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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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support. >> also, the problem that could impact blue cross blue shield customers in north carolina. and meteorologist elizabeth guard they are tells us when it look out for weekend showers. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm bill leslie. let's begin with breaking news out of indiana university's bloomington campus. >> officials say a threat is no longer imminent after a report of a person with a handgun near the area. people can are you teen but they should stay vigilant. a very different donald trump took the stage in charlotte for a very different kind of trump speech. >> hillary clinton met with law enforcement leaders to show how much she supports police. edward lawrence with more now on both campaigns.
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after his campaign reshuffle, things were different. gone was the unapoll jet you can candidate for president. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and, believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: trump went to say he will always tell the truth. he used this change in attitude to take clinton. >> she never tells the truth. one lie after another and getting worse with each passing day. >> reporter: clinton met with the top police chiefs in the nation. she wants to show that she can support communities and the people would protect them. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is
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everyone is respected by the law. >> reporter: in a statement, clinton responded to trump's appear new tone saying he started the campaign by insulting people and continues to do so. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. wake forest police are still looking for the person who killed a man near the hope house. this was breaking news yesterday morning. 26-year-old sebastian smith was shot off north allen street. he later died in the hospital. police say the shooting has nothing to do with the hope florida law that prevents state funds from going to organizations that provide abortions. the controversial law also added inspection requirements on clinics. planned parenthood challenged three parts of the law. the republican governor rick scott's administration has decided to stop fighting the issue in court. blue cross blue shield is experiencing some technical issues. the problems are affecting claims, processing and customer service. the company is working to
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with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to make sure they are aware of the situation. raleigh police is asking the fbi to help them determine if shots were fired at crabtree valley mall. after reviewing surveillance video, talking to witnesses and examining two holes in the ceiling, they are no closer to solving the mystery. they released nearly 300 911 calls that made it were in danger. >> there was lots of bangs and shootings at the crabtree valley mall. >> did you see anybody? >> no, didn't see anybody. but everybody is running. >> has somebody been shot? >> i don't know. >> the recallery police want the fbi lab to analyze a video with the sound in the background to see if they can
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it came from. >> we are at 97 on wednesday. 93 yesterday and about 90 today. >> yep, so gradually, it is coming on down. >> even our dew point was down a little bit yesterday and the heat index is a little lower. it still felt awful out there if you had to be out for any amount of time. today, we'll see more cloud cover so it may not feel as bad. temperatures come down a little bit. again, we have more cloud cover and a better chance for thunderstorms. we showers mainly north of raleigh. this will swing past franklinton and youngsville coming up in the next 30 minutes or so. elsewhere from the triangle area northward, university a few patchy showers out there. we'll take a look at our radar picture. you can see from late yesterday
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from raleigh northward. you might run into a little bit of patchy rain in some areas. 74 in holly springs. 74 in south hill and 77 in rocky mount and wilson. by lunchtime, temperatures climb into the mid-80s. we'll see a high of 90 this afternoon. a god chance of scattered storms late today. that will hold true for saturday appear sunday. -- a good chance of scattered storms late today. brian is taking a look at the there, none of which are causing big problems. let's take a look at the live commute maupin side the beltline. just got a report of an accident on wade avenue at glenwood avenue. something not too far from the five points area to keep in mind. there is another crash reported, minor crash out on glenwood at creedmore out by crabtree valley mall just to the west of the beltline. apex, they are clearing up an
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as you approach 64 and tryon road. another accident on u.s. 1 northbound at the i-40 interchange. everything is over on the right shoulder and traffic volume this morning is light enough that we are not picking up any delays in that area. it is something to keep in mind. try to stay in that left lane as you come in from walnut street up towards i-40. look out if a crash on capital boulevard just south of durant road. hard to tell if it is related to the accident or just people stopped at the light there at durant road up about it. in durham, the freeway is looking okay between i-40 and i- 85. southbound and northbound traffic looking good. over in spring lake, bragg boulevard northbound permanently closed now at randolph road. the dot is asking you not to take bragg boulevard. take the new section of 295 that opened last week out to merkerson road and then from there continue on your way to
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the new site posting a message to president obama. >> that is while federal officials work to comfort flood victims in louisiana. a ground tour of the defers station coming up. >> the tricks phone scammers are using ahead of back-to- school season. >> what could be the last olympic race for gold medal sprinter usain bolt. >> i still think he should be a wide receiver.
