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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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to know about the changes and detours. >> the death toll climbs once again as aftershocks continue to rattle the people of central italy. >> and the heat is back. it will be hotter today but aimee will tell us when we can expect a little bit of rain. thank you for joining us this friday morning. i'm lena tillett. >> great to have you with us. i'm renee chou. we have now learned athe least 11 police officers died in a blast in turkey. reporting that kurdish militants attack awed police checkpoint in steeft turkey with a truck full of explosives. in addition to the 11 officers killed, 78 other people are hurt. there is no immediate claim of responsibility. this was the latest in a string of bombings that have targeted police or military vehicles and installations. officials in belgium believe a blast at a sports center was most likely a gas
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south of the up to of brussels. another strong aftershock has rattled central italy. >> the death toll is climbing even higher. bill leslie is in our newsroom. bill? >> reporter: the number confirmed death this is morning is 267 and that number wi likely go up. there has been a series of violent tremors and aftershocks and residents are scare amatrice was the hardest hit down and survivors slept there. for everyone in the affected zone, the trauma continues. there is anger as well. investigators are now probing why a school collapsed in spite of a million dollars upgrade to make it so-called earthquake- proof. one rescue are says they are not giving up hope of digging out survivors. they rescued one from a previous earthquake after three days and there are thousands of volunteers trying to do the same right now. the italian council of ministers approved a state of
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affected by the earthquake which will provide the equivalent of about $56 million worth of funding. back to you. >> thank you. a man accused of murder in wake forest will be in court today. makevion massenberg charged in the death of sebastian smith. massenberg lives on the street but police have not said whether he knew the names and causes of death for two peoplen side a fayetteville home. police made the story at a mobile home on aberdeen place. neighbors tell us a d lived there. a wake co mawill be in court today to face child pornography charges. 69-year-old david marvin is charged with multiple counts of sexu exploit eights of a minor. investigators found sexually
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children on marvin's computer. the young girls ranged in age from eight to 12 years old. a deadly car crash last night on raleigh road near breen wood road. one of the vehicle was traveling east in the westbound lanes. one of the driver was tape the hospit anlater died -- taken to the hospital and later died.
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with some beautiful sunrises. >> yeah, pretty sunrises but a little bit warmecompared to yesterday morning when we were in the 60s. here a look at he wral gardens. always abeautiful picture to look at. absolutely gorgeous out there this morning. a little bit warm and muggy though. temperatures town by town 70 now,t is 76 in i'm he up t75 in rocky . lots of sunshinethere. 71 in wake fost 76-degree in garner. certainly warm degrees in garner. a few more clouds around later this afterno wh temperatures in the mid-90s. heat index values will climb into the triple gi so a hot one later on today. om a slim chance for rain. i think just about everybody stays dry. a 20% chance of rain today. about a 35% chance saturday. so keeping our finger crossed for some rain saturday. our rain chances head back down as we head towards the enof the
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has had a prty easy job this morning. >> hasn't been tough. it has been quiet so far. we have a couple of crashes that are getting cleared up right now in raleigh. you saw that one that just appeared on the map. let me check and see what kind of details we have about that crash right now as it updates live. there is an accident reported on six forks at millbrook road. we have a crash on the north side of raleigh on falls of neuse road between honeycutt still see something slow traffic in that area but most of the delays are inbound falls of neuse ro before also look out if a crash on capital at p street near downtown. not seeing any delays just yet. the big story of the morning has been on 40 eastbound around gorman street where they closed the rafrom itbe clsed all th weekend. mikaya thurman live at the
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i feel like i should have a jackhammer in i'm going to be here -- if i'm going to be here. this is a portion of what is closed. i want to give you a live look at what crewsare doing. they do have out the jackhammer and they are digging up portions of that ramp. they just started this portion of the clean-up within the last few minutes here. it is also quite dusty as can you see as they start that clean-up process. now, this is impacting the morning commute. the closure started yesterday at 6:00 p.m. they can remace the entire piece of road. they are also putting in a new drainage system. it is important to remember that westbound lanes are not impacted by the roadwork. the goal is to get it finished in three days. by monday, all of it should be done and that will be just in time for the morning commute. from what i can see here, it doesn't seem to be too much of an issue for those eastbound lanes. but what are you see something. >> with all that dust, maybe
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wash down the road and we'll make some money. >> yeah. >> some walking around money. >> lets atalk about the alternate routes. the ramp to gorman street closed through the weekend. they will take you down to lake wheeler road, the next exit. a perfect place for the car wash there as people turn around at the ramp join 40 westbound and back towards goan snieeng is busy because the westbound side is a busier side in the morning. walnut street to tryon road and tryon road up to gorman. that is one way to avoid anything out there on 40 eastbound over the weekend. it will be open in time for the monday morning commute. a little slow through the fortify work zone. adding up to a 15 minute right. no trouble heading out to the airport and rtp. this morning, both presidential campaigns accusing
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trump and hillary clinton that threat ton overshadow her e- mail controversy.
