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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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charges. the multiple offenses police say claude stevens was involved in. a new travel warning from the cdc over zika concerns. live from raleigh, wral news at 4:00 starts right now. a raleigh man is facing charges for several contacts with minors. i'm lynda loveland. >> i'm gerald owens. police say claude stevens is charged with several crimes. leyla santd following this -- santiago has been following this story for us today. >> reporter: he is listed as the founder, administrator of the prep school. he was in court this affect facing a judge. now, he didn't say much. it was a very brief time in front of the judge. he omaked the judge for a court
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get many details about the investigation. here what is we have learned about him and the charges against him. according to court records, he is charged for multiple counts of statutory rape. this happened between 2007 and 2012. the victims said to be teenagers, 13 years of age to on the school's web site, stevens' bio says he worked as a special ed teacher at wake county public schools in the 1908s. we checked with the school sam and they said they have no records indicating his employment. now, investigators made it very clear to us they want the public to know that, if anyone has any information, they want them to come forward, something we often hear from investigators when they believe
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connection yet so very few details coming out. we doe no that stevens walked away with from that courtroom way $5 million bond. he is expected back in court next month. >> thank you. the cdc expanded its travel warning for pregnant women today to include miami beach. south beach has been identified as a second site of zika transmission in the u.s. after the announcement today, the cdc said pregnant women may also want noncentral travel throughout miami-dade county. officials said they expect more infections in the days and months to come. a north carolina man accused of killing his two daughters, their mother and sister is due back in north carolina. he is expected to appear in a pitt county courtroom. he is charged with killing garlette howard. charges for the deaths of athlete children are pending. police say the four appear to have been beaten to death with
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tonight. many of us have already seen overcast skies most of today. mike maze has the latest on this. we have been watching thunderstorms bubbling up on the radar since about lunchtime today. they are out there. some looking rather strong. we'll go from north to south heading up towards southern virginia and the northern counties, everything is developing and moving to the east and southeast. since there is so much moisture in the atmosphere, these are dumping very heavy rainfall. over far western halifax county, the doppler radar is estimated between 2 to 3 in earlier this afternoon. farther to the south here in wake county. we see an outflow boundary. they may develop some thunderstorms as we go through the next couple of hours. it is over wilson county and edgecombe county getting into pitt county, seeing a lot of lightning strikes and heavy rainfall. very little going on but with do expect that to change as we head through the evening. the storm prediction center is actually watching parts of the state for a marginal risk for severe weather from raleigh
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there could be a couple of storms that have damaging winds, men penny-sized hail, heavy wind and frequent lightning. also, we have some area high school football games starting tonight. by 7:00, a chance for storms, 82. by the time the games wrap up, still the potential for storms and 75. storms will linger on through the weekend. two american swimmers caught up in another swim anterior's tale about being robbed jack conger and gunnar bentz arrived if miami this morning. both men were removed from their original flight home by brazilian authorities to question them about ryan lochte's claim the men were robbed by a fake police officer. turns out that fake officer was a security guard who approached the swimmers after they vandalized a gas station's bathroom. as for lochte, brazilian police say he could face criminal charges for telling his version
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for what happened. he said i want to apologize for my behavior. he did stick to his story adding it is traumatic to be out late with friends in a foreign country and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money. russian president vladimir putin russia took over crimea from ukraine in 201-4679 south the first of the soldiers began asylum hearings. they immediately sought political asylum but were arrested. turkey has formally sought their extradition calling them traitors an terrorist elements. the hearing is expected to continued next week.
