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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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trial case is back in the spotlight. what could happen to bring a sense of closure to the victims' family? and what leaders in charlotte say needs to happen after a trooper-involved shooting. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm bill leslie. and fayetteville police are searching for a missing 8-year- to a home on enterprise avenue. policesay he was being cared for by a neighbor and supposed to be inside his home but was not there when his mother returned home from work. >> police say both parents have been involved in custody disputes. call police if you have information. the only suspect in one of durham's most horrific murders is expected to plead guilty. >> more than a decade ago, four men were killed in a townhome,
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mikaya thurmond joins us outside the courthouse with more. >> reporter: bill and lena, investigators have called this one of the most disturbing crime scenes they have ever come across. the murders happened in 2005. the four were shot execution style in the upstairs bedroom of a townhome. two others were hurt when they jumped out of a window. authority says 3 lee three suspects were seen the home. roderick duncan is the only person arrested, already serving eight years in federal prison for drug charges. this afternoon, duncan is expected to take responsibility for the quadruple murder. wral will follow the case and bring you the latest updates in our afternoon newscast. lena and bill? >> mikaya thurmond, thank you.
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indicted on a murder charge. chad copely will face a jury for the august 7 shooting death of kouren thomas. copely called 911 and said he was, quote, locks and loaded and ready to secure the neighbor because a group was outside robbing the neighborhood. he believed that people outside had firearms but there was no evidence that thomas was armed or the attorney for the family spoke with us over the phone. >> the family won't be satisfied until a jury of mr. copely's peers found him guilty of the crime he committed in our opinion. >> copely's attorney referred to a previously released statement urging people not to jump to corn cliewgzs about his client. attofor bowe bergdahl plan to ask for the case to be
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continues in fort bragg and will cite peddling on the case of senator john mccain. the court martial is set for february but the judge may consider changing the trial date after the prosecutors are providing required information to slowly. crews were call the outside to night. the family was not home at the time but firefighters say that a neighbor went in to rescue a puppy. the house is a total loss, and although the cause is not known, the chief believe it was an accident. friends and family of a deaf man killed by a trooper gathered last night. he was shot and killed in charlotte on thursday after a
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harris over for speeding. harris didn't comply and led them on a case back to the house. steps away from his front door, there was an encounter, and harris was shot and killed. deaf family members say that there were similar incidents but none ended so tragically. >> i pulled over and in a few seconds, an officer was at my window with his gun in my face, i'm deaf. >> community leaders say that intensive training should be provided for officers to help them community with hearing impaired. the trooper is on leave which is standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting. i just stepped outside and no offense to you or anyone else in the studio, but i didn't want to come back. >> i was like, where is this going? but such a beautiful morning.
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ending, lena. [laughter] >> it worked out. >> i want to keep my job. good idea and one of the things that is nice throughout, a few clouds but also a lot of blue skies and we'll take a look at the durham skycam pointing to the west. you can see clear skies in that direction and you can see the lucky strike tower is in the shadows there. the clouds are blocking the sun right in that spot, and a lot of us with mostly sunny skies comfortable, and the dew points in the upper 50s and low 60s, not bad humidity wise, and 68 in chapel hill. irwin at 69 and goldsboro at 65 and 63 at cary. as we head through the day, not a bad day to get outside and hit the swimming pool. 10:00 a.m., sunny skies and 66,
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4:00, mid-80s, and the humidity is not too bad. at that point, a mixture of sunshine and blue skies and flattened fair weather clouds, and if you are out in the sun, the uv index will be about 9 to 10. brian is tracking problems. a couple of accidents, mike. i-40 at trinity, heavy traffic on the left side of your screen, 40 westbound will be busy but with the accident, we are looking at significant travel times. garner, delay-free 10 minutes but from 440 to wade, a 28- minute ride and unfortunately, not too again good alternate routes so don't use that.
