmare. a parents describe watching their children fall from the ferris wheel. >> you can see her trying to grab for something to hold on to. it was horrible. >> as soon as she could not hold on anymore she started to drop and the whole crowd just gasped. it was just -- it was -- the reaction, you know, i could just hear it in my head over and over again. but, you know, you go over and she is laying on the ground and shy said she was actually alert
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remembers it all. riley on the other hand we thought she was dead, honestly. >> wow, that 10-year-old kayla has a broken arm. the couple's 6-year-old remains hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. a 16-year-old was hurt. the investigators blame a mechanical failure for the accident last week at the green county tennessee fair. the company that operated the ferris wheel was the same one that brought the vortex ride to the state fair in mechanism was bypassed. >> nearly a dozen drivers say they are still shaken after their cars were hit by rocks thrown from a passing car. >> the police say it happened to 9 drivers last night inliesville and ray roads. all in a short period of time. they believe someone was driving around targeting cars at random. one rock shattered the front windshield of a car. she said she heard the crash and then tasted glass.
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my teeth were gritty all night. i know it was glass in my mouth and i felt it. it was sort of a burning situation since then. feeling okay. >> she is lucky. she was treated in the er. one other driver was hit by a rock when it went right through the wheel. the d.o. it is looking forward with a road project. firemens approve the contract for design and construction of the next section of the outer loop. the next section will span 8.1 miles from the all-american freeway. the 85.2 million project includes bridge replacement on that same road. work on this phase can begin as early as next july. they earned their medals and their place on "sportsil
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it was titled "the greats". >> look at those medals. incredible. now, debra morgan is in rio following the coverage on wral. because it will be on wral, morning, noon our newscast move. noon and 4:00 p.m. >> for athletes all over the world. it this demonstrates the domination of the us a. hats off to the coaches and the parents encouraging the kids and the athletes themselves, of course. >> they are crushing the competition. yes. >> wow n. >> fun to watch. >> yes. >> oh, yeah, good stuff. >> yes. watching it. yes. >> i know. >> yes. around here we are cooking. a great place.
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tomorrow, still hot. the temperatures back on thursday. but i think finally over the weekend we will get closer to normal. let's take a look at what is ahead. well, we expect more heat. high pressure upon us. showing signs of breaking down. still with us tomorrow, i think by the time we get to thursday it will be gone. rain chances will be growing. especially thursday into friday. we are watching another cold front that could arrive early next week. could it be a real taste of fall? i think much of the nation and the midsection of the nation below normal temperatures all next week. we could get a little les with, thursday. not much of a drop in temperature. ure will see that. high 5 camera. you will know that. out on the porch. you can see the bees hanging out in the front of the hives. bearding. when they start covering the front of the hives. the way of keeping cool overnight. normal thing, the hives are healthy at least. 95 the high. 95 the low. off of the formal lows and highs this time of the year. 89 for a normal high.
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in the 70s and the 80s. 81 here in durham. 79. it is a little cooler tonight than it was this time last night in fayetteville. folks have 84 right now. and you factor in the humidity and the heat index levels a tad cooler tonight than this time last night. many locations were are still well into the 90s this time last night. feels like 91 in fayetteville. 89 in raleigh. watching the heating of the day they die down. now, the character of atmosphere, the air lost is dry. warm, not conducive to watch it lift upward and develop into showers and storms that is about to change. out to the west. cloud cover and rain. that is where the fox frontal boundary is. the ridge moving out on thursday. the character of our atmosphere will change for thursday.
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shower to form on thursday and friday. let's take a look at future cast for the next 48 hours. overnight, expect it to be dry locally. tomorrow morning, sunny skies, cloudy at lunchtime. like today there could be isolated showers maybe a thunderstorm. the little greena that you see there, tomorrow evening at 6:00 across north carolina that is the isolated shower or the thunderstorm chance. watch what happens on thursday. a change taking place. we start to see a few more showers and storms developing they are more widespread and by thursday night at 10:00 there could be activity around. that is what is left of the frontal boundary coming in. another round of thunderstorms coming in on friday. tomorrow morning, stepping it up. warm and humid. again. end date in sight. now, 76 in fayetteville. now, fitness, calling it a day. 78.
