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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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focused on people and community. we promise pursuit of releaptlessness. tonight, neighbors are calling a johnson county man a hero. when the fire family was the house on fire. but this man was initially mistaken for a burglar. >> reporter: on mystery circle something went bump in the night. >> something rattled the house. >> it rattled him. he ran to look outside. his neighbor's home was on fire. those inside did not know. it he grabbed the phone and ran next door. >> the address of your
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>> a fire in the house. >> reporter: he ran at the home and beat on the door. neighbors around here call him a hero but initially the people in the house thought he was something else. >> she then called 911 because someone was trying to break into her house. >> reporter: and in the call you can hear him pounding on the door. the pregnant homeowner inside still unaware her house was on fire made her own 911 call. into your house? >> yes. >> 911 put the pieces together. she told them she needed to get out. he there was to get the woman, her son and pets to safety. >> it could have been a lot worse than it was. it could have been a disaster. >> adam owens. back to you. >> the family that lives in the home did not want to go on camera. the fire marble told them that
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an electric outlet outside of the house. upgraded charges against the man accused of hitting the man walking on the side of the road. >> they dismissed the manslaughter charge against stony riley and now charged him with first-degree murder. the detectives made the decision after they received new information about the august 1st incident. they say he hit atkins after asking the pan for drugs. he is held without bond. >> grownville police charged a man with murdering 3 children. two of them his he was already charged with murdering the children's mother whom the family members also say was his wife. the investigators say they were beaten to death with a hammer. he was arrested in richmond, sro video last week and take tone greenville over the weekend. >> more deaths are reported about 24 hours after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked central italy. the number of dead now at 159. reduced the towns to rubble.
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looking for survivors. one of the most dramatic a firefighter pulled back bricks and other debrow when they found her foot and legs. several others rushed in to help pull her out. women's basketball team was in italy when the quake hit. the coach called it terrifying. several hours before arriving the team was in rome for the final night of a 10-day trip. they played exhibition games in several cities. the head coach posted on facebook that everyone she says the earthquake shook their hotel in rome for 30 seconds and they felt the after shocks. >> i was very curious to get up and find out what is going on and to try to find out if there was cause on wake up everyone in our travel party. >> many people have ties to italy. mario owns vic's restaurant in city market.
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they felt the earthquake 100 miles away. he called his relatives and they are okay. they are talking about ways to help the people of italy. the head of kabul hospital says a security guard was killed in afghanistan. more than a dozen students and a foreign teacher was hurt when they invaded the campus. students and teachers classrooms. some jumped out to safety. one gunman is dead. another thought to be on the loose. no one claimed responsibility. >> with are learning more about an army reservist who gunned down 5 police officers in dallas last month. according to new documents released by the veterans health administration, johnson showed symptoms of post traumatic
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returned. but the doctors said he presented no danger to himself or others. the general testified in the bergdahl case. it was his decision to send him to trial. he should be disqualified because of the involvement in the case. as a porler advisory -- as former worker for the secretary of defense he should withdrawal. the judge has yet to rule to disqualify the gentleman. a man from ft. bragg is accused of raping a child. 27-year-old lewis was charged in an incident that took place two years ago.
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from the city of hickory for being charged with a crime he did not commit. the north carolina incense coalition found his fingerprints did not match those. now, today the city council approved the settlement. the 2016 campaign trail leads to north carolina. the vice president nominee, pence made two stops today. he visited charlotte and then he blasted clinton for links for the clinton foundation and clinton at the state department. he said the foundation should be shutdown p-ldly and called for a special prosecutor to investigate the connections between donations for the found agation and access to the secretary of state. polls show clinton with a slight lead over trump in north carolina. he told the crowd he believes the latest controversy will turn it around. >> the american people are sick and tired. sick and tired of politics that
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sick and tired of the pay to play politics. i promise you, when trump bottoms president of the united states of america pay to may politics the special interest will be you. >> it is the second visit this month. >> he returned to indiana tonight to address the damaging tornado that moved through that state. as many as 8 hit in destroys >> houses. the roof went up. >> i said to myself if this is my last moment, make it -- don't make it painful. >> cars. >> i heard a lot of screaming and a lot of people running around and making sure people are okay. >> a starbucks flattened. >> we busted the bathroom doors out. 20 people there. nobody was hurt. >> cluster of storms swept through much of indiana. >> this is -- this is kind of ground 0 it seems like. just come right through here.
