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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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believe it or not, i regret it. >> now on fox 50, presidential candidate donald trump chooses a different tone. >> also, the upon that could impact blue cross blue shield customers in north carolina. >> and meteorologist elizabeth gardner tells us when to look out for weekend showers. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm bill leslie. we continue our slow descent on the heat ladder we've been on
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if you can call 90 degrees -- >> i think it is just hard to tell. >> i had to take my son to soccer and gosh, it was just brutal out there. we do have some showers this morning. most of mecklenburg county, virginia seeing a few showers. that stretches down into vance and warren counties. not quite over to roanoke rapids but it is lily there in about 45 minutes. a tiny little band getting ready to move into orange county. we'll be watching that over the next couple of hours as we see here on fox 50. 76 in cary and 75 in wake forest. town by town, 75 in rocky mount. it is warm, muggy when you step out the door. that will be the case all weekend. next week, especially by tuesday morning, you will notice a real difference.
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70s, very sticky. we'll see a high of 90 this afternoon. a good chance of scattered thunderstorms. that will help to hold our temperatures down a little closer to normal through the weekend but some of the storms could produce some heavy rain. brian is here with a look at the road weather index. >> let's take a closer look at that road weather index. can you see parts of northwestern chatham county could see wet conditions an just north of the triangle from roxboro, through granville, vance and warren counties into the southern part of virginia as well. even if -- with the sun up, with your windshield wipers on,
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that is the law in north carolina. this is the scene out at rock quarry road. that is westbound traffic heading away from us. just a couple of minutes ago, it was stop and roll through there. starting to open up a little bit. still looking at a little bit of residual delay. we are see something pretty steady improvemen minutes from 42 out to the beltline split. seeing a bit of a slow downthrough the fortify work zone. look out for an earlier crash on church at ash street. in spring lake, a reminder from the dot. we've been telling you about the northbound braga boulevard closure at randolph street. they say to avoid the big backups, take the new section
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that should save you a little bit of time. breaking news from independent independent university's bloomington campus. >> officials say a threat is no longer imminent after a report of a person with a handgun near the area. people can resume their normal routine but they should stay vigilant. trump took the stage in charlotte. >> and hillary clinton met with law enforcement leaders to show her support for police. edward lawrence now with the latest on both campaigns. >> reporter: from the moment donald trump started speaking after his campaign reshuffle, things were different. gone was the unapologetic candidate for president. >> sometimes, in the heat of
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choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: trump went on o. to say he will always tell the tooth and used this change in attitude to take the debate to hillary clinton. >> she never tells the truth. one lie after another and getting worse with each passing day. >> reporter: clinton met with nation shelf wants to show that she can support communities and the people who protect them. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >> reporter: in a statement, clinton responded to trump's new tone saying he started the campaign by insulting people and continues to do so.
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still looking for the person who killed a man near the hope house. this was breaking news yesterday morning. 26-year-old sebastian smith was shot off north allen street. he later died at the hospital. police say the shooting has nothing to do with the hope house. a federal judge blockeded a florida law that prevents state funds from going to organizations that provide abortions. the controversial impacted inspection requirements on clinics. planned parenthood challenged three parts of the law. blue cross, blue shield of north carolina is having technical issues. >> the problems are affecting claims processing and customer service. blue cross says it is working with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to make sure they are aware of of the situation. raleigh police asked the fbi to help them determine if shots were fired at crabtree
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video, talking to witnesses and examining two holes in the ceiling, investigators say they are not bullet holes and they are no closer to solving the mystery. they released nearly 300 911 calls. >> we are in the body shop. there was lots of bangs and shootings at the valley mall somewhere downstairs. >> did you see anybody. >> didn't see anybody. but everybody is run jim giggans has somebody been shot. >> i don't know. >> reporter: jo raleigh police want the fbi to analyze the video with the sound in the background to see if they can figure out what it is and where it came from. a new site posts a message to president obama. >> that is while federal officials work to comfort flood victims in louisiana.
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devastation coming up. >> plus the tricks phone scammers using ahead of back to school season.
