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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50 donald trump is shaking things up at the top as he gives his first clinton faces more pressure about her emails. plus, a judge makes a decision on a child in orange county. one request is still left unresolved. new information about pitt county related to the murder of a mother and three small children. what we are learning about the victims of the suspect arrested. things for joining us this
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>> today will be like yesterday and the day before. but we will gradually have some changes coming into the area. we should see some thunderstorms tomorrow and it stays muggy around here through the weekend. look at that sunshine in durham. we do have a heat advisory in effect across most of our viewing area along the i-95 corridor. it will still feel close to 100 advisory area. it is another day to take it easy in the afternoon. it is 76 in durham and 75 in rocky mount, wilson, and erwin with 73 in southfield. expect to mid and upper 70s and 90 by lunchtime. it is going to be a toasty one. >> not a lot of >> reporter: today that the
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we will take a look at that on futurecast. brian is here with a look at the commitment. >> it looks good inside the beltline for sure. as we take a look at durham -- wral traffic south on rock quarry road will for a crush on lyndhurst drive. i will zoom in just to check the sensors. we are not picked up any delays on it could change. right now it is looking clear as they get the minor crash paired up. it is pretty quiet looking good on the north side of raleigh. capital to i-40 is taking 40 minutes. on us-1 and 401 no delays heading toward 540. we will show you traffic moving along pretty well in germ. we do want to point out we are
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four westbound right around lake wheeler road. right now traffic is moving along fairly well. in durham no trouble to report on the freeway. 85 itself is in good shape and 40 eastbound leaving chapel hill on toward rdu there have no delays at the moment. on fort bragg we will detail those in 15 minutes >> back to you.. donald trump gets his first security briefing today. >> and congress is getting the details from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi. here is tracie potts from washington. >> reporter: donald trump is bringing chris christie and this foreign-policy advisor retired lieutenant general mike lund into the breathing. it is a big picture from the office of national intelligence. nothing on covert operation or
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>> the objective ought to be for both candidates to understand the situation better than one they started. >> reporter: hillary clinton says trump's dangers to national security. >> was he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message to friend and foe alike in the world. >> reporter: lawmakers will be looking to note from her fbi interview about she is been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, but republicans want her prosecuted. >> that the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see took as trump talks with the milwaukee rights. >> law and order must be restored. >> reporter: he is also bringing in the leadership today. steve benjamin and senior
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campaign manager. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. psyche plans to hold a rally at the charlotte convention center tomorrow night at 8:00. look for live from the reports on . breaking news out of pitt county we first reported last night. police have arrested a suspect after the mother and her three children were found dead in a greenville townhom or 30s, but the suspect in richmond virginia and arrested step into -- dibon toone. the children were all under the age of 10. police believe that toone lived at the home. toone was driving an suv stolen from greenville. officials believe the incident could have happened up to a day before, but they are still
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there is going to be a news conference at 11:00. and convicted murderer in raleigh is asking for a new trial. a jury found ground hayes guilty of first-degree murder. he called laura akerson in her apartment. they were in a custody battle. hayes's claims his mail was intercepted by prosecutors. he says those letters contain strategy for his trial. hayes says witnesses gave false testimony about him and counsel did not fight the case for enough. a man is accused of abducting three girls in durham. juan carlos gutierrez is in jail. durham police say he went to the apartment monday and the three girls left with him. the girls were found in selma unharmed. police say the girls knew
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with the abduction last year. and orange county judge this is deciding what evidence will be allowed in the chandler canyon trial. he was in court with his parents but the former unc student is charged with drunk driving down i-85. the judge agreed to sequester witnesses except for kenya and to record all proceedings. defense request to keep kenya's cell phone records out. kenya faces 13 different charges , including three counts of second-degree murder. a massive new wildfire is raging in california. >> we will tell you how many thousands of people have to flee their homes.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
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espect them. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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breaking news out of california. a small brush fire exploded into a fast-moving wildfire both charring 50,000 acres. dozens of structures many of them homes have burned to the ground as firefighters battle high temperatures and high winds that are fanning the flames across the brush. you know, the blue caught fire has burned 23 mi.2 and destroyed numerous homes. at least seven communities are under evacuation orders.