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a warning about a new take on an old scam. this time, the crook are taking advantage of of the back-to- school season. the irs says telephone scammers are targeting students and parents demanding payment for taxes that don't exist like the federal student tax. the irs says the scammers can become aggressive and even threat ton get police involved. if you're contacted, don't provide any details. the irs would mail you if you owed money. new concern about the potential spread of the zika virus in california. an area of san diego will be sprayed this morning. officials say mosquito larvae known to carry the virus have been found in a section of the city. it is a precaution. the zika virus hasn't been found there yet. a man who lives in the area has a suspected case of zika but he may have krpted it during a recent trip abroad. emergency crews in energy are on the scene air serious commuter bus crash. >> the crash involving two new
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in newark new jersey shortly before 6:00 this morning. aerials of scene that you see right here show one bus on its side. >> according to local media reports, we are looking at this and one of the bus drivers was killed and at least 19 people are hurt i'm hearing now. all of of the injured peaks with the exception of one of the bus passengers with the exception of one of the bus drivers. emergency officials will examine the scare that sent jfk airport into a panic. the governor says the incident is an opportunity to learn. the airport was shut down for three hours sunday night after unfounded reports of gunshots triggered chaos. an investigation revealed there were no gunshots. the noise was part of a celebration of usain bolt' victory in the 100-meter dash.
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on the track at the rio olympics. the jamaican sprinter insists he will run his final olympic race tonight. >> bolt already won husband third straight local gold medal in the 200 meters. he will try for another win in the 4x100-meter relay tonight. team usa's ashton eaton defended his title of greatest athlete on earth. he won his second straight in the men's decathlon tying the all-time record. >> the u.s. is 100 strong when it comes to the olympic medal count now. china a distant second with 58 medals. great britain with 56. russia and japan round out the top pipe with 44 and 36. i think they've done pretty well for themselves. >> and the olympic bullies this year. it is a story out of rye owe that keeps evolving.
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-- story out of rio that keeps evolving.
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?and i think its a gonna be a long, long time ?? >> this is a live look now at the international space station today. two nasa astronauts will be walking outside the iss. i really do listen do they listen to o. space ships to elton john's rocket man.
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bunch of times. >> that looks like a nice view. >> that looks like they are doing the sidewalk right now. >> they are putting an adaptor up there so they can accept crews from commercial flights. >> they are hardworking folks up there. >> they sure are and i'm sure loving their job. talk about a dream job. >> they don't really get to take the weekend off like most of the rest of us do. it will still be hot and through the weekend. i think a lot of us wish the hot weather would take some time off and it look like it will but not in time for the weekend. we started off with just patchy light rain showers. you can still see some rain from south hill down to northern person county back over towards northern roanoke rapids. we've had just this one little cell that has developed. no lightning with this. it continues to hold together.
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franklinton and youngsville headed towards louisburg. just an anomaly hanging out out there. just a little bitty spot with heavier rain. don't let that catch you by surprise. we were looking at most of these showers back to our west but we'll roll the loop of the radar and can you see this moving from west to east across the area. it has not been a big deal t just made for slightly wet conditions. -- it just made for slightly we have one little cell producing the heavy rain there in franklin county. we take a look because we are looking at clouds everywhere this morning. almost a little bit of a hole in the clouds over downtown. there has been some light rain there in roxboro. 77 our current temperature at the airport. 72 in henderson. 73 in roxboro. 74 in south hill.
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75 in sanford and fayetteville. we could have showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. this will sit here in a weakened state tomorrow and sunday and then a stronger front ariefsz and just scours all of this thick, heavy air out of the region and it will feel so much better by next week. -- arrives. that will produce localized flooding and strong gusty winds. there is saturday with the storms developing. sunday, same story. we'll be watching the tropic all through the weekend. be sure to tune in to mike and aimee. here is tropical storm fiona which is about to be just a tropical wave again. we have a wave coming off the coast of africa. this is a new one. mike maze is talking about that last night. it look like it potentially could get a name sometime in the next couple of days. just tracking fiona. it is moving northwest at 10
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hour winds. by the weekend, it just degenerates into a low pressure system and university dies off there in the atlantic. we are looking at a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms today. -- an university dies off there in the -- and university dies off there in the -- dies off there in the atlantic. 88degrees on monday. that is normal for this time of year. we have lovely morning lows as well. looking at 60 for tuesday, wednesday and thursday morning. high temperatures in the mid- 80s. it will be nice to have that first sort of hint of fall, just hint. >> we'll enjoy the hint. it is the worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy. >> but it looks like they will
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louisiana this weekend. deadly high waters have already displaced thousands. polo sandoval shows us the latest concerns and questions for the president. >> reporter: from the air, the scale of the devastation is overwhelming. cnn spending the day with the national guard to survey the scope and severity of louisiana's historic flood. tens of thousands have abandoned their homes and from this vantage point t looks like when the water finally subsides. >> this is what makes the guard different. fighting wars is one thing. when you are not fighting wars, you are helping the homeland. that is something special. >> reporter: some of the national guard minutes helping in the rovey are also flood victims themselves. >> in many parts of the region, 75% of the homes were destroyed and those were the homes of the men and women in the national guard, of all the people doing the response.