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emergency crews in new jersey are on the scene of a serious bus crash, this crash involving two new jersey transit buses in newark shortly before 6:00 our time this morning. >> aerials of the scene that you see right here show one bus on its sides a cording to local media reports, the driver of
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nine other people are said to be injured. it could be an historic day on the track at the rio olympics. jamaican sprinter usain bolt insists he will run his final olympic race tonight. he already won his third straight olympic gold medal in the 200-meter dash. he won three straight golds in the 100-meter dash. he will try for another win tonight. team usa's ashton eaton greatest athlete on earth. he won his second straight goal in the men's decathlon. the united states is 100 strong when it comes to medals. shine is a distant second with 58. -- china is a deck assistant second with 58. amber heard says she will
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divorce settlement from johnny depp to charity. she wants the money to benefit women who have been abused and sick children. she will donate to the american civil lib rts union specifically to combat violence against women and to the children's hospital of los angeles. heard and depp settled their contentious divorce on tuesday. a warning about a new take on an old scam. this time the crooks taking advantage of back-to-school season. th are targeting students and parents demanding payment for taxes that don't exist like the federal student tax. the irs says the scammers can become aggressive and threat ton get police involved. if you are contacted, don't provide any information. the irs would mail you a bill if you owed money. it is the story out of rye owe that keeps evolving. >> the u.s. olympic swimmer who will now have to pay thousands to leave the country following that false robbery report.
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suicide squad could make with a
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?i was on your side, bill, when you ? i never scheme or lie, bill, there's been no fooling ?? >> that was my favorite song in college. just kidding. >> i wouldn't even put it past you. and that is supposed to be in honor of former president clinton who is celebrating 70 years today. >> i thought we were honoring
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you are the first bill i think of. >> i want marry you, bill. >> that is what all the girls said. >> oh, yeah, right. i want to dump you, bill. >> i know we want to get rid of the heat. >> let's dump that. >> what a rough week it has been. we do have changes in store but not until early next week. we'll have to live with this through the weekend. take a look at what is going on. we start with the radar and there it is. the dual doppler 5000 up near the virginia line. that is where we've seen most of the showers this morning. mecklenburg county, just some light patchy rain. we've had some of it inching over towards roanoke rapids. a lot of this starting to weaken and fall apart. it was light to begin w if it even weakens more, there won't be a whole lot left of it. from raleigh northward up
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into orange county, weakening really quickly. pretty gray out there this morning. you can see the showers drifting from the west and moving east across the region. it is starting to weaken university -- just a little bit now. we haven't seen much rain in wilson. it has mainly been north of there. 72 is our dew 73 in southern pines. here is another look at the satellite and radar picture. we have a stationary front sitting right here. that will be the focus for some scattered thunderstorms for today and tomorrow and sunday. and then late sunday, a cold front drops in on us. it will push all of this out of hire. we'll see the first taste of some lowering humidity we've seen in a long time. here is a look at futurecast. at 4:00, scattered thunderstorms developing along
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some of these will produce heavy rain. there might be isolated flooding with those storms and possibly even some wind that does minor damage. it shouldn't be that we'll see a lot of widespread wind damage. on saturday and sunday, we have afternoon. sometime over the weekend, fiona will just become a tropical wave or low pressure system again. kind of brush by bermuda but it shouldn't do a whole hot of damage. in rio, everything is looking nice. a little warmer than normal. not a bad day there. we have a good chance of late day thunderstorms.
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30% chance on sunday. the chance does step down a little bit over the weekend but still, any day over the weekend, you could see a scattered storms. cooler temperatures and less humidity as we get into next week. brian is here with a look at some drive times this morning. how is it looking? we told you about that minor crash on 40 and hammond road. lanes are open now but seeing residu 4 minutes now to make the trip from 42 to the beltline split. but we should start to see the delays split up over the next little while. heading beyond that through the fort for a work zone out towards wade avenue, no trouble. beyond that from wade avenue out to 540, the trip to the airport and park delay-free at six minutes on 40 westbound.
