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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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constructed in fayetteville. it is an opportunity for many men to turn their lives around. a brazilian judge says she tried to find out if ryan lochte and other servers lied about being robbed in rio. wral news at 4:00 search right now. >> 14,000 lives could be coming at cisco. that is 20% of the workforce. computer reseller news describes the os as massive. >> cisco had jobs in each of the last three a big employer at rtp. we want to dig into breaking news in durham. there is a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck. this is highway 55 between burlington avenue and dayton street. it is not far from north carolina central university. they are still gathering information about this crash. we do know that it is fatal and you can see the pickup truck and the motorcycle right in
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the strength of an update as soon as we have information. wral's laura leslie showing what she knows about the job cuts over a cisco. >> reporter: multiple media outlets are reporting the tech giant is expected to cut the 40,000 jobs over the next couple of months. they employ 71,000 people around the world amounting to 20%. the industry analysts say the reduction is response for the changing demand for networking as more and more businesses turn to cloud computing and other web-based servic servers is falling. that isn't expected to change anytime soon. a company insider say they are transferring to a less hardware heavy business model. cisco has not yet confirmed the reported cuts and it is unclear how many will be cut at the rtp site. it is not just cisco. other giants has also announced cuts. iker soft is laying off about
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this summer we learned a should be would be cutting 3000 jobs. the production at cisco is by far the largest. >> laura leslie reporting. jack robbins took over as ceo last july. they also report the company has offered early retirement packages too many employees. a burke county teenager is accused of trying to isis recruit in north carolina. justin sullivan attended to give an undercover enforcement agent who joined the group urging the officer to remain in the us and support not traveling abroad. your main back from fayetteville to fort bragg is different. the i-tonight five the next bragg boulevard to i-tonight five. beginning today northbound boulevard close permanently at randolph street. will be set on to nc-210
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expect some delays through the area for the next few weeks as drivers get used to the pattern. a groundbreaking is finally taking place on a new homeless shelter for men in fayetteville. wral's gilbert base on out they will do more than give the homeless a safe place to sleep. >> reporter: i met the intersection of hillsborough street and 10th street. this is not a pile here. for a lot of people here, this is the beginning of hope. the foundation has been this is what the new homeless shelter will look like when it is completed. operation inasmuch as implying the shelter on his were street four years. they have run into some opposition from the saint luke church across the street. the church leaders say they are not opposed to helping the homeless. they are worried that the church is being surrounded the homeless encampments. the director of operation inasmuch says the new shelter
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more than just take the homeless off the street for a night. >> it is going to have a job program associated with it. we are not interested in people coming off of the streets just so they can go back to the streets and do the same thing they had been doing. what we want is not just a bed to sleep in, but a life change for people. >> reporter: saint luke hasn't spoken much about the shelter. but the church is still letting the less fortunate user parking lot while they get meals inside operation inasmuch. built by christmas so they can have a christmas tree up and everything. but if not, they hope to have it in place for valentine's day. in fayetteville, gilbert base, wral news the new $500,000 shelter is being built without tax dollars raising the money through private donations. a large oak tree fell in raleigh causing some people to lose power on dixie trail their clock avenue -- near clark
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it is not clear what caused the giant oak to fall. for than 500 people were first to leave a passenger ferry after it caught fire near puerto rico. it was traveling when the flames erupting in the engine room. it quickly spread to other parts of a ship. 512 people were on board including many school aged athletes headed to puerto rico for competitions. [ music ] a brazilian judge says she needs more time to determine if ryan lochte and other summers held a false crime report in rio. she should a search warrant for the swimmers had moved out of the village is ago. steven adams has the story. >> reporter: brazilian authorities have more questions for two of the four american swimmers who claim they were robbed at gunpoint in rio on sunday. an incident ryan lochte recounted on instagram. why teammates and i were the victims of a robbery early sunday morning and on the
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>> we are coming back from the train stop and they got pulled over in our taxi. the guy pulled out his gun, he put it to my four head and said get down. i put my hands up and i said whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> reporter: police visited the olympic village in the morning after a brazilian judge issued a search word for lochte and james fagan . the committe said the swim team out of the facility days ago. there has been increasing speculation about what happened after the daily mail least a video of the athletes returning to the olympic village sunday shortly after the incident. the judge said they appeared unshaken making jokes amongst each other. the lawyers of lochte said his client is already back in the united states and the fully cooperated with brazilian and u.s. authorities before leaving the coaching -- country.