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having to respond. >> touring an evacuation center, many flood victims are worried about how long it will take for the region to recover. >> is there something you don't have that you need? i mean you got medical, food, clothing. >> we do but we are not turning anything around because we don't know how long it will go on. >> reporter: at the same time, there is growing criticism. president obama for vacationing in martha's vineyard as the people in louisiana deal with the aftermath. righting in an editorial, if the president can interrupt his vacation for a swanky fund raise fore fellow democrat hillary clinton as he did on monday, then surely he can make time to show up for a catastrophe that has displaced thousands. >> this is -- the magnitude of this disaster requires federal leadership. it requires federal intervention. this is a poor state and a lot of people have lost everything
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katrina. >> that was polo sandoval reporting. homeland security secretary jay johnson says federal leaders are in louisiana and they will stay there as lodge as it takes for them to recover. let's move to a much more pleasant thought and scene. the gardens here in north carolina full of tomatoes and cucumbers right now. >> i'm hungry and i have watch this now. >> we'll do a sweet tomato cucumber salad and a savory tomato cucumber salad. week nights, i need a side dish quick and i don't want to turn on the oven or stove. chances are i always have some cucumber and tomato in my produce bin. this is just over the years a quick throw together salad. >> we'll make the sweet one first. we combine some diced cucumbers
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mix together the dressing. red wine vinegar, sugar and mayonnaise. >> we'll pour it all over and stir to combine. >> this is interesting. >> you're done. >> this will be a sweet tangy thing. >> the savory salad is just as easy. add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and fresh basil. >> all of this stuff is right in the garden. or maybe in your neighbor's garden. >> ask and borrow. >> it is time so easy to make on a weeknight when you need a side dish. >> that is good. both the sweet and the savory saled are delicious, easy side dishes. >> we told what you to do with the tomatoes and cucumbers now. there is no excuse. we all want to live and vacation way smile. >> the robe one central american country topped the happy planet index for a third
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popularity in one state.
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i'm lena tillett with your top stories. welcome back forest police are looking for a person who killed a man near the hope house. blue cross blue shield of north carolina is experiencing technical issues. the problems are affecting claims processing and customer service. blue cross says it is working with doctors, hospitals and farm asies to make sure they
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showers up near the virginia line except in the last hour to hour and a half, we've had this interesting little cell develop and right now, it is over in franklin county. we'll zoom in on that. it is not producing any lightning, nothing dangerous. not a veer storm but just don't be surprised by some heavy rain from luresburg as you are heading south toward rolesville. -- from louisburg. later this affect, a better thunderstorms with heavy rain. a typically warm and muggy august morning. expect a high of 90 this afternoon with about a 50% chance of scattered storms. we take a look at that road weather index and we can see that heavier shower in franklin county, that ride on 401 between rolesville and louisburg is going to be pretty wet. you need to allow some extra time. elsewhere, some wet roads as
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carolina-virginia border along the i-85 corridor. just take it easy as you head outment as we take a look at the live commute map, a number of crashes around raleigh. very few are causing big problems. there is one around wade avenue and edwards mill road. we are seeing pretty chevy traffic on outbound wade. ahead on fox other, why you could see more law enforcement
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welcome back. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm lena tillett. in rio, south american swimmer james feigen was seen at a courthouse. >> the swimmer's lawyer said feigen will pay more than $10,000 and leave the country today. >> two of of the u.s. olympic swimmers, gunnar bentz and jack conger are now headed home from >> police say the american swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom while drunk after a party on sunday. they paid for the damage when confronted by armed security guards. as we said, feigen will leave today. the fourth swimmer, ryan lochte, is already back in the u.s. the athletes could face prosecution for lying to police. they could also face punishment from the u.s. olympic committee. >> that committee released this statement last night saying, quote, the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor
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team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the u.s. we also learned more overnight about a man found dead in southeast raleigh. >> they are also investigating this cases a homicide. mikaya thurman has been following the story and joins us live with details on the search for the shooter. >> reporter: authorities are reaching out any information that could lead them to the person or people responsible for the shooting. 23-year-old la quan andersons with a father of two young boys. police say his bod way was found around 6:00 p.m. last night on cross street. family members says anderson had been missing since tuesday. neighbors report a shooting in the same area that night. they say they heard gunfire in the afternoon and again in the late evening.