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maryland apartment building was the result of a natural gas explosion. in addition to the deaths, more than 40 people were hurt. atf agents said investigators conducted more than 100 interviews, reviewed hours of surveillance video and dug by hand through four stories of charred debris. they found the natural gas explosion took place in the meter room of the apartment building. there is no indication it was a criminal act. exactly what caused the blast is not known. araleigh mother is accused of hurting prosecutors say the injuries are so severe the charms could change from abuse to murder. wral's julia sims was in court today where the mother made an emotional plea. >> reporter: the judge considers this such a serious case that she raised the bond today from $500,000 to $2 million. lauren schmidt told the judge she didn't touch her little girl. in fact, explaining that she felt her daughter such a
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several times in court, she looked as if she might collapse. the 27-year-old told the jump that she noticed five week old baby girl appeared jaundiced and that is why they took her to the house inform a 911 squall from the rex hospital emergency room department, a worker told police they sauced shaken baby syndrome. schmidt insists she had no idea what happened to her child. >> i don't know what to do. i've never been in trouble. -- she is my angel. i just don't know what to do. >> reporter: the 27-year-old mother actually has a broken arm. the prosecutor said that is because he became combative at the hospital when they tried to arrest her. he also said that she attempted to get a witness to change her story as a cover-up. she will be back in court in september. >> thank you. raleigh police need your help to solve the murder of a
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anderson was found around 6:00 last night on cross street. family members say he had been missing since tuesday. neighbors reported a shooting in the same area that night. they say they heard gunfire in the afternoon and later that night. a fire at a motel that chased five people from their rooms was arson. firefighters were called to the boulevard motel in fayetteville early this morning. they found a fire in the back of building and put it out before it spread inside. five people were forced out by heavy smoke. investigators are looking for a suspect. state enforcement kick off the annual labor day booze it and lose it campaign. nearly every law enforcement agency in the state participates. they will run sobriety checkpoints in all north carolina counties. today is national aviation day. a day established to honor orville wright's birthday. national aviation day was established in 1939 by president franklin delano roosevelt. or villain wilbur wright are credit with inventing and build the world's first successful
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controlled power and sustained heavier than air human flight on december 17th, 1903. high school football kicks off tonight that. means it is the debut of our new show, high school ot live. it will feature a live look in on eight to 10 games a week. they will air on high school for about three hours each friday night. the 36th soap begins on our sister station wral. it will be abbreviated tonight becausof it will air during our late news. next week t returns to our normal time and duration, 11:35 on wral. the nba all-star game headed to new orleans. the decision from the officials in the nba. it is a stand against north carolina's house bill 2. we'll tell you how state officials are reacting to this. >> donald trump stopped in louisiana today to offer support for flood victims there. the reception from people hit
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>> new
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"jim moran man accused of leaving his toddler in a hot car appeared in court today. justin harris had a motions hearing this morning. he is facing, malice, murder and other charges for the june son cooper. prosecutors say he purposely left cooper in the car while went to work for seven hours and may have had personal reasons for wanting the boy out of his life. earlier this year, a judge moved the trial five hours away to find impartial jurors. donald trump toured a flooded louisiana today, one of several headlines from his campaign. >> the gop presidential candidate also released his first tv ad of the campaign and his campaign chairman quit. stacy cohan reports.