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lunchtime, upper 80s to 90. partly cloudy skies. yes, hot, tomorrow, any showers and storms at this point they would be likely from the triangle area north and west. upper 80s. now here is the seven-day forecast. 92 on thursday and friday and saturday. and the fall front comes through, monday night and tuesday. the temperatures troping into the 80s. the dew points could be in the 50s and 60s instead of they would eupbdicate the air- drying us out. talking about a less humid front than a cold front coming in next week. >> that is good talk. >> making a change the way it feels. >> humid this time. >> yes. >> walking out of here at night you can feel it. >> yes. class is full. >> yes. you get out of the car. yes. exactly. >> thank you, mike. >> people are finally returning home after they had to pick up and leave to escape flooding in louisiana. >> still ahead, the devastation they are finding and what the governor is saying about it. mandy? >> next in sports. the panthers in training camp. we will hear from them.
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coach who is a big part of team
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guhe's from madison avenue. but this guy is. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is. fresh, delicious chicken from sanderson farms. no more dorms for the panthers. training camp is officially over for another season.
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overall, they called it a great effort during training camp. he liked the competitive spirit. he tuesday is time to head back to charlotte and get in a routine for the regular season. >> it is more of a business- like atmosphere. preparation for the most part. you start to feel like you are gearing up and getting ready for the regular season. we started doing things similar to what we would do during the regular season and, you know, the players have all of our stuff available then. it makes it easier as far as coaching is concerned, too. everything you need is you want it. >> big day, high school, beginning, debut of the new show high school ot live that features live lookins of 8 games each week. you can watch it. this is the first week of football friday. this week's show will be shorter because of the olympics. part of the 11:00 newscast. next week the regular time at 11:30. it will be a full show.
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play argentina. >> reporter: tomorrow, when usa plays argentina. coach k. will receive his scouting report. their relationship goes way back and i have known him way, way, way, way back when he was in high school. as a matter of fact i shot this video of him playing at south view high school. this week i with him. >> who is this guy? >> i don't -- i don't even -- you know it is funny. you showed me that in vegas and i sent it to my wife. and she is listening to it and like that did not even sound like you. >> i think i can improve my defense, you know. i feel my offensive skills are there. >> my offensive skills were there. >> i was pretty confident. >> reporter: the basketball resume is diverse from the
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college to coaching career as an assist skpapbt head coach. he continues to grow and learn from the game in his role with u.s. basketball. >> to be in the rooms that is 3 hall of famers right there. >> all of this is part of the plan to become a college head coach again. he has been out of the bosses chair for 5 years. >> i absolutely want to back. when the right opportunity comes in. >> i think it is safe to say that he will be considered one of the cantates to replace the coach. the problem is, that can be a long way away. back to you. >> baseball tonight. the bulls lose 4-3. yes. >> oh what a bummer. >> i know. >> thank you, mandy. a lot of car companies are working to create a driverness car.
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to focus on, first, coming up. another blow to president barack obama's health care law. the insurance company pulling out. >> and the sad discovery made at a i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog.
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we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense.
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an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. treatment plant. . we are following breaking
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found dead in a town home. the police don't believe their deaths were random. they are not releasing the identities of those killed or discussing the relationship to each other. the bodies were discovered at 8:00 p.m. tonight. look for developments on the morning news starting at 4:30. the authorities are trying to figure out how two fetuces wound up in -- fetuses were found in a water treatment plant. they found two preterm babies but it find a way there. it is unlikely they could of survived on their own outside of the womb. the sheriff's office arrested william cullen hours after a toddler's remains were found. he called 911 to report a toddler missing. the police said she wandered off when he fell a sleep. they are waiting on the medical
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the little girl. a new york man is in the hospital. his 10-year-old son dead after they were found in a motel pool. this happened yesterday. at the day's inn it in washington. the boy was in the water with his pather when something went wrong. worker res spopbded and began cpr. they were are take tone the hospital and pro tphoupsed dead. at last check, he was in critical condition. >> folks wagon could face penalties according published by the wall street journal. the tphaup says the justice department found evidence of criminal wrongdoing linked to the scandal. last year they admitted installing illegal emission softwear on 600 cars in the u.s. federal prosecutors are working with the auto maketory reach a settlement before the end of the year. >> it took 12 hours on rescue a pilot in a tree.
