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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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right now on wral news. a battle over early voting is bubbling over. what we have learned about the bitter debate. >> plus, local business ow victims of the devastating louisiana floods. what you can do to help. new details about a thank you for joining us. they are calling on officials across the state to make changes. making the request by e-mail. ken smith picks it up live from the state capitol building,
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mail, pushing the boards of elections across the state to close polling places on sundays and eliminate the sites on college campuses. the e-mail causing quite a buzz in political circles. >> it could be applied to the finish. each side jockeying to the respective parties for a solid showing. wral obtained copy of the e- mail the state department director officials about eliminates early voting hours. in it he says republicans should fight to pro most safe and secure voting and for rules that are fair to our side. he made the point democrats are mobilelizing for a fight over early voting lowingcasions at times and filling up election board meetings and de-- locations at times and filling up election board meetings and demanding it. republican members should feel empowered to make the plans
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republicans. now, hall, the democracy rc called the e-mail irresponsible. in a statement he says many republican board members have more allegiance to the oath than the directives of woodhouse. he defended his writing. board members are an independent body and we have a right to lobby them as much as anybody else for republican positions. >> hall with democracy mc making the voting plans could help republicans this election cycle as they did back in 2010 when the biggest users of early voting were white republican men. now, to read the entire text of the e-mail dallas woodhouse sent to boards of e elections across the state go to our web site and click on this story. >> ken smith, live in raleigh,
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months away from the november election. jill stein and her running make took part in a live hall event. in the latest poll, she was at 5% support nationwide. donald trump is making more changes to his campaign staff. >> today he named steven banon as his chief executive officer. he also promoted conway from polester to campaign manager. emphasize his outsider status instead of moving towards the more traditional republican base. trump did not have public events today he met with his national security advisories if new york. the gathering was billed as a discussion of tactics to defeat terrorism. tomorrow, trump will bring his message to voters. he will hold a rally at the charlotte convention center at 7:30. ken smith will cover the event and have live reports beginning
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of her day in cleveland talking to voters. she hosted what was dubbed her tax fairness event. clinton said trump's decision to shake up the staff will have little impact on his message. in ohio she toured a high school. rain and floodwaters devastated areas of louisiana over the past several days. aid and relief is on the way thanks to agencies like red cross and national guard. wral candace sweat tells us about a handful of local business owners who stepped up and helped and why it and dear to them. >> one of a handful of local establishments collecting donations to send to louisiana. these items will ship off on saturday with another local business owner who calls himself a native son of louisiana. >> chad mcentire says the reason he wants to help is simple. >> baton rouge is hardest hit area. east of baton rouge. he knows how vital they are to
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he still has family giving him eyewitness accounts. >> my mom live miss in watson right now. my inlaws live in baton rouge close to the central line so everybody was affected. >> he teamed up with other local business owners, restaurants, breweries to create a donation drive. drew shank is part of the sports grill. one of many helping. >> sometimes there are ways to help that are out of reach. not everyone can get and build schools but just about everybody can get toilet paper or some toothpaste. >> reporter: the primary goal for making the nearly 1,000 mile drive is to help with cleanup and recovery. trash bags, mask, disinfect ant products are important. >> i am from west virginia originally. i used to be in the national guard there. i worked the flood duty. floods are horrible. obviously you lose your property, everything is dirty and everything is wet.
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what is right. >> beyond anything of just self- serving feeling of like i did good. pat on my back. it is what you do. it is what defines us as humans. >> reporter: he will leave for louisiana around 1:00 p.m. on saturday. donations can be made up until close to that point. he is as he simply is agency to get his boots on the ground and in raleigh, candace sweat, wral. for a list of participating businesses go to and click on this story. we are following news. a shooting at a party sent a woman to the hospital. this happened at a home on nugget court just before eight time time 30. she was take tone cape fear medical center. the police are not releasing her name. for overnight developings go to our web site. a mother and three kids found dead.
