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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the death toll is being revised downward following that massive earthquake. the you? information we have he learned in the frantic search for survivors. >> another court date for a man accused in the murder of a woman and three children. >> plus, say good-bye to the 80s and welcome back to the 90s. aimee will tell us when the heat an huge returns and how long it will stick around. thank you for joining us this thursday morning. i'm lena tillett. it is so nice to finally be able to work with you. t i'm excited to finally see you not have the satellite in the windows. we'll be working together on the 8:00. >> a fantastic job in rio. >> thank you. it is good to be back with you guys. new information into the newsroom within the past few minutes on the number of dead in the powerful earthquake in italy. >> italy's civil protection agency now confirms 241 people are dead. that is down from 247 after one of the hard-hit areas reriesed
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to go up as the search continues and as people continue to go through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings. the 6.2 earthquake leveled three towns including one where travel ares had come for a pasta festival. crews have been using bulldozers and even their hands to go through debris. can you see trucks going through the there have been frequent aftershocks including a 4.7 magnitude tremor. its on the elon university basketball team was in italy when the quake hit. the coach called the ordeal terrifying. the team was in rome for the final night of a 10-day trip. they played exhibition games in several cities including florence and venice. head coach charlotte smith says the earthquake shook their hotel in rome for about 30 seconds. >> i was very curious to get up
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was cause to wake up everyone in our travel party. >> many in the triangle have ties to italy. mario longo, sr. opens vic's restaurant and city market. he and many others were desperate for news about the earthquake. his sister and other relatives felt the sergt shake 100-mile away in rome. he says called his relatives immediately to make sure they were okay. several local groups are discussing ways to help the people in italy. breaking news now. a company now in the cross hairsz over severe price hikes for its epipens says it will expand programs that lower out of pocket cost joz those costs could be cut in half. -- >> those costs could be cut in half.
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through a savings card. patients will be able to order the injected emergency medicine for severe allergic reactions detectly from the company to help lower costs. mylan has hiked prices for epipen as frequently as three times a year over the past nine years. for a judiciary committee hearing and the federal trade commission investigation into possible antitrust violation. senators also asked the fda about its approval process for generic equivalents to help increase competition and lower prices. the list price for a two-pack is more than $600. >> incredible. thank you. a man charged with the murder of three children is due
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greenville today. dibon toone is also charged with murdering the children's mother, garlette howard and the three young girls. we are told toone was married to howard and two of the girls were his own daughters. he was extra dated to north carolina on friday. a man from ft. bragg will be in court today to face child rape charges. 27-year-old justice opportunity lewis was charged in an incident that took place two years ago. he was already some custody. lewis was charged in june for indecent liberties way child. here is a missing lee county man. billie stanley was last seen in the area of quail ridge drive wearing a white golf shirt, gray shorts and black tennis shoes. he has a gold watch. he may be driving a gray hyundai gls. two men are in custody after police say they stabbed each other during a fight.
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airlifted to a trauma center. their names have not been released. we are working the phones to find out more about a crash that sent seven people including three children to the hospital. this is breaking news last night. police say this involved a jeep and a truck along south hall road. no word on the victims' conditions at this time and no word on what led to the crash. the road is back open this morning. a man accused of hitting and killing another man with his suv will be in court today to fa stony riley was originally charged with involunteer tar y ea -- involuntary manslaughter for the hit and run. they say riley hitious tip at kin after asking the man for drugs -- hit justin atkins after asking the man for drugs. he served 24 years if a crime he did not commit. now, willie grimes will get more than $3 million from the
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killing a woman in 19 # #. the north carolina innocence commission later found his fingerprints did not match those in the case. he was released in 2012 and late are sued the city. questions still remain after a wake county mother's arrest on child abuse charges. the story first came to light after police say she did not pick up her 5-year-old at the bus stop actually judge told sarai flores she is not to have any contact according to court records, she left an 8, 3 and 1-year-old unsupervised for more than six hours at her only on calumet drive. there is still no word on where flores was whether police say the children were left alone. school is starting next week and they will have hot weather to start with, right? >> it sound like it, yeah. things are going to be heating up over the weekend again. >> yeah, back to 90s actually
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it will be heating up starting today. the humidity will start to creep up starting tomorrow. i think it will feel okay. fayetteville skycam showing lots of sunshine there and blue skies over fayetteville. we do have clouds over parts of of the viewing area but lots of blue sky down in cumberland county. temperatures town by town, it is 70 degrees in durham. mostly cloudy skies reported there. mostly cloudy in cary where it is bumped up to 70 degrees in clayton. mostly sunny skies this morning. a few clouds this afternoon with a high temperature around 92. the uv index will be at nine so make sure to wear plenty of is -- of sunscreen if you are back outdoors. temperatures in the low 90s today but 90s for friday and saturday and low 90s for sunday and monday. we'll have more on what to
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at the tropics coming up. let's go over tobury -- to brian with a look at the traffic. before a crash on 440 eastbound just beyond the athens drive bridge in west raleigh. this is heading between jones frank lip road and western boulevard. it is a minor accident. everything is over on the shoulder. both lanes of 440 eastbound are open but it doesn't take much to get things backed up. take a look at u.s. traffic at cary parkway. a very slow towards raleigh. the latest sensor reading says that is a 23 minute ride up to i-40. it is still slow out to jones franklin road and beyond. not too many alternate delays because of the extent of the backup. because this is inside the i-40 he had hadding into west recallly, there are fewer options.