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brazil. have they asked, he would have stayed an assistant. they have still not reached out to ask for additional information. i am steve manus reporting. authorities issued an arrest warrant for an international olympic committee executive. we say patrick hickey plotted with six others to illegally sell tickets. hickey was part of the ioc executive board and is president of the olympic council of european olympic committee. on irish executive was arrested last night. agent seized more than 1000 tickets sold for high fees. the 27-year-old man had explosives in his apartment. demetrio could be used for explosives but there were no signs the man who is planning attack. many attacks recently have tightened security throughout the country. organizers of the munich oktoberfest added new security
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recent attacks. backpacks are also banned at the event. the russian defense ministry least video from the southern part of the country. it includes soldiers building bridges over a river and moving troops. today the exercise focused on defending against radioactive weapons. training will continue throughout the week. [ music ] kern county early voting. they must come up with new plans to accommodate early voting in the wake of a court decision striking down the election restrictions. the meeting is at 5:00. the donald trump campaign is undergoing a major overhaul bringing in steven bennett upright partners as chief executive offier and promoting kellyanne conway to campaign manager. the chairman who took over the reins following the departure
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will maintain his current title. the shakeup comes as trump is slipping in the polls. trump returns to north carolina tomorrow to hold a rally at the charlotte convention center. ken smith will be in the queen city to cover the event. look for updates on summer vacation is over across the triangle. they started classes this week with wake tech starting today. it was also the first day of classes at nc state. this year freshman class all 50 states and 110 countries around the world. devastation for a family in pitt county. a loved one is now facing murder charges. still ahead, the mother and three daughters were third in their home. who first sounded the alarm there may be a problem. a few people are staying in shoulders in louisiana, but the disaster is far from over. the severe weather slamming
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often start young and practice more than americans. how a new skull opening in cary hopes to change that . we are trying to find some relief with another brutal afternoon in mid to upper 90s with 96 so for the high in
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the most experienced team of chief meteorologist in north carolina. >> a mother and her daughters found dead. the suspect the father of two of the children. we have this story covered by leyla santiago. >> reporter: the employer called police worried when she didn't show up but nothing actually came of that. police went to the home and now they are having to answer to
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learned today. police have arrested dibon toone . they took him into custody in richmond and he is charged with the murder of 32- year-old girl at howard and her three children as well. the girls were six, seven, and 11 years old. police found the bodies in the apartment after the toone family called worried about some statements he had made about the welfare of his children. howa police which he didn't show up for work. we went to the apartment that didn't putting her or her car. so as the chief put it, it was documented and cleared. here is why the chief said officers didn't take the step further. >> when the employer calls, we don't have any information at that point that she is in harm or a history of domestic violence at the home. come up to us that would
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that would require us to take a step further. >> reporter: said no reports of previous domestic violence. but here is a previous report. in july they were called to the home for reports that trying eight -- toone was attempting suicide. police said there was no indication he was a danger to the mother or the children. he is expected to be back in north carolina. a tragic story. thanks, leyla.. a volunteer firefighter in alabama is under arrest charged with arson. ted ellis is the assistant chief of the local fire department. he burned at least one vacant home in the area. they are looking into four more. clues led them to his arrest. at&t is following verizon's recent move to raise prices on data plans. the higher prices, with more data reducing the cost per gigabyte for many customers. people can keep their existing
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able to change data levels without switching to those new rights. most current plans come with unlimited calls and text the wireless companies see data as a way to lose revenue. the new rights take effect sunday. stocks up today as oil rises to $47 a barrel. the dow closed at 22 with these nasdaq at 1.5. i drove brittle storm on the way here. the temperature is from 96 and 86 and back up to 96 1/4 of a mile. >> i saw that on the radar and there is even more baffling across the area. >> spread the wealth around. >> i think we are going to do that tomorrow. as we go over the next few days, the heat packs down with rain chances up. let's take a look at the radar view with a wall -- warning over toward rockingham county.