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the war of words is heating up between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> as tracie potts reports, each accuses the other of racism. >> they're out.
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immigration policy promising to deport drug dealers first and work with law-abiding undocumented immigrants. but it is what he said about mexicans, muslims, women and others that has got hillary clinton tying trump top hate groups. >> these are racist ideas, race- baiting ideas, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women, all key tenets making up the emerging racist ideology known as the >> reporter: trump's response. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument, you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> reporter: clinton dog bid more e-mails and official meetings with donors to her foundation. >> hillary clinton's actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise. you know it. the government knows it.
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have changed but his ideas haven't. >> we know who trump is. a few words on a teleprompter won't change that. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington how a north carolina-based organize is teaming up with a church to help flooding victims
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?aid was high class note note. >> a nice flashback friday. >> it reminds me of the elvis movies. i love those. they are so goofy but they are like goofy funny. >> make you want to put on a poodle skirt. >> and your little grease jacket. >> the pink ladies. >> today, you might want to put pool, somewhere to cool down. it will be a hot day. here a look from our fayetteville skycam. have more clouds showing up in cumberland county. a little bit of cloud cover this morning. temperatures are definitely warmer compared to this time yesterday. it is 76 degrees at rdu in raleigh. partly cloudy skies there. temperatures in the 70s elsewhere. low 70s up to the north from
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74 in erwin. 76 in fayetteville. dew points are in the 70s. one location, couple of locations in the upper 60s so one of the the bottom line is that these numbers are up as well. that means the moisture is up so it does feel sticky outside. the dew points are running about five degree higher. again, just a little bit of added moisture to combine with the warmer temperatures and the heat that we'll have later on today. not looking for a lot of rain today. that will likely stay out to our west where we front that is pretty much stationary at this point just hanging out to the west. we could have a couple of showers across parts of western north carolina and i wouldn't completely rule out a shower or storm here but nothing to count on. a mix of sun and clouds today. by lunchtime, we'll have partly cloudy skies and only about a 10, maybe 20% chance of rain later this afternoon or this evening. heading into tomorrow, our rain chances are going up. it will be a dry start to the day. we'll have some clouds around
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afternoon, this is 5:00. some spotty showers and storms will be possible. sunday, we have a slim chance for rain as well. as far as how much rain we could see, most likely if we get anything, it will be tomorrow, anywhere from about a tenth to 1/4 inch. this is fair hi light rain we ar e ex heavier run down to the south where there is lots of moisture. got of gulf moisture down in the miami area where they could have some rain along that frontal boundary as well. they could have more than 2 inches of rain across parts of the midwest. around here, we are hoping for anything at this point. it will be 96 today in raleigh. partly cloudy skies with the heat index value climbing into the triple digits. so feeling a lot like summer too many. and on saturday, perhaps you are heading out to the cary
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game. it will be a hot one. 92 for the high temperature on sunday. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. rain chances are just very minimal, about a 0% chance of rain late in the day on sunday. -- about a 20% chance of rain late in the day on sunday. monday, first day of school for the traditional calendar, 92 degrees. the heat continues. tuesday, partly cloudy, a high of 926789 wednesday, high temperatures going back down to around 90. then a for you storms possible the low 90s. so we've got to get used to this heat for a while especially today and tomorrow. if you are outdoors for an extended period of time, take it easy. drink a lot of water. >> all right. i think we're used to it at this point. a church in louisiana is partnering with a charity based in north carolina to provide aid to the victims of the devastating flood. hearts with hands delivered