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put on 40 westbound and allow extra time to deal with the stop and roll traffic on the fortify work zone to cary. if you can pick up 40 westbound it's a delay free 6 minutes to 540. and u.s. 1 northbound at 1010 road, flashing lights on the that cleaned up. and everything is over on the right shoulder accident but we're picking up heavy delays this morning on u.s. 1 northbound beginning in advance of 540 up to the interchange with 1010. hillary clinton's e-mails are back in the spotlight as
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foundation and her time and secretary of state. >> plus, donald trump's changing stance on immigration. >> and we are learning more on
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8:10. donald trump seems to be adjusting his deportation plan
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immigration scheduled for today. meanwhile, clinton's e-mail scandal is not going away. edward lawrence with a look at those campaigns in this report from washington. >> reporter: donald trump looks to revamp his immigration plan but part of it won't change. >> we're impone build a wall, folks. >> reporter: his campaign manager signaled trump will soften illegal immigrants. trump says he would separate them into, quote, the bad ones who would be deported immediately, and everyone else who would go through the progress of immigration laws. >> hillary clinton's plan amounts to absolutely open
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on jimmy kimmel. >> have you considered facess time instead of e-mail? >> actually, that's a great idea. >> reporter: her campaign isn't laughing. >> some of those were government records. some of them might have been classified and raises questions about why there is a massive delusion of records at all. >> reporter: it outlines how big donors got access to clinton as secretary of state through her top aide. >> edward lawrence there. and wral has learned that the governor and vice presidential candidate mike pence is returning to north carolina for a campaign stop, this time in brunswick county and will hold a rally in leland.
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lara trump will be visiting today, a woman-owned hardware store in raleigh. she grew up in wilmington and went to nc state. voters will hear from a variety of candidates at a forum in raleigh tonight. the non-part son event will offer all the candidates a chance to present their platform. the forum cosmopolitan willie b. lewis building on cross link road. the state's largest health care provider is under investigation. >> what caused last week's outage and what is being done now.
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what a beautiful time lapse. >> it i mean, who created that for us? i want to say thank you. oh. so you don't know? >> that's okay. it's beautiful. >> it is. >> oh, thank you, eric. >> okay. we'll take it. really nice. >> sure. just a few fair weather clouds, nothing to produce precipitation but it dresses up the sky when the sun gting ready to come up with fair weather cloud cover in spots,
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skycam at the raleigh/durham airport with a couple of puffy and they may build in the afternoon but overall, a bright day ahead and we'll continue with fairly low humidity like yesterday, maybe not as dry but close. the dew point right now at 63 and we think it will drop off to 50s and 60s in spots in the afternoon. 66 the current temperature and winds are calmand the dew point, 63 and the pressure at 30.28" and we'll look at the town by town temperatures, 70 for and 73 already in goldsboro and cent for the rocky mount and wilson. and not a huge disrches at this
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time yesterday in raleigh and only a degree cooler for this time in goldsboro. we had a few clouds in the morning around fayetteville and points south. in the night, disturbance with the low-level clouds. a lot of that will thin out in the next otherwise, high pressure generally dominating into parts of north carolina and virginia and south carolina, and the high is centered around pennsylvania and will head east and northeast but the ridge of high pressure will continue to extend into north carolina and keep this frontal boundary to the south and west, the one that came through sunday night and behind that, the drier air
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above normal, typically warm for august but with the fairly low humidity, most of the showers will be off to the north and west with another front. you can see that play out on futurecast with central north carolina under the ridge of high pressure, and there may be more in the way of cloud cover in the mountains with fair weather clouds around at times in the afternoon, mostly clear overnight and tomorrow, more sun than clouds for central north carolina, but in banks and the sound, a couple of sprinkles and showers and we'll at a dry tomorrow night as well and on thursday, we'll repeat the process. a couple of showers under a ridge of high pressure and staying dry. that's a look atthe eastern u.s. we have tropical activity i'll look at in the next half
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93: --86 at 5:00, and we'll heat up to 90 by thursday and friday and saturday, more humidity and temperatures largely in the mid- 90s, so back to reality for a few days. back to you. we're learning more about the federal case the charleston church shooting suspect. authoritiessay that dylann roof self radicalized and grew more entrenched in a group of white parishioners at
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changing his liquor restrictions after a sexual assault case. hard liquor is now prohibited, and beer and wine will be allowed. a judge sentenced a massachusetts teenager for two years in probation after sexually assaulting classmate. david becker sent a text message to one of the victims the following day apologizing but maintain main -- maintain that is he never touched the other girl. investigators in florida say little could be done to prevent a deadly alligator attack at a disney resort. 2-year-old lane gray did
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the gator grabbed the boy wile he was building sand castles from the shore. his dad there was and tried to pry the gator's mouth open. there was a report of gators near the shore 45 minutes before the attack. the state is continuing the investigation into blue cross/blue shield of north carolina. the probe was opened after receiving more than 1000 complaints earlier this a combination of ip problems and high enrollment were the blame for the cause. blue cross said there are areas where we agree and areas where we disagree. this kind of dislowing all part of the normal process. we are working with doi to reach a solution, unquote. the company said that the issue is resolved and it's time to
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paperwork. congress keeps commanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of epi pens to -- asking the company to justify the increase. the company has deductible health plans. wells fargo is in hot water for charming illegal late fees to student loan borrowers. they charged them for those who make the payments on the last day of the grace period. as part of the penalty, the company must set aside $410,000
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illegal fees. coming up, how local community colleges are preparing people to be community colleges are preparing people to be qualified for the new cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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bill leslie with our top stories beginning with traffic troubles. brian shrader? i-40 south and westbound, an accident in the clearing stages in the median on i-40 at trinity, and slow traffic from the u.s. one interchange towards wade. we are looking at a 3 minute ride from 440 to wade. 4040 westbound which is your typical alternate route is backed up. i would avoid that.