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charged of murdering the 32- year-old woman and facing charges for killing her three children ages 6, 7, 11. the police found the bodies in the family's apartment on tuesday night. the family was concerned about comments he made about his children's welfare. officers went by the apartment on monday night after howard's employer saying she had not shown up for work. the police officers did not find her or her car so they left and cleared the case. >> whe point she is in harm. we don't have a history of domestic violence at the home or anything. any red flags that are coming up to us that would require us to, you know, force entry into the home and take it a step farther. >> the police were called to the home in july after reports of an attempted sued. he was evaluated. there was no indication he was a danger to the mother or to the children. a teenager is accused of trying to help isis recruit in north carolina.
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to get an undercover law enforcement agent to join the group. the paperwork says he urged the officer to remain in the u.s. and pledge support to avoid being arrested for traveling abroad. breaking news in rio. the united states olympic committeey says american swimmers were removed from their flight to the united states by brazilian authorities. we are working to get more information from the situation and we will update you as we get more information. coming up in the next we will look into that investigation into if ryan lochte and other swimmers filed a false crime report when they reported being robbed at gunpoint. a tech layoff. cisco is laying off employees they employ 5,000 people, 350 positions could be cut by the end of the year. it is a win for minor
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fayetteville. officials of the houston astros made intentions to bring a team to the city official. >> they passed a memorandum of understanding tonight. the big question now remains how to pay for a new stadium. >> a stadium that existed in renderings in the digital world was a step closer to the real world. >> the city council approved a memorandum of houston astros, saying both sides went to bring a minor league baseball team to the city. this is about economic development. it is about a growth of our downtown and our city. >> estimates show baseball will bring around $60 million in investment to the downtown area and under the agreement, the new team would be long-term fayetteville residents. a minor league team for 30 years. >> reporter: this is where they could be playing ball in the city of fayetteville. making this field of dreams a reality takes money.
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that part out yet. >> we got to make sure we can pay for it and do it in a responsible way. >> the stadium will cost as much as $35 million. all options are on the table to play for it they have no plans for a tax increase. >> we want to look how we can do it and not do it with a tax increase. >> reporter: it allows the city and the haouft an astros -- and the houston astros to do the real work. look at development and finance. >> it is an exciting day for fayetteville. >> the new team could come as early as next year. they would play in a temporary home until the stadium is complete in 2019. look for the finer details of the agreement on our web site. people trying to escape a wildfire. even a news crew that got too
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enferno blazing outside of california. claims that ryan lochte and other swimmers being robbed. 99 in fayetteville. high pressure cooking us for the last several days breaks down tonight. the two changes you will see in
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veteran firefighters in california say they never seen a wildfire with such intensity. >> thousands are forced to leave their homes as flames rage out of control. officials don't know how many homes were destroyed but the number w >> in my 40 years of fighting fire i never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> extreme and uncontrolled. a roaring fire is burning everything in its path. weather and dry brush only help the fire spread. >> it is challenging when we are up against a fire burning aggressively. we are struggling to keep up with it. the bluecut fire is 70 miles east of los angeles. you can see the flames light up the night sky in this time
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>> with these -- the rate of spread we have seen if we ask you to leave you have to leave. >> reporter: the fire started around 10:30 on tuesday morning. engulfing mountains in plumes of smoke. crews say the explosive and fast-moving flames make fighting this kind of fire dangerous. >> we are seeing the fires are burning really unprecedented fashion. it is to the point where explosive fire growth is the new normal this year. that is a challenge for all of us to take . >> that fire covers 28 square miles threatening more than 34,000 homes. the crews warned 82,000 people who live in san bernardino county to evacuate the fast- moving fire. millions of dollars will develop affordable apartments. it will build the money in 37
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development is expected to create more than 13,000 jobs. plans were approved by the north carolina federal tax reform allocation committee. >> students return to school monday august 29th. this year it will cost more to buy lunch at school. lunch will be $2.85. it will cover costs associated with the new federal guidelines requiring fr vegetables and grains. now looking at olympic medals, u.s. in lead with 89. debra morgan is in rio and will join us following the olympic coverage on wral. well, we saw showers moving through the area earlier this evening and they are all gone now, right? >> yes, they died down but we will see a repeat tomorrow.