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at nightfall when chances of the plane falling to the the ground increased. the last tower of las vegas hotel is gone. crews used dynamite to take down the tower. it was the first high-rise on the strip. what a show when that goes down. for years it was the most famous casinos. it closed last year after 60 years of hosting headliners. it makes way for convention space in the city. >> under ground traps former caught fire. causing a scary scene. imagine walking by that. flames and smoke shot up from a vent inside of the side walk. took crews 2-1/2 hours to put out the fire. no one was hurt. >> doctors confirm the first travel related casees of zika. a man tested positive for ziak after spending time in miami. 30 people in south florida have
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most people recover without issue. it can be severe for pregnant women. it is knowny to cause serious -- known to cause serious birth defects. health insurer says they will offer plans in four states next year. we report on the reasons behind the decision. >> reporter: backing up big. bailing out of 11 of the 15 states it served after saying it lost 430 million. dramatically cut the participation, too. saying the losses could be close to a billion over 2 years. blue cross, blue shield, others, they are also pulling way back. faced with the brutal truth. a lot more people got insurance but they are sicker and their treatment is more expensive than expected. >> i think one thing insurance companies did not anticipate what good consumers we would all be.
10:33 pm
architects of barack obama care. >> easing up the prices to make up for that. >> long time arbs poepb tphapbt of barack obama's signature law, mccain described the situation this way. >> it is clear that barack obama care is unraveling and at a rapid rate. we will have to go back to square one. repeal but replace and make a health care available to every american. >> it is a sobering obama who just a few years ago was bragging about the success. >> the insurance companies are saying these marketplace, this law will work. they are putting money on the line because they think it will work. >> it turns out people insured under barack obama care tend to be old oner and have higher rates of serious expensive illnesses including heart disease, hiv, hepatitis. high phraod pressure and
10:34 pm
conditions are now eligible for insurance. the kaiser family foundation predicts next year many barack obama care users could see the cost of their premiums rise 10%. the administration calls all of this growing pains. the decision does not change the fact that the health insurance marketplace will continue to bring quality coverage to millions of americans. some insurers insist it can only happen if the federal government provides more where republicans do not like the program any way. >> barack obama care does not work. it has to go. while supporters suggest that opseugz is part of the problem. >> when time came for barack obama care. republicans blocked the funding for this risk sharing. that is part of the reason they are struggling. they were denied billions of dollars they were promised under the law. >> etna has been one of the largest players since the
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vehicle. no steering wheel, no petals, designed for commercial service like a taxi or uber. they hope to have it ready by 20 human 61. they hope to release the self- driving car released to the public. that will come out later. audi will roll out cars that communicate with traffic signals. displaying a red traffic light and countdown until it turns green. they hope they will safer. certain models with the stroke inextra structure technology will be on the audi show room floor later this year. >> we want to update you now on the olympic medal count. the u.s. is the leader. commanding lead with 84 total medals with 28 of those across the board. gold, silver, bronze. china follows with 51 followed by great britain closely behind with 50. >> nice lead. >> yes. comfortable. >> yes.
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now, nelly is returning
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caitly jenner's reality show is over. they cancel today it. it premiered in 2015. many praised it for raising awareness. season 2 however did not get the ratings as season 1. in a statement, the decision not to move forward was mutule. jener thanked the network and said it was time for the next adventure. nelly has a concert series in the works for hometown return next year. the rapper is teaming up with the symphony for performance at the powell symphony hall. fans should expect a twist. country grammar and "hot in here." yes. that will be amazing. >> i know. make note it is february 3rd. madonna marked her 58th birthday with a trip to cuba. she is with friends and family members including her daughter. they were spotted outside of a
10:40 pm
sh take advantage of the improved relations. >> i am sure that was a trip. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall. can you imagine that one. >> was that madonna with the black hair or was that her daughter? >> no. i thought that was a friend. i can not think of her name. >> why are they covering the camera? no pictures, please. >> who are you? >> exactly. they are not used to that, i guess, i don't know. what's trend something. >> how do you eat your spaghetti. >> i am a twirling. >> i will a shovel. >> do you eat it like this? >> no not at all. [ laughter ] >> oh. it is like an italian squirrel. going to town. [ laughter ] >> that is cute. where is the pasta sauce, buddy? we are not sure if he likes sauce or not. but the plain is fine. might be melted butter on that pasta. >> could be.
