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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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c1 right now on fox 50 the death toll continues to rise following a devastating earthquake in italy, the town that was one of the hardest new information about a kindergarten student handed over to police after no one showed up at his school bus stop to get him. and durham is hosting the annual back to school party for students. it's 7:00. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm bill leslie. good to have you with us. today will be like yesterday. a little bit warmer.
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i went out sleeveless. it's cooler and people are enjoying the temperature and humidity that are down and today, the temperatures will be seasonably warm. let's take a look at the current readings, upper 50s to low 60s across the north and 65 in durham and here at the station? raleigh. 60 in henderson and 58 souths south hill, virginia and 59 aft roanoake rapids. as we move to the warmer in laurinburg and fayetteville at 67 and 65 in clinton and goldsboro, and satellite and radar showing fair skies yesterday. we did have fair weather clouds and we talked about those forming at times, and today, a few partly cloudy periods mixed in, and we should see more sun than clouds at 8:00. 69 and a mix of sun and clouds at lunchtime and 83 degrees
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hit our high, close to normal. looking for 88 degrees but compared to the last few weeks, it will not be nearly as muggy. we have changes coming in the 7- day forecast in about 15 minutes. heat and humidity returning late this week but we'll let brian tell us how things are going on the roads. pretty quiet. the crash on new bern on 440 has cleared up noing freely. a live look at the commute, one incident in raleigh, a disabled vehicle western at blue ridge road. you can see traffic is moving along well according to the sensors. we'll keep our eyes on it and let you know at western at the beltline. a trip from johnston county. always wanted to check on that at this time of the morning commute. the beltline, a typical drive,
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clayton by pass, and up to business 70 traffic is flowing freely into the fortify work zone and slows down on 40 westbound twk rock quarry and lake wheeler road interchange. gorman at u.s. 1, and 14 wents, and the trip to 540 will take the northbound side of 540, the toll road from 55 and holly springs to morrisville, about 6 minutes, and u.s. 1 northbound from apex up to raleigh, the trip through cary delay free at 6 minutes. bill? >> thank you very much. the death toll continues to rise after a powerful
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>> at least 37 people have died in the magnitude 6 earthquake. the agency said rescue teams are clawing through debris in hard-hit up -- towns. they have found many people trapped in the debris, but crews's access is limited. crews haven't still have reach a nearby hamlet, and the information continues to come into the newsroom, and we'll provide updates throughout the morning. turkish forces have crossed into syria in an attempt to extract troops from the town. earlier, mortars were fired by isis and landed in turkish territory. turkish forces fired in
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wake county kindergarten student handed over to police after his parents did not show up at the bus stop. >> the boy is no longer in police custody. mikaya thurmond has more. mikaya? >> reporter: bill, i spoke with the watch commander who the child. they have not said who the person is but they do say that the child is safe. the 5-year-old boy is a kindergartener, and yesterday afternoon, he was supposed to get off the bus but his parents never showed up. the bus driver followed protocol and did not let the boy off the bus. after completing another route, the driver came back to the drop-off spot and even tried to call the parents.
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drivers cannot leave children unattended. the driver took the boy back to the bus depot. bill and lena, plenty of question left in the developing investigation. >> mikaya thurmond, thank you. overnight, fire tore through a home in clayton and broke out about 3:00 this morning on mystery hill court. a woman said that the family car in the driveway caught fire and there was an the flames spread to the house. a woman, their child, and pets got out safely after someone kicked in the door and alerted them but the house is heavily damaged. and wake county deputies are investigating a shooting on park village drive last night. a male was taken to wakemed but we don't know if anyone was taken into custody.
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be in court today. policesay that garr yorks jarborough attacked and killed the woman and then went to the home of another friend, a nurse, he was arrested the next day. the fbi is investigating a trooper-involved shooting that killed a deaf man. a memorial service daniel harris who was shot in front of his home for speeding. advocates are saying there needs to be a system where police can identify deaf drivers by a special license plate. going back to school will be easy for thousands of students thanks to the durham rescue mission. we'll have a live look at the organization and a big crowd out there.
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the back-to-school party for students in need. the mission will provide backpacks filled with school supplies. and children will receive free clothing and food, and the mission is cooking 10,000 hot dogs for families that show up, a huge event every year and it looks like the need is greater than ever. >> good thing that the weather is cooperating. another round of hillary clinton's e-mails the clinton foundation owners and the people clinton in the as secretary of state. >> and the case of a foiled bomb plot.