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baptist church in baton rouge. those supplies included bottled water and clothing and food. some folk waited three hours to receive supplies. volunteers were able to help 100 people yesterday. more supplies will be given out this weekend and next tuesday and thursday. >> swimmer ryan lochte has been charged with filing a false police report in rio. he backed off his claim and wants a letter sent to lochte explaining the legal process. the swimmer has already been summoned to rio. if convicted, he could face between one and six months in jail although the judge could also issue a fine instead. the four-time olympian is also facing potential discipline from the u.s. an international olympic committee. new overnight, ajapanese airline is grounding boeing 787 dreamliners after detecting
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engine. all nippon airways operates 50 drainers which have had a series of problems since going into sirves in 2011. -- dreamliners. no international flights are canceled. a moment of silence was held this morning for the reporter and photographer shot and killed by a disgruntled former station employee. the horror played out on television. adam ward was operating the camera and allison parker was in the middle of a live report at smith mountain lake. that is when the gunman approached and shot them both. the tourism official parker was interviewing was also shot. she was seriously injured but survived. the gunman later shot and killed himself while being pursued by police. the company that runs a ropes course in delaware where a woman fell to her death says a woman disconnected herself from her safety device. police say 59-year-old tina
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line platform located 35 feet above the ground when she fell on wednesday. she later died. the company says she underwent training and was told to stay attached to the safety device. the company also inspected the course appear says nothing was broken or unserviceable. still no word on what caused this maul plane to crash into a home in indiana. the single engine cessna was trying to land at sky king airport when the crash happened. two people were pulled from the plane area hospitals. their conditions are unclear this morning. no one was inside the house at the time of crash. a highly anticipated speech coming out of a meeting of bankers today. federal reserve chair janet yellen is set to speak this morning at the annual central bank forum in jackson, wyoming. investors are waiting to hear any hint of her timetable for the next increase in interest rates. some economists an at least two of yellen's close allies think a strengthening of the economy
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that is when the fed raised the benchmark lending rate 1/4%, the first increase in nine years. today, president obama will create the world's largest marine protected area, an area more than twice the size of texas. the president will expand a marine national monument off the coast of hawaii quad rupeling it in size to more than 5 # 2,000 square miles. commercial fishing and fining are banned there although recreation scientific research is allowed. obama will travel to the monument next week and talk about the need to protect public lands and water climate change. the monument originally was created by george w. bush in 2006. it is another milestone for the world's first set p sup opportunity lets to survive infancy. -- septuplets. four of the teens will be
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years at hannibal la grange university in missouri. the university offered all seven kids a free ride when they were born. and those four took the school up on the offer. while the teens say they are excited for the next phase in life, they say it will be so strange not having all of their siblings around. >> it will be difficult because i've been with them for 18 years now and it will be so weird to be aware from them and have them do their open th things our whole life and what our careers would be like and we never thought this day would come so fast and now that it is here, it is difficult. >> bet the parent didn't think this day would come so fast either. as for the others, brandon is in the military, alexis and kenny will be taping a junior college in des moines, iowa. >> i'm he sure no one wants to pick a fight with any of them. >> the survival skills with six other siblings.