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probably if you are heading into west raleigh towards nc state might be tryon road to gorman street or avent ferry road and take that up into west raleigh. another option if you are trying to get from u.s. 1 northbound out towards wade avenue would be to take tryon road out to the walnut street area and from walnut streetcary town center boulevard to 40 and pick it up on the other side of all those delays. can you see traffic is just getting around the mess on u.s. 1 northbound is the problem. 11 minutes from i-40 up to mangum street downtown. your alternate route is much worse. that is 55 westbound from i-40 to the durham freeway, alston avenue interchange. ments a 4 minute ride right now. >> thank you. donald trump turns the tables on hillary clinton. >> next at 8:00 on fox 50, what he is accusing the democratic presidential candidate of doing as he courts the african-
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about the mental state of the shooter that killed five police officers in dallas last month. >> coming up next on fox 50, just say the word free. fay prosser will tell us where to find free workshops for your
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for thousands of kids this is the last weekend of summer. can you believe it? labor day may be next weekend but school starts on monday.
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kids celebrate end of sum we are free workshops which is always a fun word. joining us to tell us about it is wral's smart shopper fay prosser. good morning to you. >> so lot of great school stuff going on. of course, we've got the back- to-school list on the blog. but the important thing is that this coming weekend and then again on september 3rd, there is some fun, fidel castro activities for you and the kid at a -- fun, free activity different places. we have a lego marvel super heroes building event. can you see that cute the marvel mosaic. they get to build that and take it home with them. this saturday twelve to two at all toys r us locations. then we have an activity coming up at lowe's. the a build and grow activity where they get to build that cute the hulk there on the screen. they get to decorate it.
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sign up for this event and the seats do fill up quickly so make sure you get signed up. then finally, coming up on september 3rd, you will found that home depot is offering an event where the kid get to build and paint a cute the white board right in time for school. i don't know how excited they will be about another school thing but it is cute. so there you go. lots of freebies going on. >> those are some great events and they are free. >> so tell us about some of these grocery a lot of parent are going in to stock their refrigerators with groceries. >> now, as far as grocery deals, we've got some good ones this week. one of my favorite is milk. i'm always going to tell you about a god milk deal.
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gallon. a whole cantaloupe, only 88 cents each. egg, an 18 count only $1.50. we go through a lot of eggs in hour house. chicken leg quarter, 49 krpt a pound in a 10-pound bag. that is a super low stock-up price. -- 49 cents a pound in a 10- pound bag. harris teeter has free pens. anev offer as a friday freebie that you can download. you have two week to go pick up. this week, that is actually a free carmex which is always nice with the winter coming up. head on over to the blog and we'll give you more details there. >> for more short shopping tips, go to and search smart shopper or just look under the con up soar tab. thank you. we want to take -- under the consume are tab.