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supposed to be rodents with fury tails but they are cute. >> yes, they are. 245,000 views on this one. >> oh. >> you want to watch it longer? >> i want to see him with a fork and a spoon twirling it. >> good luck with that. if you tend to get motion sickness, buckle up for this one. >> oh. i think it is so cool. you have to watch the whole thing. i don't know if we have a chance without speeding it up. this is a go pro on a hot wheels track. i don't know how they did this. if you watch it all of the way to the end they go into the wall and come back out. >> so cool. >> look at that. >> yes. on the track. >> how much track did they have? >> a lot. more than i had as a kid. we could never do something like that. can you imagine? >> just keeps going. >> this is viewed more than three million times. >> hello. yes. >> going on and on and on and on. >> there is a point where it starts to slow down, going up the crest of a hill and all of
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rocket. right here. oh, yeah. >> you think, oh, that was neat. it is over. but then all of a sudden it starts picking up again. >> someone gave it a shove. >> exactly. i can not believe how long that goes. you are not even halfway through. >> seriously? >> yes. posted on my page and you can go there and see the end of it. enjoy it. it is neat. it goes into water and comes back out. i don't know how they do something you think we should include on "what's trending". >> very good. days of rain means months of cleanup in louisiana. coming up next, the governor gives us a look at the damage. >> watching the tropics since monday. taking a look here. disturbance out in the eastern atlantic. a tropical depression, could be fiona any day now.
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clerk: ok, $
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u a free lucky for life wait, lucky for life is free with powerball? boom! sign me up. $1,000 a day for life? that's my game. cause i'm gonna be around for awhile. i don't even get sick. good choice, bro. live healthy. 40,000. that is the number of places damaged in the flooding. >> we have more on that and the rescue and recovery effort that still under way. >> reporter: clear blue skies in louisiana. parts of baton rouge and the surrounding area are still under water. the aftermath of flooding no one expected.
10:46 pm
going to happen. >> reporter: with more than 20,000 rescued from the rising water. today is the first time that many are getting a chance to see the damage. >> you know, a the lot of people, the water is up to the roof. i have to, you know, be thankful for what we do have and what we were able to save. >> but for others, not much is salvageable. >> their values, memories, gone. >> things like this pictures of my daughters. we will never get things like that back. [crying] >> reporter: today, louisiana's governor and fema admin straighters gave information on the damage. >> -- administration gave information on the damage. >> 40,000 homes, nobody will
10:47 pm
we will do everything humanly possible to make sure everyone is found and safe. >> reporter: back to you. >> your heart goes out to those people. some communities are submerged. crews are using boats to do checks. they are floating door to door to make sure people are okaya as they struggle to deal with no are okay as they struggle to deal with no power. >> it is hard. it has to be worse than the pictures show. it always is. >> oh, yeah. >> 20 to 24 inches of rain. >> mind boggling. they are still seeing rain there this evening. we will see it coming up. over in europe they are dealing with floodwaters in a different way. it is kaoepbd of -- kind of sad to see this. they are having flooding not -- it is kind of sad to see this. they are having fun with the
10:48 pm
at home. moscow saw heavy downpours. the level of rainwater set a new record for the first time in 130 years. turn around, don't drown. you try to tell people what to do and it falls on deaf ears. take a look at weather desk top. before the commercial break we showed you the system out in the tropics with potential to be a tropical depression. while we were on the story, warning, warning, did not have time to put the stats map together. tropical storm number 6. moving northwest at 14. it is expected to be called fiona. topping winds. when you join us at 4:30 a.m. here on fox 50 at 7:00 a.m. the likelihood we will have tropical storm fiona.