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the campaign trail. and people out of their homes. >> it was just like a new world out here. >> i shut the door and then it blew my window out and then -- that was it. i just ran downstairs. i was so scared. [crying] >> the tornado >> i grabbed my dog and my son who has autism and legally blind and we headed to the closet. it was scary. >> it will take awhile to pick up the pieces and rebuild what was lost. until then, those that saw the storms have new stories to share. and perhaps a new respect for the weather. >> it is unbelievable how -- how much mother nature can destroy a place. >> reporter: more than 35,000
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after those storms. no major injuries. fema is sending housing units to baton rouge for people who don't live in floodplains. the homes will be set up in the yard. in those areas there will be designated trailer parks. the governor says these units have been built to a higher standard. here at home we are pra pairing for a jump in temperature after keeping close eye on the tropics. >> mike maze joins us with what is coming up in the forecast we have been having comfortable weather. take a look at the highs today. we have been leading a charged weather life since monday. high pressure that brought us the cool air, about to heat us up. big heat in the coming days. talking about middle 90s, humidity, heat index values getting back in the 100s. we will address the tornadoes in indiana and ohio and talk about the tropics, all in weather coming up. >> thank you, mike.
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take tone the hospital after an accident in raleigh. we have a live picture from the scene. you can see a lot of crews there. we are gathering information and we will have a live report when we come back. price of life-saving epi pens increased 400%. and swift punishment for a u.s. olympian. find out how long hope solo can warm the bench before she can play again. >> then, checking hero's welcome waiting for
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless.
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back to the breaking news in raleigh. the police closed the road while they investigate a crash. >> ken smith just arrived at the scene. can you tell us what is going on there? >> reporter: linda, from the emergency personnel from accident here. we will get out of the way. mark simpson can show you the emergency personnel here on the scene right now. here is what we know. two vehicles collided right there on south hall street. we are told that 7 people were transported to wake med with injuries. some of whom are children. we are working to find out exactly how this accident happened and the extent of the injuries. i can tell you right now, they
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the two major intersections in these areas are buffalo and new hope. but right now south hall remains closed. again, at least 7 poem were transported to the hospital. we are going to remain here at the scene and have the information and have them during this nows cast or at the top of the hour for the sister station on wral, linda? >> ken smith, thank you. a 50 year war in columbia could come to an end. after four years of peace the government reached an agreement with the armed forces. otherwise knowns as "farc." it is a war that killed 220,000 people. drove more than $5 million people from their homes. under the agreement the government will have to commit to aggressive land reforms, strategy and expand services. the mother of the young boy
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charges. a judge told her that she is not to have any contact with her four kids. according on court records she left an 8, 3, 1-year-old unsupervised for more than six hours at her home. the investigators went to the home after no one showed up to pick up her 5-year-old kindergartner at the bus stop. >> we like to make sure that the sparpbt -- parent is in the loop and they are child. when that is not the case we can reach out to other folks to make sure the child has the support and help they need. >> still no word where the mother was when the children were left alone. the school is pre-k, kindergartners and 1st grade are not to be left at as about stop. 2 students said 2 men dressed in all black, paces covered by black scars
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stole items from them. they increase patrols around camp us and asked poem to report anything suspicious. several homeowners associations in the area say tens of thousands of dollars are still missing. today, hoa's filed complaints against cornerstone community management. they plan to meet with the hoa on september 8th. looking at where it stands and provide resources for their questions. it was all managed cornerstone at some point. they realized funds were frozen. the numbers are in on the rio olympics. it was a success for social media. >> 227 million facebook users put out half a billion posts. twitter, 187 million tweets resulting in 75 billion views.
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hit. 50 million viewers streamed three billion hours of coverage. a marching band, cheerleaders, family, friends, fans, greeted simone biles. thanking him for inspiring kids all over the world. the post decorated american gymnast. >> she is so >> yes. cool opportunities for her. >> yes, so young. just the beginning. many, many, many years ahead. >> yes. very cool. all right, so -- >> many days of heat. >> yes. >> not so bad over the past few days. >> it is nice. lower humidity. that is about to change. now, humidity will as well. let's check out what is happying. what is ahead in the weather headlines, the heat will jump tomorrow. thinking 92 here at the triangle. all because high pressure is
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carolina it is just plain, hot, dry in the coming days for the next 7. we are watching a tropical wave moving through the virgin islands and puerto rico. it is breaking down just a bit. maybe sharing a part of it by the terrain here. it is not as organized as today. just centered here north of puerto rico. some of the mountain peaks, 10,000 feet. we can see hurricanes pass through the renal onand kill -- region. the question where it will go after that is really up in the air. some models suggest it in the golf. others keep it off the east coast of florida heading out in the atlantic.