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major routes are looking fine. over in morrisville, we have a minor crash at church and ash streets. back to you. >> thank you. it is the worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy. >> but more rain will top flood water this is weekend in parts of louisiana. deadly high waters have displaced thousands. we have a report. >> reporter: from the air, the scale of the devastation is overwhelming. cnn spending the day with the national guard to survey the scope and severity of louisiana's historic flood. tens of thousands have abandoned their homes and from this vantage point, it looks like very little will be salvaged when the water finally subsides. gerald joseph oversees the
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different. we fight wars and when you're not, you are helping the homeland. >> reporter: some of the national guard members helping in the recovery are also flood victims themselves. >> in many parts of the region, 57% of the homes were destroyed and those were the homes of the men and women in the national guard, really of all the people who are doing the response. they are affected by it but they also have the burden of having to help respond. >> reporter: many flood victims are worried about how long it will take for the region to recover. is there something you have that you need? they got medical, food, clothing. >> we do but we are not turning anything around because we don't know how long it will go on. >> reporter: at the same time, there is growing criticism of president obama for vacationing in martha's vineyard as the people in louisiana deal with the aftermath. the baton rouge advocate writing in an editorial, if the president can interrupt his vacation for a swanky fundraiser for fellow democrat hillary clinton as he did on
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time to show up for a catastrophe that has displaces thousands. >> this is a -- the magnitude of this disaster requires federal leadership. it requires federal intervention. this is a poor state and a lot of people have lost everything they own. we are going to need help just as we did in katrina. homeland security secretary jay johnson says federal leaders are in louisiana and they will stay as lodge as it ke to recover. around here, a much more pleasant thought. our gardens are still full of tomatoes. >> we have a couple of ways to use those fresh veggies in salads. >> we'll do a sweet tomato cucumber salad and a savory tomato cucumber salad. week nights, i need a side dish quick and i don't want to turn on the oven or stove, chances are i always have some cucumber
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so this is just over the years a quick throw together salad. i can make it sweet or savory. >> we'll make the sweet one first. we combine diced cucumbers with fresh cherry tomatoes and we mix together the dressing, red wine vinegar, sugar and mayonnaise. >> we'll pour it all over and stir to combine. >> this is interesting. >> the savory salad as easy. add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and fresh basil. >> all of this stuff is in the garden or maybe in your neighbor's garden. >> ask and borrow. >> it is time to taste. >> it is good, clean, fresh, so easy to make on a weeknight when you need a side dish. >> that is good. both the sweet and savory salad are delicious easy side dishes.
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those tomatoes and cucumbers. >> that is so refreshing in the summertime. a warning for residents in cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree
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that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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. i'm lena tillett with your top stories. wake forest police are still looking for the the person who killed a man near the hope house. 26-year-old sebastian smith was shot off north allen street. he later died in the hospital. police say the shooting has nothing to do with the hope house. blue cross blue shield is experiencing technical issues. they are working with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to
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situation. looking at a few scattered showers out there this morning. this time of year, it is typically in the afternoon or evening. most it was has been up near the virginia linement we are starting to see a little bit of that closer to durham in the northern part of wake county and just west of roanoke county. you will see some of the sprinkles around south hill and roxboro. you will run into most it there this morning. our temperatures this morn it is very muggy. we'll see a high of 90 this afternoon, about three degrees cooler than yesterday. we do have a good chance of scattered storms today, tomorrow and sunday, mainly in the afternoon and evening but the potential for some heavy rain. much nicer conditions next week. let's take a look at live drive times this morning. we had an earlier crash on 40 westbound right around the hammond road interchange. things are easing up but you
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between 42 and the beltline split. some congestion around the fortify work zone and from wade to 540, looking good at six minutes. . ahead on fox 50, why you could see more law enforcement
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. welcome back. we are coming up on 73:00:00. i'm bill less -- on 7:30 now. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm lena tillett. >> american swimmer james feigen was seen at a courthouse. he claimed he and three other roommates were robbed after awe late night of partying. >> the swimmer's lawyer said he will pay more than $10,000 and leave the country today. >> two of 9 olympic swimmers are now headed home from row owe after speaking with that didn't add up. >> police say the american swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom while drunk after a pert on sunday. they paid for the damage when confronted by armed security guards. as we said, feigen is leaving today. the fourth swimmer, ryan lochte, is already back in the u.s. he has been back for a day or so. the athletes could face prosecution for lying to police. they could also face punishment from the u.s. olympic
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quote, the behavior of these athletes is unacceptable nor does it represent the values of team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. we learned more overnight about a man found dead in southeast raleigh. police have confirmed the name of that victim. >> they are also this case as a homicide. mikaya thurman joins us with details. >> reporter: authorities are reaching out to the public for any information that may lead them to the person or people responsible in the shooting. 23-year-old la quan andersons with a father of two young boys. police say his body was found around 6:00 p.m. last night on cross street. family members say anderson had been missing since tuesday. neighbors report a shooting in the area that same night.