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your cell phones and look at the pictures on your camera roll. >> how many of those image arrests high quality? 5 on your side take a look at lens that could help step up your photo catalogue. >> where protesters plan to demand that board of election
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the artist is tom tom club, genius of love i don't it sound
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>> a little remix. >> this is all news to me. >> i little music history. >> i love how our azalea gardens look. look how beautiful the lawn is. we have such great grounds keepers here. >> i keep watering it but mine keeps getting yellow. i don't know what the problem is. >> we need some rain around here. >> we do. we need some rain but we won't get any for a while. our rain chances are really low. might have a couple on saturday. even that chance is low. go ahead and take a look outside. we'll show you a gray look from our solar farm 5. if you didn't have radar, you might think rain was to come. there is not enough moisture to produce run from these clouds. it is 70 degrees out at the airport. they are reporting mostly cloudy skies out at rdu. wind are currently calm.
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up to 70 in raleigh. 71 in fayetteville. comfortable this morning with some of you in the upper 50s. rocky mount was in the upper 50s a short time ago. dew point numbers are more comfortable. once these start to get into the 70s, it starts to get more uncomfortable. not feeling that terrible outside. we have a mix of sun and clouds out there. some area some areas have completely mr. sky like down in fayetteville. we have some rain back to the north and west that is just not going to be able to move in because we have high pressure over us. it will really block any rain from moving into our part of the state. we might have a little bit of rain today in north carolina and it would be in the western part of north carolina in the mountains there on the edge of this high pressure system. so some showers and storms possible there. we really hope they get a break across the ohio valley today. they could have more severe
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tornadoes reports yesterday from ohio back into indiana. 42 tornado reports yesterday bringing a tremendous amount of damage. they could have more severe weather today. out to the tropics, we watching hurricane gaston. it has winds at 75 miles per hour likely going back to tropical storm status later on today. but we're more -- a little bit ears perked up a little bit with this system over the dominican republic. they could have some flooding over the dominican republic today, lots of rain there. it does look like the system bahamas over the weekend. beyond that, models mod -- models diverge. a little bit hotter today compared to the 80s we have aseen. 96 for the high temperature on friday starting off in the 70s likely friday morning. but 96 for the high.
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at 101. so probably not going to break a record. we'll be above the normal of 87. 96 on saturday. 92degrees sunday. most hi sunny skies. then partly cloudy skies expected for the rest of the beginning of the work woke next week with high temperatures around 92. back to you. donald trump is turnin tables on hillary clinton calling her a bigot. today, she is expected to give a doe tailed response. tracie potts has more on what she is expected to say. -- a detailed response. >> haley barbour is a bigot who sees people of color -- hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reporter: donald trump is going after the african- american and latino vote by
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little to improve the lives of minorities. clinton's response comes this afternoon in reno. she is expected to argue what she told cnn last night, that trump's shifting republicans towards disturbing extremist views. >> someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: clinton insists her meetings as secretary of state with donors to her family's foundation broke no laws or ethical rules. >> there is a lot there is no fire. >> reporter: she calls trump's shifts on immigration desperate. instead of mass deporting a, trump says he is willing to work with immigrants who came here illegally but want to stay. >> my priority will never change. jobs wages and security for americans. >> reporter: his campaign says expect more details in the next two weeks. tracie potts, nbc news,
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state trooper. the demands they will make today in the death of a man shot in len our county.
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i'm lena tillett with your top stories. first, to brian who is seeing some trouble on the roads. >> we have an accident on 440 eastbound in west raleigh near the athens drive bridge. no lanes are blocked. everything has been moved over to the right shoulder and we have heavy residual delays from earlier. you can see how heavy the traffic is through that area.