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the coming days and a look at gaston. certainly something we will want to watch closely in the coming days, because it could, having an impact on north carolina. we step outside. not a bad evening. we had 87 for a high at rdu today. 76 right now. the dew point at 63. the wind from the southeast at 7 miles for hour. the temperatures close to home. everyone in the 70s. not far from the 60s for holly springs, wake forest. we have 76 here at wral. 75 at fayietville. 66 right now in virginia. we had a shield of clouds moving across the area earlier today. upper level clouds that i think put a lid on our heating. that is why we got to 89 in fayetteville. would be in the 90s. expands the vow. high pressure over the eastern part of the country. off to the west. cold front. moving through the states. here, across indiana and ohio. boy, rough weather. it still is. still part of north western ohio and a tornado watch until 11:00 tonight.
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atmosphere to produce this kind of severity in the month of august. we don't see that across the ohio valley this time of the year. typically what we would see in the springtime or late fall. but, the severe weather is ongoing. we will look at that. for us, just a mild night. daybreak. expecting lows in the 60s. 66 in the triangle. 66 in fayetteville and surrounding areas. lunchtime, middle to upper 80s. then, tomorrow afternoon. future cast is going 88 here in the triangle. 92, a few isolated showers off to the west. no rain in the forecast tomorrow. probably nothing for the next 7 days. that will be tough to take. 66 in raleigh. 62 in rocky mount and 66 in fayetteville. the fitness forecast, milder start around 70. you will notice the difference. humidity up at none. same with the temperature at 86.
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upper 80s and 90s tomorrow afternoon. cloudy day, 92 in raleigh. 92 in payietville. close to 70 tomorrow. they will be in the 70s on friday. so, 76, the dew point in the 70s, heat index values, low 100s on friday and saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday next week, status quo with the highs in the lower 90s. big question marks on wednesday, thursday next week depending on the movement of the tropical wave could impact our weather. we can >> yes. they watch the system in the coming days to see where it will go. >> so much going on. >> yes. it is busy. >> yes t is. all right, thanks. >> promoting the plight of a honey bee. in sports, controversial coach is in chapel hill. one of soccer's stars suspended.
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the questions today carolina concern that a volunteer assistant with the football program. now, more on carolina's
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a year ago almost to the day. an investigation by the university of illinois concluded their head coach influenced medical decisions. >> for a program that did not need a black eye. the head coach thursday is more than meets the eye to his back story. >> i don't believe everything that i read. i know tim. i also. >> reporter: the hot shot over fencive coordinator. beckham, the new defensive coordinator. their time together was short but mutual respect quickly formed. >> i talked to him a couple times over the summer because he was looking for work and trying to find jobs and i told him that if he did not find what he was looking for and he
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it would be -- i would volunteer assistant for him. >> he held up his half. bringing ark board another set of eyes for a former head coach at a school here to watch the defensive side. >> making them stprebgt with but not instruct players. >> he is here -- making them instruct with them but he scouts. i am glad we opportunity. >> one of the stars in women's soccer will be off of the paoeld until tpeb. -- off the field until february. hope solo called sweden a bunch of cowards after the swedish team beat the u.s. in rio. this is her second suspension from team usa for conduct. she sat out 30-days in early 2015.
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he recovers from a concussion. his doctors believe he suffered it june 12th at michigan but did not start feeling the effects until a month later. alex bowman will replace him this weekend with jeff gordon running again the week after. the bulls lose at charlotte. now, the mud cats fall in 10. that is a japan is now on the clock making the transition from one host to another. this will be the second go around for the summer games. hosting the olympics back in 64. >> winter olympic miss a couple of places. tokyo? back to the '60s. still to come. billy gram says now that he made it to 98 he is hoping to making it to 1. >> find out what else he said
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any kind of prescription even generic you notice the prices they soepl like they are through the roof. sharing a women's ordeal for a drug she relies on went up 1500%. >> why a man says he is not 1500%. >> why a man says he is not guilty of plotting an attack in cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. oving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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a 20-year-old is charged with murdering his neighbor. they say it was practice for terrorist attack he was planning. surveillance cam ras show him appearing at a courthouse with an assault rifle. the deputies arrested russell on thursday after finding home made explosives at his house. no word on why he was carrying the weapon at the courthouse. a crash involving 3 big rigs shutdown a freeway in southern california. it occurred on one of the busiest highways in the state. 710. 2 drivers had to be pulled from the crash. all lanes shutdown.