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day. trump and rubbing mate indiana governor mike pence traveled to louisiana to examine flood damage. >> they need a lot of help. what has happened here is incredible. nobody understand how bad it is. i'm just here to help. >> reporter: and his campaign released its first television ad of the general election cycle which will air in several battleground states and stream online. >> hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. >> reporter: all this as make headlines. earlier this week, trump el vietd steve bannon and gop pollster kelly ann conway to leadership positions. now, paul manafort has resigned. he was involve in the firing of trump's last campaign manager. >> about the candidate whose name is on the door and is running for president of the united states. having that comfort level with the people who are closest to him and making sure that they're a. louing him to run
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overall strategy that will be most effective. >> thank you for coming, mr. trump. >> reporter: the crump campaign must find its footing quickly. the first debate is over a month other way and the november election draws ever closer. we see sunshine there in louisiana. that is at least a good thing. >> hoping to dry out. >> no kidding. >> for us, a lot of clouds today, some showers and storms. amazing how much cooler that felt. >> the high so far has en degrees. the huge is up there though. we saw the radar just a moment ago at the top of the newscast. let's take a look at it again and we'll point out areas that have the heftiest rain. i think the greatest potential for any nasty weather would be more in the way of flooding rains. the atmosphere is so full of moisture and some of these storms are slower moving. they could dump a lot of rain. parts of western halifax county and the doppler radar has been estimated to see 2 to 3 inches of rain. they had a flood advisory. over wilson county from bailey,
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get some rain and ath outflow boundary coming out of that. and we'll likely see more showers and storms form. they should easily develop. rdu seeing some showers. cary, apex, soon to be garner and raleigh. we see a few showers over moore county now making their way into oak county, moving through fayetteville, hope mills and points south and east. so for area high school trouble games, we do for wet weather this evening. the activity may become more widespread spread as we go through the next hours. a lesser chance for rain tomorrow and it should ramp up sunday evening. it will still be warm and humid saturday and sunday. the fall feeling fronted is on the way arriving late sunday night and early monday morning. once it clears the area t will blow out the moisture t will get cooler. we'll call it wow weather for most of next week with less heat and humidity. you will see the numbers coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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that is the rain that i showed you over western wake county. it is 85 at rdu. the dew point, 72. it is very humid out there but not really that hot in many observations. 79 in wake forest. 85 at durham where they are set to play this evening at 705:67:89 the norfolk tides are in town. -- at 7:05. the norfolk tides are in town. next week, showing you this man any day next week because the heat index values will be a moot point. so showers and thunderstorms building across the area. as we expand the view, two things to point out this. plume of moisture coming in from the south an west and then moving right across north carolina embedded in the flow, there are little waves of energy. so really at any point through the afternoon and evening, overnight, can't rule out a shower as bits of energy fall across the state or move across the state and help develop some showers and storms. the second feature is a front.
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yesterday. this is what we are calling our relief front. that brings relief for next week and behind it, the air is comfortable if not cold. take a look at the colors. we are looking at greens across parts of wyoming and montana. i was looking at specific numbers. there was one location some central wyoming that was in the upper 30s this afternoon. it is 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s all through outthis roosevelt bridge -- throughout futurecast showing showers and thunderstorms during the evening. not as widespread as i would think they would be. overnight, still can't rule out a shower. we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow but i don't think they will be as widespread as what we are seeing this afternoon. they should become more widespread sunday evening. scattered storms this evening. some could possibly be strong especially south and east of
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starting your saturday with gray skies. it should be partly cloudy in the afternoon. mid-80s to low 90s. really not any by heat. 91 in fayetteville. there is your seven-day forecast. hot on sunday. a bit hotter with that 93. the numbers come down and they stay down. 88 on monday. 86 tuesday and wednesday. upper 80s thursday. maybe back to 90 on friday. but a lot of comfort next week. it is dry. it is comfortable and everybody should be smiling. >> you did say cold. >> cool. >> you said cold out >> oh, cold out west but not here. >> but that is what is coming here. >> it would be modified air by the time it gets here. we are not going to see 30s. >> i know. >> it is cold out there. >> thank you. ripe lochte says he is sorry for his behavior in rio. >> ahead in what's trending, what the olympic swimmer says
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the one you sign up for. don't wait. call an at&t expert and switch today. ?? time for a look at what's trending. >> ryan lochte issued an apology via instagram.