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couple of days through the weekend. high pressure moving out. allowing showers and storms to form more easily. let's take a look at what is ahead. we do see the radar view out there. a all is quiet. so, we will just bipass that and look at what is ahead. high pressure leaves, the storm chances will be rising in the coming days. also we have a tropical storm it is upgraded to fiona earlier this afternoon. could be more storms coming in off of africa. there is a whole slew of them farther in the interior of africa. the waves, they will emerge from the coastal area. moving into the waters of the at hrapbtic in the coming days. seeing more tropical systems coming up. >> could we be looking at a break from the heat? there is a really strong cold front that will bring cooler less humid area that moves by early on monday. it could bring in highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s by next tuesday anded with. we will see that coming up.
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doing well. bees are sitting on the porch of all of the hives, you expect them there in august. official high, 80, official low 71. numbers cloes to -- close to home. 80 here at wral. town by town, showers, dying down, we don't expect rain throughout the night. showers and thunderstorms, evolving throughout the day. a lot of left over cloud cover. expanding the view and the high pressure upon us. it is breaking down and it will not be presence tomorrow. we talked about it last night. the character of the atmosphere. the air lost it is dry. warm, hard. now, in the coming days the air lost will be cooler and moist and the thunderstorms could develop more in that kind of development. not much of a trigger but for the heating of the day.
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a surtpas trough set up in central north carolina that could be a trigtory develop the storms. partly cloudy to -- trigger to develop the storms. partly cloudy day. the week is chugging along quickly. future cast suggests primarily south and east of the fayetteville and raleigh area is where the shower thunderstorm storms will develop. suggesting in the triangle a 40- 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. so, yoma just in case the storms come on by. overnight, lower to middle 70s. the same drill tomorrow morning. muggy. partly cloudy, love to see the trend come to an end. perhaps not until next week. 89 at lunchtime. partly cloudy skies, lower to middle 90s. now, speaking of rainfall probabilities. let's check them out for the
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chance heading into the afternoon. so, potential then more of us will see thunderstorms, not everybody saw them today. a few widely scattered ones across the triangle and to the north and east and more widespread north and west. friday, high of 92. and the rainfall probability still descent. 50/50 shot going through the afternoon there. then, on saturday, still descent shot with rainfall probabilities about the 30-40% range. each afternoon, tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, we have the opportunity coming days dictated how quickly they can develop. early enough, maybe having a hard time to get into the 90s. there is your monday, tuesday, wednesday forecast. highs in the 80s. perhaps middle 80s tuesday and wednesday. lower 60s. down to 60, that is an indication that the air is drier. a that would feel more comfortable. >> i just count the days. i can not imagine what it feels like anymore. >> i know, i forget. >> yes. >> yes. >> balmy. yes.
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>> yes. nasty. >> yes. tropical out there. >> yes. a gym owner hopes to turn kids with autism into super heros. >> how soon she hopes to help those children and her inspiration to help as many as possible. >> next in sports, coach k. talks about team aus's win. 2 golfers who are just back ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. ?? from the mountains... to the beaches...
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u.s. men's basketball team is heading to the semifinals after three close games. this did not make anyone sweat. team usa wins 105-78. they got off to a slow start. down by 10 and then used a 27-2 run to end the first half. that will do it. put this one away early. kevin durant scored 27. the team gets ready for a game friday night with spain. >> i think we are evolving, you know, the 3 games, the last three games in full play. they were very beneficial to us. we played 3 outstanding teams and it showed some weaknesses that we have and we try to get better. the only way you get better is by playing the tough games. >> many u.s. golfers declined the chance to go to rio for the first golf competition in more
10:25 pm
in greensboro it had week for the championship. -- 100 years. 2 golfers that did are back in greensboro for a week of championship. >> once you are on sight and see all of the rings everywhere it puts chills down your back thinking one, i am an olympian and two, we are here. >> reporter: all of the horror stories in perspective nightmares they have been >> you felt safe. a huge key for a lot of the guys. you know, the security and when i heard about zika everyone is going to worry about diseases and anything like that. dinot see a single mosquito all week. >> reporter: his moment came at 1 spot he tries to avoid on the course. the water. time spent at the u.s. swim team's warm up pool. >> we start to walk out and you start to hear the cowbell ring and chanting usa.