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donald trump is rallying in florida today, a -wmustin state and is doubling down on his calls to investigate hillary clinton's e-mas the ties new as press analysis shows that more than half the people who hillary clinton in the as secretary of state donated to her foundation. >> it's impossible to determine where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it's now abundantly clear that
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>> reporter: the fbi is investigating 59,000 new e- mails not report. >> hillary clinton, this is no laughing matter. nobody is above the law. >> reporter: trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigation while clinton's team continues to insist she did nothing wrong. the clinton foundation said if she wins, she will stop the foreign donors, and bill clinton will step down from the board. hillary clinton and are focusing on hard to win states like arkansas. >> the polling is suggesting it's an uphill push for us. >> reporter: but trump and clinton are showing nearly even in a red state, missouri. tracie potts, washgton. >> republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is scheduled to hold a rally today at 3:00. laura leslie willbe there and
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teenager is recovering from what is usually a deadly brain- eating amoeba infection. and what happened when a driver
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i can't tell you who to sock it to. [laughter] i can't. not my business. >> we can tell you whatever your thing is, if want to do it today outside t -- it
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rain. >> i am just not going to talk. [laughter] >> we'll turn it that way and let the weather be another good one and give you another break from the heat and humidity. warm, seasonably so but the humidity remains down. let's take a look at another skycam view. this is from roxboro with a few fair weather clouds dressing up the low-angle sun in roxro seeing clear skies. the clouds are framing everything and making it look nice. at the raleigh/durham airport, 65 degrees and the winds are calm and the dew point at 62, and the pressure is at 30.29" and headed up. we have 67 degrees down in fayetteville and 65 at goldsboro, and 66 for erwin and
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south hill, virginia. the satellite and radar shows that yesterday we had fair weather clouds yesterday, and we talked yesterday morning about having flattened cumulus clouds with a fair amount of those around and this morning, fair clouds and a couple of patches of lower clouds here and there, but where else, mostly clear skies. and high pressure over pennsylvania yesterday shifted off to continues to extend back to the southwest and there may be a couple of exceptions. towards the mountains and there may be moisture along the coast with showers as well. a frontal boundary to the west, and most of the showers and storms will stay around the great lakes region and the front will be slow to approach us and may stall for a good while before it gets into this vicinity.
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-- temperatures but that may change a bit friday into saturday. mainly fair skies over the central area, moisture that may brush the coast and there might be a couple of widely scattered showers in the mountains as well, and perhaps thunderstorms in spot bus -- spots but for us, a mix of sun and clouds. we are more likely sun than clouds with a slight chance of a storm in the mountains and a very slight chance at the coast. as we look at the rain chances the next couple days near zero today and tomorrow and on saturday, 15% with an isolated shower or storm. for today, the high should reach 88 at 3:00, 4:00 p.m. and 69 at 8:00 and 83 at
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and partly cloudy in the afternoon. and then tomorrow,. >> for the high and jump up to 96 friday and saturday and probably not as humid as recent weeks, but the temperatures come down early next week but not a big drop that we can see. over to brian and he'll catch us up on what's happening with the roads. a quiet mike. it's 7:19 as we look at the live commute map, an overturned vehicle on glenwood that will cause problems and we'll zoom in. it's around morehead drive, not too far from the farm bureau office. and inbound delays, earlier, we had an outbound delay but most of the delays due to the crash
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boulevard back to creedmoor road. so add extra time as they get the accident cleared up. there are injuries involved. and we have word of an accident on creedmoor at 5:40, and we are picking up a delay on the northbound side of highway 50 heading away from 540 and i don't have too many other details, but that's something we're following. in durham, no big problems. the freeway and glenn road is closed between club and bundy. and i 40 looks good as you leave chapel hill. and rtp travel times out of raleigh, 40 westbound to 540, 6 minutes, and the southbound side of the durham freeway from downtown to i-40 delay free at 8 minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. appreciate that.