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we will start in the sandhills where there is a flood advisory in effect for warren county until 4:45 pm. these have moved slowly to dump heavy rainfall. this is a time lapse where you can see them evolve over into wayne county and also chatham county. as they move to the northeast we see outflow developing starting to pop over apex near holly springs and willow springs all heang the northeast. there may be some showers into the raleigh area and we will expand the few to the north with activity over person county in clarksville with lots of lightning. i wonder about storm will become severe with some purple showing up in the echoes. over the northern coastal plains there is southern -- activity the west with a decent line stretching from seven virginia into the foothills and back into the mountain. our
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storms are lasting into the evening with high pressure departing overnight. it will not be here tomorrow. the character of the atmosphere should change with cooler air helping thunderstorms develop more readily. the bigger hit full retreat before the weekend with some bona fide cooling coming next week. you will see it in the seven- day forecast with a nice drop in humidity as well. the tall towercam dark skies off to the south and the west with the cumulus clouds developing beautifully. it is a scorching 96 at rdu with 72 as the dew point. 98 right now in cary and 96 in durham and in the broader view you see who has had some rain with 81 at seven times and 79 at roxboro. 97 in goldsboro and 95 in rocky
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-- triangle. we could see how these showers and thunderstorms evolve across the area southeast of i-95 but more north and west of i-95. this should go on until 10:00 tonight when the heating of the tape will drive down. the front we have been watching is to the north and it is this region here that could show some strong storms with surface trough upon us tomorrow. but there is eight, 9:00, 10:00 it will gradually die down toward 10:00. overnight it is partly cloudy. it should be dry and on thursday probably cloudy skies and an isolated shower as they begin to evolve during the afternoon. tomorrow for futurecast it could be more southeast toward the coast. we will watch to see if that is actually the case. storms are possible at 8:00 and
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it is still warm and humid and then by tomorrow afternoon low to mid 90s once again the temperatures easing back a bit with 94 in raleigh and 95 in fayetteville. the temperatures are going to be dictated by the thunderstorms as they develop early enough swelling some of the heating. we have another front coming by on monday. this is the one we have been days talking about the humidity dropping tuesday and wednesday with mid-80s and some in the upper 50s or lower 60s wednesday. >> [ laughter ] >> i know it is not much, but it is a beginning. >> it is a lot. >> you can feel it. that looks really nice. >> please don't change. [ laughter ] >> thanks, mike. a big surprise for simone biles and the best of team usa gymnastics. their reaction to the trip of
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coverage of track and field finals in american ashen eat-in concludes day one of the decathlon running in the 400 meter event on by debra morgan and jeff reporting live print
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appointments are available now.