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right shoulder, u.s. 1 northbound at 1010 from an earlier crash. and it's starting to ease just a bit but heavy ramp delays continue on 55 westbound on leaving holly springs towards apex. bill? police are looking for a missing 8-year-old child in fayetteville. the boy was cared for by a neighbor and was supposed to be inside his home but was not thereof when his mom returned home a man indicted 10 years ago in a quadruple murder case, roderick duncan, is expected in court today. he has been in jail since last year. the murders happened in 2005. the four were killed execution style in a townhome.
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in henderson and sketch for tarboro and rocky mount, 70 and 73 in goldsboro and 69 for fayetteville. there is a look at satellite and radar with a couple of fair weather clouds moving through and the high temperature, 86 by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. bill? >> thank you, mike. how a woman's generous gesture towards police in one
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it's almost 8:30 and a generous gesture is starting to spread across a johnston county community, adopt a cop. >> the woman behind the campaign said that law enforcement officers don't get the respect they deserve. >> the general public does not see what we see. >> reporter: or hear mclamb hears, a 17-year dispatcher. >> a lot of prayers have been said for my deputies behind the mic. >> reporter: she knows the officers personally and on any given day will send them into a dangerous situation. >> people don't call 911 when they're having a good day. >> reporter: so mclamb is stepping from behind the mic to make sure that everyone else seeing what she sees, and she is asking people to adopt a cop, a way of saying thank you.
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card for the officer. >> reporter: perhaps include a small gift. >> just anything to say thank you. >> reporter: mclamb plans to adopt out police, deputies, and animal control, all officers in johnston county and are looking for residents who want to make adoption, taken from the woman on the other taken of the mic. >> they become like family. >> that was adam owens reporting. the program is up and running in other places. involved, contact her through the facebook page. the fayetteville airport will begin a process for active duty military members. any member with an id card will move through the line faster to help speed things up. we are working to find out what caused a fiery crash on i
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one person. seven peoples were involved, and three cars caught fire. the driver of one vehicle, 63- year-old dempsey smith of wilson died. two raleigh teens are charged after police found a drowned dog in an apartment complex swimming pool, each charged with a felony count of animal cruelty. officerssay that the animal was found at the complex morning. the dog had been beaten and drowned in the pool. the state's environmental agency was in the dispute with duke energy over the spill at the dan river coal ash. attorneys are trying to work through the issues.