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there is always something new on the first day of school. >> but there is one thing durham parent need to be aware of before monday. we'll tell you what that is.
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imhe lena tillett with your top stories. 19-year-old mykevion massenberg will be in court today charged in the death of sebastian smith last week. the 26-year-old was found shot last week. he died at the hospital. the federal government and others who sue to overturn north carolina's voter id law have to the u.s. supreme court that keeping the id mandate in place would harm black voters an increase confusion in the november
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delay the reinstatement of the contested election law. it will be a hot day today with rain likely not going to happen. we might have couple showers around tomorrow but today, staying main hi dry. just hot and humid. before a little bit of cloud cover out there with the rain confined over western north carolina again later on this afternoon and this evening and again, just a slim chance of a shower or storm around here. 76degrees right now in raleigh. alittle cooler in the mountains. -- a little cooler in a warm an muggy start here. it will be a hot and humid afternoon. partly cloudy skies expected with highs in the low to mid and maybe even upper 90s. 96 for the high temperature in raleigh. 97 in fayetteville. we have some crashes that have popped up in the past couple of minutes. an accident getting cleared from six forks at millbrook. we have a couple of crashes on falls of neuse road, one near the 540 interchange there,
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another on falls of introduce nearstckland road. that is getting cleared up now. still seeing some delays on the inbound side. an accident on capital boulevard near spring forest road and a crash in rolesville on main street at young street. seeing some delays on the northbound side of main street. >> thank you. uber reports a huge loss, more than $1 billion so far
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welcome back. the time is now 8:30. it is back-to-school time and for many parents is this is the last weekend to get all the last-minute items. >> parent in durham may want to double-check their child appear school schedule as well. the elementary schools will start and end earlier. middle an high schools will start and end later. the decision is based on research that shows middle an high school student do bet enter scol if they get a later start. >> we're make the chain because of student achievement. we want to give our students the very best chance to be successful possible and the research suggests that adolescents learn better if they start school later and get more sleep at drive time. that is the driving factor is trying to give our students a chance to be successful. >> draw backs include child care challenges and issues with after school activities and work. monday is also the first
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be celebrating the start of the year with a new building. there is a ribbon cutting ceremony at 8:30 this morning at oak view elementary on holly springs. there is a meet the teacher event from nine until on. a north carolina animal shelter is over capacity because of a hoarding case. the columbus county animal shelter has 100 cats which is e maximuit can care for. they could receive 75 more found at a woman's home. she was feeding them but not workers at the shelter ar looking for foster homes to temporarily take those cats in. a guilty verdict in 2- year-oldapa jury convicted 36- including rape, sex offense, kidnapping and assault on a female. fayetteville police say yeas broke into a man's home through a window in her deral
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a wake county commissioner can file for re-election. caroline sullivan currently represents district 4. instead of filing for re-election, she filed to run this fall in a new regional district. federal judges found the regional districts unconstitutional. the state and county denied her request to open a special filing period so that she could file to run in district 4. the judge rejected the request saying it was not timely. a local police state's high highest civilian award. harold medlock received the order of the long leaf pine. today is the second day of a two-day blood drive at nc state to combat a blood shortage. everyone who participates will
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amazon gift card. during the summer months, many regular donors postpone giving because of vacations and summer activities. today's drive is from 9:00 to 2 clinic 30 at the tally student union i don't really hurting for donations so hopefully can you help out. certainly going to feel like summer today, won't it? >> it is going to be a very hot day today. temperature will climb to the mid- to upper 90s. the heat index value will be triple digits later on today. take a look skycam. lots of blue sky there. plenty of sunshine. overall, the satellite an radar combined very quiet this morning and i think it will probably be quiet later on today as well. just very slim rain chances for today. temperatures are warmer. right now, compared to this time yesterday, it is 71 in wake forest. 74 in holly springs. 76 in durham and in raleigh. it is also 76 degrees in fayetteville. it will be a hot day today.