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late evening. anyone with information is asked to call raleigh crimestoppers. . >> thank you. former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff retired army general john vessy has died. he rose through the ranks in his 46 year military career and served as chairman under ronald reagan. he mav republican presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence will visit flood ravaged louisiana today where more than a dozen people have died in the storms since the massive flooding started last week. yesterday, he made a stop in charlotte where he publicly expressed regret for times when he has said the wrong thing. he also touched on immigration, helping veterans, destroying isis and attacking his
7:33 am
the trust factor. today, the trump campaign starts airing ads for the first time in the general election in four battleground states including north carolina. according to nbc news, he spent $4 million to run the ads for 10 days. there could be a change in policy for the clinton foundation if the presidential nominee gets elected. her husband, former president bill clinton told staff members the foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donation if his wife the foundation with only accept contribution u.s. citizens and independent charities. state and local law enforcement kick off the annual labor day booze it and lose it campaign today. nearly every law enforcement agency in the state participates in the campaign. they will continually run sobriety checkpoints in all north carolina counties. local landowners owe peaced to the atlantic coast point line protested in cumberland county. opponents say they are
7:34 am
tactics duke and dominion are using. the blue ridge environmental defense league sponsored yesterday's event. firefighters are making progress battling a huge fire 60 miles east of los angeles. the blaze has burned 55 square square miles but is now 22% contained. at one point, authorities ordered 08,000 people to evacuate. they are now allowing some of the residents to go back home. dry weather and strong wind making the fire unpredictable. a new fire broke out in rural santa barbara county quickly surging to 500 acres and prompting the evacuation of two campground. >> every time you see those fire images, absolutely incredible. >> and then they get rain and mudslides t seems like it is a never-ending state of peril for people living in california. >> so true. around here, we will see rain and as a matter of fact,
7:35 am
let's take a look at the radar picture. we'll zoom in. you can see some scattered showers. it has been very light especially around the virginia line. we haven't seen very much at all south of the triangle. we'll zoom in right here on this area around durham and just south of oxford. a tiny little cell here just east of butner and it is moving eastward. it is moving away from i-85. if you are in that area, you may run into brief heavy rain and where we see one, we often see more cells popping up that are producing some heavier rain. that is the first one we've seep so far this morning -- we've seen so far this morning. it is warm, muggy. feels like summer. 77 in apex and in garner. if you are about to head out the door for your morning run, it will be a sweatfest. it is very muggy. our high temperature climbs to around 90 this afternoon. we do have a better chance for
7:36 am
quick look at what is happening in the tropics. brian, we've been tracking fiona. we may have another storm starting to develop. >> the time of the year to watch for those. >> we are following some delays. this is all due to an earlier crash around hammond road. we are seeing in gradually improving but it between the clayton bypass and business 70. as soon as you get beyond business 07 heading out towards jones sausage road and 440, you are in pretty good shape. once you are on the south side of raleigh towards rock quarry road and hammond road, it slows down yet again. that ride from 440 out to the wade interchange stand at 16 minutes. we'll keep an eye on the delays. we do have a crash reported on
7:37 am
you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well right now in both directions on capital at least. no delays coming in from 540. we'll watch the sensors and let you know if it changes. over on the western side of the triangle out towards durham and chapel hill. traffic is moving along pretty well. we'll get the latest sensor reading there on the durham freeway northbound. the southbound trip is also look good as you leave downtown durham heading towards i-40. we've been telling you all th northbound bragg boulevard. a permanent closure at randolph street. the dot sent a note yesterday asking people not to take bragg boulevard up to randolph street if you can help it at all. consider using that new six of 295 from spring lake, use 295 to merkerson and continued your trip on up into spring lake from fayetteville.
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>> i'm ready. what to expect when you watch our new show high school ot live online. the companies that plan to deliver driverless taxis. >> taxis.