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is trending. >> it is simone biles who has won four gold medals. she performed those amazing routines. you think nothing would underpar unless it is zac efron. take a look. >> stop. you are lying. [ laughter ] stop. no way. screens mac -- [ screaming ] simone is a huge fan of zac efron. she even has a full-size cut out of him in her room. she was so excited. [ laughter ] she said she would pass out if she actually got to meet him. she said that when she was talking with hoda so they engineered this whole thing and got him to fly in from the u.s. him to fly in from the u.s. he wanted to meet the team and
4:25 pm
look at all of the girls. >> will that is writing his wheelhouse. 19 to 23. they were so cute. it was very sweet. >> that is a long distance to go. it is not like flying to san francisco or las vegas. >> well, i am sure he got to enjoy himself. well, we've been talking about these self driving cars and the -- now forward -- ford will be making these cars by 2021. they will have no steering wheels or gas pedals. it will not require a human driver at all. ford says we are also availability company in the anticipate these being used in mostly urban environments. so it is not quite for you and
4:26 pm
>> i wouldn't feel comfortable. sorry. >> that is going to take a while for me. >> it is. it is gaining the consumers' trust. >> you are trusting a machine or a computer. the first time the battery fails. >> they are saying 2021. >> you never know. >> good luck to them. mcdonald's is hoping to get children were active. they are adding fitness trackers to its no more toys. the first new step of this tour will be included in every happy meals sold in the united states and canada. kiss get one of six wrist-worn pedometers. they are sticking with the philosophy that have a meal toys should encourage you to be physical or use your imagination. >> so they can make one of those that cheaply to put it
4:27 pm
imagine how much those companies are making? [ laughter ] >> it is probably your basic pedometer, but you are right. the technology is still pretty simple. that's a good idea. let us know if there is a topic you think should be in what is trending. just tweet us or send us a message on facebook. still to come, distractions and multitasking. the doctor to explain how you can help yourself focus. plus natural disasters leaving devastation in their wake. we will have a look at some of the damage. and the trial of a cheating scheme robbing wake county of more than $1 million.
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her own people involved in a fraud scheme that rocked the wake county school system of more than $1 million. today the top lawyer lorrin freeman corruption case involving her employees. >> wral's amanda lamb joins us in the newsroom with what this is all about. >> reporter: this is very unusual for a sitting ta to testify. lorrin freeman immediately ordered an investigation on this situation came to our attention. it involved two of her court clerks. one has pleaded guilty and the other is cooperating with the state and will testify.
4:31 pm
on trial. he was charged in the case accused of conspiring with a clerk at the courthouse to falsify computer records. this allowed him to get out of paying forfeited bond money owed to the courts according to investigators. the money was intended for the wake county school system. an employee noticed problems with the cases and told freeman. freeman investigated and when right to the d.a. at the time. --we at the time. >> i went to see the d.a. at the time and to tell him that i had concerns and that i have some sort of the bond forfeiture irregularities that maybe criminal going on within my office that had been brought to my attention. >> reporter: smith is the last of the suspects in this scheme to be tried. on other bondsman pleaded guilty and another convicted.
4:32 pm
they all involved heroin and they were all reported monday afternoon. last august there were 39 cases for the whole month. authorities are investigating what has made the latest batch of heroin so potent. the death toll continues to rise in maryland after last week's explosion at an apartment complex. a seventh body has been to found in the flowery branch apartments in silver spring. the explosion shook buildings
4:33 pm
more than 30 people were injured, including 35. six people are still unaccounted for. the cause of the fire is under investigation other presidents did report smelling gas before the explosion. 18,000 acres of wild fire is burning in california overnight. the area is now under a state of emergency. in the louisiana, devastating flooding with the death toll now at 11. reid bennion explains the severe weath h >> the last i heard was they were being evacuated and i haven't heard from them since. >> reporter: a california resident, one of many, if they could be -- by wildfires. anyplace igniting tuesday in coping roughly half the size of san francisco after less than 10 hours. the blue cut fire by evening had already forced mandatory evacuations for 80,000 people. in the central u.s. a different
4:34 pm