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it back. it was a cool moment. i could of gone and swam a 100 meter and done pretty good at that point. >> reporter: the only thing he would of changed was the format. make it more like the ryder cup. where a country's success is just as important as the individuals. back to you. friday say big day as high school football begins. the first week the 36 season of football friday. this week it will be shortened as part of the newscast on back to normal at 11:45 thanks week. you know it is almost football season when they make the annual appearance at the raleigh sports club. the head coach answered a bunch of questions as he always does today. the biggest one, who is going to play quarterback for the pack in 2016. >> the positive part of this conversation is that we like both of them. that is the positive thing. we just have not had one kid out play the other kid for
10:27 pm
it is like he will have a good day and then he has a good day. it is a good problem. >> in other words he is undecided. >> yes. a very safe answer. >> yes, very safe. [ laughter ] still to come, a wake county school that hopes to get more kids involved in sports at an earlier age. >> doing so could develop better athletes. leaders from the school share their plan, just ahead. >> why there are more questions than asks when it comes to ryan lochte's claim that he and a at gunpoint. >> the odd burglary that they
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investigators are one step closer to finding a pair of twins that disappeared outside of pittsburgh more than 10 years ago and their mother is under arrest tonight. she initially told the police she sold her children but later retracted her story. the investigators do not believe the children he her other children were removed from the home. the son of a known drug lord may be among those kidnapped in mexico. they confirmed the identities of four of the 6 victims. the kidnappers appear to belong to the state's new generation drug cartel and the victims
10:31 pm
the coast guard had to rescue five-- rescue 500 people from a burning ship. half of the people on board still required medical care. mostly due to heatstroke, dehydration and shock. a hose carrying fuel burst in the engine room causing that blaze. the police in florida believe they have a good chance of solving an unusual burglary. while mario hall and his family slept the home was two people went around a riding mower. all they took was food, beverages and sausage. >> they took half a gallon of milk. half-gallon of orange juice and package of sausage. i don't know what else they took but it is -- i am in the bed sleep. what do i think of it?
10:32 pm
them good leads. a brazilian judge says she needs more time to determine if ryan lochte and other swimmers filed a false crime report. she issued a search weren't but they moved out of the olympic village days ago. >> reporter: brazilian authorities say they have more questions for two of the four american swimmers who claim they were robbed at gunpoint in rio on sunday. an incident ryan lochte recounted on st victims of a robbery early sunday morning and on the "today show". >> i was with a couple of swimmers. coming back -- we were pulled over in our taxi. the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead. i put my hands up. whatever. he took our money, he took my wallet. >> reporter: the police visited the olympic village
10:33 pm
a search warrant for him and another and to seize their passports but the u.s. olympictomy said they moved out of the facility days ago. increasing speculation about what happened after the daily mail released a video of them returning on sunday shortly after the incident. the judge that reviewed the video saying they a pored unshaken making jokes. his lawyer said wednesday his client is already back in the united states and that he fully cooperated with both brazilian and u.s. authorities he was not asked by brazilian authorities to remain in brazil for further investigation. had they asked he would of stayed and assisted. they still have not reached out to ask for additional information. back to you. >> brazilian police arrested a member of the international committee executive board today in connection to an investigation of ticket
10:34 pm
of patrick hickey in a hotel room with evidence. leading them to a scheme to illegally pass olympic tickets to middle men who resell them at well above their original prices. >> uber is suing over new rules requiring london taxi drivers to learn english. they need to pass an exam. uber says it will effect thousands of drivers. the city says drivers have to be able to communicate english to discuss rates and safety. airlines for americas is predicting a 4% boost in holiday air travel. 2.2 million passengers a day. the busiest day will be september 2nd followed by
10:35 pm
visitors to enjoy a bull- voyage. they want them to enjoy the bulls and the shows. they want to show off all of the great things happening in durham. check out the blog at athletic department and concession provi hot dogs, candy, pretzels and popcorn. fans will be able to bring their own food and sealed beverages. they hope it will encourage more people to come to the events. it will effect anderson and other stadiums. blake shelton hopes to smooth things over with people offended by some of his twitter posts. >> still ahead. how he hopes those that truly