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chain of events. >> the afternoon bishop is in the hospital but he is showing improve: the 84-year-old religious leader checked himself into a medical center for an infection today. he will stay there for at least a week. his father is wo people will not remember him. members of congress are calling for a federal investigation after a price hike on epi pens. millions of people rely on it used to off set a deadly reaction. the drug maker raised the price more than 400% for 8 years. went from 100to 600.
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of costly medication. a prescription that did cost $180 a dose is now 8 times that much. >> soring drug prices are a major concern with $3 million people hit by one of the increases in the past year. 5 it is it is available for almost 2 decades. >> i do credit it. she stopped taking the medication and had a terrible flair up. it took a long time to get back under control.
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found that marlene's experiences not isolated. >> our survey found people hit with higher drug costs they don't go to the doctor, they don't fill their prescriptions and when they do, they don't follow them as directed. >> in most cases pharmaceutical companies raised the price of drugs without any restrictions. so, what can you do? >> let your doctor know you are concerned about costs. he or she may be able to help you find a less expensive alternative or appeal to your insurance company. >> other ideas, better deals. consumer reports found prices very a lot. even within the same zip code. check on-line for free coupons. marlene found coupons that helped some. she now pays less than $100 a month. still, more than the $32 she was paying every 3 months. >> recommends low-cost online pharmacies. make sure they are based in the
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display the vipps symbol. it shows that it is an internet pharmacy web site. a judge dismissed a case excusing starbucks for under filling. listing the size of the cups in ounces does not list how much liquid would be in the cup. a separated lawsuit has yet be settled. starbucks says anyone with not how their drink was prepared can ask to have it remade. bringing a music star to tears in concert. the gesture that touched miranda lambert so much she could not finish a song. >> a drummer for a group is about to share his knowledge
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people broke into leslie jones's web site. the site had to be taken down. jones recently had to dump her witter page last month after
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and comments about her appearance. devi lovato is getting hit with a lawsuit. songs allegedly went on to create "stars". the drummer, quest love is about to get his own weekly radio show. it will stream on pandora. features mus and conversations with stars. >> we want to talk about the first day of school for kids in chicago. this is their new 4th grade teacher. he has a way of getting through to his students. [music] this is their teacher.
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students and teachers. he is a talented person. >> how cool. you know they were so excited to get into his class moo he is like the cool teacher. >> no pressure on the other teachers. >> really. this goes on and on and on. it is clever. [ laughter ] >> 222,000 views. whatever you do, do see if you can not laugh. >> look at that reaction. now.
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now. >> yes. i don't know, so cute. it hassa half a million views and counting. one of the videos -- it has half a million views and counting. one of the videos here, look at the teach tprer chicago. -- teacher. his writing is impressive. writing a message on walls ac how the artist is using murals to draw attention to a cause. the peak of the hurricane season. we would expect the tropics to be active. we have gaston and something we are watching that has an 80% chance of being a tropical storm. where it is heading and we will
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z23eiz zvpz
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spending the day trying to capture king cobra. a snake got lose from a person who keeps animals including two others. it got close to a group of schools however animal control was able to capture the creture before it could harm anyone. >> we hear it more often than we should, right? >> cobra? >> yeah. the honey bee population is dropping across america. however, the efforts of one
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popping up around the triangle. >> one painting at a time. he shows us how he is attacking the problem. >> reporter: matthew willie is a busy man these days. >> i am painting 50,000 honey bees, individually. one by one. >> 50,000 bees. the number that is needed for a healthy hive. the hardest part is making sure i paint something that people can connect to. >> to get to that number he is painting mural around the state and around fire station in orange county. >> like the fire station it is a hive. this group of people that kind of live together a lot of the time here doing their job each one has their job but they also are collectively thinking about the the community. >> he painted bees on sd's elementary in chapel hill and in durham. the paintings all started when
10:46 pm
wall on this honey store in rural, florida. >> i called them up. will be interested in a mural? and, yes, we would be interested in a mural. we have no money and mural are illegal in this town. >> they got that law changed. just like matthew willie wanted to chicago perceptions people -- wanted to change perception of bees. >> i had an experience where a studio. >> he learned about the decline of bee popping hraeugzs. >> pop -- pop hraeugz. there is a massive die off happening with bees. >> he does not know how long it will take or how many mural it will take to paint all 50,000 bees but he hopes it it will inspire others to take stphaobgz the goal is when i am done painting it we will have an awareness of what is going
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>> reporter: back to you. >> unbelievable talent. you will find a link. the good of the hive. on there you can donate and see some of the other bee mural. the founder of a company built on bees donated the land for the fashion's newest national monument. birds bees founder donated 87,000 acres of woods in northern pain for the park service. today, president barack obama designated the space at woods and waters national monument. >> the officer walking through the woods and all of the officers singing happy birthday. yes. >> i never been up there. >> it is gorgeous gorgeous s tate. >> in the summer. >> a wild day in weather.