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highway. there are 11 confirmed death and seven louisiana in the worst flooding in the history of the state. 24 inches of rain generated flooding that has damaged at least 40,000 homes. the threat continues downstream from baton rouge with tens of thousands of people have to be rescued. the man accused of fatally shooting a mom is in jail without bail. oscar for roll appeared in court . he denies the allegations. prosecutors called the shooting and assassination. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. is can officials say one of the men taken from an upscale restaurant in puerto vallarta was identified and among them
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the victims of some of the rivals in a laura cole tell. volkswagen faces billions of dollars in fine but that may not be the only punishment for the german automaker. >> coming up, the results of a an investigation into the company. plus, three of the greatest olympians grace the sports illustrated cover.
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>> are you lost in the motion this morning? >> when we look at grandfather mountain, yes. >> that is great. >> and how much cooler is it there? >> it is definitely cooler there. >> i love it. [ laughter ] instead, we will be he blistering hot again today. very similar to yesterday and the day before. but there is a little hint of significant change for early next week. we will see temperatures dropping off a little bit in the next few days with a better chance of thunderstorms maybe next week. let's check out what is happening around here. in fayetteville it is looking pretty this morning with the warm glow downtown. partly cloudy at the airport
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it is 73 in south hills and 77 in fayetteville. it is warm and sticky everywhere with dew points in the 70s. that of course makes it feel very warm. our heat advisory in effect for red line the i-95 corridor. definitely this is the area especially if you are going to take it easy it will feel like 102 up to 105 here 101 across the rest of the viewing area. the satellite and radar picture are showing quiet conditions now. we will likely have a few scattered thunderstorms that pop up with a better chance for the virginia line. it gradually starts to come closer to us today. tomorrow it arrives into north carolina bringing us a better chance for scattered storms. today is partly cloudy skies with isolated showers popping up
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with a better chance for scattered storms. was a with the front moving in we have a better chance for widespread storms. not everybody is going to see it with a 40% chance of thunderstorms on thursday. these storms that do develop are likely to produce some heavy rain which could cause problems during the evening commute. taking a look at what is happening in the tropics, we are getting closer to the hurricane season. there is number six. it has winds at 35 miles-per- hour likely today is likely to become egg tropical storm fiona . it runs into an area that is just less favorable. there is going to be strengthening. and where is it going? will it continue west? computer models
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that. it is a storm worth watching. in the rio it will be hot close to 9 degrees, which is unseasonably warm. it should feel warmer than normal here with 94 6 degrees above normal. the 70 forecast shows the heat lingering into the weekend. our heat index today is like 102 and 104. we do get into a better chance for showers and storms starting tomorrow and continuing through we will just increase our chance for storms because it is pretty dry in the west and then for the next several days to state right now it looks like it will be nice with temperatures closer to normal. we may even get a little break from the humidity. they are watching a pretty closely. there is obviously a lot of
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>> [ laughter ] i'm just trying to get my computer to work. we do have an accident slowing things down in southeast raleigh. we will take a look at that on our live commute. as you head down rock quarry road at lyndhurst there is a minor crash . we are not seeing it usually is at this point, you could see a back up toward i-40. let's talk about westbound through wake county. steady at the loop, which is not bad at all for this time of the day. we are starting to see traffic slow down westbound in the lake wheeler road interchange. the ride out to the wade avenue merge is taking 16 minutes. it starts to slow down a little bit, but we cannot seem to shoelace just yet. 440 remains pretty good toward wade avenue and eventually onto the march.
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talk about fort bragg and spring lake. this morning probably around 10:00, they will be permanently closing all northbound traffic on bragg boulevard between randolph street and murchison road. then you will pick it up on murchison road on your way into spring lake. in a couple months, they will close all of the southbound traffic on bragg boulevard. it is a plant traffic onto the freeway. murchison road and 295, so you no longer have to deal with all the stoplights at bragg boulevard. back to you. [ music ] a major loss for team usa last night. the women's beach volleyball team of kerri walsh jennings and april ross lost to brazil. but they are not completely out
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they can still win a bronze. said two was wanted by brazil -- won by brazil also with the second. they will compete for a gold medal. let's take a look at the medal count with the u.s. dominating. the theater -- leader with 82 gold medals. china follows with 51 and then great britain with 50. >> illustrated jinx can slow down the winners. michael phelps, katie ledecky, and simone biles are been featured. a combined total of 14 metals -- medals. it was taken sunday before biles completed her floor event. she now has a total of four
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being ordered to return gold medals from beijing eight years ago. russia was stripped of his 2008 olympic gold medal in the 400 meter relay after a runner tested positive in her doping sample. they say she tested positive for two steroids. she is been retroactively disqualified. belgium should of got the gold and nigeria the silver. the event in which she finished eighth. dockers have confirmed the first trauma related case of zika being transmitted within the u.s. it is in texas. 30 people in south florida have been infected by mosquitoes. most recover without issue but it could be severe.