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plus, a one of a kind gym
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bill cosby is making changes to his defense team. prestley had been on the job for less than a year. blake shelton says his humor may be inappropriate and immature but not hateful. that was just part of an apology he made for a treat that many people considered offensive. anyone who knows him also knows that he has no tolerance for hatred of any kind. taylor swift donated there 1 million to the louisiana she called the situation heartbreaking and encouraged others to help out. time now for a look at what is trending. linda is in the news room. >> here is something fun to do. the guy, they call him the backyard scientists. he is popular on youtube. he does all of these exparamedics. he decided to see what it would be like if he would sink or swim in a pool filled with
10:40 pm
in [ laughter ] >> he put 25 million in a pool and he -- >> where do you get that? >> exactly. right. he wants to jump in to see if he sinks or floats. well, the science behind it is that it -- once you displace your body weight you float so he is kind of stuck in the middle of those and then he did not know what to do with the rest of the pool so he invited nephews to come over and play. how fun would that be. >> it is odd. >> it would be fun. [ laughter ] >> let's go do it, lynda. they stuck like that. just kidding. >> unless you slip under and nobody knows you are there. [ laughter ] >> oh the fun you can have, right? [ laughter ] the next one, so sweet. the video expressed pure emotion i think are so sweet. they always make me tear up. this is a couple their grandson is in the olympics. he wins and this is them afterwards. >> look at that.
10:41 pm
they are all crying. wiping away tears. this has -- look at him. -- oh! >> and it is going on all over america, all over the world. >> you know it. they are so proud. just that raw emotion. >> yes. that is the best thing. >> yes. that is best. three million views for that. yes, wow, what a sweet position for them on be in. >> yes. nice touch. >> yes. oh, very nice. i have the link on my facebook page if you would like to share those. if you thin be in what's trending let me know. >> thank you, lynda. coming up, how a school in cary hopes to change that. too much heat to go along in the country. take a look at the high temperatures today. fall begins september 1st. we will track the movement of
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that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is. fresh, delicious chicken from sanderson farms. nc state students first day of classes. first to include students from all 50 states, all 100 counties in north carolina and 110 countries wade tech always
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from around the world. >> athletes other than from the u.s. begin at an earlier age and practice more hours than their american counterparts. a new school in cary hopes to change that. >> this is more than simple summer soccer. >> it is just like music conservetory. >> reporter: the key to maskerring the skill comes presidency in the hours of practice. >> we nt and soccer. >> reporter: a private school opens with 20 students this year. >> go, go, go, go, go. >> the goal, train students in soccer and core acdemmics to compete on a global scale. >> first thing in the morning the kids train for about an hour and a half. then when they will do they will have a shower and and a snack and stretching and then they go to the first academic session. >> it is something familiar to me because i also grew up in a
10:46 pm
>> reporter: >> reporter: heather waters is a mom here. >> it means moving him from a traditional private school to this new exparent. >> any time you change your child's environment it is different. if it is something they love and requesting as i parent i had to give it a good chance. >> just going to be amazing. going to be challenging academically and physically. >> reporter: he believes it is the soccer that keeps him focused in the clasoo math it helps you calculate your percentage of shots saved for me as a goalkeeper or passes completed and just -- it just helps overall being a good student academically. >> reporter: they used online tech mology and new teaching methods in the class room. it then engaged students to better their athletic careers. >> i am a big believer that having kids sit in a classroom for seven behalf to eight hours
10:47 pm
disservice. we want to change that conversation. so we think we can achieve excellence in soccer and in academics. >> i love it. we will keep working on that. >> reporter: they open on monday with middle school class. they will rent space at the soccer park and classes overlook the playing field. >> what a great opportunity for kids that love soccer noyes. nice area out there any way. >> yes. what do we have going on outside right now? is the air. it is hugging me again. it loves me. next week the air cools down. we talked about that in the last half-hour. we will show you where the cooler air is coming from. switching gears, looking at lightning with a big apple. they captured these photos. cool stuff. i love looking at lightning. that is one of the reasons i became a meteorologist. i was fascinated it as a kid.