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cyberintrusions targeting reporters at the new york times and is look into whether russian intelligence agencys are responsible according to officials briefed on the case. the officials say they believe russian hackers are targeting news organizations and focusing on democratic party organizations. a spokeswoman for the times said no internal systems at the a kansas man will be sentenced for his role to detonate a bomb and kill as many u.s. service members as possible. alexander blair said he made a mistake and blames a genetic disorder for allowing people to take advantage of him and
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detonate a bomb. the florida zika outbreak appears to be spreading. the state department of health has reported 5 new non-travel cases, one in piniellas county. health officials are working with the patient to determine where the virus was contracted. meanti and going door to door to educate people. a teenager is only one of 4 people known to have survived a brain-eating amoeba. it generally lives in warm freshwater and if it enters a person's nose, it can reach the brain and cause massive swelling. 97% of the patients have proved deadly. but in this case, doctors say
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combination of treatment were key to the teen's survival. classes begin at the university of texas at austin, and students will be permitted to carry guns in classrooms. public universities are allowed in classrooms and in buildings bylaw, and three professors at uc austin sued to keep their classrooms gun free saying it was, quote, dangerously experimental and pointed more than 20 shootings on campuses last year. a federal judge denied the request. a driver in boston may have taken his eye off the road at the wrong time. the massachusetts department of transportation had an arrow board blocking the center lane of the ted williams tunnel last night. video caught the moment a man in a cadillac slammed into a sign and sent it flying.
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minor injuries and was charged. fayetteville's city leaders will be looking for a new chief. will be looking for a new chief. >> the i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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i'm lena tillett with your top stories. new overnight, a fire tore through a home in clayton before 3:00 this morning on mission hill court. the car in the driveway caught fire and spread to the house. everyone got out safely after someone kicked in their door and alerted them. a hearing in a franklin county courtroomor a man
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girlfriend. policesay that garry i -- yarborough killed his girlfriend in a business parking lot. mike? thank you, lena. taking a look at the temperatures, fairly mild. 62 in rocky mount and durham and raleigh at 65. as we move to the south, warm with 65 in clinton and goldsboro. the radar showing a quiet pattern, high pressure extending in and a few high clouds in the northeastern part of the state. this afternoon, we top out at 88 for a high. brian? just getting word of a crash on the fortify work zone 45 westbound at lake wheeler road. expect delays through south
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injuries on glenwood, not far from morehead. heavy inbound from pleasant valley road towards creedmoor road. so allow extra time. right now it looks like outbound traffic is moving along fairly well heading away from the mall.
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pictures from central italy this morning, the breaking news story of the day. the death toll continues to rise after a powerful earthquake shook central italy overnight. >> and the civil protection agency said that at least 38 people have died in the magnitude 6 quake and teams are still going through debris in hard-hit towns. they have extracted dozens of people alive from a hard-hit the main road into and out of the town is covered in debris, limiting access to crews. neighbors were digging people out by hand. >> rescue crews still haven't reached some areas. information continues to come into the newsroom, and we will ovide updates throughout the morning. and more breaking news. another powerful earthquake. officialssay that a quake registering a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 has shaken
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after a strong quake tumbled villages in central italy. we will track this throughout the morning. the general who ordered bowe bergdahl's case be sent to court will be in court today. last fall, senator john mccain said that the armed services committee will hold hearings if the army didn't punish him for desertion. the army said that hear no undue influence in the case. general robert abrams will testify today. a mother faces misdemeanor child abuse charges after police say she left her young children alone in the apartment for more than six hours, ages
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has a court appearance for next month. nearly 11 years after four young men were executed in duncan, rodrick duncan pleaded guilty to murder in a deal that would give him 34 years in prison. policesay that duncan shot and killed the men in 2005 demanding marijuana. showed tears and anger, and at least one family member said she forgive them. witnesses say at least two other men were involved in the shooting but duncan has been
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fayetteville is on the look out for a new police chief as chief harold medlock will step down at the end of the year. he took over at 2013 and since then he has brought attention to the area for his hands on approach to policing with body cameras and a police force willing to improve. >> what i have seen in the last year to 18 months is a police department that has matured in a gr women in the police department and the leadership that you see standing with me today come to work as a team, develop some great leadership attributes, reach out to the community, and really, fulfill a philosophy that many of them thought i was crazy to bring when i came here three and a half years ago. >> chief medlock will take leave beginning in october to have shoulder and
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plan to recruit his successor. a good job down there. >> yeah. a chilly morning, felt good, a pleasant morning especially with people standing out to get their book bags and everything, and we'll edge away from that in the next couple days and hit on the changes to come in the 7-day forecast in a while. a look at thskycam at solar farm 5. just the way of clouds in that picture, and we have a lot of sunshine on the solar panels today to help generate electricity. the town by town temperatures as lena mentioned, a little on the cool side compared to the last couple weeks. 60 in henderson and 61 for carthage and 63 for knightdale and wilson, 62. smithfield, 63.