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cary officials are warning people to avoid strange acting animals after a rabid fox attack. the fox taxed a jogger way couple of dogs wednesday morning on a greenway near lantern ridge lane. the jogger and the dogs are receiving treatment. as for the fox, the town of
7:41 am
tests show the fox had rabies. the first confirmed case in cary this year scientist new team plans to enter the field of self-driving cars. >> uber and volvo are investing $300 million to develop driverless cars. under the agreement, volvo will make the cars and uber will buy them. uber will also provide some self-developed autonomous technology. the cars start rolling in pittsburgh later this month with chaperones in the front seat to take over. a are leaving the international space station but they will not go very far. jeff williams and kate rubens will conduct a spacewalk this morning. they will be installing the first of two international docking adaptors that will be used for arrivals of commercial spacecraft from boeing and space x sometime in the future. this is a huge development and it is the first spacewalk for nasa since january.
7:42 am
>> can you imagine commercial space travel. >> you could fly your own little flying sauce are up there. >> have to have a little bit more money than i have. >> i'll stop by for a cup of tea. despite poor reviews, one movie hits the half billion
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>> that is
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summer play list on spotify. >> good selection there, nina simone called sinner man. simone will be a very popular year for the baby names because of all the victories they had this year. this weather has not been anybody's favorite. i think everybody is tired of it and ready to get rid of it. le picture. we have had some showers this morning and just now starting to see heavier rain developing. it has been down here so far just in the last about 20 or 30 minutes in the southern part of granville county but it is beginning to spread down across falled lake right now. this little piece is moving eastward inform franklinton and youngsville, you will see this shortly. there have been some patchy
7:46 am
in term of the biggest impact you will see. in the last 30 minutes or so, it has gotten a little bit heavier in terms of the rain. our radar picture begins here at 3:45. this is the loop. you can see the impressions of things through the morning. right there is the tiny little cell that is starting to ramp up a little bit. we'll keep watching it and we'll be with you until 9:00. we take a look at our wilson skycam where it ha dry so far this morning. most of the rain we've seen, the patchy light showers, have been from rocky mount northward up toward the virginia line. 77 is our temperature. the air feels very heavy begin again with that dew point at 72. in south hill, 74. 74 in fayetteville. 75 in goldboro and rocky mount. we do have a stationary front
7:47 am
on sunday, we have another more powerful front that comes through and it will sweep this moisture out of here. we'll get into low are humidity and it should feel great -- into low are humidity and it should feel great. 40% of storms on saturday and 0% on sundayment then it really quiets down. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all look really dry with very pleasant conditions compared to what we've seen so far this week. friday, saturday, sunday, highs in the low 90s. we have that front that come through late sunday, early monday and behind it comes the refreshing air. it will be a little bit cooler and a good bit less humid too. mid-80s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and the morning low starting to drop too. it has been a long time since we've hay morning low in the 60s. however, that is normal for this time of year. our normal is 68. 63 for wednesday morning t will feel refreshing out there.
7:48 am
brian is here with a look at what is happening on the roads this morning. >> we are seeing delays through the fortify work zone and they are not all that bad. we'll take a look at the live drive times right now on 40 westbound. we are back to normal in garner. once you are in south raleigh, slows down a little bit especially between the rock quarry road area out towards lake wheeler road that, overall ride from 440 to wade is taking about 17 minutes this mo leaving west raleigh heading out to the airport an rmplet tp, at the moment delay free at seven minutes. -- and rtp, at the moment delay- free at seven minutes. between raleigh and cary t looks like we have an accident that just popped up not too far from i-40 and the u.s. 1 interchange. working on getting more information about that. i'll have an update in about
7:49 am
still following the crash on the capital boulevard/buffalo road intersection area. our sensors are not picking up any delays as you come in through the buffalo road interchange and down to 440. we are picking up delays on the sensors on 440 westbound between the knightdale bypass and the wade avenue interchange about. 27 minutes to make that ride around toward the wade 40 on the west side of raleigh. allow extra time through there. back to you. >> thank you. analysts expect last weekend's top two movies, suicide squad and sausage party torque beat a trio of new challengers. david daniel has a preview. >> in the arena, there is no law. racing is a blood sport f you
7:50 am
he vine intervention. the$100million remake is getting vie views and tracking to debut with just $10 to $15 million. they are rallying christian and faith-based communities to turn out. >> how did 220 something young men land a $300 minute contract. >> i have a big idea. >> miles tell are and jonah hill star in war dogs based on the true st arms dealers during the iraq war. box office watchers are predicting an opening weekend of $12 million to $15 million. >> if you must blink do it now.