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around 90 degrees. the heat index approaching 100 at that point. 96-degree by 4:00 with temperatures in the mid-80s by #:00ment so the heat continuing today annual take a look at how hot it will be over the weekend and when we could see awele bit of rain. that is coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. there is a ribbon cutting event today for a new railroad bridge built over the morrisville parkway. the project began in february between nc54 and davis drive. it is eliminate at-grade railroad crossings appear make roads safer. the road will not open immediately after the ribbon cutting but the two outside lanes are expected to open by sunday night. uber lost more than a billion dollars in the first uber lost $520 million in the first quarter alone appear $507 million in the second. the company's head of finance says expenses for uber's drivers are responsible for
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financial experts say not to worry about uber. the seven-year-old company is still maintaining huge growth. apple is issuing a global security update for its iphones after the discovery of powerful spyware targeting an activist's phone in the middle east. experts say the spyware takes advantage of weakens in the operating system to take complete control of phone n a statement, apple says it fixed the vulnerability after learning about it. vaping is now more common than smoking. claims that kids are poisoning themself with nicotine there e- cigarettes and vaping devices may be wrong. a new survey shows 2/3 of teens vanity vaping nick toon at all. they are inhaling sweet and fruity flavors like strawberry, chocolate cake s ow the exact content of what they are vaping. the sound of tin drums will take over downtown raleigh this weekend.
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at the weekend's best bets. find out when the caribmask festival gets under way. >> and president o cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree
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that a comeback should include everyone. ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru , a subaru. suru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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shopping, music, food and a caribbean festival. that sounds like a pretty good weekend in the triask junior high school there is always plenty to do. joining us to help us narrow the choices down to this weekend appear best bets is our wral out kathy hanrahan. good to see you. >> good to see you.
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weekend. so what do we want to start with? >> retail therapy. >> you get to shop. inthat is the most important thing. >> i need to do some shopping. >> sol local raleigh is doing this giant thing tonight. it is the boutique blowout at city mark the. everything starts at 5:00 p.m. for general admission, 4:00 p.m. if you have the vip ticket. general admission is free. tons of vendors. can you do your shopping, allot of great deals, a lot of end of summer blow outdeals. >> and 40 years this weekend. >> 40 years in cary. >> a milestone. >> they expanded to two days. we've got saturday and we've got sunday going on. you can do your shopping tonight and go and do some shopping. more than 300 vendors will be out there. they will have live music, a children's zone and the best part, admission is free. >> and then caribmask festival. >> five years now and a wonderful celebration of caribbean culture. that is happening saturday on
8:40 am
raleigh. everything starts at noon with a big parade. the costumes are outstanding. it is free admission. can you go out there and have a good time. >> and there is food there, of course. >> and good food. >> everything i mention has food somehow involved with it because we love to eat. just tons of great stuff, vendors, food and good activity for children. >> tell bus the two-day been concert this weekend. >> be loud, which i love be loud. >> you have our permission. >> all of this is happening. the be loud foundation helps young cancer patients an their families at unc hospitals. this is a been for them. so tonight at cat's cradle and then two shows tomorrow. you can buy a ticket for all three of those shows. or you can just get one ticket per show. all of that will benefit them. >> check out what is going on at glenwood south.
8:41 am
>> if you love seafood and barbecue, then saturday, you know how raleigh beer garden has that nice event space, the big open field in glenwood south, they will have the event right there, rain or shine. tickets are $8 in ad van an $10 it door. they will have a ton of things to do. music, food and all that good stuff. >> is this a new thing? >> they've had this. this is i think their fourth or fifth year. they kind of change locations as they go along and find a perfect location. i think they found it. >> as if option, full steam brewery in durham, what are they doing? >> i love full steam. i love sean and the whole gang over at full steam. they are having a big celebration for six years in business. they will have i variety of food, food trucks. people will be out there cooking. special beer releases. a little bit of everything. they will have performer, live music. this will be a hot ticket. >> the goo goo dolls are going to be playing at red hat.