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along with that and generally light winds if you are out for a walk or a run or taking the dog out for a walk. later today, mid to upper 80s across the north and 90 from yetteville southward and mostly sunny to partly cloudy at times, the sky, as we go throughout the day and fairly low dew points, upper 50s to 60 and over to brian and get us up to date on what's with the roads. >> so far, so good with a couple of crashes in raleigh. we'll take a look at the sensors here at 7:35. checking the wide view in the triangle, moving along very well and no accidents to report. and looking clear between 40 and 85 and 85 and 40 looking fine in both directions. however in raleigh, we have
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accident in the clearing stages at morehead. most of the delays are inbound from glenwood avenue from pleasant valley road to morehead and creedmoor. so allow extra time on glenwood. out of bound, according to the sensors, pretty good towards pleasant valley road. and a report of a crash from the beltline interchange and a bit of an outbound delay at lake boone trail. and a crash on 40 westbound at lake wheeler but we don't see any problems there. a look at the latest drive times on 40 westbound, significant, a 17-minute ride through garner from 42 to 440 and 440 out to wade,0 minutes
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area to lake wheeler. y road beyond that, in good shape from wade and beyond. wade to 540, about 6 minutes. lena? >> thank you. scott mason will show us classic down home restaurants from across the state with bagels, barbecue and ice cream. that's the tar heel traveler tonight at 7:00. television is filled with scenes of natural disasters violence but shielding kids from the news may not be the answer. >> our go ask mom has advice about how parents can talk with
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with reports of terrorism, mass shootings and natural disasters, kids are exposed to violence on tv. we can see the images from central italy where 37 -- actually, 38 people have died in an earthquake. >> this is a live picture of it right now expected it can be scary for kids, but a psychiatrist tells us that children should not be shielded from the here. hi. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> and tell us about the advice today. >> reporter: we do need to expose our kids and let them know about the world events. and this needs to happen at an age appropriate level and you won't show live footage of
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are going on so they know how to react. >> and compared talking about violence to another sensitive subject, sexual. >> reporter: it's gradual exposure, overtime. with a 3-year-old, emphasize that bad things do happen in the world but you are safe. your parents will protect you and the adults in your world will protect you and overtime as they become older, you want to tell them how a disaster. if something happens how they can keep themselves safe. maybe it's them being the one to lock the doors. >> what are the warning sign that is a child is having issues themselves? >> reporter: if you are gradually telling them and exposing them to world events, they should be able to handle it if you are giving it to them
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for kids who are anxious by nature it can be troublesome. if they are having trouble sleeping or eating or withdrawing from normal activities and are not able to function properly, it might be a sign something is going on. >> if it gets to that point where do you go to seek help? >> reporter: so if you are having discussions with them and they are not able to discuss their own feelings, it might be time to go up the ladder to and start with your pediatrician and talk with them about what they are seeing and they can go with you from there. there are a lot of people who can help kids having trouble. >> and how can you help kids feel safe talking about current events? >> reporter: i have a 6-year- old and when we drive by accidents on the highway, we'll look at it, and i emphasize the helpers. isay look at all the ambulances and fire trucks out there
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get from tip from their romers who said once when his mother talked to him about scary events, she told him to focus on the helpers. so if you are looking at the news coverage in italy, look at the helpers and all the people helping to pull the people out and think about the good things in the community. >> so the goal is instruction and readiness so into adults to tough situations. >> reporter: yeah. you don't want hem to be 25 and huddle in the corner because they don't know what to do. >> sarah lindefeld hall, thank you. and good to hear mr. rogers' advice. he was a good one. we are 5 days away from the first day of school. where in the world has summer gone? >> where teachers and students
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it looks like the sun is there, doesn't it? what do you think? >> nice and bright with blue sky there and some solar panels underneath it receiving some of the sunlight and that should be helping out a lot today and creating electricity out there and everything. it looks like it will be a nice day overall with another round of fairly low humidity and generally bright skies out there in many areas. we'll take a look at the tall tower cam, another view for you from southeastern wake county
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northwest. as you can see, there are patches of fair weather clouds off in the distance. so some of you heading out will see cloud cover here and there, and other places, you can look up and see the blue skies and sunshine. temperatures generally in the mid-60s, locally. and 60s in moncure and wake forest. 65 at the station? raleigh and durham, and 63 towards foxborough and south hill and 65 in in fayetteville and erwin, not a huge temperature swing across the region. we had a couple of placing dip into the upper 50s this morning. and dew points in the upper 50s to the north and 60s to the south and through the course of the day a lot of us will see the dew points drifting into the upper 50s and low 60s. we have a few high clouds in