8:32 am
asked to contact raleigh crimestoppers. >> thank you. former chairman of the joint cheefsz of staff retired army general john vessey has died. he rose through the ranks in a 46 year military career and served as chairman under president ronald reagan. he was 94 years old. republican running mate governor mike pence of indiana will visit flood-ravaged louisiana today. that is where more than a dozen people have died in storms since massive flooding started over the past week. yesterday, thrumming p -- trump made a stop in charlotte where he publicly expressed regret for the times he has said the wrong thing. he touched immigration, helping veterans, destroying isis and attacked his opponent hillary clinton on the trust factor.
8:33 am
in the general election in four battleground states including north carolina. according to nbc news, trump spent $4 million to run those ads for 10 days. there could be a change in policy for the clinton foundation if the presidential nominee gets elected. her husband, former president bill clinton, told staff members the foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if his wife is elected. the foundation would only accept contributions citizens and independent charities. state and local law enforcement kick off the annual labor day booze it and lose it campaign. nearly every law enforcement agency in the state participates in the campaign. they continually run sobriety checkpoints in all north carolina counties. 90 sounds pretty good compared to what we had the last couple of of days. >> isn't that sad? >> we had a number of days this week way heat advisory at least a couple. and yesterday, it was close.
8:34 am
we shifted gears a little bit this morning. we've been dealing with some patchy light rain ever since very early this morning. we started tracking it at about 5:00 a.m. on our newscast on wral. here is is a look at the dual doppler 5000 radar before i begin to zoom in around it. you can certainly see -- your eyes are drawn to this little cell that is over here and to franklin county. we'll zoom in there. otherwise, we are seeing patchy this rain is moving over towards spring hope and nashville. not very big. not producing any severe weather but it is there and it is the only one so far. except for just in the last about 10 minutes, we had this one start to develop. it is not quite yet in our viewing area. it is actually moving into alamance county right now. not very big but something that we'll be watching over the next little bit. we take a look at our radar picture and you can see this morning most of it was just light and patchy up near the
8:35 am
are mainly in the mid-70s. 74 in holly springs. 76 in lillington. yes, bill, still expecting about 90 for this afternoon. >> okay. thank you. it is almost time for friday night lights. lena, go long. >> you telling me to leave. >> what to expect when you watch our new high school show, ot live online. >> also, the tarheel traveler take us to stokes county to hair the story behind this unusual where wilbur and harry got where wilbur and harry got their names an why people keep their names an why people keep hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande.
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and a place to enjoy it together.