8:42 am
is like the '90s and 2000s have come together. my first concert ever was a goo goo dolls, no doubt and i have gwen stefani's autograph. >> i'm thinking about all of the took place movies where goo goo dolls are the sound track. >> my whole college life. >> thank you so much. and -- wait, there is one more. i apologize the north carolina museum of art. >> we cannot let life pass us by. >> ferris bueller. >> i know i need a day off. i think we all do. ferris bueller's and they are doing that tomorrow.
8:43 am
oo7 specter. i love ferris bueller. how can you not. that is my kind of movie. >> you close out with him and then you have on 007. >> matthew broderick looks like such a baby. >> him and john stamos. >> you wonder if there is work done or something. and tom cruise. >> it is the yogurt for john. >> they need to give us the secret. that is what they need to do. >> that >> if had a glam squad and loads of money, maybe it will work for us. >> kathy, thank you so much. all right. for more information on these events, search out and about on you can also download the out and about app and take it with you on the go. this week's local dish brings together two summertime
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?walking the dog. if you don't know how to do t come on, come on. >> you know there is a dance to it. and it is probably hilarious and it is probably like you're holding a leash or something. >> you know there is a dance to it? >> i don't know. >> there is a sprinkler and the lawn mower and there is the walking the dog. >> it is national dog day. >> it is.
8:47 am
do? give our dogs extra treats. >> your dog hunter should get extra hugs and kisss. >> he gets plenty of that. ' i sweet dog but he is spoiled. >> every in a is national dog day in your house. >> maybe today i'll take him to the creek and go if a swim. he loves to swim and it will be a good day to get in the water. it is warm out there no, up to 77 in south hill. 76 here in recally studios. 74 in chapel hill. 75 in smithfield and 57 in fayetteville. definitely warm and also muggy outside too. here a live look from our durham skycam. the durham bulls have a home game tonight. drink a lot of water. till within hot. we'll still be close to 90- degree at 7:00 tonightment doesn't a hot one for the start of the game. -- 90 degrees at 7:00 tonight.
8:48 am
71 with the humidity at 85%. quiet weather. i know we keep saying that. we have high pressure in control and when we have that over us, it is hard to get anything incident rt to happen. all of rain back to our north and west. might have awe couple showers in western north carolina today. the rain chances across central an eastern north carolina are very, very very low today. checking in on the tropics, we are watching a the bit of a disturbance over cuba that could impact the bahamas, bring models are indicating that this system will go into the gulf of mexico. the national hurricane center giving it about a 30% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours. something we'll keep monitoring but something that is did you have aren't today come pardon to yesterday with these models is that they are agreeing athe bit more on where the system is going to go, likely going into the gulf of mexico. just awe big question lies with how strong the system will be and if it will have any big impacts along the gulf coast.