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colleges and community colleges are coordinating classes to train local workers for high- tech jobs available at the carolina connector. it will bring 300 construction jobs and 300 permanent jobs and could mean as many as 1500 jobs. it's a big day for duke university. the class of 2020 arrive this their dorms in the east campus right around now and you may see congestion in the area. and in chapel hill, you may see many participating in the tradition of drinking from the old well. it's said if they drink from the old well on the first day, good grades will come their
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variety including scientists and athletes and community activists. >> did you drink from the old well? >> oh, yes. >> tradition. it will be plenty warm today, so you may want a drink here and there. the skycam showing the sun is shining on a lot of us with fair weather clouds and you can see the solar and the solar farm should be getting a nice amount of sun to make electricity out of today. we have temperatures this morning starting to come up a bit and dropping to the mid-50s and 60s. and we have 69 at hope mill and looking at 71 in clinton and 71 around rocky mount, wilson, and wake forest is the 64. as we head through the day, temperatures at or below normal
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to the north and near 90 in fayetteville and the humidity is fairly low for this time of year and we'll look for a mixture of sunshine and clouds and lots of sun and blue sky at times and other times, we may see a few flattened fair weather clouds, and we'll have sun and high clouds after a low of 64 and edge up more with a bright day on thursday with the high around 90. bill lawmakers are launching an ambitious new study of school construction needs in 100 counties, contracting on an outside firm to handle the study and identify rural counties with trouble paying for construction. three teachers in our area will be recognized by the white
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teachers from middle and high schools to receive the award for excellence in mathematics and science. justin osterstrom from martin middle, and kayonna pitchford from stoney point elementary and karen fewman from durham academy will be receiving $10,000. by the olympics to get in
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe
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ur hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone.
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u.s. olympic swim teams will no doubt inspire people to get in the pool this year. the athletes walked with 33 medal for swimming alone. >> and dr. allen mask gets our gold every day when it comes to good health and here to help everyone who wants to get swimming part of their regular routine. dr.mask? >> reporter: that's right, bill and lena. swimming, because of the effects of water resistance, offers a much more productive workout in a shorter amount of time than on dry land and can be a greater benefit for people who suffer from joint pain. compared to many exercises, swimming is more low impact and therefore, easier on the joints. the water offers multiple
8:40 am
more low impact exercise to start off with the low impact. and it sauls great because it encourages range of motion of all parts of your body, using your arms and legs and glutes and most importantly, you are engaging the core. >> reporter: the weightless feeling experience reduces compression on irritable joints. the doctor recommends swimy -- swimming because it shows swimming had lower heart rate and blood pressure and to lose weight, it's a great calorie burner and increases flexibility and keeps joints working properly. >> many of us think of exercise as getting up and doing intense
8:41 am
>> so, dr. mask, does the cool water make people not want to swim? >> reporter: it does, lena, on the joints but you can get used to it. the doctor recommended a warm indoor community indoors. they can control the temperature, and swimming is a great exercise for everyone. if you have joint arthritis, osteoarthritis involving the knees, the warm water can be soothing to the joints and all the local hospitals, duke, all of the local hospitals will
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whole lot better. >> let's get swimming. thank you, dr. mask. you can go to and find more under the health and life tab. keeping the streets clean of litter was never so high- tech. >> a new app can pinpoint the trouble spots. and a politician re-ups his position. and your winning numbers
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a little diana ross doesn't hurt anybody in the morning. [laughter] keeps you moving. and we have supremely pretty skies to look at. a little sunshine on the solar farm camera, and sunshine in a good part of the area with a few fair weather clouds and thicker in spots, thin in others. here is a look at the camera ?riew south hill, virginia with blue skies and a few fair weather clouds and light winds. it's a nice day. it should be a nice day as we go through the day without any precipitation and areas cool, upper 50s to mid-90s, and a lot of us with the mid to upper
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and 70 for the rocky mount, wilson area, and 73 in goldsboro, and looking at the satellite across the southeastern united states, and clouds coming in in the upper atmosphere last night and low level moisture in the lower atmosphere, and as we go through the day, a lot of blue sky and a few fair weather clouds. things are generally quiet with high pressure in the eastern united states over atlantic. one of the tropical systems will be sheared, fiona in the eastern atlantic. and we have a more organized system that will be a fairly significant hurricane, tropical storm gaston with 50 maximum sustained winds and off to the