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from 55 to i-40. we are note iing the drive time come down a little bit. -- we are note iing the drive time come up to a little -- we are noticing the drive time come down a little. a silver alert for bill restanley last seen in the area of quail ridge drive. he was wearing a white golf shirt, gray shor tennis shoes. he also has a gold watch. a man charged with killing three children and that you are mother is due to appear in court in greenville today. dibon toone was married to the mother, garlette howard. two of the girls were his daughters. toone was extradited on friday. the heat continuing to build across the area. we've had a nice couple of days but it will be a hotter day. temperatures are in the low 70s across central north carolina
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70-degree right now in raleigh. it will be be a hotter day. 92 in raleigh. 94 in fayetteville and we are looking at mid-90s for both friday and saturday. an update in a fight to retrieve tens of thousands of dollars missing from several
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welcome back. today, community members are hold ago rally to demand that state board of elects step in to create a early voting plan in cumberland county. >> wral's mikaya thurman joins us live outside the cumberland county board of elections where that rally will get under way tonight. >> reporter: this is the latest showdown in the north carolina of course, this time, it is here in cumberland county. the federal ruling which instruction down the voter id law also carried some other provisions one of which reinstates seven days of early voting that was cut by the general assembly. now w a total of 17 days of early or one-stop voting in november, election officials are forced to make last-minute changes. 64 counties have been able to craft new plans that pass
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agreement. democracy nc says they're denouncing the failure of cumberland county board of eelections to adopt a plan. they want the state board to act if the county can't come to a decision. the county hasn't said whether they would come out with the decision. in the meantime, democracy nc will have their rally evening. the judge who oversaw this week's pretrial hearing for bowe bergdahl has a big decision to make. he is considering whether to dismiss the ft. bragg general who made the choice to send bergdahl to trial. defense lawyers say general robert abrams should be disqualified because of his prior involvement in the case. she say as a former military advisor to the secretary of defense, he was aware of effort
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the case. abrams says the letters played no role in his decision. the social security administration holds a dedication ceremony today for an anti-fraud unit in raleigh. the unit is one of the agency's most successful anti-fraud efforts. it brings together personnel from a number of agencies. a clayton man is being called a hero for help helping a family escape their burning homes after he was first mistape as an intruder. he was the first to notice fire outside hi neighbor's home. banged on the back door to alert them and a home opener inside called 911 to report an attempted break-in. eventually that confusion cleared up and he helped a pregnant mother, child appear family pet get to safety. >> it could have been a lot worse than it was. obviously, there is a lot of
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>> the clayton fire marshall says it started from an electrical outlet on the outside of the home. the family and friend of awe man shot to death by a state trooper in lenoir county will issue a call for justice today. it happened when a trooper responded to a call at a kinston nightclub back in march. the trooper shot and killed darion attempt miller. supporters of his family murder charge. today marks one week since the trooper involved shooting that killed a deaf man in charlotte. this come as we are learning from daniel harris' brother that the 29-year-old was actually scared of police after several misunderstandings with officers. he was shot in front of his home by a trooper who tried to stop him for speeding. that trooper is now on administrative leave. several home owners associations in the area say
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coffers. 25hoas filed complaint with the garner police department against cornerstone community management yesterday. garner police plan to meet with the hoas on september 8th. the purpose of that meeting to let them know where the investigation stands and provide resources for their questions. all of the hoas were managed by corner stone. they realized fund were frozen or missing altogether. have a new place to call home through the work of habitat for humanity and generous volunteers. all scripps employees helped break ground and raise the walls for this new home on neuse view drive. the family who will eventually live there was on site to help out anto celebrate. the health care company encouraged its employees to take part in an effort they call give back. the heat is back. we'll be back into the 90s.