in the south, more devastation from water. >> this is a historic flooding event. >> reporter: trusting the severity of the flooding seem to say it has caused at least 11 deaths. >> we are still very much in an emergency search and rescue response mode for much of the four parishes. saving life is the most important priority that we have. >> reporter: he expects half o areas. >> today eight additional parishes have been added to the major disaster declaration. >> reporter: residents still coping with their own losses reaching out to help those around them. >> this is what it is all about. hoping other people. >> reporter: i am reid bennion reporting. >> some parishes are now under curfew because of reports of looting. 6000 people were in shelters
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in the week. gawker has a new parent company. inhibition purchased gawker media for $135 million. it was put up for auction after it was hit with a judgment in the hulk hogan case. he sued gawker over a recording. north carolina is the only state where drivers don't see interest rate changes with annual mileage increases. according to new data, policyholder who drives miles per year piece 8.6% more for car insurance than an insured driver who drives 5000 miles. the increases compared to 5000 are california, alaska, alabama, and washington dc. supplement abused as children we face early test. researchers looked at reports from a large group of women after a 20 year follow they
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>> many of us because exercise as getting up and doing some intense exercise. we also want to increase your endurance and flexibility. all those improve how the joint functions. it cold water irritates her dreams, find an indoor pool. pay the bill they attract a minor league a small team. they are looking at a spot behind the prince charles hotel to build a stadium. the city council is meeting preliminary agreement with the houston astros. we will keep you updated. cleaning your grill is important. the way you do it could be dangerous. still ahead monica liberty explains how to get the job done safely. we will hear from an american gymnast who won two silvers. the radar is quite active with showers and thunderstorms
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we can see some of them may districts -- off in the district near cary. we will check fees on the radar
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>> mike maze and wral weather. the most experienced team of meteorologists in north carolina.
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against new rules requiring london taxi drivers to learn english. the city requires drivers to pass and language exam before securing a private permit. uber filed a lawsuit against the new rules say it will affect thousands of drivers. the city says drivers have to be able to communicate in english to discuss a safety issue. the support the idea but believe making drivers seat for an exam is a ness grills are working overtime and so are the brushes to clean them. every year people end up in the emergency room. 5 on your side's wonnacott shows us some alternatives to wire brushes. >> reporter: clean up after summer grilling can be dangerous. wire brushes can easily stick to food and be solved. it has happened to a lot of people including robert russo.
4:43 pm
me. i have never experienced something like this. it got to my lower intestine and pierced it. >> reporter: consumer reports check out different cleaning methods to see what works. the 100 taylor -- $130 brush does a good job on the surface but does not which debris between. you still need to watch for lose brussels that may come f. a simple all of aluminum foil. it did a good job on a warm grill. just protect your hands from the heat. some websites say a sheet of foil will loosen debris. this is extremely dangerous and manufacturers advise against it. consumer reports had a flare up after a few minutes.
4:44 pm
it did well on a warm cast iron but not as well on stainless. just some options to consider to avoid any issue with brussels. monica laliberte , wral tv 5 on your side. and even cheaper option than using a brush is run an onion over the grill. and for deeper cleaning, a liquid grill cleaner and abrasive pen at all. [ laughter ] >> leaded pile up -- led it pile up. >> sure. why not? [ laughter ] that is what we like to call it. around here, it is nice to see thunderstorms popping up around the area. i think in the coming days the heat will gradually back off. let's head to new york city where they had quite a
4:45 pm
from less than. photographer anthony quintano was ready with his camera. and also in new jersey wilcox boulevard is. the storms also brought some much-needed rain to the area with the northeast in a drought. let's take a look at the forecast. people start with the radar view and see what is going on across the area. we will zoom in first across halifax county with a pretty good thunderstorm warning issue to let us know what about that. these are slow-moving so they are not likely to dump that much of rainfall. a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for central halifax county until 5:15 pm. it is stationary with winds of 60 miles-per-hour. it will done some heavy rainfall. you can see all the lightning with highway 301 and very much stationary.