10:48 pm
took this from new jersey. now, let's move to weather desk top. take a look at what is happening on our 6 panel display. we will start with the tropics first. upgraded to fiona earlier today. there it is. moving to the west-northwest now. 16 miles an hour. forward motion is changed just a bit. earlier today it is moving northwest at 16. now it is more west mother west. look at this. another disturbance coming in off of africa that is moving over this is the next disturbance that could develop into another tropical system. a slew of them all lined up across africa moving to the west and once they emerge they can develop in new storms as well. it might be active in the coming weeks out here in atlanta. let's take a look at the sates. we had the new ones come in. 40 miles an hour. moving west-northwest at 16. tracking it at home, 15.5 north, 35.5 west.
10:49 pm
islands. there is south america and rio is way down there. let's look at the path and intensity over the next several days. it is moving to the west- northwest and northwest. it is approaching the northwest. now, the upper level winds will come in from the south and the west. with that should help steer the storm away before it makes its way to the u.s. watching it closely over the next several days. for now it does not look like it is an issue. the reason being, temperatures, upper level winds, surface temperatures, there is that 90 degree line. there is the reupbl, watch what happened. tomorrow, heat is gone. moved out of the atlantic and poof. now, no more of the influence. we should see the storms develop more easily over the coming days through the weekend. there is the next cold front.
10:50 pm
this will deliver cooler air. temperatures will be below normal in this region going through next week. all-1/2 cooler drier air will go to the south. there it is monday. now, 90s on monday and once the front passes. talking about middle 80s for highs on tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. the dew points could be falling into the 50s bid with. the air will significantly dry out and it will feel nowhere near as muggy as it has been lately. you can just hang on for four at the end of the 7 day. 94, a chance of storms, likewise, saturday and sunday. it will be dictated on the amount of cloud cover and how early the storms form. some days in the 80s for highs, tuesday,, wednesday. highs in the 80s. getting closer to the fall and we will get more of the fronts bringing cooler air. >> yes.
10:51 pm
100? >> i think we will. this is the last one. >> summer is almost over. >> yes. >> thank you, mike. the federal government says u.s. airline passengers are complaining less this year. >> still ahead y. they are doing better overall. there are some key areas where doing better overall. there are some key areas where airlines s you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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to t more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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true spirit of summer olympics mcdonald's is hoping
10:54 pm
to the happy meals. the new step it fitness tracker will be in every happy meal sold in the u.s. and canada. children can get one of 6 wrist warn that blink slowly or quickly depending on a child's activity. they'd the philosophy for happy meal toys they encourage physical or imagineination- based play. a new report from transportation shows passengers are complaining less about airlines. there was a specific type of complaint that increased. more people filed grievances concerning discrimination and more complaints about the treatment of disabled passengers. the most criticized airlines were american and united. it is considered the world's largest aircraft. today, it lifted off for the first time. the uk's airliner only made a short trip across an airfield. the engineers say it say cross
10:55 pm
>> it is an engineering feat the nickname is not glamorous. dubbed the flying bum because the front unmimics most people's rear end -- front end mimics most people's rear end. [ laughter ] a rare discovery ocean the second oldest shipwreck in the united states. a zoo welcomes a new baby lion cub. making history. her birthmarks the first time in more than two decades since a lion was born there. what a cutie. the cub is 6 weeks old. weighing nearly 9 pounds. the zoo officials say she is in good health. very cute. illinois woman plans to
10:56 pm
sensory gym. she is hoping it will offer music and art therapy and trips and ways to get a haircut in a common environment. she came up with the idea after learning her own 3-year-old son has autism. >> what a fantastic idea. tropical storm fiona. >> yes. top winds 40 miles an hour. max strength. the winds at this point not expected to be a now, check out the forecast. 40 miles an hour. now, the heat will be backing off in the coming days not as fierce. next week, oh, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 80s? >> yes. looking forward to that.
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lights, access, rio. >> you remember that? >> well, that is just some delicious icing on the cake for simone. i'm natalie years after her perfect 10 changed everything nothing like nadia comaneci to put it in perspective. >> she'd just kick my behipd. >> come on, get up. we're here to finish this. >> the ultimate act of sportsmanship is resonating around the world. i'm kit hoover. we've got nikki and abbey sharing the whole story together. >> this is what we're all about as humans. >> i'm on "access hollywood." >> that's right. >> must be something in the rio


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