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number of august tornadoes. tippicly you don't see an out break like that in august. more in spring but never in the middle of summer. let's take a look at the video. getting the pictures in the news room all evening long. this is a look at the storm. severe weather. downed trees and toppled here. i have video of my facebook page of the starbucks. it looks like it holds it in on cardboard. the way it hits it collapsing down. the weather in cleveland. a light risk. a light risk today. the preliminary report of the intensity of tornadoes you see that? starbucks just fell like cardboard. plopped over. the report is an ef3 tornado winds 135-165. the national weather, see it? >> yes. my gosh. >> luckily nobody was injured. you would think with a collapse like that people would of gotten injured or killed. everyone was okay. we will start with the radar
10:49 pm
ohio valley. you see the tornado watch that was in effect for central indiana and ohio. now, the reports of the tornado touching down at least 8 in indiana. severe weather. no tornado warnings. all severe thunderstorm warns. the pink ones, tornado warnings. take a look at the storm reports over the past 24 hours. the reports of wind damage across the plains, this is the tornado outbreak across northern indiana and north. north western ohio. now, reports of tornadoes, tornado reports. but, not actual 41 tornadoes. a better idea how many tornadoes touched it and the intensities as well. >> we will go to it. >> now, the upper level winds and the movement over the islands. let's take a look at the movement or the anticipated movement in the coming days and
10:50 pm
across the east in the coming days. maybe the steer oning mechanism that keeps whatever this is more to the west across south florida and eventually in the gulf of mexico. the european model insisting it is a hurricane over the bahamas. across south florida. making the way across new mexico. now, coming across florida and the rainfall making the way to north carolina. the american model has none of it so, really, this track and what it will do is very uncertain. you will need to stay tuned in the coming days for what is going on. i am interested in how it pans out. 92, 96, friday, saturday, that is the peak of the heat. perhaps back down to the lower 90s for next week. it will be hot and it is going to be dry. >> kind of cut and paste the entire week.
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-- doing three tours of
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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after three tours of duty
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is -- wanted to let her know how important she is. >> reporter: he did not know who she was. once there he got a rapbdom package with a random package with the album in it. it put him to sleep. >> reporter: the only voice that would soothe him to sleep was lambert. >> it literally since that moment that is the only person that i wanted to listen to. >> reporter: for those three tours it was a 1-way connection, music, his peace. miranda never knowing the impact it had. after seeing her on tour. she wanted to let her know what she meant to him. he brought this sign and made his way to the front of the stage. >> i showed it. one of the girls looked at me and dude you are knowing to wreck her with this.
10:55 pm
"the house that built me" they locked eye ons. >> oh no it is really happening. it -- it -- it was -- there were no words. >> reporter: she could not get through the song without wiping away tears. jeff could not either. it was a dream come true. >> one of the happiest moments of my life. just you got something you really want to tell somebody and you finally get to regardless if you do it in front of a guy ant you know it -- it was -- gigantic city you know it was amazing. >> he did not get to meet her but he hopes it will change one day. >> i think it will. astronomers found a planet that is similar to earth. the rocky planet orbits the sun's closest neighbor. the same mass as earth and 4.3 lightyears away or 26 trillion miles. the discovery could lead to finding more planets.
10:56 pm
wide telescope. >> normally when a person feels like a adopting a four leg ed friend they head to the nearest animal shelter. >> why not. >> she decided to fly across the country to income income. l.a. resident, debi cooper and her husband are ready to adopt another cat after theirs died in may. she fell in love with a kitty. after seeing a picture of her on-line at the saving grace's organization. so, cooper decided to hop on a plane and ply from los angeles to greenville to adopter. years that someone traveled across the country to adopt one of their cats. >> it is the lengths people will go for a pet. >> yes. >> truly amazing. >> love at first sight. got to have that. thanks for joining us. for weather and traffic, watch the morning news on wral
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lights, camera, access. speculation. becomes the truth in matter of minutes. >> endlessly scrutinized for years over her appearance, renee zellweger takes a stand. but as she gives some very personal answer, she questions the bigger >> i could feel he was touching me. >> amy schumer on her sexual assault. i'm liz hernandez. now amy's questioning why she's being judged for sharing her story. >> you know, it's not this perfect rape. >> she was a great he. >> i'm scott evans. linda thompson on the day everything changed. is that what you thought? >> absolutely. >> why would you do this to me?


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