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depression fiona, 35 miles per hour maximum winds early today but is likely to diminish some, and we have a wave of low pressure not far east of the antilles, moving to the west and it has a 60% chance in the next couple days of becoming a tropical cyclone. if it does get a name, it will be hermine. the computer model shows it could end up in the sections of the bahamas, and some of the computer models going into the time frame and beyond indicate it may be a significant tropical system, something to watch closely late in the weekend and especially into next week. meanwhile in the eastern atlantic, tropical storm gaston is likely to become a hurricane but it is looking like it will be in the mid-atlantic and not
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for us, sun, mostly sunny to partly cloudy in the afternoon and at 3:00, 4:00, 86 for the high and the humidity, not too bad. tomorrow, similar and similar on thursday as well, 88 tomorrow, and 96 on friday and 94 on saturday and more humid by then, and ry daze this weekend. and it will be mostly sunny, 10:00 a.m., 82 degrees and at 5:00, 93, and we'll stick with 90s for highs on sunday and probably monday as well. once we get past that, we'll watch where the tropical system would be, hermine. >> hermine. thank you, mike. raleigh is take a high-tech approach to tracking litter and
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a team of employees walks town the trash and categorizes the location. they are taking pre-active steps such as installing compactors. walmart will their grocery delivery service. you can pick up your order without even leaving your vehicle. kobe bryant has 1 00 million to invest on wall street. he created a venture capitol fund, and it has made as as a
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already. bryant is trying to transition from athlete to businessman and i would say he is doing well. tyra banks is anything back to school and will be at the head of the class this time. she will teach at stanford university next may and serve as guest lecturer on creating and maintaining of sunscreen that smell like fried chicken. the restaurant chain is trying to drum up interest in extra crispy chicken. itay be just a publicity stunt because several associated press reporterred tested the sunscreen and they said it didn't remind them of chicken. kfc ran out a few hours after
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website. last month, john mercury morgan jumped through a wall of fire on his motorcycle. check out his latest feat. over the weekend, yeah, you saw that right. he used a ramp on jump over a helicopter the ground and then through a wall of fire. the stunt man is a pastor. he said the ramp represents the highs and lows his church gave away book bags and set up jump houses for the kids. he may be the nation's most lovable mayor and certainly the cutest. this is duke, and yes, he is the may are -- mayor of a small nonminnesota, cormorant,
8:52 am
line. duke is re-elected because i guess people are happy with the way things are under duke, superior leadership. >> he seems stoic and thoughtful. >> i would like to live in that town. looks like they are having a good time but i bet he could be bribed with treats. >> corruption potential? >> lobbyists from big treats, trying to had to free a man who fell around 2:00 a.m. when he jumped building's roofs. listsay that his girlfriend was with him and he was trying to impress her and he slipped
8:53 am
16" space. he is okay and everything is fine. no comment from the girlfriend. >> i was anything to say, has she left him yet? [laughter] >> how many stories start with "he was trying to impress"? >>they don't end well. they don't, and a 3 week kien, a homeowner's 4-year-old son thought it was cool to try and flush the cat down the toilet, not good but the kitty is okay. >> a survivor? >> yes, indeed. and they renamed the kitten miracle. take it from me. there is miracle. how about that?
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projects go too far. and's penguin is inspecting the soldiers in edinburgh, scotland. [laughter] that's all i have to say about that. >> i assume they passed. >> i assume so. >> thank you, bill. that was just for you. >> have a good day. at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread. the great american steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger
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it's 8:56. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. your top stories in just a bit but brian has a look at the
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median of i-40 around trinity road leading to significant westbound delays that are out there. 31 minutes from 440 out to wade avenue. just allow extra time. 4:40 westbound is starting to clear up, and that might be a good alternate. and a crash on 64 eastbound at lizard lick road. heavy delays from the 64 business interchange on the eastbound side and looks like it's clearing up but may persist. back to you. bergdahl are asking for his case to be dismissed, citing congressional meddling especially from senator john mccain. now, mike moss with a look at our dazzling forecast. thank you, bill and things are nice out there with sun and fair weather clouds and we'll take a look at temperatures. those are starting to climb, most in the mid-60s to low 70s. 66 in raleigh/durham and 70 for
8:58 am
through the day, there will be periods with blue sky and sunshine and a few fair weather clouds building up. lunchtime, upper 70s and low 80s. in the afternoon, mid to upper 80s but not bad in terms of the humidity. it will be lower than what we have seen lately. >> thank you, mike. there are different races to run at home even if the olympics are over. a charity is in hunger.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: what's up, chuck? how are you folks? come on, now. let's go. good. good. how is everybody? how y'all? i appreciate you, now. thank y'all. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a family returning for the fourth day. with a total of 21,450 bucks, from hendersonville, tennessee, it's the beams family. and from nashville, tennessee, it's the nellis family. well, everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash. somebody wants to drive out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid.


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