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that break starts to end today. we do climb back into the 90s latter this afternoon and the likely to get hot are and hotter as we head towards friday and saturday. here a look at our south hill cam. -- to get hotter and hotter. a lot of blue sky here in south hill. pretty picture there. it is fairly comfortable outside still with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. here is a live look at our satellite and radar. thunderstorms across western north carolina today but it will stay dry here. 64 in cary and holly springs. 70 here at the tv studios in raleigh. feeling pretty good outside right now. by lunchtime, we'll be in the mid-80s with a high temperature of 92 and fall back into the low 80s later this evening. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a federal judge has issued a lawsuit claiming that
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in its cold beverages. the judge tossed a potential class action lawsuit. alexander forzesh had sued starbucks for fraud, breach of warranty and false advertising. the judge says customers can see the use through the clear plastic cups and he suggested that customers no ice. how many pictures do you take with your smart phone. >> i think we just took about three. >> we both of us pretty much rely on our smart offend. >> i cannot remember last time i picked up a traditional camera. just ahead, i'll show you some inexpensive add-on lenses that can take your photos to a whole
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so smart phone sales have skyrocketed in the last 10 years. industry analysts predict smart phone sales could reach 1.5 billion unit this year. many are filled to the brim with picture. i still have a ton of rio picture on here i have to download. how many of those are with high quality. monica laliberte is here with some help. >> i'm guilty. i was just looking at this. i have so many picture on my phone and admittedly, most could be better. i don't know why i thought it would be better, right? but here is how you can pump up your photography game. up expensive specialty lenses that go right on your smart phone. whether you need a shot way
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you do it with your phone. there are even wide angle lens so you can include more of the scene. >> what is exciting about these lenses is they let you expand capability on your smart phone and let you get creative at a reasonable price. >> reporter: consumer reports tried out four brands. photo. >> jojos were the loft expensive. each cost $20. lns baby makes a soft focus lens for $60. there is a wide an telephoto lens kit for $100. and this mobi has a wide angle lens for $30. that is a far cry from traditional lens which can set you back hundred, even thousands of dollars. >> there are a couple of draw backs in using these lenses. for starter, they cover up the phone's flash. >> reporter: can you work around that by adding a flash. for$35, it it has two different bright p settings an a slow
8:41 am
results. you won't get professional features like high clarity on the ends of the fish eye lens photos or image stabilization which come krrs -- which come been saturdays for your hand's slight movement. make sure the help is compatible with your phone before you buy yo >> i don't know if i can remove it anymore. >> have you to have the case. i do because i drop it all the time. would you, what a did i vrgs -- what a difference it can make. i think the station should buy us all lenses. >> you pitch that. >> you're new. you pitch it. >> she has clout. >> monica is on the case. >> we'll have to test them out.
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information on this on be sure to look for 5 on your side. the world appear largest aircraft is going to need some major repairs. >> coming up, the slow motion hard landing caught on video. >> plus, prince fans will soon get to tour the halls of a legend. when tick the will get on sale and when the doors open at his
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that is blondie, rapture, throwback thursday in full effect. >> and aimee was saying that is such a pat song. pat is our dj today. >> i can always tell when he is doing soun >> no, we got the brunettes going up here. >> the 1r0 are probably -- 80s are probably back for most of you. still very comfortable outcyd. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we had a couple of upper 50s. -- still very comfortable
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louisburg, 64 degrees there. 07degrees in durham. also 70 here at the tv studios in raleigh. 71 in fayetteville and 71 in clinton. feeling pretty good out there. here is a live look from our durham. cam. they do have a home game tonight. if are not in the shade, it might be feeling a little bit hot for the start of the game but not that bad. mostly cloudy at the airport. wind at the airport are calm. the dew degrees. once we so the dew point get into the 70s, that is when it starts to feel up comfortable. we might get into the 70s. some of you have more clouds than others. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds through outthe day today. think we stay dry. we still have high pressure over us right now which is railly keeping the rain at bay for the moment. we have rain back to the north and west but i think that is where it is going to stay.
8:47 am
shower and thunderstorm activity later this afternoon and this evening. this morning, it is dry across north carolina as we head towards the lunch hour. still dry here. just a mix of sun and clouds with showers possible in the mountains. some thunderstorms will be possible across the western half of north carolina. i think everybody else staying dry. we could use some rain but it doesn't look like most of us will get any rain today unless you want west. 86 at lunchtime. high temperatures today will be in the 90s for most of you. upper 80s to the north. 89 in roxboro. 88 in south hill. 92 in raleigh. 94 in fayetteville and 93 in southern pines. let's check the dew point numbers. if we keep those in the 60s, then we are doing good. 92 for the high with dew points hovering in the mid-60s today. not too huge you had out there.
8:48 am
tomorrow. so that temperature is definitely going up. 87 is our normal high this time of year. the record 101 set back in 1943. this isn't record breaking heat but it does feel pretty hot for the month of august. 96degrees for the high temperature saturday. could have an isolated shower or storm. just about a 20, 25% chance of storms. we do have cary lazy days on saturday and sunday. it will be on the temperatures in the low 90s. low to mid-90s in the afternoon with temperatures around 84 during the morning hours around 10:00. high temperatures staying in the 90s around 92 degrees through next wednesday and staying dry as well. but enjoy the little bit of a break in the heat. upper 90s, mid-90s tomorrow.