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a london based think tank has placed costa rica at the
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doesn't moon that costa ricans are the happiest people on earth. it means they lead relatively long and satisfied lives without an euro sized impact on the planet. the new economics foundation which publishes the index puts a premium on suspect tapability i don't i know those are pretty big smiles. they look like they're pretty happy. >> erydy i know who goes there is pretty darn happen question. >> our tarheel traveler sees some strange sights >> today being we find him in stokes county. scott mason introduces us to an odd pair. >> reporter: a hot pink pig and big hairy beast. jeepers, creepers, he is not moving at least. but what are they doing along this busy road. yipes! no telling how many folks have gawked and slow giant food we
8:39 am
wanted a pink pig and a giant ape. >> reporter: the ape and pig are near creekside supply. welcome to stokes county, my, oh my, oh my. >> this is harry and wilbur. >> wilbur named for the big in charlotte's web and harry is name for a movie celeb. but wait, these critters too have been v. become stars. people routinely pull over and climb out of their cars. >> we have people stopping all the time to get pictures with kids. what i cute photo. but kissing on harry, oh, no, no. has it helped business? >> it has helped us a lot. >> reporter: creekside has a big display outside. >> this area before we built was just this wasteland. >> reporter: this is highway 8 between winston-salem and mound airy and now this busy stretch
8:40 am
>> so, when we started adding things like harry and the pig, it caught people's attention. they see this character that looks like it is about to run out into the middle of the road. >> i bet it gives people a chuckle. >> reporter: harry and wilbur, they look like friends, not foes. that bright pink snout and those might ybor big stows. harryed a and wilburer they are not alone. get a laughing in stone. >> hey, wilbur, hi, harry. keep on doing what do you. friendship on the road of life, wilbur, harry, thank you, thank you. >> creekside supply opened in germanton in 2013. harry and wilbur arrived a short time later and have become landmarks. >> that is no way you could
8:41 am
>> got to take a picture. two nasa astronauts are taking a walk outside the international space station today. jeff williams and kate rubens are installing the first two of international docking adaptors that will be used for the arrivals of commercial spacecraft from boeing and space x sometime in the future. that is a live look there. this is the first spacewalk for nasa since january. before you head to a wedding reception, you may want to try looking at this picture and then seeing will look like. >> find out what trending ingredient is being requested for cakes in the midwest. >> plus, a preview of three new movies hitting the box office
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>> erika badu. she is from houston, i believe, texas. >> and they call it the blob that ate east texas. >> lots of sprawl. >> some of the nice of the people in the world lived
8:45 am
restaurants. >> great restaurants but trees. if you love trees -- >> we love our trees in raleigh. >> i love the trees in raleigh. beautiful park ways and -- >> yeah. >> well, it is also hot. so hopefully you'll love summer weather. we have it. we'll get a little bit of a break. we've been talking about this for the last few days. it is looking more and more likely that we'llen up with into the first part of next week. we've been watching the radar. we've had a few scatter showers mainly up near virginia line. mainly along the i-85 quarter. even towards rocky mount. we've had this interesting little cell i guess i would call it. there is no lightning with it. it developed about an hour and a half ago. now, it is between louisburg
8:46 am
hope and asheville, you will probably get hit with this. this is not a severe storm. just this little interesting patch of heavy rain almost all by itself. i say almost because in the last 30 minutes, we've had this interesting also -- this little development that is back to the west. a little patchy shower around durham. south of graham or just north of snow camp and some of this could develop into some heavier rain. mostly, we'll end up seeing light patchy morning and then transitioning into some thunderstorms later this afternoon. we begin the radar loop here at about 4:45. you can see at that point, we were poised to see the rain from the west shifting eastward and we did. we've had scattered light rain showers up in mecklenburg county, virginia. really all along the north carolina-virginia line and seeing a little bit more of that now from the triad stretching over towards the northern part of wake county. you know, not likely to run into this but if you are in just the right spot, there will
8:47 am
for you. look at that dark cloud hanging over rdu right now. can you see the tarmac and access ramp are totally dry. not going to have any real impact on your travels except maybe to and from the car to the building if you happen to one run into one of the sprinkles. our dew point at 736789 our temperatures are mainly in the mid-70s so it feels pretty sticky out there. we have our stationary front setting up shop, weakening but still helping to produce some scatter thunderstorms for this afternoon. looking at about a 50% chance today. 40 for saturday. 30 on sunday. but sunday, we have a front that comes through and it just wipes all of this out. we'll end up seeing a come heatley different weather pattern for next week. but again, for the next three days, expect a good chance of some scattered storms and it stays fairly warm and muggy too. now that, 88 on monday is actually normal for this time of year. we have a front that comes through t will dry things out, not just put an end to our chance for thunderstorms but
8:48 am
feel wonderful. the 86 on tuesday finally puts us down below normal. it has been a while since we had highs below normal. 103 is it is record. it can be hot this time of year but it can be cool too. 68 is normal. 63 is what we'll see on wednesday morning and thursday morning, 65. we are going to see afternoon and evening storms so keep that in mind if you ar to a concert or outdoor event this weekend. >> thank you. back to school time means parents are leading up on school supplies. a durham group is helping teachers get what they need in the classroom. crayons to calculators is a nonprofit that distribute donated supplies. teachers get credits based on the need at their school an