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and high clouds off to the northwest and a little of that will drift into the skies later today but otherwise, a quiet pattern with high pressure. not so quiet in the atlantic. we take you to the eastern atlantic with a well-organized system that tracks west northwest with tropical storm gaston. the last update, 70 miles per hour winds on that and looks like it will intensify later today and tonight and a good chance it will hurricane, and we have a system that has a 70% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone. if it is named, it will be hermine. and the computer models follow the system into the bahamas and at the end of the tracks, monday at 6:00 p.m., we have a ways to watch this go, the next several days and there is a
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storm could end up by monday and how intense it may be. but it could affect the southeastern united states or gulf coast as we go through the next several days into next week, something we'll want to watch closely. otherwise, tropical storm gaston becoming a hurricane but moving into the central atlantic and unlikely to have an impact on the u.s. for today, high pressure in control and mostly sunny and 83 and vary between mostly sunny and partly cloudy. 8:00, 78 for the high, and later tonight, a low of 66, and tomorrow's high, 92 and up to 96 on friday with more sun than clouds and the dew points on friday holding in the upper 60s to near 70 as opposed to the upper 50s and low 60s we expect today w. that in mind, it will be quite a bit more
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weekend with a slight slight chance of a shower or a storm. brian is here with an update on traffic. any updates? a few crashes at 7:50. a crash on glenwood near morehead, west of the beltline with heavy delays inbound glenwood from pleasant valley road and delay at this point. they are working to get that crash cleared up. and had an earlier report of an accident 40 westbound at lake wheeler road. never saw any sign of it on the camera but we are seeing delays from the fortify. as soon as you get out to lake wheeler road, it's clearing up
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road. let's head to durham. 85 is looking good in both directions and i-45 eastbound looks pine out of chapel hill towards 751 and 755, but we are pick up slow down from alexander drive to ellis road. as you head beyond that no delays as you move in towards alston avenue in is taking 10 minutes or so, and continuing beyond to 85, moving along. the inbound trip from 85 towards the downtown durham looking good. back to you. >> thank you, brian. teachers at rolesville elementary school will be move to move in today amid the $20 million renovation and construction continuing.
7:52 am
teachers would not be able to set up their classrooms for the first day of school. a system spokesperson said that the current phase wrapped up yesterday and the project will be complete by summer. this is video from a groundbreaking ceremony the new magnet school last year. the 1960s-era campus was torn down and a new building along six forks road. going back to school will be easier for thousands thanks to the durham rescue mission. joining us live is ernie mills. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. and we have been taking live shots all morning long. first of all, tell us about the need for the community.
7:53 am
i think the big need is that the rent in the area is going up tremendously and skyrocketing, and we hope that the back to school party will supplement the budget. >> reporter: how many people are you expecting to serve? >> we are expecting over 4000. we have 4000 backpacks ready to give away stuffed with school supplies. we feel like this would be a big help to the mamas to help out >> reporter: ernie, thank you for all you do and thank you for joining us. new overnight, a fire badly damaged a home in clayton. coming up on fox 50, what may have sparked a fire and who helped the woman get out of her
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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7:56. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. the general who ordered that bowe bergdahl's case be sent to court martial will general robert abrams will testify and the judge will ask him why he destroyed letters he received from supporters and critics to bergdahl. nearly 11 years after ung m durham, a measure of yesterday after rodrick duncan pleaded guilty that he shot and killed
7:57 am
we have fairly comfortable temperatures around the mostly low to mid-60s at this point and 64 in roxboro an65 at the raleigh/durham airport and 67 in fayetteville and almost 70 in clinton as we look at the satellite and radar and things are quiet with a couple of fair weather clouds here and there and no precipitation and to the west. he mountain more sun than clouds overall mostly sunny to partly cloudy in the afternoon hours and topping out at 88 at 3:00 to 4:00 and the humidity is not very high. over to brian for an update on traffic. 7:57, mike, and a look at the live commute map in t triangle, a crash in the clearing stages on glenwood not far from morehead. picking up heavy delays
7:58 am
time. in durham, backups on the northbound side of the durham freeway from alexander to ellis road. bill? >> thank you, brian. scary moments for a young child coming home from school. what we ar
7:59 am
my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. right now on fox 50, the death toll keeps rising following an earthquake in italy. >> new information overnight
8:00 am
mom failed to show up at a school bus stop. >> and the durham rescue mission is hosting of the annual back to school party for students. we'll take you there live. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm bill leslie. the death toll continues to rise after a powerful earthquake in italy. >> at least 38 people have died in the magnitude rescue teams are still clawing through the debris in the hard- hit towns. the main road into and out of the town is covered in debris limiting access to crews. neighbors are digging pome out by -- people out by hand, and we will provide updates throughout the morning.


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