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by the wall street journal. the justice department found evidence of criminal wrongdoing linked to the emissions scandal. they admitted installing illegal software. federal prosecutors are working with the automaker to reach a settlement before the end of the year. audi has plans to communicate with traffic signals electronically. it would display a red turns green. it helps cars that communicate with the signals travel safer. certain infrastructure technology will be on the showroom later this year. and other local election sport holds a meeting. >> the issues that needs to be aren't out before early voting begins. plus, the tasty new fall treats that will be a weak institutions in their school
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lena tillett with your top stories. a pitt county man is accused of killing a mother and her three small children in their greenville home. dibon toone was charged with murder. there will be a news conference at 11 a.m. today with an update in our new newscast. the chandler can you trial was to keep his cell phone
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down i-84 and killing three people. heat advisories posted for part of the viewing area. take a look at our skycam. lots of sunshine with a hazy sun and temperatures warming up quickly. this is a look over at centennial campus at the university of north carolina state. expect the heat to feel and 105 today along the corridor. ahead of 94 and a little cooler the next couple of days. the because change is a better chance for storms. let's get an update on the 40 westbound drive times this morning looking pretty good on garner and then about 60 minutes from wade avenue. they are not headed to the airport you are in good shape on the 40 westbound.
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one accident appearing on our live commute map at rock quarry and lyndhurst. around the rest of the triangle it is pretty quiet washing traffic on 540 westbound. lena? >> next on fox 50 the number of drivers doing with the damage and the driver who said she was last. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot.
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honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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today the board of elections will aside what to do about early voting. >> this comes after a federal a cure -- appeal court struck down election. mikaya thurmond joins us for the meeting will be held. >> reporter: local election officials are scrambling to make a decision. today is troup county's turn. a federal court ruling which struck also carried a number of other provisions one of which reinstates seven days of early voting cut by the general assembly barring another court ruling with 17 days of early voting in november. that means several last-minute changes for local officials. yesterday the board discussed a new early voting schedule. wake county has a approved a plan to at the seven days at one location in downtown raleigh.
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elections will hold a public meeting today at 5 pm. for more information on those dates, you can log onto lena and bill? >> mikaya thurmond, thank you very much. a mix of crime stats in the city. the rate of property crimes drop by 10% in the first half of 2016 compared to the same time last year. property crimes dropped by 12%. the repo a decrease in violent crimes while the number of homicides is up 31%. there was 16 homicides in the first half of 2015 compared to 21 in the first half of this year. the wake county school board fills a budget gap that required making cuts. they included adjusting school thermostats and reductions in money for school supplies and transportation. a big concert was cutting custodial work.
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were frequent schedules at middle schools. it wasn't all cuts. teachers will see salary increases with the budget passed last night. school cafeterias will have new seasonal menus. they are preparing unique signature menu items. questions got to taste test the fall many yesterday. it offers a turkey potpie as well as local fruits and vegetables. >> to harvest new items, we can set offer those in november. so we are very excited about being able to support our local farmers in that way as well. together all of these things provide the seasonality we are hoping students will enjoy. >> the turkey potpie is a from scratch recipe.
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his group of new students in its history. the college campus opens with new parking spaces to accommodate the growth. enrollment for the fall semester has reached 22,500 students. the nc state police department is hosting a community outreach event for students, faculty, and staff. officers will provide information on campus safety programs and register and personal items. it is in the brickyard from 11 a.m. until 1 pm. the city of fayetteville may attract a minor league baseball team. they are looking at a spot behind the prince charles hotel for a $40 million stadium. today they will hold a special meeting to talk about building the ballpark and signing an agreement. >> the houston astros.