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something in person personally. just because you can read so much more into how they feel about it. he said i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event. so it is like he is still sticking by what happened. he is not even admitting -- >> it is a soft apology. >> if that. he says it is traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country way language barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you money to let you leave. but regardless of the behavior of anyone else that night, i should have been more responsible in how i handled myself. so but the deal is they vandalized the bathroom sceumplet guard pointed a gun on them, made them pay for it and -- i mean it is completely opposite of their taxi being stopped by a fake police officer. >> there has already been too much said and too many valuable
4:24 pm
>> if he had told the tooth in the first place. >> maybe i need to look up the definition of an apology. that doesn't quite fit mine. >> just spinning it. >> biting my lip on that one. >> yes, you know how cell phone companies are trying to get your business. they are trying something new. we'll be the ones would benefit from it. t-mobile took to twitter saying they would put an end to wireless data tiers by offering only the initial line is $70 per month, everything unlimited. at the same time, sprint was tweeting their offer too. so it is like they're battling for your upony. sprint tweeted their own new plan calling it the unlimited freedom plan. it is unlimited talk, text and data for $60 a month. >> you can do anything with your phone. can you text, surf the web, unlimited. >> keep going. >> keep it going. >> that will encourage other companies. >> there are some other ones
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imagine you are a pregnant woman flying on an airplane and your water breaks. this happened on a flight from dubai to manila. the philippine airline diverted the plane to indias at crew and two nurses on board helped to bring little haven into the world 36,000 feet in the air. as a gift, the airline gave the baby a millionaire miles and they can be used by her whole family. >> that is pretty cool. i wonder why she was on there. when you get that close to end, they usually won't allow. >> she was premature. >> she was five weeks. >> but still. that is a big surprise. hello. did they charge her for extra baggage? bringing an extra person on. >> you came on with two bags and now you have avenue got three. >> take it out of my miles. >> let us know if you think there is a topic that should be in what's trending.
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paraplegics. how virtual reality is helping dormant nerves come back to life. >> the nba all star game will be held in new orleans. lawmakers a reaction to the organization pulling the game out of north carolina due to
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a major thoroughfare through ft. bragg is closed to drivers. nopd bragg blald now routes drivers off the highway between randolph street and butner road. sound -- ft. bragg boulevard. >> over there rption the traffic being did i have% -- >> reporter: over there, the traffic being diverted is forced into merkerson boulevard. you will be diverted onto highway 210. in order to make the changes, the northbound lanes of bragg boulevard have been closed athe randolph street and the detour diverts the traffic on to the northbound lanes of merkerson road that travel into spring lake.
4:30 pm
headache and avoid several traffic lights if you take the interstate 295 exchange where it crosses bragg boulevard just before you get on post. james flowers is with the north carolina dot. he said when you normally interrupt the flow of traffic pattern of 50,000 to 60,000 people, there is bound to be some confusion. >> we are trying to alleviate that confusion as much as especially randolph street. we are hoping to make any type of chippings to help alleviate the backups. -- any type of changes to help alleviate the backups. >> reporter: you can see the look of surprise on drivers forced to turn off bragg boulevard at randolph street. there hasn't been any major backups because of the change. the dot expects things to improve once the drive gets used to the new driving pattern. the contract calls for them to have the traffic closed off at
4:31 pm
the dot says they are moving pretty good. they may have the road closed by october, november probably at the latest. >> gilbert baez, thank you. the case of nine break-ins in moore county may be solved. the suspect, a 16-year-old. investigators say xavion bell broke into houses in the pinebluff area. a deadly shooting involving a north carolina state trooper is under investigation in charlotte. offial to stop a vehicle for speeding on interstate 485 around 6:15 last night but the driver didn't stop. after a short chase, the suspect pulled over and got out of his car. officials say some kind of encounter took place between the driver and the trooper. a shot was fired. the driver died at the scene. >> you could see the wrecked vehicle with the state trooper behind it. at that point, i didn't know
4:32 pm