8:49 am
over the next couple of days. 90 here at lunchtime. it will be heating up. we'll have partly cloudy skies and high temperatures today will climb into the mid- to upper 90s. yesterday, the high temperature at rdu was 926789 today, we'll probably hit 96 degrees. -- at rdu was 92. it will be a hot one. it is 96 degrees for temperature. i think pretty much everybody will stay dry today. 96 for the high on saturday. the heat index saturday as well will be in the triple digits so another hot day tomorrow. even sunday, still on the hot side. 92degrees with only a slim chance for rain. 92 on monday as the traditional calendar kids head back to school. and then temperatures staying in the low 90s through thursday with another round of some showers and thunderstorms
8:50 am
back to you. >> thank you. we have some more ideas for using all that food your garden is producing this month. >> in this week's local dish, brian and lisa prince are combining two summertime favorites in one spectacular salad. >> we'll make an heirloom toe mitt ozal ad. several, several, several years ago, we did a tomato and peach salad. -- we'll make tomato salad. we'll put the tomatoes on the platter. >> we place fresh north carolina water melon on top. now, we make the dressing. whisk together olive soil, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and minuted garlic. >> take the spoon and spoon it over top of our north carolina tomatoes and water melon. >> we top it with chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese. >> we add some toasted north
8:51 am
the time to add some freshly torn basil an that is it. -- those while you eat cheese. >> that is good. >> i know. i mean it is surprising. >> just the sweet and the savory. >> a little nutty. >> it is an easy dish that is delicious and different. >> get a copy of the recipe on enter recipes into the search box and look for the link to the printable version. next week, brian and lisa kick off a month of ready for the state fair. president obama is the first sitting u.s. president to project himself into virtual reality. in this case, he is giving aussie 360-degree view of yosemite national park. it was recorded during the first family's visit back in june. mav. >> one of my most vivid memories of my childhood was visiting yellowstone when i was 11 years old and seeing bison
8:52 am
yosemite make us feel part of something big are than ourselves. we connect not just with our own spirit but with something greater. with the spirit of america. >> national geographic released the virtual reality video. the 11-minute video is narrated by the president. >> it look i allot better in there. have you ever done that? have you done virtual reality? >> i haven't done it yet. >> i like watching people wear them. >> yes. >> the motions. >> right. >> it looks like there is an incident going on. i don't think we have the pick of this but ryan lochte has a sponsorship deal. it came out yesterday with a company called pine brothers throat drops and they are going
8:53 am
say pine brothers softish throat drops, forgiving on your throat and ryan lochte will star in the ads. even though he lost a bunch of response ors with all of this mess, he at least has one and this is when he tbeeted yesterday. >> thanking them for their confidence an looking forward to making them proud. -- this is what he tweeted yesterday. >> pine brothers capitalizing on controversy. >> that is marketing. >> creating a buzz. take a look at this is a little league game. the little league world series and the pitch are from mexico, it bounces off and crashes right into the camera lens. hopefully, this don't have a break it and buy it policy. now, we get to see what it looks like from the espn camera. >> oh! >> busted it to pieces. and finally f you wondered about motd were art, take a
8:54 am
i fellow visiting a modern art gallery in london left. my wife made me come here and you'll not convinced this is not a joke. >> that was the thing on the exhibit. >> that is the comment card he left about all the modern art that is in there. >> how rude. >> he did not appreciate that. >> we'll get another check on
8:55 am
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welcome back. i'm renee chou. >> i'm lena tillett. your top stories in just a bit
8:57 am
>> we had an dent that blocked some lanes of 40 westbound just before harrison avenue. it has been moved to the right lane. the right lane remains blocked but at least we're getting some traffic through that area. head ago way from wade avenue through harrison, you will run into some significant backups. it is a slow crawl through the wade avenue interchange out to harrison avenue. also seeing very heavy traffic on outbound wade avenue with the backups continuing through the beltline. give it another ha >> a federal judge will not open a special filing period so a wake county commissioner can file for re-election. carolyn sullivan currently represents district 4. instead of filing for re-election, she filed to run this fall in a new regional district. federal judges found the district unconstitutional. >> you thought yesterday was toasty. it will be even hotter today. >> it will. the heat will be on today. just a few clouds out there this morning. certainly no rain to come by
8:58 am
today. just a very slim chance for rain. already warm. 76 in raleigh. holding onto some 106 in the mound taupes. we'll climb up to around 96 with heat index values in the triple digits. a couple of storms will be possible heading into saturday with highs in the mid-90s and low 90s as we head into sunday. they may be young but two friends are wise beyond their years. two virginia students wanted to do something for their middle school.
8:59 am
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, bobby. come on, let's go. how y'all? [mutters] thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much, everybody. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for the third day from dalono del-- we don't know. somewhere in minnesota. it's the rieckenberg family. and from columbia, south carolina, it's the sloan family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient


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