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astrodome years ago. that was kind of fun. >> is exciting for fred field. >> absolutely. you have a stadium downtown and become so much more vibrant and a fun place to go. that is really exciting. speaking of fayetteville, it looks beautiful. we will take a look at our skycam. you can see the sunshine over the brick buildings downtown. just a few clouds with 73 77 in cookeville. it may feel tough out there but it is really going to be too hot for a run later this afternoon. you have to wait until 8:00 before it begins to cool down enough to get you out of the danger zone. but we are about to change that. it will be money -- muggy
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who was is that more in a few minutes. brian is taking a look at your commute this morning. the restaurant is he some slowdowns building right on time as it is 7:35 right now. you can see for the most part we are looking at all green up 40 eastbound. for the most part, 540 looks good. i will zoom in on 540 westbound for an update on the drive times. you do need to allow extra time on capital and creekmore. we will likely see this getting worse toward 8:00. we do have a crush on the southeast side of raleigh at rock quarry and lyndhurst. you can see the green through the area with the sensors indicating no big delays just yet. let's check in on the durham freeway. up toward ellis road we check
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moving along well in both directions heading into downtown term. that will stop here into downtown at mangum street looks just fine. the overall ride is moving right along with no delays report taking seven minutes to make the trip from i-40 to make the trip from i-42 mangum street. i-40 eastbound looks good from chapel hill. nearly a dozen drivers say they are so shaken after their cars will public by raleigh police said happened monday night in the area of strickland, leaves filled -- and leesville. somebody was targeting cars at random. one shattered the front windshield of debra's car. >> i swallowed it at least twice. i definitely know that was
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felt it. it had been a burning situation since then, but feeling okay. >> she was treated at the er. at least one other driver was hit by the rock. police have no suspects. the d.o.t. is moving forward with a major road project in fayetteville. officials approved the contract for the next section of the outer loop. it will expand from the freeway to cliffdale road. it is an and it includes bridge replacements all of the rows. the work can begin as early as next july. your ride to fort bragg is about to change today. any stretch of i-tonight five -- i-295. you are going to have to experience some pain. north
7:38 am
close permanently at randolph street. you will be sent on to murchison road. that newly widened highway will handle a lot of traffic headed toward spring lake. expects some delays through the area for the next few weeks. more changes will follow but ultimately it should be a much faster trip. you them for live at 6:00 -- you know them for their biscuits. >> it is not pizza bill anymore. how an anniversary today. deepak -- dpak and the super soaker. 4744. kayla cash five numbers
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what started as a joke led to a big win for north carolina man robert mckinney of gibson go who one a scratch off ticket last week end with a friend he would win again. so he bought two scratch off tickets and turns out one of them was lucky and he won $200,000. he plans to some of grandchildren to disney world. >> talk about winning. what historic night ahead of dpac. >> i cannot believe it. >> do you know you are big winner? [ applause ] [ cheering ] >> are you ready for the confetti? last night the denver performing arts center welcomed its 3 millionth guest, aaron enters.
7:42 am
newsies. she received a $1000 gift certificate for upcoming shows. she'll be coming back many times. a big birthday for biscuitville. they are celebrating its 50th anniversary with a promotion called lena ask -- called random acts of buscuits. >> they will be at the salvatioar boulevard. 250 biscuits will be given away on a first-come first serve basis. there will also be beverages and coupons. biscuitville has been praised for its business model and commitment to employees and community. the chain inspired the publication of a popular guide for creating a successful small business. it sounds pretty good. there is a new owner for the famed playboy mansion but it comes with a fixed ablation.
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home of hugh hefner and what
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[ music ] us is win. i like that. that is a great song for the olympics. >> it is so much fun to watch it. i cannot believe there is only a few days left. >> and then we have to wait four more years. you spend two weeks nonstop
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>> what are we going to do with our time? >> probably sleep, right? >> [ laughter ] that would be nice, wouldn't it? it has been good olympic watching whether around here -- weather around here. let's take a look. this is how it is outside right now. is going to be hot when he step outside with our durham skycam looking pretty. that is the lucky tower in the up campus. we did have a little bit of paddle boarding yesterday and it was breeze -- breezy on the lake. dew point is 73 with the temperature in southfield 75. and 76 degrees in southern pines. the dew points are very close to that with the temperature at
7:47 am
it feels especially heavy this morning. will continue to fill muggy with the dew point feeling on the muggy side. that is all they are under the heat advisory for the i-95 corridor. it will feel like 102 up to 105 with the best of a viewing area at 99 up to 102. quie carolina is now driving the high pressure over us. it starts to shift away from us and opens the door to some of the moisture that has been along the mississippi valley heading into our area. we will begin to feel it on the virginia line but then by tomorrow that front goes southward. it is the same front that is
7:48 am
we may have some isolated flying once these thunderstorms get started. especially tomorrow and through the weekend. you can see this afternoon tiny little showers may develop. and then for tomorrow, the chance picks up a little bit. right now is our wave coming off the coast of africa. it is tropical depression six. it is going to strengthened really quickly today. maybe with an named fiona and it will gradually strengthen. it is into an area that is usually not as favorable. we will see how long it actually survives and check in on it from time to time. it is going to feel like 102 and 104 in parts of the viewing area today. not a lot of strums today, but we do see a 40% chance for tomorrow and also into friday
7:49 am
by monday it is back up to 93. a front comes to on monday drop in temperatures into the upper 80s by tuesday. it should give us a little bit of a break from the humidity. we will see slightly cooler temperatures, but it will still be quite muggy. some of those storms will help to cool things off. brian, it looks like you are getting a little busier this morning. >> we are looking at crashes tech. it is the first day of class around wake tech. we are starting to see the traffic building on for one but first -- 401. it is still nice and quiet in chapel hill but it is starting to back up with 40 west penn slowing down between 440 and wade avenue looking at 37 minutes. there is a report of a stalled vehicle right around the
7:50 am
unless some extra time coming and this morning with an earlier crash on rock quarry that appears to be cleared. there was a report of an accident 440 >> not too far from sunnybrook road bridge. here is a look at some of that wake tech traffic not so bad. the outside is busy as you head around the interchange in the and the main campus of south of raleigh heading up toward garner and raleigh. you can see some heavy traffic this morning. allow some extra time. so much to point out in spring lake this morning. are going to be closing northbound traffic at bragg boulevard north of randolph street. expect some delays as people get used to the new pattern. you head over to the murchison road and spring lake.