and somebody told me that they had heard shots fired. >> the trooper was placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure after an officer involved shooting. former baylor university president ken starr is severing his ties with the university. starr is leaving his post on the law school faculty. he was removed as president and chancellor in may after appear investigation showed the university did little to acknowledge or respond to accusations of sexual assault involving football players. he is best nones athe prosecutor who pursued charges clinton after his white house sex scandal. the nba all star game is headed to new orleans instead of charlotte. the nba took event out of north carolina because of house bill 2. our capital bureau chief laura leslie has reaction. >> reporter: we learn last month that the league would take the 2017 game away from north carolina with an estimated loss of $100 million in revenue. today, we learned the game will be held instead february 19th in the big easy. louisiana's governor had to
4:33 pm
as you would expect, politicians on both sides with plenty to say about that news since house bill 2 has become a campaign issue in the governor's race. cooper campaign spokesman says it is further evidence that the governor should work to repeal the law before it causes further economic damage. while we wish the nba had decided to stay and work with us, it is disappointing to see north carolina lose the all- star game due to governor mccrory putting his political ayepped afirst. in the meantime, state accused the nba of katering to the power elite at the expense of women and children. the nba is the very definition of hypocrisy. they have two leagues because of differences that every one in the world knows there are between men and women. this is nothing more than political posturing. and governor mccrory's spokesman accused the nba president of lacking credibility because the leak has held exhibition games in china. this is another classic example
4:34 pm
mad. he alsopeopled out louisiana has signed onto north carolina's legal bat with the latest federal department of justice. however, louisiana has not passed a bill similar to house bill 2 and its democratic governor has banned discrimination against lgbt people in an executive order. nearly 200 people are unemployed tonight after an auto parts maker in onston county shut down earlier than expected. sona blw precision forge was expected to close in mid- day. county leaders said they would try to keep the plant open. blue cross and blue shield of north carolina are experiencing some technical issues. the problems are affecting claims processing and customer service. the company is working to restore operations. blue cross is working with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to make sure they are aware of the situation.
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retail offered $3.5 million for the chain and its brand. it plans on keeping the flagship location in chapel hill but kosovoing the stores in raleigh, asheville and charleston. calvert also owns kitchen and company and reading china and glass. you should pay extra attention in the fortify zone of i-40 through raleigh this weekend. crews will shift the westbound lanes. traffic will use three new inside lanes in southeast raleigh to rock quarry road which is exit 300. 11:00 saturday night. the new pattern should be in place by early sunday morning. this all depends on the weather because the striping can't be done if it is raining or the roads are wet. nearly 300,000 people in the u.s. are living with a spinal cord injury. new research may give them new hope. dr.alan mask explains. >> reporter: he long for what
4:36 pm
able to move. now, there may be hope for paraplegics thanks to new research. researchers say they were delight when had they saw a long dormant nerve come back to life. >> it was almost like we turned him on again. because of that, we got the spinal cord activated by cortex again. >> reporter: the first clinical study from the walk again project led by brazilian neuroscientist dr. miguel nicholas of duke university looked at eight patients completely par liesed for at least three years. patients in brazil spent at leave two hours a week for a year training on brain machine interface devices. the subjects wear caps lined with electrodes that record brain activity. that activity triggers movement or behaviors in virtual reality systems and robotic exoskeletons. then that interface sends signals such as a sensation of
4:37 pm
fo in their sensation and muscle control that their diagnosis was changed from complete to partial paralysis. now, more study is needed. the scientists hope this is just the first step towards revolutionary new therapies for those when traumatic spinal cords injuries. most parents support requiring students to get the hpv vaccine but only if they have the ability to opt out. that is according to a in the they found only 20 prirt of parents think laws requiring the vaccine for school entry are a good idea. -- 20%. support increased to nearly 50% if there were provisions to opt out of the vaccine. experts say the loopholes would make the law ineffective. the pressure of bringing home the bacon may take its toll on men's health. researchers at the university of connecticut looked at the relationship between men and women's income contributions.