8:49 am
get what they need for free. >> they spend up to $1,000 of their own money to buy school supplies because their kids don't always have the money to bring them. >> crayons to calculators needs all kind of supplies including highlighters, pencils and glue sticks. it is holding a fill the bus school supply drive tomorrow. can you bring supplies or donate money at the chick-fil-a at renaissance village in durham. high school trouble officially kick off that is the debut of our new show high school ot live featuring a life look-in on about eight games every week. it will air for about three hours every friday night. it is also the first night of the 36th season of high school trouble on wral. next week, it will return to
8:50 am
on wral. analysts expect use sued squad and sausage party to beat a trio of new challengers. david daniel has a review of this week's variety at the box office. >> there is no law. racing a blood sport. if you lose, you die. >> reporter: ben-hur is looking for some did i ripe intervention. it is getting weak reviews and tracking to debut with just $10 to $15 million. the produce ares rallying christian audiences to turn out hoping to boost that total to $20 million. >> how did two 20-something young men land a $300 million pentagon contract. >> i have a big idea. >> miles teller and jonah hill star in war dogs. the come disgetting good
8:51 am
are predicting an opening weekend of 12 to $15 million. >> it you must blink, do it now. >> i had no idea my stories were actually true. >> kubo an the two strings featuring an all-star voice cast is earning best reviews of this weekend's new movies. analysts adventure to debut with about $13 million setting up quite a weekend box office battle. some brides and grooms are now serving cake as both an appear ties are and a dessert. this is an untraditional trend gaining popularity in wisconsin. move over cheesecake. >> a lot of people are kind of taken back. that is made out of cheese? >> i cake of cheese. >> being in wisconsin, if you
8:52 am
want to do it the unconventional way. >> reporter: from wheels of brie and gouda to certain tube of cheddar and bleu. ken startrd making the cakes of cheese a couple years back. now, that you are popularity is taking off. >> people come in wanting cheese for their special occasion wedding. so the mother i started thinking about it, we said why not do something that creates a memorable mome special day. >> reporter: the idea seems to have originated in england but now, it has found its way to the u.s. and appropriately to wisconsin. >> having a cake of cheese to showcase wisconsin has been a nice addition to create that memorable moment. >> cheesecake. >> i haven't met many cheeses i didn't like.
8:53 am
cheesecake or the cheese cake. >> probably about the same but the sugar calories will get you. nude donald trump statues are popping up around the country. >> what? >> an artist based in las vegas named joshua monroe, has sculpted five life-sized nude donald trumps. they are in places like new york city, san francisco, los angeles and apparently they may be coming soon to a town near you. popping up everywhere. >> so i it is cropped appropriately. >> not too flattering around the midsection. where the artist said he spent four months working on five statues using 300 pounds of oil clay. he insists this is not a political statement but he understand it is controversial. it is getting a lot of attention as you might guess. >> he makes all of them. >> he make them all himself,
8:54 am
making creatures for haunted houses. now, he is turning it to life size donald trump nude statues. >> we'll just leave that one alone. just-- in case you see one, you will know what's going on. >> i was going to tell you about a 105-year-old lady in england whose only birthday
8:55 am
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the time now is 8:56. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm bill leslie. state and local law enforcement kick off their annual labor day
8:57 am
agency in the state is participating. they will continually run sobriety checkpoints in all income be in counties. >> looking at some rain this morning. a little bit of patchy light rain up near the virginia line but we've seen a little cell develop. no lightning with this but it has been interesting to watch this one mainly over around franklin county in the last little bit. starting to pick up speed and moving over towards nashville. expect more of this later on this afternoon. temperatures are in the mid- and upper 70s so it is warm and muggy. we'll affect. about a 50% chance of storms. some of those will produce some heavy rain later today. 90 saturday. 93 on sunday way chance of afternoon storms each day. >> we are looking at what that shower is leaving behind on the roads. see something pretty heavy rain over much of franklin county and maybe some standing water in some spots. as that moves over into nash county, just need to keep that in mind. in the triangle, we have a few crashes still out there. a lot of these have cleared up.
8:58 am
there is a crash reported on hillsborough street at grand avenue not too far from blue ridge seeing some delays in west raleigh. thank you. raleigh police are investigating after a man is found shot in southeast raleigh. today at noon, what we are learning about the victim plus forgotten loyalty points. why you may want to do an inventory of the rewards the stores you visit most owe you. because of our next newscast will be on fox 50 at noon.
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play family feud! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ladies, how are y'all? thank you very much. come on. how are y'all? yes, sir. i appreciate you, now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good returning for their second day, from hendersonville, tennessee, it's the beams family. [cheering and applause] you go, chuck. and from san diego, california, it's the henderson family. [cheering and applause] well, everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid. yep.


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