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north carolina. ours is the only state where drivers don't see insurance rate changes when annual mileage increases. an auto policyholder who tries 15,000 miles a year piece 8.61% more for car insurance than insured drivers who drives 5000 miles. states with the highest rate increases are driving our california, alaska and massachusetts as well as watching to see. beatles fans, ringo starr this morning is a great grandfather. starr representative confirms his granddaughter gave birth over the weekend to stone low. the son of tatia starkey. ringo starr is now 76.
7:52 am
but maybe that's just me. the voice's final johnny depp and amber heard have settled their divorce and the club. it ended with herd withdrawing her allegation that depp had been abusive toward her. herd wished the best for depp in the future but there wasn't a curse upon th depp. >> justin bieber has followed through on his threat to quit instagram. he threatened to leave after followers posted a quick comment about pictures of him and sophia ritchie who is the daughter of lionel richie. some of it came from ex- girlfriend selena gomez who has a lot of followers and he
7:53 am
he pulled the plug on his 77 77 million followers. >> the online gossip website gawker is not ready to say goodbye but it will say hello to his new corporate parent. in the vision purplish gawker media they were put up for auction after it was hit with a judge -- judgment in the hulk hogan case. they were sd the deal is done and the playboy mansion has a new owner. hugh hefner's next door neighbor has purchased the man cave. the terms of the deal is hefner can stay there for the rest of his life and after hefner leaves the new owner plans to connect the paper is to to his next-door site.
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it is 7:56 and i bill leslie. the term board of elections will hold a special meeting this afternoon. numbers will discuss the county 's early oklea election officials need to decide what to do about early voting. a federal appeals court has truck down the state positions. the wake county school board filled a budget debt. they included cuts of adjusting school thermostats and school supplies. teachers and support staff will see salary increases. another hot one today, elizabeth. >> he will finally get relief
7:57 am
more thunderstorms. it will still be on the hot and humid side. on a hot day with the south hills skycam showing hardly any cloud cover at the moment. we have a heat advisory in effect and it will feel like 102 and 105. temperatures in the mid-90s today with 92 thursday and 90 friday. temperatures gradually creep down with a hint of color temperatures next week. delays right now on 40 westbound on south raleigh. it looks good up garner and all largely due to a disabled vehicle reported on 40 west. coming up on fox 50 we will take a look at 440 westbound. it is a smooth ride from wade avenue out to 540. we do have a crash on main street at rogers road. look out for some delays as
7:58 am
also look for some backups on 540 westbound and durham also seen slow traffic between i-40. back to you, bill. a horrific scene at a greenville tunnel with a mother and her three children found
7:59 am
focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50, donald trump shaking things up at the top as he gets his first security briefing today and
8:00 am
pressure about her emails. a judge makes a decision ahead of a trial in a drunk driving case in orange county. one request is still unresolved. >> you information pitt county related to the murder of a mother and three small children. we are learning about the victims and the suspect arrested across state lines. things for joining as i am lena tillett. >> and i am bill leslie. donald trump gets his first security briefing today. congress is getting from the fbi. here is tracie potts from washington. >> reporter: donald trump is bringing new jersey governor chris christie and his foreign- policy advisor retired lieutenant general mike lind to the briefing. it is a big picture. nothing on covert operations or nuclear weapons or espionage, a source tells nbc. >> the objective ought to be for both candidates to


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