7:51 am
were actually true. >> analysts expect this animated adventure to debut with about $13 million setting up quite a weekend box office battle. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. high school football officially kick off tonight and that means it is the debut of our new show, high school ot live. this will feature a live look- in on about eight games a week and will air on high school for about three hours each friday night. tonight is also of the 36th season of football friday on wral. it will be an abbreviated version tonight because of of the olympics and will air during our late news. next week, it will return to its normal time, 11:35 on wral. former president bill clinton turns 07 today. he is married to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. no word on any plans the cup valentine for celebrating but
7:52 am
birthday, the clinton house museum out in fayetteville, arkansas is waiving admission for visitors today and tomorrow. the joke are gets a new role plus so you side squad may go down in history. crews will soon film movies at the met gala. here are today's hollywood headlines. >> reporter: suicide squad's joker jared leto is jumping into another highly anticipated project, the blade runner sequel. no word on his role in the follow-up, the plot of also under wraps. we do know harrison ford is returning for the sequel. it is set self decades after the original and due in theaters in october of 2017. >> we almost pulled it off despite when everybody thought. >> reporter: poor reviews haven't stopped suicide squad from reaching a milestone. half a billion dollars in worldwide box office in just under two week of release. with a dosent showing this
7:53 am
the top 10 for the year. fashion's biggest night is head for the big screen. new york's annual met gala is set to be the backdrop for two upcoming heist movies. the met gala heist and the much buzzed about oceans ocho. the met gal as called the oscars of fashion. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> are you going to the movies this weekend? >> i did want to see suicide reviews aren't so great. it seems interesting. >> ben-hur interest you at all, the remake? >> maybe. what about you? >> i've got the neighborhood chariot i'm going to take over to the theater. >> you will fit right in with the crowd. coming up, more news still
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i'm bill leslie with the top stories. state and local law enforcement kick off their annual labor day booze it and lose it campaign today. agency statewide participates in the campaign. they will continually run sobriety checkpoints in all 100 north carolina counties. police are investigating a murder after a man was found dead in southeast raleigh. the man's body was found behind a residence on south fisher street. overnight, police identified the victim as 23-year-old la quan anderson. if you have any information about this death, you are urged to call raleigh crimestoppers. let's get a check of forecast with elizabeth j we started off
7:57 am
of patchy light rain. just in the last 30 or 45 minutes, we've had a little cell that has gotten a little bigger and producing heavier rain. up around south hill and ron oak rapids, even down the i-85 corridor, it has been pretty patchy and light. now in the southern part of granville county and even the northern part of wake county is this band of rain moving eastward towards frank lynnton and youngsville, maybe even clipping wake forest. it is not anything major threat. just wanted you to know that there is some heavier rain there. our temperatures are mainly in the mid-70s. we'll see a high temperature of 90 this afternoon. a good chance of scattered storms late today, tomorrow and sunday. looking at an 18 minute ride this morning on 40 westbound between the 440 interchange out towards wade avenue with just some congestion along the way o u.s.
7:58 am
and also at the i-40 interchange between cary and raleigh. on the north side of raleigh, an accident on capital boulevard just south of durant road. ahead on fox 50, the company experiencing problems
7:59 am
republican presidential candidate donald trump chooses a different tone. plus the group hurricane
8:00 am
support. >> also, the problem that could impact blue cross blue shield customers in north carolina. and meteorologist elizabeth guard they are tells us when it look out for weekend showers. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm bill leslie. let's begin with breaking news out of indiana university's bloomington campus. >> officials say a threat is no longer imminent after a report of a person with a handgun near the area. people can are you teen but they should stay vigilant. a very different donald trump took the stage in charlotte for a very different kind of trump speech. >> hillary clinton met with law enforcement leaders to show how much she supports police. edward lawrence with more now on both campaigns.


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