4:38 pm
marriages, their mental and physical health declined. female bread winners actually had improved mental health and no effect on their physical health. stocks moved lower today to close out the week as energy stocks slide. the dow closed down 45 points. the nasdaq was off less than two. the s&p closed down just over three. new cases of the zika virus linked to people in miami beach. still to come, how officials there are working to protect citizens and the way they identify the new area of transmission. >> ahead live to rio. deborah morgan spoke with the first american woman to win gold in wrestling. the new medalist's message to girls about the sport and the first thing she ate after training was over. >> we are following the showers on our tall tower cam. all the way into chatham county. you can see a shower off in the distance. they are moving to the east an
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health officials in florida have identified a new area of zika transmission. it involves several cases in miami beach. erica edwards has the new travel warning from the cdc. >> reporter: beautiful miami beach, now shrouded in a fog of
4:42 pm
announced five people there have been infected with the zika virus. >> we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring. >> reporter: that area is a one and a half mile section of miami beach including much of popular south beach. because the zika infection in pregnant women can cause severe birth defects. the centers for disease control and prevention now says pregnant women should stay away from the impacted area. >> the key here is pregnant women. pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the risk of microcephaly and other serious birth defects. >> reporter: one concern is how zika will affect florida's $24 billion tour. you industry. more than half of the hotel rooms in miami-dade county are located in miami beach. >> walk the around yesterday afternoon, there was a lot less tourists around. >> reporter: while deke can spread sexually, main transmitters are mosquitoes that can breed in just a teaspoon of water. >> this is our biggest problem. >> reporter: sanitation workers
4:43 pm
street going door to doorstepping up efforts to rid the city of standing water. erica edwards, nbc news. there have been at least 36 local transmissions of zika in florida. a recent decision to add security checks at the entrance to prague castle is getting mixed reactions. the location is the scene of the czech republic's presidency as well as a popular tourist attraction. officials say it is a necessary move after recent attacks in other european countries outside the castle some. critic worry it will damage the tourist reputation, a city millions of people visit every year. two military spacecraft designed to detect space mines blasted into space today. the u.s. air force mission launched early this morning from cape canaveral. on top of the rockets where the second set of satellites for the air force. they will join two others launched in 2014 to patrol a belt that wraps around the equator.
4:44 pm
threats to u.s. satellites. >> a protective blanket in space. >> kind of interesting. not giving a lot of information. >> space wars. >> can't wait for the new weather to come in here. >> two more days of heat and humidity and then smooth sailing all of next week until maybe about friday when we could get back to 90 but most of next week looks 80-degreish and low humidity. there is a new fire on tell you about this weekend evening. this i broke out yesterday afternoon in a rugged area of santa barbara that has burned more than 600 aches are and has threatened homes. part of a nearby highway was closed briefly but has since reopened. about 300 people are evacuated from camp grounds in the area. the rainy season doesn't start until october so they have a couple of months before it begins. let's go to the forecast. we'll check out the radar view first. we have evening activities, area high school football games
4:45 pm
but unfortunately, some folks are going to get wet. here is a close are view of what is happening around the triangle. our even counties an northern counties, it looks like the activity has been decreasing somewhat. we are seeing outflow boundaries here and as these head to the south and southwest, the think is is new hours will pop up and anything south and east of raleigh could be strong to severe. they are watching the area south and east of raleigh for damaging wind gusts. we see the showers moving through wake county. that is the one i pointed out on the tall tower cam up toward northern durham county, southern granville county. we see showers moving on by. some activity in our eastern counties which has been greater in coverage and intensity. very heavy rainfall and you can't help but pick out that outflorida boundary. myself and greg will be watching this over the next few hours to see if new showers and storms will form in that area.
4:46 pm
picture. we see definitive changes in the patterns in the upper levels. we see a definitive trough moving through the plains. i was looking at number across parts of wyoming, montana, south dakota, north dakota. numbers range from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s so there is really some cool air in this location. anything that is helping to pick this off will be passing through north carolina until night. we have the potential for showers and storms. we see the warm air here. there is the cooler air. it is 68 in pierre. 79 at denver. temperatures have dipped in the up are 30s to mid-40s in some locations. then we put the heat index values, nothing to worry about there. our heat index value is 91 at the pair port.