10:49 pm
coast. it is possible we will see more depression and more tropical storms in the coming days. now, let's take a look at the forecast. these are model forecasts showing the storm moving to the north and the west. when they move that far into the central atlantic this far out it is very unlikely that it will make its way to the united states. so, this is basically what greg likes to call a fish storm. it will remain well out in the atlantic. the other ones coming off of africa and the coming days may take a might be talking about the other storms in the coming days. now, a trough of low pressure off to the west. high pressure upon us. talking about how it will move out. still be here during the day tomorrow. as you will see, wednesday, thursday t -- it is gone. now, this one we are talking about it. could arrive by early next week. notice the cooler colors, the yellows, the greens, highs in the 60s and the 70s across the
10:50 pm
highs touching 90 degrees over the weekend. here comes the cooler, less humid area. not much in the way of cooling for this front. i think it will drop in humidity by tuesday,ed with, thursday of next week. that would be nice to have that kind of relief -- wednesday, thursday of next week. that would be nice have that kind of relief. now, looking at the forecast with the addition of showers and thunderstorms over the coming days. looking at an inch to two inches of rain. that would be nice to see. so, check out hot tomorrow, 94, 92 on thursday. touching 90 on friday, saturday, sunday. more lightning bolts, better chances for rain on thursday and friday. lesser chance on saturday than picking up on sunday. we have more opportunities to see showers and storms and the heat does back off. i am looking forward to next week where we can have a drop of humidity. >> thank you, mike. school lunch changes.
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today, we can connect more....
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.. do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life. school cafeteria will have new seasonal menus. the school system's child nutrition services is preparing unique items. a group of students go the to taste test the fall menu today. offers a turkey potpie that looks amazing. as well as local fruits and vegetables. >> as soon as the farmer's
10:54 pm
those in november. and this will be other things that will follow. so, we are excited about being able to support our local farmers in that way as well and together all of these things provide the seasonality that students will enjoy. >> the turkey potpie is a speed scratch res recipe. what started as a joke paid off big for a north carona off ticket last week. he joked with a friend he would win again. he bought 210th anniversary tickets and one of them paid out $200,000. he says he plans to use some of the money to take his grandchildren to disneyworld. >> oh. veterans and military families will get a sweet treat. >> girl scout cookies are were stk-fred.
10:55 pm
almost 6,000 boxes as well as a pal let of fruit snacks. reptives and volunteers for 9uso centers in the state loaded those goos to take to their communities. service members and families can pick them up and take them home and enjoy them. i am trying to find out how the guy did this. a 15 minute ride. he made the longest drive on a motorcycle while blindfolded. his ride beat the former by 6/10th of a mile. it was aired on state tv. he dedicated his feat to fidel castro. >> was someone coaching them? >> right, right, left, left, slow down? >> yeah. >> i don't know. zoo keeper miss austria were expecting one panda cub. they got more than they expected. they announced yang-yang had twins. now, it just took them awhile
10:56 pm
because the birth was observed boy camera only. this is the fourth time that she gave birth. these cubs are her 4th and 5th babies. that is a big deal. >> they are like a stick of butter. >> itty bitty. they are so cute. in oklahoma city firefighters rushed to the rescue of trapped puppies. how cute are they? the 6 animals were in a hole under a home. one at a time. each puppy was pulled up to safety and reunited with their owner. they are all doing okay. adopted out. >> they have been. >> i am sure. >> yes. i know. how do you not. yes. sweet. now, thanks for joining us. for weather and traffic, watch our morning news on wral starting at 4:30. >> and at 7:00.
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lights. access. rio. >> so i'm just going to take the positives and move forward. >> can we just stop with the hating? >> mom's got her daughter's back and so does hollywood. i'm natalie morales with a ton of support for gabby douglas after a nasty social media firestorm. >> we got boys. >> one, two, three! >> his baltimore buddies are all here. they've got secrets to share like is michael ready for his wedding dance. >> that's my go-to, that's my move. >> we have a special message for you. >> okay. >> oh! >> just another wild day of surprises in rio where pretty much anything can happen. >> lights. access.


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