8:49 am
prepare sunscreen. the world appear largest aircraft was involved in what could be the world's slowest crash landing. the airlander 10 was damaged as the pilot tried to land. that is not in slow motion either. fortunately, no one was hurt. the you're craft was built by the u.s. military for surville's missions. jeers say it can stay in the air to days while using less fuel than convention the world's first self- driving taxis began picking up members of the public in singapore today. the company has six taxis that will operate in a five and a half square mile district. there are specified pickup points and drop-off points. each car has a driver up front who is ready to take control of the car in case of trouble. there is a research are in the back who keeps tabs -- a
8:50 am
kes tabson the car's computers. the home of prince will be open for public thyrses in october. paisley park was his 65,000 square for the complex. -- for public tours in october. al featured will be thousands of artifacts from his personal archive. he died from i painkiller overdose. once again, leslie jones is the target of racist an sexist attacks online. her personal site was taken offline after hackerss posted explicit photos of her along with racist imagery and her personal information. this isn't the first time attacks like this have happened to her. she briefly quit twitter last month after facing racial slurs, obscene photos and comments about her appearance. several celebrities have come
8:51 am
ghost busters film maker paul feig, edie bryant who called it a racist violent assault. the rio olympics were a success for social media. 227million facebook use ares put out half a billion posts. nbc says strohmeyering services were a big hit as well. nearly-- be in says streaming services were well. a marching band, cheerleaders, family friend and fans greeted simone biles when she arrived home in houston. the houston mayor joked that he may not be zac efron but he thankedsy monday for inspiring kids all over the world. biles the most decorated american gymnast after the 2016 games in rio. it could be the world appear largest pearl and the worth $100 million. it has been hiding under a
8:52 am
take a look at this. how do you hide that under your bed. it was found in the philippines. the pearl weighs 75-pound and is more than two feet long and one foot wide. the fisherman found it insuited a giant clam that stuck to their boat's anchor. he kept it under his bed as a lucky charm. the pearl is displayed city hall and the fisherman will receive a reward? he should be getting that -- radio you get a $100 reward. >> thanks. >> keep it under your bed. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> i'm guessing the clam noticed.
8:53 am
>> did you now? >> everybody talked about how much fun it would be to be in rio. my friend were like is renee having a good time? all of these assignments, you are working, working, working. what was a typical day like? how long did you work? >> so the one thing i did get more of in rio was sleep so i would start my day a little later because i could do the 6:00 and 6:30 live shots here. but then ever wards, we would put together stories. we do radio update and put together stories for the to the event, meeting one people, interviewing, just getting around tacks time. >> a lot of work. >> and typing up stuff. >> getting around takes time. >> welcome back. >> it was a lot of work but we tried to have some fun moments. >> you need some sleep this weekend. >> this is a great story. 19-year-old tanner ramiran walked eight to 10 miles to work every day. think about that.
8:54 am
really took pity on him and got him a new bike. they donated a bike to him. he is in a really tough situation. the sole breadwinner at his home because of medical conditions with his family. so now he doesn't have to walk all those miles to work. >> good for him. >> good for everybody.
8:56 am
the time now is 8:56. >> today mark a key deadline for north carolina counties deciding how to hold early
8:57 am
organization in company baer land county will hold awe rally outside the cumberland county board of elects office. they are denouncing the board for failing to come up with a plan. -- board of elections office. >> it still feels good out there about we'll be in the 90s this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the time. take a look at this. we'll have temperatures town by town ranging from 67 in rocky mount, the cool spot 70 in raleigh and south hill. we'll climb into the 90s later this afternoon. 92 in raleigh. 94 in fayetteville. we'll hold op to the upper 80s in roxboro and south hill under a mix of sun and clouds. 92 today. 96 for friday and saturday. awe lot of our problems from earlier have cleared up. major routes are in pretty good shape. still want to look out for hundrederring delays on u.s. 1
8:58 am
lingering delays on u.s. 1 northbound. the ramp from i-40 to gorman street will remain closed over the weekend and will be open on monday morning. you take 40 eastbound out to lake wheeler road, double back and head towards gorman street from there. protesters are fighting to keep expansion plans grounded at rdu international. rdu says the development could generate revenue to pay for airport projects. environmentalists say the plan could damage the land today at noon. >> that is our time for now.
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welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four.
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