4:47 pm
it could become a tropical depression during the day tomorrow this. wave has potential to develop. now, it is a 50% chance this could become tropical storm gaston in the next five days. there is fee open a. top winds at 40 miles per hour. yesterday, it was 45 moving west-northwest at 10. here is the track and intensity becoming a depression once against. with that font moving through north carolina sunday night and monday morning, that will help kick the storm away from the united states so we are not worried that is going to affect us. there is that due west and this does have the potential to affect some folks in the caribbean over the next several days and then we'll watch to see if it makes that curve up to the north that storms typically do as they do approach the united states. that is one we'll watch really close. forecast planner this evening, showers and possible storms. a shower could linger overnight, 73. told morning, 75, a very small chance for a shower. i think tomorrow afternoon, we should have lesser coverage of
4:48 pm
forecast high with the potential for thunderstorms at that point. sunday, we have better chances with the approach of the cold front. once that passes, we should be rain-free. the morning lows in the 60s. some locations could be in the 50s north and west of raleigh. so it looks like a lot of comfort coming next week. >> a shock to the system. >> thank you. in rio, smch the city's less fortunate are >> still ahead, we go behind the scenes of the games. what local chefs are doing to kateer to needs of the homeless
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coming up at 5:00 on wral, a raleigh mother is in jail accused of fracturing the skull of her five week old child. julia sims was in court as the woman appeared before a jump for the first time. julia will have a live report. will ripe lochte's apology be enough for the brazilian police or madison avenue? we'll have the latest. >> and from rio, deborah morgan way live report on the first
4:52 pm
wrestling. that is when you turn over to wral at 5:00. and speaking of rio, eating right is key for the olympic athletes on the sidelines of of the rio games. top chefs are cooking up meals if a different clientele. as shasta darlington explains, they use leftover the olympic village and create three-course meals for people in need. >> reporter: kitchen serving rio's castaways. with some of the biggest names in the culinary world stirring the pots. and that is just the way the michelin star chef wants it. >> there was two guys the second night they were here and they left the room saying the first time in my life that we
4:53 pm
like prince and princess. it is breathtaking. it is exactly what we want to do here. >> reporter: to top it all off, they are using surplus ingredients originally destined for the olympic village served up under fine art on tables designed by the campana brothers to show off the stains. >> the tops have to be perfect but with no varnish because you have was, you know, the dinner of the first night, the second night and on and on and on. >> reporter: an ambitious project that just opened in rio's run downneighborhood kate aring to those in need. he teamed up with the brazilian chef to make it all happen. she shows us the pantry of unwanted food.
4:54 pm
>> it is wrinkled. it would not sell in the supermarket because it has a face. it is kind of like the ugly pep are so they come here. >> reporter: and introduces us to the young cooks his nonprofit has trained. now learning from the masters and who will run the show once the olympics have come and gone. serving up for a paying clientele at lunch, funding gourmet meals for rio's less shasta darlington, cnn, rio de janeiro. >> another feel-good story coming out of rio. a different chef takes over the lead each day. >> organizers plan to try out the pronl next other cities too including new york and los angeles. -- the project in other cities too including new york and los angeles. let's get a check of the the medal count. the u.s. still in first with 103 medals overall.
4:55 pm
proposed settlement between uber and its drivers. the judge ruled the deal didn't give drivers in california and massachusetts enough. drivers claim uber was exploiting them by treating them as independent contractors instead of employees. we talked a lot about self- driving cars but some farmers in denmark are using the technology for tractors. it is equipped with gps and sensors. the farm records the route during at drive and stores that data. the next time the machine is out in the field, it programmed to remember the route. if it encounters an obstacle like a human being or animal, it has sensors that stop the tractor right away. discover card takes top honors in customer satisfaction. according to the jd power satisfaction study, discover ranked highest for credit card customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. users ranked discover highest in several major categories including rewards, credit card terms, billing and payment, web
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discover also received top marks for being customer driven, innovative, friendly and flexible. twitter rolling out new features to give all usessers better control of their experience. starting today, everyone has the ability to limit notifications to only people they follow on mobile and on the company is also adding what it calls a quality filter to notification settings. thank you for joining us. we'll be back here on fox othe these patients could have received their cancer care at many hospitals. but they came to cancer treatment centers of america in metro atlanta because we focus only on
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