4:46 pm
3 inches overtime of rainfall. expects some across the tillery community. the aware of that between now and 5:15 pm. so let's continue our tour and see what is going on closer to the triangle with scattered showers developing through raleigh and garner toward the north east. you will see new activity across franklin county along us-on warren county with the next stop farther west where we are seeing showers and thunderstorms and final stop his final to the west with more yellow polygons showing up. as we go to the next few hours, this activity will tend to drift closer to us. toward the heat of the day most of the activity will die down. we will put the jet stream on the map with a ridge of high
4:47 pm
should change with thunderstorms developing readily during the afternoon. right now the greatest threat for severe weather is across the mid atlantic state where you see the yellow. we couldn't see any storms around here but they could be more likely across the mid atlantic state. let's see what is going on with tropical storm fiona. it was just called a tropical storm five minutes ago. i am hoping the graphic ha miles-per-hour. if you want to check it at home, it is 15.81 north. through next tuesday, the storm moves through the northwest. by monday, top winds at 50 miles-per-hour. by tuesday, it should be closing in on bermuda. they hope his it will get deflected to the northeast. it would also bring some cooler air next week.
4:48 pm
morning commute. we will look for scattered storms tomorrow afternoon. so far the high has been 96 today. and it is still hard for friday and into the weekend with an actual fall-feuling front that could bring a change for tuesday and wednesday. we have highs in the 80s and perhaps the upper 60s. that would certainly feel good. i >> every time i walk in i keep thinking this will be the last day but it's not. >> it is unbelievably warm at midnight. >> thanks, mike. companies are trying to stay relevant during the olympics despite extremely strict rules. the billions of dollars sort of businesses pay to the official sponsors. and the money you could say
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tragic domestic violence case. we will let you know how much some are paying for tomorrow's fundraiser. now he is going home with medals. that is when you turnover to wral at 5:00. it is not easy to market your product during the games. restrictions are so tight. we explain what you will not see in rio. >> [music playing] whether you are over in the olympic park or here in the olympic fan zone what you won't find a whole lot of is brand competition. the only refreshment use buy are the coke brand. in fact the city of rio has turned into one big advertisement. here at the store you can get
4:53 pm
only official sporting brand you will find is nike and the only car they accept is visa. all these companies more have paid big bucks to be official sponsors of the olympics. competitors are nowhere to be found. >> add very tuesdayers have paid anywhere from $4-6 billion. it makes sense they would want to protect that investment. >> staging the olympics expensive. they need the money big advertisers bring to the table. to help protect their brands and guard against what they call over commercial, they have rule 40 which restricts athletes ability to mention companies on social media if they are not official sponsors. there are also strict rules on what you can or cannot say about the olympics and commercials. >> if you are not an official sponsor and haven't been given
4:54 pm
or gold or silver or bronze in con juks withjunction with your -- conjunction with your advertising. >> they make no mention at all of the olympics. general mills puts animals through their paces in track and field this summer. in a so-called rabbit show down and google's the fruit gains. amid all the restrictions some are fighting back. >> when trump and the pope both tweeted about the olympics they said please seize and detest from wishing luck to our athletes because you are not a sponsor. it is obviously a parody. >> don't expect them to change
4:55 pm
latest medal dmount rio. the u.s. still firmly in first place with 86 medals overall. 28 of those gold. china has 51 medals. russia has 39. france rounding out the top five with 30. the bull city wants visitors to enjoy a bull -- [ indiscernible ] >> a including the games and shows at the durham performing arts center. they say they hope to blog will be a platform to show off all the great things happening in durham. unc fans can save some money on concessions this school year. they are lowering prices on items like hot dogs, candy, soft drinks, pretzels and popcorn. plus fans will be allowed to
4:56 pm
sealed beverages. that is huge. officials hope the changes encourage more people to come to the events. the changes impact venues like anderson, carmichael arena and henry stadium. >> and fans hope this encourages other schools to do the same thing. >> that would be nice. >> lower prices. everybody is about that. thanks for joining us. we will be back here on fox 50
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omi. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no chasers. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! >> wendy: here we go! yes. thank you. see you. you, too! thank you for watching the show


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